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Wednesday May 31st 2017

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

OK I have to admit that this is a bit of an unusual photo for a Motorcycle  blog - BUT - the guy in the river is in fact a very dedicated trials enthusiast.
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When I first came to Canada in 1965, I was introduced to fishing and the Great Outdoors - something that I think is perhaps the big attraction for people coming to  a huge Country like Canada. -

Unfortunately in recent times misguided politicians  in Alberta have closed lots of CROWN lands for all   Random Camping and restricted the use of all Off Road Vehicles.

I lived in Alberta from 1965 until early 1981, and enjoyed the weekend trips to the Mountains, in the first few years, it was fishing the creeks and lakes, then in 1969, I met up with the local Calgary Motorcycle club members, and the rest as they say is History.
While I now live in the Okanagan Valley, I see these  same things happening in this Province - One area was closed down because a local fish cop liked hunting deer in the area!.
Luckily, some clubs have recognized   the need to combat these  Green based Government controls of what is the right of everybody living in  BC  - it’s called BCORMA  -  they have been fighting for the weekend rider for a very long time and need the support of all off road riders. ( Check out their website)


Like many other people, I watched the video of Nicky Hayden’s funeral on Monday - what a tragedy, he was such a well liked and popular young man.

So here we are at the end of May - - it’s been a strange year so far, with the weather - another big thunderstorm in the Valley last night, and the lakes continue to rise, causing flooding in many places.

This is a nice pic of Mike Crumly and Don Doerksen out on the local Mountain near Mission - they have a Trial scheduled for this area and Mike has been working non-stop clearing trails with just his faithful chocolate lab, to keep him company most of the time.  Back in 2003, Mike helped me set up the Outlaw Trial at Greenstone Mountain near Kamloops - a great area with fantastic terrain.
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This pic was just posted of a 1993 TYZ Yamaha - the main reason for me becoming a dealer for Don Clark of Mountain Motorcycles, - selling Beta and Gas Gas -  Having worked for Yamaha for ten years, the liquid cooled bike was long overdue, but in the end it was a big heavy slug, and had few redeeming features. ( They should have listened to Mick Andrews)

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It was a busy day on Tuesday, with my Truck driver arriving very early, with a Beta X trainer for a local lad - then I got a call from Yellowknife from a customer wanting boots and other stuff, so it was off to the post office. - It was another very hot day in the Valley, but thankfully the rest of the week looks to be cooler, like most older folk, I struggle in the high temperatures.


This coming weekend is the big Enduro at Panorama ( near Invermere) - Sam will make his debut on the Yamaha, so we will be watching to see how he does - this was a huge race last year, with everybody very impressed with the organization - I know quite a few of our local Vernon club riders are planning on going.


Here is the poster for the local Vernon event in June - Great family weekend - we plan on attending to show off our Trials bikes, and support the club.-UPDATE : Unfortunately this event clashes with the Calgary Rocks & Logs - and that is where we will be, supporting Sam.

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Tuesday May 30th 2017

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Somebody asked me the other day, is Trials a spectator sport ?  - I replied that generally speaking, it is not, but at the World Trials level, most events get thousands of people.  - Here is shot of Toni Bou in Japan - look at the crowds.

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While many events cater to spectator viewing, the longer more traditional. English type of event, which feature a longer loop, make watching your favorite rider, more of a challenge.

Take last weekend’s Outlaw Trial as an example - I’ve been involved in this sport for many decades, but I still failed to get to certain sections in time to see the top riders.  This was because some riders elected to start at different sections to avoid the crowd at the first section.
It’s easier at National events like the upcoming WTC at Revy - where riders start at 2 minute intervals and are timed for the day - Now this has to be one of the best places for viewing all the action up close, as you can drive your family car to most of the sections around the fire-road.


Our buddy Heath from the UK posted this pic today, after his first day out on his new TRS - we still make these Tool-belts to special order, and they come in various styles and colors ( hard to believe we got into the bag business over 25 years ago)

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Although we have specialized in “Trials” for many years, we also love all aspects of motorcycling - check out this video clip from the World of Speedway. >  video


And here is one last photo from the Japanese World Round - Kenichi Kuroyama on the factory Yamaha.

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Have to run now as the Truck will be here soon with another “Beta”


Monday May 29th 2017

Monday, May 29th, 2017

It was a bit of a lazy day at the Outlaw residence on Sunday, with temperatures forecast to be around 31 degrees, I was  not into riding, and really it was too hot to spend much time in the shop.

I did watch the F1 race from Monaco early morning - nice to see Ferrari finally break the Mercedes domination finishing 1-2 - although a miserable looking Kimi needs his ass  kicked for  being such a sore loser. - Aussie Danny Riccardo was all smiles finishing in 3rd.

After a session in the shop working on bikes - it was time to watch the latter half of the Indy 500 - not really my bag, but I would have liked to see Alonso win at his first try instead of blowing up - a few Honda engines did this, but they still got the win with Takumo Sato - ( remember him as a real crash artist in Formula One)


We have had word that the ATRA Trial scheduled for June 11th has been canceled  due to the land owner pulling the pin because of very wet conditions. - As that is the same weekend as the CPTA Super Stars Trial at Ioco maybe some Albertan’s will make the trip. ( We know Taff will be there)


After watching many videos of the Japanese World Round, I must say that I was generally impressed with the variety of sections they had, However, I am NOT impressed by the current FIM rules, which is supposed to be NO STOP - but some riders seem to always get away with it because the checkers are  afraid of the wrath of the minders etc - or the factories.  - It  has long been my opinion, that the Stop/ roll back/ feet on the pegs rules we use in our WTC events, is the better way to go, but for World Trials they do need a time limit.

I did like the new qualification format  - And think this is one of the better ideas to come form Jake the snake of the UK.

Here are the full results from Day #2 in Japan for the Premier Class.

How about this different kind of shot from Japan ?  Jaime Busto flying high.

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A bit of a surprise at the Ladies European Championship on day #2, when German Beta rider Theresa Baumi took the win over Emma Bristow. - Bristow was apparently docked a “5′ for walking a section on the second loop, which is not allowed (strange) in European Championships.
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And here is a different pic - I just love Fighter aircraft.

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And finally - Birthday Greetings go out to Bill Thompson today - not sure how old he is, (80?)  but he still competes and rides very well, - Have a good day buddy - see you at the Super Stars.


Sunday May 27th 2017

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

While the top World Trial for men is happening in Japan - the Ladies are in Europe for their Series, with Emma Bristow once again leading the way.

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Toni Bou won again on day #2 in Japan, but it was close, as Adam Raga bounced back from a bad first day, to push him all the way, Albert Cabestany also had a much better ride, finishing 3rd.

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Jordi’s Team all had a great second day, with everybody finishing on the podium, in their respective class’s>

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Welsh lad Iwan Roberts, put his Beta on the top step of the Podium on Day #2 of the Japanese World Round.

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Lots of Motor Racing going on today, with the Monaco Grand Prix for Formula One Fans - then the Indy 500 on the Memorial Day in the States.  - Fernando Alonso is driving the orange McLaren  - he will start on the second row.

Not going riding today, so maybe will get to watch it on the box.


Saturday May 27th 2017

Saturday, May 27th, 2017

The results are in after day #1 in Japan and as expected, the scores are high because of the mud and slippery conditions - Bou still ended up on top, but James Dabill came through ( as I thought might happen) to finish 2nd, while  Adam Raga struggled maybe due to his poor qualifying position. - The Brits had a good day in all the classes.

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Here’s an interesting shot - the Team Honda boys, helping a struggling TRS rider - not sure who.

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A very good result for the young TRS 125cc rider - on the podium in only the second time out on the brand new bike.

Check out this video of the event. >>  video

As a long time organizer, I feel a bit for the Japanese crew - because they will no doubt get some flak - but sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the weather man has the last say in how things turn out. - I’ve told many people about the first ever World round that I set up in Canada back in 1975 - after spending a year working on this, the rain came down, and completely changed the sections, so much, that I had to ride out front easing the degree of difficulty - I didn’t see one rider, ride one section, -  a shame really after so much effort.


Meanwhile in the world of Enduro - British Beta rider Steve Holcombe took the win yesterday in Europe

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In Formula One News - Kimi Raekkonen is on pole for the Monaco Grand Prix tomorrow - a good spot to start in this difficult place to pass.

Also in the four wheel category, the Indy 500 goes tomorrow - Fernando Alonso  will make his first start in this event. - He qualified on the second row.

Friday May 26th 2017

Friday, May 26th, 2017

The qualifying is all done at the Japanese World Trial, and the wet slippery conditions brought some surprises, with James Dabill (GG) at the top with the only clean ride, - here are the results, with Adam Raga facing an uphill task tomorrow, starting ahead of his main adversary Tony Bou. - it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.  ( Sorry  for all the added stuff on the post - don’t know how to delete them) - Here is an obviously delighted James Dabill with his Gas Gas Team.

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The uphill muddy section  caught out many of the top riders - here is a pic of Raga on one of the slippery rocks.  Check out this video clip > video

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In comparison, the GP 2 results show Welsh lad Iwan Roberts (Beta) also having a great ride, he will start next to last having had the second best qualifying performance.  Maybe the wet slippery conditions will favor the UK riders tomorrow.


Here is a flash-back pic from last weekend’s Outlaw Trial, showing Ross Rathbone on his Outlaw Beta. - A lot of familiar faces were missing at this event - Brandon Wince was out of town at a wedding, while other regular attendees had conflicting family stuff happening.
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I see Valentino Rossi has been injured riding a dirt bike,  - the flamboyant Italian, has a  dirt track on his ranch where he entertains his visitors from the Moto GP World.


I watched some of the game seven last night between Ottawa and Pittsburg  - a very close game that went into double overtime, but in the end it was a win for the American Team Captained by Sydney Crosby - the final will see them competing against Nashville for the ( Canadian)  Stanley Cup


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Thursday May 25th 2017

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

The sun is already high in the sky, as I hit the keyboard today, I guess the long weekend took more out of me than I thought, but I’m getting caught up slowly.  - The van is pretty much unloaded & the bikes washed - the mud holes at Scotch Creek were something else - a lot of fun as long as you didn’t fall down.

Looking back at how the Trial went, I think it was one of the best ever, although the results don’t show it, we did have over 40 riders out in the various classes, some riding their first event, and while some failed to finish, everybody enjoyed the experience.  - I’m already getting calls on bikes, so there is no doubt that hosting the Outlaw for 30 years has attracted more people to “Traditional” Trials ( Although Brett Clark reminded me of the time I nearly called it quits, back many years ago, after only 13 riders showed up at the Vernon event)

The new TRS Tent, looked sharp, but our Beta Tent is showing it’s age, plus it is mounted on our old frame, because the original arrived broken after the “Rocks & Logs” - we do however have another one on order.

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The big storms and flooding in the Valley, have caused havoc in many places, maybe one of the worst, is Oyama - stuck between two lakes.


Sam called yesterday, after being out for a practice on the new TRS - he says he really likes it, and we discussed putting on some Trials schools in the Valley. - But the next big event is only a couple of weeks away at Ioco, with the “Super Stars” on June 10th, followed by the “Rocks & Logs” at Blackfoot Park in Calgary.


While we are having mixed weather, over in Japan, it appears the World Round riders are having to practice in the rain - this event has often been plagued with soggy conditions at the “Twin-Rings” location.

Qualifying goes tomorrow, and Welsh lad Iwan Roberts has his Beta all set up & ready to go - the new format appears  to be quite popular so far.

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There is no question, that the over-seas World rounds cost huge amounts of money, with Honda perhaps spending the most, here their Factory mechanics prepare the bikes for Toni Bou and the other members of the Team - Obviously Fujinami, has a big fan club in Japan, although he has lived in Spain for many years, clearly a crowd favorite, he never fails to put on a show.

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And then you visit the TRS pits and see the Boss himself helping put the bikes together !!

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The Squamish Trials club, have an event on this weekend - not too sure how many people knew about it, but the terrain looks to be good, as shown in this pic.

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Wednesday May 23rd 2017

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Michel Belanger (Beta) took the Expert win at the ATAQ Trial last weekend - not sure who the other guys are on the podium

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  And below, you see the results posted from the British Championship Trial in Wales - very close scores.
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We certainly had a big wind-storm last night - lots of damage & people without power ( I was keeping a close eye on the huge tree we have in our front yard, but only the pine cones got blown off

Glad this storm happened  AFTER the long weekend - supposed to rain today in the Valley, which will cool things off - we had a high of +31 in Vernon yesterday.  -  Still trying to get things sorted after the Trial - bikes need to be washed etc.

I guess our Vancouver area riders, had a long drive back, with an almost 8 hour delay caused by a truck accident on the Coq. - A huge “Thank-you” to everybody that drove to our Scotch Creek event from out-of-town - riders came from Edmonton, Sherwood Park,  Calgary, Medicine Hat, Vancouver and other places in BC, - I haven’t yet figured out the  points after round #2 of the Outlaw Series, and of course quite a number simply chose to ride one day, so they don’t get any points.

One important note for new riders ( we had a few of these)  If you decide to quit an event - don’t just pack up & leave without handing in your scorecard - this avoids the organizers worrying about if you are lost out on the course. - We only have “Sweep” riders at WTC National Trials.

Don’t forget you can see all the results by clicking on to Trials Canada.

And finally on the list, I can’t thank our Shuswap Team enough for everything they do for the sport.  - That’s five years now that they have been setting up the Outlaw.

=====================================>The stuff they are putting in Extreme Enduro these days is getting to be pretty radical to say the least 

- more like a World Trials section this one showing Paul Bolton..

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Sam was out practicing on his new Outlaw/TRS yesterday near Golden -

Note the Outlaw tool belt that holds both gas and water bottles.

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Tuesday May 23rd 2017

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

So here we are, the day after the May long weekend, tired, and with a few Mozzy bites, but overall, well satisfied with how things worked out.

The weather was of course brilliant, up at Scotch Creek, and everybody that camped out ended up with a bit of a sun tan - plus being well “Smoked” from the camp fire each night.

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Here is a pic I took of Sam on the last section - his final ride on the Outlaw Beta. -  as it turned out, I wasn’t able to catch up with the Experts much over the two days, as we had a fairly long loop with 28 sections - a very special course set up by Ross and his crew, to celebrate the 30th Anniversary.

To see the full write up and results, click onto Trials Canada.

A big thanks, go to all the people who made this event spectacular, we are very lucky to have the use of this property, which features such a great variety of sections. - The fireworks display on Saturday night, was a real surprise, everybody loved that, and as usual, Ross & Jake etc, did a fantastic job cooking  each night . - Suffice to say, that if you missed this one - you really did miss out.


In other Trials news, we are pleased to announce that Sam King, will be riding a TRS Raga 300, under the Outlaw banner, after three years on the Outlaw Beta - we managed to work out a deal for Sam after he tried out the new bike and was super impressed.

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The World Trials teams, are all heading for Japan this week so we will watching what happens with that one this coming weekend.


Chris Hrabb stopped by yesterday afternoon on his way home from competing in the local Robb Hett Memorial race - he did well with a couple of third places on his Husky. - He mentioned that he has his Beta RR 498 for sale now at a very good price ( Chris also has a Beta Trials bike)

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By now most people will have heard the sad news about Nicky Hayden, who died yesterday after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle in Italy. - The “Kentucky Kid” was World Champion in Moto GP back in 2006, and very popular with everybody involved in the sport.


Welsh lad Iwan Roberts (Beta)  had a great battle with young Jack Price (GG) at the British Championship  round in Wales at the weekend - missing out on the win by just one “Dab”

Friday May 18th 2017

Friday, May 19th, 2017

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Yes the Outlaw Van is pretty much loaded ready for the Scotch Creek Super Trial -otherwise known as -

                      “THE 30th OUTLAW ANNIVERSARY Trial”  -

Scroll down to check out the poster and directions - the weather forecast is great for camping.

Please Note : We have adjusted the rider fee to $20 per day ( down from $25)  Youth 12 & under $10. - Sorry but we do not take Interact etc - Cash or cheque only

Here’s a video from the recent World Round in Spain - the rules are “No stop” - or are they - watch the video.
TrialGP - FIM Trial World Championship

Naturally  the shop is closed for the long weekend, but if you need something leave a message & we will look after you order when we get back on Monday