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Tuesday October 31st 2017

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Yesterday we got our first 2018 Beta Evo, it’s a 300 and I must say it looks brilliant with the all black graphics - our 200 won’t be in for a couple more weeks, by which time we will likely have snow on the ground - it was certainly cold on Monday, quite a change from the warm temperatures we had for our Sunday ride.

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Apart from the color, a quick look at the new bike only revealed one big change, and that was the Dunlop tires fitted, instead of the usual Michelins.  - We have the complete list of updates if anybody wants to contact us.  ( This one is not sold as yet)

Check out this Beta video.
# betamotor

Congratulations to Victoria & Tomas Hubacek on the arrival of a baby boy - no doubt another future motorcycle racer. - Viccy has been involved with the Off Road scene for a long time, as have the whole Hett family from Cherryville. BC.
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In other news, we have learned that Kyle Puhlmann has started work at Rider’s Edge in Vernon - we heard that Vernon Motorsports  was up for sale, and that maybe part of this deal had already happened, but not sure of other details.


Sad to hear that the wife of John (Boomer) Gronow passed away recently in Victoria, Boomer has been a firm fixture on the VMC scene for many years, along with his sons. ( Don’t think the lads ride anymore)

Lets not forget that it’s Halloween tonight, so all the little goblins will be out in the streets, and everybody needs to drive carefully.


Who remembers these fabulous bikes from the 1950’s - this one a Gilera ridden by Italian Liberati to the World Championship in 1957.  - I was lucky to see these bikes race in the Isle of Man that year, - Bob McIntyre won the Senior TT lapping the 37.8 mile circuit at over 100mph.
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More news as it happens.  >>>>>> I see that another Trials shop in the UK has been broken into and Sherco/TRS bikes stolen - a few days ago, Malcolm Rathmell had a new shipment of Sherco Enduro bikes stolen while on route from the factory ( They think it might be an inside job) While this might seem of little concern to our readers, please be aware that most of these stolen bikes are shipped out of the Country, so the moral is - If you are offered a new bike at a very low price - be smart and check out the serial number to see if it’s stolen, because if it is, and you try to register it, you will lose the bike.

Here is a list of the stolen bikes.

No easy way to say this, we’ve been broken into.
Sherco 2014 250cc
Sherco 2016 250cc
Sherco 2016 300cc
Sherco 2017 250cc
TRS 2018 250cc
Beta 2017 250cc
Beta 2010 250cc
Beta 2018 300cc
Montesa 4rt 2005
TRS 2017
GasGas 2005 280cc
Oset 2017 16.0 Racing
Oset 2017 20.0 Racing
Jitsie Varial 20″
Jitsie Varial Mini
Large selection of Wulf Gloves and £500 in cash was also taken.

Police have all the information and doing everything they can.

Phone and web orders are running as usual, sorry if we arent our usual selves over the coming days as we try to clean up the mess.

Please keep an eye out for any of the above bikes.

Craig, Laurence & Rick


Monday October 30th 2017

Monday, October 30th, 2017

Lewis Hamilton has wrapped up another Formula One World Championship - The British driver has now won this title  4 times.

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What an amazing day we had again at Summerland on Sunday - It was just Josef, myself and Shane, so another day out on the yellow bikes.  The fog had lifted by the time we parked by the gate, and it was surprisingly warm. - I suggested that I show the lads some of the old sections from years ago, that they had never ridden, starting off near the “Bird Bath” - then going over to the Shale Climb - we always used this as the last section in the Outlaw Trial, when we held it at this location, and the long loose hill is still a challenge, although amazingly, we used to “Clean” this on our old Vintage twin shocks.

I remember one year, Bob Clark and myself, both riding Ossa machines, were tied on points when we arrived at this last section. - I went up first, electing  to use 2nd gear to get some speed, but there is a tight turn at the top, before you have to get up a couple of rock steps to the end cards, and my bike “Bogged down” - slipping the clutch and footing like mad, I managed to get through with a “3″ - but the damage was done. - Bob who was waiting at the bottom, heard my bike issue, and screamed his Ossa up in 1st gear  to take the win.

Shane didn’t have any trouble getting up on the TRS, but still had a dab on the corner, - so the old section can still take points. - I told the lads how I used to take a box of beer up early on the morning of the Trial, and stash it behind the bush at the top, for everybody to have a cool one at the end. - It’s quite high and you can see the whole valley from the rocky plateau, really nice on a sunny day.

Here is Shane on the big log section that I showed them later, at the top of the McNulty Hill Climb. - The #1 Intermediate in both WTC and Outlaw series  Championships this year, Shane will be moving up to ride the Advanced Class in 2018.

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And here is one of Josef, who flew back from Vancouver just so he could get in a ride with us on Sunday - He soon took ogg his warm jacket, after riding the early sections.

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It takes us about 1 hour 45 mins - to get to the Summerland site, depending on traffic - which going through Kelowna is always a pain. We saw two crashes on our way home, one bad one near Westbank, and another one at the traffic light in Winfield  - the nice sunny day brought out a lot of people on the road.


It appears that a lot of people are choosing the TRS as their bike of choice for sidecar Trials in the UK.
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Sunday October 29th 2017

Sunday, October 29th, 2017

So today we will take another drive to Summerland - can’t waste anymore great weekends, before the snow flies, my plan for today is to show Shane and Josef some of the old sections from way back - some we used the first time in 1987 - plus they have never ridden Avalanche Alley - a daunting experience for most, but we will likely need to clear some windfall. - The thing I like about Summerland, is that the area is wide open, yet has very sensible deer trails for all abilities - we have acted as guide many times in this area as we know the Mountain so well. - Perhaps this is why the Outlaw Trial always had really good entrees ( average 60-70)

Olivier stopped by last night to pick up a Beta tent that I’ve supplied him  - he bought a Beta X trainer from us earlier this year and loves it -  - I just wish that I was  younger as I loved my days of Cross Country racing.


Cody Webb continued his winning Endurocross ways last night in Scotsdale Arizona, but once again it was Trystan Hart from Inveremere BC, who was his main challenger - Cory Graffunder ended up 5th, while Alberta fast gal Shelby Turner smoked both the Amateur B and ladies classes.

Did Dovi do it ????   And the answer is yes - Andrea Dovizioso won in Sepang, ahead of his Ducati Team mate Jorge Lorenzo - Zarco was the other man on the podium, while Marquez finished 4th. - This means that the Championship fight will go down to the wire at the last race in Valencia.
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Saturday October 28th 2017

Saturday, October 28th, 2017

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Quite a lot of people will recognize the Fire Look out in this pic - although only a few have made it up to the top of Joss Mountain near Revelstoke. - Chris Hrabb took his new TRS 280 up to the almost 8,000ft summit. - the second day he had the bike, which showed a lot of confidence in the new  model. - The lookout was built in 1929, but never used - a new roof and windows were installed in 2007. We have made the long difficult climb a total of eight times.
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This is an old photo of myself, passing a stuck Greeves rider, in a 1956 Welsh Time Trial - the event was tough, just like the Scott event, but not as long - I had some bike issues, but still finished in the top 20 with a 2nd class award. (Note! we didn’t wear helmets back then)

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And this is a pic of me shaking the hand of my very first Gas Gas customer, Gerry Von Troba from Kamloops, back in early 1994.

Qualifying results from the Moto GP in Sepang Malaysia - Another surprise !

Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda Team) topped an incredible qualifying shootout at Sepang International Circuit, with the front row split by only 0.024 seconds and the Little Samurai coming out on top. Pedrosa, the pole record holder, put in a number of quick laps towards the end and stole it on his final attempt to take his eleventh front row and fourth pole at the venue. Johann Zarco (Monster Yamaha Tech 3) was second, top Independent Team rider and top Yamaha, ahead of the first of the title challengers: Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati Team)


And a couple of stories just in, of why you should never go riding alone >  I’m leaving the names out !! - The first one concerns a rider who was out on the Westside, and had a fall, catching his finger while being trapped under the bike - he eventually managed to get back home and to the hospital, where they were able to stitch up the wound, but that’s him done for this year.

The second is about a rider who went out by himself on his Gasser Pro on a long trail ride, only to have it break down - he had a very long hike out of the bush in the dark.  - The moral is of course obvious .  ( Although I think a lot of us have done this at some time)


Friday October 27th 2017

Friday, October 27th, 2017

This is our last 2017 TRS 300 in stock - brand new, never been ridden - big savings over new 2018 - call us if you are in the market. ( Ask around they are incredible - there were 9 of the yellow bikes entered at Malakwa)


For many years, Trials riders appear to have  been given  a  low profile in  North America - That was until guys like Sammy Miller and Mick Andrews  came  over and put on schools and demos  to show what a Trials bike could do. - Not that either were just ” slow” riders - Sammy was a World Class Road Racer, and Mick was originally signed by Ossa as a MX rider. - Both rode in ISDE events on the British Team winning Gold Medals, many times. -   In fact back in the day, most English riders, rode Trials in the winter and “Scrambles” in the summer.

Of course these days, Trials riders get a lot more respect, because of the success of guys like Taddy Blazusuak and Graham Jarvis, and a host of others, including Cody Webb, who have all blitzed the Off Road Race scene. - without a doubt, things have changed with regard to the average customer, who calls us looking to buy a Trials bike.

We are starting to see a few more young ladies at Trials events in Western  Canada, with Guy Smeeth’s young daughters competing, in fact Starla just took the junior win in the Outlaw series, and locally, we have Dominique Doyon who took the Ladies award at the WTC National at Malakwa,- and Heather Wall still rides both Trials and some Endurocross events,   which is great, although not anywhere near the numbers they get in Europe,  some of these gals are also very quick in Enduro, with Laia Sanz and Emma Bristow excelling  on the “Big” bikes - in fact World Ladies Trials and Enduro, Champ, Emma had a very good result in last weeks Scott Trial, finishing in 32nd spot. ( Super tough event)

Shane emailed to say that our winter riding area near Bear Creek, has now had the entrance blocked off and sign posted - not really surprising after a transient camper set the area on fire this past summer, and we know that this corner access point, will soon be cut off when they widen the road.

Take a look at this pic of Moto GP star  Dovizioso - the eyes say it all  - completely focused - and he is top of the time sheets in practice at Sepang Malaysia. - The title is still within his grasp, with two races to go.


Snow bikes are making a big impact on snowmobile sales in many areas - this is a neat shot of Alberta rider Cody Matachuck - I think they rent or plan on renting these at CKMP - check with Sammy  if you’re interested.
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Thursday October 26th 2017

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

We will start the blog today, with a link to a neat video on Adam Raga.
TRS Motorcycles Factory


We didn’t have any correct answers to the question we asked a few days ago regarding a Scott Trial photo of a famous section - Well the one being ridden by the Jitsie Gas Gas rider Jan Peterson,  is called “Orgate Falls” a lot of bikes have been drowned here.


Still on the “Scott” theme - here is a pic of Ben Hemmingway on the Beta Factory 300 4T that was printed in TMX. - The caption says - ” A good performance by the Veteran 40 yr old”

And here is a really neat Scott video by Billly Craig, from the 2014 event - he was riding his Dad’s Beta 300 Evo. - You can imagine riding 80 MILES of this stuff  - We had muddy bogs on the moors in Wales when I rode there in the 1950’s - The stuff is like Muskeg in places. - Remember in the Scott Trial, when a rider catches the guys in front of him - he is then ahead of them on time - lots of fun.  It’s all about pacing yourself to finish with a good time, but also keeping your feet up in the sections.


In other news >>

Suzuki Pulls Out Of MXGP Racing – It’s been rumored for quite awhile but it’s officially true now that Suzuki is pulling out of MXGP, as well as any All-Japan Motocross racing. The factory Suzuki team, which is run out of Belgium and has been headed by multi-time world champion Stefan Everts the last two years after taking over the reigns from Silvain Geboers in 2015, will not be supporting a 450 or 250 MX team in MXGP racing in 2018. Suzuki says it made the decision after deciding to “focus on the core business functions and restructuring of our motorcycle business.” The team has been functioning the last few years without a title sponsor.

The factory, however, will continue to support racing in the U.S. and continue to produce the RM-Z motocross line of production motorcycles.


Coltan Haaker  has had surgery on his elbow, and will sit out the last three rounds of the AMA Enduro Cross Series - Cody Webb is currently leading this.   Haaker hopes to be fit to defend his Super Enduro Title which starts in Poland in December.


Came across this old pic from the late 1980’s - likely one of the first Outlaw Trials. A “Blast from the Past”
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In the back row, we have Jim Corkle - can’t remember the next guy’s name , then Aaron, with Bernhard and Kevin Couves  - standing in front - we have Dave Griffin and Barry ( with the beer !) - below, we have Mike Seto, - Outlaw Dave and Graeme Manning, with Blake Manning in the very front.

Update:  I think this was 1991 at Dave Grifin’s place near Fruitvale - It was REALLY hot that day approx +40

Wednesday October 25th 2017

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

We expect to have our first shipment of 2018 Beta Evos by the weekend or early next week - call us if you want to take a look - but be sure to bring your cheque book !!  They look better than ever.
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We now have the total points added up for the 2017  Outlaw Series -a total of 5 events. - and the winners are ( drum roll !!!!!!!!!)

Expert  — Steve Day  - Vertigo  - Vancouver  BC

Advanced  — Chris Tronnes  - Gas Gas - Bentley  AB

Snr Advanced — Guy Smeeth - Gas Gas - Surrey  BC

Intermediate  — Shane Bridden - TRS - Kelowna  BC

Snr Intermediate — Richard Oulette - Scorpa - Calgary AB

Sportsman — Harold Pospisil - Beta - Edmonton  AB

Junior  — Starla Smeeth  - Gas Gas - Surrey  BC.

A total of just over a 100 riders, competed in the series - Congratulations to all who attended, we hope you enjoyed yourself,  - We would like to thank all the clubs in Alberta and BC who participated in 2017.
The #1 Plates will be mailed out to the winners shortly.


The Beta Factory are still celebrating after Steve Holcombe won the Euro Championship - Hope they have him tied into a long contract.  - Remember how good Cody Webb was on a Beta? - then KTM came calling with their cheque book open.


And what ?, you may ask does this pic of a young lady sitting outside an English Pub, on a sunny day, have to do with Trials ? Well, it was posted by Scott Farley, the son of former British Trials Champion Gordon Farley - Back in the old days, most Trials events, started and finished at the local pub as they always had a big car park - and the chance of a nice pint of ale after a hard day was always welcome.

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It’s the Dirt Bike Show in the UK this weekend and Aklams Beta are there in force - they sponsor riders in both Trials and Enduro.

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And finally today, our congratulations go out to buddy Heath Brindley and his long time partner Jo Williams, who got married today in the UK.  - Heath is very involved in the Trials scene, both as a rider and Photo Journalist, working closely with Steve Saunders.

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Tuesday October 24th 2017

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

The Victoria Club’s Lohrmann/Outlaw Trial on Sunday, was won by Ryon Bell ( Vertigo)  - not surprising maybe, as Ryon was competing on the World stage a few years ago. - Interestingly enough I recall him riding in a CMA National we hosted at Postill Lake near Kelowna, when both he and Will Duggan were just little lads riding 250 bikes that were too big for them - lots of tears that day, as our old friend Barry ( and Mother hen for the day) will attest to.

Results  first 3 in each class

Beginner   1st  Raquel Cottier  24  2nd  John Faa   27  3rd  Aton Hall  51

Junior  1st  Jayden Kurers  7  2nd David Carlson  20   3rd Rick Whiting    32
Sportsman    1st  Riley Ferguson   48   2nd Jordan McFarlane   48   3rd Melissa Andrist    97  ( Well done Melissa)

Intermediate - no riders entered.

Snr Intermediate  1st Don Venn  10    2nd Kevin Couves  25   3rd Dave Fair  29
Expert  1st Ryon Bell   32   2nd Thomas Cordner   52  3rd Brandon Wince  63

They had a pretty good turn-out for the trial,  ( 33)  - although understandably - no Interior or Alberta riders made the Trip, due to a late change in date ( Due to internal issues at the VMC)  and the stormy driving conditions.

We will post the final positions for the 2017 Outlaw Series asap - We had a ton of riders sign up , but not that many traveled this year, likely due to the Wild Fire situation. Congrats to all that did ride, we hope that you enjoyed it all  - We will have the #1 plates out shortly.


Make a note that the first 2018 WTC National will be at the end of June in Revelstoke starting at the beautiful Glacier House Resort - the 2nd at Malakwa ( near Sicamous)  at the end of September -

Please be aware that we have been told that a very big well known international sponsor is very interested in supporting the Malakwa Event , as the owner has very good relations in the Industry. ( Watch this blog for super neat stuff coming up in 2018)

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This is Ryon Bell on his Dave Fair sponsored Vertigo  - pic by Roger Boothroyd.


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Anybody recognize the bald guy?  I wonder if the other spectators knew who they were standing next to? ( Pic by Dale Coull)

This young Scottish lad Duncan McCall - had a massive crash in the Scott Trial, but after a ten minute rest carried on.

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Anybody know the name of this famous Scott section AND the rider ??

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It wasn’t too long ago that Island Trials were dominated by Gas Gas machines, but with changing times, this was the bike count at the event last Sunday - GG = 11/ TRS=6/ Vertigo = 5/ Scorpa = 3/ Beta = 3 /Mont =2 /Sherco = 1


Monday October 23rd 2017

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

What a fantastic day we had at Summerland on Sunday - the weather turned out sunny and warm, perfect for our return to one of our favorite riding areas, after a summer of fire and smoke in the Valley.

It was just Josef, Shane and myself, and we had the time of our life -  them riding various sections that I picked out  along the way, while I  took video and still shots with my trusty Canon G12.  - This was really a  big test for me to see how my bad knees, particularly the right one, would hold up, both starting the TRS and doing a bit of hiking around the rocks. - Glad to report that everything turned out way better than expected.  Although we were all a bit tired at the end.  - We thought we might see some snow, but there was only a couple of skiffs on the bottom trail below the mountain.  -The rocks and logs were slick after the rain, but surprisingly we were able to kick up a bit of dust in some spots.
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I can count myself lucky to be able to enjoy days out like this on the bike, with younger riders - they even allow me to lead most of the time !! - even though I’m pretty slow these days. - Last time we were on this trail in the late spring it was full of water & we had to make some detours,  but nature has a way of healing itself, and apart from a few downed trees, it was really good - I’m sitting at the base of the section we named “Grouse Hill” - As I found a nest with about a dozen eggs in it near the top of the section, many years ago, while plotting the Expert line - the hen burst out of the bush almost under my feet, scaring the hell out of me.
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We were not the only TRS riders out enjoying the break in the weather, as Chris Hrabb sent us this neat pic of his new bike out on the trails near Revelstoke - What a great shot.

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We have heard that there were 31 riders at the VMC Trial yesterday - the last round of the Outlaw series - Roger will have the results for me later today, and I will work out the standings for 2017.


Looking back at the 2017 Scott Trial results and photographs and comments of the riders, all very special stuff that can be seen by clicking onto Trial Mag: UK - here is a link to the results - I see Beta won the award for best manufacturer Team



Lots of albums being posted from the Scot - Here is a nice shot of Ben Hemmingway on the Beta UK Evo 300 4T - taken by joats photography.

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Sunday October 22nd 2017

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Dougie Lampkin has won the 2017 Scott Trial for Vertigo - making it a double by also winning the Scottish in the same year, the two Trials events considered to be the toughest in the World. - Congrats Dougie - Your Dad would be proud.

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Dougie with Big John Moffat.

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Here are the top finishers.

1st  Dougie Lampkin  (Vertigo)  Best Overall Performance
2 Ian Austermuhle  (Beta)        2nd Best Overall
3 James Stones  (Beta)    Best on Observation
4 James Dabill  (GG)         Best on Time.
5th Richard Sadler  (Sherco)

6 Iwan Roberts  (Beta)

7 Tom Minta  (Beta)

For complete results check out Trial Mag : UK plus take a look at this video > video


Good luck to all the competitors at the last Outlaw Series Trial of 2017, today in Victoria - not sure if anybody ventured out from the Interior, as a big storm was forecast, with heavy rain, winds and snow on the passes.  We will have the final results in the next few days. Thanks to Dave Fair and the Victoria Club for hosting the event.

I see that there is a post on the social media, saying that the 2018 Beta Evo Trials bikes, will come with Dunlop Tires - not sure if that includes the ones we will get in Canada. I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks. - Our customers will have the option of picking up their bike with Michelin X lites - if this proves to be the case. -

While some people are lobbying Michelin to bring the older style Michelin X11 into Canada, we have had virtually no problem with the X lite over the past few years. - Note:  The TRS bikes come stock with the X11.

It was another amazing race in the Moto GP Championship “Down Under” in Phillip Island Australia, with Marc Marquez coming out on top, followed by Valentino Rossi - and Maverick Vinales on the other Factory Yamaha. - But not a good day for Dovisioso who finished back in 13th.  ( Look at the crowd !!)
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Take a look at the pic below - It shows enthusiasts from the Vernon Club, plus Chris Hrabb from Revy, out in the pouring rain & sleet learning from the BCORMA crew, how to sustain trails for Off Road Bike use. - They will be out again at Noble Canyon near Vernon, so if you want to help, get out there. - Check with the VOR club for further details. - Well done lads.
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