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Saturday March 21st 2020

Saturday, March 21st, 2020

As the global outbreak of coronavirus continues to develop and restrictions put in place, the FIM, the Autoklub of the Czech Republic, Motorcycle Federation of Japan, Federació Motociclista d’Andorra, regret to announce that the FIM Trial World Championship Events, TrialGP Czech Republic - Sokolov (CZE / 23-24 May), TrialGP Japan - Motegi (JPN/06-07 June) and the TrialGP Andorra - Sant Julià (AND/20-21 June) are postponed.

All parties are currently evaluating if it will be possible to re-schedule the events later this season.

Further information will follow in due time.

FIM Communications


Here is a Collector pic of the Lampkin Family  - Dougie with his Mum behind him - brother Harry - Martin and John. - I think this just after Dougie won his first World Championship Trial on the Beta.

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This pic is to show that this rider actually got out of the section with a clean, as his front wheel axle had passed the end cards, before he fell. ( Many riders new to the sport don’t know this rule)

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I wonder how many of the riders from today, remember that Toni Bou started his career on a Beta ?  as did Jordi Tarres and Dougie Lampkin - and I wonder how many World Championships they won for the Italian Factory?

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And here is a blast from the past - a Trial in Alberta back in 1971 - -I ended up winning the event. but fell coming out of the last section came off a big high bank with the bike landing on my leg - wrecking my right knee and cracking the bone !! Not a biggy I thought, so rode the bike out of the bush back to the camp - loaded my trailer ( Hop Hop Hop) and drove home. Next morning my knee was the size of a football, so I drove to the Hospital ( Babsy couldn’t drive back then)  hopped into emergency and that was me done for two weeks - came out with cast on my leg which put paid to my riding for three months.  ( As you can see by the pic it was a crappy day with rain & sleet - slick and muddy. - I think John Whitby took the pic)

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Back in the 1950’s when I got interested in Trials, there was only one book, with coaching tips,  as a young lad, I bought this and read it cover to cover many times, especially after I started competing - Max King went on to write more books, but this is the one I wish I still had.  It was my bible back then.

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Friday March 20th 2020

Friday, March 20th, 2020

Here is a nice pic of the Factory James Team ready for the 1954 Scottish - bikes were rigid back end - on the Trials model which was called the “Commando”  - I had the later Competition bike called the Cotswold - which had the swing arm rear suspension a big break through at that time for the Motorcycle Industry.  - I’m not sure how these riders did at the event, but as a young lad, I used to always check out the results in the Motorcycle Magazines, they won a lot of Trials between them.
Take a look at the extremely lightweight forks, and the vulnerable looking crankcase & shifter ( on the right back then)

At that time airbox’s had not made it onto competition bikes, so we used to cut a large piece of rubber from a car tyre and fit it behind the open carb intake  ( You can see this on two of the bikes in the pic, while Stirland appears to have a different set up.
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Got a call from Sammy yesterday & we talked about the effects the Coronavirus is having on everything - Please see the post on the dirt schools planned for BC.
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This pic shows why Sammy Miller won so many Trials - He never gave up trying to save a dab!!

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Another pic from the past - the winning Scottish Six Days bike from 1969 ( Photo Credit A Smith)
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And back to the modern stuff - this is Heath riding his TRS in the Rhonda Valley of Wales -likely the last time for a while, as this private land has now been shut down because of the Corona virus.

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And a pic of the Yamaha Factory bike of Kuroyama - big heavy slug on which he did really amazing things. - But does anybody remember him?  after a brilliant career, he had a bad fall at the first Xtrial at Sheffield and broke both his wrists.
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And finally - stay positive and healthy during these troubled times.

Thursday March 19th 2020

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Although we will not have anything to report regarding Motorcycle sport for sometime - don’t stop clicking on the daily blog - as we have a ton of old images and nostalgia to keep your interest.

Here is one from the UK - where mud Trials were always common.

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An old Scottish Program showing Mart Lampkin on the cover .
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And one I took yesterday - having been pretty much house bound for the past couple of weeks - I just had to get out into the fresh air. - Andrew V, picked me up, and we traveled down to Kelowna on the back road - stopping briefly to say hello to Roy, in the Valley of the sun. - Obviously  we took as many precautions as we could regarding keeping our distance.

It was an absolutely spectacular day to be out - we saw some fire fighters out on a learn to ride ATV exercise,   they had about 4 rented side by sides,  so some things are still happening  - we watched them a bit, but kept our distance.

We then went up the fire road, where I took this pic  - a lot has melted, but we eventually ran into too much snow & ice, so turned around.

Later we stopped at a couple of sections we made up, last time we were at this location, and I spent some time coaching Andrew on some basics. - Yes it was good to be out
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And finally a bit of humor. - A neighbor who has his own small business, said he was happy to hear the Trudeau has announced financial help in these troubling times - all you have to do is phone



Wednesday March 18th 2020

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Yet another event postponed >>>

2020 the suffering postponed


With all the bad news regarding event cancellations etc - it was good to read that the TRS Trial at Ioco went ahead last Sunday in bright sunshine, with 40 riders. -

Full results can be seen either on the CPTA site or Trials Canada - but it was good to see super fast Cross Country guy Trystan Hart from Invermere, step into the Expert class on the Beta he picked up from us a couple of months ago, and finish a very credible 3rd  ( Trystan’s first Trial)  -  It was Alex Walton (TRS) taking the win once again in this class, ahead of Sean Bird (Scorpa)


Your video for today
Trials 95: Bilsdale Pre-65 trial a Bennett Video production Commentary by JR Like us on Facebook:


This is a nice section that was to be used in the St David’s Trial in South Wales - but unfortunately, like all other events - this has been cancelled.
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Nice to see warmer weather in the forecast - maybe this will help to cheer people up !!


Tuesday March 17th 2020 - SAINT PATRICK’S DAY

Monday, March 16th, 2020

With the News on the Coronavirus changed by the minute - we have been asked how this will effect the WTC Trials this year and also the Outlaw series - Round #1 of this is due to take place at Ioco on April 26th. - All we can tell you at this point, is that it’s possible that we may have a complete shut down of competition events, but at this time all we can hope is that this does not happen.  Keep checking the daily blog for updates.

Just to lighten things up - here is a pic of an unfortunate rider in the Scottish ( which of course is cancelled this year )
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Latest News is that the 2020 TT Races in the Isle of Man in June -  have been cancelled for 2020


We got a call from Max to say his Ski Instructors job has been shut down early - but it was very kind of him to offer to pick up any supplies that Babsy & myself might need, as we are old and as such always at a health risk.  Fortunately we are both OK so no worries ( Just need to keep taking those meds !!)


And this just in - Non-Stop bikes in the UK have closed the shop until this panic is over - a really gutsy move considering all the bikes they have on the floor.
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Just a reminder that we are still open for business - but please call first!!
Outlaw main page images


Got a call from Stan yesterday & we had a good chat about the current state of affairs - he told me that he did send in an entry for the Scottish this year,  but cancelled it last week, when things started to go  haywire.

With things in Mexico still OK at this point - he’s not sure when he will head back up North.


And finally - a bit of good news - Got a call from Beta Canada - that the Sam King Dirt bike schools are still a go ahead for the next couple of months - in fact Sammy has already made it as far as Golden BC on his marathon trip from Halifax - Groups will be kept small to comply with Government regulations - but the main thing to remember is that the very best place to be at any time like this, is out in the fresh air, so we encourage you to sign up with Sam and get out to both learn and enjoy yourself. - ( Of course it’s BETTER ON A BETA)

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Monday March 16th 2020

Monday, March 16th, 2020

Breaking News.

2020 SSDT and Pre’65 Cancelled

The Edinburgh and District MC confirm that the SSDT and the Pre’65 Scottish trials, due to be run in May, have been cancelled. Following advice from the Scottish Government, the Scottish Autocycle Union have cancelled all motorcycle sporting events up to 31 May. Competitors who have entered the events will be contacted shortly to advise on refunds and the next steps.

Pete Bremner,
Chairman E&DMC

A decision has not been made as to whether the 2020 SSDT entrants will be carried forward to 2021 or whether we will start with a new application and ballot process. We will let entrants know ASAP.

The one thing we cannot do is run the SSDT at a later date in 2020

Although Sunday was a really nice blue sky day - I decided to stay home, as it only got up to about +1 in the afternoon.

After watching a re-run of the Players Golf from last year - I checked out the complete video of the recent British Trials Championship ( I had only watched part of it) - for those who haven’t see it - you can click on here>>> ACU Trial GB R T Keedwell Round 1 Hookwood Trials Club 23 March 2019 Part 1 Nigel McGoldrick Nigel McGoldrick • 14K views 11 months ago

I’m sure it will be an eye opener for a lot of people, who may have a different idea of what the sport is all about ( myself included) - It does show the incredible ability of these top lads, who tackle the World Class sections during the season.

Obviously this was extremely difficult, with the overnight rain making the man-made rock & log sections virtually impossible for the majority .  - I noticed Sammy Miller spectating and I have to wonder what he thinks of how the sport has changed since he was a Champion.

Naturally all the top riders are on the latest  models each year, but watch out for Ben Morfatt on an old Mont 351- Amazing performance.

While the basic rule of thumb when setting out a section, was always to have about 3 main obstacles - in this event it appeared to be one big obstacle from start to finish.  - Good entertainment  for the spectators, although there didn’t seem to be that many. -  I hope you enjoy the video.- But would add that our Canadian events are a lot different and easier than this, so don’t let it put you off from either buying a bike or showing up at one of our Trials.
The Latest from KTM. >>

Pierer Mobility AG, parent company of KTM, Husqvarna and Gas Gas motorcycles, today announced that production will be suspended for two weeks as a measure to prevent spread of the Coronavirus. The factory in Mattighoffen, Austria will be closed from March 30 to April 10. The nearby WP factory will likewise be closed. The measure was primarily taken to mitigate transmission of the virus between factory workers, but another factor was the interruption in the supply of parts and raw materials. Many of the parts used in production come from countries hit harder by the Covid 19 crisis, including Italy and China. The international supply of motorcycles at various importers around the world will not be immediately affected, as production for the upcoming season had already been ramped up.


Meanwhile - a few people managed to get out in the fresh air at the weekend - this is Heath riding with a few buddies over in Wales.
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# COVID - 19TRS MOTORCYCLES, announces that the Company will keep its activity in terms of production and parts service, in order to deliver worldwide, all the orders placed by Distributors and Customers within the month of March, as well for next coming months.Proper measures have been taken at the facilities, to guarantee the safety of workers in order to make this announcement possible.

The Company informs as well, that all visits to the facilities are forbidden except those from transport companies to deliver parts either to pick up bikes.Sincerely,
TRS Motorcycles, S.L.======================================>

Statement: Beta Canada and Beta Italy are fully operational. Although there are restrictive measures in Italy, The Betamotor Factory supply chain is fully operational. Beta Canada has no interruption in services. We have bikes and parts orders shipping daily from our Canadian warehouse to dealers nationally.

Demo tour update: Beta Canada are moving foreword with our planned national demo tour as scheduled along with Sam King’s DIRT SCHOOL. We will only amend our planning due to government restrictive measures. Be safe and we hope to see you real soon!


This just popped up on FB from back when I was a young 76 !! - Not much of a poet am I???

“I wish I was 60 again
Riding the sections I did
The Rocks and the steps
Would still be the same
But a clean, not a five be the gain.
To be up the morning and
loading the bikes
Never, a problem with age.
But to pick the right line - and to hear a loud cheer,
Brings a smile - ear to ear.
To struggle and win, is always the goal,
But when age slows the hand, the memories live on -
It’s all in a Trials riders soul.

Outlaw Dave age 76.


Sunday March 15th 2020

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

This is a great shot of Takumi Narita, taken at the US World Round at Donner in 1994 - Barry and myself were at that, having driven down in the Outlaw Van ( which was new back then) - I remember this section very well, as only a few got up that wall, Jordi was the best. - because of the 11,000ft elevation, all the bikes were running like crap, and in fact Takumi took the cylinder head off his Factory Beta into Reno and had it machined to raise the compression. - We spent a lot of time with Martin & Dougie at the event, but also got to chat to Takumi and his Dad.
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A reminder that it’s that time of the year, when we all need to make sure our Off Road Insurance is up to date - I always get mine through BCORMA and Oasis in North Battleford. - All it took was a phone call and was done very quickly. - I take a copy with me stored inside my helmet.


Your video links for today >> Isle of Man TT

and >>


The Jersey Classic Two Day Trial is still on this weekend, and Bernie Schreiber is out having fun on the old Ex Heath Brindley SWM. ( Nice to see that some events are still taking place)
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Flashback to five years ago when we were out riding at Summerland - a rare pic of our old friend Pete on his Beta. - It was always a bit of a struggle for Pete to follow me into some of the spots I would take him back then - but he never ever gave up or complained - I still miss him.

No photo description available.


Bright sunshine today across the lake - but with a temperature of -11, I don’t plan on going anywhere.


With everything being shut down because of the Coronavirus, it was good to see that Heath and his buddies managed to get out for a ride in the Rhonda Valley in Wales.

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Saturday March 14th 2020

Saturday, March 14th, 2020


Spanish Federation pulls plug on all Trials activity

The Spanish motorcycle sport federation RFME (Real Federacion Motociclista Espanola – Royal Spanish Motorcycle Federation) has taken the unprecedented step of advising member organisations and affiliated motorcycle clubs to instruct their members to leave their bikes in the garage and don’t even ride for practice during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

These steps have been taken as Spain’s hospitals are struggling to cope with the admissions of patients with the Covid-19 virus which has spread at an alarming rate throughout Spain in the last few weeks.


The situation World wide seems to be changing by the minute, so we are certainly living in strange times - As an old couple, my wife and myself don’t go out much anyway, but this panic buying of groceries seems be completely stupid to us.

Yes we need to take care with our regular activities, but Outlaw is still open for business and in fact this could be the best time for you to buy a bike or other stuff - the only thing different, is that I won’t be shaking your hand, even though I wear nice thin Wulf trials gloves!!! ( And they only cost $25.00)
One very worrying aspect of all this, is the rise in the Euro on the money market, which is likely to add a lot more to the bikes that are already expensive. - ( In other words buy now from the stock of Beta and TRS that we have already in Canada)

The caption for this old pic taken in the UK was - When a Barbour Suit was necessary and not a fashion statement.  - Yes we all wore those waxed cotton outfits back then, and I even had mine when we moved to Canada, and yes they were waterproof.
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In weather news - the cold snap this weekend will bring temperatures to -8 in the Valley, but spare a thought for our friends the other side of the Rock who will be hit with a big dump of snow and -20 for a daytime high.


This is a very good video of the last UK Championship Trial. and might explain why the scores were so high - You will need to type in the link.


Friday March 13th 2020

Friday, March 13th, 2020

Friday the 13th !!! what will today bring ( besides the snow) - and maybe more bad news !!  -

But birthday greetings to our son in law - Grant was born on this date some 50 odd years ago!!

Got a call from Sammy on Thursday - he had just finished up doing a dirt school in Halifax  and we chatted about his looooong drive out West which starts pretty quick - He has schools planned in Alberta and BC, including a Trials school in our area on Good Friday - watch for details of the location for this as we will be helping him out, if we can. - He mentioned he would also like to ride Summerland as this was the first place I took him when he first came over. ( I’ve posted lots of pics I took on that first ride)

If you want to sign up for this Sammy School ( I guess we could call it the SS school) - let me know asap - It will cover both basics and some advanced techniques. Update looks like this will be held at Scotch Creek.
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Although we are hearing of more and more Motorcycle events being cancelled due to the World wide Coronavirus - as far as we know, the TRS Trial at Ioco is still a go for Sunday.


Thursday March 12th 2020

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

As we head into the weekend - a stark post on the situation in Italy  - I read and posted this, because we are living in extreme times, in more ways than one.  (Update: Italy has now closed all stores except for food and Pharmacy supplies)
Cristina Higgins

I am writing to you from Bergamo, Italy, at the heart of the coronavirus crisis. The news media in the US has not captured the severity of what is happening here. I am writing this post because each of you, today, not the government, not the school district, not the mayor, each individual citizen has the chance, today to take actions that will deter the Italian situation from becoming your own country’s reality. The only way to stop this virus is to limit contagion. And the only way to limit contagion is for millions of people to change their behavior today.

If you are in Europe or the US you are weeks away from where we are today in Italy.

I can hear you now. “It’s just a flu. It only affects old people with preconditions”

There are 2 reasons why Coronavirus has brought Italy to it’s knees. First it is a flu is devastating when people get really sick they need weeks of ICU – and, second, because of how fast and effectively it spreads. There is 2 week incubation period and many who have it never show symptoms.

When Prime Minister Conte announced last night that the entire country, 60 million people, would go on lock down, the line that struck me most was “there is no more time.” Because to be clear, this national lock down, is a hail mary. What he means is that if the numbers of contagion do not start to go down, the system, Italy, will collapse.

Why? Today the ICUs in Lombardy are at capacity – more than capacity. They have begun to put ICU units in the hallways. If the numbers do not go down, the growth rate of contagion tells us that there will be thousands of people who in a matter of a week? two weeks? who will need care. What will happen when there are 100, or a 1000 people who need the hospital and only a few ICU places left?

On Monday a doctor wrote in the paper that they have begun to have to decide who lives and who dies when the patients show up in the emergency room, like what is done in war. This will only get worse.

There are a finite number of drs, nurses, medical staff and they are getting the virus. They have also been working non-stop, non-stop for days and days. What happens when the drs, nurses and medical staff are simply not able to care for the patients, when they are not there?

And finally for those who say that this is just something that happens to old people, starting yesterday the hospitals are reporting that younger and younger patients – 40, 45, 18, are coming in for treatment.

You have a chance to make a difference and stop the spread in your country. Push for the entire office to work at home today, cancel birthday parties, and other gatherings, stay home as much as you can. If you have a fever, any fever, stay home. Push for school closures, now. Anything you can do to stop the spread, because it is spreading in your communities – there is a two week incubation period – and if you do these things now you can buy your medical system time.

And for those who say it is not possible to close the schools, and do all these other things, locking down Italy was beyond anyone’s imagination a week ago.

Soon you will not have a choice, so do what you can now.


And this report regarding the SSDT .

SSDT: Coronavirus blow for competitors – 2020 Scottish Six Days Trial

Dibs on Ben Nevis at last year’s SSDT

The SACU is closely monitoring the spread of this virus at the moment. We are acutely aware that our two largest events in the calendar are nearly upon us, The Scottish Six Day Trial (SSDT) and the Pre 65 Trial.

Although the Government has applied some measures at the moment, they will not affect any of our events until the virus escalates.

The government’s position is that there is no reason to close or cancel sporting events as things stand, but contingency plans have been put in place.

If developments mirror those in other parts of Europe, sports events that attract large crowds are likely to be either postponed or played behind closed doors.

If the situation changes and the virus escalates, we will take direction from government and implement the necessary actions required.

As the Governing Body for Motorcycle Sport in Scotland we have taken the tough decision that competitors from Category 1 countries such as Italy will not be allowed to compete in this year’s SSDT and Pre 65.