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Friday June 30th 2017

Friday, June 30th, 2017

Sherco Canada have decided not to continue import / distribution of Sherco products under the present conditions / contract with Sherco France.

If we renegotiate a new contract we will of course let you know.

We have decided to sell off our Sherco in-stock parts at 30% off retail;Contact Sherco France for any further information
This notice was posted on Face book yesterday - not good news for Sherco owners or dealers, but we have heard rumors for some time, and continue to get people calling us for Sherco parts, even though we dropped the line back in 2012, when Bob Billyard was set up as the Sherco Importer. ( Prior to that we had good service from Mountain Motorcycle in Coquitlam)=====================================>As we head into a hot weekend - the Political scene in BC continues to be even hotter - another election will likely happen within six months.  What a joke.

The World Trials Circus moves to the UK next week >>

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Neat shot >>

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UPDATE :  Steve  Holcombe (Beta) wins first day test in Greece today.

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Thursday June 29th 2017

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

The big news to hit the press today, is that Sam & Sean will be doing a show South of the border in a couple of weeks -  here is the poster for the event which takes place in Idaho - Of course Sam is now riding the Outlaw TRS, not the Beta  models that we supplied him with for the past three years.

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This pic that I took of Jeremy Boos at the Rocks & Logs last Sunday has been getting a lot of “Likes” on Face book - Jeremy and his brother also have Beta Trials bikes and we supply them parts - they are from Quesnel BC.

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With Canada Day coming up on Saturday, a lot of people have been posting stuff, of where they will be etc - some making special trips to places that they have always wanted to visit.  - This got me thinking about how lucky I am to be able to say that I have been to every Province in this big Country - except for the new one which was announced a few years ago in the North. - It was thanks to Yamaha Motor Canada, that I was able to do this, and the only regret I have is that digital cameras were not on the market back then, and I have very few photographs of these wonderful experiences. - just the memories. - We emigrated to Canada in 1965, which was the best decision that I ever made for my family.


Without question, one of the “Hottest” names on the European Enduro circuit  this year has to be Brit Steve Holcombe - after a brilliant 2016 season - he is leading the series again this year, and will be in Greece this weekend. - Here is a pic of the Beta rider at last year’s event.

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UPDATE :   At the French World Round Beta rider Jorge Casales was handed a 20 point penalty before he even started on Sunday - the reason, his minder was seen “walking” one of the sections the day before, which is against the rules. The event was photographed by another team and reported to the FIM who took the appropriate action.

The problem with this, is that the FIM have let riders and teams get away with murder for years, never imposing penalties for obvious infractions, the point being, rules are for ALL the teams, including Honda, who have been stretching the limits for years and getting away with it.


Wednesday June 28th 2017

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Although I’m not a big fan of Factories introducing the next year’s models in June - it has become somewhat of a norm in the Motorcycle Industry, - so here is a pic of the 2018 TRS - Not a lot of changes, as the stock bike has proven to be very good, since the first one hit the World Trials scene with Adam Raga, giving Toni Bou a real challenge.  - Almost a David versus Goliath story.

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On the other hand, Beta never release details of their new models, until September, at the Trial des Nations. - For 2018 we expect to see some big changes to the Italian bike - as there have been lots of “Whispers” going around for some time, but with most of their efforts going into the Enduro line, the smaller Trials market has taken a bit of a back seat.


On a personal level, I prefer to see Trials bikes kept as simple as possible, as high-tech for me only leads to problems for the average consumer, especially out on the trail, and most Trials riders, tend to do their own maintenance.


Here is a blast from the past - no idea who the rider is, but a couple of things stick out in this old pic from a Trial in France - the guy has knobby type tires on his thumper.  - it reminded me of the time when I opened the box on one of my Bultaco Sherpa T models in the early 70’s, and found the bike had knobby tires - “What the hell” I said as I was competing in a Trial in Edmonton that weekend - with no time to change things, we went with what we had, and promptly lost fives in the first two sections, when the mud churned up by the side knobs on the front tire and the low Trials fender, jammed up  the wheel - a quick trip back to the pits to remove the fender and I continued on. ( It seems the Spaniards ran out of Trials tires so they just fitted whatever they had !!)

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The heat wave continues in the OK Valley, with temperatures hovering around the 30 degree range - too hot for me, but great for the tourists, except lots of the beaches are closed due to the flooding and recent high water.  - This weekend will see the crowds all head into the Valley for Canada Day - A big 150th birthday bash.  - Not sure at this point what we will be doing, but likely out on the bike someplace on Sunday.


There is no doubt that the new small electric Trials bikes have done wonders for providing a safe introduction to the sport for the youngsters - this is the daughter of our old buddy Harry McKay, practicing in the back yard at their home in Aviemore, just up the road from Fort William, the  Capital of the Scottish Six Days Trial.

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This News from the FIM ->

28/06/17 - TrialGP Great Britain - The Qualification game

One of the biggest changes to this year’s new TrialGP series has been the introduction of Saturday’s Qualification for Trial starting order. Initially repelled by the leading TrialGP riders, the hour or so action and drama packed session on Saturday afternoon has now become one of the highlights and most talked about parts of the weekend.

Over the four Qualification sessions to date, the riders - in all classes - have quickly become accustomed to the new format and are now fully embracing the opportunity not only to showcase their skills in front of the gathered fans but also to the tens of thousands of global viewers who have been following the action on Facebook Live.

The idea is simple – one specially designed section. Observation is king, with the clean riders gaining the best starting positions at the back of their respective class for Sunday’s main Trial. The twist is that all tie-breaks are decided in the favour of the rider having the quickest time. So it is all a case of strategy, play it safe and ride slow to ensure the clean, or go all out to record the fastest time whilst risking a dab or all out failure.


Tuesday June 27th 2017

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Most of the Trials guys in the BC Interior will recognize Julie Lucas from Celista, wife of Martin, and chief scorekeeper  for all our Trials in the area. - While Julie doesn’t have a Trials bike - she does like to ride the trails around Crowfoot mountain, so what could be better that a nice Beta X trainer, from Outlaw Trialsport.?

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While we were unable to attend our local club event last Sunday, due to being in Calgary at the Rocks & Logs, we have heard that it went over very well with over 72 riders out for the fun poker run, and other family activities. - The very hot weather might have kept some people away, but everybody had a blast, so we are happy that we could show some support - thanks for posting my Outlaw banner guys.

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Check out the video clips from the Red Bull event - nice interview with Sammy & Sean. - Dirt Bike, Enduro, Offroad News


Yesterday was a “Catch-up” day for me - unloading the van, plus checking out all my messages and video clips from the various events from the weekend - one of the best was the Moto GP from Assen in Holland, what a race that was, and a remarkable victory for Valentino Rossi. - not sure where you can click on to see this, but it is worth the search.


Monday June 26th 2017

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Glad to see that the blog is up & running again today after my hectic weekend at the Calgary Rocks & logs I was not able to leave until Saturday morning, due to business stuff on Friday - everything seems to happen last minute, which included a Beta delivery up the Shuswap on Friday evening, which meant I couldn’t load the van until early Saturday morning.

The drive to Calgary was also long, with lots of construction happening all through from Sicamous to Revelstoke, then from Field to Lake Louise. - This made for a fairly late arrival in the Cow Town, so I just checked into the Hotel and relaxed.  - Sunday morning I was down at Blackfoot Park bright and early and hooked up with Sam & Sean. - The place was packed, with tons of vehicles, and Red Bull signs all over.

The sun was shining and it turned out to be a very hot day - not as warm as in the OK Valley, but  enough to sap the strength of the riders. - The first person I saw was Foordy, who told me that the heat was going to be his biggest issue, but in spite of this, he was still entered in three classes, and did a super job on the Beta RR 350 - winning one and a podium in another.  - Chatted to Heather Wall who was entered in the Ladies class on her Trials bike as well.  - Lots of old friends stopped by the big yellow bus to say hello, including Harold and Ben from the ATRA, and Siggi Pechout, who I have not seen for years.  Tino was there and told me all about his new job flying Helicopters, ( He also tried out the TRS & really liked it)
Soon it was time for Sam to do his thing, and Sean also joined in riding my TRS 250 ( He didn’t have his Beta with him)  - The crowd response to all the shows was terrific, and we chatted to lots of people about the sport - many unaware of the deep Trials background that Calgary has, dating back to hosting the first ever World Round back in 1975.
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Lots of familiar faces looking on at this show by Sam, including the ATRA crew and Tino Marin.

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I took over 200 photographs - & have already posted a lot on Face book ( it was a late night)  Here is

one of Kyle Redmund who took the big Pro win after passing Colton Haaker  on the last lap - the American Husky riders were super fast.

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Sammy also competed in a bunch of races on his sponsored Yamaha - in fact he set fastest time in practice on Saturday, but a combination of not enough bike time at this type of racing, plus doing all the Trials shows as well had him pretty exhausted by the end of the day.  - He did lead the first lap of his qualifier, but a tip over and a broken clutch lever did him in.

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In other news - Tony Bou bounced back from his defeat in Andorra, to take the win in France - Adam Rag was once again the bridesmaid, with Jaime Busto 3rd.

Stateside, Pat Smage won the final round of the US National series and the overall Title, while Vancouver gal Christie  Williams, took the ladies class on the day.


In Moto GP it looks like Valentino Rossi scored another big win at Assen - no other info as we write this.

After seeing the video of this race it was fantastic - what a win for Valentino.

F1 Results from a crazy weekend race>>

Did I think we would win today? Absolutely not.”

Unofficial race results:

1. Daniel Ricciardo – Red Bull
2. Valtteri Bottas – Mercedes
3. Lance Stroll – Williams
4. Sebastian Vettel – Ferrari
5. Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
6. Esteban Ocon – Force India
7. Kevin Magnussen – Haas
8. Carlos Sainz – Toro Rosso
9. Fernando Alonso – McLaren
10. Pascal Wehrlein – Sauber
11. Marcus Ericsson – Sauber
12. Stoffel Vandoorne – McLaren
13. Romain Grosjean – Haas
14. Kimi Raikkonen – Ferrari (DNF)
15. Sergio Perez – Force India (DNF)
16. Felipe Massa – Williams (DNF)
17. Nico Hulkenberg – Renault (DNF)
18. Max Verstappen – Red Bull (DNF)
19. Daniil Kvyat – Toro Rosso (DNF)
20. Jolyon Palmer – Renault (DNF)

And finally a big Happy Birthday to buddy  Shane Bridden, who even had greetings from Jordie Tarres - ( won’t be any talking to him now !! what it must be like to be famous !)

Friday June 22nd 2017

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

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If you are into dirtbikes, and family fun, then Vernon is the place to be this weekend, with the annual  1/2 Throttle Poker Run and other activities going on - check out the poster and plan on giving it a go - the club members are super friendly and go all out to make this event really special.


Unfortunately, the Outlaw van will be in Calgary for the Red Bull Rocks & Logs - Sam will be there doing his stunt show on Sunday - first time out on the Outlaw TRS so we need to be there to support him - We will also have both Beta and TRS Trials bikes for sale at Blackfoot Park, and there could not be a better time to pick up a bargain.


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This is why it is now mandatory for all machines at World Trials to be fitted with a “Tether switch” - it’s also a great idea for all Trials bikes ( We have them in stock)


World Trials News from Europe.>

TrialGP - FIM Trial World Championship


With his dream of an unbeaten season in tatters, reigning FIM Trial World Champion Toni Bou - Repsol Honda heads into this weekend’s TrialGP France, round four of the 2017 FIM Trial World Championship, knowing that victory could be vital.

After slumping to third last time out at TrialGP Andorra behind fellow Spaniards ADAM RAGA - TRRS and Jaime Busto - Repsol Honda, Bou has seen his championship lead slashed from fifteen points to just ten.A similar result in the hills above the spiritual town of Lourdes would put him on the back foot and potentially hand an advantage to his fierce rival Raga as the series passes the halfway mark.

The thirty-year-old, bidding for a record eleventh consecutive title, is hoping for much harder sections in France than we saw in Andorra.

“In trial, especially in the easier trial, anything can happen and what happened last Sunday in Andorra could happen again,” says Bou. “What we have to do is turn the page and continue to fight in the remaining trials, taking it race by race to try to achieve our final goal.”

Raga’s confidence is running high having worked tirelessly behind the scenes to improve both his physical conditioning and the set-up of his TRRS and after ending Bou’s 2017 unbeaten run he will not be satisfied with anything less than victory in France.

That is not to say he’s the only rider who could mount a serious challenge. Already this season we have seen Britain’s James Dabill - Gas Gas and Busto finish on the second step of the podium and the nineteen-year-old Spaniard in particular, after posting a career-best result at TrialGP Andorra, will be determined to go one better.

Currently third in the championship thanks to a string of consistent results, Spain’s Jeroni Fajardo Vila - Vertigo sole TrialGP win came in 2009 and he must surely feel that a second victory is long overdue.

Other than Raga, Japanese fan favourite Takahisa Fujinami - Repsol Honda is perhaps Bou’s most likely challenger at TrialGP France.

Lying fourth in the title chase, his most recent victory came on day two at Lourdes in 2016 and with just one podium finish so far this season you can guarantee that Fujigas will be totally focussed on taking his total of TrialGP wins to thirty-four.

The newly introduced qualification process to determine starting order has certainly shaken things up this season and Spanish veteran ALBERT CABESTANY - Sherco has up to now struggled to combine speed with precision.

Sitting fifth in the standings, one place ahead of Busto, if he can put together a good qualification run could he take his first TrialGP win of 2017?

In Trial2 Gael Chatagno - Gas Gas will start as home favourite, but despite taking two wins so far this season his inconsistency sees him trail Britain’s Iwan Roberts Trials - Beta by six points. Spain’s Francesc Moret - Honda is a further three points adrift.

Trial125 has become a two-man battle with Italian Lorenzo Gandola Trial - Scorpa and Britain’s Billy Green - Beta pulling comfortably clear of third-placed Eric Miquel - TRRS from Spain.

Gandola’s three wins and a second to Green’s three seconds and a win give him a six-point lead with just two rounds left in the shorter season schedule for Trial125 that climaxes at the next event in Great Britain.

Visitors to Lourdes will also see history made with the first ever FIM TrialE Cup for electric motorcycles contested by thirteen riders from five countries including Spain’s 1996 FIM Trial World Champion Marc Colomer.

Keep close to the action at


Interested in Beta Trials bikes ?  We have them in stock new and used plus a full back up of spare parts.

Thursday June 22nd 2017

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

The Moto GP teams are in Holland this weekend, but also the “Classic” riders will be there - here are a few of the famous names from the past - I can name them all- can you?

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Still on the Road Race scenario - How about this Classic >>

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Meanwhile, I just saw this pic of a guy sitting on the Yamaha Canada/Steve Baker TZ 750 Flat track bike ( not sure who it is) but having sat on that exact machine at the Richmond Yamaha Office back in the day - I can understand what might be going through his mind !!

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As we head into the first weekend of Summer, it looks like it will be a scorcher in the Okanagan Valley with a possible temperature of close to + 38 on Sunday.  - Definitely too hot for me, but then again I will be in Calgary at the Rocks & Logs.

We will be there to support Sam, who is doing his Trials stunt show on Sunday - first time on the TRS so watch out for some pics when I return. - I will also have Beta and TRS  bikes on display at the event     ( For sale)


We had a call from our Beta Importer yesterday, with all the latest news about the 2018 line-up, after his visit to the Factory last week.  It certainly sounds as though the Italian Manufacturer, has some neat new models coming down “The Pipe”.  - Although we won’t know all the details about the Trials bikes until early September.


The World Trials Series, moves to France this weekend - Can Adam Raga do it again?  or will Toni Bou be on top of the box again - Of course you never know in France as the partisan checkers often have a big say in the results. - Remember when the French guy won many years ago ?   Even he was surprised.


More news as it happens >>

Wednesday June 21st 2017

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

The longest day of the year is upon us - so after this the days will start to get shorter which is a rather depressing thought, but nothing we can do about it - at least we can still get some evening rides in for quite some time, and for me, the Fall is when it’s the best time to be out in the woods.

Here is a rare pic of Mick and Jill in a sidecar outfit - not sure where it was taken, but obviously a very hot location. - They will once again be visiting Canada in August to attend the Ormstown “Bonanza” weekend.

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We now have Sam King’s 2016 Beta Evo 300 for sale at a very good price of $6500 - runs great, but it does have a few scratches from Sam’s exploits,  we have gone over the bike & replaced some parts       ( rear fender etc) - ( These bikes are over eleven grand new )  call me if you need more info
2016 Beta Evo Factory 2T

We also have a nice new 2017 Beta Evo 250 in stock at a Summer Special price.

2017 Beta Evo


Shane stopped by late yesterday, to pic up his new Airoh Trials helmet - we don’t stock a lot of these because the price has gone out of sight, but they are nice and light. > call us if you are interested ( and have lots of spare cash)

As we head into the weekend, there is a lot happening - locally, the Vernon Club have their annual family day out at the Noble Canyon area  - lots of fun planned including a Poker run, which always goes over well - check out their web site for more details.


We will be heading to Calgary to attend the “Rocks & Logs” at Blackfoot Park - Sam will be doing his stunt show on Sunday, not sure if Sean will be joining him or not. - This will be Sam’s first time out on the Outlaw TRS Factory bike.


The World Trials Circus is in France this weekend - where Toni Bou will try to rebound from his defeat last week in Andorra, at the hands of Adam Raga on the TRS.


Here is a bit of a Blast from the past - anybody remember this beast ?  - my buddy Terry Porter had one back in the early 70’s but it tended to have a mind of it’s own when he opened the throttle !!

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Remember Debbie Evans ?  she was the first American woman to compete in Trials, and with her husband Lane Leavitt - ( A former US Champion) spends time at her day job of doing stunt work for the movies.

Debbie Evans in action

Tuesday June 20th 2017

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Welsh lad Iwan Roberts just posted these results from Andorra, where he was competing in the GP 2 Class - he mentioned that he would have been 2nd except for time penalties, However he still leads the Series overall.

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At this level of competition, they have always had a time limit, which is very carefully controlled by officials with a large clock, similar to what they use at time checks in the ISDE (Enduro), but even so, this can often cause controversy, plus sometimes adding time to a non-speed event raises a red flag to the Insurance Companies.  -

Although we understand the reasons for this ( riders tend to lolly-dag making for a very long day) if the Clerk of the Course, miscalculates, it can lead to riders racing around on the last loop, MX style, often just punching “5″ s at the sections to save time, which sort of defeats the object of the sport.

On the other side of the coin, we have the famous Scott Trial in Yorkshire, which is very much a race around the moors, with overall time playing a big factor.

Now we know that Trials riders can go quick, as well as being super men when there are obstacles, so how about this for an idea - We have suggested that at the Silver Star “Rev Limiter” on September 23/24th - they add a class for Trials bikes during the Enduro-Cross  intermission - we feel this would add something to the event, and of course both Sam & Foordy are familiar with this type of course plus lots of other riders, have both Enduro and Trials bikes.  - Anybody interested in this, should get in touch with myself or Andrew Christiansen.

And just to illustrate my point on the ability of Trials riders - check out the complete results from Erzberg. - Six of the top seven are all ex Trials riders ( not sure if Wade Young as ever tried the “Feet Up” game.
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Finally - Many of your who click onto Face book - may have seen another David Rhodes posting - he is American, and no relative - my posts are all David H Rhodes


Monday June 19th 2017

Monday, June 19th, 2017

This is a pic taken by Josef of myself, Kevin Smith and Dominique, out on the back 40 trail at Summerland yesterday.  We had a great ride.

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And here is one of Kevin riding one of the sections out on the loop>

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It was the first time that Dominique had been out with us, and I’m pleased to say she rides her 250 Beta Evo really well - her background involves a lot of Mountain biking and Skiing, plus her Dad Yves Doyon was a top rider in Quebec in the 70’s.


This is Josef on a section we call Laggan Rocks - it doesn’t look that difficult, but is very tricky and clean rides are hard to get, we used this in the 25th running of the Outlaw Trial .

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