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Friday July 31st 2020

Friday, July 31st, 2020

All that Glitters is not Gold !!!  but pretty darn close !!
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A pic I took of Steve Colley at the 1992 Scottish - the section is called “Piper’s Burn”  with this last sub section very difficult & took a lot of “5’s”   - Colley won the event that year. ( Taken with 35mm  Pentax and Kodak film)
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Chatting about old times with  Babsy - we touched on to an event that we put on in Radium Hot Springs, back in the day - I got a call from a local guy, who asked if we could put on a Trials demo on this particular summer weekend as he wanted to promote the sport, in conjunction with a Summer Fair they were having.
After some phone conversations - I agreed we could do this but we would need some help in constructing obstacles because we did not have the capability to transport our stuff.

No problem he said and Barry drew up some drawings with what we needed to put on a good show - fast forward to the big weekend, and Barry and myself visited the place where the obstacles were ready to be set up.

This was on the Friday night, before the Saturday show!! - Barry took one look at the huge wooden ramp that they had built , and I sensed he was worried, so getting him in a corner, we talked about it and the end result was a chain saw and cutting about three feet off this monster wall.

We had a good selection of obstacles and also riders, as I recall Siggi was there, and had a big crash trying the  Wall of Death - the fact that it was wet from overnight rain didn’t help!!-  Darryl Heidrick, Adrian Brown and our buddy from OK Falls that had a lot of big throttle style,  which kept the crowds amused.
With me doing the commentary and Babsy on camera - we had a really good weekend of which somewhere, I have pics - we had  huge crowds who all enjoyed  the action. -

Did we ever get any trials riders from this area or events to follow ? - No - but this could be said of many many places that we tried to promote the sport.  ( I do recall a nice email from Doug  of Blackfoot Motorcycles - who just happened to be going through at that time, and he said how much he enjoyed the show.

I will post some pics if I find them - I know we got some coverage in the local press as well -  Did you know that we once had Global TV out at one of our  Outlaw Summerland Trials? Can’t remember which one, but I know I was interviewed  by Pat Kennedy the Sports Broadcaster - I also remember being on TV with Pat showing him what a Trials bike was all about ( Barry’s Fantic)

We  had a visit  with Randy McBee yesterday - he dropped off some medals from the 1975 World Round that I set up. -  Ron Mallett  had these made up, I think I gave the one I had to Matt Fracy if I remember correctly.   - Randy’s Dad (Denny McBee) had them in his old collection - I guess he got them when Ron died from Brain Cancer. ( at age 51)

On one side it’s inscribed with a design of the Calgary Tower with the words - Calgary Centennial 1875-1975, while the other side says  FIM Trial Canadian Round 1975.

Ron looked after the paperwork  as he was also the CMA Rep , and a good friend - in fact it was his idea to apply for this event, a HUGE undertaking in this first ever year of the World Trials Championship - I agreed to set up the course, and started on this as soon as we got approval from the FIM. - It took the best part of a year to put all this together,  ending up with a 69 mile figure eight loop, and 40 sections ridden once.

I have recounted details of the event before, of how it poured with rain the day before, and made some sections too tough, even for the best riders in the World.  - I was out front on the loop, checking that all my checkers were in place, buzzing around on my Yamaha Canada TY 175. - In fact I didn’t see one rider, ride one section that day.  - I do have a CD of the 8mm film taken by John Whitby which is interesting (but no soundtrack ) Thanks to Janice Whitby for sending me this  - I also have a copy of the program we printed up.  - Great memories from the early days.

We had a ton of Canadian riders at that first World Round, a time when ordinary club riders could still manage to get through the sections, not like these days, when only the top five riders usually make it through a large percentage of the course.  - Sadly times have changed, and not for the best in my opinion.


Here is a video that Ricky Styles put together a few years ago. The Good the Bad and The Ugly Trials Moto Style A Video I put together to capture some techniques and physics that trials moto ing entales. Also wanted to capture the beautiful place we live in and where w…


As we head into the long weekend - a reminder for everybody to stay safe and for the folks that are planning o camp in Osoyoos - The forecast for today is +41  !!!!!!


One thing we always notice living one block off Hwy 97 North in Vernon, is the number of accidents that happen on long weekends. - The long straight stretch   by Swan Lake is  listed at 100km, but with three turn off roads - there are always accidents because of the high speed and density of the traffic.  - When this happens - all the traffic gets diverted onto Pleasant Valley road - right past our driveway. it’s very narrow, lots of pot-holes and a 50km limit. - However, it’s more like Pleasant Valley Raceway - especially in rush hour, so you can imagine what it’s like on a long weekend if there is an accident on the Hwy. absolutely crazy - but until a few more people get killed, I doubt City Council will do anything.  ( Rant over)


Thursday July 30th 2020

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

This is a great shot of Bryan Wade on the Greeves  going head to head with Roger DeCoster CZ ( sorry don’t know who took this great shot)
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And how about this one the great Dave Bickers in his early career - he would ride anything !! As Sammy Miller once said - these 500 Ariel Scramblers, would wear you out then “Chuck you off”

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More old memories posted from a time when Scrambling was just getting started after the War in the UK - Brian Stonebridge was of course a top rider who developed the Greeves MX bikes and was tragically killed in a car accident. - He was a former BSA Factory rider, and I once saw him racing a very potent BSA Bantam 150cc with an expansion chamber on it which gave it so much extra power, he was passing 500cc bikes on the big hill at Hawkstone Park.

Another oldie - this one of local rider Ted Pepperdine who lives in Summerland - He is pictured at Panorama BC back around 1970 - He is on one of the Yamaha DT 360’s that started a big sales trend for Off Road  bikes, for Yamaha ( then everybody else was playing catch up)
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When we first came to Canada in 1965, I was told by the lads that worked at the Photo Engraving plant where I worked in Calgary, that the only Motorcycle Competitions that were held in the area, were Hill Climbs, with Harly’s and Indians - using chains on the rear tires for traction.  No wonder I took up fishing as a hobby for the first few years . - Not that I’m taking anything away from the hill climb guys - they specialize  in their sport, just as we do in Trials.
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Luckily  The local Calgary club held a Moto Cross at Blackfoot Park in 1969, that I attended, and as they say, the rest is history. ( I joined the Calgary Motorcycle club)
We had a couple of emails regarding the neat video we posted yesterday of the Cody Webb Go Pro footage.

Walter Cukavac ( One of the really fast guys we had on Team Yamaha back in the day )  mentioned that it would have been great to have the estart on the bikes back then !! plus of course Hydraulic clutches etc etc - that certainly made me think back to my racing days and trying to start the IT 400 after getting stuck or falling!!  Being small and light was a disadvantage for sure!! I’m amazed that I got that great result at the 1976 Moose Mountain 200 mile,-  on the bike that came to be known as “The Blue Whale” ( big heavy SOB)

Maybe that is why  I put my efforts into developing the IT 175 - We had great success with this bike, but again it wasn’t perfect, lacking bottom end and we had to work on that, with me even making a home-made “Induction” system. - and it worked!! -  My later race bike, was a YZ 125 with a IT 175 engine - again searching for the ultimate combination of light weight and enough power.

It would also have been great to have had Go Pro footage from those races back in the day !! There is no doubt that the new breed of Cross Country riders are fast  and with many being former Trials riders, they also know how to pick the best line and ride “feet up”    -  but the lads were pretty darned fast back in the 70’s as well. - Names that come to mind are Craig Woods, Danny Amor, Al Perrett, Bob Sadownick, Murray Nutt and of course Walter and many more.  ( Reminds me of a saying by Murray Nutt - “The older I get the faster I was” )


Wednesday July 29th 2020

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

Thinking of getting “Lubed” this long weekend ? WE have just what you need.


A rare photo of Mr Bulto with one of his road racers, fitted with a “Dustbin” fairing which were popular in the late 50’s, but later banned by the FIM as being dangerous in cross winds.
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Check out this great video of a Cross Country race in the States - the camera is on Cody Webb’s bike and shows fantastic footage - especially when Trystan Hart gets by him and he follows - it shows the great Trials skills by both - Cody was a former Trials  Expert in the USA - Trystan - from Invermere BC bought a Beta Evo from us earlier in the year to practice on - as far as I know he has only ridden one Trial which was the early event at Ioco, this year -when he rode Expert !!!  It’s quite long but if you are into the Cross Country/Enduro scene - worth watching to the end. Mad Moose Hard Enduro Stage 1 Stage 1 of Mad Moose until my Gopro fell off. Luckily a sweeper found it, but I didn’t get it till end of day, so I wasn’t able to record any other motos. Co…


We had a nice long conversation with Jimmy Corkle yesterday, caught up on all the latest news - he is in lock down like many others, in order to keep safe, but says he manages to get out riding his Ural  sidecar outfit quite a bit, & takes his dog along with him.

Here is a shot of his bike ready to head out of the “Bone-yard” with Mooch the dog in the chair.

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Ironically . later in the day, Ken my mechanic, stopped by to pick up some parts on his Ural outfit. - -Pete Bustin also has one of these neat BMW copies.
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Tuesday July 28th 2020

Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

This pic just popped up on FB - a reminder that it’s now four years since we started selling the Jordi Tarres Trials bikes & happy to say that this has been a great decision from day one. - Jordi’s expertise and passion for the sport, have taken the brand to the very top in both engineering quality and performance, plus the new Xtrack model is perfect for many people ( especially the ladies)  who like a bike with a seat and electric start. -

Nick Hellings from Edmonton has been making our Outlaw decals for many years and does a first class job, as can be seen here on one of our first bikes from back in 2016.

No photo description available.

Here is message fro TRS UK Importer Steve Saunders.

Trial GB is restarting on August 16th,
I would normally be going to support all TRS riders. However Importers have been asked not to attend due to Covid restrictions and parking restrictions. Obviously we will oblige and not be there.
So if you are intending riding and feel you may benefit from extra spare parts in your vehicle.
I am offering a free return service of any unused items. This way you can stock items you may not need with the security of being able to return them to us.
Anyone wishing to take this up please E mail me with your requirements and a contact number.
Note: It’s for this same reason, that Outlaw will not be attending the  Social gathering planned for this long weekend at Osoyoos. - As much as we would like to  be there to show off our bikes and have a ready supply of parts on hand for the group - we need to respect the current situation with regard to social distancing, especially as Babsy and myself are at an age when health matters become fragile.
However, we are OPEN for business on an appointment basis, and are still shipping parts and accessories on a daily basis,  so if you need to stop by or have a special request, by all means give us a call. (Land line please (250) 545-6139 ) -
There are still great deals on both Beta and TRS, so if you are in the market, now might be the perfect time to buy.   EG :  Save $1,000 on a 2020 Beta Evo 200.
Back in the day riders had to “Qualify” for the British Experts Trial, so it added some Prestige to the event - Some famous names on  this old Entry List


Check this out - It is a video of a Cross Country in BC - really gives a good idea about the effort and concentration needed to ride quick on tight trails in the bush - not too many big obstacles or hills, but it’s well worth watching to the end.
0:14 / 18:01


This is a great “Panned” shot of Malcolm Davies on the AJS - Photographers sometimes used this technique (myself included) in order to create an impression of speed.

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Another memory courtesy of Face book - out for a ride with my son Steve at Summerland back in 2012 - As many will recall, Steve was a very good rider when younger before being blinded in one eye at a Kelowna Cross Country Race when he was 15. - That was the end of the bikes for him, ( He can still ride pretty good with one eye)

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HOT HOT HOT - That’s the word for life in the Valley this week, with temperatures in the mid +30’s for the next few days.


Monday July 27th 2020

Monday, July 27th, 2020

I have no  doubt that many of our readers can relate to this pic!! - The old Flying “W”

Not sure who this young lady is - but she is obviously very impressed with her TRS - They certainly compliment each other.
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Sounds like the Vintage Trial in Switzerland was a “Hoot”  - Bernie Schreiber is seen here with an old friend and a rare Jawa Trials bike.
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Video - Outdoor Freeride · Toni BOU Outdoor Freeride is here! Let’s Go! â–º Subscribe for more videos: â–ºYou can also follow me on:



It was too hot for riding yesterday at over 30 degrees - so Babsy & I went for a drive around the North end of the Valley - We went on the back road to Salmon Arm past Yankee Flats  - then back down through Enderby, stopping for ice cream by the river - Lots of young people enjoying the warm Summer weather either on the beach or floating down the river. - The Okanagan is full of History from the turn of the Century, hopefully this will be preserved.

Babsy enjoyed her afternoon drive around the Country roads - seeing places that she hadn’t seen before.


We have heard from the ATRA that their Cow Patty Trial scheduled for this coming long weekend, has been cancelled, due to the Pandemic.


Sunday July 26th 2020

Sunday, July 26th, 2020

There is a Vintage Trial being held this weekend in Switzerland - Bernie Schrieber posted this report after day #1


Kufstein, Austria 🇦🇹 A-Cup Day #1
Great to be back on the pegs again and connect with Trials friends after a long lockdown. Motor Sports Club Kufstein truly hosted a professional and enjoyable A-Cup event at a first class venue, with about 150 participants from Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. There were several different classes and bike categories being challenged by 30 very well designed sections. A special thanks to Frank Ortner, Arnold Kremlicka and Alfred Wagner for the superb hospitality, organization and kind invitation. I’m already looking forward to riding tomorrow and improving my score. 😀
Here is a quiz for you - This is the first UK rider to win the European Moto X Championship - But who is it?
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It’s a big weekend at the Sammy Miller Museum where they are hosting a Harley Davidson day - This old 1928 model arrived pulled on a trailer by an even older car called a Maudling !  -  No I had never heard of it either.
Waiting to see the results of the Moto GP race from Jerez Spain - Marc Marquez broke his arm last weekend when making a remarkable come-back after going off track when leading, only to have a big High side near the end - He had surgery and a plate put in on Tuesday and THEN tried to ride this 2nd race of the series, but wisely called it off, when the arm just  wasn’t strong enough while trying to qualify,  - these Moto GP racers are tough.
And here are the results - Yamaha sweep the podium.

🥇 Fabio Quartararo
🥈 Maverick Viñales
🥉 Valentino Rossi
It’s going to be hot again for the next few days - in the mid 30’s in our Valley. - Next weekend the August 1st long weekend should have been the ATRA Cow Patty Trial, but we have not heard anything, so assume they have cancelled it.

Saturday July 25th 2020

Saturday, July 25th, 2020

Alex Walton has bought himself a Beta Enduro and was out near Hope Slide with some buddies last week & posted this fantastic pic. - I drove by here a zillion times when I was “On the Road” - always thought it would be neat to explore on a bike.

Another Valley in another Country - Scottish Six Day riders will recognize the famous “Glen Coe” - the site of the Battle of Culludan  ( spelling?)   - The slaughter between the Campbell’s and the Fraser’s - My father’s Mother (My Gran that I never met) was a Fraser.  - My mother’s family were all Welsh - so I have a truly Gaelic heritage.

I’m sure Stan will recognize that road !!!
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Xtracks anyone?  - They are pumping them out in Spain and I have the last one in Canada at the moment complete with electric start - It’s a fantastic bike and with the estart it makes it such a great bike for everybody.

- If you want to try and see for yourself - give us a call - ( I think the Estart is the future on all stock Trials bikes - forget about fuel injection and hard to figure electronics - keeping it simple to start and ride is the way to go (in my opinion)  - Back in my day - we never went out on a loop ( don’t forget all trials were long loops back in the day -and still should be) without a pocket full of spark plugs - the electrics were certainly not up to today’s standard. - Of course neither was anything else. -

We get a  lot of calls from people with a problem and we can usually solve their problem over the phone. - However, sometimes all you can say is “Try this”   - The good news for our Trials customers , is that we have been around for a very long time and can usually help. - Today we had a call from somebody who had an old Beta 32 - we were able to point him in the right direction, which was Bob Clark of Mountain Motorcycles. - Bob has the best knowledge on the parts that fit any old Trials bike that I know of, and may very well have it in stock.!!!

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A bunch of nice old Sherpa T’s at the Highland Classic Trial last year. - John Moffat is the organizer and does a tremendous job - He is also a wealth of knowledge on the old bikes and of course the SSDT.

A blast from the past of an old Magazine Cover. - The guy who posted it asked who the rider was on the cover - Naturally coming from the “Old Days” - I  answered that it was Geoff Duke - not only a World Class road racer, but also a very good Trials rider ( I have posted details back in the blog archives)
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We had a nice visit   with Steve Doel from Alberta who was in the Valley for a weekend with Family and friends at his Mable Lake Cottage. - We have known the whole Doel Family for many years - very nice and very talented - their Dad also rode Trials in Alberta.


We had a bit of a storm  in the Valley yesterday, but it didn’t amount to anything much and no hail at our place - a bit cloudy today but supposed to warm up to mid 30’s next week.


Friday July 24th 2020

Friday, July 24th, 2020

TRS Service bulletin.   - Courtesy Steve Saunders TRS UK Importer.



For your info, the E Start TRS has a different gear oil quantity.450ml from a rebuild and 400ml from an oil change.
The way you drain the gear oil is also different as it needs to be drained from 2 plugs. see the picture’s #1 & 2
Once drained you refill as normal through the plug Pic #3
This is because the mag cover has oil in it.
Outlaw recommend  using Opti 5w30  ( supplied free with your new bike. ) contact us if you have any questions.
Pic #1
Pic #2
Pic #3
And here is Steve on one of the new Estart TRS models - the battery for these is behind the headlight (tiny)
He is featured in the next issue of Trials Mag UK.
And here is one of Steve trying really hard when he rode Fantic
Back in the day - after World War Two - Motorcycle sales and competition events were huge - but there was also a lighter side to club life back then and you would often see motorcycles used for  entertainment,  at local Fetes and fairs - it really was a lot of fun and I remember riding quite a few of these events usually held on a Summer evening. - Lots of times wives or girlfriends would ride on the back while you went through these crazy obstacle courses - sometimes - they would have to snatch potatoes from the top of stakes as you weaved in and out., or sit backwards on the pillion seat holding an egg on a spoon.
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Your video  clips  for today >>>
Trystan Hart from Invermere BC - continues to push hard in the Enduros -these results from the USA -  He is sponsored by KTM, but also has a Beta Trials bike that he bought from us earlier this year.

2020 Bad Medicine at Fallen Timbers Results

1. Cody Webb (Shr)
2. Trystan Hart (KTM)
3. Colton Haaker (Hus)
4. Max Gerston (Bet)
5. Nick Fahringer (Shr)
6. Ryder LeBlond (KTM)
7. Benjamin Herrera (Bet)
8. Ron Commo III (Bet)
9. Logan Bolopue (KTM)
10. Colton Weaver (Hus)

Thursday July 23rd 2020

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

An Italian rider on a TRS 125 at the Italian Championship - Looks like this one might have the Power Valve.!! - We brought one of these in last year and had a blast on it - ( But everybody knows I love the small bore bikes)

I’m guessing that we have all seen a Nut on a Motorcycle - But How many have seen a Nut on a Nut??

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Or a Brough on a Brough ??

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Here is an old pic of our friend Darryl Copithorne riding his TY in Alberta - He now lives in Australia but stopped by for a visit last year while in Canada - he still rides bikes and has a TRS 250 at the moment.

No photo description available.


This pic of the late Ulf Carlson shows perfect form, and how to use the natural banks to make the turn in the creek - body position perfect, Ulf was World Champion back in the day ( Think it was 1969 but might be wrong) - Montesa then brought out the “Ulf Carlson Replica” -  He was at our  World Trial in Alberta in 1975, but fell on part of the loop spraining his thumb. (It was a very steep grassy/wet downhill)
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A few days ago, we posted a picture of a young rider on a road racer with the question Who is it and what was his first race bike?  - Well a few people correctly guessed it was John Surtees the one man to win World Championships on both two and four wheels. - But nobody got the the answer regarding his first race bike - Here is a recent Vintage race, showing somebody riding that same type of bike - a Vincent 500 cc Grey Shadow.


Chris sent us this nice pic of a ride he had in the Revvy Woods. on his TRS Xtrack. ( He has the bigger tank & seat removed until he goes on longer Mountain rides.)
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Wednesday July 22 2020

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

There is a fine line between a challenge in Motorcycle Sport - then there are things that are a bit silly, and mistakes are made.

If people want to ride all the Hop & Bop and stunt stuff - good luck to them - For me the way for Club Trials is still the “Old Fashioned way”

Brandon and Sam at the Super Stars trial a few years ago. Team Beta - (Mountain-Outlaw)
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War time photographs.
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Canadian Hall of Fame  -  Garnet (Buddy) Koehler has died at age 89.
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Video for today >>> Six Day Trials (1961) Full title reads: “Wales. Six Day Trials”. Llandrindod Wells, Wales. Six Day International Motorcycle Trials. LV Motorbike riders making last minute adjustme…


Going to be another hot day in the Valley +32 -  yesterday, I made sure I got all my chores done early then kicked back watching movies with the air conditioner on. - Sometimes watching old Black & White films is a way of forgetting what dumb things are happening in the World today. ( The one I took in had Kirk Douglas playing the part of a Cowboy)