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Monday October 22st ( Vote out Trudeau day) 2019

Monday, October 21st, 2019

Sunday was a really great day for me - I drove up to Kamloops to hook up with Walter and Guy - then the plan was to drive up to Sun Peaks for a visit with the great ( And Hall of Fame guy. )   Al Perrett. - As most of Al’s close friends know, he has had some serious health issues for some time, but I’m glad to report, that he is still going and still has that sparkle in his eye when chatting about racing -

Al and myself go back a long way, both in Business ( when I was with Yamaha) and cross country racing. - so as you can imagine the stories kept coming one after another, ( some sad)  - Without a doubt Al Perrett is one of the nicest people it has been my pleasure to meet.

Al is somebody that I would call a “True” gentleman - he has always treated people with respect, and has always been an inspiration to younger riders  - Many people do not know how Al and Others struggled in the early days to succeed in the World of Motorcycles - Yes Al did good - but he sure worked hard for it.

I will always cherish this moment we spent together on October 21st 2019   - Did I mention Al is 6 months younger than me ?   - Yes we have had a lot of laughs along the way.
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It was actually Walter and Guy’s idea to arrange this, as Walter was coming ( From Alberta)  to pick up an new Beta Evo 300 4T from me -

Guess what! - I walk into the A & W at our meeting spot in Kamloops, and I come face to face with Gary Enders - who I have not seen for likely 20 odd years. - Gary owned Prince George Yamaha for many years, but now has some interest in the Kamloops Yamaha dealership - which ironically  they decided to call Outlaw Motorsports - Gary was very apologetic about what he thought was an infringement on Outlaw Accessories & Trialsport, but as I explained - Outlaw is a name that cannot be registered because it denotes illegal activity - There is even an Outlaw Pizza in Vancouver !!! But I must admit I have had a few calls asking for Yamaha parts !!.

I took a few shots of the memories in Al’s shop   - His ISDE rides were fantastic.
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And here is another guy who loved motorcycles - Steve McQueen rode the ISDE - ( not sure if he finished as he crashed the Triumph & crushed the header pipes)
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Sunday October 20th 2019

Sunday, October 20th, 2019

We have been reporting in recent months about the popularity of Classic Trials in Europe - This pic sort of tells the story.
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So today I’m going to Kamloops to meet up with Walter Cukavac ( will take his new Beta for him)  but we will also drive up to Sun Peaks to have lunch with old friend Al Perrett - should be a good visit.


Big snow storms in the Mountains have made driving difficult !!which stopped our Calgary customer from making it through yesterday to pick up his Beta 300 4T - I guess it’ now onto plan”B”


This from last year when Marris and Colum came down from Fort Mac for the weekend - We had a very good day out at Bear Ridge, although this got cut a bit short when Marris got a rear flat.   The evening BBQ and a night filled with lots of liquid sunshine, made for a memorable weekend.
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Moto GP is on from Japan - but of course no TV coverage. Will post results later.


Saturday October 19th 2019

Saturday, October 19th, 2019

Unless you live in a cave - you will have noticed lately, that most of all the news has been about the Election - Now I rarely get involved with discussions on Politics or Religion.   BUT - There seems to be something wrong with the system for meeting any qualification of any of these top Positions -

For example in order to became a  Photo Engraver - I had to serve a five year apprenticeship  - If a person decides to become a Doctor- Lawyer- Nurse etc - they have to take years of training, in order to be certified.

But in order to be a politician - and make decisions on spending Billions of Tax payers money - it appears none of these  things apply.  We currently have a Prime-minister  who in my opinion was voted in by the young people who were voting for the first time -maybe they liked his hair style !  plus Steven Harper really did not mount an effective campaign   -

Yes, we should be very concerned.  This Country sure as hell does not need another 4 years of Trudeau, whose only achievement was being a drama student.  - There, I’ve said it - now back to more important things like Motorcycle sport. >>


While I was in Kelowna this week - I stopped by Princess Auto as they had a big sale going on - I had seen in their flyer, that they had pop up motorcycle lifts for $39.95 - so figured I would pick up a couple.

Guess what - they were sold out at 9 30 am ? on the first day of this sale ??? - but the sales person said they could give me a deal on an aluminum one for $69.95 (reg $89.95)  - I politely said no thanks & walked out. - I hate these false - lost leader type adverts.

Took time out yesterday to take this shot of 2 Beta 300 4T’s and an Evo 80 Junior - the two 300’s are already sold but the 80 is still up for grabs, so who wants to copy young Jeremy Bonofoy ?? or Kaitln Dunbar, and be a wheelie king.
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Flashback pic of the start of the TV Scramble at Hawkstone Park.
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Friday October 18th 2019

Friday, October 18th, 2019

Another great shot of a vintage Norton Road-racer  still going strong earlier this year, with the rider kitted out in old style riding gear. - Naturally this was taken in the UK.
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Thursday was a busy day - I was out of the house early on route to Kelowna - but first stopped off at the local Lab for a blood test - Sorry she said, after I had sat in the waiting room for about 20 minutes - you have to get this done at the Hospital - so as it was on my way - I found a spot for the Outlaw van in the Parking lot ( which was full)

However, they have  changed the system for paying - not coin machines - now you have to remember your license plate number and pay when you enter the Hospital - all very strange and a long walk for me - never did find out where to pay, so proceeded to the out patient lab where a volunteer gave me a number #24 !! - I sat down and watched the lit up number above the door - noticed it was on #10  - about 15 minutes later, it was still on #10,-  so at that point I elected to leave as I figured this was going to be an all day exercise!!

The drive to Kelowna was nice - a sunny day hard to beat in the OK Valley - made a couple stops to drop off Opti oil - then went over to Redline  Motorsports on the Westside. - This is the first time I have been in this shop, who was set up as a Beta dealer a couple of years ago. - My Beta Importer, had asked me to pick up an Evo 80 which he had.  - I met Ryan, the owner, a nice guy and we chatted about the Trials scene, with him saying that he really doesn’t have time to get involved, because he is into a lot of other areas of the sport and really big into snow bikes.  Anyway, thought I would pass that on if you are into the snow-bike thing- they have Beta Enduro bikes on the floor for you to check out.


Not a lot to report today  looking ahead to the weekend  - we will likely meet up with Walter Cukavac, with the plan to grab lunch with Al & Guy Perrett in Kamloops - ( Bit of a reunion) Walter will also be picking up a new Beta Evo 300 4T while he is out here from Spruce Grove Alberta.


We still have a few Beta Trials bikes available at fantastic end of season discounts - so if you are in the market, there has never been a better time to buy. - 125-200 - 300. - Give us a call ( that part doesn’t cost you a dime)


Thursday October 17th 2019

Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Interesting thread going on FB regarding old Twin Shock Trials versus New Modern Trials.  This from Bernie.
Bernard Schreiber Thomas Fitch
Last weekend in France at the VTC Ventoux Trial Classic they had 370 entries which is more riders than the entire AMA/NATC Nationals combined for the 2019 season. Just put things in perspective. Apparently, the Costa Brava Classic Trials in Spain in a few weeks had over 500 requests for entry, but I think the cut off is 400


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So what is the same about the two pics - above you have the Late Rob Edwards  and below James Dabill winner of both the Scottish Six Day and the Scott Trial this year. The answer - check out the lever position - that is how it should be. (Level not pointing down)
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Another nice Beta Evo 300 4T arrived yesterday - who will the lucky customer be?  A question I’m often asked is “What does it weigh” - Well this 300 4T without gas comes in at 161 lbs.
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The Belanger Family out of Quebec, have been dominating the sport in that area for many years - they all ride Beta Trials bikes.

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Today I’m off  to Kelowna to do a little business - more news as it happens >>

Wednesday October 16th 2019

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

As most people who read this blog know, I love Motorcycle History - mine started as a teenager - listening to the TT races from the Isle of Man on the radio ( No TV back then at our house)  - The pure sound of the bikes has always for me, been a complete “rush”

Take a look at this pic - How can you not get really excited to see this AJS 4 cylinder from 1938 ( I think) way ahead of it’s time, when British designers ruled.
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Then we also get equally excited about old fashioned Trials - like the Scott Time Trial  - this has been going since the early 1900’s, and remains pretty much unchanged “BUT”  still gets over subscribed every year.   - Why does the FIM ( or certain people) think Trials has to be a Circus act?

And while we are on that topic - has anybody checked out the latest Honda/Montesa prices ?   I saw a long post on FB by John Moffat and others saying that the price of the 2020 will be over 10,000 pounds in the UK.           ( That’s $16,700.00 in our money)

Are any of the FIM or Factory CO’s looking at the entries they are getting in the European twin shock events? 200 - 300 and it’s not just a fad - this is very real - Simply put there are many many European riders who are still good, but just do not want to risk the latest crazy sections. - THEY ARE OUT TO HAVE FUN.
Of course everybody likes a new  bike - if they can afford it  - they are light - handle so well - etc etc - but imagine if one of the Super stars showed up on a really tricked up twin shock at one of these events and whooped their ass !!

For me - as an old guy I absolutely love the new bikes - everything works so well and I really do have a blast when I’m out on the loop  - However, I do think that even in Canada, maybe because of the Politics and economy,  we need to pay more attention to the old bikes  - at one time I used to bring in a ton of parts & accessories  for the Ty’s and old Bultacos - but because of the buy on line - that is now normal - I don’t bother to stock much - ( this could change  - I still have a mint TY 175)
Because we started in this game back in 1955 - we have tended to pick up a few things along the way  on everything to do with Motorcycle Sport - we have watched how technology has produced wonderful machines     ( in all categories)  - We have seen how some NEW things have not worked out - How the Japanese invasion changed a lot ( it certainly changed my life) and yet it spite of all this - there are still dedicated enthusiasts who continue to build special motorcycles in limited numbers in small factories in Spain.

Consider this - If you are the #1 Motorcycle Manufacturer in the World - in order to prove your product - you enter and win (or lose)   races - this happened in Japan with both Honda and Yamaha. - In the 1950’s -  They copied the British way, of competing on machines at all kinds of race events, on a Sunday - and selling from the showroom on Monday.

The problem is - that in order to keep factories going - they need huge numbers plus top quality   control - something the Brits let slide ( along with union problems)

To their credit the Japs did this, but how long can it last? - Costs are up meaning part supplies need to be out sourced  to low cost Countries which equates to  poor quality. -  Getting back to the key question - how much is a trials rider willing to pay for a Honda that  really has very little to do  with Honda except the name?  ( or some other brands ?)
The smaller Italian and Spanish Factories appear to have more spirit in wanting that win at club events  on a Sunday - to wave the flag and help the average club rider.
Looking back, I recall riding one of the Alberta Trials back in the early 70’s and as a top Expert at that time on the latest great Spanish Trials bike - got my ass whipped by a very good Dutch rider from Lethbridge on a gutless HondaTL125  ( Pete De Graff What a great rider)

Check out another Neal Sturgeon pic of Chris Stay (TRS)  at the Scott - Look at the crowds !!  and this is only one section!!  -  I know I keep pounding on about the fact that in order to attract more people to our sport, we HAVE TO KEEP IT SIMPLE - It doesn’t have to be easy, but it has to be enjoyable and not dangerous.
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Tuesday October 15th 2019

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Well as it turned out - my ride planned for yesterday, never happened, so it was just a case of  doing some paperwork - packing up parts & waiting to go out for a Turkey Supper !!.

I did check out a couple of videos - which you can see here>

Motocross Files Bob Hannah Carmelo Tansengco • 222K views Live 22:33 Playlist ( ) Mix (50+)

I met Bob Hannah a couple of times when I worked for Yamaha Canada - He was just a young guy, but was already really savvy, when it came to making money from racing Motorcycles.

The Family dinner for Thanksgiving at our Daughter’s place was another great evening - chatting with old and new friends about bikes, cars, and the Political disaster taking place in Canada. - For us old folk, what will happen to the economy if the Liberals and NDP  get into power next week, is not that important - but we worry for our Grand kids. - - Then there is the wider picture regarding World affairs - As one of the group said last night - there has to be a number of really smart business type people, who could do a better job of handling Tax payers money, and World affairs.   Canada needs to get rid of the “Candy man” and his cronies.

Back in our Trials environment - ( Thank god we have that)  We have seen a lot of pics from the Scott Trial - what a great weather day they had this year.    -  We have heard from Michael Travis about plans they have for 2020 events  in the Nova Scotia area, and the Ontario clubs are already planning for next year -( most are members of WTC.)  We will be contacting the various clubs in Alberta and BC this coming month to work out the Calendar for next year.   - We are extremely lucky to have so many great people full of enthusiasm to host events.

Today we are expecting another Beta 300 4T to arrive - It will likely get here around the same time that I have an appointment with a Doctor. - but Momma Bear can sign for it -Babsy has been handling customer relations for Outlaw for decades, and surprises me sometimes with who and what she remembers -  Mike our Day & Ross Transport driver is a great guy and always phones ahead.


A Neil Sturgeon pic from the Scott Trial.


And here’s one of Sammy stopping by to see Bob at Mountain Motorcycles - He will be riding for Beta Canada in 2020 ( We sponsored Sam on Beta for three years then TRS for one year - great lad)

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Monday October 14th 2019

Monday, October 14th, 2019
The final results of the 2019 FIM X-Trial World Championship have been amended following the FIM’s decision with regards to Jeroni Fajardo
The 2019 FIM X-Trial World Championship classification has been modified after the recent publication of the announcement from the FIM regarding Gas Gas rider Jeroni Fajardo.
In said press release a retrospective suspension was announced for Fajardo, for a one-year period dating back to 16th September 2018, and thus his points and prizes obtained during this period are voided.
As a result of the FIM’s decision. The 2019 FIM X-Trial World Championship classification has been updated.
The 2019 season now finishes as follows:
1. Toni Bou (Montesa- ESP) – 100
2. Adam Raga (TRRS – ESP) – 80
3. Jaime Busto (Gas Gas – ESP) – 54
4. Benoit Bincaz (Beta – FRA) – 48
5. Miquel Gelabert (Sherco – ESP) – 32
6. Jorge Casales (Vertigo – ESP) – 21
7. Takahisa Fujinami (Montesa – JAP) – 16
8. Luca Petrella (Beta – ITA) – 12
9. Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa – ESP) – 8
10. Alexandre Ferrer (Sherco – FRA) – 4
11. James Dabill (Beta – GBR) – 4
12. Sondre Haga (TRRS – NOR) – 4
13. Aniol Gelabert (Scorpa – ESP) – 3
14. Téo Colairo (Gas Gas – FRA) – 2
15. Dan Peace (Sherco – GBR) - 2
This is a pic that Dennis Brumwell just posted  from a ride up in the Great White North ( Yellowknife)   but no snow as yet? Note he is wearing one of the Outlaw Gas Carrier Backpaks. ( He likes  them so much he bought 2)
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Check out this video from the Scott Trial last Saturday.
It was a wet day in the Valley on Sunday - so a good time to do some work on the bikes  - Bruce came to pick up his Sherco. and then it was “Kick Back” time for the rest of the afternoon.
Today the weather is supposed to be much better, with sunny breaks, so I plan on going for a bit of a ride with Dominique and Mark - I will take the fun little Evo 125 & try to remember to take some pics.  - Later we have a Family Thanksgiving dinner.  Speaking of 125’s - we heard from our customer who bought the TRS 125 we had so much fun on and he is having a blast - these small bore bikes are so often overlooked when people are shopping for a Trials bike. ( lots of revs & using the clutch make them a giant killer)
Saw a neat video clip of Sammy riding at Ioco on the Beta 300 4T  - a tough section which I have watched before, but he sailed up it no problem, so he appears to be enjoying the 4t.  - While in the shop yesterday, I decided to kick over the one we have waiting to be picked up by Walter - first kick - can’t believe how easy they start.  ( We have another one on route which is unsold at the moment at a very good price)

Sunday October 13th 2019

Sunday, October 13th, 2019

Well, I won’t be going riding today, as I have a customer coming from Kamloops to pick up his Sherco ( We just did the top end) - Might manage to get out tomorrow - will see how things look.

This is such a great pic I just had to post - Gary Mac on the very special Triumph Tiger Cub.
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And this is from a museum someplace - Look at all those neat Trials bikes  - I remember an army lad used to blast past our place near Oswestry on one of those Norton 500’s.

video from Jaime in Ontario riding the TRRS Raga we supplied - sounds sweet.


This pic just popped up on FB - from the WTC National we had at Malakwa
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James Dabill wins Scott Time & Observation Trial for Beta. !!!

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No photo description available.

Saturday October 12th 2019

Saturday, October 12th, 2019

Today is “Scott Trial Day”  the infamous time observation event that takes place in the Yorkshire Dales each year - approx 70 miles plus about the same amount of sections.  - The winner is the rider with the least points taken overall, both in the sections and on time. - Riders start at one minute  intervals, and the fastest rider sets “Standard” time - each rider after that is penalized one point per minute. -

It’s a great event, and one which we copied in Alberta back in the 70’s - I was lucky enough to win this one twice, the first time in 1974 on a TY 250 and the second time in 1976 on an IT 400   ( that was a brute to handle in the sections)

Below is a great shot of World MX Champ Jeff Smith, who was also a really good Trials rider - I know he won the Scott in the UK but not sure of the year.
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Check out the video >>  # scotttrial


This is one very “Trick” TY 175 for sale in the UK at a sensible price as well


This is a sad video - because it was made on the day Joey Dunlop died - be sure to watch it to the end.
(3) Tallin 2000 (Joey Dunlop) - YouTube


Looking back to 1959 at Hawkstone Park Shropshire in the UK  - I first went there to watch in 1955 and never thought anybody would get up the big hill, but of course they did - and I was hooked on the “Scrambles Scene”

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No news from the Scott Trial yet - except a few video clips showing up on FB -   on what appears to be a great day with sunshine ( very unusual)

Will post more later >>>