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Thursday May 21st 2020

Thursday, May 21st, 2020

Looks like a wet day in the Valley but that’s OK I have nothing planned.

Here’s an interesting story - Tim Gibbes was a very good ISDT rider and also appeared in the film “The Great Escape”

Bultacos go missing
Along with other things I, or should I say my company Tim Gibbes Motors Ltd., was Bultaco importer for NZ a long time ago, probably about 1970 to 1976.
At the time their trials bikes were good, but the company was almost impossible to deal with as their filing system was a large dining room table with all papers piled high, with an open door each side to blow the papers about.
After ordering & paying for a container load of more than 30 of Bultaco containg various models like Sherpa, Lobito, Bandito, Pursang, etc.
I waited several months but called the factory in Spain often to always be told “yes they’re coming!”
But they never came. So I claimed on my insurance. After 2 years or so the insurance co. got back to me to say they had located the container, BUT it was at the bottom of the Mediteranean.
Apparently they had been loaded on to a ship in Portugal, but just at that time there was civil unrest & riots at the port, so the ship hurriedly left port, but to gain speed more quickly flicked off its container load as it headed out to sea!
So the end result was that I never did get the bikes & because it was because of riots the insurance wasn’t valid either! Oh dear, yet another life challenge!
I’m attaching a couple of pics showing my “Bultaco Corolla” rally car, & what the Bultaco Sherpa’s were good at doing.
And this pic - because I couldn’t find anything else to post !!
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Wednesday May 20th 2020

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020
» Yamaha Motor adds five days to temporary closure due to COVID-19

Yamaha Motor adds five days to temporary closure due to COVID-19

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it has determined that all business locations, factories, and offices in Japan will have an additional temporary closure at the same time for the five days between June 8 and 12.

The only exceptions to the suspension are the Hamamatsu Robotics Building and the Miyakoda Building (both of these robotics-related facilities are in Kita Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture).

The company has also determined additional suspensions to operations for 10 working days from May 25 to June 5 at some motorcycle-related production sites.


This is a pretty cool pic  -
No photo description available.


Not a lot happening today - I have to go for some minor skin surgery this afternoon ( nothing to worry about)

Weather looks great out there so we will likely be spending more time on the back deck  -


We have heard that a few people have been getting out for a ride - we had a couple of KTM riders stop by yesterday - they had been out to Bear Creek then came around Westside Road, before heading back to Kelowna - I was able to help the one guy, with some Trials stuff as he has  just picked up an old Gasser ( Not a Pro thank god)


Emily sent me some pics and video from our ride last week - the video is taken by her Go Pro camera , and shows her following me  along a bunch of old dirt trails to eventually end up on the ridge which they call “Two Chairs”  - I was on the Beta Evo 200 and Emily was on the TRS X track - really neat to see and hear the sounds of the bikes.


I just saw this link to the story on that Mount St Helen’s Eruption pic I posted - Interesting Story and the guy is certainly lucky to be alive. read on>>

The story behind that photo of the Pinto in front of the Mt. St….


Tuesday May 19th 2020

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

Yesterday we showed you the new 2020/21 TRS Gold - which will soon be available - today, here is the same model with the optional electric start.  We have no idea when we will get these very limited models in Canada - with very few Airlines operating and restrictions on everything, we will just have to wait and see. -Sorry the pic got a bit distorted.

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We hope everybody enjoyed their May Long Weekend - we didn’t notice any slow-down in the traffic going by our driveway or out on the Hiway - so obviously the message to stay home went on deaf ears to a lot of people.

We did have one customer stop by to pick up a few things. and managed to get a few more chores done, but otherwise a very quiet time.

We heard from the Quebec club, to say that they also cancelled their WTC National because of the Pandemic - like us they will wait and see how things look later in the year.

Gary Nordstrom of Vancouver Island, turned 75 yesterday - so birthday greetings to him ( I remember that I did my last Joss trip when I reached that age)


And 40 years ago - this was the big story - I remember that I was traveling in the Cranbrook area, and my Company Car started acting up - turned out the air cleaner was full of ash from the eruption.
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No idea who took this shot of their IT Yam being towed by the Pinto.


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A blast from the past - the kids at the Outlaw 6 years ago - some are now over 6ft tall !!!!
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Monday May 18th 2020

Monday, May 18th, 2020

Well today, we should have been hosting the  WTC Canadian National - !!! What a blow for all Sporting enthusiasts - However, we hope that all our riders, manage to at least get out in organized groups and distance themselves as the Professional  Doctors are broadcasting.

To disregard Instructions at a time like this this - would be stupid - think of how you would feel if you got this virus, then passed it on to a family member ? -  How would you live with yourself if you brought this virus home?

Obviously, everything we do at the moment is like stepping into a new World - but perhaps this might be a good lesson for future generations about hygiene  both personal and for  business operations especially in the food chain.


A sad weekend for our Canadian Snowbirds, with the crash in Kamloops. RIP Capt Jenn Casey.

A video for today .
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (Official)

And it was on this day that 19 Lancaster bombers took off to bomb the Dams in the Ruhr Valley of Germany - led by Guy Gibson ( Who would die later in the war on a mission flying a Mosquito )  - Although classed as a success, with the “Bouncing Bomb”  designed by Barnes Wallis, taking out a number of dams, only 11 aircraft returned, with 56 airman killed. - Most of the practice for this raid was done in the Elan Valley of Wales.

The 2020 TRRS “Gold” has now been released - This is the top of the line model from the Jordi Tarres Factory - available by special order. (If you have to ask the price - you can’t afford one)


Most of the top riders start at an early age - here is Adam Raga at 8 years old


Check out this story - quite long, but worth the read. Meet Ron and Jean Hetherington By Mindy Smith Ron and Jean Hetherington are AMA members who live on a quiet cul-de-sac in Huntington Beach, Calif., where their neighbors know them well. They are the original owners of their home of 55


Sunday May 17th 2020

Sunday, May 17th, 2020

It seems strange writing the blog early today  - The first time that I will spend the May long weekend at home for 34 years. !!   Incredible to think that the Outlaw Trial has gone on that long, and it took a Pandemic to stop it. - I wonder what thoughts are going through the minds of the other people who have always attended.?

Nice old AJS
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And here is a great shot of Jordi on the 1986 Beta TR33
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And here is Jordi’s latest creation  - the brilliant Estart TRS. ( Now every factory will be doing this)


The answer to yesterday’s quiz was Mick Andrews, John E shirt, TY  = MAJESTY  - Yes a few people emailed the correct response.

I wonder who carved these words into the arm of the chair up on the ridge we visited this week - and why - the spot is certainly a place of solitude, with a beautiful view of the OK Valley. - Interesting.


The Motorcycle World has seen many strange designs over the years, but I think this Greeves  exhaust idea must have been a big mistake. ( maybe easier to produce but very poor flow)
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Saturday May 16th 2020

Saturday, May 16th, 2020

One of the main reasons why I still like to get out on a Trials bike, is to see the wonderful Valley we live in and smell the clean fresh air. - The wild flowers at this time of the year are absolutely gorgeous to see, and the views of Lake Okanagan are out of this world. - This is a pic I took yesterday, while we were sat down on a hillside, enjoying the sandwiches  and pop that I picked up from Butcher Boys in Vernon. - They are made fresh everyday and always a good selection. -

Although a very skilled off road rider, Trials for Emily was something new, so we started off with practicing “Double Blip” and getting the timing right.

Check out this style - PERFECT as Mart Lampkin would say.

As mentioned, Emily is well skilled in other aspects of Motorcycling - this pic  is from one of her rides on an Enduro trip up North someplace. - Don’t forget to subscribe to Motorcycle Mojo to see Emily’s report on her day out with Outlaw Dave.
2020 Fundy Adventure Motorcycle Rally | Motorcycle Mojo


Recently we have seen a number of posts of the garbage left by idiots in some of our riding areas, and I mentioned that a bunch of garbage bags were left near our Summerland  spot the last long weekend by dirt riders ( not Trials riders) from Alberta, who had camped out near the gravel road. - Well our good buddy  Dale Wellborn, took the time to pick up all this trash last week, so kudus to him and everybody else who helps keep our forests clean.  - The only way to shame these people is to take pics and post them (with license plates if possible) and report them.  - I still find it unbelievable that this is still happening.


Your video for today >> TRIAL TECHNIC “La curva” Una guida ragionata al migliore apprendimento del fondamentale della “Curva”. Ho lasciato molto spazio alle immagini per agevolare la migliore comprensione d…


The 2020 TRS bikes are “Stunning” - Check with us for more details.
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This is Mick Andrews at the 1980 Scottish Six Days riding the Majesty where he finished 4th - I wonder how many people know what the name Majesty ” stands for?


Below we have a flash back to 2016 and an early season ride at Summerland with Josef and Graeme Manning - A remember this being a fun day blasting through the snow drifts..


If somebody offers you a “Great Deal” on a Mont 4T - chances are it’s stolen - this was nicked out of a locked van while parked in Vancouver.

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Friday May 15th 2020

Friday, May 15th, 2020

We received an email from John Kitchener who is stranded in the UK at the moment due to the Pandemic - he mentioned the blogs we have posted on the Scottish, which are of special interest to him as he has ridden the event a number of times. - Like myself, John fails to either understand or appreciate some of the changes to the sport of Trials that have occurred over the past decade. - But of course the young guys would just say ‘That’s because you are old”


On Thursday, I spent a very enjoyable afternoon out riding with Emily Roberts of Mojo Motorcycle Magazine. - Emily lives in Revvy and has a quite prestigious background in the Motorcycle / Magazine World. She is a very accomplished Down-hill Mountain biker, has taught Motorcycle skills while in Ontario, and is a very charming and adept Off Road Motorcyclist. - - For Emily, Trials was the one thing she had not tried, so we met up and went for a ride on the Westside of Okanagan Lake.

I took along a new 2020 Beta Evo 200 and a TRS Estart Xtrack 300 for testing purposes. - With the weather pretty much perfect, we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon with me as a coach, and then as a guide out into the hills overlooking the beautiful OK Valley. - It truly was a fantastic afternoon, lots of fun, and good for the soul in these uncertain times. ( Thanks to Roy for his Hospitality in The Valley of the Sun)
The shots below, show Emily on both the Beta and the TRS , tackling sections that I had pointed her at - with the end result being certainly a plus for her in Trials ability,  she is a quick learner, with a lot of natural ability and yes, she now wants to get a Trials bike. ( Watch for an upcoming article in Motorcycle Mojo Magazine)

A view from one of the “Private” spots we visited.
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You can learn more about Emily by clicking on here> Emily Roberts: Motorcycling


So after such an epic start to my long weekend - it’s hard to say what will follow - although the Pandemic doesn’t appear to have deterred too many Alberta folk from heading to our Valley for what is usually a very busy weekend on the beaches - not sure how the officials will handle the traffic.


Thursday May 14th 2020

Thursday, May 14th, 2020

This is a Fantic shot for Walter - the 240 was the bike to have back in the days just prior to Yamaha taking over the market with their revolutionary Mono-Shock TY 250 in 1984.
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So here we are  heading into the 2020 May Long weekend - usually THE weekend for Trials enthusiasts in BC, when everybody would gather for the “Outlaw Trial”. - I can still remember that very first event back in 1986, held at East Kelowna.  - We had planned it as a “One off” - with old vintage bikes on the Saturday, followed by modern bikes on the Sunday. - Hard to believe at how successful this annual Trial became, and while the vintage part has faltered a little in the past couple of years, the Modern event, has always attracted a big entry from all over Western Canada.

Just like Scottish Six Day enthusiasts, I’m sure our regular visitors  will be feeling a bit lost for something to do this weekend - the Corona-Virus Pandemic has pretty much shut the World down, for any sporting activity.

Of course being out in the woods either Hiking or biking - is likely the best place to be, as long as people remember to keep their distance  - We hope that everybody follows the rules and enjoys what ever they decide to do. -

Here is a nice shot by Neil Sturgeon of the Loch at Fort William where the weather has been unusually warm and dry this past week - almost like the weather gods knew the Trial was cancelled !!
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At Outlaw, we have still been open for business - although by appointment only, and have still been able to help customers with our mail order of parts and accessories.


Today we will be going out on a Trials Training session with a young lady from Revvy - Emily is a writer for the Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, so watch for a report on how our day goes.

The weather is a tad unsettled, but hopefully the rain will stay away - Sunday looks to be the “Wet” day of the weekend.

video for today

More news as it happens >

Wednesday May 13th 2020

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

With all Motorcycle and other sports cancelled this year because of the Pandemic - we see a lot of old memories cropping up on Social media as people try to stay somewhat sane in these troubling times - Of course our Trials Season was due to officially get going this upcoming long weekend, so I thought I would post a pic of Brandon competing at one of our Outlaw events back a few years. The camp area, where this pic was taken, is now all private with a House on it, and the owner is not “Trials friendly”

However, when one door closes, another on opens, and in fact the new camp/start area we have used for the last couple of years close to the main Hiway in Scotch Creek, is much better, and easily accessible for large trailers or Motor Homes. - - We don’t hear much of Brandon these days, as he moved back to Vancouver Island, where his family is located. ( Watching are Jake, Marcus, Ben Pospisil and Stan)
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As forecast, the weather has cooled off, with rain  expected on and off for the next few days. -remember, if you plan on riding this long weekend - make sure you have all your paperwork in order as the CO’s are always out at the popular camp areas checking.


Although it seems many of the Trials photo’s that are posted are all Hop & Bop type - for older readers, the Traditional style British section, often included climbs over  slippery tree roots, not easy with the old Dunlop 4 ply tires- This pic posted by Terry Miles - shows John Lampkin on a tricky climb - back in the day.


Old style Scrambles, also included a lot of mud - it wasn’t all about big “Air time” - Here is a pic posted by Peter Campbell of a couple of riders in the muck.

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Tuesday May 12th 2020

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

This is Darryl Copithorne formally of Cochrane Alberta, who now lives in Australia - the local Newspaper did a write up on Trials and included this great pic of him on his Beta Evo 200 ( I think he bought it after chatting to me - although he has since moved on to a TRS 250)

Darryl and Terry Mitchell, took over setting up Trials in Alberta back in 1976, after I went on to Cross Country racing, and they were responsible   for the World Round hosted by the Calgary club in 1980. -  - He stopped by our place for a visit last year with his wife Laurie and we caught up on all the latest news from “Down-under”


Yesterday was another “Dump day” - getting rid of more junk from the back garden shed - amazing how much stuff we all collect over the years. -It has also been a good time to dispose of all the wasps which had taken up residence. -  The weather was great for sitting out on the deck later in the afternoon, but rain is in the forecast.


And finally today >>>
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