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Monday December 31st 2018

Monday, December 31st, 2018

So here we are on the last day of 2018 - and as if the weatherman is trying to cheer us up - the sun is shining out of a clear blue sky - Of course it’s also cold at -9 in the Valley, but a great day for everybody to get out for some fresh air.

We spent some time this morning on FB, wishing friends from all over the World the very best for 2019 - the Social network certainly connects both family and friends quickly and usually in a positive way. - We love to see the photographs and memories from all parts of the Globe.

This is also the day that riders who have entered the Scottish for next May, find out if they have been lucky enough to get in after the ballot.   - Only 375 are accepted out of the 575 entrees that were sent in.  - I’m not sure if any Canadians are going - I guess we will find out when the entry list gets posted.

And how about New Year resolutions? - I wonder how many will be made and then kept?

The year of 2018 seemed to fly by so quickly - and as we grow older, it’s hard to remember everything that transpired - For sure, we had some good times - and I can’t think of anything really bad that happened, -  at least  not to our close family and friends.  - We were able to get out to a lot of events both in BC and Alberta - and while some of the gatherings were smaller, the  evening campfires were so much fun - we have been so lucky to meet so many enthusiasts over the years.

Of course, we did hear some sad stories - people that we knew that had died in accidents - or passed away after illness.   - Each year, brings memories of both happiness and sorrow.

In 2018 we had some really good Trials events. and on behalf of the WTC, I would like to thank everybody, that spent their time, making these a success - we were certainly tested by the weather, - the Trials at Malakwa and Revelstoke saw torrential rain, something that can’t be predicted when setting up the loop - having to change things last minute has always been part of organizing events - snow and rain sometimes make for decisions not popular. - But as they say - the show must go on, if at all possible.

And remember none of the organizers get one cent for all the hard work - this has always been the way in our Trials - They all do it “For Love of the Sport”
At the Brown Memorial Trial, put on at Ross Rathbone’s Property, we were able to raise a lot of money for Cancer - We started doing this a number of years ago, and have now contributed thousands of dollars to this worthy cause.
To the new riders, who tried the sport for the first time this past season, we hope that you enjoyed yourselves, we hope to see you out again in 2019.  - Please remember, that while Trials riding isn’t for everyone, giving up after only one event, would I think be a mistake.
Tomorrow. it all begins again - A new calendar filled with Trials events and plans for the coming year, hopefully we will not see the return of the Floods or Forest Fires , but natural disasters seem to be happening all over the World, these days.



This old memory, popped up on FB - it shows me riding up a big snow drift at Crowfoot Mountain a few years ago - we had some neat rides up there ( In Martin & Julie’s back yard)
David H Rhodes's photo.


Sunday December 30th 2018

Sunday, December 30th, 2018

I thought I would post this one for Taff, as  he comes from Merthyr - the year was  2010 and the rider is Alexz Wigg. - The bike is of course a Beta Evo. - The Rocks are strictly Welsh Quarry (.pic by Heath)
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Yes  we have winter - YUK!
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I saw this posted for anybody looking to get away from the winter weather in February

Hey CPTA. Mark your calendars to shake off the snow. PST is hosting the first trial of the 2019 season on Saturday, February 2nd 2019 at Island Lake Crista Camp in Poulsbo Washington. Come down Friday night and stay dry and warm in one of the shared cabins for only $20pp US. (reservations required) Hot showers and flush toilets. Chili and hotdogs are provided for Saturday’s lunch. Great way to kick off the season. Happy New year!
And then we see this pic that Bruce posted from Mexico !!!! Hmmm ! Hard for me to get excited about winter.
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And this is Les Birchall riding on Saturday in Ontario - - good size step on the old twin-shock Honda.
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Good hockey game last night - with the Canadian Junior Team beating the Czechs - they are now 3-0

Saturday December 29th 2018

Saturday, December 29th, 2018

Saw this posted on FB - so we now know that Barry is alive and well - he is pictured out riding with his brother in law in Arizona.

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This pic of the Factory Yamaha Trials bike was also posted on FB - To me, it looks not bad from  this side - but the weird header pipe on the other side and the big lump of an engine really doesn’t impress me.
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Check  out this old film - Trials and Scrambling in the UK back in the day - the Lomax National, was held about 5 miles from where I lived - I rode it in 1957 - a very long 70 + miles and tough.



Well I think that winter has really hit the Valley, with snow all day yesterday, so I’m really glad that we have a neighbor with a tractor to clear the driveway.


Had a call from Bruce Baker yesterday, he is in Baja, Mexico  - says that he has hooked up with Stan for some Trials riding - also that he has learned a lot from our 2018 WTC Champion.


Like a lot of people, we have been tuning in to the Junior Hockey games - Canada doing pretty well at the moment with 2 wins from 2 starts - they meet the Czechs later today -


Our condolences go out to Harry McKay in Scotland, who just lost his Mother before Christmas - a sad time for the family - - ( It’s also Harry’s birthday today)


Friday December 28th 2018

Friday, December 28th, 2018

As we wind down the year 2018 - There are a lot of things, that I can look back on and reflect - but  of course the highlight was to be inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

There are some pretty great people or their representatives in this photo -  To be honest I wondered why I was there. - ( Of course I looked really great with no front teeth)

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And here is a “Blast from the Past”  Can anybody name all these people?   and where the pic was taken?
'Blast from the past - an 80's pic from a Trial at Fruitvale BC - some of the people are Jim Corkle - Aaron Semonoff - Kevin Couves, Barry Van As. - Dave Griffin, Graeme Manning - Dave Rhodes, Mike Seto, - Blake Manning. -not sure who it is sitting by Kevin in the back of the van, and have forgotten the name of the guy with the beard ( 2nd from left)  As I recall it was about 100 degrees that day. Thanks to Graeme for sending this Golden Oldie'


Not too much exciting stuff happening today - unless you think counting inventory  is fun !! - no more snow, but as usual, the dump we had caused a big accident on the hiway a block over from where we live, so  all the South bound traffic got re-directed onto Pleasant Valley Road, past our place - but of course this didn’t slow anybody down !! What a bunch of idiots we see speeding past the driveway ( supposed to be 50k)

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Check out this >>> Remember these were the days of 4 ply tires and no clutching. Many of these sections are still used today.

Thursday December 27th 2018

Thursday, December 27th, 2018

Scott Flying Squirrel Front Side

The Scott company was founded by Alfred Angas Scott, that’s a name you should almost certainly know if you’re interested in motorcycle history, as it was Scott who invented and/or patented the kickstarter, monoshock suspension, rotary inlet valves, drip-feed lubricators, centrestands, and perhaps most importantly, his patented two-stroke engine designs still form the basis of modern two-stroke engines.

Also of interest, my Dad had one of these machines, called the Flying Squirrel .


Weather was pretty yukky yesterday, so I just stayed home - did a few chores, then watched the junior hockey - bit one sided with Canada hammering Denmark. - Had a few phone calls as well to chat about the future of the sport of Trials in Canada.


More News as it happens ….>

The latest issue of On the Pegs is now up on the net - Good article on Geoff Aaron and some other Trials stuff - if you have trouble finding it- shoot me an email.

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Boxing Day 2018

Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

Here is a Boxing Day pic - from a few years ago - (2010) - Barry is watching an Eagle flying low to check us out - while Rob from Hinton, rides one of the sections up on Bear Ridge. - Back then, we always tried to get out on Boxing Day, no matter what the weather.  - In the UK ( and Ioco) The Boxing Day Trials events are very popular - all about having fun with your buddies to celebrate the Christmas Spirit ( all the events we rode back in my time in Wales, started from the local pub yard - some riders would stop in for a pint after doing one loop ( and some never left)

We haven’t seen or heard from Barry now for a number of years, but Rob from Hinton Alberta, bought a Beta from us last year.  -  We wish everybody who manages to get out today a good time - In Vernon it is trying to snow and looks cold outside - Soooo ! not sure what our plans will be.  ( Old bones don’t stand up well to winter conditions)
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Please remember that We are open all week, so if Santa didn’t bring you what you wanted - maybe we can help? - All our Trials gear is still on Christmas Special and we have a good stock of everything.


Now here is a funny - As you all know, I’m not much of a Computer Guru - but thought I would check on the messenger site - guess what - it has stuff on there from 2015 - so if you never got an answer to a request posted there - Sorry - email is the best for me  - it’s a similar thing with my cell phone - very rarely use it and only carry it with me when I’m out and about in case I need to contact somebody or Momma Bear needs to get a hold of me.  - Home phone is best (250) 545-6139

BTW I’m also quite deaf, so bear with me if I have to ask you to repeat your requests.

Christmas Day 2018

Tuesday, December 25th, 2018

Mark was pretty much sold on the new TRS  X-track - before he stopped by the Outlaw Ranch on Christmas Eve, with  Dominique ( Who has an Evo 250)  - But he was all smiles after a quick blast around the yard.   Merry Christmas buddy - Welcome to the Trials World. ( The X track has an extra Trials Tank that can be fitted in minutes)
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Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, motorcycle and outdoor


A BIG night with the family over last night - lots of eating. drinking. singing and laughter - a great time.

Today will be quiet in comparison I think !!!!!  Have a great Christmas everyone.

Some of the Family spent the day up at Silver Star.

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Monday December 24th 2018 - Christmas Eve.

Monday, December 24th, 2018

The entry for the 2019 Scottish Six Days is now closed, with 500 seeking a good result in the ballot.  If that doesn’t tell you what type of Trials event is most popular - nothing will . - - This is a great pic of Scots lad Gary Mac winning the Pre-65  in 2018 on the 350 Triumph twin
Scottish Pre-65 signed, sealed & delivered

And this is a post by big John Moffat - one of the many people who volunteer their services at the Scottish year in year out, plus other events.
John Moffat Trial sport is not a circus, the sport is fundamentally for competitors, man and machine against the elements and the course. I have always said it is not a natural spectator sport in escence. The SSDT is what its about and more representative of the sport in its true format. My kind of trial. But that’s my opinion

It’s also the opinion of Outlaw Dave - While I have no problem with promoting Trials riding at local fairs etc showing the skill of the riders, when it comes down to every day competition - I think we need to keep it “Basic”

Meanwhile, it was time to fire up the new Xtrack for a test ride around the yard - then let it pose alongside the 125 Raga - Both bikes are absolutely brilliant. - The fresh dusting of snow and the green bushes makes for a nice Christmas scene.

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Not sure if the Xtrack is going to last long - might be picked up by Santa - Today. ( I did take both around the yard to make sure everything was working properly - and I must say that on the X Track - I never even noticed the seat while standing on the pegs ( unlike others)  - zipping around on the 125 is just FUN.

Lots of pics being posted of men in red suits on motorcycles today - Of course this old guy wears red gear all year long -!!! I just don’t have the long white beard !.


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.  or as they say in Wales .

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Sunday December 23rd 2018

Sunday, December 23rd, 2018

At 5.48 am - it’s still dark outside - but a glance through the office window shows the ground is white !! hopefully just a “Dusting”  ( Still hoping to get out for a ride over the Holiday)
As usual, I checked the  various sites for news, and noticed a mention of Ross Pederson on the Canadian Hall of Fame info:   - It reminded me of my time with Yamaha Canada ( Which I mentioned in my short speech in Vancouver) - the 70’s were a great time in Canadian Motorcycle sport - and for me, - I was able to help promote the Yamaha brand, by signing up a lot of the best riders for Bob Work our Race Director - one of these was Ross (Rollerball) Pederson- another was Zoli Berenyi Jr. - both top MX riders out of Alberta.

In Cross Country we had a whole bunch - Craig Woods, Walter Cukavac, Bob Sadownick, Walter Short  - plus in BC, John Shumack - Bernie Graffunder -Pat Horan & Tony Allen - For Trials we had Bob Todosychuk  ( not signed by me) Murray Nutt -Chris Tronnes -  myself,  and ton of others who were helped when possible.  Many of these riders, were signed up with the help of Walt Healy -Including the best Trials rider in Canada at that time Stan Bakgaard -  I could always count on Walt.   ( Yamaha Canada never knew half of the schemes we came up with to get the top guys on a Yamaha) Certainly lots of memories.

And as we are mentioning Yamaha - this one just popped up on FB from 1992, it shows me standing by the TYZ Prototype that the Japanese  Test rider rode in the Scottish - Mick Andrews put one of my Outlaw Cross-bar pads on it for a laugh. Although we were excited at  the prospect of a new model from Yamaha - this turned out to be a big disappointment  as far as I was concerned, and was one of the reasons that I became a Beta dealer.

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Birthday greetings go to our TRS Importer and long time business partner Bob Clark - not sure how old he is, but still rides very well, and is always a pleasure to deal with. - I have always made it a priority to only do business with people that I trust.


Yesterday Shane stopped by to pick up some parts for his bike, and took the little TRS 125 Raga for a blast around the yard - I think he only quit when his hands got cold - Yup ! he loved it.  ( I should have taken a video)

So with the Festive Season now in full swing - We at Outlaw - would like to wish everybody out there in Motorcycle land - All the very best for Christmas and the New Year. - We don’t care what you ride, or what Association or Club you support. - We all belong to the same big Motorcycle Family.

This is Philippe Berlatier and his French TRS Team - Sharing the passion ( The bike on the right is a 125)

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How about this old pic of Barry Sheene  - Bultaco shirt - cute bird & a Rolls - He sure liked to live life to the fullest - tragically another to succumb to Cancer.

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Saturday December 22nd 2018

Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

    HO HO HO - only 3 more sleeps until our Trials Family will be opening their presents. - We hope that everybody has a Happy Holiday and that Santa is good to you all. ( I would like to think that he brought you some Outlaw Goodies)

The FIM have just announced a change with regard to all the World Trials and the Trial des Nations for 2019. - This will now be handled by a FIM committee - the Private Business Operation called Sport 7 run by Jake Miller will no longer be involved.

Hmm ! Not sure what this means - but there has been a ton of people posting their displeasure about how the World Trials has become a Circus ( But without the Elephants)    Err - Yes Ive been one of them.

Trials to me is The Scottish Six Days - The Lakes Three Day etc  and here at home our Outlaw Series - It’s not about Hopping from Rock to Rock ( Although I really do admire these young guys) - Simply put - I think the sport of Trials, has been led down the wrong road - by people trying to make it a Spectator sport - Not that this could not be encompassed in the format - but that should be for the Indoor Series.

It will be interesting to see how 2019 pans out - For our part in Central BC and the Outlaw Series which also includes an Event in Rocky Mountain House - The Path is clear - We will continue to host Trials in the Tradition of the Sport BUT we will still try to cater to all abilities plus include a vintage class when possible.


So here I am looking at the forecast   - I have two new TRS bikes in the shop - The Xtrack is going to be a winner for sure - I did the PDI on it today ( Was amazed at how easy it started - but still have not ridden it around the yard.) - Wow! does this ever look smart. -

I guess that most people that pick up a newspaper   in the Valley - will have seen the story on myself - Just like to mention that I’m just one of the old guys that have promoted Motorcycle sport in Western Canada - I certainly don’t consider myself anything special  -  The story doesn’t mention all the crashes and Hospital time - all a part of racing  in Cross Country back in the 1970’s - -

Like all old timers, I can talk your ear off about events from yesterday and bore you to tears - but I have to say that -I still love to be out there doing it.