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Monday January 21st 2019

Monday, January 21st, 2019

Result from Budapest very familiar - perhaps the only surprise was that Busto failed to get on the Podium.

Benoit Bincaz had a good night in his first ride on the Beta - Dabill had one poor mistake that put him out of the final.
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Good pic of Bincaz  on the Factory Beta
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Sunday was another quiet day - had a few phone calls - Sammy and others - had a good chat with Sam - He is heading back to Oz next month for a bit of a holiday, as his Mate Tim Coleman is getting married - after that he has a busy season booked with shows right across the Country.

In the afternoon Max Lang stopped by on his way back to work at the Ski place in the Eagle Pass - he told me that Britta is  now running one of the Cats, as well as working in the lodge. What a gal.


Did anybody see the blood red moon last night? - we missed it, but somebody in BC took this nice shot.

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Sunday January 20th 2019

Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Here is a shot from Budapest with Toni Bou doing his usual thing - we will post results as soon as something come up.

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Here is a video  >>   live video


We have just heard from Yvan Belanger - ( Quebec) that the WTC Trials National East - will be held in September, so that completes the Calendar dates for 2019.


Bit of a gloomy day out in the Valley today - unlike yesterday, when it was beautiful - nice & sunny - I was out early at the car wash with Momma Bear’s car getting rid of all the salt & grime from the past few weeks. - then it was over to the Electronics recycling place to get ride of one of my old computers ( Time to clean up the office)


Today is the last day of the Vancouver Motorcycle Show - I saw a pic of Stevie Baker sharing a moment with Duncan Fraser on the Honda stand - I remember that one of the best parts of going to  any of the shows in the winter months, was always about  visiting with old friends - after a few years the rest of the displays seem to be much the same, and really with no Trials demo to view, not a lot of interest for many.


Saturday January 19th 2019

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

This is Laia Sanz - yes the gal that just finished 11th overall at the Dakar Rally - However, before she decided that she wanted a change - Laia was the Multi-time Lady’s World Trials Champion. - Amazing talent.

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While the rest of the Country is in a Deep Freeze mode this weekend - in the OK Valley, temperatures are supposed to be fairly mild. - Lots of snow forecast for the Coquihalla and other Mountain Passes, so good luck to anybody heading down to the Motorcycle Show in Vancouver.

Check out this pic from 4 years go !!

No photo description available.


Tomorrow the first round of the 2019 World Indoor Trials Series goes in Budapest - last year Adam Raga won, as Tony B was injured. - But the 12 time Champ is back for this one - in spite of more injuries.

A few riders have changed mounts for this year, but I can’t see anybody beating Bou.


First Trial of the year for the Victoria Club goes in a couple of weeks - Here is the poster prepared as always by Roger Boothroyd. Roger also writes a very good informative newsletter for the club, full of interesting stuff.

Click for Les Blow Trial poster


Retro Trials video for today >>>>


Nice pic of a section in the Scottish Pre 65 Trial - Not sure who the young lady is. - But the Photographer in the background looks like the famous Eric Kitchen.

Friday January 18th 2019

Friday, January 18th, 2019

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Aussie rider Toby Price has won the Dakar Rally for the second time in spite of an injured wrist. - But perhaps the big congrats should go to Ex World Women’s Trials Champion Laia Sanz, who finished in 11th place.  ( They must call her “Super-Broad”)
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We don’t sell the Beta Enduro bikes - but check out the video of Steve Holcombe blasting the new RR 125 - Sounds Neat !!  ( We raced a YZ 125 a couple of times back in the day)  >>>  video

Here is a Blast from the past - A bunch of the boys at Ponderosa  -  Only a couple of these guys still ride.

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Well, it was very winter-like in the Valley yesterday, in fact it didn’t stop snowing all day  -it started early -  so after dropping off my van in town to get it serviced - I just stayed home - the driveway has not even been plowed as yet, so I won’t be going anyplace until that happens. - Certainly glad we took the chance to get out for a ride last Sunday.


Thursday January 17th 2019

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Well, I just saw a post on FB regarding the Vancouver Motorcycle show, which is on this weekend - in fact it starts tomorrow. - As this is the first that I’ve seen posted, it comes as a bit of a surprise - ( thought it was later in the month or early February)

Anyway here is the link for anybody interested in going down>

On checking all the details, I see no Trials demo listed or in fact any Trials booths - ( not surprising at the prices they charge)


This is a nice photo of an old Bultaco Matador - The bike designed for ISDT competition, and the one I would likely have been on in 1971 at the Six Days in the Isle Of Man - if I hadn’t broken my leg earlier in the year. - ( Check out the enclosed rear chain)
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So we have all seen Albert Cabestany show is wheelie expertise on Sherco & Beta - but check out this video clip of him testing a TRRS >> Neat Albert  >>>> post


I had a guy email, asking where I got the yellow vest I am wearing in this pic !! - Well believe it or not - it is actually a Lightweight Jacket without the zip out sleeves.  - AND it’s now 27 years old. - We used to get them made in England by Anson, along with Trials pants & Jersy’s - Unfortunately Dave Anderson had to quit this , when the Europeans got into it and undercut his market. - Dougie Lampkin was just one of his customers back in 1995.

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Just for interest - The RAW gear I’m wearing, is also getting on a bit now, but still showing little sign of wear - The Gar boots are still good - even though the company went broke years ago - Only the Airoh Helmet and Wulf gloves are new. - plus my ten dollar Timex watch. - And my Outlaw backpack is also a Gasbag - made right here in the Okanagan Valley
I  usually wear Wulf riding gear which also lasts forever -and a Wulf Trials helmet is the same design but a fraction of the cost of the Airoh.  ( Check out our classified advts)

I wonder how many younger riders know about the evolution of the dirt bikes we ride today ?   - After the war - there were a ton of different factories and ideas on what it took to win ( and create sales)  Check out this pic of Dave Bickers   an absolute champion in the new sport now called Moto Cross .

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Most of our readers. will not know that this bike which topped all others in sales in the 60’s - was designed by a guy in a wheel chair - Yes it’s an interesting story of how he got talked into building motorcycles  instead of invalid chairs.

The Greeves era, lasted for some time in the 60’s headed by Brian Stonebridge ( before his untimely death in a road accident)   - Stonebridge was a former BSA factory rider, and brought all his expertise to the Greeves factory. - - Stonebridge is credited with  both signing and tutoring  the great Dave Bickers ( See pic)   - The Greeves Motorcycles remained popular until the death of Preston Cobb. - Note” the Greeves had a unique front suspension which although  proved popular in the early years, was replaced by conventional forks.


Wednesday January 16th 2019

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

So are you fed up with winter? and snow? - Check out this & jump on a plane and head to Spain !! ( I’m a Poet)

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The Corduroy Enduro is ranked as the Best in Canada - check out this video -  Blair Sharpless and his team do a bang up job on this event.  - The Sharpless family have long been involved both riding and supporting Motorcycling in Canada. ( Blair was on the Silver Vase Team in 1983 when they won 2nd spot and the prestigious Watling Trophy)


Sharp eyed readers, may have noticed a change on our front page when clicking on today !! We updated our action pics to include James Dabill on the left and Jordie Tarres on the right - ( Jordie is on the TRS Xtrack)   Heath Brindley took the great shot of Dabill at the Sheffield Indoor a few weeks ago.


The weather in the Valley remains reasonable temperature-wise   it was -2 today, but it feels a lot colder with overcast skies.  - I can understand why the Ski people love getting above this at Silver Star in the sunshine.  - We have often lucked out in early season rides in Vernon - it was usually with Ady Brown - when we would get up on the ridge & look down at the white fluffy blanket obscuring the Valley.  - Ady & myself enjoyed some wonderful times together and I still miss his cheery smile,  but of course it was the same with Pete - I used to drag him out into spots that he was not comfortable riding as his health and ability faded. but he never complained ( not once ever)

Getting old, is something that none of us can avoid - indeed  we are lucky if we do ! - the problem that I think we all have, is that we remember how good we were, when we were young. -    ” The older I get the faster I was” - that is something that my old buddy Murray Nutt used to say and we would laugh about it.

I am fortunate in that I have riding friends that understand my limitations - yes  they are all young bucks - but I enjoy getting out in the woods now, every bit as much as I did in my younger years. (maybe more)

As far as our WTC competition Calendar goes  - I think we are in good hands for many years to come -We have really good people involved in our organization - in fact it has worked so well over the past ten years, we now have other clubs phoning asking to join. - Of course it is all because we have laid out a good basic plan for our Trials, not that it’s anything mysterious - we just try to adapt the old English traditional sections, with a few big steps for the Experts we try to cater to the families  -  Plus we keep the cost down so that families can enjoy a nice weekend out without having to mortgage the home !!!

The WTC have no paid officials ( unlike the CMA) so that we keep the sport going at a low cost on a volunteer basis. - When I first joined the CMA back in 1970 - there was  no other alternative - but it was run by a nice English couple by the name of Ron & Eve White. -  As ex Brits - we shared a passion for the sport, and I provided them photographs and reports for their CMA news.  - Sadly, Ron & Eve died in a plane crash and everything changed. - The Bastedo family took over, and to their credit, did a good job for many years.

However, as we often say things change and old ideas, need to be upgraded. - the main reason that clubs belonged to CMA in the past, was in order to get insurance to cover their events. ( It had nothing to do with FIM affiliation)

Guess what, in the new age - getting insurance is not an issue - it can be done without holding a hammer to the head of the clubs  - There are some Trials clubs that have their own insurance, so they don’t need  to really belong to any organization.  ( VMC - CPTA)
I know that the above sounds like a promo for the WTC - but in truth - this is where we are at in Canada - Yes you can choose whatever events you ride or clubs/organizations  to support - All I have done is try to shed some light on a few very dark issues.

The bottom line is that somebody has to organize events - Sorry - but bitching doesn’t work.

Blast from the past - this is Pete Matheson riding his TY 175  at a Vancouver demo back in the 1970’s

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Tuesday January 15th 2019

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

We have sometimes touched on the subject of the Ladies who ride in Trials, and while they are few and far between in Canada - We really like to encourage their participation. - Obviously names like Laia Sanz and Emma Bristow are well known at the World level, and Debbie Evans from the USA - and of course here in BC we have Christy Williams who is not only a brilliant rider, but also a very good instructor at the Popkum Motorcycle Park. near Hope.  - Locally, we have Dominique and Brittany, but it would be nice to get more.
This article was just posted on FB - and it really is a great story - read on:–w17VyJ3uJ8jLxJciK2joWmxrnVfNeX5Zoorgg9jZJGBlel9zSU-CuHGquhT_IGZ3aoftn-3-uU1HINRtWz0133RZmwXHmbMpMaR8qZTYVOI8aHvODAhuiiB7Oo-4uCvJgXon5vm2x-Z2KOx2XMRSR_809JhxgNlm4Wkbplg-Sfn__wIzFyM8wGhCblR2awwmYZpDQid0sAdL5Gomc5uT_Ulm9qTn3SOt45oWeaah_gamGsx6_0wv4T9yxIBdcbEU9ZNcDSWu-Zmf18-rsSSArKpnWE-oTeR9gv1n0fsBzYcPlUa3ofw2f0FCuJC4CxQMT22mngqOYLUzN-NOjYSRc6JycKUBj7PaO2r5j9JBA59hXyNDSc8UiDk6RIP_ud72pyMd8GFnUz-cjZTsJ78luzOB9CYmNk


This is a great shot of Dave Fair over on the Island, riding through a Creek which in the old days, would have been classed as a great section.  ( Sorry for all the extra stuff around the pic - don’t know how to get rid of it)   Any Interior riders anxious to get out to a trial, should note that the first one is in Victoria next month.
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I saw that the leader of the Dakar Rally - Ricky Brabec  is out with a blown motor on the Honda, with just 3 days to go - Sam Sutherland UK and Toby Price -Australia - are still in there.


With this unseasonable weather in many places, I had to laugh at a comment by Billy D - who said that the Mosquito ’s were out in force at Ioco last Sunday   - I have to say that the two worst places that we have experienced these bothersome insects, are Ioco and Falun Alberta. - ( Did you know that Scope mouthwash works as a deterrent ?)

Certainly, our weather in the Valley has been mild so far this winter - in fact I saw a pheasant just down the road, while heading out on Sunday - we don’t usually see any of these until later in the year, although we always have a lot of quail in our yard as they make their home under the bushes.

Monday January 14th 2019

Monday, January 14th, 2019

Remember when sitting down on a long loop in between sections was nice?  Well most of the newer riders won’t - but the Trials bikes of the past did have a nice little seat to rest your weary legs. - These days the bikes have nothing, and while standing up on the trail is normal - for some of us old codgers, having a sit down once in a while, makes the difference in making it through a long day.

Of course the new Xtrack by TRS will fill this void nicely - plus there is  also the seat ‘tank kit available for the Beta  and Montesa .  - Another option, is the add-on Jitsie seat - although I’m not sure if this is still available’ - I have to say that the TRS version, is by far the best looking of them all.
This pic shows the late Martin Lampkin sitting down on his Sherpa T while riding up a trail ( not sure who is at the back but could be brother Alan)

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'Blast from the Past - Stan Bakgaard at the Kelowna Trials demo in 1986'

Compare the crowds at the Kelowna Home Show watching Stan Bakgaard in 1985 -  to the almost empty seats at the Edmonton Motorcycle show  Indoor Flat-track 2019. (click on post)


Sunday we were out for the first time this year - that was quite a record breaker, as riding in the Okanagan in January is normally either  something reserved only for sleds or snow-bikes.

Naturally, we were pretty excited about the prospect of a ride, and after loading the new TRS Raga 125 in the van, we headed down to an area just South of Kelowna, to meet up with Shane, Chris, Dale and his son Evan.

Although the Valley was “Socked in” - everybody was stoked to get out, and pretty soon we were all tackling the tricky terrain across from Gorman’s Mill.

As this was the first time out for me on the baby TRS, I really didn’t know what to expect, and yes I soon found that you had to keep the revs up, but what a fun bike to ride. - Yes I buggered up on a couple of uphills that I would likely have zoomed up on my Evo 200 - but not knowing just how low it would “Lug” I chose the wrong gear. - You have to be much more precise when riding a small bore.-  Shane took it for a spin, and went up some REALLY big stuff. ( These young guys) - Glad to say I didn’t fall down at all.
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I have to say that both Shane and Chris, rode some really tough stuff today - definitely  expert class - and while yes they ride this area often - I can tell you that I was very impressed. ( Especially as Chris is on an old Monty 315)
Looking ahead to the weekend, I will likely take the “Tiddler” out again, now that I’ve got used to it - I found it really easy to ride in the tight stuff - slippery logs and sudden greasy uphill blasts - no problem. Yes I got worn out, because of old age and health issues, but what a great day. - I’ve posted a bunch of pics and videos on FB, but not sure how long they will stay up.

Here is a good one of Shane & Chris - overlooking Hiway 97 South and the Okanagan Lake.

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Dale Wellborn and his son Evan, were out with us Sunday, and did good on what was a bit of a tough day.
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Over in the UK, it was that man Jarvis who won the Fast Eddy Enduro on Sunday - the slippery conditions obviously suited the Ex star Trials rider. - Johny Walker grabbed 2nd. - Paul Bolten 3rd

check out the video >>>  post

British Extreme Rnd1 Championship class


Sunday January 13th 2019

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Anybody who reads my blog knows that, I think that the greatest Motorcycle Trial in the World, is the Scottish. - Nothing comes close to it, so I thought I would post some History of the event (Courtesy the SSDT Committee)

One of the most prestigious achievements a Trials rider can accomplish in their riding career is to lift the famous North British Rubber Company Trophy as winner of the Scottish Six Days Trial. Here we look back at those small band of brothers who have made this remarkable achievement.

2018 Dougie Lampkin on a 300 Vertigo2017 Dougie Lampkin on a 300 Vertigo2016 Dougie Lampkin on a 300 Vertigo2015 Dougie Lampkin on a 300 Vertigo2014 Dougie Lampkin on a 300 DL12 Special2013 Dougie Lampkin on a 300 Gas Gas

2012 Dougie Lampkin on a 300 Gas Gas

2011 James Dabill on a 290 Beta

2010 Alexz Wigg on a 290 Beta

2009 Dougie Lampkin on a 290 Beta

2008 Dougie Lampkin on a 270 Beta

2007 James Dabill on a 300 Montesa

2006 Graham Jarvis on a 290 Sherco

2005 Sam Connor on a 290 Sherco

2004 Graham Jarvis on a 290 Sherco

2003 Joan Pons on a 290 Sherco

2002 Amos Bilbao on a 250 Montesa

2001 No trial (Foot & Mouth Disease Outbreak)

2000 Steve Colley on a 280 Gas Gas

1999 Graham Jarvis on a 290 Bultaco

1998 Graham Jarvis on a 250 Scorpa

1997 Steve Colley on a 270 Gas Gas

1996 Dougie Lampkin on a 250 Beta

1995 Dougie Lampkin on a 250 Beta

1994 Dougie Lampkin on a 250 Beta

1993 Steve Colley on a 260 Beta

1992 Steve Colley on a 260 Beta

1991 Steve Saunders on a 260 Beta

1990 Steve Saunders on a 260 Beta

1989 Steve Saunders on a 305 Fantic

1988 Steve Saunders on a 303 Fantic

1987 Jordi Tarres on a 260 Beta

1986 Thierry Michaud on a 301 Fantic

1985 Thierry Michaud on a 301 Fantic

1984 Thierry Michaud on a 300 Fantic

1983 Toni Gorgot on a 330 Montesa

1982 Bernie Schreiber on a 280 SWM

1981 Giles Burgat on a 280 SWM

1980 Yrjo Vesterinen on a 349 Montesa

1979 Malcolm Rathmell on a 310 Montesa

1978 Martin Lampkin on a 350 Bultaco1977 Martin Lampkin on a 350 Bultaco1976 Martin Lampkin on a 325 Bultaco1975 Mick Andrews on a 250 Yamaha1974 Mick Andrews on a 250 Yamaha1973 Malcolm Rathmell on a 250 Bultaco

1972 Mick Andrews on a 250 Ossa

1971 Mick Andrews on a 250 Ossa

1970 Mick Andrews on a 250 Ossa

1969 Bill Wilkinson on a 250 Greeves

1968 Sammy Miller on a 252 Bultaco

1967 Sammy Miller on a 252 Bultaco

1966 Alan Lampkin on a 250 BSA

1965 Sammy Miller on a 250 Bultaco

1964 Sammy Miller on a 500 Ariel

1963 Arthur Lampkin on a 250 BSA

1962 Sammy Miller on a 500 Ariel

1961 Gordon Jackson on a 350 AJS

1960 Gordon Jackson on a 350 AJS

1959 Roy Peplow on a 199 Triumph

1958 Gordon Jackson on a 350 AJS

1957 Johnny Brittain on a 350 Royal Enfield

1956 Gordon Jackson on a 350 AJS

1955 Jeff Smith on a 500 BSA

1954 Artie Ratcliffe on a 350 Matchless

1953 Hugh Viney on a 350 AJS

1952 Johnny Brittain on a 350 Royal Enfield

1951 John Draper on a 350 BSA

1950 Artie Ratcliffe on a 350 Matchless

1949 Hugh Viney on a 347 AJS

1948 Hugh Viney on a 347 AJS

1947 Hugh Viney on a 347 AJS

1940-46 No trial (World War II)

1939 Allan Jeffries on a 349 Triumph

1938 Fred Povey on a 348 Ariel

1937 Jack Williams on a 348 Norton

1936 Billy Tiffen on a 343 Velocette

1935 Bob McGregor on a 499 Rudge

1934 Jack Williams on a 348 Norton

1933 Len Heath on a 497 Ariel

1932 Bob McGregor on a 499 Rudge

Why are there no winners before 1932?

The first question on everyone’s lips when they look at the past winners of the Scottish Six Days Trial is “Why are there no winners prior to 1932?”.  The automatic assumption is that records don’t go back that far, but actually it’s because there was no outright winner prior to 1932.

The way that we score trials today bears no resemblance to those early years.  When the SSDT began there were no sections at all.  The Scottish road surfaces and hills were considered to be enough of a trial, and the only way that you incurred penalties was by falling away from the time schedule.  The route was scheduled around an average speed of twenty miles per hour, and if you reached a time check more than ten minutes late or early, then you incurred penalties.  Those who finished the trial with no time penalties won a gold medal, with silver and bronze medals being awarded to all other finishers based on the number of penalties incurred.

In 1914, the rules were tightened up.  Every entrant was given a time card and the leeway given at a time check was reduced from ten minutes down to five….and to think people complain about time nowadays!  At the same time penalties were introduced for late starting and the route was built to include seven optional hills.  The awards system worked in much the same way as before, but if you didn’t complete at least five of the seven optional hills you couldn’t win a gold medal.

In 1926 four categories in which penalties could be incurred were established.  Those were reliability, hill-climbs, daily condition of machine and a brake test.  This was also the year that the awards changed.  You no longer got a gold medal for completing the trial with no penalties, instead you won a silver cup.  Gold medals were awarded to those with no more than three marks lost, silver medals to those with no more than fifteen marks lost and bronze medals to all other finishers, unless you were unfortunate enough to have list more than one hundred and fifty marks, in which case you were disqualified!

1931 saw big changes.  Observed hills were introduced with penalties incurred for putting your foot down, and awards were allocated on a percentage basis at the end of the trial, much as they are today.  However, there was still no individual winner—it was only the following year in 1932 that the Edinburgh & District Motor Club decided to introduce an award for the best individual performance.  The rest, as they say, is history!


How many of these Trials riders from the past can you recognize? And how many have won the Scottish?

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Amazing as it may seem - We are going riding today - the first time out in the OK Valley in January, that I can recall - I will be on the TRS Raga 125, sh should be fun - More later plus pics.


Saturday January 12th 2019

Saturday, January 12th, 2019

This is the “Britten” - the master mind of New Zealand’s  John Britten, who built this World beater in his home workshop.  We have the video of his life story - cut short by cancer. - It’s a wonderful tribute to a truly remarkable man.

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For a lot of new Trials enthusiasts, choosing the right bike, can be a bit of a daunting experience, there has always been a good selection of models - even in the 50’s when I got into the sport. - However, if there is one bit of advice that I always mention, it is - talk to your local TRIALS dealer ( no not a motorcycle shop that sells everything)  - Trials dealers, are usually just as passionate about the sport as the customer, and often have a history in competition. - They will do their best, to help you choose the best bike for you.

Many riders, get to like a certain brand, and stay with that for many years - one case in point,  Carlos  Casas -  the Spanish Bank Manager - who rode Honda’s for ever, -  that is until 2019, when the Scottish Six Day fanatic, switched to a Vertigo. ( His buddy is the Vertigo boss)  - It will be interesting to see how he does on the lighter two-stroke. - ( Here he is pretending to be like Toni)
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Time for snow-bikes - ( But this was a long time ago) - The bike is an Italian Fantic.
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This is the Snowdonia area of North Wales, where I come from - there was a movie made about Wales called ” How Green was my Valley” - it was about a time when a Valley was flooded  to supply water for one of the Cities. - This also happened close to where I grew up, and even today when the water is low, you can see remnants  of the village below Lake Vyrnwy. - ( ghosts from the past)