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Monday August 31st 2020

Monday, August 31st, 2020

I  was out Sunday again with Roy on the Westside of the OK Lake - and we were joined this time by Andrew Vipond  - It was decided that we would go on a   bit of a trail ride up to the old Gold mine as Andrew had not been there, -  the trail up to this spot is not that difficult - in fact you could likely do it on a street bike ( if you knew what you were doing)

Anyway After our photo Op - we elected to part ways - with Roy going back on the trail we followed up - while Andrew and myself took another REALLY rocky downhill trail that was a lot of fun -  not only was this long but it was very rocky -you really have to be “On your game”  in fact it reminded me of my old cross country days -  - this  was a ride that left me really on an “Up” - The 125 Evo is unbelievable - I  can’t understand why more people don’t  listen and buy these smaller bikes.

Below is a pic of me at the old Gold mine site - you can still smell the chemicals in this area.

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Here are a group of enthusiasts at Revelstoke back in 1899 !!

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Anybody remember the movie they made about this great guy?  - it starred Anthony Hopkins a brilliant actor and did you know he is Welsh?
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Video link for today >>> Ep 40: Warren Laugesen - 7 time New Zealand champ It took a while, but we got our first Kiwi on the podcast. Warren Laugesen was a great person to chat with about all things trials in NZ as well as his own personal history in the…


Nice to see some of these old mags and reports.  - This was when the ISDT was still called a Trial - now it’s officially an Enduro.


Check out this video of the battle  between  Trystan Hart from Invermere BC and Cody Webb at the recent hard enduro in Tennessee.  - Cody is a former US Expert Trials rider - Trystan recently bought a Beta Evo from us . POV: Cody Webb’s TKO showdown with Trystan Hart Ride onboard with Cody Webb in the 2020 Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro final race chasing Trystan Hart for the win.


Here’s a nice shot of Heath on a section in South Wales - still riding his 2016 TRS with new decals - he said it was working “Perfect” last weekend.


Sunday August 30th 2020

Sunday, August 30th, 2020

Results of French Championship Trial Saturday  - 1st  Bincaz (Beta) 2nd  Ferrer (TRS)  3rd somebody on a Vertigo!!!

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Ross is setting up some serious Obstacles on his property at Scotch Creek - - he must be practicing for the Expert Class !!  ( And where the hell did he get those huge logs??)

Chris Hrabb sent me this pic of my favorite mountain - seems strange looking at it from the air - but of course anybody that has been on any of our escapades will remember  the route we took up to the 8,000ft Summit.


This is one of the best Trials pics that I have seen for a very long time - Sara Trenti.
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Malcolm Rathmell was one of the “Great” Trials riders back in the ’70’s - he won the Scottish and also the European Championship in 1974 - the year before they called it the World Championship.
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This is a pic I took of Foordy at a Rocky Trial, when he was on an Outlaw Sherco.   Good to hear that he is recovering from the terrible accident he had while driving his van, and now has another trials bike - this time a Beta. ( We sold Sherco from 1999 to 2013)
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How Green was my Valley  !! - Beautiful Welsh Countryside

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Your video for today - A French Trial showing some nice natural sections high up in the Ardennes . Trial : les 3 jours de l’Ardèche 2020 Vidéo de l’épreuve de trial comptant pour le trophée de France des classiques (FFM). Au départ de Colombier le Vieux (07) cette édition 2020 comptait 230 pil…


Saturday August 29th 2020

Saturday, August 29th, 2020

Yes the language on this pic is French - but the message is Universal - Parents who spend time teaching their children how to ride and enjoy the great outdoors on Motorcycles - have memories that will last a lifetime.

Obviously kids grow up and only a small percentage go on to ride competition and stay in the sport for the rest of their life. - but the message I think is clear.

In my case, and a newcomer to Canada  back in the late 60’s - I simply loved the Outdoors and camping. - soon I was involved again  in Motorcycling and with a couple of youngsters, what better way to spend weekends, usually with other families and competition riders at Trials or Cross Country races.  - Babsy and myself have a million memories of these times spent mostly in Alberta, but also some in BC when we later moved to the Okanagan.

Our daughter Helen learned to ride on a TY 175 and was really quite good - Steven our son started off on a Yamaha Canada Special GT 80 -Steve Baker Replica - built by Bob Work - Sadly I let that go to another of his buddies when I bought him a YZ 80 - - I think the beautiful little Stevie Replica likely ended up in the junk yard.

I still recall that our Steve wanted that YZ 80 - even though I knew that it was not the bike for him riding out in the bush where we spent most of our weekends.  - Anyway I relented and bought it for him - and we went through the crying matches when he would get in all kinds of trouble in the muskeg humps, while his big sister would do just fine on the TY 175 .  - At this time - Steve was quite small - but it wasn’t long before he was able to ride his big sister’s TY 175 - He would run alongside it after starting - then jump on. boy I wish I had films of those days.

Later Helen discovered boys - and that was the end of both her coming out camping with Mom & Dad but also the TY was now up for sale. - This was around 1981 and we had moved to Vernon BC in the Okanagan Valley. - I was still working for Yamaha Canada, but with no Trials activity in the Valley - I was in limbo a bit - still riding a Cross Country bike - but I think still  trying to figure out how I could help the sport.  - The next step was to
get Steve into Cross Country - first on  a much modified Yamaha XT 200 4T - which was good for him  because it had a low seat height. - we put a cam in it and a trick rear shock plus other goodies - everything was looking good -  I remember  we were going to his second ever race - North of Kamloops - At that time we lived up on the hill above Vernon Airport and had access to a large hillside next to our home where we used to ride - that is where I taught Steve a few things.  -

Anyway on this Saturday - afternoon before leaving for the race - I fitted some new trick handlebars to the XT 200  plus a few other things and told Steve to take the bike down the field to see how everything felt.

When he didn’t come back I went looking for him and found that he had hit another kid head on, fortunately Steve was not hurt but the other kid ended with a broken Jaw..

It’s hard to explain how you deal with this stuff as a parent - - but after fitting another set of handlebars and checking the bike over - We decided that we would go ahead and do the race - I should mention that Steve had a dislocated thumb.

Although I can’t remember too many details about this event - I know that our Steve finished 4th Junior which everything considering was pretty much like winning.

By this time I had decided that it was time to move him up to a better bike as he had grown a bit ( but still only 15years old) - The obvious choice was an IT 200 - and with this new bike - he was doing great in our practices in the OK Valley -

At a Kelowna Cross Country race  in 1982 - Steve got the holeshot in the Junior class and was soon catching the seniors up ahead - ( I have a pic of this someplace)  after going through a muddy part of the course - his goggles were plugged so he pulled them down -
However, not long after on a rocky part of the course while closing on another rider he was hit in the eye by a rock. - You know what this kid said to me when they brought him in - ” Sorry Dad”

We took Steve to Vancouver to the best eye Doctor but they  said there was nothing they could do -

That was the end of our our lads competition career and sorry to say any motorcycling - working in the Industry it was  a very hard time for me to deal with this.  Babsy hated Motorcycles for a very long time.
Our son is now in his 50’s and never rides a motorcycle - although I did take him out a couple years ago   to Summerland and would you believe it - one eye - years off the bike and he did just fine. .


Over in Europe there are a few Trials events happening - this one I think in France “The Two Days of Camprodon”


This is a pic from back in 2013 - When we brought in a few Beta Enduro bikes for Mountain Motorcycles  -           ( Before they sold the Franchise to Beta Canada - It had been a few years since I rode/raced Cross Country - & while the new breed of bikes are awesome - they are so tall that short guys like me need a step-ladder to get on one. - Must say I loved this bike plus of course it had e start. -

Would have been nice to have - back in the day !! ( God I remember the Yam 400’s and the XT & TT 500’s - how the hell I managed to start them I don’t know - of course when you are younger and fitter you can do a lot of things)
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We cover a lot of Motorcycle Sport in our daily ramblings - but it’s nice to see this report by Don Galloway about the Flat track they held at Drumheller  AB   recently.  - Don worked for Yamaha Canada for a short time and I took him around to visit dealers in Alberta.


Friday August 28th 2020

Friday, August 28th, 2020

The last Friday of a hot August - what a Summer it has been - the Pandemic - has pretty much put a stop to 99% of Motorcycle Competition everywhere, and while lots of people have still been flocking to the Okanagan beaches - business for the Trials Industry has been slow to say the least - ( And I just saw Bombardier posted a 37% drop in sales - so not everything you see about  record sales would appear to be true)
We have managed to get out for the odd ride while Social distancing, which has helped relieve the boredom. - Plus our parts and accessories have still been fairly strong.  However,  nobody can predict what the long term effects will be.


This is a neat old pic of an unknown rider in the UK from back in the day - he looks to have his Greeves Scrambler “Pinned”
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And this is a young Oset rider in Yellowknife all kitted up in the kids size Wulf Trials boots we shipped up there to Dennis


I saw these Yamaha TYZ  sprockets advertised on Face book in  the UK and was reminded that we still have a couple of new ones hanging on the wall  - going cheap for a anybody that still has one of these very rare models  ( only 5 brought into Canada if my memory serves me correct)

No photo description available.


This is Toby Martyn on a Beta Evo 125 - YES A 125CC - The size bike we we use as our demo - Still think they don’t have enough power?

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A couple of videos for today >> 08 GREAT BRITAIN 🇬🇧 | 2007 TRIAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Check out the review of TRIAL GREAT BRITAIN | Eighth round of the 2007 TRIAL World Championship. Subscribe to VintageTRIAL:

=====================================> IRELAND 🇮🇪 | 1993 TRIAL OF NATIONS Check out the review of the 1993 TRIAL OF NATIONS | IRELAND. Subscribe to VintageTRIAL:


And just to show what a mad World we are living in - This 250 James  which was once ridden by the great Mick Andrews - has just been advertised for sale for 7,000 Euro or $10,850 at the present rate of exchange - Oh one slight issue - it’s located in Germany.  - ( I’m sure Mick fitted all the TY  bits in it from his days with Yamaha)


Thursday August 27th 2020

Thursday, August 27th, 2020

We see lots of posts from people having problems with Ethanol in the gas - and while we do not experience any of this ( We use Chevron 94 with Opti 2 mix) - It is worth noting that Opti 2  comes with a built in fuel stabilizer - but for people wanting to winterize their boats - Lawn mowers - bikes etc - Opti dealers can supply this product, - called Optimizer - it’s a concentrated fuel stabilizer -   If you need more info” - give us a call.  ( Outlaw have been Distributing Opti Lubricants since 1987)

No photo description available.


This just popped up on FB - Shows Kyle’s lad Colten  practicing on his Outlaw Beta e bike a couple of years ago - he has since graduated to a gas powered model - nice to see these youngsters   enjoying the sport and to see parents encouraging them.

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The latest Issue is now up and has some really great pics and coverage of USA Events - plus a blast from the past on Husky. - If you can’t download it - email me and I will forward the link.


A lot of Sammy Miller History here.  - Did you know that Miller as a young man - built his own Villiers engined  Trials bike  rode it from Belfast Ireland to Scotland - competed in the Scottish Six Day Trial, then rode it back home again to Ireland !!!  Try explaining that to some of the youngsters these days, who won’t think of riding unless Mum & Dad drive then to and from events in a 40ft Motor home.
Image may contain: 2 people, including Sammy Miller, motorcycle, text that says 'endeavours Miller trials trom gearbox, Northern Ireland. 3 doing originalwas Matchless. Matchles ferry winning Newcomer the Sammy Trophy. io e.Visit ammymiller. further information. MODEL 13- t'


On Tuesday - we showed an old advt for DOT motorcycles, and asked if anybody knew who the rider was in the pic. - no replies to that one - so for the record it was Bill Barough  - who had the distinctive  painted helmet and a regular competitor at Southern Scrambles in the UK.


Here is your video for today >>> Video highlights: British Extreme Enduro Rnd 3 Video highlights from the Mini Ravines, round three of the 2020 British Extreme Enduro Championship where Billy Bolt came away with the win after a race-long battle with Jonny Walker.

more news as it happens. >>>>>

Wednesday August 25th 2020

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

Another blast from the glory years in Trials riding - when the object was about the stamina of the rider, and the reliability of the machine. - The routes were usually around 100 miles per day, with riders tackling about 30-40 sections along the way. - Of course the bikes were not so reliable back then, but riders were usually quite adept at fixing things. - The pic below shows the great Sammy Miller on the 1964 Bultaco Sherpa T - he had been secretly lured away from the crumbling Ariel Factory, to develop a lightweight machine for the Spanish manufacturer. - Miller won the very first big event in the UK -  ‘The National  Colmore Trial”  and after that sales of the Bultaco machines hit the roof.
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Below we see a pic of the forever cigarette  smoking Don Smith on the Kawasaki - - ( which eventually caused his death) -  - Note the high handlebars which were quite popular at the time - ( Mainly because the footpegs were placed too low)  - The very popular Don Smith was a development rider for both Montesa  and Fantic ( we have his book) - - The 1970’s were interesting as the Japanese saw this as a huge market ( wrong) - at that time it was dominated by the Spanish, after the demise of the British Motorcycle Industry. ( What a shame)

Of course for me it was a case of being at the right place at the right time - as I joined Yamaha Motor Canada in1973.
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An interesting bike from yesterday - never saw one of those. - But back in the day the Brits were the kings when it came to developing new  bikes. - check out the twin port and carb on the side.

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This is a De Haviland “Tiger Moth” the aircraft used to train most of the pilots prior to World War Two. - It was also the very first airplane that I took a trip in - as a young lad -  although that  model had a small cabin between the wings instead of the forward cockpit - This was called the “Fox Moth”
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We received a  call from an older lady from Vancouver Island, who has  a Beta Factory 300,4T which she bought  from a dealer in Eastern Canada, thinking it would be a good “trail” bike for her. -

We are not sure how this transaction went down - but there is no question that a 73 year old lady, and new to the sport  does not need a bike like this,  so we are in the process of trying to resell it for her - Let me know if you might be interested .


Nice win for the Cannucks last night - they looked sharp - hopefully they can keep it up.


Cooler weather makes sleeping easier and of course is helping the wild fire situation South of us in the Valley.


Answer to yesterday’s quiz - Phil Read -Steve Baker - Barry Sheene.


Tuesday August 25th 2020

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

This was my chosen gear for a very hot day at Revelstoke back a few years  Shane Flo and myself were out setting up sections for the WTC National, and with lots of small black flies around plus mosquitoes - you needed coverage - but also lots of bug spray while hiking around the loop.
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Everybody will recognize Steve Baker in the middle - but who are the other two World Class road racers?           ( Answer tomorrow)
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Ah yes a blast from the past when this famous British factory  - used a slogan “Devoid of Trouble”  DOT. !!!! - Who can name the well known  rider on the Scrambler ?


The cooler weather for the past couple of days, is a welcome relief for the fire fighters - plus we did get a small amount of moisture - ironically snowmobile dealers usually start taking delivery of their next years stock late this month - and for us Trials dealers, we await the new models with great anticipation, although it’s hard to improve on many at this point.  - When I worked for Yamaha - I took part in product planning and was chatting to one of the Japanese staff one year, about all the updates that I thought should be on the next years  off road bikes. - He replied ” But Dave San - if we do everything you ask for next year - what do we do for the following year”?

A bit frustrating - but as they worked and planned 4 years ahead - I suppose it made sense - However economic   downturns in 1981 left many factories scrambling with a ton of unsold units.


A Reminder that Sammy King’s School at Scotch Creek is the weekend after this upcoming one - so if you plan on attending - contact Sam to register - scroll back to see his poster and info.


And Birthday Greetings to one of my favorite actors on his 90th trip around the Sun - the great and best 007

Sean Connery- a true Scotsman.
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Monday August 24th 2020

Monday, August 24th, 2020

Sunday was a nice cool day for an afternoon ride after watching a bit of the Indy 500 - Over to Roy’s as has become my usual haunt during this Pandemic .

We decided not to go too far  - Roy had been chopping wood all morning so he was a bit knackered. !  - But I did make it through the overgrown gully with the small  creek running through it - that leads out into some neat open hillsides and I enjoyed zipping up on the Evo 125 - ( I love this bike )  I saw so much more potential - but as I was riding alone at this time I played things smart and didn’t try too many big climbs or rocky downhills. - Believe me as an old guy - I took a second look at some of the drop offs that I went down.
For me ( And I’m sure others) just getting out is like a boost shot. -  - The only downer I had was driving home along Westside road with my window down - a wasp (or something) zapped through and hit me in the face just near my left eye - yes it stung me - - and yes it hurt like hell - in fact as I write this report some 2 hours later - it still stings. ! and is swollen up. ( might have been a dragon fly)


You gotta love this old Norton.
Image may contain: motorcycle, text that says 'LEWIS The Quadrant WEYBRIDGE SONS for BSA NORTON -TRIUMPH EST 188 Nortap A44'


We heard from Pat Morrow in Japan - ( he has a Beta 300 in Canada) - Pat has been spending the last 25 years  teaching  English to students - He wrote to say that he  reads this blog everyday  as it’s a link to reality in a very strange time. - He usually comes back to Canada for the summer - but because of the travel restrictions he is stuck in the Land of the Rising sun.


In Moto GP at the weekend there is certainly a changing of the guard - Marc Marquez is out of action for at least two months after that last crash - and KTM have been on the podium the last couple of races - appears to be a lot of new kids on the block.


Just checked the Hockey result from last night ( I went to bed early)  seems the Cannucks got hammered at the first game against the Golden Knights  5-0 ( Ouch)


The Indy 500 result was a bit of an anti climax as it ended with Takumi Sato taking the checkered under the yellow caution flag - narrowly beating Scott Dixon who had led most of the race. - Sato raced Formula One for a while.


The Nova Scotia riders held another Trial last weekend for a limited number of pre-entered riders  - reports say it turned out well with everybody respecting Social Distancing.


And the Conservatives  have a new leader Erin OToole is the man they have chosen to take on the role of kicking Trudeau’s ass out of office - hope he manages to do it.


WE still have some 2020 models for sale, including this nice 200 Evo - at a VERY good price - call us.
2020 Beta Evo 200


your video for today >>>> Super Star Trial 1977 Prueba del trial Internacional Super Star Trial en año 1977

Sunday August 23rd 2020

Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

A poster with a lot of Road race Champions - How many can you name??
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Did a bit of “fettling” on my 1976 TY 175 Saturday - rode it around the yard !! works much better if you don’t use the clutch, but of course these old bikes feel heavy and sluggish compared to modern ones. This one is very original, but it remains to be seen if I leave it this way or not?

Check out this pic of the last one I rode with some success in the Vintage class.


Watched some of the MX from Loretta Lynnes  on TV - what a mud-fest!!  Gotta hand it to the riders who rode fast and furious - in the slick conditions - quite a few bikes overheated and “Stopped”  ( Tomac) and many went down in the “Goop” - It’s been a while since I’ve seen any MX.


The Indy 500 goes today, but not sure if I will see it or go out for a ride. - The answer to that is that I’m heading out to ride with Roy - The plan is to do a short loop on the Vintage bikes  then come back and take the modern bikes out !! I will take pics & maybe video. - Looks like another Hot day.

Still a lot of nervous  people in the Southern end of the Valley - I haven’t heard  if the Fire near Penticton has been brought under control, but they are throwing everything at it.  Scary times.


A note to anybody wanting to take in the Sam King School coming up in a couple of weeks.  !!!  YES it’s coming up real quick - so if you plan on being there, better get on line to Sammy & register.  ( POSTER IS UP ON THE BLOG - Scroll back) We will be there. ( But not on the Saturday as that is my 83rd birthday)  - WE will have the van loaded with Trials goodies, so if you need something - riding gear-gloves- helmet - boots -  tool belts - etc - and of course some spare parts - but PLEASE try to plan in advance and let us know what your needs are. - Ross & Judy are being very gracious in letting Sam hold the school on their property - Be sure to respect all the current  Social Distancing required due to the Virus.

Back in the day - trying to save weight was really what most factories and riders were concerned about - everything got drilled to save ounces. - lightweight  metals   - Titanium - and alloys - meant that the factories with the most money or -  Yes I did that on my Bultaco  and it could have been very bad for me. - I have recounted this experience in previous  blogs.
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Your video for today >>>>> 03 USA 🇺🇸 | 2006 TRIAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Check out the review of TRIAL USA | Third round of the 2006 TRIAL World Championship. Subscribe to VintageTRIAL:

Saturday August 22nd 2020

Saturday, August 22nd, 2020

Mike from Oyama is into Enduro bikes - but wanted a Trials bike to hone his skills - and when he stopped by Outlaw last week - it was the TRS that caught his eye - Of course he liked the idea of the seat and the estart sort of sealed the deal.  He owns an orchard, and figures this bike will come in real handy -  One ride around the yard and that was it.  We look forward to seeing Mike and maybe some of his buddies  out at some events in 2021.

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Saw this pic on FB - neat 125 Yammy Flat-tracker - looks like it has a TY gas tank. - And it’s in Canadian colors!!
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video for today >>>> Goodwood Road & Racing

and >>>> 01 SPAIN 🇪🇸 | 2006 TRIAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Check out the review of TRIAL SPAIN | First round of the 2006 TRIAL World Championship. Subscribe to VintageTRIAL:


We had a bit of a thunderstorm roll through late yesterday, with a nice shower of rain - just when Mike came to pick up his TRS - but I didn’t mind getting a bit wet - quite refreshing. Hopefully there were no new fires caused by lightning.

Later it was time  to watch the Hockey - Vancouver came out blazing and really took it to the defending Stanley Cup  Champs - so now they are through to the next round.


Here’s a rare pic of Ex World Trials Champ, Bernie Schrieber   competing in a California Desert Race on a Bultaco Frontera. - A lot of Trials riders excel  at other types of competition.  - I notice that he does not have his goggles down and is not wearing gloves!!
No photo description available.