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Sunday October 21st 2018

Sunday, October 21st, 2018

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Toby Martyn gets his first win at the final round of the British Trials Championship


Well yesterday turned out to be an epic day for us in the Valley - Marris and Colum arrived from Fort Mac - and we headed down to Bear Ridge on what could only be described as a fantastic Fall day,.

We had a wonderful time  - but unfortunately, Marris picked up a flat when we were over on the far side, which had him doing the “Shane trail” down to the road, while Colum and myself rode back along the ridge to the trucks.

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Late getting up today - so will have to cut the report short - as we are going riding again - more news later >>>>>


Marc Marquez scored a brilliant victory at Twin Ring Motegi today, earning his eighth win of the season, the seventh World Title of his career and his fifth MotoGP World Championship in six years.

The 25-year-old Spaniard is the youngest rider in the history of the sport to win seven World Championships: 125cc in 2010, Moto2 in 2012 and MotoGP in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Marc is also the youngest rider to have won five premier-class titles.

Marc Marquez 2018 World Championship facts so far

– At the age of 25 years and 246 days, Marquez is the youngest rider of all time to reach the milestone of seven World Championships, taking the record from Mike Hailwood, who was 26 years and 140 days old when he won his seventh title, the 1966 350cc crown.

– Marquez is one of only eight riders to have taken seven or more World Championships across all classes, the others being John Surtees (7), Phil Read (7), Carlo Ubbiali (9), Mike Hailwood (9), Valentino Rossi (9), Angel Nieto (13) and Giacomo Agostini (15).

– Marquez is the youngest rider ever to win five premier-class titles, at the age of 25 years and 246 days, taking the record from Valentino Rossi, who was 26 years and 221 days old when he won his fifth premier-class title in 2005.

– Marquez has joined Mick Doohan, Valentino Rossi and Giacomo Agostini as one of only four riders to have taken five or more premierclass titles.

Saturday October 20th 2018

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

The long Moto GP season is still dragging on - and this weekend they are in Japan - The Twin Ring Circuit owned by Honda, has seen some big battles both on the pavement and on the surrounding rocky hillsides, where they hold a World Trial each year. The Japs are fanatics when it comes to motorcycling, and the crowds are absolutely massive.

In early practice, the Yamaha bikes seem to have gained some speed, but of course all eyes will be on Marc Marquez as he could clinch another World Title this weekend - not that it will be easy, as Ducati Dovi - will be strong, but Jorge Lorenzo is sitting this one out, as the wrist he broke  recently is still bothering him. ( At least he will get to chat with his new Honda bosses for next year)


So today I will be going riding with Marris & his buddy from Fort Mac - I plan on showing them around Bear Ridge   - then tomorrow we will go to Summerland.

I should mention that while Kevin & myself were at Summerland last Monday - it was a bit cool, so Kev elected to wear his Hoodie ! - However, when we were on the way back to the truck, I steered us down an old deer trail, which had one of the slender willow type branches hanging over - I ducked under it and carried on, but stopped down the trail when I didn’t see Kev behind me - turns out the tie cord on his hoodie, snagged the branch, nearly choking him and hauling him off the bike . No damage done, but something to be aware of.


A Mechanic who works for Blackfoot Motorcycle in Calgary, has won the Prestigious #1 award Presented in Japan at the Yamaha Factory


This old pic just popped up on FB - shows our buddy Pete, with the Sherco 320 4T - I was also on a Sherco that day, as I was still a dealer for them at that time - the area is up above Yankee Flats.   We will be remembering Pete as well as Ady Brown on the November 10/11th weekend at the Ross Rathbone Property Trial -

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Friday October 19th 2018

Friday, October 19th, 2018

This is Jordi - when he had hair - and rode Beta !! - I never did ride one of those, but did have the later TR34, followed by about 20 of the later models. All great bikes from the Italian Factory. - The new 2019 models are available next week, so if you want one better call quickly, because the first shipments always sell out fast.
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Meanwhile - Jordi’s new venture, the TRS has this new model for 2019 - this is the 125 cc of the X.track . They come in 250 and 300 versions as well. - This particular bike is bound for Jim Snell in the USA.
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The Scott Trial this year, was the toughest for a very long time, with the creeks running at full pelt - this is World Ladies Champion getting a bath on her Sherco - she did well to get it going again and finished.

Although the winner, Dougie Lampkin was riding a fuel Injected Vertigo - it’s worth noting that the fastest time was set by young Jack Price on a Gasser - and they used to have the worst airbox in the business - 3rd placed finisher James Dabill, had all of John Lampkin’s  experience in taping up the airbox on the Beta, but it still sucked in some water which might have cost him the win.
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Back in the day - I used to put a lot of water sections in the Trials I organized - most were good, but I must confess that I might have overdone it at one Kelowna National - the section was in a gorge between rocky banks - with an exit up a bit of a waterfall -  but the thing that made it interesting, was that there were two or three large rocks, underneath the deep part, so if a rider (experts only) were to get through, they had to be very precise ( Sounds a bit like modern day World Trials right?) Anyway - the only rider that attempted it was Stan - and he got through without drowning the TY - everybody else took a “5″ and called me names !!


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TRS PRESS: Adam Raga is lowered in the Spanish Championship final points tally because of injury.

An injury to the elbow will prevent Adam Raga from competing in the final round of the 2018 Spanish Trial Championship, which takes place this weekend in the town of Becerril de la Sierra in Madrid.

The rider from Tarragona must take approximately one month for rest and recuperation before returning to the controls of his TRS. That’s when he starts preparing for the first big challenge of the 2019 season: the X-Trial World Championship.


More news as it happens >>>>>>

Thursday October 18th 2018

Thursday, October 18th, 2018

Another foggy morning in the Valley - typical for this time of the year, before the sun burns through  - the forecast looks good for the weekend.

It’s hard to believe,   but the Scottish Six Day entry list is now open for 2019 - Always oversubscribed, with the final ballot deciding the final 275 riders who will get to ride this awesome event. I wonder if any Canadian’s are planning to go next year.

Here is a typical section  from the Highlands, although most of the sections are in the Creeks, or “Burns” as they are called in Scotland.

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I wonder if Marris is on his way yet from Fort Mac - It’s a long haul to the Okanagan, but I’m sure the lads will enjoy the visit - we plan on going to Bear Ridge on Saturday - then Summerland for Sunday. - Not sure who will join us, but everybody is welcome.  - Dominique stopped by last night to grab some parts for her Beta and might be able to hook up with us .

It was interesting to hear about a couple of recent rides that Dominique went on at Revy - she was with some other lady riders who were really struggling on large Enduro bikes on Rowland’s Revenge and “Squirrel City” - although quite small, Dominique managed fine on her Evo 250, and now has a few other gals, thinking maybe they bought the wrong bike.

So we have yet another Trials model in Canada, this one from China - It’s a small 4T model, built by a keen Trials Enthusiast and Imported by Ron Golden of Ontario. - We were approached to sell these as a dealer, but declined as we already have Beta and TRS.

Only time will tell how successful this or any new brand will be, but the Trials pond is very small, and requires a lot of effort to keep the sport going. However, we wish them luck.


Looking ahead to the Ady Brown/Pete Brown Memorial Trial on the November 11th weekend - We have elected to have a 11 am start on Saturday - with 10 am Sunday. - Camping is available at the Rathbone property. and we will have the following classes for this fun weekend - Junior A- Junior B - Intermediate - Advanced - Expert - ( We have eliminated the Sportsman and Snr Advanced for this Trial)  - The sections will not be difficult, just designed to take a few points.  Entry fee is $20 per day or $30 for the two days. - Any questions call me. - To get to Ross’ s place you follow the road, up the hill out of Scotch Creek, past the old turn off for the Outlaw - down the hill until you see the sign for Magna Bay - Turn right on Davies Road ( I’m sure Ross will put a couple of arrows up)


There is no doubt that the UK Classic builders come up with some really nice stuff - check out the TY airbox made out of aluminum then covered with carbon wrap - the original Yamaha unit left a lot to be desired, especially the way the hose lined up with the carb.

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The Motul Grand Prix of Japan could be a Championship clinching weekend for Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team) and joining him in the pre-event Press Conference was closest rival Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati Team), Maverick Viñales (Movistar Yamaha MotoGP), Alex Rins (Team Suzuki Ecstar), Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda Team) and home hero Takaaki Nakagami (LCR Honda Idemitsu) to preview Round 16.


And here is my Airplane pic of the day - This Pilot doing a wheels up landing !!!!

Pilot Performs The PERFECT Wheels Up Landing-Seriously | World War Wings Videos

Wednesday October 17th 2018

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

This a pic of buddy Kev Smith, who was in from Vancouver for the weekend - the section is a tricky one with tight turns and loose rocks leading to a steep climb - it took him a while but Kev finally managed to clean it - ( I should add that at the end, it looked like Brett Clark had been busy with his size 10 boots)
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So this weekend we have a couple of our  Fort Mac: customers bringing their Beta Evos to the Okanagan for a ride in this amazing Fall weather we are having - They will be stopping in Revy on Friday and will be looking to hook up with some of the local lads, before heading our way for Saturday and Sunday - At this point I’m not sure where I will take them, but Vernon, Bear Creek and Summerland are all on the cards, if anybody feels like joining us, shoot me an email.


We just saw the report and pics from the CPTA Classic Trial at Ioco last Sunday - perfect weather and it appeared that everybody had a great time  - Nice to see this event still on the Calendar.

Classic A winner Pierce McNeal
Classic “A” winner Pierce McNeal
Beautiful sunny weather saw a higher than usual turnout for the Fall Classic Trial hosted by the Canada Pacific Trials Association on October 16/18. Ioco was buzzing with old two-strokes as some bikes that were resurrected in the previous week or two were dragged out and revved out.

A few expert riders shared rides and it was great to see how well they did when they did not have the power, suspension or brakes that they were used to. Pierce McNeal just eked out the win by cleans over Sean Bird in Classic A and Mike Hay dropped only one point all day in Classic B.

The Sportsman class had lots of riders with Greg Patrick coming out on top with only two points. It was good to see a couple of new riders out in Junior, and Dave Seifert was the clear winner there.


Tuesday October 16th 2018

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

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This was the view from up on the ridge yesterday at Summerland, a truly incredible day to be out in the woods ( It’s been awhile since I have been out) - our buddy Kev Smith, was in the Valley, so we took time to meet up and share the day. - If you look at the top of the pic, using the two trees as a kind of gun sight - you can just see Okangan Lake.


The Beta Factory have had a very good year in the Enduro game - Steve Holcombe from the UK has been  Crowned World Champion again - I think this is his 4th title.
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There is a new book coming out on Motorcycling - I was checking the cover, trying to figure out who was in the various pictures , when I noticed the Yamaha IT, #153, which I believe is one of the Yamaha Motor Canada Team bikes at the 1983 in Wales ( Maybe Tony Allen’s 250) I will have to look through my old Albums. - I think the Trials  rider is Nick Jefferies, and the road racer could be Jarno Saaronen.

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Check out the exhaust on this old Trials bike

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Monday October 15th 2018

Monday, October 15th, 2018

How about this old classic - A Francis Barnet - quite popular back in the day, but it has a strange looking cylinder head.Image may contain: motorcycle and outdoor

The Brown Memorial Trial is a go and will be held on the Remembrance weekend  November 10/11 ( Two day) Sat/Sunday - Ross is putting it on at his property, should be a lot of fun - Watch for more details & directions in the coming few weeks .
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There was a big Classic Trial in France last weekend - all to celebrate Mick Andrews contribution to the Sport - it looks like they had at least 100 bikes out.
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So today I’m going riding with Kevin Smith - it’s been quite a while since I was out so I will be taking it easy - we plan on riding part of the old Outlaw loop at Summerland  - As always I will have my camera to record the day -


Congrats to Michel Belanger, (Beta) on winning the Quebec Trials Championship for the 5th year - He is also the WTC (East) Champ. -

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It’s been another great season for Beta rider Steve Holcombe - winning another World Enduro Championship

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Sunday October 14th 2018

Sunday, October 14th, 2018

Dougie wins the Scott Trial again , on his Vertigo Submarine  - Jack Price  (GG) 2nd James Dabill (Beta)  3rd - not sure how many finished, but it was a very wet day. - Update - 80 riders finished out of 200 starters
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Lots of water crossings and creek sections in the Scott Trial - This Beta rider must have found a loose rock

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Seeing that pic, reminded me of  being washed down a couple of times while setting up Trials in Alberta - once in the Little Elbow, when scouting out a spot to have a gas stop at the 1975 FIM World Trial, and another time at Waiperous - It was a bit scary as the Mountain rivers are fast flowing and take the light Trials bikes down stream pretty quickly - with some big deep water holes, it was imperative to try to grab the rocks on the bottom as you got swept along - with just your head and the throttle side of the bars with your hand on it above the water -  as a non-swimmer glad to say I somehow survived both times. - Setting up Trials has sure been a lot of fun over the years !! - I have heard tales of bikes being swept away in Alberta, only to be found weeks later.

All the Calgary Club Cross Country races, would have river crossings back in the 70’s  - many riders would be watered out at the very first one - I recall one guy, rigged up a snorkel from his carb - with the intake tied to his shoulder - don’t think it worked that well - Eric Mautner was his name. - A lot of less experienced guys would try to walk their bikes across the rivers, but would be on the downstream side - so when the rushing water pushed against the bike - it would knock them off their feet and down they would go.

Then we had this comedian by the name of Mel Skaar - Mel was a big guy, maybe 300 lbs - nobody argued with Mel  !! - Mel would stand on the opposite bank of any river and encourage riders to  take HIS line - then he would bust a gut when they went up to handlebars in  a big hole. -  - I’m glad to say that I never fell for any of these “Helpful hints”  - his other one was dragging a log across a muskeg swamp so that riders would think that a bike had been through !! - I’m not sure if anybody ever fell for this one, but for sure if Mel was involved in setting up any Cross Country events - you had to be really smart to avoid his “Traps” -  Remember in the 70’s only a handful of riders ever made it to the finish line.

This a pic of Helmut Clasen back in 1971 - he was a Zundapp dealer back then - later he carried Ossa and then KTM - He still rides at age 81 and is one of the most knowledgeable people in the Motorcycle Industry.
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Saturday October 13th 2018

Saturday, October 13th, 2018

In the coming few weeks, we will see lots of pics posted showing snow bikes - with all sorts of power sources - but how about this one - An old Bultaco Sherpa T - Not sure when this was built as there is no info on it.
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I loved Norton’s - to me they were the bikes that I listened to on the live radio broadcasts from the Isle of Man in the early 50’s - Graham Walker was the commentator and  as a lad, I used to have my ear pressed close to the speaker to hear the wonderful sound of the Manx Norton singles, that dominated the races at that time, before TV and before the 4 cylinder MV and  Gilera “Fire engines” took over.

This is a look at a 1930’s Norton - the design and paint scheme on this bike was classic - Later in 1963  - I had two Norton Dominators  - I bought one cheap as it had been “Dropped” - As I’ve recounted earlier, Babsy and myself traveled through Europe and over the Alps to the Adriatic Coast in Italy  on one of these great bikes. ( She deserves an award for that )


Here is a pic of Mick with that neat old Yam - still got his long hair ( must be in his mid-70’s now)

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How about this - The Ontario Trial scheduled for this weekend, has had to be cancelled, because there is not enough parking space for the over 40 riders expected to attend !! When was the last time you heard that?

But another Ontario Trial went ahead with 53 Entrees !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done you guys.

I must say that the response on Face-book, to the announcement of me being Inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame, has left me feeling very humble and overwhelmed  - the last time I looked over 130 people had offered congratulations, many from overseas - Wow!


Still waiting to see the results of the Scott Trial - it usually takes a long time for the organizers to sort everything out. We will post pics etc asap

RMC Scott Trial 2018


Jordi held a big TRS Family day this weekend - everybody looks happy.

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Friday October 12th 2018

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Tomorrow is the Famous “Scott” Trial - held over the Yorkshire moors for the past 100 years. It’s rated as the toughest one day Trial in the World, and is a combination of Time and Observation.

So who will win this year? - Will it be Dougie Lampkin again?  - maybe, but my money is on James Dabill - the Beta is the choice of many for this event, as they are strong and reliable.  -

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I’m not sure who wrote this - but it’s reasonably accurate, just a couple of hiccups. Image may contain: one or more people and text

So anybody that has seen the post about me on FB regarding the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame - will now know that I was the first guy to flip a TY250 over backwards ( It was supposed to be a secret) - This happened in the Fall of 1973, when I was at the Richmond branch of Yamaha Motor Canada.  - I was chatting to the lads in the service shop, and they showed me the first pre-production TY that they had for testing, and knowing my background, suggested I try it out in the parking lot.

As it happened often in Vancouver, it was raining, but being pretty excited about giving the new Japanese bike a go. - I was given a set of coveralls to cover my dress pants and off I went - everybody was glued to the window as I putt-putted   around the yard and grassy area, before heading around the back of the building - lots of space here, so I gave it a big handful of throttle, just as I was used to doing on my Bultaco Sherpa T 325,- and it spat me off the back like right now,- leaving me on my backside, while the bike skidded across the paved lot. - jumping up quickly, I immediately looked at the rear of the building, but to my relief, there were no windows. !!  - Also luckily - this bike had already got some scratches on it put on by the service guys.
A minute later I was back  around to the service department, telling the guys how great it was, before visiting the washroom to take off the wet coveralls, and put a band aid on my right elbow >>

Fortunately, I was able to redeem myself when I got my production bike, by winning the first Trial in Alberta and a few more after that - but I did almost total that Yamaha in a Cross Country race at Elkford. - However, that’s another story.


Yesterday I mailed off all the WTC #1 plates to the various winners - except on going over the results - I realized that we missed the fact that we did have a winner in the Ladies Class - Brittany Fournier took 2nd place in the Junior at that very wet Round #1 at Revy - so she rightfully deserves to receive the #1 Plate

I have notified Britta, and she will pick this up next time she is in Town.


As I’ve mentioned before, some of the Classic bikes being built for Trials in Europe, are “State of the Art” take a look at this TY prepared for Mick to ride. - I would love to own something like that.

Anybody got an old TY for sale?

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