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Saturday September 30th 2017

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

Graeme Jarvis has won the Sea to Sky hard Enduro - after the first couple of days a few people were asking where the old guys were - Well, although I wouldn’t call Graeme old - he was there at the finish - when it mattered. -  I still remember seeing him ride in his very first Scottish Six Days Trial, back in 1992, I was standing watching a section in the pouring rain, with the English guy that used to make my Trials clothing, when he said ” Watch out for this lad - he’s going to be good”

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The forecast is for rain today in the Valley - not perhaps ideal for setting up sections at Malakwa, but that’s where I will be  along with Sammy, Chris and Flo - I will take my camera along & post some pics tomorrow.


We know a lot of dirt bikers have been out in the forestry this past week, since the Fire Ban came off, but I think that Chris Hrabb from Revelstoke, has outdone them all - after racing in the Hare Scramble at Silver Star last Sunday, Chris stopped by my place and picked up a brand new 2017 TRRS 280. - The next three days, were spent climbing three different mountains !! talk about a glutton for punishment ! - I think it’s fair to say he loves the new Jordi bike, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about his adventures, later today.

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I see that Irish road racer, Jonathan Rea has won the World Super Bike Championship - he has been around for a lot of years and excels on  the difficult circuits  like they have in Northern Island and the Isle of Man.


In Eastern Canada, they held the famous Cord Enduro last weekend, slated as the Toughest in the Country, and with scorching temperatures, the event certainly lived up to it’s name this year - not sure who won, but we know the Beta Canada Importer was there, and had one of the all new X trainer 250 Prototypes for testing purposes.


Here is a nice pic of a husband and wife holding hands as they spend a day out in the woods - riding Motorcycles is after all ” A family Affair”

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The MX des Nations - is going this weekend in the UK - Zach Osborne from the USA posted the fastest time in qualifying with Australia 2nd & the Netherlands 3rd - The UK were 7th .

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Friday September 29th 2017

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Here is a neat shot of Jack Sheppard on his Beta - practicing for the last round of the British Trials Championship, which goes this weekend.

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We have some news regarding the WTC National (West)  Trial that will be held at Malakwa next weekend - We have decided to run a “Pro” class, as well as an Expert Class. - This is an experiment to cater to a wider ability of rider, who likes the extreme type of section, and the rest of the classes, will remain the same as usual..  Sam is also trying to hustle up some prize money from sponsors. - I will be out at the Trial site tomorrow, with Chris and Florian, to help Sam with set up.

Anybody who watched the video clips from the recent Trial des Nations, will have noticed just how difficult the sections were at least for the regular club rider. - The new Hop & bop style appears to have become the norm, for any Spanish event, at least for modern bikes, perhaps this helps to explain the huge increase in the numbers at the Classic Trials in that Country.  - Simply put, most older riders, are not interested in big splats etc, where a small mistake can lead to an injury.


Taff posted this pic from a couple of years ago, when we had the WTC National at Glacier House Resort in Revelstoke - We plan on hosting another great event there in 2018, likely at the end of June. ( Before the Fire season)

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More news as it happens >>

Thursday September 28th 2017

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Foto: Muere a los 91 años Hugh Hefner, fundador de Playboy

Well nothing to do with Motorcycles - but Mr Playboy has gone to “Bunny Heaven”  - What a way to go !! he was 91.


The weather continues to be sunny and warm in the valley, so yesterday I took a load of garbage up to the dump, where Andrew was back at work, after putting on the “Rev Limiter” at Silver Star -

We had a good chat about the event, which saw 365 riders take part in the three day activities  - the riders appeared to enjoy it - the WEC were ecstatic and have already booked Silver Star for next year - the Mountain made some money, so all in all a very successful weekend.


As most people know we have our WTC National (West) Trial coming up next weekend ( Thanksgiving)  - We still need checkers, and even if you haven’t done this before - we will teach you the rules before the start, but you need to be at the Carl Kuster Park by -       8. 30am on October 8th ( Thanksgiving Sunday)  Simple directions.  Head East from Sicamous on Hwy #1, towards Revelstoke - when you come to a long straight stretch of the 4 lane - watch for the small gas station on the left side service road. - turn in here go right follow through town, over the railroad tracks - keep left and continue on until you see the park gate at the fork in the road. - check out the poster that Sam has made up for the schedule of events - (Scroll down to the Wednesday blog below) - Any questions or concerns, please contact either myself or Sam.


UPDATE:  Check out this video clip - if you like to climb mountains



Wednesday September 27th 2017

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Not content with one Mountain Climb on the day after picking up his new Outlaw/TRS - Chris Hrabb was once again in the high Alpine at one of our favorite spots - We have been up this Mountain 8 times, and would dearly love to do it once again, but I think the Sands of time  are starting to run out for me. - However, I can still look at these wonderful pics, and recall every inch of that difficult climb up into the Alpine.  - my first trip up was in 2003 when it was really tough. - My last climb was with Stan on my 75th birthday.
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It won’t be long now until the first ever Trial at the Carl Kuster Mountain Park - Sammy made up this neat poster.
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Here is our first “Snow” pic of the 2018 winter season - It shows a couple of Outlaw Beta’s up high in the mountains - one rider is a nice young lady, who plans on being at the upcoming WTC National Trial, where we will have “Ladies” class for the very first time.

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This is a very long video of the Trial Des Nations.  You do see both Canadian riders about half way through - very difficult sections and some mistakes in the captioning, but overall a good watch.

more news as it happens >

Here is a pic of the Top Experts at the CMA National - 1st Jon English (Beta) 2nd Jordan Szoke ( Sherco) 3rd Michel Belanger (Beta)

Champ Class Champ Jon English

Tuesday September 26th 2017

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

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After having a great ride on his Husky at Silver Star, our good buddy Chris Hrabb, stopped by and decided to pick up a new 2017 TRS 280 “Raga” model. -  so what better way to test the new bike, than to take it on a mountain ride?  - This shot on some pretty awesome looking rocks was at 7500 feet near Revelstoke ( We can’t tell you where) -It looked like it was pretty socked in.
Suffice to say that Chris is super impressed with the new bike - he also has a 2014 Beta Evo 300 for sale if anybody wants to give me a call ( mint shape)  - ( I still can’t believe he did this !!)

A big “Well Done to our two Cannucks who spent their time and money participating  in  the recent TDN in Spain - To represent your Country at an event of such Stature, takes a lot, and our “hats Off” to these two and any other Canadian Riders that have made the trip overseas. ( Note: There are 3 riders per team Canada only had two) -

Fact is, that this, like the Scottish Six Days, is all paid out of the rider’s pocket, so it’s no wonder that Canadian achievements on the World Stage have been mediocre. - Except for that wonderful 1983 ISDE event in Wales, which I was fortunate to be a part of.
Jon English and Brian Wojnarowsk


The WTC National Trial is now just 12 days away, and Sammy has been working hard at this new venue near Malakwa BC  - This is located near Sicamous - heading East towards Revelstoke - You turn onto the Malakwa service road by the gas station - then continue through town until you reach the Carl Kuster Mountain Park.

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Monday September 25th 2017

Monday, September 25th, 2017

The Silver Star Rev Limiter is over for another year, and was a huge success - an early morning shower helped keep the dust down, but unlike last year, it was clear and bright for the stacked field who raced in the Hare Scramble.

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Trystan Hart flew in  overnight from Reno after riding in the Enduro Cross there, and blitzed the field in spite of having little sleep - the Invermere rider looking very smooth and fast. - We saw a bunch of old friends up on the hill, including Bob Work, who was down from 100 mile house to support  one of his riders - we shared a hug with Victoria Hett, and chatted to Tony Allen and many more - I think that this is what makes events like this very special.

Without doubt, the organizers, are to be congratulated on a first class event, with a 200 rider turn out - this was also a round of the WEC Championship, and Trevor Wideman flew out from Ontario to present the awards. - With the fire ban only coming off last Friday, it was fantastic to see so many people support the event.
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As always, there are winners and losers, and Sam was in the latter category, when mechanical issues forced an early retirement, Chris Hrabb had a good ride with an 8th place finish, and stopped by my place later to pick up a new TRS Raga 280.

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( Doesn’t the Trials bike look tiny alongside the Husky?)


Check out this video from the TDN - Not often you see this man crash.


Sunday September 24th 2017

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

As expected, Spain have won the 2017 Trial des Nations. -Great Britain finished 2nd and Japan 3rd - more on this later
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Check out this video taken by Jordi
Jordi Tarres

In The Trial 2 Class - It was Team Australia who won the gold. - more results when we see them.

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I just watched the video of the Reno Enduro-Cross - Brutal race, with huge Super cross type jumps and a stacked field of riders - It was  14 laps in the final, and all the top contenders had a few spills, but in the end it was long lanky Cody Webb, who got the win, ahead of Kyle Redmund and Coltan Haker .


In Moto GP from Spain, it was Marquez taking the win, ahead of Danny Pedrosa, and Jorge Lorenzo - but a fantastic ride by Rossi to finish 5th.


Meanwhile in local news it was Bobby Prochnau who won the big money up at Silver Star, with his wife taking the Ladies Class - I’m going up there today so will find out more of how things went.


As for me - Yesterday my wife and myself enjoyed spending the afternoon at Cherryville, attending the wedding of Matt & Amanda - we really enjoyed ourselves, meeting up with Ross & Judy, plus the family members in this wonderful rural setting by the Cherry River. - Now Matt has that out of the way, maybe we will see him out on his Trials bike.

Here is “The Lad” celebrating after tying the knot.

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Saturday September 23rd 2017

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

The weather in the Valley has been gorgeous this week - typical sunny Fall days with cooler temperatures, and with the Fire ban now officially rescinded, no doubt the woods will be busy this weekend. - It would nice to be riding this area, with David Norona.
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However, in Vernon, it’s all about the Silver Star “Rev Limiter” Enduro-cross and  Hare Scramble, so yesterday afternoon, I took time to drive up the hill ( only 15 minutes from my place)  and visited with some old friends.  - Lexi Pechout was there with her Dad Siggi - and we had a nice chat - she had just got back from Japan so was likely suffering with a bit of jet lag - but she had eleven ladies out for her training session. ( Lexi is the one in the red riding gear)
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Steve Foord was busy doing the school for the men, so I didn’t get a chance to talk to him, before I headed over to the village, and met up with Brian Marshal at  the large KTM display, where they had all the new bikes available to test ride - Unfortunately, I will be at Matt Reading’s wedding later today at Cherryville, so will miss seeing Sam battling it out on the Enduro cross track, - However, I will be up there tomorrow for the Hare Scramble.


We heard that the qualifying didn’t go very well for the two Canadian riders at the TDN in Spain yesterday - Not being familiar with the new system, must have been difficult for Jon English and Brian Wojo: - Hopefully they will be more at ease when the Trial goes tomorrow. - The location certainly looks to be really nice ,

Looking at other qualifying performances - the fast man on the Trial GP 2 course, was American Pat Smage, who blitzed around well clear of the other riders, while in a similar fashion, it was that man Toni Bou, who topped the time sheets in the World Class, although James Dabill actually went quicker, but lost a “5″ for some reason. - Sandra Gomez was the fastest in the ladies.


In Moto GP, the teams are at Aragon in Spain, this weekend, where they had some rain for the practice sessions - amazingly, Valentino Rossi is racing, in spite of the fact that he broke his leg on a dirt bike, just three weeks ago. !!


Spain has won the TDN Ladies division  with Great Britain finishing as runners up. - Team Norway was third.
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Steve Holcombe too another win today at Hawkstone Park making it 4 in a row for the Beta UK rider.

Friday September 21st 2017

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

So CHBC is 60 years old - Neat to see all the old images from back in the day, of both the OK Valley, and the people who worked and in some cases still work for the company. ( Look at all that hair!! Mike Roberts )
We first traveled through the Okanagan, in 1966, on a vacation that took us South of the border on a big loop before heading back to Calgary.  - I recall my ‘59 Chevvy Impala  had no air conditioning and the temperatures were scorching - we stopped by the side of the road near Oyama, and picked apples - as new immigrants, we felt we had arrived in “God’s Country”  - We made a point of taking our future family vacations in the Valley, and I vowed that one day, we would live here.

This happened in 1981, when Yamaha Motor Canada decided to include the Okanagan in my Territory as their Senior Sales Rep. - Three weeks later we moved to Vernon.
At that time, there wasn’t any Trials activity in the Valley, and although I brought along a couple of TY 175’s that the kids had - the early years were spent on the Cross Country scene. ( I had been working on the IT promotion for some time at Yamaha, and a couple of years later we took the  the Yamaha Canada Team to the ISDE in Wales)

Fast forward to 1985, and I met up with a local bunch in Kelowna who had Trials bikes - By this time I had moved on from Yamaha Canada, to become a Dealer, so it was a natural for me to help these new enthusiasts, and explain what the sport was all about.

This was an exciting time , as we went on to host many National Trials in the Valley, in areas that are now “Out of bounds” - the new riders who showed up were all full of enthusiasm - Hell we even had an Enduro class at one Trial held at Bear Creek. - It was all about trying to “Sell” the Trials scene on what was a typically Cross Country  racing area. - Did it work? not really - I loaned bikes out to good Enduro riders in the hope they would get the “Bug” - but in the end, it never did catch on, in that regard  ( All I was left with was more bikes to clean and fix)
Ironically many years later, my phone is going all the time with Enduro/MX guys - who want a Trials bike - so they can learn these “Graham Jarvis” skills.

At the moment, there are quite a lot of Trials bikes in the Valley - but only a few ever come out to an event, Why? nobody seems to know.  - Maybe the events are too difficult?  Maybe they need some easy introduction?
We are fortunate  to have people like Ross Rathbone, Martin and Jake - who have stepped up to the plate to host our Outlaw Trial, and Florian in Revelstoke, plus the all new area at Malakwa ( near Sicamous) could be a fantastic break through for Trials. - With young Sam King on board to put on Schools, maybe this will encourage more riders to take up the sport.

Just as the whole Okanagan Valley has changed with CHBC and the technology - so has our sport changed - I just hope that we can retain some of the basic reasons, why Trials riding has survived for over 100 years in the UK.


The Silver Star Rev Limiter event starts today - with Schools being put on by Steve Foord for the men and Lexi Pechout for the Ladies

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This Plaque from the TDN ( Trial des Nations) shows the total domination of the event by Spanish Teams since 2003.

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Thursday September 21st 2017

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Climbing mountains on a Trials bike, is a lot of fun, as you are able to get to places not possible with other models, but I think this pic takes the cake, as far as determination goes - It  shows a bunch of very fit riders, hauling a bike up the last part of a peak in Europe over 4,000 metres high- the first time ever this has been scaled on a motorcycle.

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Here is a shot of the TRS at the summit>

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The BIG event this weekend, is the Rev Limiter at Silver Star Mountain in Vernon.

Check the web page for the schedule - it’s going to be very busy up on the hill

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Over in Europe - The Trial des Nations goes this weekend with both men and women taking part and Teams from all over the globe

The Spanish men’s team, have won this for many years, only the Brits have beaten them in recent times, but that was quite a long time ago.

Here is  a pic of the German Ladies Team.

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Sorry the pics all get distorted when transferred from other sites.


The 2018 World Trials Schedule has been announced.>

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