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Tuesday November 20th 2018

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

This pic is from when I received  the special medal - but can’t remember who it was that presented it. !!!
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Because you were only allowed a few minutes to speak ( except Crevier - who didn’t seem to know this !! what a hoot he is) - I really didn’t get to say what I wanted to, about Trials in Canada. - (The fact that it isn’t all about young guys jumping from rock to rock dressed in spandex suits.)

I count myself extremely lucky for the life that Ive been able to live involved in motorcycling  — none of which would have been possible without the long time support of Babsy.  - One thing I did say in my speech, was that one year, - back in the day - Yamaha had a slogan - “Yamaha it’s a Family Affair” - I closed by saying that I think that’s a great slogan for Motorcycle sport, because without the Mum’s & Dads  buying the bikes & getting the youngsters out to the races and the weekend camp outs , - there would be no future.

Although this is not the “Official” group pic - it shows the Inductees  plus a couple of people picking up for deceased members. ( Wally Klammer’s daughter is in the middle - her speech was a tear jerker)

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Best quote from Taff, after seeing the pics -”Looking pretty dapper - even if your “Gob” looks like a graveyard”

( Gob is a UK slang term for mouth)

Catching up on some of the other action from last weekend ->

The Mountain Motorcycle sponsored - Graham Jackson Memorial Trial was held at Ioco on Sunday  in beautiful Fall weather - the report can be seen on Trials Canada.

The Classic Two Day Costa Brava Trial had a whopping 480 riders !!! Here are three of the Lampkin Family - Doug was riding his Dad’s Sherpa T. ( He won)
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Monday November 19th 2018

Monday, November 19th, 2018

Well, the 2018 Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame gala, in Vancouver was something that I will remember for a very long time. - There were cameras everywhere, but although we have already seen a ton posted on face-book - I really like this one, taken by Helen my daughter.

It shows me with four of my long time friends, Al Perrett - Steve Crevier - Stevie Baker, and Bob Work. - We could write a book, on the stories and good times we shared over the years, -  one Saturday night, was certainly not long enough.

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Perhaps one of the main things that struck me, about this past weekend, was how this event brought everybody together to celebrate. - no politics - just a time to look back on the achievements of many,  and add another page to the history books on Canadian Motorcycling. ( close to 300 people attended from across the Country)
We chatted to so many people - Roger Boothroyd was there on behalf of the Victoria Club - Bob & Brett Clark,  Dave Fair and his wife, Doug Nimmo flew in from Calgary  - we had Duncan Fraser at our table, plus Paul from Interlube, who came up from Bellingham. ( We have been Distributing Opti since 1987)

So many people from the past - some I had to look at their name tags - We spent some time, with Sharon, Danny Amor’s widow - she had a really nice display showing off all the awards that Danny won - we met Danny’s son, who accepted his award that night - a fine young man, who looks very much like his Dad.

We shared special moments with Al (Perrett) who is in poor health -  but still has that twinkle in his eye, -

Joe and Vera Godsal  (CMA)  were in the class of 2018, and we spent some time chatting - but just about the good times ( which is how it should be)
The weekend was also the first real chance for Babsy and myself to spend time with Helen and Grant - we crammed so much in, doing the tourist thing, - Stanly Park- Fisherman’s Wharf in White Rock  and the weather was absolutely stunning.
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Friday November 16th 2018

Friday, November 16th, 2018

ISDE Day 4 Results: Australia still out in front! | News

The Australian men’s World Trophy Team set a blistering pace on Day 4 of the International Six Days Enduro in Chile, gaining almost two minutes on second place, Team U.S.A.

Daniel Milner continues to lead the individual standings while Daniel Sanders and Josh Strang hold down third and 10th respectively.

Australia’s Women’s team has stretched its lead to over eight minutes ahead of second place, Team U.S.A, and the Junior Trophy team sits comfortably in fifth.

Watch the highlights from Day 3 here – Day 4 highlights will be posted once they become available

The 2019 TRS Models will arrive soon - Book yours NOW from Outlaw Dave.Image may contain: motorcycle


How about this sweet unit from Beta for 2019 ?  Want one?  Call me. !!!!!!!!
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Today we head into another weekend, but it isn’t just ANY weekend - This is when the old guy gets inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Vancouver.  - We fly out tonight for what looks like being a  pretty big deal !!  A couple of my buddies from the past are also on the list, so we should have a few laughs. I should mention that I find all this fuss a bit overwhelming - Of course it all started back in 1969 in  Calgary - when I met up with Terry Porter and John Whitby, and we started planning & running UK style Trials events in the Foothills West of the City. - Who would have thought back then, that we would go on to host the first ever World Round, and spend ten years working for Yamaha.? - Then later becoming a Trials dealer.
Perhaps the biggest “Plus” is the fact that I’m still able to get out on a Trials bike, and while I struggle a bit these days, there really isn’t anything better than being up in the hills above Okanagan Lake - it’s a Magical experience.
The only “Fly in the ointment “  has been all the oral surgery that I’ve gone through in the past three weeks.!! - I now look more like a hockey player with missing front teeth, so guess I won’t be smiling much. - Like they say “Timing is everything - never one of my better  points”


This is a pic from a couple of years ago, when we were out testing the TRS

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More news on Monday after we gt back.>>

Thursday November 15th 2018

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

THE ISDE is on this week in Chile - But no Canadian Teams are entered.  You can follow the results by clicking on to the Enduro 21 site.Image may contain: text

Day three of the ISDE dawned early with a fresh set of challenging tests for riders in Chile. The fast three at the front of the field, Daniel Milner, Taylor Robert and Daniel Sanders again set the benchmarks and traded test wins – Milner now takes the overall lead.

Australia now lead the World Trophy class by 3m:23s from USA with Italy running at the sharp end despite a fuel issue in test six for Alex Salvini which cost him a hefty nine minutes.

The Italians continue to boss the Juniors Trophy category by almost three and half minutes now from USA but France are coming knocking on the American door in third.

Tayla Jones continues to bully the Women’s class but Brandy Richards ran her close at the end of day three. The Australian Women’s team now have over six minutes on France.

Dust was again a problem, causing test four to be cancelled. The Trophy riders also had an extended time gap for test five due to dust – two riders per minute.

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The photo above shows the opening of my local Motorcycle shop in Oswestry, back in 1953  - I am looking through the window on the left ( kid in raincoat) - I used to hang around there a lot and bought a couple of my competition bikes from Roy (  guy standing on far right - he finished 3rd in the Senior TT one year- the guy in the middle Bill Doran was a Norton Factory rider)


Steve Saunders posted this nice pic of the new 2019 TRS  He just got a shipment of 31 which will be going out to dealers.  We expect the Canadian shipment to be available within a couple of weeks. - If you want one, better shout up to go on the list - same applies for the 2019 Beta Evo.  - You snooze, you lose.
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Here is a nice “Trialsy” pic of Albert Cabestany in a typical Trials section - love those Autumn colors.
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As we check the weather forecast for signs of snow - our hearts go out to those poor folk in California, who have suffered such a terrible loss.  - Without a doubt, the danger of Wild Fires has been brought home to many in Western Canada over the past few years, with the 2003 Kelowna fire and the Fort Mac Fire. - It was a miracle that nobody lost their life in either of these.


Monday November 5th 2018

Monday, November 5th, 2018

It’s Guy Fawkes Day in England today

Sorry but I’m feeling pretty rough still after a sick weekend - so hope to catch up on the blog tomorrow.


Sunday November 4th 2018

Sunday, November 4th, 2018

Bernie Schreiber recently got to test ride some modern bikes in Europe - Here he is on the Beta Evo 300. - practicing his famous “Floater” turns.
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===========================================< We picked up the medals for the Brown Memorial Trial next weekend - As usual, our gal Kathie at Five-star Trophies has done a terrific job.

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I’m afraid I’m a bit on the sick list at the moment - dental issues plus a head cold, have knocked me about for the past couple of days - unfortunately the dental work will be going on for quite some time, so please excuse the rather short reports some days. ( I can’t stay on the computer or watch TV for very long)

( Could not have come at a worse time)


Saturday November 3rd 2018

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018


Young UK rising star Toby Martyn has signed to ride a Factory Beta for 2019. under the John Lampkin banner - Toby recently beat Established British Champion James Dabill, who is also on the Beta Team

Should be interesting.


And just in case somebody missed this !!!!  - Pic was taken up on Bear Ridge in the early spring as the snow is still on the ground.
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In Malasia, Marquez was on pole but got penalized so it will be Yamaha Team Mates Zarco and Rossi who will lead the pack away from the start tomorrow.  - Jorge Lorenzo tried to ride, but with his wrist still a problem, will sit this one out


Toby Martyn signs for Beta Factory Racing Team John Lampkin & Toby Martyn (Image: Press release) Rising British trials star Toby Martyn has signed a two-year deal to ride for the Beta factory racing team. The 18-year-old from Cornwall finished second in the Trial2 class of this year’s FIM Trial World Championship and last month ended James Dabill’s chances of a perfect British Trials Championship season at the penultimate round of the series.Read more at:

Friday November 2nd 2018

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

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Most people know that we have been selling Wulf gear out of the UK for a very long time - made in Scotland the riding gear is absolutely  top quality - I still see riders out there in gear that we sold back in 1995 the first year we Imported it. ( Obviously not great for the dealer but do genuine Trials dealers really care about that?)  A guy by the name of Bill Brown runs Wulfsport out of the Lake District in the UK - He drives a Rolls Royce, and doesn’t care what anybody thinks of him - He has promoted Maico in the European MX series for many years. - We at Outlaw, stock all the Wulf Trials gear and can get anything that they sell - MX - Enduro - Speedway ? - We would rate this company as the the number one that we like to deal with in the UK  - We order tonight - we get it it 4 days !!!!!!!!!!   - Nobody ( Other than Mountain Motorcycle) have given us that service.
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Our old buddy Chris Hrabb, stopped by yesterday, so we grabbed some lunch, down at Squires Pub, & chatted about all the latest things happening -  He picked up parts for some of the Revy crew. and some Opti Oil for both his TRS Trials bike and his Husky Enduro.


It looks like it might be a wet weekend in the Valley !!!!!!!!

Thursday November 1st 2018

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Check out this pic of the Moto Guzzi and read the info: on the amazing  Road racer - I saw the 500cc V8 edition,  being raced in the  1957 TT at the Isle of Man- Bill Lomas used to attend some functions at the Club I belonged to in Oswestry. Shropshire, back in the 1950’s - The very popular,  Fergus Anderson was killed racing. - Moto Guzzi along with other Italian factories, pulled out of racing after 1957.  - The “Dustbin” fairings, were later “Outlawed” because they were considered dangerous in windy conditions.
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I posted this pic for “Wheelie Wednesday” - it shows the old guy back around 1985 on the TY at Bear Ridge. - Still a few patches of snow.  I think that is Harry McKay in the background. - Harry went back to Scotland, and became a very successful builder, now married with two small children, who are riding Trials on their small Oset Electric bikes.   We still keep in touch.

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Looking down the road to the weekend - the only Trial I see on the Calendar is the Victoria Club Event - details can be seen on Trials Canada.

For the Road Race Fans, it will be the Sepang Moto GP this weekend - the fight is now on for 2nd place, in the Championship.

Here is a video for the Retro fans
Retro Trial Park


Another bit of Retro: - This time a pic of Mick Andrews with the Prototype Mono-shock of 1975 - Mick is holding the  shock absorber, which was basically the same as on the YZ models  - very long which on the Trials bike was a weight issue. - Mick rode it (and won) the Scottish - but brought his stock bike to Calgary for the FIM later that year.  - We chatted a lot over the years about working with the Japanese, and some of the problems encountered. ( many times they just didn’t listen)
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Well, as expected, my visit to the dentist looks like it will be both time consuming, painful, and expensive.!!


Just saw this great pic of Jordi - Now THAT is Trials riding.

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Check this out