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Monday April 20th 2020

Monday, April 20th, 2020

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As we slide into another week - thought we would show this great Speedway pic.


We are all certainly going through strange times  - and I’m sure all outdoor/motorcycle enthusiasts  are “Chewing at the bit”  to get out riding/hiking etc.  - This past weekend was certainly a different one for me, as I did not go out the door except to sit out on the back deck & soak up a few rays.   The month of April is usually the start of the Competition season but as everyone knows, the Corona-virus Pandemic, has shut down most activities.  - Not that we are closed up -  we are still selling bikes and parts/oil etc - because at some point, this will all be over and we will be able to enjoy a more normal lifestyle.

However, please note that you need to make an appointment if you want to stop by to pick something up, these are serious times and we need to keep our distance.
Until that time - we all need to focus on taking care of friends & family and now might be a good time to do some service work on the old scooter - or maybe tidy up the shop. ( That’s something I continue to put off)

Sunday April 19th 2020

Sunday, April 19th, 2020

The SODBC has been struggling with dirt bikers going into the Oliver Mountain riding area who have chosen to ignore the clearly marked trails and government signage. It took half a decade for the club to secure access to this area and now all of it is in jeopardy due to a few individuals damaging provincially protected grasslands and federally protected antelope brush. Trail cams have been placed throughout our riding areas and those who wish to cause damage are going to be talking with Conservation Officers. If anybody can identify the three individuals below please contact the club at
Our condolences go out today to Walter Cukavac - who lost his Father over the Easter weekend - I met him many years ago when he ran a small Service Station down near the Stampede Grounds in Calgary - I went in to ask if he would mind me talking to Walter about riding on our Yamaha Motor Canada Cross Country Team. - He was a very nice man. - I always thought it polite to chat to the parents first when offering any support - I did the same with Zoli Berenyi   Senior before we signed Junior for the MX Program
Here is an old pic of me at a Calgary Trial on my 1973 Bultaco Sherpa T 325 - As you can see the section was very steep, but the 325 pulled it no problem in 3rd gear - this bike was the best one I had, before joining Yamaha later that year.  ( Another one that I wish I had kept)
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I think it will be a long time before we see gatherings like this again  !!!  Jordi and his riders.
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Saturday April 18th 2020

Saturday, April 18th, 2020


After careful consideration and talks with the people involved, we have elected to Cancel the WTC National Trial (West) due to take place on May 17th 2020 at Scotch Creek BC.
The Outlaw Trial, also due to go that same weekend, is also Cancelled. - The World wide effects of the Corona virus, are devastating, and therefore we must sadly comply with other sporting activities, we will continue to monitor the situation, and advise if a future date in the Fall, might be possible.
Dave Rhodes
World Trials Canada.

We had the 2020 Evo 200 out for the first time last week - added a few of our favorite bits of “Bling” nice sticker on the back fender - tether switch - spark arrestor etc.  - I have been riding one of these models since 2009 and they always bring a big smile to my face when I’m out. - They work so very well, - of course I was out on my own at a private spot, due to the current Pandemic.
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This is a shot from a few years ago when I was out with Matt Reading on his new 200 near Cherryville BC - my demo is seen at the back ( this one fitted with and S3 header pipe)
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A muddy UK section - note the small numbers on the riders backs - this was the way we did things back in the 1970’s for our Alberta events - We printed up the numbers which could be slipped onto a riders belt - or fastened to his shirt with a pin - Still the best way if Observers are used for checking.
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News from Stateside.

Brad Hannon‎ to Southern California Trials Association

Dear MotoTrials Enthusiast,After careful consideration and consultation with the council regarding the current and future issues facing our country, communities, and individuals the North American Trials Council has made the difficult decision to cancel all currently published MotoTrials National events, East/West Youth Nationals, and our TDN efforts for 2020.

The NATC will look to alternatives for scheduling an abbreviated series in the fall if possible. A decision on future competitions for 2020 will be made by or before August 1, when more is known about our nations recovery, availability of having mass gatherings, available venues and dates.We felt this was the best way to proceed during such an unprecedented global crisis because of increased and overwhelming concerns about the COVID-19 virus. We are very disappointed that we are unable to execute our published series for our riders, sponsors, volunteers, supporters, organizers, and fans. However, we feel it is the right decision based on the information currently available.Our team will be reaching out directly to riders, teams, sponsors, and organizers with information about the impact of the published season cancellation and possible abbreviated fall schedule..We thank everyone in advance for your support of this difficult decision. And no matter what happens through the rest of the year we look forward to producing a successful complete series in 2021.

Brad Baumert

Chief Enthusiast Officer

North American Trials Council


Your video for today >>–AebqB0J1uz6Slt7HpGYIhohjIENIwVzqI9rrBkPM0Eh79SSiqrGlxljGbFcr-6hGgbqhLXEEwCwa7lHS9xTU772IHHrW1QaMRODdTuxJWckYxp-EKF0lAV9JGSbA0E-Cpaf61BvFXBA5mStWe3EepWbkhcX9SLdpADTVw4rcT6G0Yjii53zRuMwk-PBAyIkI0FluWPYU5YKS_BK9u8h3ej4D1YOtxR_d6k2eQiJeHCa2z-Ggko8QpBBF-OVSqD6O1TaVlXpRGr6qkgzH1HuRAuX_QMJ1sP8dzPPqdVGeYwUQIOzC6q1Y4M5UQ03zLpHl-IAl_UK5arIvuLe1fkt6cm3Aaa3FcNxtw4otRBeRMiT_Sd0W1pDO0TIkIpU3fUTgpq6H4AgbdkJg9zR_7w2eM5kV7ii5ZP4



Fo r all you vintage enthusiasts - This 1928 BSA  is now in OZ
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And another video - this one of the 5 cylinder 125cc Honda Road Racer !!! Wow!!



Friday April 17th 2020

Friday, April 17th, 2020



 “Why on earth would you want to buy a 125cc trials machine?” A fair question in anybody’s eyes, as surely these machines are for schoolboys and young pretenders learning the trade even at world championship level. For most men it’s a ‘macho’ thing, “I need at least a 250cc for the trials I ride in, maybe a bigger capacity machine for the odd national event”, but remember the majority of trials riders only ride in club and centre events, so once again why not a 125cc? The machines on test, the 125cc Beta, Gas Gas, Scorpa and Sherco are all current 2011 models and have all proven their own worth; yes the Scorpa is quite a new model but it uses the tried and tested Sherco power plant. To test the machines we used resident Trial Magazine test rider Phil Disney and his sidekick Dan Clarke. Both these riders have 290cc Betas and ride at National level, having achieved much success in the sport over the years. A new addition to the Trial Magazine team is Janice Proctor. She has returned to the sport after a break of many years and currently rides a 250cc Gas Gas. Yours truly came along to sample the machines having tested the entire range of 250cc models available in the last issue of the magazine. The findings from the team were quite amazing to say the least, but remember this is not a comparison and each machine was marked on its individual merits. We marked them out of a total of a winning ten; read on to find out more.


So for years, I’ve been telling people in Canada that you don’t need a big bore Trials bike ( or Enduro bike) to win. - all you need is Talent and an understanding of how to get the best out of the power on tap.

The English and European riders had this figured out decades ago - but in the US of A - the Big Bore was pushed as being the way to go. - Remember when Jarno Saaronen won the Daytona 200 on a 350 Yamaha ? - the Yanks nearly fell dead from the shock.

Back in our Trials World - the “Tiddlers”   were more than successful in the early years with lots of the top riders competing at events like the Scottish, on small capacity bikes - and most of them finished.  - Neil Gaunt campaigned a lot of 123cc machines - including a very special mono type frame 125cc  Suzuki.


This is Debbie from Invermere BC with the Evo 250 she picked up from us a couple of years ago - She thought she needed a 300 - but I talked her into a 250 - she loves it.

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This is a clip from a video last week - just after I had pressed the starter button on the brilliant TRS Xtrack  300

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Another weekend coming up - and no doubt a lot of riders will be out and about - not 100% sure what we will be doing, but getting out for some fresh air is pretty high on the list.


Thursday April 16th 2020

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

Another great shot from the Scottish - but who is the rider?

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This is Vesty in Scotland. - not sure what section - or who it is watching  his line.
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Another mud pic of Jeff Smith back in the day.

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You have to love the way the results were printed out from UK Trials back in the Glory days - check out the header, - very Official.
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Just discovered how to edit a still shot from a video (Doh) I’m not a very Savvy Tech guy. - This was when I was out on my Estart TRS Xtrack 300 - the only patch of snow in the area so just had to play ( hoping there were not hidden holes or logs hiding underneath - 3rd gear & keeping the front end light)
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Wednesday April15th 2020

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

As everybody knows, I’ve been involved in Motorcycle sport for  a very  long time - and I have  loved it all,  from my crazy  teen-age years up until now as we are heading off into the sunset -

I’m sure glad that unlike some people my age, I can still remember pretty much every event that I ever competed in. -

I am also glad that I made the switch from the Printing Industry when I did, to work for the newly formed Yamaha Motor Canada in 1973.

- Although many of my friends thought I was crazy (Including my wife)  the ten years that I worked for Yamaha were very likely some of the very best times of my life. - I  was lucky enough to meet a lot of the Super stars of that era - Road racers like Stevie Baker  we shared  quite a few laughs -also  Bob Work is still a very good friend -

It was so nice to catch up with Bob & Stevie at the Hall of Fame in 2018  -  lots of shake hands moments,  over the years,  with guys like Kenny Roberts,- Bob Hannah - Broc Glover  -  and of course I met Mick Andrews .      ( Although I have not had contact with Mick for a number of years)   - It was an exciting time to be in the Industry.

The Motorcycle World like everything else, is suffering a very bad time right now - but in our own little Trials pond - we are still able to supply bikes & parts, plus get out for the odd ride at our secret and isolated spot.

Some people might recall, that maybe my biggest achievement was setting up the very first World Round back in 1975 - and yes the  Bragg Creek event took a lot out of me in more ways than one.  -But did I think help shape the sport in Canada for the future.
I sometimes envy my first TRS customer Richard, who lives in New Hazelton BC  -  he has unlimited land to explore and puts on a great Cross Country challenge each year called the “Grizz Bait”When I read about these exploits  - I feel the excitement - getting out there enjoying the scenery - breathing in the clean Mountain air.  - My advice - Do it - while you are able, don’t restrict your Trials riding to hopping around a car park.
For many years - we have encouraged people new to the sport of Trials to come out to Summerland at Easter for a group /family weekend - but of course this year it has been a no-go. -


These are great shots of a muddy  January TV Scramble in the UK from the 1960’s
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And a blast from the past Babsy & me on the Beach at Cattolica  on the Italian  Adriatic Sea - We did the 3000 mile trip on our Norton - camping through France and Switzerland   - wonderful memories.
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It was Brett Clark, who once again correctly guessed the answer to our Photo quiz yesterday - It’s Ernie Page, who now lives in California, his son David was a brilliant  Trials rider, who sadly died at a young age of leukemia.

I met Ernie at the US World round at Donner, when he was helping Martin & Dougie Lampkin.


Tuesday April 14th 2020

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

Anybody recognize this rider from Scotland ? Hint - He was the Scottish Scrambles Champion at one time and a friend of Martin Lampkin.  Barry & myself met him at the World Championship Trial at Donner in 2004.

Here is a very nice rebuild of an older Beta - this one in Japan.

And a blast from an Outlaw Event held on the Island - The Alberta lads.
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As we’ve been on a bit of a Beta promo for the past few days - check out this link >>

The Beta Evo model arrived with us in 2009 with a radically designed aluminium frame and boasting a turning circle never before seen on the trials machine; I could not wait to feel the experience of “full lock”. The 2010 model 250cc on test here has

Although they list this as a 2010 Evo - the ones we got in Canada that year were plain aluminum frames not black - We found the 2010 to be quite mild compared to later models - ( Suited guys like Pete just perfect)

With the World Crisis going on - it’s hard to remain focused  on everyday events - but we are happy to say that people are still supporting our small family business - As most people know, this is driven  by a passion for the sport, so we are obviously very sorry to hear that the next three events at Ioco are cancelled. - The CPTA will post further news on their Club website, when things change.
One of these was Round #1 of the Outlaw Series  on April 26th.
While we are not announcing anything yet about the Scotch Creek event -slated for the May long weekend, which also includes a WTC National !! -

Please be aware that a cancellation is more than possible. - We will make an announcement in this regard after we hear back from WEC  who Sanction and Insure our events..

In the meantime if you are able to get out and ride, please follow the guide lines regarding keeping a distance from other people.  ( This includes when you park your vehicle)

Monday April 13th 2020

Monday, April 13th, 2020

A golden Oldie - out riding a Beta at Summerland - I see I was still wearing the NZI Carbon Helmet ( I wonder what happened to that Beta riding shirt?) - I think that must have been about 6 years ago and Pete likely took the pic - bless him.  - I will always remember  him, he was such a great help with me setting up the Outlaw Loops.
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And here I am on Easter Sunday test riding the new 2020 version - “Brilliant”  - I have to say that I was really impressed once again. on how easy the 200 is to adapt to - As most people know, I have been raving about these bikes since 2009 and did in fact sell a used one of that year just yesterday. - However, the new version of the Evo 200 is very much improved when compared to the 09 model - The original version used a 125 bottom end and a 26mm Mikuni carb - This was very good - but we improved it by fitting Boyeson reeds. - Later Beta fitted the bike with the 250 bottom end and the Keihin 28mm - a HUGE improvement - We have worked on this bike now for ten years and know how to get the best out of them - We call them “The Giant Killer”

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All on my own high up on a ridge, enjoying the solitude.
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Here is an interesting old clip of Helmut’s great ride at the ISDE in The Isle of Man - I was supposed to go to that event, but I broke my leg in May and that put an end to that..  - Somebody asked me once why I didn’t continue with the Cross Country Racing and ISDT Dreams - The answer is simple - I got old - and definitely had too many crashes. - ( I take my hat off to Helmut)
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Easter Monday in the UK, is traditionally a very busy weekend for Motorcycle Sport, with Road Racing at Oulton Park and the National Lomax Trial in North Wales - Sadly because of the Pandemic - All Sports have been cancelled, and you can’t even go out anywhere on your Trials bike.


Yesterday we posted a pic from the old days showing a group of riders with a bunch of Trials bikes in the background  - I asked if anybody could name them !!  The answer is Yes - Brett Clark listed them all !!


Your video for today >>

Fabulous video filmed at the 2018 Manx National 2 Day Trial on the Isle of Man. The only National event that covers both the Solo and Sidecar fields on an eq…


Sunday April 12th 2020

Sunday, April 12th, 2020
A message from the MCC.

It’s springtime, and the weather is improving. With the change in temperature, motorcyclists may have plans to take out their bikes for the first time this year.

However, with COVID-19, the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC) is calling all riders to follow provincial and federal recommendations.

“We all have to do our part and avoid all non-essential travel … and that’s our overarching message … it’s really important as motorcyclists we all do our part in flattening the curve,” said Kellee Irwin the Past Chair and Board Member of the MCC during the Mike Farwell Show on 570 NEWS.

Irwin said if any motorcyclist plans to sneak out and go for a ride that may lead to additional strain on frontline workers and hospitals.


No photo description available.

Another neat video >>
Resum del Campionat d’Espanya de Trial de 1995, que inclou les següents proves: Carcaixent, Navacerrada, Alcúdia, Valdemanco, Sant Llorenç, Astúries, Silleda…

And another

SSDT Scottish Six Days Trial


Nice old advert for Rock Shocks - Mart with lots of curly hair.
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Although it’s a troubling time - we are still getting quite a few  calls for bikes - mainly used - but I only advertised an Evo 200 yesterday and had two people phoning on it first thing this morning - now gone to a lady from Cherryville BC.  - So that’s about -5 -6 bikes gone out in the past couple of weeks.  Naturally we are still only open by appointment, and keep our distance while wearing a mask - but believe me it’s not easy doing business this way.

Consider how bad it is in Europe - Italy, Spain and of course the UK - where everything is shut down  - Some interesting old photographs being posted at this time - can you name these riders?
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Just saw that famous Racing Driver Stirling Moss has died at age 90 - I remember seeing him at Oulton Park back in the 1950’s when Jaguar brought out the beautiful  E Type - Moss won easily. —                                    I seem to recall having his book someplace. — Here is a very good account of his career.
Sir Stirling Moss, who has died aged 90, personified motorsport to at least two generations of his countrymen, writes Andrew Benson.

Saturday April 11th 2020

Saturday, April 11th, 2020

With all the doom and gloom we are hearing about every day, with news of dozens of people dying from the Corona-virus - almost overnight in some Countries, with the death toll now at over 100,000 World wide. -

It is understandable why older folk like Babsy & myself are trying to stay safe. - The bad thing is that  some people forget to distance themselves, while others appear to not take the threat serious enough.

This reminded me of a Poem written by a World War Two Spitfire Pilot.

“We grow cold and we grow callous

’til death stalks into our home
with a deed that doth appall us

then the deeper feelings come.”

Richard Hillary returned to action after suffering burns to the greater part of his  body and face from being shot down at the start of the Battle of Britain. - The great Plastic surgeon Archie McIndoo rebuilt his face, and it was while he was in Hospital that he wrote his life story including this poem. - Sadly he was later killed in action

I have the book.


On a lighter note >>>>
This is a good site to click onto with some great videos

Trialeros del Mundo


Obviously with 5-10cm of snow in Calgary and other parts - you can’t blame Albertan’s for  wanting to head to BC and in particular the Okanagan, where temperatures have been very pleasant this week -  While there is no doubt that being out riding in the woods is a great way to self isolate, we hope that everyone remembers to distance themselves especially when being parked. -

The CPTA club have issued a stern warning in this regard that the Ioco area could be closed if people are seen to be disregarding the 6t space between people and no groups of more that ten at any one time.

This being the case, I was surprised to see a notice by the Kelowna MX Club saying they are opening the Bear Creek Track for Practice this weekend - They do say they are limiting the numbers and controlling things, but I only hope this does not bring any negative response from the general public who see dirt bikes going through town on the back of Pick-ups, or somebody getting hurt.


This is a great shot ( not sure who took the pic) The caption said - when things go wrong try to get through for a “3″ - Obviously a Scottish Six Day pic  and judging from the older NZI Helmet - I would say say it must have been in the early 90’s ( I still have my carbon one which of course we used to sell through Sammy Miller)
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==========================================>                                                          While we are only open by appointment - We still have some great deals on new Beta Trials bikes - this is a nice pic from the past after a shipment arrived.  We are also still shipping parts and accessories.
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