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Tuesday August 4th 2020

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

There have been a few events finally taking place in Europe - this is a pic from a Classic Trial in Yorkshire Anybody know what the bike is?

And here is another one from the same event  - nice natural section

And an old video - this time from Japan> ONE DAY TRIAL Classic trial in Japan【HONDA KAWASAKI Suzuki Triumph ARIEL BSA montesa BULTACO 】 2019年春のヴィンテージトライアル。 天気は快晴!レトロでかっこいいトライアルバイクでたくさんの愛好家たちが集まりました! HONDA KAWASAKI SUZUKI Triumph ARIEL BSA montesa Greeves BULTACO Norton国内外の様々なバイクが集まりました…..


Back to 2016 and the start of a new era in Trials - Jordi with his “Lad” Adam Raga and the very impressive TRS - We were happy to become a dealer for this brand and sold a LOT that first year ( no I’m not going to tell you spies how many)
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Another memory from one of my Mountain rides.
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We hope everybody enjoyed the long weekend  - weather in the valley was super hot, so I’m guessing that a few are nursing sun burns today - we haven’t seen any pics posted as yet..


Monday August 3rd 2020 - BC DAY.

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

Once again it was too hot for this old guy to consider going riding, so instead I did a few chores, then watched the golf on the box with the air conditioner on !!

It was a very good game - very close with Justin Thomas finally taking the win - What I enjoy is that Golf, just like Traditional Trials, is a “Thinking man’s game”  - each hole is like a section, with the player/rider trying to figure out how to get the best score, in order to beat out the competition. -

One of the things that make the difference between winning and losing at a traditional Trial, is the ability to read the terrain - something the golfer does usually by looking at his notes from a previous event - In Trials it’s all about “Walking the section” - picking the best line, the right gear and if it’s really tough - where to take a “Dab” in order to save a “5″ -It’s all about being consistent. -

I’ve noticed that riders new to the sport ( especially Enduro riders) fail to understand the importance of walking the section.      ( Many just blast through with no set plan)

Just like in Golf - Trials riders have a score card which is tallied up at the end of the day, and sometimes like in the Golf today - a failure in one of the last  few (Holes) or sections -   can leave the competitor frustrated. - Both sports are a “Head game”


This is a pic that I took of Shane a couple of years ago at Bear Creek - he was attempting an Expert section that we used in the 1995 Outlaw event we held at this venue. A very steep uphill rocky series of steps - not getting it quite right - he let the bike go and jumped off - looking through the camera lens - I saw all this starting to go wrong and fell while trying to avoid the flying TRS - fortunately I managed to press the shutter to gt this all action sequence. - Chris looking to grab Shane as he does a downhill dance. - The TRS is going to land close to where I had been standing.
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The Australian Trials Championship has been cancelled. due to the Pandemic.
2020 GASGAS Australian Trial Championships Cancelled - Motorcycling Australia


I see Steve Holcombe finished 2nd overall at the Italian Enduro Championship this past weekend another Beta rider took the overall. - Brad Freeman had a nasty crash Saturday and elected not to ride Sunday - weather was extremely hot. - Holcombe is racing a Beta 350cc 4T this year.

Weather is slightly cooler today, but still +28 - not sure what our plans are -  when many will be celebrating BC Day. -

Heath posted this nice pic of a rider on the 1996 Beta Techno that he recently rebuilt - on a day out riding in the Rhonda Valley of South Wales.  The bike looks fantastic ( Heath updated some of the rolling gear on it to the later Beta Rev 3)

The 96 Beta was the first one that I really took to, as it had a decent kick-start lever on it and everything suited my riding style - in fact I liked it so much that I kept my demo through 1997 because all that changed were the graphics.

Sunday August 2nd 2020

Sunday, August 2nd, 2020

I took this pic of Tino trying my TRS 300 back in 2016 at Rocky Mountain House - this was the first year for the Jordi bike, so we were just getting some feed back on it, I posted this on Face book and of course Jordi recognized Tino as he is Spanish. - Tino came to Canada to train for his Helicopter license and later moved to Toronto - not sure if he is still there or not.
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We had a visit from Dominique and a couple of her buddies on Friday - we gave them  a brief tour of our Trials set up, before they headed out - Dominique was planning on going to Osoyoos to meet up with the lads from the coast.

We also  got a phone call from Sammy yesterday - he is now back from the Yukon, where he put on a bunch of training sessions - he told me they had around 80 participants - which is pretty incredible for the Whitehorse area. Well done Sammy for making the effort ( I forgot to ask him how the black-flies were!!)


Friday we chatted about the JCM Trials bike - well this is the guy who started that - Joel Corroy - seen here test riding an Ossa.


We have mentioned before , about the fact we never went out on the loop without a pocket full of sparkplugs, spare chainlink etc etc - and we know a lot of the lads who ride the Scottish carry a spare inner tube - but how about this shot from 1950 of a rider carrying a spare inflated tube around his neck !!!  ( I guess it could  act as a life vest if it was a wet year on the moors!!)
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Saturday August 1st 2020

Saturday, August 1st, 2020

This weekend, should have been the  ATRA Cow Patty Trial in Rocky Mountain House, but of course this had to be cancelled like every other event on our schedule.  - This pic is from a few years ago , showing the riders who took part in the Vintage Class. - Ben, Harold, Steve, Tino,  Wyatt and Mark.
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This pic is from 1989 in Scotland - I was at the Scottish that year with my daughter Helen, and we saw Nigel Birkett on the JCM - In fact the new French Importer had a big team at the event to promote the new models. I asked Nigel what he thought of the new bike, and he said it was great !! - So I talked to the French guys and arranged to Import some to Canada - being of a cautious nature, I ordered one bike to start with  and a  further 3 on hold. -   Well the bike arrived and I decided to put Stan on it to work out any “bugs”  - He did in fact win the first Trial at Ioco, and also rode it in the World Championship event later. -  However, we found the bike to be down on power and although Stan and myself played around with it, the whole JCM thing went Kaput,  with my faxes not being answered and eventually we called it quits. - It did have some neat features, like the gas tank below the seat, but they forgot to put a fuel pump in it, so you only got to use half the tank !! (Hello)

After that, I said I wouldn’t deal with the “Frenchies” anymore, but later along came  the new Bultaco (later Sherco) -A good idea by Marc Tessier - but this time I was just a dealer.

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This is a great shot of Toni back in 2006 when he was on Beta - pic by Heath.
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I wonder how many long time motorcycle fanatics remember the first bike that “Turned them on”??

For me it was the BSA Bantam, when a buddy stopped by to show me his new prize back in 1953 - his bike was the Trials model and was quite a bit more “Trick” looking than this pic

. - Not that I ever bought one - I ended up getting a 197cc James Captain. Brand new!!!  But I can still remember the excitement of that first night when I got the “Bug” as a young lad.


We hope everybody has a nice enjoyable weekend - stay safe. >>