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Friday July 20th 2018

Friday, July 20th, 2018

This pic pretty much sums up the situation in the Okanagan Valley today - dense smoke and lots of fires - most of them caused by the lightning storm on Tuesday.  - So far, we have not had anything major in the North, but with more storms forecast, this could change very quickly. -

The big fire burning between Peachland and Summerland, looks to be up on the ridge where we held a few Trials when Hugh Simpson lived down that way. However, the area has been closed to OHV’s for a few years. ( Story is that one of the local conservation Officers likes to use this area as his Private Deer Hunting spot !!- so got it shut down)
The interesting point is that it seems a lot of these fires, start in areas that are shut down to ATV’s - Remember the East Kelowna area? the Mountain bikers got this made into a Provincial Park and it got burned to the ground a couple of years later. - This was one of our best Trials locations in the Valley, where we spent many hours/years- developing the trail systems. We held a couple of National events there.  - I’m not saying the Mountain bikers were the cause of this fire -  - but certainly the OHV’s were not involved.

Obviously, with all this Fire activity, any riding in the Valley,  is out of the question, so maybe plan on taking in the ATRA, Trial at Rocky Mountain House on August 12th. - This is always held at the Bernie Schroderous  farm - which is a lovely spot with great camping and with a creek running through the valley.  - We will be there to show off our TRS & Beta Trials bikes & meet up with old friends.


We had a visit from Josef yesterday, he was in town on business and stopped by to see the TRS “Goldy” - He now spends most of his time in the Vancouver area, and rides at Ioco quite often with Kev Smith.  - Anyone looking for a good deal on two hardly used TRS 300’s give me a call, as Josef likes to stay current, with his bikes. ( both are like new and priced right)


A blast from the past - I like the advertising - back in the day, most Motorcycle dealers, were really into the sport, and this shop in Liverpool was very popular.   ( Too many these days just seem to want to take the money, with no back up once the sale is made)

Sharp eyed readers, will recognize the Lee Velocette on the left - a liquid cooled 2 stroke that was used by the British Police, center you have the Norton, with a Sunbeam on the right. ( these were shaft drive)
Image result


Back to the weather picture, and I was thinking about how this always seems to effect events - this year, we have had three Trials in the Interior - the first one had temperatures over +30 - then it seemed like the Monsoon season set in, with the next two, first in Malakwa, then Revelstoke  run in very wet conditions. -


Finally - Here is your video for today >> # MotoGP

Thursday July 19th 2018

Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Today we take a look back at how Trials were in the 70’s - the top pic is of a French rider on a Bultaco Sherpa T - likely the most popular brand at that time ( Thanks to Sammy Miller)
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The one below, is of Mick Andrews at the 1975 World Round in Bragg Creek ( The one I set up)  As you can see, Mick struggled with the early sections, just like most riders, as heavy overnight rain  made everything very slick - riding out front, and monitoring the situation - I was able to cut back on the degree of difficulty, but it was an eye opener for the Europeans.  - At 69 miles long - the course was probably the toughest of all the events in that first year of World Championship Competition.
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This one is of local Calgary rider Murray Nutt - also in trouble, at the same event. - (both pics are courtesy of Harlow Rankin.)
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As many of you will have seen on Face-book - Gas Gas USA have just put out a Press Release regarding Sam King, and I just thought I should mention that we have known about this for some time, in fact Sam and myself have talked for months on trying to come up with a plan for his future.  -  with both TRS and Beta. - unfortunately nothing worked out.
We have had a great working relationship, with Outlaw supplying Beta for 3 years then TRS for 2017 - However, although Sam has become like one of the family, in order for him to  succeed with his career, he needs more backing than Outlaw can afford ( Although we will still supply him with Opti Lubricants to keep his Gassers running sweet) - We will continue to work with Sam on promoting Trials at Malakwa, and help him out whenever possible.


This is Michel Belanger of Quebec, with his new Factory Beta - Michel is the current WTC Champion for Eastern Canada.
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Sammy is doing his thing at this Sicamous event on Saturday.

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Wednesday July 18th 2018

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

While the very hot weather, might be great for the folks on vacation, and for spending time at the beach - for us older people, it can be a real challenge, with the only solution being to stay indoors.  Our very hot +37 temperature in Vernon, yesterday, ended with a Thunder storm last night - we heard that there were a number of lightning strikes causing fires, including one close to a school, when a tree went up in flames. ( I’m always a bit worried about the large one in our front yard)

Not a lot on the media front today - unless you like Politics - I saw this neat old photo of Jordi on the Beta - he was without doubt the leader in styling, back in the day.
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The World Trials teams will continue their battle  in Belgium this weekend - Toni Bou is leading in points this year again and looks to claim yet another Title, but the battle for the rest of the podium spots, continues to change, although both Fajardo and Busto have been the most consistent for Team Gas Gas. - Adam Raga appears to have slipped off the pace a bit, and one report said that he may still be riding injured.

In the lower classes, Toby Martyn (Mont) and Jack Peace (GG)  are keeping the British flag flying, and Emma Bristow (Sherco) is still the one to beat in the ladies class.


Here is a photo of Triss Sharp from the 1950’s - both him and his brother were regular competitors at our local “Scrambles” - the bike appears to be a Francis Barnett. ? - Check out the size of the front brake drum.
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There is a VORC   meeting tonight in Vernon -( check out the club website or contact me for more info)  while the club don’t host any Trials ( my fault- I need to work on this)  a number of members have both race and trials bikes.

Looking forward to seeing this movie if it ever hits our local screens.

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more news as it happens >>>

Tuesday July 17th 2018

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

HOT - That is the word this week - the only place to be is in an air conditioned room - car etc  - but of course as I found out on Sunday - it was great driving home from Summerland with the A/C on - but when I finally stopped in Vernon at the grocery store & stepped out of the van in the parking lot - it was like being in  a blast furnace - not good for old folks, easy to pass out.
Monday I unloaded the Beta & blew the dust off it - checked the air filter which was still clean ( maybe because I was in front most of the time)   Taking the Velcro attached Jitsie seat off isn’t that easy - need to change that a bit.


Checked all the nuts & bolts - including the rear bash plate ones - this is a must on all Trials bikes as they will vibrate loose. Most owners tend to miss checking these. - I remember years ago my Dentist - Neil Manderville (RIP) said he had a strange engine noise on his Beta. - When I started it and rode it around - yes for sure it sounded like main bearings had gone !! However on further inspection, I found the rear bash plate bolts hanging on by a couple of threads.


Had a call from Sammy - he has been working in Golden - pouring concrete !! that must have been a bit warm !! - He tells me he is going to Sask & Manitoba in August, doing some schools - I explained that the only place for Trials in Sask is Moose Jaw - and Winnipeg in Manitoba. ( The rest is just stubble)
He was surprised when I told him that there was a World Round near Winnipeg in 1986 - run by the “Take Five” club ( now shut down) but as it was held in a mainly muskeg swamp, the Europeans didn’t like it much ( what are them flies?) - In fact some were reported as saying that they would never attend another World Round in Canada, if it was at that place. - ( I do have the VHS video I think Jordi won on the Beta) - maybe I will make Sam a copy of that.


The Toronto Indy was held on the weekend - but I have seen absolutely nothing about it on either the news or FB. - Most of the media seem focused on Trump news.

Did anybody see the video of Kuroyama on the TY E at the Electric French Trial - Jeez that thing sounds awful to my ears - I hate the little mini Trials bikes ( especially the Gassers) as the noise drives me nuts ( And I’m deaf)  - But if that is what is coming down the pipe - Sorry boys but I won’t be promoting that.

Looking back at our Sunday ride, I have to say that we are very fortunate living in the OK Valley - However, I also have to say that it took many years to explore and map out sections in the Summerland area dating back to 1987. - I still remember that first Trial, when Jimmy showed up with his buddy, and they had snowmobile tether switches on the TY 250 twin shocks - which they attached to their riding shirts !!! This resulted in a bunch of early “5″s as the body movements pulled the magnets off - Although we had a good laugh about this. Jimmy was actually ahead of his time with this idea.

Of course we ran the Outlaw Trial at this location for nearly 25 years, plus a couple of WTC Nationals - However, we now prefer to keep the area private for group rides - we are thinking of hosting one such event for September 2nd - Labor Day weekend - a “Remember Pete Brown” weekend. - We can show people the memorial plaque we put up on Devil’s Staircase . - More on this in the coming weeks.


Thinking ahead, to how we promote Trials in Canada, is a bit perplexing - the latest World Trials. promote extreme obstacles with lots of hopping and bopping. - While some but not all younger riders seem to like this new riding technique - they are in the minority, when it comes to purchasing bikes ( usually Dad & Mum)

Trying to keep our sport attractive  to the masses ( if that’s what is required to keep the factories going) - Is without a doubt a very big issue. - Most have turned to the more lucrative Enduro bikes - including Beta - who now sell only 11% of their total production to the Trials market. ( They still make very good Trials bikes)
On the other hand, many European Factories have no choice but to branch out, as sales off Trials bikes slow down. - We have to say that we hope Jordi Tarres and his TRS group, don’t decide to diversify as they have a winner in their approach to the Trials market.

On a personal note - having been involved in Canadian Trials since 1969 - I would like to say that we need to keep our events simple - most newbies are overwhelmed by the degree of difficulty. - The Outlaw Series is designed to show what the sport is all about, while still riding with a friendly group who explain the rules.  ( I know I’ve mentioned this many times before)
Of course we also have  Trials schools available  - Our buddy Sammy King hosts a bunch of these. - Contact me for more info:

This is the late Brian Pierson - North American Hillclimb Champion - the 900cc Kawasaki that he built will be ridden at the 100th Billings, Montana event later this month, by his son Aaron, who now runs the family business in Lethbridge.
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And here is your Trials video for today - taken at the 2018 Manx 2 day. .> video

Monday July 16th 2018

Monday, July 16th, 2018

It was very hot yesterday in the Valley +32 - but we had a great ride at Summerland. - Gord Rinke, Shane Bridden and his buddy Chris , plus Richard Ouellet and Dale Wellman, all enjoyed trying some of the challenging sections on the first part of the old Outlaw loop. There was a bit of a breeze up on the hill, and by keeping in the shade as much as possible, everybody( including me) survived OK. - Here is Gord up on the ridge overlooking the Valley.
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The tired but happy crew relax back at the parking lot.
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It was business as usual at the World Trial in France - not many spectators as it seems more people over there like Soccer more than Trials. (Yawn)

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James Dabill had a bad day & says he rode terrible - this pic tells the story

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Max & Britta decided to do some Mountain climbing at the weekend - getting well up into the snow belt on their TRS 300 Trials bikes

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Sunday July 16th 2018

Sunday, July 15th, 2018

The Electric bike round at the French Trial Moto GP is in the books and it’s a debut win for the new Yamaha TYE with Kenichi Kuroyama. -
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Here is Kenichi.

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Lots of video popping up from the early sections - mostly rock and pretty high up in elevation, but the weather looks good, and some brilliant riding, although from the ones I saw, none of the riders are following the NO Stop rules. ( But with the modern sections who can blame them?) check this out >>  live video


Results from Trial GP 2 - Brits take 1st & 3rd

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The sport of Trials is very small compared to others, but still a huge amount of money needed at the World level - In spite of all the Hype - here is Jordi working on one of his Team TRS rider’s bikes - How many factory bosses do you know that does that?

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It’s going to be another sizzler in the Valley today - and spending time at the beach would be the smart thing to do, but with a buddy from Alberta out here on Vacation, I’m heading to Summerland to show him some of our neat stuff.  - Shane will join us and I will take pics, while trying to stay cool. - more on this later


Early result from the Moto GP in Germany, shows Marquez as the winner once again, with Valentino Rossi 2nd and Vinales 3rd. - Lorenzo finished 6th.

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Saturday July 14th 2018

Saturday, July 14th, 2018

Lots of gals involved in Trials these days - mainly in Europe - this pic was taken Friday before the French World Round.
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Mick Andrews is looking pretty cool back in 1971, sitting on the Factory Ossa - but the number plate is incorrect - Mick was the European Champion in 1971 - The FIM World Championship didn’t start until 1975.
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A friend called early Friday asking directions to one of the best Mountain rides in BC - I explained the route, and said that I wished I could join him - but I’m afraid that old age and some health issues, limits me now to easy trails. - I believe that I’m the oldest Trials rider to go up this particular mountain. (8,000 ft)  - the last time at age 75. ( six years ago)
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Annual “Cow Patty”  WTC Sanctioned Trial in Alberta on August 12
Trial will be at Rocky Mountain House.


Map to Alberta's Cow Patty trial
Map to Alberta’s Cow Patty trial
Event goes Sunday August 12th with a 10:30am start time.$20 entry fee plus club membership if not already obtained. All classes will be included,This is private land, so no registration or insurance required

  • Camping is permitted and encouraged as it’s a beautiful grassy area, very similar to Falun.
  • There is a top quality, clean outhouse on site
  • Sections are very spectator friendly, all within walking distance, and they provide great entertainment. They are much improved, with heavy equipment many labor hours to sculpt and develop the area in the last two years.
  • ====================================================>
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  • A reminder that with the fire season here - the CO’s will likely be out checking for spark- arrestors  on the Trials bikes - we have these Canadian made units in stock, for both Beta and TRS.
  • ====================================================>
  • Mark Marquez is on pole in Germany - but only a fraction ahead of the Ducati’s - Rossi will start on the 2nd row. - should be an exciting race tomorrow,
  • ===================================================>
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Friday July 13th 2018

Friday, July 13th, 2018

This is a great photo of Bob Hannah - feet off the pegs and full throttle. - I met Bob a couple of times during my Yamaha Years.
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Hopefully feeling fully refreshed following a three-week break in the schedule, the best riders on the planet go into battle once again this coming weekend at TrialGP France – round five of the 2018 FIM Trial World Championship – at the awesome Alpine venue of Auron.

It is an action-packed program with no fewer than five classes lining up. For the first time since TrialGP Japan at the beginning of June the TrialGP Women and Trial2 Women classes join their male counterparts and this weekend also marks the opening round of the FIM Trial-E Cup for electric motorcycles.

Just fifty miles north of the millionaires’ Mediterranean playground of Nice, at sixteen-hundred metres above sea level the ski resort – which TrialGP is visiting for the first time – is matched only by Andorra in terms of altitude and the thin air brings with it fresh tests of rider fitness


Harry & Wendy McKay have been coaching their kids in the sport, and young Chloe just entered her first Championship event in the UK finishing 2nd. -  Well done Chloe. - Obviously some of Harry’s skills have been passed on.
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I see Danny Pedrosa has announced his retirement from Moto GP - the young Spaniard is calling it quits after 18 years racing  - He won lots of races, but never a World Championship. - He is being replaced on the Repsol Honda Team next year, by Jorge Lorenzo.


The Indy car Series goes in Toronto this weekend, with Canadian James Hinchcliffe looking for a good result, after his big win a couple of weeks ago.


In weather news, it looks like it’s going to be a cooker in the valley this weekend - we have seen temperatures of +30 so far this week, so any riding that we might do, will be early morning stuff. - I remember when Barry Van As and myself would met at 7 am and be all done by the time the Pub opened at 11 am !! - We haven’t heard from Barry for a few years, so no idea if he still has his Sherco.


More news as it happens later, as I need to take my van in for a service. >>>>>.

Thursday July 12th 2018

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

GOLD FEVER ARRIVES IN VERNON !!.  One of only 5 coming to Canada -(Only this one not sold)  150 made for worldwide distribution.

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Suffice to say if you have to ask the price - You can’t afford it !!!


With so much BS going on in the UK these days - regarding the Muslims taking over ( yes it’s true)  Winston would be turning in his grave - here is one of his famous quotes regarding Britain and Europe. - If ever there was a time when England needed another Winston Churchill - this is it. - I should add that I don’t usually post much on Politics or Religion - as it’s a pointless battle. - But when hundreds of thousands of young men and women lost their lives  because of World Wars,only  to have the British Isles turned into breeding ground for Muslims , and their ideals - is tragic.  ( I will never return)
Winston Churchill “We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked but not combined. We are interested and associated but not absorbed. If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea.”


We had a visit from Gord Rinke and his family yesterday - they were on route to Penticton for a vacation - he did have his TRS with him, so we hope to get out for a ride at some point. - Naturally Gord was super impressed by the “Goldie” that we just got, - But says he is more than happy with the Raga 300 that he has - in fact he told me that it’s the best Trials bike he has ever owned, both for riding and ease of maintenance.


Ben Pospisil to Alberta Trials Riders

AUGUST 12th, cow patty trial. Rocky Mountain house Alberta.

Event goes Sunday August 12th.
10:30am start time.
$20 entry fee + club membership if not already obtained.
All classes
This is private land, so no reg or insurance required

-Camping is permitted and encouraged as it’s a beautiful grassy area, very similar to Falun.
-There is a top quality, clean outhouse on site
-Sections are very spectator friendly all within walking distance and provide great entertainment. As well as much improved due to bringing heavy equipment in and many labor hours to sculpt and develop the area in the last two years.

Wednesday July 11th 2018

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Had a good ride up above Silver Creek on Tuesday - my buddy (who I will call Harvey Mushman) and myself climbed way up & over the mountain, before running into a couple of good old boys cutting wood - they gave us a general idea of where we were - somewhere near Mount Ida, so with gas a concern - we headed back the same way - the new seat I had fitted to the Evo 200 came in handy at times to rest my legs

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- weather sprinkled on us a bit when we got back to the truck - but then dried up for another ride  to Haines Falls.

This pic shows the green Valley headed over to the Salmon Arm area.
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This is the waterfall, where I took Sam, the first year he was over - videoed him riding some of the rocks, lower down - I also have photographs taken here in the late winter when everything is frozen.

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These are the wood cutters we ran into back the other side of the mountain. - check out the size of those logs.

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Big day today - we have the TRS “Gold” arriving.