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Tuesday February 20th 2018

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

The search for Gloria Miller has ended in Mexico - and the World has lost a wonderful lady, we will always remember “G” for her sparkling personality and big smile, I will cherish the memories the short time that I spent teaching her the basics of riding Trials.

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( There will be no further blog today)

Monday February 19th 2018

Monday, February 19th, 2018

In spite of the heavy snow in the area, the CPTA Trial at Ioco, sponsored by Beta Canada, brought out a bunch of hardy enthusiasts, on what turned out to be a sunny day. - Here is a great shot of Bob Clark on the TRS.           ( Courtesy Shawn Watson)
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Here is another snow pic - one I took of Shane on this date one year ago, when we got up into the white stuff on Bear Ridge - this year conditions are I’m sure much different with the heavy snow we have had, and nobody has had a chance to venture out, in this area.

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Although I’m smiling in this shot, riding in these conditions is really hard for me now I’m in the geriatric class, and had to take lots of “Breather breaks”

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Like most people, we are fed up of this long winter, which confines us to the house, fortunately, watching the Olympics has relieved some of the boredom, and while we have never participated in any of these sports, the skill level and dedication shown by the athletes is truly amazing.


The only comments I would make on this post is #1 Speedy recovery to both Bou and Raga

#2 Is anybody REALLY surprised that this has happened?

Toni Bou injured in France

This report is in the following languages:    

The Repsol Honda Team rider will be out of the competition for at least three weeks following a fall yesterday in Le Mans which resulted in three fractured vertebrae.

Toni Bou suffered a major fall on Sunday night while disputing an X-Trial event in Le Mans, France. The Repsol Honda Team rider took a heavy blow against a concrete element, which saw him forced to abandon the event before being taken away for an examination at the Le Mans hospital.

Today, Monday, after medical tests performed by team doctor Joaquim Terricabras at the Consell Català de L’Esport and the Creu Blanca Clinic of Barcelona, it has been confirmed that Toni Bou has suffered a fracture of the right apophysis transverse of the lumbar vertebrae L2-L3-L4.

Dr. Terricabras has recommended rest from all sporting activity for the rider, stating that the evolution of the injury will dictate when Bou is able to return to action, although it is unlikely to be any time in the next three weeksMore news as it happens >>

Sunday February 18th 2018

Sunday, February 18th, 2018

This is a UK pic showing a Dad coaching his  lad - We love to see the family aspect. but having seen a lot of “Hockey Dad’s”  out there over the years, I was thinking that there should be a video made of “The correct way to coach your kid”  - All too often the youngsters end up in tears because they are being yelled at, and give up on the sport.

The Telford Motorcycle Show was on this weekend in the UK, hosted by former well known Trials rider Alan Wright - Although it started out mainly for the Classic bikes, it now attracts Importers showing off the new models both Trials and Enduro, it is a low cost friendly atmosphere with also a used parts section where dealers can help people find some of those hard to get things for the older bikes.  Sounds like a great idea to me, no wonder it is now likely the most popular show in England.

Trial Magazine UK, is always at this show with lots of back issues available - Editor John Hulme used to ride Trials (Very good) and does an excellent job keeping riders up to date with his Mag:
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Here is a beautifully restored TY Mono. - must have spent a pile of money on that.

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So yesterday was, as forecast - “A snow day” - it really dumped in the OK Valley, and not a good day to be out on the roads - I think they also had quite a bit at the coast, so not sure how this will effect the Trial today at Ioco or even the one in Victoria.


This pld pic just popped up on FB - it shows myself on the right and buddy Terry Porter on the left - This would have been around 1971 when I was about 33 -Terry went to live down East in Toronto and I lost track of him, so if anybody knows his phone or email address, I would certainly like to hook up with him. - Together, we started putting on what we called “Long Distance” trials in Alberta. promoting these in the Forestry West of Calgary, which led to Hosting the first ever Canadian World Round near Bragg Creek.

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I saw a post by a guy from Alberta, who just bought a used Sherco, and was asking for info on changing the Tranny oil - I had a laugh at this, because when we got the very first one of these back in 1999 ( Called a Bultaco that first year)  - We had the same problem - a long story so we will suffice to say that the Spanish tend to do things a bit different with motorcycle design. Also a reminder that we still supply parts & accessories for all Trials bikes - if we don’t have what you are looking for, we can certainly point you in the right direction.


Results from the Super Enduro in Malaga

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Jonny Walker has finished a close second overall at the third round of the 2018 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship in Malaga, Spain. Earning his best result of the series to date, Walker battled his way to an impressive first race win before placing fourth in the reversed start order second heat. Involved in a nasty start straight crash in the third and closing final, he finished sixth to end the night on the podium in the runner-up position.

With close, incident filled racing throughout the third round of the SuperEnduro World Championship, Walker set a strong pace from the start of the night. Second in the SuperPole, he emerged as a worthy winner of the opening final. Fourth at the end of the second final saw Jonny head into the night’s last race in contention for the overall win. Taken out as he approached the first turn in the deciding final, Jonny picked himself up off the ground to work his way to a sixth-place result, earning a hard-fought overall runner-up result.

Jonny Walker: “It’s been a great night. A crazy night, but a great night. Second overall and just two points from the win is really positive. It was such an unpredictable night’s racing. Winning the first final was great – battling with Taddy and Cody was awesome. We were all fresh and pushing hard and I managed to run a good pace and make fewer mistakes. I really enjoyed the track, we were all able to go fast and that made for some great racing. The second final was a little frustrating because I felt like I could have won it or finished second, not fourth. But the crash at the start of the third final was pretty nasty. I got taken out from behind and set off almost last. I knew it was close for the overall win so I just pushed as hard as I could. I was a few points short at the end of the night but in general it’s been a great event and I’m more than happy with the way most of it’s gone.”

Results – 2018 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship, Round 3

1. Cody Webb (USA), KTM, 46points (2-1-9)
2. Jonny Walker (GBR), KTM, 44pts (1-4-6)
3. Billy Bolt (GBR), Husqvarna, 41pts (5-3-3)
4. Alfredo Gomez (ESP), Husqvarna, 37pts (6-5-2)
5. Colton Haaker (USA), Husqvarna, 37pts (7-2-5)

Saturday February 17th 2018

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Like most people, we heard the devastating news about Dave Chamber’s wife Gloria going missing in Mexico , with disbelief.  How could this happen?  Naturally our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.

Her is a photo that Dave took of myself and Gloria in 2016, when I visited their Mountain top home to give Gloria some hints on riding her new Beta Evo 200.

Gloria has been part and parcel of the Vernon Off Road Club activities for many years, and is loved by everyone.

We can only hope for a miracle.

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In other news, I am starting to recover from my trip to the dentist yesterday - Having broken my jaw back in 1962 - any work on my teeth really hits me for six. - ( My wallet is now $420 lighter - wish we made this kind of money in the motorcycle business)

And on the weather front - snowing like a bugger again & looks to be set in for the weekend.

More news as it happens. >>

Friday February 16th 2018

Friday, February 16th, 2018

After commenting on the lack of publicity on Albert Cabestany since he rejoined the Beta Factory - I saw this pic posted of a Trials school that he was teaching.

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A familiar sight at World Trials these days - is this really what the sport is all about?
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Like a lot of folk, my week has been spent watching the Olympics on the box - some amazing competitions, with of course the Hockey now being the most interesting, with some good games already played.

The Snowboarding half pipe has to be the most radical and why anybody would want to slide down an icy course on a tea-tray is beyond me, but then again - I’ve never had much interest in anything going on in the winter.


Today I need to visit the dentist, as I’ve been in a lot of pain for the past few hours -  that’s the reason I’m posting this at 4 am - more news later >>>>>  Oh! yeah ! more snow in the forecast !!!!

Thursday February 15th 2018

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Yesterday was Sam King’s birthday & it would appear he had a great party back home in Australia - This is a pic I took of Sam the first year he came to Canada for a holiday - We did the Outlaw loop at Summerland, and young Sammy couldn’t resist having a go at this tree. - The Beta was brand new but you will see that he has already modified the rear fender on an earlier section that only Brandon Wince and Sam have ever attempted.
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Here is another nice shot of Jordi with one of the young riders he is supporting in the 125 class this year - You have to admit that the enthusiasm shown by the former multi time World Trials Champion, and his love for the sport, has to be unique in the business, as he has surrounded himself with employees that are died in the wool enthusiasts.
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In the weather forecast, there is more snow predicted, so another weekend watching TV - It remains cold as well - Josef stopped by yesterday, dressed only in a thin shirt & business suit  ( just back from Hawaai) - he didn’t stay long as it’s still too cold to spend much time in the shop - He is looking forward to getting his new Factory TRS in a couple of weeks. ( That will be three in his stable !)


Not sure what the weather picture looks like for the Coast at the weekend - maybe some Interior riders may take a trip to the Trial at Ioco to relieve the boredom.


Check out this latest video clip of Albert Cabestany practicing on the Factory Beta Evo - We haven’t seen much news on him lately, which is surprising, considering he placed 3rd at the recent Spanish Championship Trial.



Wednesday February 14th 2018

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

Happy Valentines Day to all the lovers out there - We hope that everybody has a great day. - The pic shows Sean Bird down on one knee placing a ring on the finger of his new wife, in China a couple of years ago. - Tanner Nordin is on the left.
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Not motorcycles, but I love this pic of the Spitfire, the aircraft that inspired so many people.
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Here’s a pic of Sam and his buddy Tim Coleman “Down Under” in Australia, where they are putting on Trials and Enduro riding schools. Tim is sponsored by Beta, as was Sam when he lived there. We had Sam on Beta Trials bikes in Canada  for three years. - He is now on one of our TRS models.
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We had an email from Florian, with an update on the Revy Riders Annual meeting, and he mentioned that he has about 6 feet of snow in his yard & has not seen a winter like this for years. - Here is a shot of the Rogers Pass last week, and the reason the Hiway was closed !! Both ends of this snow shed were plugged.. - I recall going to a snowmobile race in Revelstoke back in the 70’s - there was so much snow in town all the buildings had tunnels dug to the front doors.
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Six years ago on this day, we lost Diego Bosis at the young age of 44 years old. - He was one of the very best Trials riders on the World scene, and his sudden death was felt around the globe. - Check out this video shot by Jim Snell, who is now the US TRS Importer. and the still shots from another link.×97obGq1NsP4S5ffvgcGsndSDl_Z7OU27Ln_0tH02fJHNdT-AN9cZuwRTjBd6YAqPv2tU_Wx9bfeWiFFLBcC9isJZ8aoVZVuV520IcdRsfGy_JBCnoR4PZw8fK1xI7kjwOLqVOivY6IiTKIdr_a4fZfNkzf_1stx6luYghPUj8sP2MdoxKk3pXqsjW3h4gvdB308

Tuesday February 13th 2018

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

First Victory for the new TRRS 125 cc and 7 Podiums on the first race of the Spanish Trial Championship !!

The absence of Adam Raga in the top category due to a recent operation on his elbow, has not tarnished the brilliant performance of the rest of the TRRS pilots in the rest of the Spanish Trial Championship categories.

The first appointment took place in the town of La Nucía in Alicante, including high level sections for all categories. In TR2, Sondre Haga reached 2nd position and Eric Miquel finished 3rd, while in the top category, TR1, Marc Riba was ninth.

New recital of David Millán in TR3, which maintains its broad domain in this category. We also highlight the podiums of Javier Palau and Jesús Martín in Veterans, in addition to the very celebrated victory of Nil Riera with the revolutionary TRRS One 125 in Juvenil B.

The next appointment of this Championship of Spain will be on April 15 th in the town of Sigüenza !!!

Jordi Tarrés
Team Manager
“The weekend has been very positive, although without Raga it is obviously not the same. In the other categories we have had a wide presence, with new pilots who trust in TRRS. Very satisfied therefore that in this third season we are so active and with good results in all categories. “

Results of main class.

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Too cold for the old guy to go out Monday ( Family day) but Shane braved the -6-10 temperatures and looks like this area has some clear  spots - ( maybe next weekend) He emailed to say it was very icy.
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In the weather  - the forecast is for more snow this week ( Humbug) and temperature at -5 this morning. - Looks like more TV time coming up.


Monday February 12th 2018

Monday, February 12th, 2018

Here is another “Blast from the Past” - it is a shot from around 1955, taken at The Oswestry Scramble at a venue called “The Sandpit”  - I raced there one year, and remember it quite well. ( Way more difficult that what it appears in the photo - and of course the bikes had very limited suspension)

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And how about this one, another from the Oswestry Club archives - check out the guy leading in the collar & tie !! - I think my brother in law Bernie Blomer might be back there# 158.

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Sunday was a quiet day - watching some of the Olympics and then the Golf - this was won by a guy who neither myself or likely a lot of other people have ever heard of, but he socked it to all the established stars.


With nothing but snow pictures these days - nice to see this one of buddy Heath Brindley out practicing in the UK on his TRS - looks like a great natural section.

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It should be said that Heath lives in the South of England - the weather in Scotland was a bit more like Canada today, but fortunately the snow only began after the Trial had finished.

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Meanwhile down under in Australia - Sam King is helping put on Trials and Enduro Schools with his buddy Tim Coleman - In this pic it would appear he is teaching the basics.
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Sunday February 11th 2018

Sunday, February 11th, 2018

Well we didn’t leave the house yesterday, even though it looked to be a nice sunny day out side - with a temperature of -15 in the morning, and not warming up a lot - it seemed to be a good idea to kick back & watch the box - most of the day was on the Olympics - but I did click onto the golf for a while  from Pebble Beach.

The Snowboard finals were pretty interesting - very entertaining what these young guys can do, and even more so listening to the announcer - who was obviously from the sport himself, or a different planet, because we didn’t understand most of the stuff he was saying !!!   Nice to see Canada get the Silver & Bronze, with a young 17 year old from the USA grabbing the Gold in this his first Olympics.

This is what your carburetor will look like if you use poor quality gas and oil !! - NOT if you use Opti 2 with built in fuel stabilizer and mixed with #1 grade gas ( Chevron if you can get it)
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Mario Roman ( Sherco)  has won the 2018 Hell’s Gate Hard Enduro with Graham Jarvis (Husky) second and Travis Teasdale (Beta) third.Roman took his maiden Hell’s Gate victory setting a strong pace and taking the lead in the final lap of the main afternoon race. The Sherco rider was fast out the blocks in the evening SuperEnduro to seal the victory.


Sammy (King) has posted a couple of videos from Australia, of him having fun riding the Beta Enduro bike of his buddy Tim Coleman - looks like his is having fun. - He is due back March 1st.


Saw this neat pic posted by Stephen Oliver from New Zealand - looks like a neat rig, but also a bit of a difficult road into the event !!

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So checking the weather this morning at 6 am - I see it’s warmed up one degree and is only -14 !!  - Shane emailed to say he was out yesterday & suggesting I join him today ! - but as much as I’m going a bit stir crazy at the moment, this will need some further consideration. ( Not like back in the 1980’s when Barry & myself would go out in -15-20 temperatures.)


Check out this video of Albert Cabestany riding the qualifier section at the Spanish OUTDOOR Championship Trial today. - video  

We know this is brilliant, but it would appear that the Spanish want to turn the Outdoor events into the same kind of circus as the winter Indoor Series.  - No wonder vintage Trials are HUGE in Spain. - ( Note: Adam Raga is not riding due to the surgery he just had on his elbow - also out for approx three months is Vertigo rider Farre).

UPDATE:  Just watched some video of this event, and the sections look very good.
Just watched a video clip of Bou on one section - nice to see the Spanish  allow  backing up, with no penalty, with feet up - the same as we do with WTC rules in Canada.

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Here are the results from Spain.

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