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Saturday June 20th 2020

Saturday, June 20th, 2020

We have posted this pic before - but I like it as it shows Sam King riding the Outlaw Beta the first year he came over on Holiday - - Matt Reading is acting as his spotter, but no issues on this one. ( Note: the nice Wulfsport riding gear)
No photo description available.


video for today >>


Christian Gregory emailed to say that the pic we posted of the airborne road racer on June 13th - was taken at Cadwell Park in the UK - We never did attend any races at that venue, but obviously a very spectacular track. - Thanks to Christian for the info:


I posted this pic yesterday as it was our Steven’s birthday - this was taken on a great ride we had a few years ago at Summerland - He was on the Evo 200 I was on my Beta Alp. Spectacular scene with all the flowers.
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A question that often crops up, is “How many Trials bikes are sold World wide?”   - Here is an interesting  article on the subject - don’t forget to click onto the English version. ¿Cuántas motos de trial se venden en todo el mundo? ¿Cuántas motos de trial se venden en todo el mundo? Te contamos esta reflexión en una charla exclusiva con TRS, Vertigo y Sherco


Weather today is calling for more rain - it’s been a cool wet month so far, but that’s OK with me - we have sure noticed  how overgrown some of the trails are out in the woods,  plus a lot of dead-fall due to the high winds. - Of course the Trials bikes make things fairly easy when navigating these conditions.

We have not heard if anybody is riding tomorrow ( Father’s Day)  - there was a Trial at Ioco on the Calendar, but of course this has been cancelled, along with all the other events.


A reminder that if you are visiting the Valley this weekend, and would like to stop by to see us - please call ahead, as we are only open by appointment (250) 545-6139.


The answer to yesterday’s photo quiz - Mick Wilkinson on a 197 Francis Barnett  - nobody got the correct answer to both man and machine.


Friday June 19th 2020

Friday, June 19th, 2020

We’ve come a long way !!!!

I don’t know who this is on the nice TRS - but it’s a good pic. - ( Not sure who took it)
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Who can name this rider wearing just blue jeans & rubber boots at a Scottish Vintage Trials event? And what is the bike he’s on??


video for today >>>>>>>> Bernie Schreiber 2 Días Trial Clásicas Robregordo 2008 El Campeón del Mundo de Trial 1979 con Bultaco, Bernie Schreiber (USA), estuvo como piloto invitado en los 2 Días de Trial de Clásicas de Robregordo. Aquí po…

And another one >>> 1984 Trial World Championship 8 juli 1984 Courmayeur Images of Italian round of the outdoor trial world championship. 8 july in Courmayeur and earlier race in the Belgium Ardennes.


Here is a pic of Mick Andrews taken by Harlow Rankin - He didn’t have a great day at our Canadian World Trials Championship back in 1975 - The bad weather played havoc with some of the 40 sections on the 69 mile loop I  had set up -   I had to ride out front - changing some. - I spent the best part of a year setting up this first ever World Trial in Canada - but did not get to see one rider ride one section.

- It was nice to take Mick/Jill  and Malcolm Rathmell for supper at the top of the Tower in Calgary the next day     ( yes Yamaha  Canada paid) - we chatted about the event and they were very kind to me with their comments. -

I’ve said many times that NOBODY ever gets everything right when hosting an event - keeping the mistakes to minimum is hard.. I salute everybody who takes on the task of putting on ANY event - it takes Guts and for success - you need experience .  NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK A SECOND OPINION!! OR TAKE ANOTHER LOOK AT A SECTION YOU MIGHT HAVE THOUGHT WAS PERFECT>
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In spite of his bad day - Mick and I remained friends and I saw him and his lovely wife Jill a few times after that - the last time was in 1993 at the Scottish- This is Mick on the James in the Pre 65 event - I have a pic of myself with this bike somewhere in the archives - I will try to dig it out.

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Birthday Greetings today go to our son Steven - He was a very good XC rider as a lad - until he got blinded in one eye  at a race in Kelowna. - and that was the end of that.


Thursday June 18th 2020

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

So with the Father’s Day weekend coming up we are sending out an open invitation to anybody that wants to share a day riding at Summerland - There are trails for all abilities and we can guide when required. - Call or email me if you are interested - The plan at this time is to meet at the “Bird Bath” at 10.30am. - I will be bringing at least two demo bikes.

Let’s get out and have some enjoyment after this long solitude.


It’s unlikely that any of our readers will guess who the leading rider is in this group - he was a hell of a rider, but died alone in a care home with no known relatives - his name Tony Godfrey.
The hunt to unravel the mystery of 88-year-old Tony Godfrey who died without any known relatives has revealed him to be a motorsport daredevil who competed in the world's 'most dangerous' race - The Isle of Man TT. Pictured: Tony Godfrey leads the way in the Isle of Man TT.


This is a pic from a couple of weeks ago - when we had a visit from Beta Canada Boss Steve Howland - He took time out from his cross Canada  promotional tour  to go Trials riding with the old guy at Summerland.  The pic was taken using Steve’s phone balanced on my back pack so not the greatest view of the Valley.  - We were both on 2020 Beta Evo 200’s.-  Fantastic and very much underrated bikes.  Today - I’m taking out the equally fantastic Evo 125 - again these small bikes are so underrated , and can do amazing things in the right hands     ( just ask Sammy  King) - I will take some pics and post tomorrow.
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I think I’ve likely posted this pic before of the good old boys from the ATA back East - they still get get out & ride together and really enjoy  old fashioned style Trials.
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This is a pic I took yesterday - while out for a ride with Roy on the Westside - It’s at the top of a ridge, overlooking Lake Okanagan - and I have previously  shown a pic of the two wooden chairs placed looking over the valley. It’s a place for a sad reminder for one family - but a wonderful spot to sit and have lunch - solve a few of the troubles of the World - Well maybe not solve anything - just talk about how crazy thing are these days, But at this spot on this day - it was all quiet - a chance to share some solitude with a good friend..

Of course I was out on the Fantastic Beta Evo 125 - and I had fitted it with the S3 header pipe - Wow ! - I’ve never known a trials bike come “On the pipe” before - believe me this thing is a rocket - but I can still putt putt  along in 4th even 5th gear on the trail - Amazing - No it’s not for sale !!  But you can still buy one as Beta Canada have one left - plus a couple of 200’s - ( Our 200 demo is a steal at $1000 off)

Here is a pic of our new Gully section - we still need to do some more clearing before we can ride it - but it’s looking good after the rain.


Dame Vera Lynn has died at age 103 - as they say in the UK - “That was quite an Innings”  - Her songs during the War boosted morale at a time when England was going through some very bad times.

“We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day”

Wednesday June 17th 2020

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

We have elected to post this letter by Chessy Knight regarding the ongoing issues between Mountain Bikers and TRIALS riders. - Note - This is happening all over, we have experienced this sort of thing in the Okanagan.

However, lets be fair and say that most Mountain Bikers and most Trials riders, behave in a very civilized manner.

The big issue as I see it, is the Mountain Bike Clubs have huge numbers, all willing to lobby for land use, whereas  the Trials riders ( and most Dirt bike riders) will not take the time to even write a letter to their own MP.

( Nothing new here, it’s been going on for decades)

read on >>>>>>

Hi gang, this is a post I just put up on Bike Squamish. There was an incident over the weekend between a trials rider and MTB riders. There are a number of comments to the FB post about the incident. I read all the comments before I wrote this post.
Oh folks, it saddens me greatly to see friction between MTB and trials riders…again First, let’s consider the facts of this incident:
  1. Trials motorbikes are definitely NOT allowed in Alice Lake Park, and our club (99 Trials Association) would never condone that.
  2. From what I can tell from several maps, and from what folks in the comments confirmed, Pamplemousse is NOT in the park. It’s a very crafty line, just skirting the edge of the park. A trials rider could ride up it from Jack’s, and down Credit Line to get back to Jack’s, and never enter the park.
  3. While the trail can be accessed by Jack’s Trail (thus the trials rider did not have to enter the park), as Dwayne pointed out, it’s also possible that this rider was accessing other trails in the park, I don’t know, and I sure hope not.
  4. One commented -  said that there are plenty of trails for “dirt bikes” to ride at Cat Lake and Lava Flow. Let me be clear… trials bikes and dirt bikes are not the same thing at all. Trials bikes get traction in a very different manner than a dirt bike, and we typically don’t ride Cat Lake or Lava Flow because those trails are too easy for a good trials bike rider.
  5. Trailforks will continue to create more of these types of problems (trials rider going up the trail, MTB going down, confusion about the “direction” of a trail). If a trail is indicated as “MTB Primary”, the expectation is that traffic is one way. This is not the case for many trails in the Highlands and Crumpit, and all the local riders know that. Trailforks will only be bringing more riding pressure into Squamish, and 99 Trials and SORCA continue to have discussions on the best way to manage this issue.
  6. It does not matter if the builder of Pamplemousse intended it as a one-way, downhill trail only. My apologies if I have offended the builder. However, many trails in the area are built by trials riders and when MTB’s discover them, they become MTB trails as well. Believe me, trials riders get just as frustrated when a “trials trail” is discovered by MTB, so remember, it goes both ways. We live with it, and the MTB community has an obligation to extend the same courtesy.
  7. There is no one to report this rider to, as there is no way the province could prove that he was in the park. Honestly, talking about this on FB, while not my favorite platform, is probably the best way to get the issue out there.
What’s the solution, gang? We have to exercise respect for each other. We can’t keep calling each other “fucker”, or “asshole”, or “dickhead”, etc. on Facebook, or on the trails. We can’t shame each other on Facebook. It does not work.
I agree that with the Highlands in particular, sometimes it’s better for trials riders to stay away (a sunny weekend, for example). I myself rarely ride it in such conditions because of the heavy MTB traffic (or I might stay on the Rigs side and exit from Mid-Life Crisis). But remember, this is a COURTESY… trials riders are not required or obligated to stay out of the Highlands.
Please, let’s be kinder to each other. Trials riders, you can stop and explain what our bikes are, where we are allowed to ride, yield to non-motorized, etc. Don’t ride up a trail when it’s super busy with MTBs coming down, use good judgement. Be polite. MTBers, please understand that trials riders will be on the trails; no one user group can claim a monopoly on a riding area, not unless the two clubs have explicitly agreed that a trail should be MTB only.
We gotta start giving each other a break. Please message me if you would like to discuss any of this further.
As most of our   OK/ Shuswap region riders know  - we are privileged to have many  places to ride - most of which are on Crown land. -
This for myself is the ultimate in order to get out into the woods - scale the Mountains and see the beauty of our land. - The use-age of these public lands, should NOT be confined to any group. - All tax paying Canadians are entitled to go anywhere on Public Land maintained  with Tax dollars.
Lets remember, that All Trials/Dirt bikes/Atv’s, using Crown land need - Registration, and Insurance !! BIG DOLLARS
- Do The Mountain Bikers pay anything????   -  If they don’t  - then who should have the louder voice?  Think about this.  -
It is my opinion that the Factories plus Organizing clubs, should be more vocal regarding contacting both the media and the Politicians - Yes your vote counts.  - We should be posting the GOOD stuff - whats wrong with sending invites to the local MLA’s to attend an event or club meeting - I would bet that 90% of these folk in Politics think  dirt bikes are just kids running around making trouble. -
Every weekend  in the Summer months - we have a zillion bicycle riders - going past our driveway on Pleasant Valley road in Vernon - - While this is not a problem for me - it does become frustrating when they ride 2-3 abreast on this very narrow Country road. - Some show some courtesy, while others don’t - again do they pay anything for the use and upkeep of the roads? - I think we all know the answer to that one. - Having lived out here for over ten years - I’m amazed we have not seen any fatalities. ( The one wearing team jersey’s seem to think they own the road !!)
While we are on the subject of equal rights etc - why don’t you read this - >>
Answer to yesterday Quiz pics
#1  Kiwi Rod Coleman on the  Supercharged AJS Porcupine.
#2  Roger De Coster & Pierre Karsmaker..
Only Cam Whiffing  from Ontario -got the 2nd one correct - nobody got both rider and machine in #1
Here is a pic of the bike without any fairing amazing engineering for 1938 - although Sir Frank Whittle did invent the Jet engine that same year, but the British government chose to rely on piston power for the Spitfire. - The Jerry’s introduced their version ME 110 - but it was too late in the war to make any difference. - and I read a report that although these were super fast they lost a lot of test pilots.
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I posted this because at this moment in time, many of the younger generation appear to either not know or care about one of the greatest leaders and Politicians of our time. -
You cannot erase what happened yesterday, and neither can you forecast what tomorrow may bring, - All anybody can do, is live for today, and enjoy everything that this will add to our lives..
Although we no longer live in England, I hope that this current situation with civil unrest is short-lived,  that sanity prevails and the bad lot either get deported or jailed. - A country without Law and order is nothing more than a land of eternal chaos.
There are no Black or white people - just people, -  However there sure as hell are bad people on both accounts.  - Yes there are things that need to change regarding the treatment of people of race - but looting and setting fire to property is done by criminals not by decent people wanting change.  -  To vandalize public Statues that are a part of History is a disgrace and should be punished - Kneeling down with a bunch of folk at some of these protests  - well to me that seems pointless
There is no doubt that Police tactics need to be addressed - we all know about one of our own being beaten to death by Vancouver City Cops and still no convictions   - it’s been going on now for at least five years - as they say - they look after their own - well maybe now our friends in Powell River might get some satisfaction - strangely because of events that have happened a World away.
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Tuesday June 16th 2020

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

This is a nice pic of a rider  sitting on an unusual Road Racer from the past - but who is the rider? and what is special about the bike?

And for those who like to see the ultimate road race video clips - check this out by Duke video.

and this earlier black & white version

Racing Together 1949-2016


Some of the old racers cleaned themselves up nice for the big trophy presentations - but who are these two?

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Those were the days - Brooklands Speedway in the UK.
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Back in the late 70’s - these two riders, were  at the top of their game - Bernie brought some of his trick riding into the sport with Floater turns and hops - Yrjo was a master at getting traction - after that Bultaco had gone broke, and the Japanese were looking at what they were led to believe was a huge market !! (Wrong) ( Pic by Pupi Alefredi)
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Father’s day is coming up this weekend so if you want to pick up something for your favorite  guy - give us a call. - ( We are only open by appointment but you can phone anytime)


Happy birthday  today - to Italian Super Star  Agostini !!
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Monday June 15th 2020

Monday, June 15th, 2020

Chris Hrabb took this neat shot of his TRS Xtrack 300 ( Stripped in Trials mode) near Revvy last week - not sure which river this is, but it’s in full flood.

Yes the Gorgeous TRS “Gold” bikes for 2020 are now being delivered to Importers around the World - Only a very limited number of these are built each year, so placing your order in advance is super important, so far we know we have one just like this 280, coming for the old guy - Do I really need a top of the line bike like this with the estart? - of course not, but I’ve decided that it will be my 83rd birthday present - to myself!!!  - If you are thinking about one - better phone right away or it’s unlikely you will get lucky.
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I saw this  and couldn’t resist posting, even if it’s not one of “My girls” on the TRS Xtrack  - these bikes are just so perfect for gals that want to ride the trail networks we have, and with the electric start - it take all the worry about stalling on a side hill etc, out of the equation. - I’m not sure where this was taken, but it’s obviously in the Mountains and likely Italy or some other European area. ( Although she is wearing Fox gear?)

UPDATE;  Our good friend Chris Hrabb  informs us that this pic was taken in Russia !! Way to go Jordi getting your bikes into the Eastern bloc.

Aktash (Russian: Акташ) is a rural locality (a selo) in Ulagansky District, the Altai Republic, Russia. The population was 2418 as of 2016.[2] There are 24 streets.
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After a very stormy rainy week - today has dawned clear & bright with sunny skies - lets hope it lasts.


Sunday June 14th 2020

Sunday, June 14th, 2020

With all the trouble going on in the UK and elsewhere  - I think this post pretty much sums things up - It would appear that the world has gone mad lately, with many  of the younger  generation, either not understanding why History is something that needs to be preserved, or being misled by instigators promoting civil disobedience.

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At least we have many good memories of growing up in the UK after the War - Motorcycles were a “Way of Life”  and kept a lot of the younger lads focused  - This is a fine example of a 500cc Ariel Trials bike, fully restored to it’s original condition - As Sammy Miller says “This was a Man’s bike”   and it took a man like Sammy to make the improvements on the stock machine, to change it from “Horrible” to a winner. -

My brother in Law had one for a short time, and I remember riding it through our Town of Oswestry  one day -  ( all the bikes were road registered) I had the engine on full “Retard” - to go slow through the traffic ( controlled by a lever on the handlebar)  - and it sounded a bit like a tractor. - It was much too big and heavy, for me (being short of stature) to ride in Trials sections.

The pic below is of the great Brian Stonebridge - and shows the ignition advance/retard lever on the handlebar just above the clutch lever - interesting to see him ‘Feathering” the clutch back in the day - when this was definitely not normal - but then again - Stonebridge was way ahead of his time in many aspects, working for both BSA and Greeves. - ( sadly killed in a car accident)


More Nostalgia - I nearly bought a DOT at one time - as they seemed to work well for Scrambling - but the front end was so heavy that I decided to stay with the James.

No photo description available.

A video for today - when British Norton’s ruled.


And a flashback  to when Sean Bird won the Super Stars on his Beta. - I remember taking this photo - very difficult section with a tight turn on a ledge in front of a straight up rock wall. - Actually I recall that Steve Day was likely the only rider that really got that turn spot on, by bouncing his front wheel off the wall while flicking the bike left - all about perfect timing.
No photo description available.


Well, My latest Wulf order of boots and clothing arrived yesterday - rather surprised to get this on a Saturday - but pleased to be able to package several orders and ship out.

The weather forecast  is for rain all day today, so a planned ride with Andrew Vipond, has been put on hold.       ( I had planned on taking the fantastic Beta Evo 125 out for a blast )- It looks to be a day to watch more golf on TV ( Yes they are back playing - but with no spectators).


Saturday June 13th 2020

Saturday, June 13th, 2020

The answer to our photo quiz yesterday - was Ted Pepperdine -Harlow Rankin and Warren Payne


What a shot this is in a road race, no idea where or who took the pic.!!

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Gary Lawyer from Portland posing at Ioco a couple of years ago - He was part owner of a Dealership selling Gas Gas and other bikes  -but it has since shut the doors.
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A nice pic of a lady rider in a Twin shock Scottish Trial - when I see pics like this of TY 175’s - I sometimes consider doing some work on the one I have in the shop -which is very original - maybe one day.


Well we are certainly getting our share of rain in the Valley, with another big dump late yesterday - we did have a minor flood in the shop from the day before, but no damage. - Today looks to be the same, so not sure about tomorrow with everything very unsettled.


Our Wulf order, which should have arrived on Thursday, still isn’t here - very unusual, even in these strange times, as we always get stuff in 4 days from the UK - Naturally we are waiting for some of the items to ship out for birthday gifts etc - - Murphy’s Law !!


Friday June 12th 2020

Friday, June 12th, 2020

Below are a couple of pics from our Wednesday ride down at Summerland - in the top one I’m eating my lunch at a spot overlooking Agur Lake - not sure what the metal tower that I’m leaning against is all about - the bottom pic is another one taken by Ted - as I’m riding down an easier section of the trail.
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The pics of the 2021 TRS Xtrack are out !!  & they look stunning.
X-Track Series 2021

⚫️ #TRRS XTrack ONE 2021 - 300, 280, 250 & 125
The new Range Xtrack for 2021, built up by models RR & ONE, consolidates both, a new concept and a new way of understanding and practicing the sport of trials, providing the best combination between performance, added value and versatility.
TRS Motorcycles has worked to implement the latest technical developments in the Xtrack RR and ONE 2021 models, such as the new electric start system that this time, places the battery behind the front light, thus providing the model, of additional room under the sit, which allows to place any type of tools that may be necessary during a ride through the mountain, and facilitating again an easy conversion to 100% trial without losing the option of the electric start system.
From a design perspective, this time the Xtrack RR model has been developed based on the current frame of the actual RR model, therefore adapting a red chassis as a base, while the Xtrack ONE model continues to be characterized by the use of a black chassis, just like its predecessor.
The Xtrack 2021 range, available on all official TRS Distributors at the end of June, will include the following options:
Xtrack RR “Electric Start” 300, 280, 250 cc.
Xtrack RR 300, 280, 250, 125 cc.
Xtrack ONE “Electric Start” 300, 280, 250 cc.
Xtrack ONE 300, 280, 250, 125 cc.
Here’s your quiz for today - Who can name these riders from Alberta Cross Country days?
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In case nobody has noticed - Sammy King has been on a Cross Country Road trip with the Beta Canada rig - - with the object of doing promotions on both the Enduro and the Trials bikes - While some things have changed due to the Pandemic - We can now tell you that Sammy is now able to put on some of his great schools and demos.
We sponsored Sam for 4 years because we like him, and he’s a great lad.
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Wow! That was quite a thunderstorm we had late yesterday!! - Ty and Colten were at my place picking up parts and we had to stay in the shop until it eased up a bit.

Thursday June 11th 2020

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

What a great shot of Kenny - Proud to say that I got to shake his hand and chat to him while working for Yamaha Motor Canada.
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Here is the latest from the FIM  - Also please note that the CPTA have postponed all their events until further notice.
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Yesterday - I hooked up with Ted Pepperdine and went on a great, but quite tiring ride (for me) in the Summerland area - We parked at the Bird Bath, then headed over the ridge on some of the Enduro single track stuff - all very tight with lots of loose rocks, and at least one very good uphill. -Although I have ridden in this general area for many years, this particular trail was all new to me, requiring lots of concentration, with very few places to relax. -  As I was on the TRS Xtrack with the larger fuel tank, and Ted was on his Scorpa long ride - gas was not a concern, - we eventually came  out on a grassy knoll, overlooking Agur Lake, with a beautiful view of the Valley below, and the snow capped Mountains looking over towards Apex Ski resort, in the distance.

I recognized this spot from a ride Pete and myself did many years ago - However we came in a different route up a very Rocky trail from Rowdy Flats. - I remember I was on my Beta Alp that day.
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Here’s a nice pic of Mick with a couple of TY’s - still has his long hair!!