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Wednesday February 28th 2018

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018
We begin this last day of February on a very sad note - we will all miss Gloria, but I see her every morning when I turn on my CP as I have the pic of her with her first new Beta Evo 200 as my Screen saver - it starts off my day with a smile.

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Birthday Greetings go out today to my brother Don, who turns 86 today - this photo was taken on his 75th birthday after a Super-Sonic trip in a RAF Tornado, organized by his former Cadets. ( One of whom Piloted the aircraft)

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The Motorcycle World has lost another great rider >> This tribute by Sammy Miller

Sammy Miller

Luigi Taveri
The Museum Trust is very sad to hear that Luigi passed away at the weekend after a stroke.

Born 19 September 1929 in Horgen) Luigi was a Swiss former motorcycle road racer. He was three times world champion in the 125 cc class of the Grand Prix road racing championship, in 1962, 1964, and 1966. Taveri made his world championship debut in the 1954 season, racing in the 500 cc class on an Norton motorcycle. In 1955, he took his first win in the 125 cc race at the Spanish Grand Prix. He took one more win in 1955, in the 250 cc class at the Dutch TT. He participated in the Isle of Man TT on several occasions from 1955 to 1966 with three victories and several second placing amongst his results. During his career he rode for MV Agusta, and became a works rider for Ducati, MZ, Kreidler and in 1961 for Honda.

Our thoughts go to his family and friends.
Back in 1957 I saw Luigi Taveri racing in the Isle of Man - the small Swiss rider, fitted well on a 125cc MV Augusta, along with Italian ace Ubbiali and Provini ( who I think was on a Mondial)- Sammy competed in the 250 race that same week, around the Clypse course ( The small bikes did not go over the Mountain at that time)
Are you planning ahead ?  This is happening at the end of March.
Click for the Reg Shanks Poster
This is a pic I took at the side of the house this afternoon - before it started snowing -”Again”
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Here is a bit of Motorcycle History for you to browse with interesting info: regarding the Flat Twin design
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Tuesday February 27th 2018

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

I came across this badge while looking for something else ( Isn’t that always the way?)   Jim Kelly (rip) had them made up after the event in Wales, where Team Canada won the Watling Trophy for the most improved Nation, and finished 2nd in the Silver Vase ( Now called World Junior Trophy)

Of course being a Welshman, I was able to pull a few strings during our stay in the “Land of Song”  and ran into quite a few old friends, plus made a lot more.
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Here are a couple of lucky young lads from Norway ( You know that Country that won the most medals at the Winter Olympics) They just received their new 125cc TRS bikes.
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Here is  our new Outlaw Team TRS member Gord Rinke picking up his new 300.

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The British Trials  Championship gets going this weekend, then later in the month, the 89th running of the Bemrose takes place. - It’s one loop of 40 sections, and covers a lot of different terrain, and a gas stop on route. - Mick Andrews won it three times, back in the day, but it was Dan Thorpe taking the win last year.

Bemrose still going strong


I saw this old poster from the DOT Factory - their slogan was meant to sell the customer on the reliability of their models, but it never really panned out. - They later became very popular in both Trials and Scrambles.
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While we have been moaning about the winter weather, they have also been suffering a bit in the UK - take a look at this pic outside Sammy Miller’s Museum !!

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Monday February 26th 2018

Monday, February 26th, 2018

Breaking News :

Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada applies for FIM membership

The MCC (Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada) has announced that it is now in the process of applying to the FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) for the right to represent Canada in the world of international motorcycling. The MCC is the body to which WTC (world Trials Canada) is associated, along with the WEC (World Enduro Canada), Flat Track Canada and CSBK (Canadian Superbike Championship). In the meantime, the CMA continues to represent Canada at the FIM. We’ll keep you posted regarding the latest news about all of this.


Here’s a nice pic to start the week - Mick and Jill Andrews showing off an Ossa twin shock - Mick of course rode for the Spanish Factory back in the early 70’s - in fact we were at the Scottish Six Days Trial in 1972, when he won, but did not get to know him until 1974 when he rode for Yamaha. - Mick still rides and promotes the Vintage Trials models.
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Big news this morning is about the latest big accident on the Cochuihalla, injuring 29 people - no wonder this was featured in the TV series Hiway from Hell.

Twenty-nine people were taken to hospital after a crash involving two buses, two transport trucks and two passenger vehicles on B.C.'s Coquihalla Highway on Sunday evening.


The name on this old pic, will not mean much to most people, but it was in fact the place where the great Mike Hailwood began his racing career as it was owned by his Dad.  - Although by that time they had moved to a big modern showroom, and became one of the largest motorcycle dealers in the UK.

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Here is a pic of “Mike the bike” chatting to Steve McQueen.

Here is a pic from the filming of “On Any Sunday” which is being shown at the Towne Theatre in Vernon  in two weeks ( scroll down for poster)

What a lot of people don’t know is that in the Beach fun riding sequence - Mert Lawill, is actually riding a Greeves although it says HD on the tank , as he was under contract to Harley Davidson.

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Just a “Dusting” of snow overnight, with things due to warm up as we head into March - Hopefully it won’t turn out like the old saying “In like a Lion - out like a Lamb”


Here is your video for today - The Wallace Cup Trial in the UK - some good lads riding including Ross Danby, and Alexz Wigg - The Trials was won by Jack Sheppard  - his first since switching from Beta to Sherco.


Sunday February 25th 2018

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

Well the Winter Olympics is all over for another 4 years - Team Canada Athletes took their share of medals, including one Gold medal coming back to Kelowna. Unfortunately the actions of three people who overdid their partying is getting Canada some bad press, but people are people and enthusiasm sometimes make them do foolish things.

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There was a link yesterday on FB to the Trials Guru ( John Moffat) web site - which has some excellent reading and history of the sport.  - An article on Malcolm Rathmell is featured, and is really well written by Sean Lawless .

I first met Malc in 1972 in the bar ( where-else?) of the Grand Hotel in Fort William, where I was spectating while also covering the event for Cycle Canada. - Malcolm was sitting with his old mate and adversary Mart Lampkin, and I took a chance by walking over to their table and introducing myself.  - ” Sit thee down lad” said Mart “What you havin’? -  Later I was lucky enough to get to know both these wonderful Yorkshire lads better. - Please take time to read the link - it really does tell the story.


With most folk in our area suffering with a severe case of Cabin Fever, here is a chance to get out and relive the excitement of what Motorcycling is all about. - It’s a Sunday afternoon, and the first day of daylight saving time, and we plan on attending. - I’m sure we will run into a lot of old friends.

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As expected, the Trial at Ioco scheduled for today has been cancelled.

And if you thought it was only crazy Cannucks who ride in the snow - think again as this shot shows from Italy with the Beta Trueba Team out having fun

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more news as it happens >>>

Saturday February 24th 2018

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

This kind of sums up my week >>>>

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Check out this old “Kick start” video, showing Graeme Jarvis as a young guy ->



Here is a shot of two of the most Famous Trials bikes from the 60’s - In the foreground is the 350cc AJS on which Gordon Jackson,  won the 1961 Scottish Six Days, with the loss of just one point, an achievement that was only recently equaled by Dougie Lampkin on the Vertigo. - In the background is Sammy Miller’s  500cc Ariel - (GOV 132) the very special bike that Sammy won literally dozens of events.  Both bikes kept in immaculate condition and were on display at the Telford Motorcycle Show last weekend.
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This pic just popped up on FB that I took of Matt Reading, trying out the Outlaw Evo 200 demo in 2015 -  ( I later sold this to a customer in Winnipeg)  Matt was so impressed that he decided to sell his Evo 300 and bought a new 2016 Evo 200. - Although we were riding in snow that day - this year it’s unlikely that we could even get to this spot, as there has been so much snow.

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And here is another Kickstart video >>>


Nice to see that some folk still use low cost transportation !!

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Looking at all the snow they have had in the Vancouver area, I think it’s unlikely that the Expert/Advanced Classes of the Beta Canada Trial will go at Ioco tomorrow.

More News as it happens >

Friday February 23rd 2018

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Well, we had a lovely evening out last night at a local restaurant in Vernon, to celebrate  our Granddaughter’s 20th birthday, Hannah has grown to be a beautiful young lady and works at the Sparkling Hills Resort & Spa in Vernon. - The weather even cooperated with no fresh snow, however it seems we will get more this weekend - even the West Coast will be affected. ( We just wonder where the last 20 years went??)

So the next Xtrial is cancelled !! - the recent injuries suffered by a number of riders, obviously caused this - but as somebody pointed out - Would this have happened if it was not Toni Bou ? - Just what control does Honda have over  Motorcycle Sport ?


The above topic, reminds me of other events that have been cancelled or altered in Status, because of the danger aspect, most notable, the TT Races in the Isle of Man - this event used to be part of the World Championship, until Barry Sheene became very vocal on how insane the races are. - ( Not that things have changed much and the races still go on, but without World Championship Status)

That old cliche - “Motor Racing is Dangerous” has been around for decades - with notices  posted at all race meetings for the spectators to see, but we have never seen this sort of thing at a Trials event, after all, it’s low speed so what could possibly go wrong?

The point being that while I agree totally, that the modern day indoor Trials series, is nothing more than a Circus, and that accidents like the recent ones to Bou and other riders are not surprising, it’s time these riders banded together to make things safer,with one common voice to lobby both the FIM and Promoters. ( including  the highly paid Honda Team)

It is my view, that accidents like this will become more common, even at regular club trials, if common sense does not prevail.    While we admire, and understand the young riders ability to jump like a cat from a failed attempt at a rock wall, it only takes one small mistake to end up in hospital. - Time and again, we have mentioned the need for at least two “Spotters” at these Expert sections, one up top and one at the bottom.

Safety standards have been sadly lacking in the sport of Trials for many years ( Hell we used to just wear a flat cap for head gear)
Here’s a golden oldie from Australia >

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It  reminds me of the early 50’s, when my buddy and myself would walk past our local Motorcycle Store  and drool over the 197cc James in the window.  -


Thursday February 22nd 2018

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Today is the 20th birthday of our eldest Granddaughter Hannah - It really is hard to believe that she is now this age -We wish her a very Happy Birthday.  - ( I love this pic taken when she was a little girl)
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The Olympics are starting to wind down - but still the men’s Hockey to go.  - The Women’s final went last night, and I thought the game was very close, with the players all exhausted at the end, which the American Team won in the Shoot out. - One rather unsporting gesture was made at the medal presentation, by a Canadian player, who immediately took off her Silver Medal.  - Although actions like this are perhaps understandable, at this level, it simply shows a lack of class. - Anybody who plays a sport, has to be able to be a good loser. - I recall back in the early 70’s - there was a TV Program called “Wide World of Sports” - hosted by Johny Esaw. - The intro: showed various clips, with the commentary “The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat”


I saw this pic today - not sure where it was taken or by whom - but it shows a couple of riders out having fun on their Trials bikes - The question is, “Does anybody know what they are?”

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There have been a lot of comments lately regarding the Sport of Trials - the old guys wanting things to stay the same, while the young ones wanting to hop about in the parking lot.

As far as we are concerned, we would like to continue to cater to ALL types and abilities when possible -


If you own a new TRS, please be aware that the US Importer - Jim Snell of Rising Sun Imports, has put together some very good videos to show various features. We suggest you check them out. - This one shows the correct fitting of the airfilter. ( Very Important)×3kGBvNWQn3jb-Tu4idAtW3D8BftQxvg


Roger just sent us this pic from his home in Victoria - Yes that’s snow and the bird in the tree is a Snowy Owl, not seen in this area for 35 years.

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Wednesday February 21st 2018

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Another very cold day in the OK Valley, -18  Brrrrrr !  - What a pain this winter has been and it’s dragging on.

At least the Island boys are able to ride - but not all of them, as some from the Nanaimo area had to miss the Victoria Trial last Sunday because of snow - Roger reported that in spite of the conditions, 29 hardy souls attended and the results can be seen later either on the VMC website or the Trials Canada Web page. ( Looks like it was a bit of a Vertigo “Sweep”)
The same thing applies regarding results of the Ioco Trial, where the snow was more of a factor.  - Not that riding in the snow is bad - in fact it’s great for throttle control, and 3rd gear leaps from one patch of brown dirt to another can be fun.

Of course the weather is a pain for people wanting to pick up new bikes - nothing worse than having a nice new shiny bike in the garage, but nowhere to test ride - At least with a Trials bike, you can always practice your balancing tricks.


This is the rig to be on if you want to have fun in the snow - this is a pic of World Enduro Champ Steve Holcombe trying out a Beta Snow-bike in Finland.

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And just a shot of what young Sam and Danielle have been up to “Down Under” - checking out Beaches like this.

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Tuesday February 20th 2018

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

The search for Gloria Miller has ended in Mexico - and the World has lost a wonderful lady, we will always remember “G” for her sparkling personality and big smile, I will cherish the memories the short time that I spent teaching her the basics of riding Trials.

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( There will be no further blog today)

Monday February 19th 2018

Monday, February 19th, 2018

In spite of the heavy snow in the area, the CPTA Trial at Ioco, sponsored by Beta Canada, brought out a bunch of hardy enthusiasts, on what turned out to be a sunny day. - Here is a great shot of Bob Clark on the TRS.           ( Courtesy Shawn Watson)
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Here is another snow pic - one I took of Shane on this date one year ago, when we got up into the white stuff on Bear Ridge - this year conditions are I’m sure much different with the heavy snow we have had, and nobody has had a chance to venture out, in this area.

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Although I’m smiling in this shot, riding in these conditions is really hard for me now I’m in the geriatric class, and had to take lots of “Breather breaks”

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Like most people, we are fed up of this long winter, which confines us to the house, fortunately, watching the Olympics has relieved some of the boredom, and while we have never participated in any of these sports, the skill level and dedication shown by the athletes is truly amazing.


The only comments I would make on this post is #1 Speedy recovery to both Bou and Raga

#2 Is anybody REALLY surprised that this has happened?

Toni Bou injured in France

This report is in the following languages:    

The Repsol Honda Team rider will be out of the competition for at least three weeks following a fall yesterday in Le Mans which resulted in three fractured vertebrae.

Toni Bou suffered a major fall on Sunday night while disputing an X-Trial event in Le Mans, France. The Repsol Honda Team rider took a heavy blow against a concrete element, which saw him forced to abandon the event before being taken away for an examination at the Le Mans hospital.

Today, Monday, after medical tests performed by team doctor Joaquim Terricabras at the Consell Català de L’Esport and the Creu Blanca Clinic of Barcelona, it has been confirmed that Toni Bou has suffered a fracture of the right apophysis transverse of the lumbar vertebrae L2-L3-L4.

Dr. Terricabras has recommended rest from all sporting activity for the rider, stating that the evolution of the injury will dictate when Bou is able to return to action, although it is unlikely to be any time in the next three weeksMore news as it happens >>