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Sunday July 21st 2019

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

I posted this just because my Dad used to own one, before the second Wold War. ( It’s a Bugatti)
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Here is your video for today - not sure if Taff learned at this training course !! (Lol)


Looks like the weather is warming up  this week.  Beautiful day in the Valley - not so in Northern Ireland, where the Golfers are playing in Monsoon like conditions - local hero Shane Lowry is leading long haired English guy Tommy Fleetwood -  some Americans are hanging in - but most are now on the plane back home. UPDATE Lowery wins !! Irish Eyes are smiling.

Results from the FIM World Round in France>

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This is the very talented Jack Price from the UK - Seems that there was a lot of this in France - (Crazy)

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Saturday July 20th 2019

Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Take a look at this beauty - That would be a nice one to own.
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The pic below, is of the Elan Valley in Wales - The 1983 ISDE was run around this area   and I have a photo I took from this dam - the one the film the Dam Busters was used for. - Amazing area and one the RAF often use for practicing low altitude flying with the modern jet fighters ( which we saw in 83) - great memories.
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I saw this and thought it sort of fits in with my lifestyle these days
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Big Golf thing happening in Ireland this weekend, but already a few big names out - Tiger - Phil and hometown favorite Rory.McIlroy. none of whom “made the cut”  - maybe we should host a Trial using this format ?  Three days & if you don’t come within a certain number of points to the leader - you don’t get to ride for the Championship on the Sunday !!!


There  has been quite a lot of chat going on the past year, about Electric Trials bikes, and yes they do have an appeal for some and in the right hands (Albert) can do amazing things - but is this the way of the future for Trials? - All I can is say that if it is - Then it might be time for this guy to “PULL THE PLUG”  -

The simple fact is that I ( like many) love gas powered bikes - new or old single cylinder or multi - Trials, MX, Enduro, Road racing, they bring an appeal, sound and aroma, that can’t be copied by modern electric stuff. - the old bikes have character, they have nostalgia and over the years have brought excitement and thrills to millions of enthusiasts.

- For anybody that grew up in the 50’s - motorcycle sport was always about the sound and the smell of the  stuff you could get at the local track, be that Grass track - Road Racing, Scrambles or Trials. -

The guys that rode the bikes, wore old scruffy looking clothing and usually camped out at the track. - Even great World Champions like Mike Hailwood  camped out with his buddy Dave Chadwick when doing a tour of South Africa - learning the ropes. ( sadly Chadwick was killed later racing - and Hailwood was killed in a car crash
Quite a few riders did this back in the day - They called it “The Continental Circus”.
For me, I think the message is clear - You don’t need a big Motor-home towing a trailer, to enjoy Motorcycle sport -

I see that at modern Motorcycle  World Trials - this has become a norm. - ( No wonder many parents are saying  “no way”)
My question is “What are they selling”? - - It seems  that they are trying to make Trials a spectator sport  -   - It is perhaps ironic that the fastest growing Motorcycle Trials sport in Europe is the Classic or twin shock. - These events maybe bring out  more of what the original idea of Trials competition was all about. - The rider against natural terrain.
The Formula One crowd are all in the multi million dollar league - but how long will this last -? the races these days are boring ( and I used to be a big Fan)

Friday July 19th 2019

Friday, July 19th, 2019
My Thursday began with a phone call from my Doctor - calling me in for an early morning appointment  with regard to a Government Medical required for my drivers license. - Everybody needs this every two years when you reach the age of 80 ( this is my second one)  Glad to say everything went OK, of course this is not free, and comes with a $100.00 charge. ( now I’m good until and if, I reach 84)

There’s an action-packed two days of competition in store this weekend with five classes competing at TrialGP France – round six of the 2019 FIM Trial World Championship – at the spectacular Alpine venue of Auron where Toni Bou (Repsol Honda) could clinch a record-breaking 13th consecutive TrialGP title.

Just 50 miles north of Nice, at 1600 metres above sea level the ski resort – which TrialGP visited for the first time last year – is unmatched on the 2019 calendar in terms of altitude and the thin air brings with it a serious test of rider fitness.

Of course, that’s not the only test facing the best Trial riders in the world and the mix of sections split between rounded boulders in a dry riverbed and more angular rocks on the side of a steep, wooded hill will provide a major challenge.

When it comes to physical conditioning there’s no question mark hanging over the head of defending champion and series leader Bou. The 32-year-old is fighting fit and unbeaten since June 2018 and leads the championship chase on a perfect 120 points.

“We are having a great championship and we are confident that it could continue this weekend in France too,” said Bou. “We are going to try to find the right rapport with the bike in Auron, where altitude can influence things a lot.


These fantastic 125cc demo bikes are now for sale at a huge saving - very low hours & no scratches - call Outlaw Dave.
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Many people don’t know that the great Sammy Miller actually developed his own Trials bike back in the day, calling it a “Miller” - but never did put it into production due to a downturn in the market and a lack of financing - all recorded in a VHS video I have.
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A nice shot of a TRS up in the clouds, not sure where this is, but have an idea. ( it’s in BC)
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And my final pic of today is a great portrait of Mick and Jill Andrews - Wonderful people who are still very much involved with Motorcycle Trials (Photo by Claudio)
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More news as it happens >>>  Chuckle of the day - An old friend posted after he saw the pic of Steve McQueen riding in the ISDT - “That was when the “T” stood for tough and then they changed it to “E” for easy.”

For the younger crowd  -  International Six Day Trial - changed to International Six Day Enduro


Thursday July 17th 2019

Thursday, July 18th, 2019

This is Wales - Oh! - and James Saunders on the 2020 TRS !!!  ( Pic by Heath)
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They called him “The King of Cool”  - Steve McQueen, seen here on his Team USA Triumph Trophy at the ISDT    ( Yes it was called “Trial” back in the day - later renamed Enduro)
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Here is a flashback pic, showing young Colten practicing on one of little Beta Electric bikes we brought in - it started him off the right way & he is now on a gas powered bike.
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The question for a lot of people is “When will Summer arrive?”  - the weather has sure been great for riding, but not so good for the beach !!    the plus is of course being no Forest fires (Yet)


Only a couple more weeks until the ATRA Trial at Rocky Mountain House - The 3rd Round of the Outlaw Series sanctioned by WTC. - This is a great area/event, and if you need directions, just shoot me an email.


This is a video from the last World Round held in Portugal  - lots of water sections.


Wednesday July 17th 2019

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Nice to see some natural sections at the World Round in Portugal - took some  courage  to jump this water crossing - but then again I seem to recall we did a bit of this back in the day - and the bikes were not even close to what they are today, power-wise.
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Here we see a few of the ladies, picking their line for the qualifiers, while #1 Toni Bou checks out the more  challenging Pro line ( which he blitzed  )
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And here are the Ladies

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So - Ive watched quite a few videos lately, where these new young brilliant riders hop & bop to line themselves up for an obstacle - but in many cases I have to say - they could have just made a tight turn -!!  I think Bernie Schreiber might be teaching this point at his schools.


Tuesday July 16th 2019

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

This is a nice shot of Heath Brindley, trying out the new 2020 TRS in Wales - He is being followed by young James Saunders ( Steve’s lad) - it is a typical section that we had back in the day, and still popular in many places in Europe. -  We had these all the time  in both Alberta and BC, before the Environmental groups started their raves . Having been around for a long time, it’s my opinion, that none of the Creeks that were used then or now, effect fish habitat long term - ( And I used to like to Fish)  as long as common sense is used. - BTW did you see the video of Emma Bristow’s Sherco falling into a big water hole at the World Round in Portugal.? - The team dried it out & she still won. They had some great water sections in Portugal - check out this qualifying lap by Toby Martyn on the Factory Beta. >> post - and this one >>post
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The first Motorcycle that got me hooked !!- the BSA Bantam -   - No that is not me (Lol)
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Gord Rinke was out riding with Shane in the Okanagan and posted me some pics - Not sure if anybody else was out at the weekend.

This pic is from the last time we were out with Gord - We have some of the Jitsie seats in stock if anybody is interested.
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Yesterday I did a bit more work on the 1975 TY 175 ( I have had many calls from people wanting to buy this) - Once again, just like working on any of the old bikes, I couldn’t help but notice how difficult it was to do simple stuff and it seems like every bolt is twice the size it needs to be, - interesting when you compare to modern bikes, in particular the TRS which has to be the #1 when it comes to ease of maintenance.


I have often said that we need to do more to promote the kids in Trials, if we are to have a good future - this is a pic of the bunch in Scotland, including Harry & Wendy McKay’s youngsters.  - On the Island the VMC encourage the  kids class and we have done the same at many of our Outlaw events -

Also I see Jacek appears to be doing his bit to promote the kids class, in Alberta.

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Monday July 15th 2019

Monday, July 15th, 2019

Hope everybody had a great weekend - this is a pic of Phillipe Bellatier ( The Bear) TRS Importer for France, and still riding - He did well in World Trials back in the day, but may be best remembered for getting into a wrestling match with a very big German Checker, when he gave Philipe a “5″.

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We have some of the TRS clothing and light rain jackets in stock. -  along with a great selection of Wulf gear.


In other TRS News - the ladies are also doing well.
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I was picking parts in the Shop Sunday - and showing the TY 175 to my son Steve - who had one of these back when he was 12 years old - while doing this, I noticed that the previous owner  had fitted the front fender backwards !! ( Now fixed)

Harry & Wendy McKay  are full into the junior Trials scene in Scotland, and are out most weekends supporting Chloe & Calum on their little bikes. both are doing very well.
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Don’t forget we still have   some very good deals going on demos and new Betas & TRS - call for info:


Check out this video from the 1965 ISDT in the Isle of Man. >>> video

Sunday July 14th 2019

Sunday, July 14th, 2019

Here is a video of Adam Raga on one of the sections in Portugal early today - taken by Jordi.

This is a pic of Toni Bou in qualifying - blitzing it through the water. - no idea who took the shot.
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And here are the results - no real surprises there, except I expected to see Busto higher up.

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And here is a flashback to 1979 - a couple of Yamaha riders out exploring the mountains of Spain on their TY’s - we estimated back then, that  about 60% of all the Trials bikes sold, would be used for this, rather than in Competition -  we think the ratio is still about the same, except that more of the old bikes are now used in Classic events in Europe.

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Check out this old video - from 1967.   >>>>>   post


Saturday July 13th 2019

Saturday, July 13th, 2019

Perhaps one of the most amazing success stories in Motorcycle manufacturing of Trials bikes - The Jordi Tarres TRS. - Check out this link. While the large factories use lots of people and robots - Jordi just has a small dedicated and passionate workforce - to take on the Mighty Honda Empire, at World Trials.


Some wise words here from Bernie Schreiber >>
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When I first came to Canada, and lived on the Prairies, one of the most inspiring sounds I heard was of the locomotives - and to this day I love to hear those engines “Blow” - When I was a lad - I became a “Train spotter”  and this involved having a small book with all the steam engines in the UK listed, by name and number.  - This was a big deal for young boys back then just after the war, we would visit our local Station and wait the the trains to go by, noting the name &  marking this in our book - they all had a big name-plate on the side . - which would mean that you had seen this engine.  -  In those days the engines were huge and engineering masterpieces, very similar to the ones I saw later in Canada. - It is my opinion that the demise of the railroads, brought on by Politicians, has been a huge mistake. ( I know this has nothing at all to do with Trials - but my very first bike was delivered on the train)
Southern Pacific #18 Working Hard! | Train Fanatics Videos


A reminder that the ATRA would like to know if you plan on attending the Cow Patty Trial at Rocky on the long weekend as they are hosting a free supper (like Ross does at Scotch Creek) and getting an idea of numbers would really help for the cooks.


Friday July 12th 2019

Friday, July 12th, 2019

This old pic that I took of Pete Brown and a new Beta rider, cropped up on FB as a memory - and I got flash backs to all the great rides I had with Pete “Up on the Mountain”  - Pete of course is no longer with us and the other guy never did get into the sport & sold the Evo 200 ( Rod Brophy now has that bike)

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And this is Pete chatting to Foordy at the WEC Enduro at Apex Mountain a few years ago, when Foordy was riding the Mountain Motorcycle sponsored Beta.
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Steve Saunders now has the new 2020 TRS models in the UK .  We still have 2019 models in stock at super savings ( both TRS and Beta) There has never been a better time to buy a new Trials bike from Outlaw.


And now for something completely different, - a pic of Caerphilly Castle in South Wales.  We lived here for a short time back in the 1960’s -  While I was still in the Printing Business -
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With people like Dougie Lampkin coming to America and Canada to put on Trials schools, it’s also nice to see that Bernie Schreiber is doing the same thing. - While the Dougie teaches modern techniques, Bernie gets back to basics, which should be the first thing all riders need to practice. -

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