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Tuesday March 31st 2020

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

2020 ISDE is to be CANCELLED due to global pandemic.

FMI President Giovanni Copioli said. “Due to the Covid-19 outbreak health emergency, we must take this difficult decision. Postponing the 2020 FIM ISDE to next year shows that we care about the riders’ health. We were always very pleased to have the opportunity to host 2020 FIM ISDE - the most prestigious Enduro event - in Italy, but at the moment this is the right decision. I am thankful to the FIM and its President, Mr. Jorge Viegas, for the support and to the organizing committee for the hard work. We are already looking to the 2021 FIM ISDE in Italy: the event will be even more exciting!”


Here is pic from the 1949 ISDT  in Wales -   the rider is J R Lloyd and he belonged to my old club in Oswestry, although I can’t remember him -   Our local James /Triumph/BSA/Ariel  dealer had two of their bikes in the showroom after the event all plastered in mud  - very exciting for a young lad just getting interested in Motorcycles.  I watched some of this event from up on the Welsh Moors -  I recall the 50cc Kreidlers - which had 12 speeds - they were always “tapped out”  and always shifting gears with the engines screaming -  Memories!!.

This photograph was taken by Geoff Charles, who worked for Woodall’s Newspapers - the place that I started as an apprentice Photo Engraver in 1953 - Geoff was a great photographer at a time when the cameras were all large format - later of course the 35mm took over and that was when I got interested in this side of the business. - Ironically now anybody can take a good pic on their phone !!
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Today I would like to reach out to all the kind folk, who have contacted us either by phone, email or facetime etc, to ask about our well being - Obviously as old people, we are in that most vulnerable   class when a virus hits.

(Many will have read my Sunday blog with regards to my own health issues)

Anyway, glad to say both Babsy and myself are so far so good - being careful and staying home as much as possible. - Hopefully this will all be over soon, but I fear that our social activities might be changed forever. ( no more hugs)

Here is a nice shot of Steve Saunders when he was on the Rothman Honda - I remember seeing this section in a video I’ve got somewhere.  Back in the day when Ellgren were making Trials gear. ( think I still have some packed away somewhere)
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I’m sure that most people have now heard of the E start TRS models - I even posted a video of my Xtrack model, which is fantastic by the way. - You can see a  short video here of Phillipe Berlatier the French Importer and former World Class rider  showing off the all new Trials only model, with the lithium battery located behind the headlight.

live video


Monday March 30th 2020

Monday, March 30th, 2020

The two pics below, were taken 50 years apart - Turk Perepuklin from Victoria - Top on a Bultaco Sherpa T and bottom  on a Beta Evo 200 that we supplied back a couple of years.  Turk spent most of his time racing in ISDE competition or Cross Country events, but can still ride a Trials bike very well -

These days, he can be seen (or maybe not) out on the Vancouver Island Trails on his new Electric Start TRS  250 Xtrack.
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video for today >>>>>>> post

And this one by Ricky of the 2015 Outlaw. Good stuff.

And this one’s for Walter >>>>>>

Fantic 240 at the Trials Training Center


Like a lot of people - I’m spending a lot of time surfing the net these days, interesting stuff, but also a lot of garbage.

However I saw one caption of a Scramble pic from back in the day in the UK - which said - The rider had a big “Prang” - Had to laugh at this unusual English term which originated from the RAF - when a Pilot would crash his airplane., and get shit from other pilots.

It’s a few years now since we hosted the first WTC National Trial in Revelstoke   BC - When I was first approached by the club .  - I remember all the enthusiasm for putting on the event  and it turned out fantastic - the idea of running it out of the Lodge parking lot - almost like a World Trial setting in a spot that is hard to beat for scenery - It was ideal for ( in my opinion).

The local coverage of this event was huge and I really thought that Revvy would become a Mecca for Trials riders - not just from Canada, but from overseas.

Unfortunately - Trials is a very unique sport, and most people don’t even understand it - I think this has been the biggest problem in recent years, when the average person looking at buying an Off road bike - thinks an Enduro is what they need.  ( Guys talk their wives girlfriends into something that they hate  and bikes they can’t ride)
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The great Hugh Viney on a Scottish section.
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And finally a memory from a few years ago when Taff & Kevin stayed over.

'Another superb meal, by Babsy, enjoyed by Taff & Kevin'


Sunday March 29th 2020

Sunday, March 29th, 2020

No photo description available.

And here is a great shot of likely the best Scottish rider ever on Pipeline  - Gary MacDonald - watched by Bernie Schreiber on the left, at the 2019 Classic event.
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Check out this old Photo from the Isle of Man - Babs & myself watched the TT races from this very spot in 1961, when riders were coming through the right hand bend at over 100mph. - The left side of the road had been built up into a high bank by that time, and riders were just skimming this while still going flat out, -Amazing.
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While we are going through  very uncertain times, for those people thinking about buying a Trials bike - it might be the best time, as the Euro jumped 12 cents last week - and who knows what the future holds for Importers of our bikes?  Any models in stock at the moment might be cheap compared to what is coming down the pipe!!


Like many people, I have been watching and listening to all the reports on how the Corona Virus effects people and as somebody who suffered with very bad Asthma for 25 years while growing up, I can tell you it’s not something you ever want to experience. if this virus  is at all similar.  - My condition was so bad while a kid that I could not lie down in bed -( I could not breathe)  I had to be propped up with a special backrest made by my Grandad. - When these attacks were at their worst, my shoulders would be hunched up, and of course breathing was  really difficult.  wheezing and coughing - terrible but even now as an old man, I can still remember this - I missed so much schooling that it’s a wonder I learned anything, in fact my mother was told by the Doctor, not to expect me to live beyond age 14. !!! ( Sure fooled him!!)
However, at age 15, I left school, and started work as an apprentice Photo Engraver, and finally started to improve. - but the biggest breakthrough , was when I started Motorcycling - maybe it was the open air - the exercise, I don’t know, but I was still on medications most of the time. They prescribed a drug called Ethadryne back then - which I found out just recently is a type of “Speed!!”
Then a miracle happened, we moved to Alberta in 1965, and the dry air and new lifestyle suited me just fine - although I still carried a “Puffer” with me - I was finally “Fit”

I have told this story, only because I would not like to see anybody go through what I did growing up - believe me there were many times that I thought I was going to die.  - Any lung disease is simply terrible, and if what I’ve heard about this new virus is true, these people are dying a horrible death.  Please stay safe and don’t take chances.


Your video for today >>>


Saturday March 28th 2020

Saturday, March 28th, 2020

It was four years ago that Bob Clark brought the very first TRS  for us  to see at Summerland, on a very wet & cold weekend - -We  were very impressed by the general fit & finish of the new Spanish bike, and took it for a short ride.  Of course a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, and the Jordi Tarres machine, has leaped to the top of the charts with great sales and general acceptance by the Trials fraternity.
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Here is Bob tackling one of my sections, out on the loop - you can see the snow in the background.
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TRS will have the Raga models available with the e start later this year, after the Virus thing blows over - the battery is situated behind the headlight - Neat. ( We already have the Xtrack E-Start model)
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Some great old stuff being posted on the web these days - tons of pics from the 50’s -60’s when I was riding in the UK - The best time for Trials in many ways.
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When Touring was a real challenge!!!

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Here is a link to John Moffat’s latest site, which now has about 2,000 members - they are posting lots of great old pics.  Check it out>>
Trials Riding When Stopping Meant A Five!


With things being very quiet - How about taking this challenge ?
How much do you know about Motorcycle Trials & Trials Bikes? Questions are based on mainly classic bikes and riders. Take our quiz and test your knowledge!


Friday March 27th 2020

Friday, March 27th, 2020

Back in the day - we used to call this “Body Lean” - a technique for keeping balance, later referred to as “Body English” in the USA. - Then Mick Andrews invented the wide leg style and the rest, as they say, is History.


Trial WM-Lauf Österreich 1978

And another one >>

Part 2 of 2. Classic Trials from 1982. Kick Start Trials made for TV competition from Easton Neston Park the United Kingdom.


We had a visit from our TRS friends from Alberta this week,  Byron had yet to get a ride on his new Raga 300 and was absolutely going stir crazy, so he and buddy Gord Rinke  stopped by my place on route to Kelowna.

While waiting for Byron to show up - Gord asked if he could try my e-start Xtrack  300 and put on quite a show for the neighbors pulling wheelies in the driveway - not content with that - he then tried out the neat Beta Evo 125 we have - and did the same thing on that - being short and stocky, Gord can ride just about anything but had big praise for both bikes. ( That 125 we  have is a steal)   I guess in retrospect, I should have filmed all this, but as he wasn’t wearing a helmet, I didn’t want to show something some people might  get all upset about.

( Hell up until the mid 70’s we never wore a Crash Helmet for Trials - and I can only recall one incident in the Scottish where a rider was killed after colliding with a car, that should not have been on that road)

Not that I’m condoning not wearing a helmet - we think this is something everybody should do - but sometimes a bit of a “Try-out” in the back yard is I think OK.
Anyway Thursday they were out riding in the Bear Creek area and by all accounts had a blast, hooking up with Shane, Andrew and Richard. - They sent me a few pics - from what looks to have been an awesome day.
The smiles say it all even if it appears that Gord has a tree growing out of his head (HE HE)  - Check out that new 300 Raga complete with the Outlaw sticker !!
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A blast from the past.
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Thursday March 26th 2020

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Yesterday, I shared a link to the opening clip of the movie “On Any Sunday”  - without a doubt the best Motorcycle movie ever made, and financed for the most part by Steve McQueen. - Not only was McQueen a great actor, he was also a very good rider who raced in the desert, plus was on Team USA at the ISDT ( when it was called a Trial) - Here is a copy of his FIM license. ( Note I’ve spelled License the American way with an “s”)
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Did you know that Bob Johns, the Editor of Trials Canada and a Director of the WTC, is also a very accomplished musician and performs with a Country & Western Band on Vancouver Island.  - Bob is a super nice guy, with a long background in the World of Trials, dating back to the 1950’s in England, where his brother John still rides in Classic events, on an Ariel similar to the ones seen below in this old photo.

My tutor for Off road riding back in the 50’s, was our local club  “Hot-shoe”  - Bernie Blomer ( who later became my brother-in-law) - Bernie had a 500 Ariel for Trials, which I rode a couple of times, but only around town to show-off !! I would set in on full retard to plonk through the traffic. ( I can still remember that)
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This is Geoff Ward - Factory AJS rider at Hawkstone Park in Shropshire - I saw him race there at the very first Scramble I attended ( as a spectator) - the hill was and is today - so steep - I didn’t think anybody would make it up - boy was I wrong - Wardy came rocketing over the rocky slabs at the top  bouncing high in the air - an incredible sight and sound to a young 16 year old - and yes I was hooked.
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The ACU - Organizing Motorcycle body for the UK has just issued a Statement - saying all Motorcycle Sport is cancelled until May 31st at least.


Your video for today - Mike Duff was a very good rider on the International road racing scene back in the day - He later had a sex change and now calls him/her self Michelle.  - ( Maybe it was having too many high speed scares !!)
This is my first upload on VIMEO. I was still a teenager when I started making this in 1969. It was my first film and I was just learning about the filmaking process…


We have just received our last order of Outlaw Toobelts for a while, as  my Lady who hand makes them is shutting down due to the Corona virus.  Let me know if you need one!! - Also have some of the rear fender tool pouches back in stock ( the ones that replace the crappy ones fitted to the old IT Yams and XR Hondas)

These will also fit on the new TRS Xtrack models !!

This is the “Double Duty” - 2 bikes in one  TRS Xtrack - Chris decided to see just how long it would take to switch to Trials mode - The answer about 15 minutes ( but maybe a bit longer first time)
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I had two people answer the question on the pic I posted yesterday from Witches Burn in Scotland - Brett Clark and Bob Olar from Ontario.  They say it’s Steve Saunders and the year was 1985 - Brett remembers, because that was the year he rode the SSDT. - And as I wasn’t there that year, I’m not in the picture, but was in that exact spot by Eric Kitchen in 1989. ( Maybe he has that rock reserved for him!!)

A reminder that we are still open for business but by appointment only and we keep you at a distance!!


Wednesday March 25th 2020

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

This is a great shot of a rider going up the big step at Witches Burn in the 1992 Scottish - The Photographer in the yellow vest is the famous Eric Kitchen - I was at this event and stood just behind him for a while taking pics on a very wet day. Update :  Taking another look at that pic - that might be me standing just in front of the rider - as I know I was wearing a blue waterproof outfit. - Not sure who the rider is on the Beta TR34.   Also don’t know who took the great shot.
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As mentioned yesterday, I delivered Ross his new Beta Factory bike up to Scotch Creek - at which time we discussed  the issues of running events at this time. ( from a distance)  - Although our Outlaw/WTC National on the May long weekend may still need to be cancelled. - We have elected to wait until the end of April before making any announcement.  Stay tuned to the blog for the latest news.  As the chief Clerk of the Course, Ross has to make the final decision, but we also need to clear this with WEC regarding Insurance.

Anybody who has been to the Scottish, will recognize this section - Pipeline has been used for decades, but still takes points even for lads on modern bikes. - The town of Kinlochleven is just at the bottom of this hill, which had a lot of locals employed at the power plant - ( now closed) Back in 1972, my brother and myself stopped at the pub located near the start of this section, for lunch, and we were quite surprised to see a lot of the workers in having a “Half and a Half” - that is half a pint of Whiskey and half a pint of beer to wash it down.  - No wonder the plant closed !!  Not sure who the rider is in this Ian Lawrie photo.
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Yesterday I got a call from Jack Chant - an old friend from Calgary - he had seen the “Girlie” pic I posted and wanted me to know that he was in the Saskquash (?) Cross Country  held in between Hope and Vancouver back in the day - it was organized by Danny Amor, and Jack mentioned it was a two lap race, but the girls were only at the first check on the first loop. - much to the disappointment of many riders.  - - Harlow Rankin also rode that day, but I was not there ( Drat)


With all the bad news regarding the Corona virus - business shut downs - races -events cancelled -(even the Olympics) it would be easy to become very depressed. - But remember that famous quote by Richard Nixon ?  “When the going gets tough - the tough get going” - That isn’t to say that we are suggesting everybody relax their vigilance regarding staying safe and keeping a distance. - but I also agree that we can’t just stop everything - we need to be careful and take precautions, but being out in the woods, is likely the best place for us right now.

Ron Walsh wrote a good post regarding riding at Ioco - saying yes he still wants to ride - but maybe mid-week when few people are there, and please respect his space !! - As old guys with already health issues, we are the most vulnerable, so please understand.  Our Motorcycle Image has never been more important.

Here are a couple of video links>>
On Any Sunday Open



Tuesday March 24th 2020

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

I must say that I was pretty cautious when opening this crate from Italy today  - but as it came over by ship it’s had time to rid itself of any virus  - about a month - ( I hope)  - Just to be safe - I sprayed everything with disinfectant, & left it for about an hour.

No photo description available.

Chatting to my truck driver, he told me he just dropped off a pallet of ammunition at Canadian Tire in Vernon - The Sales guy told him they have sold 600 guns in the last few weeks !!  Are people nuts? - Very Scary.


Today - I will take a drive up to Scotch Creek to deliver Ross his new Factory Beta, plus drop off some parts for some of the other Shuswap crew.   - I think the isolation period will be hard on a lot of folk, but we all need to take care,  it’s a good time to catch up on some service work on the bike.  I will only be doing this one drop, but can still mail out parts or arrange for pick up - You just need to phone ahead.  We have pretty much been home-bound for the past three weeks.

And just for a change - here’s a nice shot of Haken Anderson   with the first Yamaha YZ Mono-shock bike - This took the MX World by storm, and we later converted one for Cross Country racing - it was a tremendous break through as the new bike would track perfectly straight through any whoops, instead of flicking side to side like a twin shock. ( because of rear wheel swing arm flex)
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Spare a thought today for all the employees at the Beta Factory in a Country that has been devastated in recent weeks.
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Monday March 23rd 2020

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

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OK Now I’ve got your attention !!  This pic wasn’t taken in Canada, but does anybody remember a similar attraction at a BC Cross Country Race ?? back in the day - and can you name the event??


Some of the images showing up on FB about idiots in the UK and other places taking no notice of posted warnings regarding social distancing, with scenes of crowded beaches and traffic backed up going to public parks, are truly incredible.  No wonder that some Countries are calling for Marshal Law and patrolling the streets with the police and military.

Sadly a lot of young people seem to think they are immune to catching this virus, - think again knot-heads.


As for us old folks - we are staying home, except for arranging to pick up prescriptions and groceries when required - I wear a pair of thin Trials gloves when out - although they say this doesn’t really help.
I should mention that we are still open for business at Outlaw - but only by appointment just call ahead -(250) 545-6139.


We have taken time to check up on some of our old friends by phone -  glad to say Jimmy Corkle is doing OK down in Elko, but has shut up shop because of people stopping by and not respecting  the no contact instructions.  - He has had an eye operation cancelled ( as many of us have had similar calls) - Luckily he can get out for a hike up Rabbit Mountain which out his back door, with his dog for company.

We have heard of other people trying to get back to Canada from South of the border - Steve Richardson and Stan Bakgaard. - Plus the latest info has some Provinces closing their borders except for business and transport trucks.


Your video for today >>
Trials torque: From world trials to the fastest extreme enduro races, Dan Hemingway is one of the most gifted men on the planet on two wheels. And now his tw…

Please note: the Hemmingway family are cousins to the Lampkins - also the lads are on Evo 125’s  AND we have one in stock !!  Fantastic little bikes - we also have an Evo 80 Junior -  Call us for more info.

Sunday March 22nd 2020

Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

This is a pic of Eric Adcock who just died in the UK - Eric was a factory DOT rider, and usually won our Trials in North Wales and the Cheshire Center. - Although other factories tried to hire him. he stayed with the DOT Factory.   - I remember one particular muddy Trial, when he made this long slippery hill section look very easy, so jumping on my James, I tried to do the same, only to come sliding back down underneath the bike. !!

He always had very wide flat handlebars on his DOT - likely because the front end with the Earles Type forks, was really heavy. -Also check out the bulb horn on the handlebars, required to be street legal back then -I still have one!!!  ( Remember most of the Trials were linked by  public roads - plus with money tight - us young club riders, we used to ride our bikes to and from the locations, also using them for transportation during the week)

-  I nearly bought a DOT at one time, but when I got a better offer from my local Dealer, I stayed with the James brand.
RIP Eric - You were a great Trials rider and a super nice guy.Image may contain: motorcycle, bicycle and outdoor

With the ever changing scene regarding the Corona-virus, we have decided to stay home this weekend .  Although I loved being out in the fresh air last Wednesday.!!!

I think I might be lucky as I can escape the boredom by going out to the shop and finding something to do, plus I do have a yard that I can ride around.  But old movies are getting  lots of time - Yesterday afternoon, I watched “Bullet” for the 100th time - Steve McQueen was a Super Star, and sad he died so young.

This was posted on Enduro 21 - I totally agree  that we should continue to get out when we can - but I would also add that  maybe we should also take our own vehicles, driving solo.  - Even the close proximity when riding with a buddy could be a hazard at this time - stay well apart and avoid personal contact. - I think handshakes and high 5’s are a thing of the past. ( sad but true)  - I’m guessing that Off Road Motorcycling is probably one of the only things that anybody can do right now. - but please act responsibly  because others might not see it this way.


American Motorcyclist Association President stresses staying safe to prevent the spread of Covid-19 but points to “ride motorcycles” social media meme as symbol of unity.

In an open letter published by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) from its President and CEO, Rob Dingman, the message is loud and clear: ride motorcycles.

Speaking about the anxiety caused by a global Covid-19 pandemic, Dingman says, “I’m going to ride when I can. If I can’t ride, I’m going to plan riding trips, talk about riding with friends and think about riding.”

Dingman’s letter points to a social media meme doing the rounds which warns to be smart and follow the necessary safety guidance but says the following:

  • Avoid crowded spaces: Ride motorcycles.
  • Do not use public transportation: Ride motorcycles.
  • Well-ventilated spaces are virus free: Ride motorcycles.
  • Wear gloves: Ride motorcycles.
  • Keep at least six feet from other people: Ride motorcycles.
  • Keep a positive attitude: Ride motorcycles.

The letter from the AMA President blows a refreshing wind in these strange times. Be smart but plan for the future. “I’m going to continue to be an active member of the motorcycle community because as a membership organization, community is, after all, how we do what we do.” Says Dingman.


Jamie McGregor from Ontario, posted some pics on facebook -  that he took at the 1975 FIM World Championship Trial  in Bragg Creek - This one a signed pic of our old buddy Mick with the Factory TY 250? - A bit of an added story to this, as the bike arrived at Walt’s Shop in Calgary with the top of the crate just resting on the top - so when I took Mick down to pick it up, he was quite amused because he said he didn’t nail down the top so customs could check it out !! -  Later I took Mick out to one of our riding areas, and he just aced all the “Expert ” sections that we struggled on.

Unfortunately, Mick did not do well at the event I set up - not sure if it was a mind game or what - but he finished down in 11th spot. - Obviously the Euro guys had no idea what to expect, and also as a first time World Trial organizer,   neither did I !! - Looking back some 45 years later - it’s easy to understand the mistakes that were made. - But at the end of the day, I still like to remember the post made by the winner Vesterinon, who said the Trial I put on prepared him for what was to come in the World Championship. ( 1975 was the first year for this)
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