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Tuesday September 11th 2018

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

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Pretty ladies on the Podium in Norway.


That time of the year - Sand Cranes heading South >>>>

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Riding the High Country - not sure who this is - but look at that great terrain,

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This weekend is the CPTA Iron Mountain Trial - at Mission - Clerk of the Course is Krash Crumly - who has been putting in a ton of hours to make this event special.  We hope he gets a good turn out of riders.

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Also on this weekend >>>>

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Monday September 10th 2018

Monday, September 10th, 2018

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A truly great shot from the opening lap at the Italian Moto GP


In other news from Italy - Team TRS have just won the National 125cc Championship.

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Team Boss Jordi Tarres celebrates a birthday today - so Happy birthday Jordi.

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Mark this date on your Calendar - There will be a Trials Class if enough people show up !!!! ( Just two weeks down the road)
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In weather news - our weekend was again brilliant with bright sunshine, although we had an overnight shower - it’s the perfect time of the year as far as I’m concerned.. - Meanwhile, in the Eastern USA the Fedex Golf game had to be cancelled today, because of heavy rain - they will try to get the final round played tomorrow. - We decided to stay home today  - but will likely get out for a ride during the week.


Looks like they had a good turn-out for the Mexican Outdoor Trial - Michel Belanger who was invited from Canada, is pictured on the far left ( in Canada shirt) - He is sponsored by Beta Canada.
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5 hrs ·

Injury Update: Jonny Walker

During his participation in Red Bull 111 Megawatt in Poland Jonny Walker crashed heavily while pushing for victory at round five of the World Enduro Super Series. Following the heavy impact on lap two of three, Jonny was quickly taken to the nearby hospital in Belchatow for medical attention.

Examinations revealed fractures to both bones in his lower left arm, close to the wrist, a broken finger on his right hand, a dislocated left shoulder and extensive cuts and bruises to his chest. Undergoing surgery on Sunday evening, September 9, a plate and an external stabiliser were fitted to his left lower arm with an internal plate also fitted to his finger to stabilise the fracture.

It is expected that Jonny will be discharged from hospital in Poland on Monday, September 10, and will travel to Barcelona, Spain to see a specialist for further consultation.

At this time, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing wish Jonny a full and speedy recovery and would like to pass on their appreciation to the many well wishes that have expressed their support via social media.

Thanks also go out to the Red Bull 111 Megawatt medical staff.


Sunday September 9th 2018

Sunday, September 9th, 2018

This is about how many spare spark plugs we used to carry with us when we rode the old Spanish  twin shock Trials bikes !!

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Click for poster for WTC (West) championship trial


Dovizioso put the Factory Ducati on top of the box in Misano Italy today - 2nd was Marquez - 3rd Cal Crutchlow - but obviously quite a shake up in the results, with Rossi in 7th and Lorenzo classified 17th.


Saturday September 8th 2018

Saturday, September 8th, 2018

Click for poster for WTC (West) championship trial


We are only 3 weeks away from the final WTC National of 2018 - and Sammy has assured us it will be a “Goody”  - All on Private land so no worries regarding Bike Registration or Insurance - or even Spark Arrestors ( Although this is a good idea)

Carl and his staff make us all very welcome, and if the weather turns ugly - we can use the shop for sign up and awards.

It’s a battle between Team Ducati for top spot at Misano, with home boy Dovizioso leading Lorenzo in Practice. - Cal Crutchlow is close behind. ahead of Marquez  - Valentino 8th fastest on Friday  UPDATE : Lorenzo on Pole - Marquez crashes.
This is a pic of a group of enthusiasts who are on a trip riding the Far North and Alaska - I believe they are all from Ontario, but I would like to mention that the one white haired guy near the top right, is Lawrence Hacking - I got to know Lawrence, when  we both worked for Yamaha Canada - he later became a founding member of the WEC in Ontario. - However, maybe his biggest achievement may have been to race and finish the famous Dakar Rally on a Yamaha - he wrote a book on his experience. - I find it comforting,  that there are so many people that I know, that have done so much for Motorcycling in Canada.
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I just love the old MV Augusta race bikes and the Gilera - They started racing in the 50’s, when I couldn’t get enough of anything  that included bikes - Sadly Les Graham crashed and died on the early version at the bottom of Bray Hill in the Isle of Man TT in 1953 - This had Earles type forks, which a few Factories experimented with - - It’s interesting that after decades of trying different designs, all the Manufacturers use the tried and proven Forks seen on modern bikes.

I recently had a Trials guy, asking about suspension settings, and in fact I had another visit the shop today with the same question - The first guy asked about “Bottoming” of the forks ( He also races Enduro) - the second guy asked about a similar situation. - So this is what I told them both - If you are bottoming the suspension a lot - maybe it needs adjusting - but on any Off Road bike - If it has 14″ of suspension on the front - you should be using all that when you are hitting the whoops - the same thing applies to a Trials bike - the softer the suspension the better the traction will be - but this all depends on what you are doing and ability. - In the old days when I raced Cross Country, I would see guys bouncing all over the place, because they had their suspension set up too hard.


Check out this - Some good old nostalgia
Jeff Smith & The Golden Era of Moto-Cross


Friday September 7th 2018

Friday, September 7th, 2018


For me - the day after my birthday, was pretty relaxing - the CP went down in the morning, but was back up later, so that I could answer  emails. - Did a few chores and thought that I should have been out riding - likely would have been if Pete was still alive.
Chatted to Jimmy on the phone - he has been through quite the ordeal with eye surgery, but now seems to be over the worst - as usual his sense of humor kept me laughing.


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For those that don’t know - this is the visitor book on top of Joss Mountain - It was put there in 2007, after they fitted a new roof and windows on the old fire lookout.  - All the top notes are from hikers ( Believe me that is a really long hike) - the last one is from Chris Hrabb who kindly posted birthday greetings to me. on Sept 5th — If he had turned a few pages, he would have seen that I was last up there, with Stan on my 75th birthday -( 6 years ago)  I might be the oldest Trials rider to ever scale this mountain .

Chris called me to ask if I wanted to join them, but as much as I would have liked to have shared this day on the Mountain - old age and health issues can only leave me to look at the pics and remember the great times ( 8 times up the Mountain)  I have tried to explain to people what going up to places like this means - but unless you do it - you will never get that feeling of being on top of the World. - Of course to get to spots like this, you need a Trials bike - the ultimate machine for riding the high country. - also you need to carry extra gas - 3 ltrs is usually good for this ride (BTW this is now off limits to everyone except Hikers & Mountain Bikers  - but there are others Mountains to explore)

Finally I would like to say that Competition is good - but riding the high country on a trials bike is absolutely “Out of this World”

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Thursday September 6th 2018

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Here is a pic from last night at our family dinner at Vernon Lodge - Helen bought me a set of wireless ear phones, great present for an old deaf guy. - Having Babsy back from her yearly vacation in Alberta was perhaps the best present for me, but a huge thanks to all the people who have sent me birthday greetings from all over the World. - Yes it’s been quite a ride, I guess we will just keep plugging along until the music stops !! - Looking forward to getting out on my Beta again this weekend.

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One thing I missed on my birthday was riding the High - Country with the lads - last time I was up at this spot was on my 75th birthday with Stan - but unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and I’m afraid I just can’t do this anymore. - But, I’m still able to ride the easy stuff, so that’s a bonus. !!  Whoo - Hoo - roll on 82 !!!

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Three TRS guys looking happy - We only recognize the one in the middle   - 7 time World Champion Jordi Tarres ( Boss of TRS)

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Wednesday September 5th 2018

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

Well. !  -  today is my 81st birthday - and I must say I’m both happy and surprised to still be around - I was really very sick when I was a child.
Of course I think a lot of my health issues were first addressed when I started riding Off Road Motorcycles at the age of 16 - - then coming to the dry Calgary Climate in 1965, seemed to be the turning point.-  or maybe I was just lucky !.

Thanks to everybody who has sent birthday greetings - ( Including Stevie Baker who shares this birthday date with me) -  I really appreciate the friendship of all the people that I’ve met over the years.


I picked Babsy up from the Airport in Kelowna last night - it was surprisingly very quiet - I did bump into an old friend who was there meeting somebody off the same flight - Have not seen him since the late 1980’s. ( I even remembered his name!!)
We have Spark arrestors in stock for both Beta Evo and TRS Trials bikes - this pic is of the Beta unit.
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In case anybody is wondering what Sammy has been up to - well here is a fine example !!! ( I still find it hard to recognize him on a Gasser !! But at least he is still wearing the nice Airoh helmet I gave him. - plus we supply him the Opti Oil to keep things humming)
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The Moto GP teams are in Misano Italy this weekend - basically in Valentino’s back yard near Rimini on the Adriatic coast - This is a wonderful area which we have been lucky enough to  visit.


Click on here to see video from the UK World Round. >>>

Tuesday September 4th 2018

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Here is a pic that Rod took of Shane & myself - I have my camera inside my shirt which makes me look like I have a huge gut !!

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We are obviously having a good laugh about something !! in the second pic
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We hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend - the ride on Sunday certainly made it for me - today is clean up day around the house as Momma Bear gets home tonight after a week & half at her sisters in Olds Alberta. -


My buddy Nick in Edmonton thinks he may have found my old 1973 Bultaco  Sherpa T 325 at a junk sale - unfortunately, I don’t have any records of the serial number. It was the best Bultaco that I owned, before moving on to work for Yamaha Canada.

Click on this link to see updates on the 2019 Beta Evo.

Monday September 3rd 2018

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

This old pic just popped up on FB - I took it of Pete Bustin at his Ymir Trial a couple of years ago - this was a very tough section.

(Pete had more “Minders” than Toni Bou!!!)
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Toni looks happy - as well he should be - as the absolute top Trials rider in the World.
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We had a brilliant day out riding on Sunday - the weather was fantastic - in fact warmer than expected - it was just Shane - Rod, and myself. - But what a great time. - first ride in the Valley for me for about two months due to the Forest Fires.

As usual, my role was showing the lads some old sections, that have not been ridden for at least ten years, but most of which were still reasonably clear of dead fall.  - Here we have Shane & Rod getting some practice on an old log.
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Here is the vintage pic for today - it shows Brian Wade leading team-mate Arthur Browning on their Factory Greeves machines ( Now fitted with conventional forks)

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Sunday September 2nd 2018

Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

Well!  my Sunday started early at 2.30 am - watching the live video from the World Trial in Silsden UK  by Jitsie -  As usual I was in bed early  - but decided to check out the Web after taking a bathroom break - It showed the Ladies up first and nice to see the weather dry so far and a big crowd watching.

More on this later !!

At 6 30 am - weather still looks good in the UK ( also out the window here in Vernon)  I did see a live clip of Raga taking a 5  but really no idea of scores at this point.  UPDATE :  Emma Bristow won the Ladies Class and Toby Martyn won the GP2 Class - Bou wins again with Raga 2nd ( Official results later)

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Check out the old  film - the first ever  “Moto-X in the UK. back in 1949 held in Kent - It was called Scrambles back then - lots of dust and rigid framed bikes.  >>>> # OnThisDay


I will be heading out for a ride today with Shane  - first one for about a month, except for using the Beta to ride around at Rocky to take pics. - Will post something on this later.


Jamie McGregor from Brantford Ontario has been out on his new TRS - Loving every minute.
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