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Sunday December 15th 2019

Sunday, December 15th, 2019

The Christmas Season is all about Family and Friends - sharing gifts and memories. - This is the great Joey Dunlop -The quiet man, who was a legend in Isle of Man road racing.  But there was another side to Joey that many people did not know about - read on.

Joey Dunlop Would Regularly Load Up His Van With Food And Clothing And Drive The Hundreds Of Miles Across Europe On His Own To Deliver Parcels To The Orphans Of Romania, Bosnia And Albania.

Pictured Below Is Joey In 1992 As He Prepared To Travel To Romania With His Van Full Of Food And Clothes For The Orphanage.
Struggling To Deliver To His Destinations, Without Translators, And Sleeping Alone In Minus Conditions In His Van.

Joey’s Charity Work Should Never Be Forgotten.

Joey Was Awarded The OBE For All His Humanitarian Work In 1996 And He Described It As The Proudest Moment Of His Life.

“I never really wanted to be a superstar. I just wanted to be myself. I hope people remember me that way.


We have the VHS video “The Road Racers” which is all about Joey and his buddies back in Ireland, racing on a shoe string  - lots of down to earth footage  - much of it very sad. - I would be happy to make anybody a DVD of this but you need to mail me a disc as these seem to be hard to find these days.
Now that Winter is here, many Motorcycle enthusiasts, take the time to get to projects put off during the busy Summer months.  In Heath Brindley’s case in the UK - this means the total rebuild of a Beta TR 34 - which has actually been going on now for about three years.  He just posted a few pics including this one - I guess I must have sent him some Boyeson Reeds at some point.

No photo description available.


Good to see James Dabill re-signed with Beta for 2020 - Although he is now one of the older riders - Dibs had a great 2019 Season, winning both the Scottish Six Days and the Scott Trial. New bike looks “Stunning”   ( Get your orders in quick if you want one)
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Saturday December 14th 2019

Saturday, December 14th, 2019

The 2020 TRS bikes will be in Vancouver on Boxing day & will get snapped up quickly - if you don’t already have your name on one with Outlaw - better get on it quick !! - Jordi is all set for next year with his team.

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Here are some of the “Good old boys” from the Victoria Motorcycle Club - out for a Christmas lunch -(pic by Roger Boothroyd) A few well known faces in that crowd, I’m sure the stories were going steady.
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If you are putting your bike, - boat - garden tractor - lawn mower etc away for the winter storage - you need to add some of this great fuel stabilizer from Outlaw - it’s been around for many years and comes in lots of different sizes.
No photo description available.


The answer to the Norton question from yesterday, is Ray Amm - the likeable Aussie, who was later killed testing a Suzuki in Japan when it seized. The Norton is now in the Sammy Miller Museum.


No snow overnight - but the Big man will soon be on his way with gifts for everyone.  We happen to know this Santa very well.  HO HO HO.
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Friday December 13th 2019

Friday, December 13th, 2019

Some of the old timers will remember this Norton Kneeler - but who can recall who raced it and where the bike is now ?  email me and I will tell you the answer.
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Check out the huge crowd at this 1950’s Scramble in the UK. What a great Photograph. ( not sure by who)
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I see that the Xtrial series for 2020 - will take the riders to far flung locations such as Ecuador - I’m sure the Factory Bankers are thrilled with that.!


Here is a neat pic by Heath, of Toby on the TRS - He will make his Indoor debut on it at Sheffield on December 28th.  He is one of the bright young crop of British riders now doing well in International Trials.
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No snow overnight, so  maybe Friday the 13th won’t be a bad day - We don’t have a lot planned, after a busy Thursday, mostly filled with Doctor visits etc - seems just one of those things we have to put up with as we get old - but at least we have a Doctor - I read somewhere that 40,000 people do not have one in the Okanagan.


While we do not talk much about Politics on this Forum - We do keep an eye on what is happening in England, and note that Boris Johnson had a large majority  win in Yesterday’s election. - Although we have family and friends in the UK - I’m certainly glad that I made the decision to Emigrate to Canada in 1965. - Not that  the Political scene over here is anything to cheer about at the moment.


Still looking for that elusive Christmas gift for the Trials rider in the family? Well we have one more Wulf order arriving next week, so our Santa stock will be back up there. However, if you want anything shipped, best get on it real quick.


Thursday December 12th 2019

Thursday, December 12th, 2019

This is a great photo of Brian Stonebridge leading the pack at a 1960’s Scramble in the UK - He is mounted on a Greeves, the bike he helped design, but what is not usual for this era, is the finger on the clutch!!  - Stonebridge was a tall lanky guy, but did amazingly well on a souped up BSA 150 Bantam, before he left to work for Bert Greeves - the rest is History.  Who knows what other great developments  would have come from the Thundersly Factory, but for his untimely death in a car crash.  - As it was his Protege Dave Bickers went on to be the guy to beat on the Greeves, often beating the established stars, on their factory four-strokes.
No photo description available.


Another Classic shot - This time it’s Sammy in his hey day - Mouth wide open & trying really hard.

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And this is a gathering at the TRS Factory with left to right - Phil Disney, Mark Arano, Adam Raga, Jordi Tarres, Steve Saunders and Heath Brindley.  - I would have liked to be a “Fly on the Wall” at that meeting.  ( I wonder what Heath has in his glass?)
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More snow overnight !! so I will need to wait for my plowman   to clear the driveway, before I head into town - I was hoping to get to the Post Office early, but that’s not going to happen now.            ( Momma Bear was up late writing Christmas cards - )

We have heard from the CPTA regarding the Calendar - and our Outlaw Team Squid Trial will go on April 26th ( Sponsored by Outlaw Trialsport)  - So that’s the dates confirmed for Rounds one & Two.


Wednesday December 11th 2019

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

Check this out - A 1939 Velocette twin !!  It was a prototype that never made it into production because of World War Two.  The Brits were the very best in Motorcycle Engineering back then - Plus did you know that the great Frank Whittle  actually designed the first Jet engine in 1936?
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I see that Loris Gubian has retired from World Trials - The French rider announced this on Face Book


This was yesterday - the local flock getting fed up - today it’s white over.
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Jordi and his Team are certainly not standing still, while introducing new models - This is the new Kids Electric poster.  -
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Anybody looking for Sherco fenders?  - We have a set for a 2006 290 plus a complete decal set. all going cheap. call us


We now have two weeks until Christmas Day and the rush is on - We were at the post office yesterday shipping parts and the line up was brutal. ( No line ups at Outlaw, but best to call ahead)

With that in mind Christmas Greetings go out from Babsy and myself to all our Motorcycle friends around the World - Here are just a few of them - the pic was taken at Ymir on my 75th birthday.

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Tuesday December 10th 2019

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

This pic just popped up on FB from 4 years ago on this date - I was out riding with Graeme Manning up on Bear Ridge - as you can see no snow,

No photo description available.

Following up on the Advert we posted yesterday for Matchless, & DOT -  here is one for Greeves, showing a pic of Dave Bickers. - The #32 was of course made famous when it was adopted by World Road Race Champion Stevie Baker.  Stevie is American, but rode for Yamaha Motor Canada.
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And how about this 1901 Royal Enfield - check out the long belt drive.

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This is a great pic posted by Malcolm Hett of an early morning ride up the Mountain on his Gasser, along with his best buddy.  -This is the type of riding that many of our Trials customers like to do      ( including me) Maybe we can get some of the Vernon Club members out for the Trial we are trying to make happen next June up Noble Canyon.
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Results from the Hard Enduro in Texas - Canadians do good .

  1. Manuel Lettenbichler KTM
  2. Benjamin Herrera BTA
  3. Trystan Hart – KTM  Canada
  4. Cory Graffunder  Canada.
  5. ====================================>

Monday December 9th 2019

Monday, December 9th, 2019

Another quite mild morning, but a bit fogged in - I think a few guys & gals  likely managed to get out for a ride yesterday, at least I hope so as it was absolutely gorgeous.  Unfortunately, I was not one of them - decided that it’s best to rest my shoulder -the one I did the Rotary Cuff injury on in 1995. As I aggravated this a few weeks ago with a ‘tip over” down at Summerland. Of course any injury is worse when you get old, that is why I’m careful when I go out & while I often look at stuff & think    “I can do that”  common sense tells me that being a hero is best left to the younger crowd.

The pic below is another FB “Pop Up” and was taken many years ago, on one of our Joss Mountain Climbs.  - I think we had 13 riders on that day, many making their one and only trip to the 8,000 ft Summit.  ( I see I was on a Beta Rev 3 that day)
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I can’t resist posting these wonderful pics of Spitfires & Hurricane’s - a reminder of just how much the World owes to the gallant airmen that flew them in the dark days of World War Two.
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Just love the old adverts from the 50’s this one from Matchless - when men really were men.
No photo description available.


I just saw that Pat Smage has been named the AMA #1  Athlete of the year - a great honor for the brilliant young Trials rider.

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In other news - Steve Holcombe (Beta) took the win at the XC in the UK - this time on the 4 banger.


More news as it happens >>

Sunday December 8th 2019

Sunday, December 8th, 2019

Although this pic was taken from my office window three years ago on this day - it could have been taken today as the sun is shining out of a blue sky, with only a hint of snow on the ground..
No photo description available.

This is one I just took today - Trees have grown a bit,

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This will make our French speaking customers Happy !!
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Our 2020 TRS models, will not arrive until after Christmas, but we are already taking orders for these, as well as the Beta models.  - Clothing is getting short in supply if you are still waiting to buy that special Christmas gift, for the Trials rider in your life, -  email or call us for everything to do with Trials


Check out this nice BSA C15 Trials bike on display in Ontario - It belongs to well known lady rider Kellee Irwin, of the famous Irwin Family.
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As everybody knows, the Classic Trials scene is booming in Europe, with people spending a ton of money updating the old models. - How about this nice Fantic. >
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Check out this one for sale in the UK.
No photo description available.

This bike has been extensively modified fork angle, foot rest repositioned with titanium rests. Swinging arm lengthened, top yoke modified, new steering head taper bearings.
Recent mains and seals, new electronic ignition, recent full exhaust system.
Repositioned alloy chain tensioner.
Bike is on 520 chain and sprockets
Mono forks tank and wheels, YZ front brake plate, talon rear wheel.
Pm or call 01756 753548


A quick glance through the window at 7 am, shows no fresh snow , although Swan Lake across the Valley is now pretty much Frozen. - Some crazy people get out on this with vehicles too soon and end up going through the ice.  - Andrew stopped in on Friday, and as he lives on the shoreline over the other side, was talking about putting some studs in his TRS tires to play on the ice - although this might be fun - care has to be taken as the wrong set up, can cause big damage to swing arms, and air boxes.


In Enduro news - I see UK Ex Trials rider, Billy Bolt won the first  World Endrocross of the new season, beating out Taddy and Alfredo Gomez.

Also Wade Young took the win in the tough Roof of Africa Enduro.


Saturday December 7th 2019

Saturday, December 7th, 2019

Three of the top British riders from yesteryear ( and there were a ton of “Great”s from the UK back then)  - Jeff Smith, Arthur Lampkin, and Vic Eastwood ( who died last week) -  Vic was amazing the way he handled the big heavy British Thumpers, being a small guy.
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Who remembers the DOT motorcycles? - Devoid of Trouble (Not)

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Date announced for WTC National Championship (West) in 2020


WTC Logo
World Trials Canada has announced the date of the National Championship round in Western Canada for 2020. The event will take place on Sunday, May 17, 2019 at Scotch Creek, BC. The trial will be held in conjunction with the popular Outlaw Trial, and will include a Champ class. Clerk of the Course will be Ross Rathbone


This makes for a nice Christmas shot for the Holiday Season - The Classic Sherpa T in the  snow
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Friday December 6th 2019

Friday, December 6th, 2019

This is a video of the 1989 Canadian FIM Trial from Tweed Ontario - It’s the Dale Malasak /Action video edition -It’s long and includes the practice session, but Dale does an excellent job of explaining the sport, well worth watching. - The ATA did a great job with the sections.


Most people will recognize Mick Andrews, not sure who the other guy is, but what I notice from this pic, is the angle of the forks on the Bultaco - Just as Sammy designed it, with the handlebars positioned behind the steering stem.  Later bikes like the Ossa ( designed by Mick) had the more modern style with the forks at a much steeper angle. This Sherpa T looks to be a 1965 model with the radial head.
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Saw this on FB - As the first ever FIM held in the USA in 1974 - it got mixed reviews - the winner was Alan Lampkin ( brother of Martin & Arthur)  unfortunately I could not copy the 2nd page. ( Worth reading if you can find it)
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