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Friday March 8th 2019

Friday, March 8th, 2019

Sunshine and warmer temperatures yesterday afternoon was a welcome relief, after another 5 cm of overnight snow - Of course if things warm up too fast, we will be into the flood season again !!  - path to my shop was mud & water Thursday afternoon.


‘Anyway the signs of Spring have got the phone ringing with bike orders - We have a couple of these beauties being shipped out next week. - Also another TRS arriving today.

We have heard from Beta Canada that they have a good supply of  models, including the great Factory Evo 4T as ridden so well by Ben Hemmingway, and a couple of 125’s, so if you are in the market - for a new Beta call me. (250) 545-6139.

The 2019 Beta Evo Factory bikes are certainly getting a lot of attention - We are only getting two and they are both sold - ( Unless some other shipments show up later in the year, which I doubt)

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In case you ever wonder who runs the WTC  - here is Bob Johns, who lives in Chemainus on Vancouver Island - Bob hasn’t ridden trials for many years, but likely knows more about the sport than most people - he also runs the Trials Canada website, all of this by the way for love of the sport !! -( think about that.) - This photo shows him on his recent birthday, all suited up for the occasion.  - Bob also is very active with the local musical society.
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As most people know, I love the small bore bikes, so check out this TRS site and watch the video of the lad on the TRS 125.  - I have the only one of these in Canada, and can’t wait to get it out on my favorite trails in Summerland. - We did manage one ride on it before the big freeze and really liked it. - ( Of course when I open the door of the shop in the morning - I hear cries from the Beta Evo 200 - “Take me - Take me”)
TRS Motorcycles Factory


No replies on my quiz question from Wednesday - The riders in the old photo are - Steve Colley, Dougie Lampkin, Steve Saunders, Wayne Braybrook - Woody Hole is standing at the back.


Today is International Women’s Day - so we thought we would post this nice pic of Brittany, the day she picked up her new TRS. We also have Dominique   from Lake Country, competing in the Valley, and hopefully, other gals will follow their lead to enjoy the sport.

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Thursday March 7th 2019

Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Well the weather has finally warmed up a bit - a couple of degrees above zero, so Wednesday, I took a long overdue visit to the Barber shop !! The one we have in Vernon, has 4 barbers on staff, and are always busy, but even they have felt the downturn in business due to the long cold snap.

Unfortunately the warmer temperatures, also brought more snow, so we won’t be going anywhere today !! When will this winter from hell end?

I must say that like everybody, we have had enough of winter and want to get out on the bike - obviously other people feel the same way, and we have started to get calls on both Beta and TRS, with this next month looking pretty busy. - We have stock coming in on both lines of Trials bikes, which will take up our limited space - (already a bit crowded)


Here is a short video, of a guy setting up a nice natural section for a Trial this weekend in Cheshire England - Gotta love this one >>>>>> post


It’s Steve Colley’s birthday today - so thought I would post this old photo  - wonder how many people can name all the people? - ( I know I can)
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Wednesday March 6th 2019

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Here are some results from my old club in the UK - no I don’t recognize any names !! - But I did ride this annual event a few times, ( back in the 1950’s) - that just goes to show the history of these events.
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Now this looks a bit like the section Ross had in for the Memorial Trial last year !!  - think this is in Italy. with Team Beta.
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News from Round # 1 Spanish Championship.

Sondre “Gekko” Haga and Jordi Ramonet climb to the top of the podium in TR2 and TR4, respectively. Adam Raga has been fourth in TR1.

Arnedillo has been the location of the first race of the 2019 outdoor season. Adam Raga arrived in this town just a few hours after winning the Indoor Trial in Nice, France.

Adam Raga had a good race, but with some additional mistakes that took him away from the fight for victory in an easy race. Finally, fourth position in TR1, close to the podium.


Here is your video clip for today .>


Yesterday, the weather was still very cold at -17 but it was nice and sunny in the Valley, so I made a trip up to Sicamous to deliver a 45 gal drum of Opti Injector oil - At least the sled & snowbike people will be happy with this very long unusual winter.


We heard from Roger at the VMC, that their Trial went over well last Sunday, with a total of 40 riders ( Including 4 kids) He said the weather was cold on the Island. -Look for results on the Trials Canada Website.


Although it is still very much like winter - a lot of people are starting to come “Out of the woodwork”  and phoning or emailing on Trials bikes.  - Some models like the Beta Evo Factory - are very limited, so if you are interested in getting any of the 2019 models - better get on it really quickly. As always we have a full stock of parts and accessories ready to ship out.


Tuesday March 5th 2019

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

Another photo from the Scottish Six Days - “Laggan Locks” has been used unchanged  for decades.
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This is a waterfall not far from where I grew up - a very popular  tourist spot & called Llanrhaeder Pystel ( don’t ask)
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Another pic from the 1983 Six Days in Wales, showing Pat Horan at speed on the Walt Healy Yamaha TT 600. - We needed a 600cc bike for the Trophy class team, and as I could not get one from Yamaha Canada, Walt stepped up to the plate ( As he so often did)
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Steve Holcombe (Beta) won the first round of the 2019 Enduro Championship held in Italy last weekend.
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Some interesting results from the UK - Well done Ben Hemmo ( Beta Evo 4T)  beating his cousin Dougie.

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Monday March 4th 2019

Monday, March 4th, 2019

Can anybody name this section ? Hint - it’s in the Scottish Six Days every year.
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I know I’ve posted this before - but it just came up again on FB - Our Yamaha Team at the 1983 ISDE in Wales - Walter Short, Pat Horan, myself, Bernie Graffunder, (?) Chris Castles. Tony Allen.
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Jonny Walker won Round #2 of the British Enduro Champion on Sunday - Graeme Jarvis was not entered for some reason.

Saw this classic photo on FB -
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Looks like they had a good turn out in Ontario at the “Grand Prix de Snow”

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Cody Webb took the win in Texas.

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