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Thursday August 31st 2017

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

The last day of the month and another hot, smoky one by the looks of it - The ISDE in France is proving to be a tough event, with a number of Teams already depleted through rider crashes - However, one team that is pressing on in a bid to retain it’s Title is the Aussie Women’s Team, this in spite of the fact that one rider broke the little finger on her  throttle hand on the first day, clipping a fence post in a Special Test. - Here is a pic of the plucky lady.

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Be sure to check out the video on the TRS Factory site, showing another 10 year old Spanish wizz kid on the new TRS 125 - Jordi must be over the moon with the success of his project - I know that everybody that tries one of our bikes is super impressed
TRS Motorcycles Factory


It’s 20 years, since Dougie Lampkin won his first World Trials Championship -  coached by his Dad, Martin ( himself the very first World Trials Champion in 1975) Dougie has become one of the successful riders of the Century.  We first met Martin, back in 1972, at the Scottish Six Day Trial, and later saw Dougie ride at the US World Round in 1994 - we helped him out a bit, by supplying toolbelts and backpacks, in those early years.  -


Sad news today from Mark Cahill, who lost both his father and his brother this past week - devastating news, and our condolences to the family.  - Mark won the Canadian Trials Championship at least twice, and is still a very good rider on on either a Trials or Enduro bike.


In this World of Hi-tech electronic media - it’s nice to see that Motorcycle magazines are still being printed - this is the European version of Classic Trial Mag: - There is an English version put out as well in the UK.  - This cover shows one of the early Ossa machines - “The Plonker” - I first saw one of these at a Calgary Trial back in 1969, ridden by the late Kelvin Marshal.


Spanish rider Tino Marin is perhaps the best Trials rider in Canada at the present time, although his main task in coming to this Country has been to gain his Helicopter license, something that he achieved this year, and he now flies for Global TV Calgary. - Unfortunately, this has curtailed his Trials riding at the moment, but we still hope to see him at the WTC National at Revy. - This is a pic I took of him a couple of years ago at the Revy event, - lots of familiar faces in the crowd ( this was a tough section)

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Wednesday August 30th 2017

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

The smoke was thick in the Valley yesterday from the Kelowna fire - I was down at the Airport to pick up Babsy after her vacation, and it seemed to get worse as the day went on - later we heard that a lot of the smoke was also coming from South of the border

As if wasn’t bad enough - there was a small brush fire that  broke out just up the road from our place in the afternoon, but they jumped on it quickly and today it’s in the mop up stages. -This fire is listed as “suspicious”        I think we can call this the “Summer from Hell”

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In spite of everything being shut down for riding in the area right now - things can only get better, and our decision to make the Revy WTC National a one day on October 1st, is making more sense ( Short time to do set up) - However, I think our planned guided tours on the Saturday  of the beautiful old growth forest trails, might be popular - we would love to add some of this terrain into a future event.

Here is a pic I took of Sam at the Revy Trial a few years ago - this is a spectacular section - and will be in again this year. - Watch this space foe updates on the fire situation ( it’s got to rain sometime)

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I must say that the weekend at the Rocky Trial was very welcome after two months of not being on the bike - at least being able to ride around to take photographs and video relieved some of the frustration. - Amazing as it sounds, I actually had to put on my Parka to sit around the camp fire on Friday night - the temperature on Saturday morning was just +4.  - The campsite is so nice and quiet and the clear sky at night shows a fantastic display of stars.


Tuesday August 29th 2017

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

The ISDE ( World Six Day Enduro) is going into day two in France, and already there has been a shake up at the top - The USA, who are the defending Trophy Team, are already out of the running as they lost one of the four riders in a crash.  The French are all going great ( as expected on home turf) - but things not so good for the Canadian’s - Sadly one of the British club riders died due to a medical condition, likely brought on by the extreme temperatures  ( +36)    - read this report.

Isde Day 1: difficult debut and a Canadian at the hospital:

Madi Watt, the Alberta pilot member of the women’s team was late at the verification point (PV) his companion called to the closed park to hear from him. That’s where he found out she had a road accident. He’s going to the park. We’ll learn later that she hit a car. She hurt her knee, broke her ribs, moved a vertebra, liver hit, and she had internal bleeding. She was transported by helicopter to a great hospital.

The French had warned us that the first two days would not be easy. I went to check point #two. Because There’s a “special test” on each side and I wanted to take pictures and see the race. When I get to control, I’m going to see the Canadian team, just to see if everything’s okay for everyone. They are pleased to see me, because those who are present are not too familiar with the organization of this type of race, among other things for the time of the runners.
Tyler Medaglia, a long motocross rider, arrived 16 minutes early at our location. I had a doubt because everyone else was about 12 minutes early. And besides the official usher said that the organization had given 14 minutes longer than its time. So I’m taking his time sheet, and I see he’s been here two minutes too early at the p. V Previous (it’s not good…) Tyler explains to us the night that a lady in the parking lot 1 told him he was late. He got into the control line, but he didn’t see the clock. A clerk gave him a sign to come and he went two minutes too fast. If he’d kept going, he’d have lost two minutes on his perfect time. I correct his road map and accompany him to the control to make sure he’s at the right time.

The guys from the Canadian team had to do control 4, and I intend to stay here and wait for the two runners.
I’m alone in my field with a tent two fuel tanks, a little water, and not a lot of food.
With all these activities, I didn’t have time to take pictures.
Theo lepley is surprised to see how he has to drive fast in the connections to have time to fill up gas and drink a little. In PV. 4, he arrived right on his minute, but then he made a bad fall because of the dust that’s amazing.
Andrew Tremblay couldn’t finish in time so he was dehydrated, he did the last two hours without water at 37 degrees in the dirt.
Same problem for Benoît Pelletier, he had to lie in the shade in the forest so he wouldn’t fall unconscious. In fact, the death of a 56-Year-old Englishman, which occurred in the trails. The medical team has not been able to revive him.
We’ve seen two Australian Junior team pilots arrive 90 minutes late. They went astray and repeated the same section twice. So it’s over for them, too.
Philippe Chainé a and finished 22th in c1!
See you tomorrow
By Michel Falardeau, transcribed by françois cominardi
Photo from Philippe Chainé’s Facebook.


With the hot dry weather continuing - organizers of the Silver Star event have issued a statement to say that things are still a “GO” and they do have a back up plan.

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Of course our WTC Trial at Revy is only one week after the Silver Star race - so like them, we are praying for rain in these very uncertain weather conditions.


Yesterday was “Catch-up” day after the weekend, unloading the van didn’t get done until the afternoon, as there was so much other stuff to look after - emails to answer - parts to mail out etc. - Not to mention a general house clean, as Momma Bear arrives home today from her annual holiday visiting family in Alberta.  - The cat ( who I now call Fatty) followed me around most of the time maybe just to make sure I’m not leaving her alone again - I’m sure she will ignore me again when Babsy gets home.!!


This is  a pic I took of Chris Tronnes at the Rocky Trial, as you can see, it’s a nice natural (long) section in the Creek bed. - Chris is still riding well, in spite of numerous surgeries on his hands.  We chatted about how he got started back on Wednesday night rides in a gravel pit near Red Deer - this was in my Yamaha days, and I used to stay over with the local dealer to promote sales of the TY series.

ATRA/WTC Outlaw Trial at Rocky Mountain House, AB


Monday August 28th 2017

Monday, August 28th, 2017

What a weekend !!! - On Friday, I hadn’t got to the Armstrong Timmy’s for my Coffee, when a young deer bolted across the road - through the early morning traffic (7am) - Last minute I saw it - braked - turned to the right !! - then the deer somehow did a Trials move and somehow got around the back of my van, but left a few brown hairs on route - Hopefully it survived, I didn’t see what happened in the mirror..

On I went ( after picking up my Double/Double) - everything went fine - stopped in Revy to talk to Florian about the upcoming Trial and the ongoing fire ban. - Pray for rain guys !!

After a stop for lunch in Golden - things appeared to be on track - that’s until I reached the top of the hill out of Golden - Traffic all stopped “Accident” -  An hour later, creeping along we saw the cause of the hold up - one of many I’ve seen at this spot while driving on the road for 30 years. - Simply put - it’s somebody in a truck that doesn’t know how to drive, a common practice these days.

On to Lake Louise and up to the turn off on the David Thompson Hiway. - At this time I recall that I need patience, because the Tourists are “Unpredictable” - that proves to be the case with a couple making brake-stop turns, in order to get that perfect Photo !!!!!!!.

Breathing a sigh of relief,   I press on - taking the turn at Saskatchewan Crossing. - Not much traffic along this stretch - wonderful scenery and I was not surprised to see lots of folks taking advantage of the warm weather to camp out at the big lake before you reach Rocky.  - I always thought this would be a great spot for a trials promo pic - shhhhh - it might still happen.


Arriving at the camp area at Bernie’ place, I was once again amazed at the golf course style camping area - what a guy this is, to put so much effort in order to promote Trials, a sport that he doesn’t get into much anymore.’

It was great to hook up with all the old friends, but a call from Sam said that a bus problem  would mean he could not make it - darn.
I have to say that this is one of my favorite events every year -  the area is perfect for traditional Trials - And it’s such a great family event,  - I really don’t know why more Albertan’s don’t ride the Cow Patty -. - With the Fire ban on in the South, this would have been an ideal opportunity for some of the Calgary riders to get out and ride some natural terrain - only Richard Oulett showed up from Calgary, but what a great time he had - plus he learned a lot ( and added to the campfire humor) -

For me, it’s a nine hour drive, but I wouldn’t miss it for the World.  Thanks to the ATRA for hosting another great Trial and rounds 3-4 of the Outlaw Series - The last and final round will take place in Victoria in October.
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It was great to see Mitch Watts show up with his son Body - They were at my place last week and picked up an Evo 200 -after much encouraging from his son, Mitch elected to buy the TRS 280, that I had with me, so they are now set up for some great times riding on the family farm. - This was the young 15 year old lad’s first event after only a week on the Beta, but he did excellent - Chris Tronnes and others, took time to give him some on -the- spot coaching, and there is no doubt in my mind that we will see a lot more of this youngster.
The Trial on both Saturday and Sunday went very well, in spite of a only a small entry, - the sections were really well thought out, with natural obstacles, including the creek in the Valley - it was very warm, with the sun shining out of a clear blue sky ( for me rain would have been fine after our long dry spell in BC).

My trip home went a lot quicker, as most of the heavy traffic was going the other way - the cat was glad to see me !!

Here is pic of young Body in the first section - I took a bunch of pics and video, but for some reason my video clips won’t download to face book - not sure why as this is not normally an issue. ( We will try to resolve)

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Sorry the pics look a bit “Stretched” I forgot to reduce them when posting !!

Friday August 25th 2017

Friday, August 25th, 2017

All packed up & ready to go -
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It appears there are Outlaws all over the West !!  We have been in business with this name for 30 years - I wonder how long these guys have been around in Casper Wyoming - my daughter sent this to me on her travels to watch the Eclipse.

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This is a clip of Welsh lad Iwan Roberts, being interviewed   for the Welsh TV network  - My mother was Welsh and we lived right on the border of North Wales - the Newspaper chain that I worked for also printed the Welsh Newspaper called Cymru, but I never did learn the language, because it was not taught in our School. - ( Just know a few words and the Welsh songs)  - Enjoy,


Sam called last night and has decided to take his bus to Rocky - I will be heading out at 7 am.


A large Fire broke out yesterday near Kelowna - up towards Big White -lots of folk evacuated - best wishes for some of our friends who live in this region - not heard if they managed to get it under control - scary times with no rain in sight,


That’s it I’m outa here -  full report for Monday. >> Have a great weekend everybody.

Thursday August 24th 2017

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Up bright & early as normal ( it’s an old age thing) - The first thing I do each day, is turn on the News to see what crazy things have happened overnight, both with the weather, and on the Political scene.  — After that, it’s time to check out the latest on upcoming motorcycle stuff, and with the weekend already here, a chance to review some events.

As everybody must know by now, we will be at the ATRA Rocky Trial this weekend, a long trip ( nine hour drive) but a journey we make each year to support the local club.  The  venue is really nice at Bernie’s Farm, with sections laid out in the Valley that has a slow running creek to add to the fun, I know the boys have been busy building some new hazards for this year, so it should be a great time.

The plan is to pick up Sam on route tomorrow, ( he has been working at Carl Custer’s place near Sicamous)  then after a quick stop to see Florian in Revy, we will head over the Roger’s Pass, through Golden, after that it will be the long but scenic haul up through the Ice fields before following the David Thomson Hiway to Rocky Mountain House.


I see that the Fire ban has been lifted in  some parts of BC, which to me seems a bit premature, as we have had no rain, and the whole Countryside is dry as tinder, fires continue to spring up every day, and while they jump on them real quick, only yesterday there was one on Hiway 33 outside Kelowna. - I heard that the OHV ban is still on.
Last night I looked through some photographs from the 20th running of the Outlaw Trial - this was held at Green Mountain near Kamloops BC - It was Mike Crumly that helped me with this one, and we spent many weekends carving out a loop, through an area that had seen a big forest fire roar through seven years previously.  - Even after this length of time, the burnt out black trees, were a gaunt reminder of the devastation, it was almost like viewing a battlefield from World War One, in Flanders.

The one neat thing about riding in a recent fire zone, is that the rocks are all exposed and white from the heat, making for some great sections, However, overall a burnt out forest is not a pretty sight.  - This is Todd Nordin.
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In the UK, this weekend is a “Bank Holiday” - ( What we call a long weekend) - and a lot of motorcycle sport happening, including another Super Trial.
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In addition to this, the Moto GP Teams are at Silverstone for another round of the series - Rossi usually goes well on this old bumpy airfield circuit.


more news as it happens >>>>>

Wednesday August 22nd 2017

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Although “Trials” today, appears to be split into about three different factions - there is no doubt in Ben Hemmingway’s mind as to which is his favorite - It’s the Scott Time and Observation Trial, held in Yorkshire every year. - This is a photo showing him at the 2003 event, closely watched by Dougie Lampkin. - Although it’s really a “Race” around the Yorkshire Dales, with approx 70 sections over the 80 mile course - It’s the overall points lost that decide the winner. - The fastest rider makes standard time ( everybody starts at one minute intervals) - with the other finishers losing one point per minute after that. - This score is then added to the points lost in the sections, to establish the winner. - Ben will ride an Evo Factory 300 4T this year, - (he just loves this bike.) - Always a Beta rider, Ben also competes in the Hard Enduro Series, along with his brother Dan.  - ( The Hemmingway’s  are cousins of the Lampkin’s - so it’s quite the family affair) - The top finishers all get a “Silver Spoon” - Ben has now got 20 of these coveted trophies.
Note: We ran Scott Trials in Alberta from 1971 to around 1979 - Great events which catered to both Trials and Enduro style bikes.

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This is another brilliant shot by Heath Brindley of Jack Sheppard,  at the UK Super Trial


The 2017 ISDE is happening in France pretty quickly - The Aussie Ladies are the current Champions and are looking to repeat their performance from last year. ( I thought Andrew & Sam would like this pic)

australia women isde winners 1200


And here is my “Battle of Britain” pic  for today - a “Gaggle” of Hurricanes.

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Tuesday August 22nd 2017

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

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Young Spanish lad Sam Garcia being “Minded” by Steve Saunders at the Super Trial  in the UK last weekend. ( Photo Credit Heath Brindley)

Here is the map to the Rocky Mountain House Trial next weekend.  >  After two rounds - the leaders for each class in the five round Outlaw Series, - are as follows -

Expert - Sam King/Alex Walton

Advanced - Brandon Schmidt/Ben Pospisil

Snr Advanced - Guy Smeeth/ Todd Nordin

Intermediate - Shane Bridden

Snr Intermediate - Bob Clark

Sportsman - Mark ONeil/ Bob Todosychuck.

Junior - Starla Smeeth..

Don’t forget that the Alberta event is a double header  & double points.

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We will be leaving early Friday for the drive to Rocky - If you need anything special put on the van - email me


For many people these days, “TT”  might stand for “Text & Twitter” - but being an old fashioned guy, I do neither - the TT actually stands for “Tourist Trophy” and is the ultimate motorcycle road race, held in the Isle of Man each year .

While the main event always goes in early June - there is another “Big” race held every year in early September, called the “Manx”  - this has been the weaning ground for many young ” Up & Comers”, who wish to go on to compete in the regular TT races.

In recent years, they have now also introduced a “Classic TT” event in conjunction with this, which is attracting a lot of the old timers and former “Greats” - such as Giacomo Agostini, and Stevie Baker - all making for a huge tourist attraction. - The old bikes are still rocket ships, complete with the old style “Dustbin” fairings ( later banned).

Coming from the UK, I was fortunate to see and hear, a lot of these exotic machines - everything from the howling Gilera that Bob McIntire took to that historic 100mph lap, back in 1957 - the Moto Guzzi V8’s - and the screaming Hondas in 1961. - However, for many enthusiasts, there was nothing to compare to a Max Norton coming back on the Megga)  on the climb up the mountain, after the sharp turn called the “Gooseneck”.

Before the age of modern video cameras - you could buy the old 78 gramophone  records of the sounds of the TT races, with the commentary by first Graham Walker, and later his son Murray Walker . As young lads, we couldn’t get enough of this.

This is a pic of Richard Lawrence climbing a very steep hill in in Northern BC - Richard bought the first ever TRS 300 from us last year - he has been riding it steady and hard, yet has not had to replace a single part ( as far as I know)

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Now this is a great pic of Mick Andrews with one of the local ladies at the Ormstown Vintage Bonanza - ride on Mick !!

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Scott Barrie took this amazing photograph of the Eclipse> Scott is a former Trials rider from Ontario.
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Monday August 20th 2017

Monday, August 21st, 2017

Well, the weekend has come and gone - very quiet around our place, as Babsy is still away in Alberta for another week. - the cat has now decided that she had better be friendly if she wants to get fed !! - Normally she just ignores me. - - In a little while I guess a lot of folk will be watching the Solar Eclipse - including my daughter who is in Casper Wyoming. - For me I’m afraid it will just be another Monday morning ( maybe darker for a while) - It would be nice if this event brought some rain.

Here is a nice shot from the British Super Stars Trial - as is often the case these days, the sections are all man made, but still provided a lot of fun for both the riders and spectators. - I’m not sure who this is on the TRS, maybe Ross Danby, or Chris Stay or maybe the Spanish kid that came over. - Anyway, the one thing that is obvious, is that you need to practice lots for these kinds of stunts.

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Next weekend is the ATRA Cow Patty Trial in Rocky Mountain House Alberta. - here is the post on the event - We hope to have a map later in the week, but if you are not sure about the location, give me a call.  - This will be Rounds 3-4 of the Outlaw Series - For all our BC riders ,who have been kept out of the woods for approx 6 weeks now - this might be the perfect time to make that trip to Alberta, to get a couple of days riding, and also a chance to pick up double points in the Outlaw Series..  ( It really is a great camping spot)
The last and Final Round will take place in Victoria in October. A poster will be up next month.

August 26th &27th cow patty trial Rocky Mountain house AB
« on: August 12, 2017, 09:52:27 AM »


-10:30AM start time for the modern bikes.
-Once modern is wrapped up, prior to doing the results ceremony we will be holding the vintage A & B trials. As this is an outlaw, WE WILL have a class for the mono shock 84′ Yamaha TY’s

-10:30am start time

Please keep in mind, each day is a separate round for both the outlaw and ATRA points series for those of you chasing points.

-Camping is permitted and encouraged as it’s a beautiful grassy area, very similar to Falun.
-There is a top quality, clean outhouse on site
-Sections are very spectator friendly all within walking distance and provide great entertainment. As well as much improved this year, due to bringing heavy equipment in and many labor hours to sculpt and develop the area.


Here is a pic of Daniel Blanc-Gonnet at 13,000ft - the home of the Ute Cup in the States - We have heard some great stories from this event, which features a long climb up the mountain, with sections on route.

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Here is a short amusing video from Oz talking about walking a section >

HOW TO WALK A TRIALS SECTION: basic trials training


Sunday August 20th 2017

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Another Sunday morning with nothing planned - maybe watch some more golf  on the box - We heard from Florian, who says the Fire Ban is still on in Revy, so he hasn’t been out for many weeks, like the rest of us.

This pic just popped up as a memory, from three years ago, the last time we had the WTC starting and finishing at the Glacier House Resort  - it was taken just after the awards ceremony, when I sat down with Stan & Steve to chat about the event and some old times.

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I saw a pic posted of Steve Baker and Ken Clark on Facebook, which was “Liked” by Gavin Trippe -  I remember seeing Gavin and Stu Peters riding a “Scramble” at a place called Bala, in Wales, back in the late 50’s - I was there taking photographs for a local paper,

Trippe was racing a Honda 250 twin “Special” that day, while Peters was BSA mounted -the Honda sounded neat, but was not a match for the two-strokes of the day. -  Both were very involved in Moto X promotion in later years Stateside.  - I likely have some black & white 35mm film of them somewhere in the archives.


My daughter sent more pics of their trip to see the Solar Eclipse in Casper Wyoming - they are part of a group of local sports car enthusiasts  -we heard that some Hotels are charging $1,000.00 per night !! - talk about a “Rip off”.


John Dearie called last night - he brought me up to date on all his latest news - John lives & works in Squamish, but hasn’t ridden his Beta for a very long time.


The only Trial that I have seen happening this weekend, is the Super Trial, in the UK - will try to find out what is going on there.

James Dabill won the event, but looks like the little kids stole the podium show.

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Check this out.
Battle of Britain 18.08.1940 ‘The Hardest’ day


I saw this today - it shows our old buddy Adrian riding a Sherco in the UK, before his untimely death - His local club hold an annual memorial Trial to remember him, as we have also done for many years, However, because of all the events having to be “Shuffled” because of the Forest Fires - I think this year we will do a “Memorial Ride” rather than a special Trial - this is not carved in stone, so keep in touch by clicking on here.

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