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Wednesday May 29th 2019

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Here is a nice Fantic pic from Europe, where the old bikes are still really popular for Vintage Trials - As most of you know I recently bought back one of my old 240 models, but elected to sell it to Walter Cukavac from Spruce Grove  Alberta, to add to his collection and also ride it, in Vintage Outlaw Trials.
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Below is a nice pic I took of Ross with his new Beta Factory bike back a few years.
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Below is a pic of me after finishing the 1973 Moose Mountain Cross Country  two loops of 50 miles. Yes I was knackered - riding likely my last event on the Bultaco Sherpa T 325 - the best Bultaco I ever owned ( I joined Yamaha later that year)  There were 172 starters  and 10 finishers - I guess that tells the story - I got 3rd Open class & 6th overall - I got passed by a Husky rider about a mile from the finish, because my front wheel was so plugged with mud it would not turn !! - Yup those events were tough
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We have a few Beta Trials bikes for sale if anybody is looking !!!
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Tuesday May 28th 2019

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Here are a couple of old pics of me - top one is  passing a stuck Greeves rider in a Welsh Time Trial in 1957
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The one below is me “Scrambling” back in 1956, - I had a big “Get off” the previous week, and bent the frame a bit on my James,  plus broke the front fender - I think the bars were bent as well, but we had very little money to fix things. ( Note the short “Stubby” exhaust which was common back then )
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Looks like it’s going to be another warm day - forecast is +29 - Not a lot on the agenda for today

More news as it happens. >>

Monday May 27th 2019

Monday, May 27th, 2019

On Sunday,  I got a call from Ted Pepperdine,  - which resulted in me  driving to Summerland, where we also met up with Andrew Vipond. - I have to say that this unexpected turn of events, ended up by being a perfect ride - after I showed Ted our traditional loop  we went over on the “Back 40″  - ( along the narrow horse trail) - then Ted showed us some new trails that he and his buddies ride - nice flowing stuff through the trees. - After about three hours - I was certainly glad to get back to the truck - but what a great afternoon. - Thanks Ted.


Anybody interested in a “Mint” 2018 Beta Evo 200?  I just picked one up to sell for a friend - will take a pic of it later today and post. ( Very rare to have something like this turn up)


So Tony Bou continues to win at the World level - the first Round of 2019 in Italy proved to be a real challenge  with all the top riders  “Fiving”  in the qualifying section. - Looking at the video, I can only say that while this might be entertaining for the spectators, to me, it appears to be just another way for riders to get injured.

Update:    Five different makes of Trials bikes in top five positions

Down Stateside Pat Smage took his second win of the weekend at the NATC event - he posted a very low score.


No word yet on who won the Squamish Trial - but the weather was perfect for riding yesterday, after the big storms on Friday & Saturday.


Jordi with his TRS Team riders in Italy.

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The TT races begin today in the Isle of Man - Fantastic spectacle - but deadly for some. ( photo Credit TT web)
Dean Harrison at the first qualifying session of TT 2019

Sunday May 26th 2019

Sunday, May 26th, 2019

This is pic of Mick Andrews back in the late 70’s riding the  UK  TV “Kickstart Trial” - This Popular event was likely the beginning of Spectator Trials. - Stan Bakgaard rode at least one of these.
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Look at these lovely Beta Evo Trials bikes a 125 and a 300 ready to go to some lucky customer.
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Big weekend Stateside with the US Nationals - here is the Expert Podium - not surprisingly, Pat Smage ( Sherco)  took the win losing only 8 points - Jan Peters from Europe was 2nd on the TRS  with 40 points.

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The Qualifying for the World Trial in Italy turned out to be a disaster because of the bad weather, all of the Trial GP class “Fived” - So now they will go to plan “B’” - at least nobody got hurt.

Results from Italy  top three  ( very high scores  on first loop)

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Saturday May 25th 2019

Saturday, May 25th, 2019

This is a pic I took of Steve Foord at the WTC National in 2011 - held at Summerland - neither Foordy or the Sherco were hurt. - Foordy liked to ride everything in 1st gear - which didn’t work on this tight turn double step.
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A nice photo from the British Championship Trial in Wales last week - Taken by Heath Brindley

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Friday afternoon - we had a torrential downpour - just after a couple of customers from Kelowna showed up - one had just got a used 2012 Beta Evo and was looking for parts - after sheltering in the shop for a long time, they left with a new outlook on what the sport is all about.


Friday, we had lunch with Chris Hrabb, on route back to Revy after a lot of riding over the long weekend - Chris doesn’t take Trials too serious, but last weekend may have changed this when he was only a couple of points off the podium.


Today, I will finally get around to working on some bikes - change the oil on the Evo 125 etc - ready to go out on Sunday - the plan is to help an old buddy - re-learn some trials techniques. maybe I will take some pics?


Looks like it might be a wet weekend in Italy for the first Outdoor World Round - this is a shot of Adam Raga practicing.

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Friday May 24th 2019

Friday, May 24th, 2019

While going through the sign up sheets from last weekend, I noticed a a few people forgot to put the Town where they live - this info is very important so please try to complete all the  address plus postal code - Our Score keepers are great and may know you, but they are not mind readers, and we may need to send you your award in the mail.
Thanks for this - Dave.


So after a very busy Trials event last weekend  - I wonder what everyone is planning for this weekend? -


A reader from  Ontario posted “What a wonderful Playground” when he saw  this pic I took of Britta at Scotch Creek - What most people didn’t know, was that Jake and Ross spent hours with an excavator “Hand making” this section.  Yup ! they are sure dedicated.
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The small log at the end of this section took a lot of points - mainly because there was a steep drop before it and riders needed to get stopped. - This pic shows Taff picking his line.

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This is a great shot by Dale Coull - of young Jeremy Bonnefoy on his Oset - he looks to have a bright future if he keeps it up.

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Tuesday May 21st 2019

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

After a fantastic three days of Trials Competition at Scotch Creek - Here are the full results

Day #1 Saturday  Outlaw Modern Trial  41 riders


1 Leigh McKay  Sherco  Kamlops BC  12 (tie break)

2 Dennis Brumwell  Mont  Yellowknife NWT 12

3 Starla Smeeth  GG  Surrey  BC   14

4 Andrew Vipond  GG  Vernon BC  19

5 Domique Doyan Beta  Winfield  BC 21

6 Oscar Usher  Beta  Nelson BC   25

7 Roger Tessier  Beta  Kamloops  BC  30

8 Britta Fornier   TRS  Vernon BC    31

9 Christian Zanders  Beta  Scotch Creek  BC 33

Jeremie Bonnefoy  Oset  ( Battery ) DNF


1 Max Lang  TRS  Vernon BC   50

2 Russ Nelson Beta  Celista BC 63

3 Josef Reschreiter  TRS Vancouver 65

4 Martin Lucas  TRS  Celista BC  67

5 Steve  Mills   GG  Bragg Creek  AB  79

6 Olivier Bonnefoy  Beta  Vernon BC 87



1 Bob  Clark  TRS  Coquitlam  BC  5

2 Marcus Buhrig  Beta Blind Bay BC 16

3 Craig Parfitt  Beta  Edmonton AB  22

4 Dean Seaman  Beta Sorrento  BC 28

5 Richard Oullete  Scorpa  Calgary AB   35

6 Marcus Garvey  Mont   Nelson BC  36

7 Chris Hrabb  TRS  Revelstoke BC  40

8 Lee Usher  Beta  Nelson  BC  41

9 Leigh Stocks  TRS Revelstoke  BC  67

10 Chris Briggs  Beta Sorrento BC  80


1 Brian McNeal  Mont  Vancouver BC  34

2 Wyatt Pospisil  Beta  Edmonton AB 35

3 Jake Wideman  Beta  Scotch Creek BC 44

Senior Advanced

1 Ross Rathbone   Beta  Magna Bay BC  22

2 Guy Smeeth   GG Surrey  BC  26

3 Andrew James  TRS  Enderby  BC  28

4 Don Doerksen  Scorpa  Mission BC 46


1 Sam King  GG   Golden  BC   7

2 Sean Bird  Scorpa Vancouver  BC  12

3 Pierce McNeal  TRS  Vancouver BC  22

4 Steve Day  Vertigo Mission  BC  23

5 Ben Pospisil  Beta  Edmonton AB  33

6 Kolten Morrison Beta  Scotch Creek  BC  41


Sunday May  19th  WTC National (West)  42 riders.

1 Starla Smeeth  GG  Surrey  BC  zero (0) points

2 Andrew Vipond  GG  Vernon  BC   1

3 Oscar Usher  Beta  Nelson  BC  8

4 Walter Cukavac  Bultaco  Spruce Grove AB  11

5 Roger Tessier  Beta  Kamloops  BC  13

6 Christian Zanders  Beta  Scotch Creek  BC  16

7 Roly Thibault  Beta  Blind Bay BC   27

8 Britta Fornier  TRS  Vernon  BC  28

9 Jeremie Bonnefoy Oset Vernon BC 35

10 Dennis Brumwell  Mont  Yellowknife NWT 41

11 Dominique Doyan  Beta   Winfield  BC  63



1 Lee Usher  Beta  Nelson BC  18

2 Richard Oullete Scorpa  Calgary AB  20

3 Max Lang  TRS  Vernon  BC   33

4 Russ Nelson  Beta  Celista  BC  34

5 Olivier Bonnefoy  Beta Vernon  BC 42

6 Martin Lucas  TRS  Celista  BC  50

7 Dave Soloiak   Mont  Vancouver  BC 62

8  Steve Mills  GG  Bragg Creek AB  63


1 Bob Clark  TRS  Coquitlam  BC  6

2 Marcus Buhrig  Beta  Blind  Bay BC  11

3 Craig Parfitt  Beta  Edmonton AB 17

4 Chris Hrabb  TRS Revelstoke BC  19

5 Dean Seaman  Beta  Sorrento  BC  20

6 Marcus Garvey  Mont Nelson  BC  28

7 Leigh Stocks  TRS Revelstoke  BC 36

8 Chris Briggs  Beta Sorrento BC  82


1 Brian McNeal  Mont  Vancouver  BC  9

2 Wyatt Pospisil  Beta  Edmonton AB  17

3 Jake Wideman  Beta  Scotch Creek  BC 29

Senior Advanced

1 Ross Rathbone  Beta Magna Bay  BC - 9

2 Guy Smeeth  GG  Surrey BC - 12

3 Carl Muller  Beta  Surrey BC  21

4 Don Doerksen  Scorpa  Mission BC  31



1 Sam King  GG  Golden  BC  - 4

2 Sean Bird  Scorpa  Vancouver BC - 6

3 Steve Day Vertigo  Mission BC - 24

4 Pierce McNeal  TRS  Vancouver  BC -33

5 Ben Pospisil  Beta  Edmonton AB  62

6 Kolten Morrison  Beta  Scotch Creek  BC 74


Monday May 20 - Outlaw Vintage Trial

Class A

1  Don Doerksen   Trixie   Mission  BC  11

2 Guy  Smeeth  Yam  Surrey  BC  12

3 Brian McNeal  Trixie  Vancouver  BC  23

4 Bob Clark  SWM  Coquitlam  BC  31


Class B

1 Dale Coull  Kaw - Mission  BC  15

2 Walter Cukavac  Fantic - Spruce Grove AB 23


A special thanks to all riders who attended -and to Ross and his crew for spending many hours on the set up, plus of course Julie and Judy & Celena   for doing a fantastic job once again on the scoring.  We are very fortunate to have the use of this land so Thanks to Dan & Helena Roane ( what great people)  ( sorry if I forgot anybody)
The annual camp fire cook out was simply amazing - thanks so much everybody for making this a wonderful weekend. - Next round of the Outlaw Series is at Rock Mountain House on the August long weekend.


Saturday May 18th 2019 - The Day of the OUTLAW.

Saturday, May 18th, 2019

Well it was another Blue-assed Fly day Friday !!! - lots to do - Brad came from Kamloops to pick up his new Beta, so we had another great chat - I think he will really like the Trials family scene.

Later I started to pack the van - no easy task trying to remember everything - - and only room for the two 125’s plus all the other gear - Tent etc. - Opti Oil for Don at Cascade - and other regular users of this great product. - Finally got that done -  Had a bit of a rest - then Dominique stopped by to pick up her Evo 250 - we did some work on it to fix the brakes, so she is all set to ride today at Scotch Creek.

Next on the agenda was grocery shopping  - picked up some food and some liquid refreshment !!  Hopefully the weather will be nice for the annual camp fire.

My email page has been very quiet Friday  - so I guess everybody that wanted something already ordered.

By the time most people read this - ( posted late Friday night) - I will be well on the way to Scotch Creek - arriving in time for the sign up scheduled for 8.30am.


In other news - Jan Peters is in the States to ride some events on the TRS - Here is a pic from today

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The weather report isn’t that great for travel - even snow on some of the Alberta hiways - Just thinking about this brings back so many memories of spending months setting up a Trial, only to have the weather turn bad.

Somehow back in the day, we all coped - waking up to snow on the ground in the Mountains West of Calgary   - we always knew that we would somehow manage to get out with our Travel Trailers.


We had a call from Dennis , our Yellowknife Trials enthusiast - he is already close to the Shuswap and is super keen to ride - can you imagine driving for a couple of days to get to an event?  - We need a long distance award.


Friday May 17th 2019. - One Day away from the Outlaw Trial

Friday, May 17th, 2019

So to sum up the past few days might be to say that I’ve been running around like a “Blue-Assed fly”  - - not that this is that unusual, at this time of the year, prior to the May long weekend -  thank goodness that I have Ross & the lads to look after the Trial set up these days - For anybody new to the sport - they simply have no idea about all the work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the event goes off smoothly. - Needless to say my emails have been full of requests for stuff to be put on the van - then there are last minute bikes to fix for customers and new ones for others. see below >>

This is Brad from Kamloops who just picked up a new Beta Evo from Outlaw -
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Not that I’m complaining - Babsy says I’ve been moving around better this past week - so maybe the exercise is helping.

Today is going to be another full day - loading everything before heading out to Scotch Creek - I always make myself a couple of check lists so that I don’t forget something ( But that doesn’t always work as I get older)

Trying to shoe-horn everything into the van is another challenge - which bikes do I take?  - then I need to pack my sleeping bag etc plus buy groceries - it all gets to be a bit of a chore, as you get old. - ( BUT NATURALLY IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT WHEN I SEE THE SMILING FACES AT SCOTCH CREEK)


We will close today - with a wonderful shot of Gille Burgat (Beta) at the Scottish - Gille was the youngest ever World Champion back in the day, when he was just 19 years old.

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UPDATE:  Jaime Busto & Gas Gas terminate their agreement.


Thursday May 16th 2019

Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Click here for the Outlaw Trials poster

Yes I know you may have already seen the poster - but it’s there as a reminder for some folk who only click on once in a while. - There is no question that the excitement is building, as I have had phone calls from a lot of riders from all over  -

We started the Outlaw Trial in 1986  at East Kelowna, with a Vintage on the Saturday ( Free) then the Modern on the Sunday. - Obviously it has been a huge success, with camp fire stories that definitely are something else.

- Of course, as I’m now an old guy, I had to hand over the reins to the Shuswap lads - and for the past few years, they have done an outstanding job, maintaining the traditions of the event. - This is now I think one of the longest running Trials events in Canadian History.
Ross and Jake plus helpers - always cook a big something or other on the Saturday night around the main campfire and everybody is welcome - we even have local family members attend on a regular basis, plus the land owners ( What great people they are)  - It’s all about Family.
Because of the Forest Fire issues that we seem to be plagued with at the moment - We elected to combine the WTC National (West) on this weekend, which makes it a three day  -” Bonanza” Trial -  Maybe this is the way for the future.?

So the schedule is that most people will arrive on Friday afternoon - evening - Remember the campsite is located on the left side of the main hiway just before you see the sign “Welcome to Scotch Creek” . The gate may be closed, but it will not be locked please close after you enter.

Some fairly obvious things to remember   - everything is very dry so if you are a smoker - be careful  - we are on Private land. Also pets should be controlled. - Check with Ross BEFORE you light any campfire. and PLEASE pick up all your garbage.

Sign up will start around 8.30am Saturday morning at the Beta Tent with Julie and Judy in charge. - Please note: we are not set up to take debit or credit cards cash or cheque only.

If you have any questions regarding the event - please email me - or phone (250) 545-6139 (my land line)