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Tuesday June 30th 2020

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

This is an interesting photo from 1909 when they were building the huge power Station at Kinlochleven  in the Scottish Highlands - Of course most Trials riders, will recognize this as the famous section called “Pipeline”
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The Ontario group put on a Trial at the weekend - carefully monitoring the social distancing aspect - here is a nice shot of a rider on one of the new Chinese bikes being sold by Ron Golden. ( thanks for letting us post this)

We heard they had 38 riders all pre-entered !!

Remember when Merlin (Later bought by Gas Gas) came out with   these  wheels?  They were banned by the FIM because of the danger to a minder when trying to grab the front wheel.  ( I think they called them cheese cutters)
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Toni Bou  has been posting some amazing video clips on FB of how he has been keeping fit and sharp in the shut down.  I do like the fact that he is riding a lot of really natural terrain.

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An unusual pic of Mick Scrambling a big heavy Matchless at the UK Ponderosa event in 2015 (Thanks to Tim Britton for the pic ) - Mick is looking a bit knackered there!!
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Today I have to go to Kelowna to pick up a shipment of Opti oil from the Truck depot so it’s going to be a busy day.


Monday June 29th 2020

Monday, June 29th, 2020

This is a pic of Broc Glover - one of the top MX riders back in the day - what I noticed on this was that he is covering both the clutch and front brake levers, just like we do on a Trials bike  - unusual at that time - it looks like he has just passed a fallen rider -
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Below is a pic of Road race champion Geoff Duke - who also rode Trials during the winter months - I think this might be a 500cc Norton 5T.  -( I even rode in a Time Trial called the Picton - which he won riding a factory Ariel colt))

Geoff was a wonderful man who excelled in the TT races in the Isle of Man, a place he would make his home when he retired from racing. - When he died a few years ago the funeral procession toured the complete 37 + mile TT Circuit , as a tribute. - I would like to report that I once shook the hand of this  great man, when he was guest of honor at the Oswestry Club annual awards dinner.
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I saw this pic posted by Carl Pottenger of his father “Scrambling” back in the late 50’s - and asked if he was the son of Frank Pottenger ? - Frank was one of our regular riders from the Oswestry area with the “Nick name” of Skid!!  - He always rode Triumph twins and was quite the wild guy. -

Carl contacted me to confirm that yes indeed  this was the same Frank Pottenger and said his Father had passed away some years ago.  - Interesting that due to the magic of the Internet, we could piece together a bit of History.
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Carl posted this pic of his Dad with his really nice Cheney Triumph - he was still riding at 80.
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After a three month break, some of the lads are getting out on their bikes in the UK

Here is a shot of buddy Heath Brindley on his much detailed TRS.
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Back in the early 70’s  - tall “Cow horn” bars were quite popular - this is a pic of Don Smith on the Prototype Kawasaki - ( A few days ago we showed a similar set up on my 73 Bultaco and also yesterday the same thing on Mart Lampkin’s Sherpa T) - Like they say go with the flow. - If Toni Bou  had a sharks fin on his helmet ??  Well I don’t know about that  - but how about Toni Bou jockey shorts with a a built in cup ?? Now that should be a winner. ( Especially for those newbies trying the “double blips”)

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I like this pic of Mandy Lewis on the Vertigo - it shows great style. - Mandy and Adrian - run Lewisport USA Stateside, but before they emigrated, they did the same thing in Scotland - they are good friends with  Harry & Wendy McKay,  from Aviemore - 20 miles from Fort William - the heart of the Scottish Six Day Trial.
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Back in the day, “Specials” were often seen at Trials events, but this one had a connection to the world of Formula One -  with Mclaren involved with this Suzuki project.

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Sunday June 28th 2020

Sunday, June 28th, 2020

I really like this shot of Hakan Anderson on the 74 Factory YZ - I think he won the World Championship that year? -

Of course I was working for Yamaha Canada at that time and although I was riding Trials most of the time - the following year, I rode the Walt Healy Cross Country version of this bike - a DT flywheel and wide ratio box plus other trick things made it brilliant - It was first ridden by John Arcand, who sadly died young from cancer - but we had some really fun times together.  - It’s interesting to note that the Japanese took pics of this bike and all the details, because they were in the process of developing the IT 400, which we got in 1976.

I’m not sure who took this pic so can’t give a photo credit - but I found it interesting they used the Champion Spark plug logo - All our bikes used NGK plugs - and in a funny memory - I recall chatting to Terry Porter back in 1969 in Calgary, about the new breed of bikes on the market and what spark plugs they used, because Spanish electrics were notorious for producing a weak spark - - The KLG brand was mentioned, at which time Terry said “Oh we use those for fishing weights”!!

In another spark plug story - back in 1979 our Yamaha Parts manager ( who knew I was racing Cross Country ) gave me a box of NGK racing plugs to use in our IT Team bikes.  Unfortunately, these didn’t work out too well the first time we tried them when Murray Nutt and myself went to a race at Drayton Valley.  He was on an IT 250 and I was on a borrowed IT 175 ( which turned out very badly for me) - .
Anyway - When the shot gun went off - I kicked and kicked - then became aware that somebody else was also kicking and saying WTF - Yes it was Murray - - turned out the race plugs were too cold - meant for road racers. - Eventually we got the bikes going - and after some wild riding caught up to the experts !! - then it got really confusing. - This was the first event these guys had put on, and chose flagging tape the same color as the forestry guys used “Orange” - so one minute you would be leading then a few minutes later you would be tail end charlie - riders were lost everywhere. -

As mentioned this was a bad day for me as I had a fall going through a cut block . and the bike landed on me with my hand going into the rear sprocket. ( the borrowed bike had a rear shock that was screwed - it was like a pogo-stick)  - Eight hours later I was in the Edmonton University Hospital after walking 14 miles out of the bush. ( thanks to the friends who drove me I never did find out their names to thank them)

Luckily for me and for my future riding bikes - this hospital had the very best team for doing the new micro-surgery - and while other operations they did that weekend failed - after seven hours - they had my thumb stitched back on. -  Yes - apparently I am in their Books as one of their early success stories.


Take a look at this work of art on the new “Gold” TRS - If you want one of these you had better call quick because they are very limited - only 150 being made.  ( In fact you might already be too late!!)

And here is a pic of Mr TRS himself - the great Jordi Tarres back in the day when he was world champ on the Beta . Thanks to Retro Trials for the pic.
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A nice pic of Martin Lampkin (by MJ) - Note the high bars on his Bultaco 325 - I guess that was why I fitted the same Renthals to my bike back in the day.
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Wow that was quite the Storm we had in the Valley on Saturday - Again I had some water in my shop, so I’m going to check what I can do to stop this as they are forecasting  more of the same for today.


Here’s a neat video of Kenny Roberts on the wild four cylinder Yamaha Flat tracker.

Saturday June 27th 2020

Saturday, June 27th, 2020

Here is a great shot of the late Vic Eastwood on the Factory AJS Stormer - check out that look of concentration - you might also notice that he is wearing the type of glasses that I prefer but can’t find these days.
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The latest issue of Trial Mag UK arrived yesterday and its absolutely brilliant - Hats Off to John Hulme and his Team for managing to put this together in such difficult times.

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We’ve noticed that quite a few of the top UK riders have jumped ship from John Shirts Gas Gas Team, since KTM took over the latest being Dec Bullock - he is going Beta.

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Below are a couple of “Stills” taken from the video we shot on Thursday - big Hill climb - Myself on the TRS 300 Xtrack estart -  - then Roy below. on his Beta Evo 250.


Your video for today. Dougie Lampkin Documentary (1998) Dougie Lampkin Documentary produced in 1998 Like us on Facebook:


Friday June 26th 2020

Friday, June 26th, 2020

Yesterday I headed over the Westside again to explore some more of the old logging/mining roads with Roy  - once again we made the Two Chairs of Sorrow our lunch stop up on the ridge overlooking Okanagan Lake - a beautiful spot, so quiet with a view that is hard to beat. - we watched the bald eagles soaring above us, while we noticed a couple of boats out on the lake - we likely stayed at this spot for about half an hour, chatting about life in general, until the warm temperatures told us it was time to move on.
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It’s worth noting that this location is  kept in pristine condition - no litter or empty beer cans etc.  - a tribute to the people who visit the area.   Of course the soft Trials tires leave very little sign of our being there.
You will also notice that my boots are nice and clean in the pic - However, neither them or the bikes stayed that way for long as we soon found a lot of mud and water as we headed into unknown territory.  ( We have a good stock of these great Wulf Trials boots in stock at only $295.00)

Although Roy tells me that there are a lot of Bears in the area ( one even tried to break into his house) - We didn’t see any, or deer - surprising really as it’s pretty wild country.

I see that Sammy has given his “Ride the Vibe” bus a new paint job - and also had some work done on the brakes etc - all good considering the big mileage trips he has planned  - last week he was in Squamish  putting on a school - the first one I think this year because of the Pandemic.  - Not sure what his schedule is for the next couple of months, but he did mention he wanted to make a trip up to the Yukon.


Hard to believe that this is the last weekend of June - and no events happening, including all the Cross Country series, which Andrew Christiansen  called to say that as far as he knows,everything is cancelled for this year.


Here is a pic from back a few years - I’m riding the tricky little section near the Iron Gate at Summerland - bike is a Beta Evo 200 and it appears I’m still wearing one of the old NZI Carbon Helmets we used to sell, plus  XC riding gear and Gaerne boots, which we also dropped.  The one thing that I  really liked was the Six Day type glasses that I have on, but have been unable to find for a long time - Maybe the Mountain bike stores have something similar.
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Thursday June 25th 2020

Thursday, June 25th, 2020 The Scott Trial 2019 Clips from the Scott Trial 2019. Find us on Facebook:

Below is an unknown rider in this famous Time Trial
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Here is a rare pic of Sammy Miller, riding a Royal Enfield factory bike in the 1956 ISDT ( called a Trial back then) it seems all these bikes broke the frames below the steering head, but they somehow managed to finish - pic was posted on FB - nor sure who took it.

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Not a lot happening today and with the weather looking to be going up to +29 - I think I might zip over for a ride with Roy on the Westside - there are a ton of old gold trails & ghost towns  to explore - I just need to figure out which bike to take !! ( but it will likely be the Xtrack)

Wednesday June 24th 2020

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Turning the clock back to the type of sections often used  in English style Trials - Image may contain: one or more people, motorcycle and outdoor

This is an oldie of me from 1971, when I rode a Blackfoot Motorcycle  ” Montesa “for  a short time - The original pic was damaged, and our friend Scott Barrie from Ontario was kind enough to fix the crease in the one posted earlier. - As I mentioned to Scott I likely have the 35mm neg of this in my files someplace. maybe I will buy one of the new gadgets that convert them to digital!!

We had a team for the Canadian National , Murray Nutt, Wayne Adderson and myself - ( My bike broke down & I had to push in to finish)  but I never really got on with the bike and went back to a Bultaco. - ( I also broke my leg early that year so getting on a new bike three months later after getting the cast off likely wasn’t the best thing)

But riding for Bruce Cameron the Owner of Blackfoot Motorcycles at that time was a real honor - another great man who died too young.
I still have the beer tankard someplace - but the Monty shirt has long gone,, as have a few of my front teeth!! But I still do have my hair. ( although I keep it a lot shorter these days) - I think Babsy likely took this pic as she did a lot back then.

Below is one of the sections we had in Revvy for the WTC National a few years ago  - The plan is to have another event there in 2021, but with a longer loop to take in some of the great trails and spectacular scenery in the area -The “Old fashioned” but more popular type of events that the older and newbie riders seem to really enjoy.  The three quarries  will still  be there to test the “Hot Shots” -  Flo and Chris are stoked to do this.
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With things very much in limbo all over the World, it’s hard to say when life as we know it,  will return to normal - we may see a few events happening later in the year, and I urge everyone to click on here or Trials Canada for the latest info:  ( We also post on Facebook)
Getting out for a ride with a few friends is still an option, and we try to do this, while still keeping our social distancing. - although a lot of people seem to be ignoring the advice given  by the top medical people - and I for one really understand the frustrations of trying to do business at a time like this.

But to put friends and family at risk when  we are dealing with the unknown, especially  the older folk ( Yup we are in that class) is I think fool hardy.   If this Pandemic improves general hygiene World wide for the future - then I think it might be a lesson learned.

The rest of the BS we are seeing with protests, looting and Statues being toppled, needs to be dealt with a firm (but not brutal) hand - Bring out the water canon. - Chicken shit Politicians will do nothing for the future of either this Country or the World.

And the younger generation need to respect the fact that their ancestors have fought and died in World War 1 -World War 2 - plus other conflicts, just so they could grow up in a free  world.  - Now these young people are lobbying to tear down statues of great men -Do they not learn anything in schools and Universities these days ?


Back to Motorcycling - which always seems to endure throughout World Conflicts and uncertain economic times - We  still have a few TRS and Beta bikes available and urge anybody maybe holding off buying because of the current situation to  think of this as a perfect time to buy - good deals are here today and Trials bikes are a great investment because they do not lose value like other Dirt bikes.

Like everybody, we are always excited to see the new models come out every year, although changes are sometimes just in “Bold New Graphics”  -  We recently had our Beta Canada guy out for a visit and he took a close look at the Electric Start TRS that we have - I would not be surprised to see more Trials bikes come out with this option in the future. ( Remember when people said Hydraulic Clutches wouldn’t work”  or disc brakes?  Water cooling ??)  Yup - I might be an old guy but I can tell you the estart is coming.


Tuesday June 23rd 2020

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

We have had a few emails from people regarding  Jeff Smith  after we posted the article on his BSA days - Harlow wrote saying that when he moved to Canada to join Bombardier - he brought with him a frame from an AJS Stormer for the French Engineers to check out - another story from Turk related to the 1975 ISDE in the Isle of Man when Turk stayed at the same Hotel as Jeff - he told Turk that he booked a room on the bottom floor as the Hot water was not available on the 3rd floor where Turk was staying - but this did have a nice view of the harbor!!  -

Finding a place to stay for events like the Scottish that has a lot of hot water is difficult - I remember back in 1993 the room that Walt and myself were sharing had nice  radiators - that we thought would work great to dry off our wet clothing each night after being out watching the Trial - guess what - the owners turned them off at night to save electricity!!


We also received another email from John Kitchener who is still marooned   in the UK - although he hopes to get a flight back to Canada next month.  John mentioned that he rode a Can Am in the Welsh Three Day Enduro many years ago and won a gold medal - However, although the bikes were very fast ( fitted with the Rotax rotary valve engines)  they did not handle well with sub-par suspension.

I remember having a ride on Bob Sadownick’s TNT model back in my Yamaha days , and found them scary with a habit of suddenly flicking side-ways at speed.   ( Bob later joined our Yamaha Canada Team)

This is a rare Duke video of the 1952 TT in the Isle of Man - one of the most dramatic as winner Reg Armstrong had the primary chain break on his Manx Norton just as he crossed the finish line - It also shows 2nd place rider Les Graham on the MV Augusta - - this was fitted with Earles front forks, which some thought led to his fatal crash the following year at the bottom of Bray Hill.


Jake Wideman - taken a couple of years back when he picked up his new Beta Evo.  We have missed seeing the Shuswap gang this year.
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I saw this pic posted of a guy riding Stateside in a Vintage Trial - and it reminded me of the changes in riding gear that we have seen over the years.

Now the first thing I see here, is a guy way over dressed in bulky Enduro style clothing - which likely meant he was “Cooking”  - Although we don’t sell the very tight spandex style clothing that is common with the World Factory riders, we do promote our Wulfsport line as it is both light, good quality and allows the rider to move around on the bike. It’s available in all different colors and sizes and very reasonably priced.

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Many “Old Timers” will recognize this book on Trials training by Bernie Schreiber - we have had a copy of this for many years, along with most of the other books available, all with very good hints and tips from the Experts, plus filled with fantastic photographs. - The biggest problem with any collection, is loaning books out and then not getting them back, so keeping track of these valuable items, is extremely important.

No photo description available.


A blast from the past  in the UK - at a Scramble in 1957 near Oswestry at a place called Queenshead  Sandpit.

left to right - Outlaw Dave - Wally Sagar (sitting down)  Glynis Morris ( dead) Bernie Blomer ( my brother in law now dead this year) Don Morris (dead) Margaret Morris and John Thomas.

Back then the normal gear was old army surplus jackets and Fire men’s leather boots. Check out me with an open neck shirt and a bandana!! - Different times, but the enthusiasm was fantastic - and with little money after the war - everybody helped - a really good memory for me.
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Another blast from the past Gary Baily and his son David in a classic shot on Bultaco Pursangs.

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Gary was of course a big star in early US MX - and went on to promote the sport setting up Super X tracks which really did put the sport on the map Stateside - David became a Super star, before tragically breaking his back in a crash, which saw the end of “Table top” jumps.


Monday June 22nd 2020

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

Well we hope that everybody  had a nice “Father’s Day” - a tradition that we only came to know in recent years, but now enjoy with our family in order to share supper and reflect on memories. -As usual. our daughter Helen had arranged a nice meal, and as we have not been able to visit for months, because of the Pandemic, - suffice to say it was a very memorable occasion.  A wonderful Salmon supper !!!

As I didn’t hear from anybody regarding a ride until  early Sunday morning - I had already made other plans, one of which was watching the golf - and that got a delay due to bad weather, so I never did see who won - it was pretty tight at the top.

This section that Sammy is pictured on - is one that only he and Brandon Wince  have ever tried - One of my more challenging ones for these top Experts. - No neither Sam nor Brandon cleaned it - and if you saw it, you would understand why. - ( By this time Sammy had already “Shortened” the rear fender on my Beta 300)
No photo description available.


I see our friends in the Far North have been out enjoying themselves - a mix of Trials and Enduro. - Thanks to Dennis Brumwell for posting.


The weather has certainly improved the past couple of days, with really warm temperatures - I guess the next thing we will doing is complaining about it being too hot.


Sunday June 21st 2020 - Father’s Day.

Sunday, June 21st, 2020

I’m sure that many will enjoy reading this account of the glory years of BSA - and of course the demise of the Motorcycle Industry .   Thee are many thoughts on why this happened, some blamed the Trade Unions, while others said the Brits did not keep up with the times and the Japs were starting to move in. - It’s interesting to read Jeff Smith’s remarks on his uncertain future, but I wonder how many people know that he came to Canada and worked with Bombardier to develop the very successful Can Am?

The sad thing is that Bombardier, just like BSA failed to keep on top of things for Off Road Motorcycles and although they had a lot of success with their Rotary Valve Rockets !! - It was maybe just the marketing division and poor electrics that enabled guys like me ( working for Yamaha) to steal all the best riders - and as they say - What wins on Sundays - sells on Mondays !!

I’m not sure where Jeff Smith lives these days , but probably in the States - The one thing for sure, is he was a hell of a rider - and I feel very humble to have been on the same starting line with him at the 1976 Moose Mountain Cross Country. ( Yes I have good camp fire story on that one)

Any young lad growing up after the War - and with the motorcycle “Bug”  will not forget the Manx Norton - the sound, the look the mystique.  - To hear these on the radio, racing in the Isle of Man - was “Magic” to the ears of all enthusiasts, young and old. - At a time when the British Motorcycle Industry ruled -  Most Dealerships, were owned by Racers, or Engineers who were always trying to improve on what came from the Factories.  Famous names like this.


As we have not had ONE call from anybody wanting to go for a ride on this Father’s day - I will just kick back and watch the golf. - I see this as a “head game” just like Trials competition. -


Yesterday I did some fine tuning on the Beta Evo 125 - tiddlers are more critical to Tweeks!! especially when you change exhaust pipes.  - ( a quarter turn on the air screw can make a BIG difference. - Luckily, these days. most bikes come out of the crate “Ready to ride” and while we understand all about the various carbs - seldom do we need to make changes.
Another interesting point is that I have found myself really lax in checking tire pressures on any of the bikes I ride - Of course if I was still in Competition - this would have been a “MUST” - While talking tires  as many people know - Beta swapped to the 803 Dunlop a couple of years ago - when the Michelin was standard on most bikes. !!  - The reason “COST” Michelin refused to bend on their price so Beta said “Up Yours” ( At least that’s what I heard)  - The good news, is that the Dunlop’s work just fine  and while many Experts will still rely on the Michelin - for the average rider, I can honestly say that the Dunlop works great. ( BTW I just sold my last rear X11 Xlite today)