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Tuesday August 20th 2019

Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Here’s a couple of bad dudes - Stan Bakgaard and Pete  Bustin - out for a ride.  You can meet up with them both on the upcoming long weekend at Ymir. - The Trial is held on Pete’s property, lovely spot by the river, surrounded by Mountains.
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And another one of the  Vancouver lads - Todd Nordin, riding at the Outlaw Trial at Greenstone Mountain near Kamloops back a few years.
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Although the local press is reporting that Tourism is down in the OK Valley this year - You wouldn’t have thought it last Sunday. - The traffic on the way back from Summerland  was brutal and all the Lakes were packed with boats and water craft.  - Weather today is forecast to be warm with  a high of +31.


Don’t forget, we still have a few 2019 Beta & TRS bikes left at big savings - there are no huge changes coming on the Evo for 2020, as far as we know, and the TRS models are already out. Why not give us a call.


Nice Vincent Black Shadow - the first bike with cantilever   rear suspension (I think) - it had two small shocks mounted side by side. - I always thought that the guys who designed this bike, must have forgot it needed a seat, as it looks so strange - almost as an “After-thought”
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More news as it happens >>

Monday August 19th 2019

Monday, August 19th, 2019

A nice photo of Harry McKay with his two youngsters out on the Trials bikes in Scotland.
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The family stopped over Sunday afternoon, so we took time to do a photo Op - with the old TY 175 which I have - both Helen and Steven had one of these when they were young.
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Shane & myself had a great ride at Summerland on Sunday - We didn’t go that far, but I showed him a couple of old sections from one of our Nationals from a few years ago. - The one rocky climb was and is difficult, but Shane made it look easy - unfortunately I had left my camera bag at the bottom of the section so failed to get it on record.

I did get a few still shots later, plus some video - one of which shows a large rock hurdling past my head at the end. !!  It was on this section which we used at the 2009 National.
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It was good to catch up on the news with Shane about the Dougie Lampkin School he attended in Utah - seems it was super hot, and while the venue featured some nice rocks ( really grippy) - he didn’t get much time to chat to Dougie as they had a large group at the event.  -

Update:  - While checking out a new cow trail at Summerland - We spotted a great section for a future date - needs some work ( on a cooler day)  maybe a bit of chain saw cutting. - That is the nice thing about many of the areas that we ride, there are sections everywhere, all it takes is a bit of imagination.

I was out on the Evo 200 for  a change - have been spending most of my rides out buzzing around on the 125’s which of course is a ton of fun - but once again I was reminded just how great the Beta 200 really is - pulling 4th gear on most of the trails - lugging down with lots of bottom end grunt. ( yes I think I might keep this one)

Sunday August 18th 2019

Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Congrats to Inga Hakonsen from Nrway for winning the Ladies  Euro Championship on her TRS
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Not a lot to report today & I’m a bit late getting up - plan is to meet Shane at Summerland for a bit of a ride - will try to post a few pics when I get back.


Saturday August 17th 2019

Saturday, August 17th, 2019

I saw this pic and it reminded me of when I got one as a demo from Yamaha in 1976 - I stripped as much weight off it as I could - studded up the tires and took it to Chestermere lake to see how it would perform as an ice racer - I never was very good at this, so I loaned it to Gord Lalonde, who did quite well and it certainly sounded neat.. Later I did a similar project with a TT 500 - but spent a lot more on this one, trying to make it like a Bengt Aberg special - YZ forks - trick pipe - short seat & hopped up motor ( Plus I drilled about a hundred holes in various spots to save weight)
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Lots of old pics pop up on FB - this black & white showing Welsh rider John Griffiths ( I think) on a Greeves, which had the shocks fitted on the forks, instead of the original rubber, leading link units - Not sure who took the photo. ( Note the seaman’s socks over the top of the fireman’s boots - all very popular back then)
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This is a young Italian lady, who is going to do well at International Trials - sorry can’t remember her name, but she is on a Beta $vo

I’m sure many who read this blog also watched the movie Easy Rider - Peter Fonda the lead actor just died aged 79. ( Another lost to cancer)


We still have some great deals on both Beta and TRS demo bikes - give us a call if you want to check them out.

Friday August 16th 2019

Friday, August 16th, 2019

Update: Sorry to hear that Steve Foord was in a traffic accident and injured quite badly - we wish him a speedy recovery.

Also in health news - Just heard that Tony Down from the USA has stage 4 Colon Cancer - many people will remember Tony came to the 25th Edition of our Outlaw Trial in Summerland.
Today I have posted 4 pics from the 2015 Trial at Ymir all taken at the same spot  on Face book - to show the various style and body position - Stan got the award for best posture. ( Arm up - centered on the bike - looking ahead)
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They also have some big stuff available at Pete’s Place - Here we see the man himself acting as a minder on the left, while Birdman prepares to grab  Ricky’s front wheel.

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And I like this old Classic shot from Europe - typical club style section, from when Trials made more sense.
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You don’t always need a Trials bike to see the Mountains - check out this shot by Pat Horan - out on his big KTM near Nelson - ( Nice to see he keeps his tools along in his Outlaw Toolbelt)

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Thursday August 15th 2019

Thursday, August 15th, 2019

Our small Outlaw Trials shop that caters to the sport - with lots of bikes, parts and accessories in stock. Low overhead, high in passion and enthusiasm.
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This is the poster & program we made up for the National Trial we had at Revy a couple of years ago - the pic shows Tino riding the Outlaw Evo 200 at the ATRA Blackfoot Park Trial in Calgary, which he won losing just one point.  He has since moved to Toronto and flies a Helicopter  for Global TV.  We hope to schedule more events at this location next year.

Amazingly, we got a phone call from somebody who lives in Revy, interested in getting into Trials, but seemed to know nothing about the two National Trials we held there, in spite of owning enduro and street bikes. - Hopefully he can hook up with Chris, Florian, Leigh or Terry.
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Some very good news from “Down Under” - it seems the Gord Lalonde’s illness, turned out to just be a bad infection from some previous issues he had, so that is great -  he is already back riding his bike, along with his Grand kids.

In days of old when kids were bold !!

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The big Vintage show is on at the Coast this Saturday - we were hoping to go, but Randy has to fly down East to a trade show. - Here is a neat shot from some of the bikes they show.

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Wednesday August 14th 2019

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

The pic below is not from this year - but the same fantastic area where the WTC ATRA Cow Patty is held - We are extremely lucky to have land owners willing to let us use their property, and we hope it continues this way.

Trials riders are a great bunch who respect the land and clean up after the event.
On another note, we had a visit on Tuesday, with Ian Rood, who moved to Kamloops a couple of years ago from Vancouver, he is quite active in the local club, helping with set up on Cross Country events, but is very interested in hosting Trials at Greenstone Mountain,  ( He has a Scorpa) - so I have been putting him in touch with local Trials riders, and explaining about that area that we used back in 2003-4-

Mike Crumly worked really hard on making sections for these events doing most of the physical work while I directed. - ( Hope you are reading this Mike)  We will keep in touch with Ian and help out when possible to maybe host another Trial in that location.

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This is a great shot of Don Smith riding a typical UK section on the Greeves - It’s unusual, because Don normally had a cigarette in his mouth any time he was riding a section ( not surprisingly he died of lung cancer) - Although Don rode for Greeves, he also developed the early Montesa, and later became a Kawasaki factory rider - ( I have his book which is very interesting)
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So Tuesday we had a TRRS 280 arrive - pretty sure somebody’s name is on this one - but we still have a few 2019 models left at very good prices, both Beta and TRS - call us if interested. ( Believe me there has never been a better time to buy)

Got a call from Andrew Christianson our Aussie buddy - chatted about the 2019 Silver Star event - which Beta Canada have helped sponsor, and will in fact have a line up of the 2020 Bikes (Enduro) on display over the weekend, with demo rides. - Naturally, I will be up there, as it’s only about 15 minutes  from my house - Will have more news on this later, but mark the date down on your calendar Sept 21-23 weekend ( Poster is on FB)


Now here is an unusual photo ->

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Not sure who called at 6 am today - it was an Alberta number and leaving a garbled message from a cell phone while driving!!


Tuesday August 13th 2019

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

12-year-old Maddox Dorman WINS Novice A on his Jack’s Cycles TRS-USA RR 125 at the NETA Rhode Island Trials Club Championship series event at the Stepping Stone Ranch in Exeter RI.

CONGRATULATIONS! - Yes we still have one of these in stock at Outlaw ( the only one in Canada) - they are BRILLIANT. Just ask Kevin Smith !!
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This is a flash back pic from 2012 - the last time I went up Joss Mountain at age 75  -Stan took this pic of me after we broke through into the Alpine. - Some joker posted on FB - why stop now ?  - Obviously he  has no idea how difficult a climb like this is ( and was harder in the old days- I noticed that he was an enduro rider - it should be noted that no enduro rider has done this climb - Yes Graeme Jarvis etc could - but for most it’s trials bikes only.

- A lot of younger riders have  struggled on this mountain - especially if running into bad weather - rain & snow. - Certainly not a trip for the faint of  heart or lower skill level. -

When I think of all the Motorcycle sport that I’ve done in my lifetime, Trials, Scrambles Cross Country with some long distance touring thrown in. - Riding this Mountain has been the high-light for me.
The eight times that I went up this Mountain are still etched in my mind . - The first time was absolutely out of this World, as we skirted avalanches and pressed through brush that was so thick you had to just put your head down and hope for the best on the narrow pack horse trail out of the Valley.

I recall I kept bumping into the back of buddy Luke as we led the way up the switch backs. -

The thrill when you break out into the Alpine, is incredible - a whole different World - but then you are riding a rocky narrow trail  up into the top valley filled with melting snow and mountain lakes - following rock cairns left by those early travelers - you don’t want to get lost up at this altitude.
If you are lucky, you will not encounter snow - but the window for going up Joss is narrow, as sometimes winter can come early in the Mountains of BC.

I have been up in all conditions, quite a few in snow - I remember Stan asking me on one of these trips what gear I was using on my Beta Rev 3 - I said 4th - which worked great on the Beta - but riding a Sherco in these conditions would have been way more difficult for Stan - ( I remember getting traction on some of those early Sherco’s was a beast)
It is perhaps fitting, that my final ride up the Mountain was with Stan, just the two of us in 2012 and as I signed the visitor book at the Look out - I somehow knew this would be my last time - perhaps the oldest Trials rider to climb this wonderful Mountain. - However, I figure eight times was pretty good, with lots of memories.

A big thanks to Mark Thompson for showing me this and being so involved with the early climbs.
The pic below, shows me quite exhausted, just after we broke out into Alpine in 2012 - ( I did not know at that time that I had diabetes)  As we looked up at the climb ahead ( we were at about 5,000 feet)  the weather looked ominous, and it really appeared we would run into snow, so we had to decide “Do we go ahead - or turn back”? -

I should add that coming back down off this mountain is not easy as you are tired and all the weight is on your arms,- It took me a few minutes to make up my mind - as I was really buggered - deciding to ride a Beta Factory 300 was a mistake as it was hard for me to start and control.

- Anyway, I guess I kind of knew this might be my last trip up Joss - so I said we should press on. - It was a real struggle for me at times as I was so tired - riding in 1st gear and feeling like a novice. - Stan helped by starting my bike.!!
Of course it was a huge thrill to make it to the top once again - and with my special friend-  Stan Bakgaard. -

Although  I have been lucky enough to share this experience with many other close friends.

-  I even have some video of a climb when Taff was with us -  snow that year .
( I hope the reader enjoys this brief write up)

- In conclusion, I think that first year 2003 was both the most difficult and the most mind blowing - I remember Mark asking me when we got to the end of the ride, how old are you ? - I told him I was 67. - I felt pretty good back then !!!

I would like to thank all my friends who made this trip with me over the years - What stories we have to tell.
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This is neat little video of a typical English Club Trial - also shows the 2020 TRS.

And this one is the  young Kiwi kid on the Beta Evo  -
# easy


Don’t forget this one - it will be a great event and the final round of the Outlaw Series - The location is superb with free camping by the river.
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Monday August 12th 2019

Monday, August 12th, 2019

How about this news - the young Hemmingway brothers from Yorkshire and whose uncle is Dougie Lampkin ( I think- certainly related)  This is young Harry on the Beta Evo 125. - Check out how small he is compared to the lad who beat him for the top spot.  The Beta 125 is brilliant and yes we still have one in stock.

Here is the report from Trial Mag UK.
On Saturday 10th August Ancelle, France hosted the 3rd round of the FIM European Championship.
Tough sections compromising of huge grippy granite rocks,heat reaching 33 degrees and the highest section at 1750 m made for a tough trial.

At 13 yrs of age Harry Hemingway was the youngest in the class but managed to obtain a fantastic overall second place. Having a solid  first lap of 12 and then struggling with fatigue on the last lap, had two costly fives resulting in a second lap of 20 costing him the win and finally losing out by 1 mark


This is a radio clip of Sam King, being interviewed over the phone in Saskatoon where he was doing Stunt shows along with Sean Bird - Worth a listen, as Sammy speaks very well, regarding what he is doing.  Of course having sponsored  this likable young Australian for 4 years, I know how tough it has been for him to eek out a living, so good luck to him in the future.…/15731104-ride-the-vibe-at-the-saskatoo…


It was quite a wet day in the Valley on Sunday - not sure if anybody went riding - had a friend stop by to pick up some stuff and while looking at the old 1975 TY 175, remarked on the footpegs  very small compared to the modern ones. Amazing to think that it took years for manufacturers to update the tiny rigid ( not spring loaded) pegs on the old bikes of the 50’s & 60’s  - they were real ankle breakers, plus being narrow, it was very easy for boots to slip off, on both Trials and Scrambles models. - Also, these were usually positioned too high and too far forward. - Funny how the small details sometimes get missed in Motorcycle design.


So how many people remember Bernie Schreiber’s Trials training Pogo-bike >>

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Sunday August11th 2019

Sunday, August 11th, 2019

Pretty young ladies on the podium in Norway.

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It’s time to thin out the herd - take advantage  of  this super buy on the very last Beta Evo 200 available in Western Canada and also the last for ever, as the Factory have dropped this model - yes it’s going for a very good price - is it free - no  - ( It’s immaculate - never been dropped - no scratches)

This model has been so good, that we have promoting it and used it as our personal demo since they first brought it out in 2009 - and yes we have sold more of this model than any other. -  We know that it is so good and it is the best buy for a large percentage of the riders out there.
Because the Beta factory are going BIG in the Enduro market, and have only a short time to produce new models for the following year, so some things need to go -plus they have no 200cc class in Euro Trials. -

To say the least - this is a sacrifice for me, to sell this bike - but as we grow old and times change, it’s  also a time to move on to other challenges ( the Evo or TRS 125′S) - I have set the price of the 200 at $7650 plus tax - a very good price considering the regular price is $8250 plus freight & tax.. Any questions - call me.
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