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Wednesday November 20th 2019

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

We have no idea who this is or what year, but it’s definitely Pre-War -and a 4 cylinder - a superb photo.
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Good to see John Lampkin enjoying his riding at the Costa Brava  (450 riders) As usual, John-boy looked super smooth on the Fantic.
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This just got posted on FB - I guess because it’s a year since this event in Burnaby BC - It’s hard to explain my feelings for this great honor. - Certainly very humbling being alongside so many of my friends and hero’s.

Perhaps one of the nicest comments, was made by former World Trials Champion Yrjo Vesterinen , when he posted that he loved the 1975 Canadian World Trials, mainly because of what I did back then - a compliment indeed.
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A really neat looking tricked up TY at the Costa Brava - the Europeans are spending a lot on their Classic bikes, but with huge entrees at these events, it’s obviously the most popular type of Trial at the present time.

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Check out this video - see how the Trials riders handle the difficult steps with no problem, while  others flounder,
# britishextreme


Chris Hrabb stopped by early Tuesday - on route back home from the ISDE in Portugal - He told me about how great an experience ( but hard work) it was to be on the Canadian support crew.- He could not speak highly enough about the whole Team effort, and was blown away by the speed of some of the riders in the special tests.  Chris kept us all in touch with his video clips and pics on a daily basis, something we did not have back in the day.

We talked about the fact that the Australian Team have always had monetary funding from the Government as I’m sure other Teams do, but the Cannucks have always had to pay their own  way, with very little help from anybody, so Kudus to all the riders from then and now, who  continue to wave the flag for Canada. ( And go into debt just to share the dream)

Still on the ISDE  Aussie rider Dan Sanders pulled off the highlight of his career by taking the overall win at the Portugal event.


How about this neat old Pre-War Panther ?

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Tuesday November 19th 2019

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

This is a great shot of Fujigas - the evergreen Factory Honda Trials rider. still competing at the top level of the sport.  First time I saw him ride was at Donner in 1994.
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Anytime you feel like you are too old for Motorcycling - check out this video!!×4U3IHfx1tjGwA1gSUZHjqR60MY8T_MdAmf46ZSyX0qdi_j0pVuP-DLfqKE-8WBO1Sa5He7e6Jor-8gMDe2MmWB2nc2S4xEFketZitQmaFAf8NTide5g1Afd


Blast from the past>

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Thought I would share these comments regarding the Costa Brava Classic Trial last weekend - Sounds like really well organized and fun event.

    Back from a memorable weekend at the Costa Brava 2 Day Trial with Mark Kemp. Thanks to the organizers, I believe there are 200 helpers. The sections, the riding across the mountains, the hospitality (bbq & fuel stop in middle of nowhere etc) and the camaraderie was brilliant.
    Thanks to Trevor Bennett for making it happen, sorting out entries, hotel & bike transport, and all complimentary to Mark for his stirling work for Teenage Cancer Trust. Thanks also Darren Walker for getting my bikes (Faberge eggs he called them) there unmarked. Hopefully they are safe coming up through France now. Hope I can do this again next year, and recommend it to anyone with a classic bike.
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    • Nigel Allen David H Rhodes 450 riders on every type of classic bike, about 30 or 40 km lap across scenic mountains. Yes it good.
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  • Nigel Allen AND live results. Observer zaps a little transponder on you number, picks a score, shows it to you to agree, AND tell you how many marks you’re on so far! 👍
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  • The Costa Brava Trial - reminds me of why I got hooked on Trials in the first place - back in 1954 seeing local riders coming through town on their bikes after an event all covered in mud - I just had to find out what it was all about, and soon after that - I was doing just that -my first event was 70 miles around North Wales - very tiring, but I loved every minute of seeing all the different Countryside, and meeting these older chaps dressed in Barbour suits and cloth caps held in place by goggles.  Soon I was one of “Them” traveling to different places each Sunday ( We always rode our bikes to and from the event)
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  • Over the years, we have posted many pics of riders tackling the great sections called Pipeline in the Scottish Six Days - However, I think this is one of the best as it shows how steep it is - The rider is Toshi Nishiyama.
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  • And another brilliant shot of a well known Scottish Section “Laggan Locks” the rider is Bernie Schreiber  and the year 1979 when he won the event.
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  • I noticed that Sammy was at the Ioco Trial last Sunday - he finished 3rd Expert behind Sean and Alex.  ( Sean beat Alex by just one point)
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  • The new Wulf boots are really nice - they feature thicker leather, plus an extra strap around the ankle area. - We have been testing them and find them really comfortable right out of the box.
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Monday November 18th 2019

Monday, November 18th, 2019

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This is the Prototype TY that Mick tested out back in 1975 - Mono shock with a pumper carb from a snowmobile - while it worked well - the long shock which was available at that time really wasn’t suitable for the Trials bike.  Mick told me he once up-ended this bike & it landed completely up-side-down - but the engine  - kept on running.!!! ( due to the carb)

This is Ben Hemmingway on the Beta Evo 300 4T - Ben always rides one of these in the Scottish- and a reminder that we  still have a 2019 model in stock at a fantastic saving. ( We tested this bike last Monday for a short time and it’s brilliant - really easy to start)
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Anybody remember the English TV Trial Series called “Kickstart”  > post


This pic of me taken by Stan in 2012 up high on Joss Mountain brings back memories.  - It was my 75th birthday, and the last time for me up the Mountain.  - Only Stan and myself were on the trip that day - on route back from the Ymir Trial.  Although I’m glad I did it one more time, making it a total of 8 for me - it was a struggle mainly due to riding the wrong bike a 300 Factory Beta -which was too powerful and hard to kick over - and caused by the fact that I did not know at that time, that I had Diabetes 2. - This had me feeling exhausted before we were even half way up. Anyway - we made it to the lookout in rather rainy, gloomy conditions - except for this one moment when the sun came out.  Thanks to Stan for making and sharing this special moment.
'Never look back - your goal in life might be just over the next ridge.'


I see there was a Trial at Ioco yesterday !!  (we did not see any advertising on this )  It was the Memorial Trial, and sponsored by Mountain Motorcycle.  - They had 29 riders on a very wet day, with Sean Bird taking the Expert win - A full report will be up on Trials Canada later.


We were not able to get out Yesterday - although  the weather was really quite good  we had a couple of customers stop by ( and another Beta out the door)

- Later, Olivier paid us a visit, and said they had a rather wet & snowy ride up on Vernon Mountain on Saturday on the Enduro bikes.  - We had a brief discussion regarding holding a Trial in Vernon next year - It would be around June 25/26 if it goes ahead, and would be part of the Vernon Off Road Club Calendar.


Hard to believe, but entrees for the 2020 Scottish Six Days Trial, close this week !!  We have not heard if any Canadian riders, plan on going.


We had an email from Turk - who mentioned ( after reading my Saturday blog) the fact that back in the 60’s, he and a lot of other Vancouver Island riders, used to ride their Trials bikes in both Trials, MX ( called Scrambles back then) and Enduro. - He said that a few Bultaco models were starting to show up, and a few Montesa, although Greeves were very popular at that time, being promoted by Reg Shanks.  - I replied that yes in the 1950’s - I used to use my 197 James for daily  transport, as well as weekend competition in both Trials and Scrambles , as a teenager in North Wales.  - How times have changed.


Finally for today - check out this video of a young lady practicing on a Beta 80 - look at the great body positioning >>>> post


Sunday November 17th 2019

Sunday, November 17th, 2019

Here is the link to the ISDE Results and story from Portugal - Team Canada did well and finished 7th in the Junior Trophy category.

Results feed from the final day six of the 2019 International Six Days Enduro in Portugal where Team USA have taken the World Trophy and Women’s World Trophy and Australia have won the Junior World Trophy.

Check out this story from the ISDE by Melissa Harton who was on the Canadian Ladies Team - I think this says more than anything about the true Canadian spirit. - Helping others when it means sacrificing your own personal goals.  Glad it all all worked out.

2019 ISDE Portugal is DONE!
We couldn’t have asked for a better team. Everyone played a huge role in the success of 🇨🇦. It’s hard work to ride, but it also takes a ton of hard work from all the volunteers that came to support us! I came with a couple goals.. 1- finish 2 - Silver medal

I finished! I have to say I was pretty worried about goal#2.
On Day 3 test 4, I came across an unconscious rider on the back section of a test with no course Marshalls. He was literally sprawled across the race line and out cold. After what feels like forever he finally came to, started rolling around and staggering all over the trail. He speaks zero English so he can’t communicate what’s hurt, I get his helmet off, move his bike off course. Other racers start whizzing by and no one is stopping. So I decide to make him stay put and I need to go get help. I find a marshall further along the topside of the course and tell them what’s happened. Now I have to get back into race mode and finish my test…. ok.

FIM Race direction decides I only get a 30 sec credit because I could have fallen myself. They wouldn’t even credit me a test time of the slowest women from that test. To say I was mad was an understatement. I may not be blazing fast in tests, but I was consistent all week and I don’t need to lie about helping someone to get a better time. I worked my butt off to not loose a trail minute all week. In a race that’s all about minutes and seconds accumulating. I’m so happy those extra 5 minutes didn’t stop me from achieving my goal of bringing home 🥈🥈🥈. It feels good.
Thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me throughout my riding evolution💗


The World Indoor Trials Championship has begun - Here are the results of Round #1.

Une soirée sans pour nos 2 Français au Xtrial de la Réunion
1 Toni Bou Spain Montesa 10pts Final
2 Adam Raga Spain TRRS 17pts Final
3 Jaime Busto Spain Vertigo 2pts Runners-up Final
4 Miquel Gelabert Spain Vertigo 5pts Runners-up Final
5Jorge Casales SpainGas Gas 12pts Round 2
6 Gabriel Marcelli Spain Montesa 25pts Round 2
7 Benoit Bincaz France Beta 17pts Round 1
8 Kieran Touly France Scorpa 25pts Round


Albert Cabestany was “Wowing” everybody at the Two Day Classic Trial  called the Costa Brava - He cleaned everything the first day on this very  trick looking Fantic 240.
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Saturday November 16th 2019

Saturday, November 16th, 2019

When talking Trials - there is no name that made a bigger impact on the sport, than Bultaco - Check out this link to the new website, which gives a fascinating background into the Spanish company - ( Unfortunately this link is not available)


Here is a great shot of Calgary’s   Shelby Turner - heading for gold at the ISDE in Portugal.

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We’ve heard that Andrew Christiansen’s wife Teena, had a serious medical  issue on Thursday - She is home now from Hospital, but a scary moment for Andrew - Our best wishes go out to them.  - Teena worked with our daughter Helen some years ago.

We are now open for applications to host WTC Trials events for 2020 - including the Western National, and the Outlaw series.  Shoot me an email if you would like to be involved, either at Club level or as a Private Promoter.

I see that the Second Gear club, in Alberta, have  dropped their affiliation with CMA and will join the large AMSA group which are members of the MIC ( as are WEC and WTC)

The Christmas adverts have started to appear !! - and we have in fact had a few orders for Accessories.  Of course we still have some great deals on 2019 Trials bikes, so give us a call if you want something - our toolbelts are made to order, and while we do try to stock up at this time of the year, our supplier gets really busy and we sometimes run short.

We have been testing the new Wulf Trials boots for the past few weeks, and must say they are proving to be really comfortable.  Like most people I dread wearing new boots, and remember having a terrible time with a set of Gaerne around 2002. - So I was pleasantly surprised at how good these new Wulf  boots feel.


Looking back at life in the 1950’s in England - they were called “Ton up” boys  mostly from the London area, who raced from Cafe to cafe at high speed.

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I saw this pic and decided to post it ( no idea who or where it is) as it likely tells the story of many Trials Practice days for many. - Learning how to “Save it” - is just as important as blasting over the top of a steep climb.  ( I hate to see expensive bikes being thrown down the side of a Mountain)

The main thing, is to know your limits as a rider - choose the correct gear, and pick your line carefully - WALK THE SECTION !!  - and if you have concerns, get a buddy to spot for you.
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Here’s a pic from 2011 at Yankee Flats - I was riding an Evo Factory 300.
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Friday November 15th 2019

Friday, November 15th, 2019

Chris Hrabb from Revy is over in Portugal helping on the support team  - here he stops for a chat with a couple of the Welsh Club riders. ( I wonder if he understood what they were saying?)
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Day four of ISDE 2019 in a nutshell:

  • A day of retirements first saw Theo Espinasse’s Sherco expire on test two only for Matteo Cavallo’s Sherco to suffer the same fate on test three – Espinasses’ retirement ends the French Junior Trophy Team challenge.
  • The same fait befell Team GB Juniors whose star performer this week, Dan Mundell, crashed and dislocated a thumb, ruling himself and the team out.
  • Test two also spelled the end of the road for the Australian Women’s Trophy Team after Tayla Jones crashed heavily, hitting her head. Tayla carried on but was forced to retire with concussion. Having already lost Mackenzie Tricker this puts the defending and six times ISDE champions out of the race in Portugal.
  • Although Brandy Richards had a tougher day today, and loses time overall in the Women’s scratch times, the Team USA Women continue to lead and, barring disaster, should have this sewn-up with a 13 minute advantage. Team GB now sit second, three minutes ahead of Germany.
  • The Australian Juniors, spearheaded by the flying Lyndon Snodgrass, pulled another four minutes to lead America by just short of nine minutes.
  • Up front the fastest two riders remain Josep Garcia and Daniel Sanders who continued to trade test wins – today’s match ended Spain three, Australia four.
  • The World Trophy contest remains more or less fixed with Team USA holding a 1m27s lead over Australia.

Sorry to hear of the death of Pierluigi Mattioli at the Vintage ISDE in Portugal. He apparently suffered a heart attack during the event. Condolences to his family. He died doing something he loved, racing a motorcycle off-road.


This just popped up from a ride I had with Graeme Manning back in 2015  - As usual I was on an Evo 200  - I mention in the report that we encountered some snow showers - I wonder what this weekend will bring?

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What’s happening this weekend ?  - Well we have the wrap up of the ISDE in Portugal - The  Costa Brava  Classic Trial - ( Which will likely see over 200 riders) - Then in Moto GP the final race of 2019   - a farewell to Jorge Lorenzo ! - I see Valentino has already been in the gravel twice in Practice.


Yesterday was very busy - shipping off Opti Oil  via Ace Courier - then a trip to the Land fill - where I had a good chat with Ozzy lad  Andrew. - He is  already making plans for the Silver Star event for 2020. - He is also stopping by today to look at the Trials bikes we have in stock ( Just to look!)


This is a pic of the great English Scrambler Joe Johnson who was tragically killed while racing, back in the day.
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Thursday November 14th 2019

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

Here is a great shot of Canada’s Melissa Hatton (Beta) in the ISDE going this week in Portugal
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The USA have taken the lead in the Trophy Class after day #3 in Portugal - The Australians are leading the Junior Trophy Click on this link for more >>


In Moto GP News - Jorge Lorenzo has announced his retirement after 18 years in the fast lane - injuries and poor results with the Honda have been mentioned in his Press Release.


Wednesday November 13th 2019

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019

Dougie has signed on with Vertigo for another two years.

Good to see that Foordy managed to make it over to Portugal to support the Team - Results so far after two days are very positive , but a long way to go yet.

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Glad to say that the dump of snow we had yesterday, has pretty much melted - and they didn’t get much South of us, which is good news.


In ISDE News - I see that the Brits were unlucky to lose their top man on the Trophy Team on the first day, when Brad Freeman fell and broke his wrist - the other Beta rider Steve Holcombe also had to pull out prior to the event because of injury. - The Teams from OZ were leading in both Trophy and Junior Trophy after the first couple of days, with the Yanks close behind. No news on how the Cannucks are doing in the overall.

Rain today has caused some problems with a big back up of riders on the trail.

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Tuesday November 12th 2019

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

The Norton Story - from 1898 to the present day.

No photo description available.

Looking for a super deal on a 2019 Beta ?  Check this beauty out - the Evo 300 4T is brilliant - even Sammy is riding one at the moment,  and the price is almost free - give us a call.
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Another great “Blast from the Past”  -
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This is Heath Brindley’s buddy out playing at their local practice spot
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Adam Raga debuted the new 2020 TRRS at the last round of the Spanish Trials Championships last weekend, where he finished 3rd.
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A total of 620 bikes and riders -( Including  40 Vintage )  are entered for the ISDE in  Portugal which started on Monday. - Dave Chambers and Chris Hrabb are over there helping support the Canadian Teams  and are posting up to the minute videos  and pics on Face book.
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Here is your video link for today - Steve Colley still does some stunt shows it seems , but has had some family tragedy from what we heard, when his son died.
Duke Video


And Finally - Winter has arrived in Vernon - So glad I made the effort to go for a ride yesterday afternoon.

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Monday November 11th 2019

Monday, November 11th, 2019

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This is a photo of my local Pub in Oswestry -( On the Welsh Border)  The Fox had me and my mates sharing many a happy pint. - Funny that I never did go in the Pub next door. - Some might find it interesting that Oswestry had 50 Churches  /Chapels - and 51 Pubs. (That was back in the 50’s) .
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But this rather unusual pic was taken this past weekend of the local park  - strange to see snow there so early, in Oswestry.
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Of course in the dark days of World War Two - Oswestry or to be precise Morda ( on the Welsh border)   was where we moved to when Dad went off to war, in 1939. - Granny lived close by and with Welsh heritage it was a wise choice that my Dad made. -  At this time of the year, like many who grew up as kids during this time,         ( I was born in 1937)  the memories come flooding back - we all had to take gas masks with us to school- but they made them with Disney faces , Micky Mouse & Donald Duck so the kids wouldn’t be scared of wearing them.

There was an RAF base not far from Morda - we would see aircraft flying over the school yard - At nighttime we would go into an air raid shelter in our back yard, when the sirens sounded.
- Later in the War they had a POW camp down the road from where we lived - captured Germans and Italians could be seen on Work parties. -

No doubt most  were glad to be out of the conflict. I recall spending some happy times  as a kid harvesting hay  with an Italian POW  on a local farm just up the road from where we lived. - He looked so fit and more like a film star than a Prisoner of War  - so tanned - at a time  when the sun rarely seemed to shine in the UK.

Then came VE day- Victory in Europe - There were tables lined up in the streets with food and drinks - everybody celebrating.   - But it was a long way from being over - especially for the Forces fighting the Japs.



Lest we forget - Germany was the cause of two of the greatest conflicts and suffering in the last Century.
WWII’s Biggest Fortification Spanned Across 6 Countries | World War Wings Videos

Luftwaffe Fighters Gun Down Allied Bombers – Desperate Bid For Victory


Luftwaffe Fighters Gun Down Allied Bombers – Desperate Bid For Victory | Frontline Videos

(Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)


Hunter Becomes The Hunted.

Early on in WWII the German Luftwaffe were the hunters, but as the war progressed on they found themselves to be the hunted. The Allied Forces brought their most powerful offensive capabilities to attack Germany in the form of huge bombers. So in response, Germany retaliated with their greatest defense, the fighters of the Luftwaffe.

Defense of the Reich was the operation by the Luftwaffe to defend German-occupied territory from the invasion of Allied forces. Initially, the operation emphasized anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) as a deterrent for the Royal Air Force bombings. However, the anti-aircraft artillery soon proved to be ineffective against high-flying bomber aircraft beyond their firing range so they turned to the Luftwaffe.

The Luftwaffe was able to hold their own against enemy bombings but it suffered from a key weakness, Germany wasn’t prepared for a long-term war. Hitler planned on taking over Europe quickly and swiftly, taking resources from each nation he conquered. However, the Luftwaffe needed oil to keep their planes flying and reserves were dangerously low at this point. The Germans made the decision to invade Russia for their oil reserves but their mission ended up being a disastrous defeat for Germany.

By 1944 the Luftwaffe was a shadow of its former self, barely able to hang on with the few poorly trained pilots it had left. Many claim it was the introduction of the P-51 Mustang that delivered the killing blow to the Luftwaffe because it could fly day and night missions in addition to providing a longer range escort for bombers.

German pilots did their best to defend their country but a number of factors led to their downfall. Many would blame the dwindling fuel reserves, lackluster training or faulty experimental aircraft. But in the end, the war was lost when they were put on the defensive side, it was a fight they couldn’t win and the Reich fell from the sky.