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Monday April 30th 2018

Monday, April 30th, 2018

Last day of the month, before we roar into May with the Scottish Six Days starting next week, then our famous Outlaw Trial at Scotch Creek on May 19/20th.

Getting early season practice, is always a bonus before the first event, and the West Coast riders tend to have the edge here, but this is a shot of Richard Ouelett (Scorpa) and Gord Rinke (TRS) on some neat looking stuff in Alberta. ( pic by Doug Doel)

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Had to post this pic of Eddie Crooks on his Manx Norton  - These were the bikes to beat, back in the early 1950’s, before the entrance of the four cylinder MV Augusta, and Gilera. - nothing quite like the sound of a Manx making the turn at the Gooseneck in the Isle of Man - the megaphone exhausts were music to the ears. Note the open primary chain.
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I chatted to Jimmy Corkle on the phone yesterday for quite a while, he is back home after his operation and sounds good, although he needs to take things very easy for about a month.


For the second week in a row, Pat Smage ( Sherco)  doubled up to take the Expert win both days, in Colorado

He appears to be the class of the field in the US National Series, and excels on big dry rocks - here is a Shan Moore pic of him at the previous round in New Mexico.

MotoTrials New Mexico Results 2018

And here is a James Dabill (Beta) winning the Ste David’s Trial in South Wales at the weekend - thanks to Heath Brindley for the great pic.


It was a rainy start to the day on Sunday - so I just did some chores, cut up a bunch of bike crates and hauled it all to the dump. - Then just kicked back for the rest of the day. - This week is shaping up to be fairly busy, with more bikes coming in and customers to look after, plus we will be getting a visit from Jamie McGregor who is out from Ontario.

More news as it happens >>>

Sunday April 29th 2018

Sunday, April 29th, 2018

We have rain today, and in spite of the fact that I really wanted to go out for a ride today - it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. - Still tired from the Golden trip and all the other stuff from last week, so it might not be a bad idea to kick back today - Jamie McGregor from Ontario, will be stopping by tomorrow, plus I have more bikes coming so things are certainly hopping around here.

I should really load up all the empty crates & take to the dump as the back yard is getting to look a bit messy.

The St David’s Trial is on in South Wales today - and I will post results a bit later  UPDATE:  - Ross Danby TRS wins. But it only shows 2 loops for Masters?  ( Not sure what happened to James Dabill ?)

OK - Got it sorted - They run a separate Championship class & Dabill won this so that is three wins from three starts

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- and the excitement is building as we approach the running of the 2018 Scottish - No Canadian riders in this year, but a few from the USA, so we will be cheering for Dennis Sweeten & his daughter. ( Dennis has ridden the SSDT quite a few times)

Ben Hemmo: will be back on the Beta 300 4T this year - he really loves these bikes - this shot of him in 2010

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This is a pic from my last visit to Scotland in 1993 - it shows Harry McKay,  Jim Fracy and Walt Healy.

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Ross and his crew will be out again today, working on the Outlaw Trial at Scotch Creek - I can’t thank him and his helpers, enough, for putting in all the work for the past few years, to keep this long standing event going. - Unfortunately I struggle these days with my bad knees making hiking around the sections difficult.


Here is a neat video of MX from back in the day - when Danny “McGoo” Chandler was in his prime - he sadly got paralyzed from a crash, and spent his last years in a wheel chair.

Here is another good video - An advertising clip from Michelin  but it does show how the new tires made a huge difference on Trials bikes. - In the old days, we only had 4 ply Dunlops, which gave very little grip - so rider ability needed to be even better.


And yet another one - this time from the Spanish Enduro Championship - Top gun Steve  Holcombe having a spot of bother with the water in the special test.


He kept it pinned - to win another overall victory on the Factory Beta

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Saturday April 28th 2018

Saturday, April 28th, 2018

Well ! my Friday appeared to be fairly well organized - at least that is what I thought. - I would head out to Golden around 11 am, to allow myself lots of time to meet Brad Cromey, around 5 pm Alberta time., and deliver his new Evo 250- He would be coming from Elkford  - However, before I left the house, I made sure that Babsy would look after signing for the TRS that would be arriving in the afternoon or at least - that was the plan.

Funny how some days seem to go down the tube, no matter what your best intentions - but first lets start with the good stuff - Yes my trip to Golden went good, with only a couple of minor delays, and my rendezvous with Brad went bang on time - A very nice American chap, who I think we will see a lot more of. ( Forgot to take a pic !!)
Neither of us wanted to hang about, because of our long drives back home, but little did I think just how everything would go haywire.

The weather was warm and absolutely beautiful, but I noticed the road sign just you leave Golden, where it warned of up to 2 hour delays due to avalanche control ( I guess I lucked out when coming the other way)

Surprisingly, I saw no traffic, until climbing up towards the snow sheds, when I passed a couple of trucks - However when I approached the top - everything was stopped - but only for a few minutes, when the long convoy of traffic , with dozens of semis, gradually built up speed down the other side. - This was when I began to think, I was in a stock car race, because although the trucks and the rest of the traffic, were doing 110 - a look in my rear view mirror saw two or three cars and pickups pull out and go charging past at what must have been close to 140. - I watched in horror as vehicles somehow managed to dodge back in to avoid oncoming traffic, while all the time keeping a safe distance from the car in front - one pickup used this space to miss a head on, but nearly spun right in front of me when he braked to miss the vehicle I was following, somehow he held it wildly sliding onto the shoulder & then back.

Took this pic through the windshield with Olympus - just as I came up to all the stopped traffic.

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Making it safely to Revelstoke , I followed the convoy, for a few miles, before everything slowed then stopped - I phoned Babsy and said if we didn’t have any more issues, I should be home by 8 pm, !!! ( Ha Ha)
Then the news from a flag guy, that there had been a bad accident many miles ahead near Malakwa, and the road was closed ( and  no idea when it would open) -This news did not surprise me having witnessed the chaotic driving on the Rogers Pass, so Using my option, I turned around and headed back to Revy - gassed up, phoned Babs, and told her I would try to go around via the two ferry’s South of Revy, and get home on Hwy 6 through Lumby.

And that is how the evening went - others chose to do the same, and racing along the twisty roads to try and make the last Needles Ferry South of Nakusp, was a bit of a white-knuckler. - But we made it home at 12.45 am!!!

So that was a very long day - I’m sure Brad was home in Elkford long before me.

( I still don’t know details of the accident , but this stretch has long been known as the hwy of death.)

Update>  It seems the road opened at 11.30 pm - which still means I got home about an hour earlier than if I had waited in the line up which went back for miles. - Injuries but no deaths in the accident.

Rolling along on a cloudy Saturday morning, - I will try to get other stuff sorted, have some customers picking up parts, and maybe give my Beta the once over, before figuring out if I have enough energy to go for a ride tomorrow - watch for more news later. ( And no the TRS did not arrive, because Day & Ross are so backed up they are days behind with deliveries)


Here is my “Blast from the Past” pic - Outlaw Dave as a young 25 year old with the Norton my wife and I went to Italy on in 1963 - A round trip of 3,000 miles.

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Friday April 27th 2018

Friday, April 27th, 2018

Thursday was another go-go day - - back in the shop first thing doing more PDI on the Betas - then delivering Opti downtown plus shipping off on the bus - the weather has really warmed up with temperatures around +20 - so it’s a case of out of the blue jeans and into shorts for the afternoon session.

Rob Ouelett stopped by to pick up his new  RR 300 Beta ( a long drive from Hinton AB)  then it was time to kick back & wait for the Truck with TRS bikes - but it didn’t show. ( So I took time for a power-nap)
Later Roger Tessier showed up with his good lady Shelly,  to pick up a nice Evo 200  - We certainly seem to be getting more gals involved in our local Trials scene.

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Today I’m off to Golden to meet up with Brad from Elkford, who has bought a nice new Evo 250 - He used to ride in the USA, before married life & family took over  - now it’s time for him to get back at it.  ( with the blessing of his wife)
As next week is the first of May - We thought we would show the poster for the Outlaw Trial, coming up on the Long weekend ( it’s been a fixture at this date for 30+ years) - If anybody has any questions on the new start area, etc - don’t hesitate to give us a call.  ( To see complete poster click onto Trials Canada)
Click for Outlaw Trial poster


Steve Howland of Beta Canada, is making another cross Canada tour in the next couple of months - he will be in the Okanagan during the May long weekend and says he will spend a day up at Scotch Creek.

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Thursday April 26th 2018

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

A very nice Trials photo - this is of course from the Scottish Six Day Trial. - There is nowhere quite like Scotland - with stunning views across the Mountains, but the moors can be very bleak when the weather is ugly.

This map shows the routes the riders will follow this year at the Scottish. ( approx 100 MILES per day)

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We just saw the Results of the Joe Brown Trial run by the Victoria Club at Shawnigan Lake - Nice to see Brandon Wince (Beta) back on form , taking the Expert win over Thomas Cordner ( Vertigo) - They had 25 riders out for the day.  Full results can be seen by clicking onto the VMC website.

Well ! Wednesday was sure a busy day around the Outlaw shop - we had four new Betas arrive ( all sold)  so it was all hands to the wrenches to start work on the PDI.

Today our friendly Truck driver will be back again - this time with TRS - the late Spring conditions have certainly spiked a lot of interest in the Trials market. - Like that old saying “It’s either a feast on a famine”

Here’s a blast from the past, when Jordi was King of Trials and Cigarette manufactures were allowed to use Motor Sport for Advertising.
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Over in the UK, the 3rd Round of the British Trials Championship goes this Sunday in South Wales - In the Master’s Class, James Dabill (Beta) will be looking to make it three wins in a row, before heading North to the Scottish Six Days.

Here is a recent quote from Dabill -   “I’m absolutely loving the Beta. We’ve worked together before and I can’t tell you how chilled out they are. There’s no stress. We’ve got our goals and they trust me to get on and do my job. That’s cool because there’s no added pressure.”


This pic just popped up on FB - It shows Jake Cook and Adam Hague at the Outlaw Shop, picking up new Betas - sadly both have now appeared to have dropped out of the sport - a shame as they were both brilliant riders.

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Wednesday April 25th 2018

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Here is a video of Dougie Lampkin practicing for the Scottish - make sure you watch it until the end  >> post

Of course if you don’t care to ride in rocky streams ( or are allowed to) - then you shouldn’t go to Scotland, because about 90% of the sections are “Burns” (Creeks) which get to be roaring torrents if the weather turns ugly.


I was at the Day & Ross Truck depot in Kelowna on Tuesday, to pick up a skid of Opti Oil, and could not believe how busy they were - the warehouse was jammed with stuff, including a damaged pallet of flour on the outside dock, I was also surprised to find the fork-lift operator was a lady - she just started this week, but boy, could she handle that unit - zipping in and out of piles of other stuff, in order to get down the ramp to where my van was parked. - While I was there, I checked on my Beta shipment, but these bikes were still in Calgary - hopefully they will arrive  later today.


Here is a pic from 1942, showing 11 members of Squadron 403 RCAF - with a Spitfire ,  the caption does not say if any of these brave Canadian airmen survived the war.

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Another gorgeous day in the OK Valley - but the warm weather is already causing flooding in many areas.


More news as it happens >>>

Tuesday April 24th 2018

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Just saw this pic posted of our buddy Jimmy Corkle in a hospital bed after surgery - thumb is up, -  Seems he had a blood blockage of some sort. He is in the Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary if any Friends would like to visit. - We wish him a speedy recovery.

Now this is a tricky section in Belgium - especially on the old bikes - a bit like Laggan Locks in Scotland

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As posted on Monday - we were out giving a spot of one on one training on Sunday - and it was our first ride on the Evo 200 since fitting the Spark Arrestor -  seemed to work as normal, but will do a plug check  to see how it’s burning.


And looking ahead - We have had a few chats with Ross regarding the upcoming Outlaw Trial, and have decided to make this a 2 day event, but only Sunday will get points for the series - this way makes it fair for the other clubs who put on Outlaw Series Trials.

As always - Ross and his gang are right on top of things, and not only have a new starting/camp area, ( You now make a left turn just after the “Welcome to Scotch Creek” sign . -   If a few kids turn out, we will have a  mini trial for them on Saturday night !!!! This was popular  for a few years, but nobody showed in 2017 - if you want this to happen shout up.


This looks like being a very busy week, with both bike and Opti shipments coming in - the warmer weather really does start things moving.

Here is your video for today !!


Monday April 23rd 2018

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

Happy 92nd birthday to Queen Elizabeth - who served during the 2nd World War  in the Army and also rode a motorcycle - note she has her hand on the clutch !!
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Pat Smage took the wins both days at the US National Trials at the weekend - the Ryon Young Sherco rider was the class of the Pro Field.

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Yesterday it was training day with Brittany and Max - over on the Westside at Roy’s place - I couldn’t resist trying this steep loose climb with a rocky step at the top - 3rd gear on the Evo 200 with lots of throttle ( Thanks to Britta for the pic) - Both the pupils did great and are hooked on the sport with their new TRS bikes.

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Our new Lady Trials rider, Britta Fournier, learning Techniques in “The Valley of the Sun” - she is a fast learner and soon had that left arm up and improved body position on these basic sections.

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It was all Marc Marquez at the Moto GP race in Texas - he stayed out of trouble to take the win.

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A lot of Cross Country racers in Kamloops over the weekend for the Big Kahuna WEC race - Results are here>

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And this is a classic from the old days - Jimmy Corkle in a collar & tie  - Wow ! must have impressed the ladies.


As most of my readers know,  the best Trial in the World, ( in my opinion,) is the Scottish Six Days - it’s been going on now for over a 100 years, so they must be doing something right.

At a local level, we have always tried to keep this old tradition alive, while still catering to the new style of riding -
Get geared-up for SSDT blast – some important preparation notes


Sunday April 22nd 2018

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Spring is Officially here in BC - don’t forget you need a Spark arrestor on your Trials bike when riding on Crown Land. -
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We are not stocking these for either brand that  we sell ( Beta & TRS) but they can be obtained direct from -

Spanish Fly Racing Inc - 15005 Chispa Road  - Atascadero - CA USA phone (805) 635-5196
Att Bret Dooley  - Make sure you ask the price !!!! shipped to Canada.

This is Brittany Fournier picking up her new TRS from Outlaw - Max already bought one from us last Fall, & Britta liked it so much she just had to have one of her own.  ( I was amazed at how easy Britta was able to start & ride this TRS 300 - she had more problems with my Evo 200)  - We plan on going for a ride over the Westside today with Roy.
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Not sure what I think of the state of affairs in Moto GP at the moment - seems like Marc Marquez continues to have issues with the other racers - I hope the FIM stay out of the in fighting and let the teams do what they do best - out on the track. - Marquez took the pole in Texas, but got demoted to start 4th because of “Rider interference”  - He also fell again but got back up and posted the best time.


I got an email from Roger Boothroyd after I posted the question on who the stunt rider was in the Bourne Ultimatum ?  Roger tells me it was Joey Ansah ( Sorry never heard of him)


A reminder that now the riding season is getting going - so do thieves become more active - this KTM was just stolen from Peachland - Be sure to chain everything up.

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Philipe Berlatier’s TRS Team cleaned up at the Italian  Trial today.

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Saturday April 21st 2018

Saturday, April 21st, 2018

If there is any rider that I would like to see do well this year, it’s Albert Cabestany - he got Sh**t on by the FIM and is one of the few great riders who are now getting a bit past their prime. ( Plus he is back on Beta)
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Here is a link to some good video - A young Graeme Jarvis in the Kick-Start Trial in the UK plus much more.



So here is a question for all our movie fans - I’m a real lover of the Bourne series - and have watched them all many times, but does anybody know who doubled for Matt Damon on the  thinly disguised Trials bike in the Bourne Ultimatum ?


As everybody knows, Spring 2018 has been  a long time coming, take a look at this pic of conditions at the ATA Tweed Ontario Trial last week. - Jon English took the Expert win.

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