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Thursday March 29th 2018

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Yesterday I had some time on my hands, so I decided to take a drive out to Yankee Flats - it’s only 20mins from my place, & I wanted to see what the snow conditions were like. - Pleased to say that things seem to be melting quite well, and there are some dry spots to practice. - This was where we had our last ride in 2017, before the snow hit. - I took a pic of this notice, because I don’t recall seeing it there before.
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This is a pic of another young Italian hot shot - think he might be a relative of Beta Boss Donato Miglio.
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Yesterday I posted a photo of the old days, when Trials riders all wore cotton waxed Barbour suits - everybody looked the same, until along came  the Red & Yellow outfits worn by Martin Lampkin and others - I decided to get in on this and Imported some in the 70’s and they worked very well. - Later of course the top Pro riders starting wearing the tight fitting “Spandex” type one piece outfits, that caused more than a smile from the ladies when they saw the lads strutting their stuff  - While some prefer the baggy style MX gear, for Trials riding, the slimmer fitting designs are both cooler and less restrictive.   - We (at Outlaw) have been selling the Wulf clothing since 1955, when the company that were making our own line of Trials gear in the UK, shut down.

Sad really when a small but very good company has to close, because of lower priced competition. - The fact of the matter is, that there is very little money in high quality gear ( or products) everybody wants the best price.

We just got in an order of TRS windbreakers, made by Hebo - yes they look nice, but they are quite expensive and I doubt they will last the test like my old Anson Trials Jacket ( Still lots of them around)

As we head into the Easter long weekend,  everybody will be excited and planning their time off, either on or off the snow. - The Valley forecast looks pretty good, but over in Alberta, the winter is still hanging on.


This is a memory from a few years ago at Scotch Creek, when Taff & Kevin joined the rest of the Shuswap crew working on sections for the Outlaw.
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Today we are supposed to get a shipment of Betas, but not sure if this will happen, because of delays - fingers crossed. - As I feared - Bikes will not arrive until Monday.

This bit of news was just posted on Sammy Miller’s page - Sammy is still going strong and will be 85 this year. - It was at the 1958 Easter Lomax Cup National in North Wales, that I rode in the same Trial as the great man. - The previous year 1957, I saw him racing in the 250 TT in the Isle of Man - the last year he road raced.

Celebrating 40th Anniversary of Mike Hailwood’s 1978 TT win on a Ducati 900F1!

On Saturday 3rd June 1978 Mike made history when he returned to racing on the Isle of Man after an 11 year hiatus!
His win aboard a Ducati 900F1 was the stuff of legend!
Mike actually overtook the bookies favourite Phil Read
on the road!
To celebrate the 40th anniversary the Museum is bringing together some very special motorcycles to join the Museum’s own collection. Especially pleasing to see will be a reimagining of Mike’s TT winning Ducati built by renowned Ducati restorers ‘Back to Classics’.
So join us all here at the Museum from 10.30am to 4pm on Sunday 10th June 2018 to celebrate a piece of motorcycling history and the man many regard as the greatest motorcycle racer of all time!


Wednesday March 28th 2018

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

The following is a Press Release from the Toni Bou camp.

The X-Trial FIM World Champion Toni Bou will miss the forthcoming X-Trial Budapest as a result of a re-occurrence of his back injury

The newly-crowned 2018 X-Trial World Champion Toni Bou (Repsol Montesa Honda) is suffering continued symptoms of his three broken vertebrae and will be unable to participate at X-Trial Budapest on the 29th March.Bou, who put in an incredible effort to participate at X-Trial Paris and receive recognition of his 2018 title win.  But after incredibly winning the opening round of heats, in the second round he exacerbated his physical condition and, along with doctors monitoring his conditions for the last few weeks since the injury, has made the decision to miss the final round of the campaign.

The 12-times World Champion explains: “After taking part in X-Trial Paris, I have seen my condition worsening rather than improving.  Moreover, the doctors have insisted that I must rest rather than stress my spine further, as I attempt to recover fully from this injury.  I am very sorry not to be able to ride in Budapest, but I have been left with no other option.”

Frenchman Alexandre Ferrer (Sherco) will replace Bou at X-Trial Budapest, making his third appearance of the season after lining up in Montpellier and Paris, where he has recorded a total of four points.


Many old timers will remember DOT Motorcycles which were very popular in the 50’s - ( I nearly bought one) - The factory is still standing in the UK, but not sure what it’s used for these  days.

We had a lot of “Factory” riders at our club Scrambles and Trials, names like Eric Adcock, Stuart Bickerton, Alan Clough, and one guy that I can’t recall his name Frank ?  - I do remember that we spent some time bench racing in the bar of the Isle of Man ferry one year, on route to the TT. - The motif on the gas tanks of the bikes, said “Devoid of Trouble” - but it was a lie.
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I saw somewhere, that a snowmobile operator, had been handed a stiff fine, after he fell off the sled and it took off and hit somebody - the judge awarded damages, because the operator had not attached the tether switch cord. - Something to consider for event organizers and riders putting on stunt shows - or even losing control on sections. - ( It does happen)  - We do have the tether cords in stock for anybody wanting them.

We have been checking out suppliers of Spark Arrestors, for the Trials bikes - plus talked to a couple of people who plan on making their own.  - Although this long weekend is unlikely to see any CO’s out checking for these and also registration and Insurance, because of the snow. - They usually like to make a “Purge” on the May long weekend.

This is Caroline Stevenson on her new BMW - Caroline used to live in Kelowna, before moving to Lethbridge, and bought a Beta Evo from us. - she is a very skilled rider and has participated in the “BMW Challenge”
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Here is a photo from the Manchester 17 club’s archives - they are trying to trace an old film from this era, but what I noticed about this pic, was that everybody was wearing the traditional riding gear - Barbour Suit & cap or woolly hat - plus they have their riding number on a card that is looped to the back of their jacket belt - this was the easy method used back in the day for the Observers to score them ( they also had one on the front of the bike)   - We used that same system in Alberta when we began to put on National type Trials, in the 1970’s.


I got an email today from somebody asking about the WTC ( World Trials Canada) Rule book - This along with all the other pertinent information, can be found on the Trials Canada site ( Scroll on the left side bar) - However, here is the link although this does not include the addition of the two additional classes, Pro and Ladies.

Click here for WTC Trials Rule Book (2013 edition)


Tuesday March 27th 2018

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

James Dabill looks pretty happy after the Italian Championship Trial on the weekend - even though he had to settle for second place on the podium.
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Another Beta shot - this one a 4T Factory - not sure who the rider is, but I think this was taken at the Cleveland Trial last weekend - a Superb event that runs a long loop with natural sections. ( Great training for the Scottish)
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As mentioned in the Monday Blog - Shane and myself had a great ride up on Bear Ridge - managing to get to all our favorite sections, but while there was very little snow, we did find a lot of water - more than we have ever seen in this area,  with some neat new gully’s to ride ( bit like the above pic)  -We saw a lot of Deer up on the top. so stopped to take a couple pics,  but after one glance over at us, they went back to munching the long grass.

While I leave the hard stuff to the younger lads these days, I still really enjoy getting out for the fresh air and exercise.  I have been able to help a lot of new riders over the years, teaching everything from correct bike set up, to body positioning , I find that doing “One on One” type sessions works best, as there are then no distractions. - But again the main focus is always on the easy stuff, before graduating to the more difficult techniques.

Back in 1995, I bought a video camera, mainly because we had a trip planned to the UK, and I wanted to take in the World Trial at Hawkstone Park. - I still watch this tape once in a while, especially the first day, when all the riders were practicing. - This old style camera is now hidden away somewhere, along with other 35mm cameras from the past. - Later I used this camera to film events such as the Outlaw Trial, and also in training sessions - my theory back then (and still true) is if a rider can’t see his or her mistakes on the screen, then it becomes more difficult to improve. -  Of course these days, it’s much easier to shoot video, either with a camera or cell phone,

Although I have a very nice Nikon for doing the Pro stuff, most of the time I just take along my small Canon G12, which takes both still and video.
We have supplied training and other Trials tapes to many, many Trials enthusiasts over the years, and still convert some of the older VHS to CD format.

- Shane has improved a lot this past year, and is riding with much more confidence, on the TRS - This was one of the first ones we got in, and has proved to be trouble free, and still looks good and sounds like new -  so the quality is standing up well.

Sunday was the Reg Shanks Trial in Victoria, with a good turn out of 39 riders  - Thomas Cordner (Vertigo) won the Expert Class - with the other class winners as follows.

Snr Sportsman  Ted MeDowell  (TRS)  Sportsman - Aaron Fisher )GG)  - Snr Inter - Mike Hay - Vertigo - Inter - Jayden Kurvers (GG) - Junior - Dave Carlson (Mont) - Novice Axton Hall.

Other results can be seen by clicking on the VMC Website.  -   Bob Johns of Trials Canada went into Hospital yesterday for Heart Surgery, so will be out of action for a while - We all wish him a speedy recovery.


Results of the Fast Eddy - British Enduro last Sunday.

Top ten results:

  1. Billy Bolt 2:31:16
  2. Jonny Walker +8:31
  3. Paul Bolton +12:36
  4. Jonathan Richardson +1 lap
  5. Joe Deakin +1 lap
  6. Jordan Scott +1 lap
  7. Gethin Humphreys +1 lap
  8. Sam Winterburn +1 lap
  9. Nathan Watson +2 laps
  10. Charlie Frost +2 laps


Toni Bou will not compete at the final X Trial this Friday in Budapest - Deciding to heed his Doctors advice.

Toni Bou, mathematically champion of the world, will not be in Budapest: “the hours after the Paris xtrial were not good and I must think of full recovery”


Here’s one for the Vintage crowd >> The Pre 65 Scottish is now only weeks down the road - wonder how much water there will be in the ?Burns” after all the snow this year.

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Monday March 26th 2018

Monday, March 26th, 2018

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It was a fantastic day in the OK Valley on Sunday, and for Shane and myself this was one to remember, as we explored the snow-free area above Bear Ridge.

Unfortunately, on my return home, I received the sad news that we had lost another old friend to Cancer - Dan Chambers, elder brother of Dave died last week, but we only just heard. - Dan and his son Danny JR - stopped by the shop in January and we chatted about Trials - Dan Senior bought a TRS from us about a year ago.

Our condolences go out to the Chambers Family, who have now suffered another tragic loss.

CHAMBERS, Arthur “Dan”

CHAMBERS, Arthur Arthur Daniel Chambers of Vernon, BC passed away peacefully, surrounded by family, in Hospice House on March 18, 2018 after experiencing cancer a second time. Dan was 70 years old.
Dan was born in Vancouver on February 5, 1948, the first child to Art and Mona Chambers. At 6 years old Dan moved with his family to the Vernon area. At an early age Dan learned to drive a variety of trucks and machinery. Dan Chambers Trucking, Anser Industries and Gaby Ventures were three of his primary business ventures. He had a passion for cars, horses, motorbikes, boating, flying and the solitude of driving truck.
Dan is survived by his wife LanLan, his four children Lisa Torrie (David), Michael Chambers (Joanne), Marisa Chambers, and Danny Chambers and two granddaughters, Annika and Sydney Torrie. Dan is also survived by his siblings, Kathy Deane Zimmer, Joanne Stone, David Chambers, and Doris Squair.
The funeral service will be at the Pat Duke Memorial Arena in Lumby, BC on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 1:00 with refreshments to follow at the Whitevalley Community Centre. In lieu of flowers please make a donation to Hospice House in honor of Dan


In sharp contrast to the pic at the top of the page, here is what our riding area at Summerland looks like ( Thanks to Dale for taking these shots yesterday) - Obviously the Fun ride planned for next weekend at this location, is now cancelled.

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This is the “Bird Bath” - but the road into the gravel pit is also plugged with snow.


Sunday March 25th 2018

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

After a very hectic Friday - delivering and shipping Opti - I took things easy on Saturday  - weather continues to be very “Iffy” - showers, sunny breaks, and more snow in some areas. - The forecast looks  about the same for the rest of the week, as we head into the Easter long weekend, although temperatures are supposed to be a lot warmer.  - We will continue to monitor the weather/snow situation for the Valley.

Saturday evening TV for us, is watching the English Shows, first “Heartbeat” followed by “Inspector Morse”  - Last night this was followed by a short view of the Formula One race from Australia, but I was too tired to see the finish - a bit of an upset it seems, as Sebastian Vettel  and the Ferrari Team “Outfoxed” Mercedes to win the season opener.

Results  (Top 5)
1  Sebastian Vettel  - Ferrari

2 Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes

3 Kimi Raikkonen - Ferrari

4 - Danny Ricciardo - Red Bull

5  Alonso - McLaren


Enduro News.
Four-round, 2018 European Championship dates announced with new race classes.

The 2018 European Enduro Championship begins on April 14-15 in Fabriano, Italy. As in previous years the European Championship will consist a total of four rounds across Europe – from Italy to Romania, Sweden and Poland.

New rules

As with other championships across Europe, the series will revert back to older rules with more classes based on displacement, age and gender: Junior U21, Junior E1, Junior E2/3, 250 2T, over 250 2T, 250 4T, over 250 4T, Senior and Women.

In the 125-class for the youngest riders the age has been increased to 21 years. The ‘normal’ Junior class, up to 23 years, runs two engine capacity classes as last year.

Seniors and women classes remain and are joined buy a new electric bike class who don’t (yet) fight for a title in the European Championship, but the FIM Europe would like to keep the door open for upcoming developments.

With 18 registered women, that class looks strong this year.


This is a pic of a couple of older gentlemen, riding at Ioco in the snow,  easy to spot Davy Craig with the Irish Shamrock decals.
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Saving weight has always been the goal in all Motor Cycle Sport - check out this Sherpa T from back in the day.

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And finally - How about this great photo of Burt Monro - who rode “The World’s fastest Indian”
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Saturday March 24th 2018

Saturday, March 24th, 2018

With the release of the Yamaha TY E - our sport could be in for a change,  just as in 1984 when the Japanese Giant shocked the Trials world with the radical TY Mono 250. - It was priced quite high and many thought it wouldn’t sell, but after only a few short months, everybody wanted them. - Why?- because they were the winning machine. The European factories were caught napping and the former Champions like Fantic, fell by the wayside.

I remember very well the first time that Yamaha got into the Trials market - As the “Trials Guy” at Yamaha Motor Canada, I was asked the question “How many can we sell Dave san?) - I could write a book on things that happened during this period. - ( Some of the best conversations that I ever had on this subject, were with Mick Andrews)
So here we are at another defining moment in the sport of Trials, and indeed in all other Motorized sports - Will everything switch over to electric? or will the traditional gas powered machines still carry on, just as the Vintage Trials brigade has done.?  - Only time will tell, however for me, there just isn’t any excitement, in seeing an electric bike zipping up a rock wall, - for the kids ?  Yes I love them,  -  but for the REAL sport out in the woods - there is nothing to compare to the sound of a gas/petrol powered motorcycle .

While land use issues continue to be a problem World Wide, in Scotland, they have got it all worked out - sensible people coming together to ensure that everybody enjoys the beautiful Countryside, and Motorcycle Trials as it should be, - a test of the riders stamina, and the reliability of the machine. ( As it was 100 years ago)
Obviously, everybody has their own opinion on this, just as they do on the Circus like promotion of our sport. - But for me, this new trend, leaves something lacking - maybe it’s the tradition, maybe it’s the sound of the bikes, and maybe, it’s not very exciting, or maybe I’m just getting really old.

This is a photo that I took of a couple of Edmonton lads - they stopped by the Outlaw shop  a few years ago, to pick up some Betas - We had a Super weekend, as I showed them the local Trials spots.

Unfortunately neither of these great riders are now involved with the sport - families and other things appear to have got in the way.

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It’s still pretty winter-like in most parts of the Valley, but at least Ross got out on his new Beta - Marcus  is the other Beta rider at a  location near Scotch Creek.
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VMC Trial tomorrow >>

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Friday March 23rd 2018

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

The Victoria Club recently held their Annual Presentation of Awards night, with most of these Trophies dating back  decades - The VMC is one of two of the original Canadian Clubs still running, ( The other is in Ontario) - and it’s nice to see that they keep the history and Trophies etc.  - Roger Boothroyd was presented with the Matson Award, given to the member who has contributed the most to keeping records and Promoting the Club. Well done Roger.

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Our old friends Mick & Jill Andrews are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary  - Congrats to you both.

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Spark arrestors required for off-road vehicles (ORVs):

  • All off-road vehicles are now required to have a spark arrestor installed to reduce wildfire risks when operating on Crown land. A spark arrestor is a small screen or other device that is installed in an exhaust system to stop sparks or other exhaust residue from exiting the tailpipe.
  • Many new models of ORVs already have a spark arrestor. Owners of older models that do not have spark arrestors will need to get them installed if they wish to operate the ORV on Crown land.
  • A contravention could result in a violation ticket fine of $460 or an administrative monetary penalty of up to $10,000 if an ORV without a spark arrestor is operating at a time or place where there is a risk of a wildfire starting.
  • If a wildfire starts, the operator could receive a violation ticket fine of $575, an administrative monetary penalty of up to $10,000, or a court fine up to $1,000,000 and/or up to three years in jail. The person responsible could also be ordered to pay all firefighting and associated costs.
  • Here is the link to the complete document >

I found this on google - not cheap.
Beta - Spanish Fly Spark Arrestor, Evo

  • =======================================>
  • This is what I call a great section. - In the UK.
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  • ======================================>
  • Looking for a mint Factory Beta at a big saving ? Check out this  2017 300 - only $8500. - call Outlaw Dave for more info:
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  • Here is a video clip of Kenichi Kuroyama testing the new Yamaha TY E
  • video
  • ==========================================>
  • Sad anniversary today - it was 37 years ago that Mike Hailwood and his young daughter were killed by a drunk lorry driver in England.
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Thursday March 22nd 2018

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Another in our “Pack your Parachute” Series of pics from World Rounds.
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The INTA hosted a 2 day Trial at Connel last weekend, and a couple of Alberta riders headed  down for that one - Gord Rinke elected to ride the Expert class for the first time on his new TRS, while Richard Oulette tackled the Inter line - both did well with Gord grabbing a couple of podiums and Richard having a much better day on Sunday finishing 5th - They had a total of 39 riders.


Gorman AMA West Hare Scrambles Results 2018 – The third round of the AMA Western Hare Scrambles Championship visited Quail Canyon MX in Gorman, California, March 17-18, and when all was said and done, Canadian Trystan Hart (SRT Husqvarna) emerged as the winner. The Prospectors M.C. hosted the race.

Gorman AMA West Hare Scrambles Results 2018

Gorman AMA West Hare Scrambles Results 2018     Trystan Hart en route to victory at the Prospectors M.C. WHS in Gorman, California. Photo: Mark Kariya  -When Hart took the checkered flag he was surprised to hear that he had actually won the race, thinking he was in second after chasing defending champ Nick Burson, not realizing Burson had earlier dropped out with a mechanical problem


Nice shot of Marc Riba on the TRS - another of Jordi’s Lads.
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Meanwhile if you are heading to Alberta this weekend !!!


Well! The Beta Evo 300 we listed for sale a couple of days ago didn’t last long, and has been sold to one of the crew who work at the Carl Kuster Mountain Park. - Like we always say, “You snooze you lose”  - we also had calls from other areas, including Ontario.


For a lot of people, Motorcycles are not just a hobby, - they are more a “Way of Life”  - one such gentleman is Malcolm Smith.  - Please take time to click on this link and read his story.


Wednesday March 21st 2018

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

As everybody knows, Toni Bou broke his back at an Indoor World Round one month ago, so the FIM have now brought out a new rule for back protection in 2019.  - ( Jimmy Corkle was way ahead of the game on this one, plus also the tether switches)


Also in World Indoor or XTRIAL news >>>.  ( Courtesy Trial Mag: UK)

X-Trial Budapest will be the scene of a double debut, for Championship newcomers Gabriel Marcelli and Luca Petrella

The FIM X-Trial World Championship continues to open doors to the youth hopefuls in the discipline, to facilitate their growth in the competition.  X-Trial Budapest, which will take place on 29th March in the Hungarian capital, will be the scene of two new young riders: Spaniard Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa) and Italy´s Luca Petrella (TRS).They are joined as ´event riders´ by Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Montesa Honda), who earned a first podium of the season last time out in Paris and with it automatic qualification, and Miquel Gelabert (Sherco), one of the stars of the season who appears once again as a nominated rider.  Throughout the season, the Championship riders are: newly crowned 12-times World Champion Toni Bou (Repsol Montesa Honda), world number two Adam Raga (TRS), and direct rivals for third in the World Championship Benoit Bincaz (Scorpa), Paris winner Jaime Busto (Gas Gas) and Great Britain´s James Dabill (Beta).

Gabriel Marcelli, at just eighteen years of age, comes into the X-Trial season as the reigning Trial2 World Champion, having taken the title last year with six podium finishes including four victories.

Luca Petrella, age nineteen, rode for the Italian team that finished fourth in the 2017 X-Trial of Nations.  The young TRS representative was the 2014 Youth Championship runner-up.

We have often raved about the Trial Mag UK - the glossy magazine that we subscribe to, - we always look forward to getting the latest edition in the mail, but it seems you can now view this on line bt clicking on this link >>>>>>>

Although it’s not the same as having the full color paper copy, it might inspire some readers to place a subscription for the real thing.


Yesterday was the first day of spring, and while we still have piles of snow in our yard, it is melting slowly - we have even seen some Robins scratching around in the bare spots, along with the regular flock of Quail, and morning Doves.  - One sure sign of spring at our place, is the sound of one annoying Flicker ( bit like a wood-pecker)  which sits on top of the metal roof vent, and proceeds to hammer away with it’s beak - not sure why, but it took us quite a while to figure out what the early morning noise was.


Paul Dunstall was a Norton Specialist and was a regular in the winners circle at British Road Races. - Here is an old photo of his shop.

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Tuesday March 20th 2018

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

A couple of days ago, I posted a “Tongue in Cheek” comment about the FIM and Parachutes for World Trials riders, Well! this shot of Bernie Schreiber just popped up, and by the location and the small pouch on his waist - maybe it would have been a good idea back in the old TY Yam days. - Of course it’s all about PR and getting that perfect photo to get some product appeal.

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature


I’m sure most people interested in road racing, will recognize Barry Sheene in this shot, with his arms around a lovely young lady, but not sure if that is his Dad on the back of the Sherpa T - Of course Barry started his road racing career on a Bultaco. ( Yes the Spanish factory made a lot of different models- not just Trials bikes )
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I see that the report on the TRS Trial at Ioco, has now been posted on the Trials Canada front page.  Good job as usual from Don Doerksen. Sounds like it was a great Trial.

Last week I posted a pic of Hugh Simpson with his new Beta 300 - Well !! As it turns out, a brief ride ( under an hour) up on the hill, proved that this was not the bike for him, even though he started it OK in my shop, out in the real World it proved to be a “Handful” - so we decided to take it back and sell it  to somebody maybe a bit younger. - Hugh will now wait for an Evo 200 due in shortly.

If you are interested in this bike - give me a call, because it’s a “First come first served VERY good deal”.


Did anybody take a look at the weather report for the weekend, both here and in the UK ??    Hard to believe that they are calling for snow at Easter in England.


Here is a bit of a different pic for our blog - It’s the Hot Springs at Naskusp BC - Beautiful place that is “Out of the Way” and perfect for the family weekend.  - BUT another reason to visit this area, is that  down the road, is the small town of New Denver, and that is where our old friend Nigel and his buddy Tom live - Nigel is picking up a TRS next month and although he isn’t into the competition thing - both him and Tom are really good riders, excelling in the high alpine stuff. - A few years ago, I was lucky enough to join them on one such trip up to the old mines in the area, it was a spectacular day, and wore me out even back then. A report of this ride appeared in the now defunct “Powersport News”
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Here is your video for today - The Scott Trial from a few years ago.