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Friday April 5th 2019

Friday, April 5th, 2019

Thursday was Momma Bear’s birthday, and while we had the big surprise party last Saturday - yesterday was also a big day, crowned with dinner at the Vernon Lodge, with Helen & Carly. - Now it’s back to normal !!!.

Looks like a shower or two for the weekend, but that’s OK - not sure if we will get any riding in, as things are pretty busy around here with bike & parts sales.


We have heard from Sean Bird, who tells us that he will be looking after the Team Squid/Outlaw Trial on April 28th, taking it over from Steve Day, who has been putting it on for the past few years. A big thanks to Steve for all his efforts - it’s a lot of work to host a good Trials event and get it “right” - Outlaw have sponsored this Trial for the past few years, as it’s round #1 of the Outlaw Series. - We hope to see you there.

But before that we have the Easter weekend - the plan is to be at Summerland for a “Fun” time with anybody who decides to come out - some people will likely camp out - a lot will depend on the weather, but we encourage any new  folk to Trials to join us as it’s a great way to make new friends. The area has stuff for all abilities - just contact me if you need more info:

My copy of the Latest Trial Mag: UK arrived yesterday, and once again Editor John Hulme has excelled, with a good variety of stories and photographs, covering both vintage and modern, with Industry news, and also unfortunately, a couple of Obituaries.


Our computer was “Down” most of yesterday, likely as a result of the previous night’s electrical outage - apparently this was caused by a car accident which took out a power pole.


Here is an oldie from 1973 - it shows Team Kawasaki riders Richie Sunter and Don Smith waiting to ride a section -( no helmets back then.) - Like all the other Japanese Factories - Kawasaki jumped into what they thought would be a big new market, but of course this never happened, and their sales with a less than perfect bike, were dismal.
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More news as it happens >>

Thursday April 4th 2019

Thursday, April 4th, 2019

Today is a pretty special day at the Outlaw residence !! - Babsy turns 80 years old today, and while she might think she looks a bit ancient - everybody at the big surprise party we had last weekend hosted by our daughter and family,  thought she looked fabulous, including myself. - This pic was taken last Christmas - Happy birthday Sweetheart - thanks for a lifetime of wonderful memories. ( And for putting up with me) -
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After a hectic couple of days out riding - Wednesday was catch up day on paperwork and parts ordering - and shipping . - It was a bit gloomy with a few sprinkles of rain, but not anywhere near enough for what we need.

We noticed on Tuesday how dry things are already in the Summerland area - another reminder that spark arrestors are a requirement on all Off Road bikes and ATV’s. while being operated on crown land.

We stopped at one spot in the back 40, where we have some sections - and I noticed that unlike last year, a hollow on the trail was dry, whereas last year it was a big pond - It’s strange that things seem to change from year to year in this area, no matter what the snow conditions.  ( we have been riding here since 1987)


Another point to mention as we head into the 2019 season, is the need to have both registration and insurance for 3rd party liability when on Public land - This can sometimes be a hassle, especially if the Insurance company is not sure of the requirements  - this often causes confusion, long delays and short tempers. - I can’t tell you how many phone calls I’ve had on this issue - mainly because the insurance agent does not know the regulations. - The best people we have found to look after your dirt bike is Johnston Meier Insurance they have a number of locations in BC - in Vernon the ph number is toll free 1-800-755-8553 or 250-545-5311.( Ask for Sue)

The other alternative for Insurance is to go through Oasis out of North Battleford Sask. - they do the BCORMA policy and also cover the WEC and WTC competitions. ( ask for Kirsta) ( The advantage here, is that one insurance covers you to ride more than one bike that is registered to you)
Being legal while out on the trail is important, not only because it’s the law, but to show a responsible  image and also a desire to keep the forest open for future generations. - Belonging to a club is also another great way to be involved.


Well, Babsy turning 80 must have created a big surge in the electric current - as the power went off last night, and only turned back on at 7.30am today - just in time for me to make her a cup of tea.


Another birthday to celebrate today is Hugh Simpson - not sure how old Hugh is but must be around 73 -4

Happy birthday buddy - get out for a ride on your Beta 200.


Wednesday April 3rd 2019

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

Well, Tuesday I played hooky again and went riding with Steve Taggart at Summerland. - Steve rode Trials in Alberta in the 70’s, before going to Oz for a while - then lived down East - later buying a Sherco from us to ride on his Muskoka property. - A couple of years ago - he moved to the West Coast, before finally settling in Naramata.  - This brought back a yearning for a Trials bike & he bought an Xtrack from us. - Tuesday was his first  real ride on the bike and he did extremely well.

Conditions were really good and while there is still some snow around on the lower trails - we managed to get a great ride in over to Rowdy Flats, ending with a lunch stop on top of the big hill where we had a number of   sections a few years ago.  - The Xtrack performed just as it should, and Steve had no issues following me around, although we were both pretty tired by the time we made it back to the truck.  - The Xtrack made it around the loop without any fuel issues, but we took an extra liter as a precaution.
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Here is the old guy on the 2019 Beta Evo 200 - over on Rowdy Flats -( we didn’t see any wild horses this time) - - the 200 is a wonderful bike, and I really enjoy riding it.
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This is me showing Steve a section that I had a few Experts look at - steep drop off followed by a turn on loose ground before using a kicker rock to jump back up on the rocky ledge.- The first guy to try it was Sam back when he first came over on Holiday he was on my Evo 300 and did it perfectly the first time, but broke the rear fender on the second try - I later took Brandon to this spot & he went through it like a main road - hopping on the rear wheel at the top of the rock after making the jump. Most riders would I think just shake their head !! - We only showed this to a few Experts and never used it in any event.


So that’s two rides in two days - not bad for an old guy - but now it’s time to get some work done. - We are supposed to get some rain today, so my timing for getting out first on the TRS Raga 125 then on the Beta Evo 200  was perfect ( that’s why we monitor the weather channel)


Tuesday April 2nd 2019

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

So now everybody is getting excited to get out for a new season of competition - or maybe just riding, a word on what I consider once again on what the sport of Trials is all about.

For sure throwing your expensive bike against a huge rock wall, time after time, is certainly NOT IT  (IMHO)  - check out this video clip from the French Championship last weekend >>> post

We have always tried to promote trials in the way it was first intended - back at the turn of the Century - A test of man and machine on a long natural course. -  The modern day Hop & bop from one obstacle to another,  while very clever, does nothing to promote the sport, in my opinion.
Yesterday was April 1st - a time for jokes for lots of people, but for me - it was  all business, in the morning, with Fred from Golden stopping  by to pick up a new TRS 300 - NEVER RIDDEN A MOTORCYCLE BEFORE. -  Naturally we took a lot of time explaining things - with the advise go find an open field near Golden BC. !! Maybe try to hook him up with Sammy.

Later ( as the sun was shining out of a clear blue Okanagan Sky - I went over to the Westside   to ride with Roy. - I unloaded the TRS 125 because I wanted to know just how good this bike was - the model we have does not have the power valve, and this became obvious the first time I tried a tight turn followed by a steep uphill  - normally I would do this in 3rd on the Beta 200 - but the 125 TRS  wouldn’t pull the tall gear - - So back to thinking - I tried it again in 2nd gear - Lots of revs & clutch - PERFECT.  - Now I have raced 125 Yams years ago - the last one had a power valve so this is the way to go. - On the trail - the little TRS performed flawlessly and I have to say I love this bike ( The only one in Canada at this time)- but you have to be good with the clutch.
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I surprised these deer at the top of one ridge - but they were only mildly curious & went on eating.

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The sun is already shining - and to make the most of it - I’m heading down the Valley to hook up with old buddy Steve Taggart - He just bought a TRS Xtrack and this will be his first ride with me since the 1970’s in Alberta - should be fun & I will take some pics. - I have both my bikes in the van, but think I will ride my Evo 200 today.


Monday April 1st 2019

Monday, April 1st, 2019

April Fool’s Day - so I thought I would share this with our readers >>>
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Nice to see that Glen Kemp managed to get out near Canmore AB on his new Outlaw/TRS - Neat area.
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For us old folk - there is a lot of nostalgia about old bikes & cars from the past - take a look at this beauty .

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This is another old pic of me sitting on a BSA Bantam that was rebuilt by my good friend and neighbor Art Gavel - Art had a bunch of old bikes including some priceless Indians  - Although he is in poor health these days, we shared some very interesting times, during my Yamaha years. ( BTW the brakes on the Bantam sucked)

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We heard from Gord Rinke, that day #1 at a Connal Trial South of the border, went well for Team TRS riders, with Alex Walton 2nd Champ -Pierce McNeil 3rd Champ and Gord 2nd Advanced - more details will be posted later.