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Saturday June 9th 2018

Saturday, June 9th, 2018

Something about this date, jogged my memory, when I typed it in - then I got it - bloody hell, it’s my wedding anniversary - better not forget that. while Babsy & myself don’t make much of  fuss over this stuff - we have been together now for 55 years. - It’s been a wonderful journey -Thanks for putting up with me Babsy.

Friday was the graduation of our youngest grand daughter, so we went to the official do in the afternoon, followed by the dinner and dance.  - I must say that while I have a bit of a hard time hearing some of the speeches etc - just like two years ago when Hannah graduated, we really enjoyed the occasion - of course it was all so different in our day - I left school at age 15 to take up a trade as a Photo-Engraver, and Babsy has a similar story, of working as a live in nanny.    - It’s good to see how they encourage the grads to follow their dreams, and to also see a number of exchange students from China and Japan.  - Our third grand-daughter Emma, is going to university in New Brunswick so we never saw her graduate, However she will visit us next week for her annual holiday.

Today, Saturday - I have a few customers stopping by  -then I will load the van for Malakwa - better remember to take at least one tent, because the forecast isn’t great.  Of course if anybody needs anything specific - they need to email me soon. - Don’t forget the bug spray !!!  Sam has promised a nice loop with fun for everybody.

This statue of Nicky Hayden has just been unveiled in his home town, where they have now made this an official “Nicky Hayden - The Kentucky Kid” - day on the calendar.
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Just came across this old pic from the days, when Interlube International helped out a lot of Off road riders and Teams - quite a few famous faces there, and one who will be Inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame in November.

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