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Sunday September 30th 2018

Sunday, September 30th, 2018

The last day of the month and the final round of our WTC National Championship (West)  - to say that it’s been an unusual year, would be perhaps an understatement.

- While we had a great start to the Outlaw Series with the CPTA event at Ioco put on by Steve Day and Melissa Andrist  in April, -  followed by the equally spectacular turn out at the very hot-Outlaw Trial at  Scotch Creek on the May Long weekend, put on by Ross and his team -

The rest of the events have been plagued with poor weather  -  Sammy’s last round of the Outlaw Series was run in Monsoon type conditions and the WTC Round #1 at Revelstoke was a similar story - Flo. Shane & Terry were out until dark on the Saturday night before the Trial, trying to salvage a  possible loop. -

Always a disappointment  to any Organizers. -  Plus of course, the fact that the Forest Fires have had us shut down for most of the Summer. -

This will I feel, be a continuing problem, as the already busy Calendar is now getting crammed into a shorter time-frame.

All we can do to help the sport, is to try and keep the enthusiasm going, with newer people stepping up to the plate, and keep the venues we have.- But most of all keep the degree of difficulty, at a sensible level, for all classes.
Trials in Canada, has always been a very up and down sport in regards to the numbers of riders - fortunately, we have always had great people willing to spend time and effort in order to keep the sport alive. -

But our small “Feet up” game is not the only one that continues to survive with small entrees - Hill climbs and Flat Track also appeal to a narrower group, and while some might envy the huge numbers at Cross Country events, consider how much work that involves, and how noisy it is compared to our small camp-outs at the Trials  -  it’s all about different choices.

This morning, the van is packed with parts and accessories - but no bikes - simply put, at the Malakwa Trial site, it’s much easier for me to drive the van to the sections that are near, plus the bikes that I have left in stock, are all  sold. -
- Don’t forget, Sam has put signs up on the Hiway, so there is no excuse for not finding the location.  Riders meeting at 9.30am - riders away at 10 am

Great to see that the birdman has made the trip out - and we know that Dennis is already there from The NWT, plus Mitch & Bodi from Wainwright AB.

Some not so good news about Team Outlaw TRS rider Gord Rinke - - seems he had a “Get off” at a Trial in Washington, and has torn the ACL in his knee - Sorry to hear that, and something a lot of Off Road riders can relate to.

This is Bobby Hopkins from Michigan on a TY 175 - The twin shock class is really popular in Eastern Canada and the States, and REALLY big in Europe  - so much so, that we are thinking of re-introducing this class to our Outlaw Series for 2019 - If you have an opinion on this, please shoot me an email.
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Saturday September 29th 2018

Saturday, September 29th, 2018

Sam  has put up signs on the Hiway by the Malakwa turnoff and also arrows through the village so nobody should get lost this weekend

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Maybe if we put this kind of sign up more people would notice - this old Jawa advt was really successful, I wonder why

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Watched a bit of the Ryder Cup Golf last night, on the TV at midnight as it is being held in France near Paris -(9 hours ahead) - the weather looked cold, with the players all wearing toques and jackets - seems like a difficult course, and the USA seem to be behind the 8 ball at the moment.  Tommy Fleetwood is on fire for the Euro Team.
The Euros have won this Team competition for  the past several years. and the crowds are huge and very vocal.


Today I have a few chores to do, before loading the van for tomorrow - I will be at Malakwa around 8 am, so if you need anything make sure you email or phone early today - we already have some orders picked, but it’s hard to cover all the angles.


This is Jordi’s House in Spain - He has lived there for many, many years, and did a lot of the design work himself.
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Neat pic from the Levin Valley Trial in the UK - Fantics are very popular in the Vintage class. ( Pic Courtesy Trial Mag : UK)
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Video for today >>>  video

Friday September 28th 2018

Friday, September 28th, 2018

So here we are, heading into the last weekend of September, and the final Trial for us at Malakwa for 2018. - it’s hard to say what the weather will be like, but Sammy has taken this into consideration, and has a great loop set up for this final round of the Western WTC Championship - as an added attraction, he is hosting an Enduro school tomorrow (Saturday) - ( the lad has way too much energy) - I posted directions to the Carl Kuster Mountain Park on the Thursday blog, so just scroll back a bit.


Yesterday, we had an older rider stop by for parts - he used to be a top Free-style competitor, who has now decided to have a go at Trials, so once again, I had to explain that “No”  Trials competitions at the club level, do not require the riders, to jump from rock to rock - or throw themselves at 10 ft rock walls.   - I explained that most events, consist of a nice loop through the woods, with natural style sections along the way, which are marked out for  all abilities.

I believe that  while the World Class videos  are  interesting to watch, with the top riders performing unbelievable stunts on Trials bikes, this tends to give the wrong message, to the average person considering buying a Trials bike - in fact I suspect that only about 10% of all the bikes sold, ever get ridden in a competition, because the owners are scared to death of what is expected of them.

That is the reason, we like to see events like the recent fun day at Ioco, where the basics of the sport are explained, with instructors showing exactly what a regular Trial involves.

We plan on having a similar type of  thing at Summerland over the Thanksgiving  long weekend, so if you are interested, shoot me an email. - Not that this is anything new for us in the Valley, as we are always out with newbies showing them the “ropes” -

I think it’s the fact that in Trials, the rider is always watched closely, by their competitor - that adds to the pressure - as we have mentioned many times, our sport is very much a”Mind game”

For a lot of people, a Trials bike, is just a way to go trail-riding with a light bike that is easy to manage, and that is the way it has been for decades - even more so, when they had seats !! - I think the new TRS X-Track model, will fit very well into this category, the same as the old Beta Alp did - before they swapped the 2 cycle engine for a Suzuki 4 stroke and made it too heavy.

The pic below, shows Jordi and Adam out exploring the Spanish Countryside.
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Bultaco used to do some neat advertising for their Trials bikes !!

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And this was how I spent last Sunday up at Silver Star - the other side of the sign said “Slow” -  Some riders wanted to race into the finish, which could have caused some problems for the girls in the timing tent. - And Yes it was cold !! my old Yamaha Canada Parka  came in handy.  ( Kurt Broza’s pic )
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Thursday September 27th 2018

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

This was a World Round  photo from France back a few years, showing Bernie Schreiber blasting his Bultaco through the mud. The modern sections at World Rounds would never consider using this type of thing ( but we would in Canada - maybe not quite as deep !)
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< This is one of the just released photographs of Adam Raga on the all new TRS X Track - A model designed for both Trial and Trail.  - Orders now being taken at Outlaw.  We will have one coming soon.
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We have heard from quite a few people who plan on being at the WTC Trial at Malakwa this Sunday - Although this is a Championship event - the sections that Sammy will be putting in will all be very sensible - much like the last Trial he did which everybody seemed to enjoy so much.

Directions to the Trial site - Turn into the Malakwa Service road, located approx 6 km East of Sicamous ( on your right if traveling from Revelstoke)  - drive through the village, until you see the road making a left turn over the railroad tracks, - follow this road all the way, across the river bridge and continue on until you see the CKMP gates ( about 3-4 km on your left side) -  Stop at the main building to register and sign waivers.. - Sign in is 8.30 am Sunday morning, with the Trial getting going at  Any questions - either call CKMP or myself at (250) 545-6139


Fast guy Trystan Hart from Invermere BC - had a get off in Reno - here is the report.
Endurocross podium regular SRT rider Trystan Hart went down during the Saturday event suffering multiple injuries. He posted the following on his social media:

“Well here it is….. just wanted to update everyone, rough 24 hours in the hospital. Dislocated hand, broken wrist and my other hand has a broken bone in the hand. Surgery went very well, and I’ll be back better than ever. There is soooo many people I would like to thank for reaching out and checking on me, Jim, Monique and Cory especially. Believe in me or don’t believe in me I’ll be back next year and I’m going to win races.”

Wednesday September 26th 2018

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

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A 1951 James 197 on display at the Corduroy Enduro  last weekend - it still runs - my first bike was a James, but a 1955 model with rear swing arm suspension.- A much better bike.

They had 300 bikes at the Corduroy last weekend with a ton of vintage models ( both bikes and riders)

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Some of the old guys at the Cord - Helmut Clasen is on the right trying to figure out how to put his helmet on - that 125 Zundapp he is on is reported to be a real rocket ship. I think Helmut is round the same age as me. - says this will be his last Cord Enduro.

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Looking forward to getting the latest edition of Trial Mag: UK - Great shot of young Billy Green on his World Championship  winning Beta 125.
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Looking ahead to the weekend - the weather forecast is still  for sunshine !!!!! Get out to Malakwa and enjoy the Trial. ( Phone me if you need directions)


Please also note - We are having some issues with our email page at the moment - so I will not be responding until I get it sorted - you can However - Message me via the Facebook page.  PROBLEM FIXED.

Tuesday September 25th 2018

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Beta are the oldest European Motorcycle Factory - they started in 1904 -  Still family owned, they produce a full line of bikes for both competition and the domestic market - in fact their scooters are a number one seller in Italy.

This is a shot from the old days, - when everybody used open face helmets and the face guards - They worked great. and a lot of riders used these at the Scottish for the long road sections in the stinging rain.
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Another Beta shot, this time my 2018 Beta Evo 200 up above Okanagan Lake - While I’m sure many of you are fed up of hearing about my rantings about how brilliant these bikes are - I’m going to say it again - they will lug down so low but blast up all the steep hills, plus they are a pussy to start . - Yes I will be on a 2019 even though they haven’t changed.
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It’s going to be a great weekend at Malakwa - I was out there on Monday and Sam has everything under control for Sunday - If you plan on camping please call ahead to CKMP - (Carl Kuster Mountain Park) So they know when to expect you - (google their website)
The Sign up and awards will be held in the main building again, the same as the last Trial, so Julie and Judy can stay warm and keep everything dry in case we get rained on. ( But the forecast looks good)
This is the final round of the WTC National Series (West) so we will be figuring out who will be getting the number one plates for each class. - It’s a great place for people to watch and the trees look spectacular at this time of the year, - Any questions you can either call Sam at the CKMP or myself (250) 545-6139

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More Italian stuff to drool over.


Monday September 24th 2018

Monday, September 24th, 2018

Sunday we spent a great day up at Silver Star Mountain, taking in the Hare Scramble - fortunately, the rain stayed away, and although the course was very slick, the 200 riders, had a super day, riding one of the Premier events on the Calendar . - I didn’t get to take too may photographs, as I was helping with flagging duties, but I certainly met a lot of old friends.

The pic below shows Andrew Christiansen giving the riders meeting. - This was the last event in the WEC Series for 2018.
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Not sure who these guys are.
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I had hoped to watch the final round of Golf , with Tiger leading on Saturday everybody was interested to see if he could get back to winning, after his recent issues. - However, Babsy filled me in with all the details when I got home, and yes Tiger did manage to hold it together.


We heard that the CPTA Trials School went well at Ioco on Sunday - some pics can be seen on FB.


The Spanish Trials Team won again at the TDN - that makes 15 times.  - The Brits were second & France 3rd.
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And here is your video for today - none other than the great Sammy Miller   post


Sunday September 23rd 2018

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

Jordi must be selling a lot of bikes !!!

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In spite of the wet conditions on Friday - Lexi Pechout had a good turn out of riders for her riding school - the young Calgary lady has had an impressive career to date, just returning from a winning ride in Japan.  This ladies class is sponsored by David Chambers in memory of his late wife Gloria, a lovely gal who we lost way too soon.

Today the Hare Scramble goes with better weather in the forecast.

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With the latest trend to have Enduro riders compete on “Trials” type courses, I thought I would post this pic of Yrjo  Vesterinen competing for the first time in the Scott - Time and Observation Trial - This is a unique event, with the riders going against the clock on an 80 mile ( yes mile) course over the Yorkshire moors, with approx 70 observed sections - Riders lose points in the sections, plus on time based on the fastest finisher. - We ran a Scott Trial in Alberta for a number of years, with easier sections so that riders could use MX style bikes.

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The section above is called Orgate Falls - lots of points taken here, and an early bath for some.

First lap scores at the TDN

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The British gals took the win at the TDN

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No surprises here with Spain winning the top class

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But this was a surprise the Czech team beating the much favored Yanks in the International Class

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Moto GP Podium  from Spain. today

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But not a good day for Jorge Lorenzo

Saturday September 22nd 2018

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

Team OZ ready to go at the TDN,
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Nice pic of the British gals who won the qualification round today at the TDN

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Back in the day - Most Trials events featured a lot of mud sections - always difficult because of the hard 4 ply Dunlop tires - here is Ex World MX Champ Jeff Smith on his factory  BSA, he won the event several times.
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Jorge Lorenzo (Ducati Team) will start Sunday’s Gran Premio Movistar de Aragon from P1 after sealing his third consecutive pole position of the season in style, snatching Saturday’s honours from teammate Andrea Dovizioso by 0.014 seconds as the Ducati duo overhaul Championship leader Marc Marquez (Respol Honda Team) in Q2


Friday September 21st 2018

Friday, September 21st, 2018

As reported earlier on our blog - the recent happenings at the FIM World Championship - in Italy, were subject to a huge back lash in the Social Media. - At least this statement by Jake Miller shows that they are aware of the problem - As to whether Toby Martyn will now get his well deserved World Championship in the GP Trial 2 category, remains to be seen - lets hope justice prevails.


10 mins ·


As a result of events that occurred during the closing stages of TrialGP Italy last Sunday, Sport7 as the promoters of the FIM Trial World Championship has made the following statement:

Sport7 is fully aware of the events that unfolded at section fifteen on the second and final lap of the TrialGP Italy event held at the Metzeler Offroad Park at Pietramurata Di Dro last Sunday 16th September and that have been widely reported post event.

Sport7 is also aware of the consequences of this event that ultimately determined the outcome of the 2018 FIM Trial2 World Championship.

Having now fully reviewed the circumstances that surrounded these events and supporting evidence, Sport7 have referred the matter back to the FIM for urgent and further investigation to ensure that the correct processes were duly followed.

Sport7 would like to clarify that members of their staff who witnessed the incident first hand along with many other bystanders, are in no doubt that an event official was subjected to external influences. As a direct result of unauthorised interventions the official latterly decided to alter what was originally a proper and correct sporting decision that was consistent with his previous decisions throughout the event, without real reason to do so.

Sport7 can in no way excuse or ignore what has occurred and it is clear that outside influencing of an event official is one of the most serious matters that can take place inside any sporting event.

Whilst Sport7 is not directly responsible for sporting matters, they will not tolerate such behaviour as it has put the overall integrity of the series in question and tarnished the image of the same, despite having worked tirelessly over the last two seasons to deliver a professional and unprejudiced championship.

Sport7 is totally committed to supporting the FIM in their investigation, and therefore will not make any further comment until this process has been completed.


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First bike to make it to the top of this peak in Morocco.

Challenge achieved! We are 4.167 meters high.

As we climbed the walkers said we would never get to the top. And here is the first bike that crown the toubkal, the highest peak in Morocco


We were out for a ride up on Bear Ridge Thursday.  - still very dry, but we had a hoot.  - Followed the trail up to the top of the Mountain, then came back down the Fire Road - My first time out for quite some time, so it was tiring. As usual the Evo 200 worked flawlessly.
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It looks like it is going to be a wet weekend, for the Silver Star “Rev Limiter” - today Foordy and Lexi are putting on riding schools - then tomorrow the Endurocross takes place - ( Those logs are going to be real slick)  - I talked to Andrew and he says the entry list looks good, so it should be an exciting time up on the hill - spectating is free, but be sure to dress warm. Sammy will be competing on his Gasser, we wish him luck. - I plan on going up to take a few pics.

It appears they are having an early winter in Alberta with 10-20 cm of snow forecast for the Edmonton area - that will make Taff happy!

Here is an old shot of Kent Howerton “Stylin” for the crowd.

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