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Monday September 16th 2019

Monday, September 16th, 2019

It was quite a race in Italy on Sunday, but in the end, it was that kid Marquez who won, but perhaps the new French rookie stole the show.  - 4 Yams in the top 5 places.


Results Montreal Super Cross.

1st #15 Husqvarna DEAN WILSON
1st 3rd 1st 30


Big event at Silver Star this coming weekend.  - We will be up there on Saturday at the Endurocross -  with a Beta Trials display ( Beta Canada are part Sponsors)

We will have the following bikes for sale at  HUGE savings - 2019 Beta 80 Jr (sold) - 2015 Beta 80 Sr ( used) - 2019 Beta Evo 125 (demo) 2019 Beta Evo 200 ( demo) 2019 Beta Evo 300 SS (New) - Beta Evo 300 4T(New)

If you are interested in any of these bikes, I suggest you give us a call before Saturday.
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Beta make it Three World Championships in a row !!!

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Congrats to Lexi Pechout  of Calgary, who took a big win at an Enduro in Japan last weekend - this is the second time she has been invited to compete in the Land of the Rising Sun.  She rode a 350 Husky.

No word yet on results from the CPTA Iron Mountain Trial - but we have heard it was very wet.


Now this is a “Mans” bike  Brough Superior.
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Over in Spain at the Spanish Championships, Toni Bou had a “Bad day” he finished 2nd to Jaimie Busto !! Adam Raga finished just off the podium in 4th.


Sunday September 15th 2019

Sunday, September 15th, 2019

Looks like somebody lost their car keys !!!! The Spanish National Trial this weekend.
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Breaking News - The Whistler Gondola folk - have applied for control over all the land presently used by the Squamish Trials club, which could be very bad news regarding access. - check out the details that have been posted on FB by Chessy Knight.

Andrew Vipond chanced the weather Saturday & looks to have found some neat stuff to ride on his Outlaw/TRS
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The Factory Beta Enduro Team are proving to be pretty much unbeatable this year - Brad Freeman and Steve Holcolme usually finishing 1-2 . - This is Freeman in Portugal.
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Steve Saunders TRS Team took two of the top classes  in the British Championship Series - Ross Danby and Chris Stay - Well done.

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Saturday September 14th 2019

Saturday, September 14th, 2019

Click for Brown Memorial Trial poster

Note :  Entry Fee is $25 per day or $40 for Two days (includes Saturday night Supper) - All Proceeds go to Cancer Research.

Classes will be  Junior B  - (Kids class)

Junior  A -






Please note that we will also have the #1 plates for the Outlaw Series winners at the Brown Memorial


Big Moto GP race this weekend at Missano in Italy - just down the road from where Valentino Rossi lives on the Adriatic Coast ( Beautiful spot we spent our honeymoon there in 1962) - Reports are that the Yamaha’s are  quick.


Rain - that’s the forecast for this weekend in the Valley, so I think it will be a good time to clean bikes.


No news yet on Moto GP  stuff from Italy - keep checking back >>>> UPDATE Yamaha on Pole but a KTM 2nd !!! Rossi down in 7th.


Nice to see Toby Martyn take his first win for Beta at the recent British Championship Trial.

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Friday September 13th 2019

Friday, September 13th, 2019

Anybody looking to ride a Trial this Sunday, check out the one at Mission BC being put on by the CPTA - Don Doerksen  is the clerk of the course. ( Stan helped with set up)   Should be a good event. (Details on the CPTA site) or call Cascade Motorsports.

Here is the official blurb - Note they only mention ADV/Exp  but I’m sure they have all usual classes.
Andrew Allen, the CPTA Secretary reminded me that the 4th annual Iron Mountain Trial will take place this Sunday, September 15, at Iron Mountain in Maple Ridge/Mission, BC.
There will be signs from Lougheed Hwy.
There are 10 sections 3 times for Adv/Exp. on a fairly short loop. Sections should be easier than last year but bring your concentration!
Please note that the District of Mission has advised that we are not to park on the road, so everyone should be inside the gate.
Sign up is at 9 am and the riders’ meeting is at 10. Event fees are per the website,
Come on out the weather forecast is not looking too bad. Shouldn’t be dusty anyway!


So here’s the latest scoop - next week is the big event at Silver Star, and we have arranged to have a Trials bike display up there on the Saturday -it will be at the Enduro cross - kids race etc. (Beta Canada are sponsoring  this event)
- We hope to have the following models for people to feast their eyes on, maybe try out, and if you are in the market, -  buy one at fantastic savings, over the 2020 models.  - Beta Evo 80 Junior, Beta Evo 125, Beta Evo 200, Beta Evo 300 Super Smooth and Beta Evo 300 4T.  - Don’t forget, if it’s Trials you are interested in Outlaw Dave is the person to contact.

There has never been a better time to pick up one of the fantastic Italian bikes - see you there.


Everybody knows that the best time of the year for riding, is in the Fall, and one of the Best places, is the Okanagan - Check with Outlaw Dave for either directions or a guided tour. ( Pic is of Shane) - Did you know that Shane has likely close to 3-400 hours on this bike ? Yes the TRS machines have proved to be not only popular, but easy to work on and very good quality.
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Oh Yes - It’s Friday the 13th !!!! So be careful out there today !! - Birthday Greetings to Harlow Rankin and Glen Kemp today

Here’s an oldie - taken up above the US border near Grand Forks - there used to be a few riders from that area and they held some events back in the day.

'Fantastic day riding at Midway BC - (right on the USA border)'


Thursday September 12th 2019

Thursday, September 12th, 2019

We had a visit from old friends Darryl & Lori Copithorne  on Wednesday, who now live in Australia. Darryl is a keen Trials rider, and currently rides  a TRS 250. ( He went home with a Bultaco/Outlaw cap as he also has a    1973 Sherpa T) - They emigrated to OZ-  7 years ago from Alberta. ( They say they love it - out /down there)
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Here’s a neat pic of an old 197 James Trials bike - most likely around 1952 vintage  with the rigid frame. It was called the “Commando”
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And how about this shot of Sammy riding his own bike - The Sammy Miller Special.  It never did go into production.
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The ISDE is happening pretty quick in Portugal - The Brits look to have a strong Trophy Team with the top two Beta riders
2019 Team GB ISDE Trophy Team
Steve Holcombe
Brad Freeman
Danny McCanney
Joe Wootton


Just one week to go before the big bash at Silver Star Mountain near Vernon, - We plan on being up there to show off some Trials bikes.
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Wednesday September 11th 2019

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

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Roger Boothroyd sent me this pic of Melissa Andrist riding at a Vancouver Island demo.
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After the Ymir Trial, I posted a lot of pics and videos on FB of the event - which I think most riders liked , - But it was interesting to see the comments posted from overseas, regarding the video I took of Stan on Section #8    ( The very difficult Quarry section) - even Ex World Champion Bernie Schreiber, called this a “5″. - Now I’m not sure what went down on Stan’s score card, but very few Experts made it through this section, so maybe a “Good effort” was rewarded by a “Three”.

The problem that I see in Trials today, is a sometimes lack of consistency in scoring, either by group checking or with Checkers.  - A classic example, is when is a “5″ a “1″ for a rider with his foot down, on a bike that is stopped?

We have seen this type of scoring for years in Western Trials, mainly I think, because the sections have become more difficult, and the rules relaxed.  ( We won’t even touch on the fiasco’s happening on the World scene)

In Canada, our sport is very small, and the number one concern, is always to keep riders happy, so that they will come back, but I sometimes wonder, why we have a rule book at all. ( Yes the WTC rule book can be accessed via the Trials Canada website)
At Ymir, I spent some time talking to one of the US riders about the sport in general ( not this particular topic) and found it refreshing  to hear his comments, on how The scene South of the border went downhill, when they had so many classes, everybody went home with a Trophy. ( This Gentleman has put on a ton of Trials events)

It reminded me of 1994 at the Donner World Round - Martin Lampkin, asked me to sit in at the Checkers meeting, to find out just how they were going to score certain infractions.  - In other words, if riders know they won’t get called for either a long dab - or a “Peg-pivot Dab”  - they will use this knowledge to their advantage.

The  ” Non-Stop” rules used in current World Trials, are a joke, in my opinion,  and none of the top contenders get called  for a questionable “5″  by a checker, for fear of being abused, by not only the rider, and his minders, but by loyal fans.

No wonder it’s become so difficult to find people to do this job - they are all amateurs by the way, in a sport that is supposed to be Professional .

On the other side of the coin - you have the Scottish Six Days Trial - going on now for over 100 years - back in the day - they tried to keep up with modern techniques, by allowing  stopping & hopping - but entrees dropped so badly, there was a fear the event would fold.

A return to the No Stop rules changed all that and the Trial is now more popular than ever. BUT and the big BUT - is that the rules are correctly enforced, by a team of hardy checkers with years of experience.

At the end of the day, local Trials should always be about having family fun, and avoiding conflicts over scoring, and the fact that the 2019 Outlaw Series saw very good rider participation at all events, bodes well for the future.
However, it’s important to remember, that the Clerk of the Course is the Boss, and it’s what he or she says  that goes.
Just some thoughts on recent events that have occurred .


Details of the new 2020 Beta Evo have been released.

With experience gained over the years spent on race tracks, this year’s Beta Factory Team made up of James Dabill and Benoit Bincaz was able to transfer all that technological know-how to the new Trial range, so that both amateurs and professionals could get access to highly-evolved bike technology.

The 2-stroke version is available in four different engine sizes: 125, 200, 250, 300 & 300 SS where “SS” stands for “Super Smooth”, a bike with a smoother character compared to the standard version. The 4-stroke model, on the other hand, comes with the usual 300 cc engine which provides an impeccable combination of performance and ease-of-use.


Much attention has been paid to the chassis design. In fact, the look of the Evo MY 2020 has been completely revised, making it an even more attractive bike.

Here are some of the details:

New front headlamp cowl: completely redesigned, for that decisive look and markedly racing spirit.

New tank shell: fully redesigned, further highlighting the hydroformed aluminum chassis, a particular feature of the Evo.

New mapping selector switch: with a revolutionary new design, this has been moved from the front headlamp cowl to the new tank shell, making access and visibility easier. It now also has a LED indicator light, making it much simpler to identify which mapping is selected.

New rear fender: completely redesigned shape, with particular attention paid to the tail lamp.

New LED lamp at the rear.

New fork setting: using the experience we gained with the 2019 Factory version, the hydraulics have been made even more progressive and we have also introduced the ability to fit a compression adjuster kit (already fitted to the Factory series).

New anodized parts (gear shift lever, foot brake lever, engine head 2T).

New graphics and colors

Tuesday September 10th 2019

Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

The year Jordi showed how to get Sponsorship money !!! Today is his birthday, so Happy birthday Jordi.
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Seems like the local club had a pretty good turn out for the Kids ride on Sunday, in spite of the weather - Kudus to all who worked hard to make this happen.
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So another wet day in the Valley, but things are supposed to improve tomorrow, when our friends from Australia will be stopping by for a visit.


Not a lot of news to report today but will be sure to add if we see anything. >

Click for Lohrmann trial poster

Monday September 9th 2019

Monday, September 9th, 2019

A rather wet weekend in the Valley, but for me that was OK, because I took the time to kick back and catch up on some much needed sleep and relaxation- the previous few weeks of driving long distances, to events etc really took it out of me,  so time to ease up a bit - Have a Doc appointment this morning, but feeling OK now.


After taking another look at the overall results for the 2019 Outlaw Series, we discovered that in the Expert Class, both Steve Day, and Pierce McNeal  - had the Exact same number of points, having ridden in three of the 4 scheduled events. Therefore we will do as we have in the past (for this series) and engrave both names on the Annual Plaque and both will receive a smaller Plaque.  - ( We feel this is the only fair way)


Today we will try to catch up on stuff - bike is still in the van from last Thursday !! - also time to do some tidying up in the car port.   - Ship some accessories out etc etc.

Have not heard how the events went at both Ioco and Vernon Mountain - but I’m sure the stormy weather likely effected attendance.  Not that we had it bad compared to the folks down East -  We have friends visiting the Nova Scotia area, what a  bad choice of timing, Although our Beta Importer let us know that their place was not effected badly.

The weather is supposed to improve mid week, when we have some friends from Australia stopping by for a visit.

The TDN takes place on September 29th   ( The day after my daughter gets married) but there will be no Canadian Team - much has been written on the reasons, but simply put, It appears that it is because of the complete lack of leadership shown by the CMA. - The same thing has happened with the MX riders in Canada.     ( There could be other reasons but certainly it is a shame)
Of course the fact that the Canadian Teams are expected to pay their own way, is a huge hurdle, with travel costs always being a big issue.

The TDN is usually the time when Beta unveil their new Trials models  it will be interesting to see if they have made any updates to the Evo, which has remained pretty much unchanged for 10 years. ( Not that there is anything wrong with the bike)

Next up on our Calendar, is the Brown Memorial Trial on October 5-6 at Celista BC -(Scotch Creek area)  This is at the property of Martin & Julie Lucas and will be a first time effort for them.  - Having visited this location a number of times, I can tell you that it has some good stuff for sections, not the huge rocks of Ymir but very technical climbs.

I will have more on this later.


Sunday September 8th 2019

Sunday, September 8th, 2019

Although I don’t think many Western riders  will attend this event ( which is a shame) a few years ago a whole group drove out in a rented van - and we got sponsorship money to help out ! - Anybody willing to make this trip?
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A good shot by Dale Coull of Ymir winner Stan Bakgaard, still riding well in his 50’s - ( Stan also has a Beta Xtrainer that we supplied)
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We had a bit of Thunder roll through last night - nothing too extreme - not like the weather that’s hitting the East Coast - Hope our Beta Importer doesn’t get swamped.


While I’m not much of a tennis fan - it was nice to see the young Canadian gal win Stateside. ( $40 million so not a bad day on Court)

Just got this pic from Andy - He still uses his Outlaw Toolbelt, which we supplied about 30 years ago - the decal on the front number plate is one he picked up when he visited us a few week’s ago.
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Everytime I complain about being old - I think about Sammy - what an inspiration !!
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Saturday September 7th 2019

Saturday, September 7th, 2019

This pic showed up on FB Friday - showing me on my birthday ride in 2011 - Martin took this of me playing on the snow drift - up at about 6,000 feet on Crowfoot Mountain. -  Obviously I had a lot more energy back then, looks like I was on an Evo 200 as usual.
No photo description available.


I love to see pics of Trials riders up in the Mountains - the bikes are so quiet and leave very little sign that they were even there. - Sadly not all areas are left in pristine condition - We stopped at a remote spot over on the Westside while out for a ride last Thursday on my birthday - what did we see ?  an empty beer can thrown at the side of the trail.
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It appears that my recent long haul trips to events and then riding Thursday took a toll, as Yesterday was definitely a “Couch day”  -  no appetite or energy - must have slept most of the day and night. Glad to say feeling much chipper today, so will finally get to sort some stuff out back & maybe wash bikes.

Tomorrow the CPTA have a “Learn to ride” Trials  school at Ioco - Ron Walsh is in charge - The Vernon Club also have a kids event up on Vernon Mountain.   Unfortunately rain is in the forecast.


Here is your video for today >>>
# Trial


IMPORTANT UPDATE  It appears that we made a mistake in posting the results on Trials Canada for the Scotch Creek Outlaw in the Expert Class - 3rd place was actually Pierce McNeal not Steve Day - this means that Pierce gets his name on the Plaque for the Series win for 2019.  - We apologize for the error.  ( Very close battle only one point)