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Thursday December 31st 2020 -New Years Eve.

Thursday, December 31st, 2020

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video for today -  Toni Bou big crashes ..> #bestcrash


A golden “Oldie” - back in the day “Scrambles”  were usually held  in a local farmers field on Natural terrain - often very muddy.
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Below is a view of the latest TRS engine with the electric start.

Saw this nice shot which I think may have been taken in the North of Scotland - Don’t know who the TRS rider is or who took the pic.- But a very nice section.


Today is Kenny Roberts birthday -The man who once said” They can’t pay me enough to ride that thing” - this being the 4 cylinder Flat track Yamaha.  - Steve Baker rode one as well. ( I even sat on Steve’s bike at the Richmond Yamaha Office back in the day  ( when nobody was looking)


Today is the last day of what has been a very strange and sad year for many - we lost former Yamaha Sales Manager, Peter Kratzer, -my brother in Law  Bernie Blomer, - Art Gavel a long time friend and motorcycle enthusiast. - and also the two Snow bikers killed in the Avalanche yesterday ( I don’t think we ever met either)


Wednesday December 30th 2020

Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

This pic showed up on FB - listed for this date in 2017. It is my Beta Evo 200 demo, along with other bikes, and I don’t see much snow in the background!! - For 2021 we will only be bringing bikes that are ordered and available during January, but a reminder that ALL Trials bikes are likely to be in short supply due to the Pandemic that has played havoc with everything.    If you want either a Beta or TRS get your order into us NOW.
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Another Beta shot - but not sure who it is or where it was taken.
Image may contain: mountain, bicycle, sky, tree, motorcycle, outdoor and nature Sunday 1st January 1961 - WEYMOUTH Club’s “Television Scramble” East Chickerell Court Farm, Weymouth

and another good one >>



A great pic of Steve McQueen - he really liked his dirt bikes  ( I wonder if he ever rode a Trials bike?)
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Yesterday was spent counting more inventory, but I can only work in my cold shop for about an hour before I have to take a break ( even though I have two heaters going)

Later I took in some of the World Junior Hockey & saw Canada take a 10-0 win against the Swiss.


Tuesday December 29th 2020

Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

Picture out of the front window yesterday morning - luckily we have somebody with a tractor to plough the driveway!! - I just have to shovel the path to my shop so I can start taking inventory. ( Pretty empty in there with only one 2021TRS Gold and the old TY 175.)  However, we do have lots of accessories..

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As most people are either home or working this week - here is a link to the Mojo Mag - which Emily writes for

>>>>>>>> 2021 BMW R18 Motorcycle Review | Motorcycle Mojo In this month’s issue of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, we start the year of 2021 with a motorcycle review of the latest model from BMW. Read about it today.


Gilles Escuyer  - loves the Bultaco  and has created some beautiful retro editions, including the gorgeous mono shock unit on the left.
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Some memories from 2020.


Latest news in the “Silly Season”  Sondre Haga has jumped ship from TRS to Beta.


Monday December 28th 2020

Monday, December 28th, 2020

Yesterday we posted a pic of a nice TY 125 - the smaller version of the TY 175 - The 125 was  not sold in North America  -  However the 175 was a huge success- I had one of the first back in  1975 and used this bike to set up the first Canadian World Round - I must have put a zillion hours on it. - We put a larger tank on for the long Western Events and I had to do some tinkering to make them run at the higher elevations around 6,000 ft in Alberta.

The Yamaha Factory guided by the great Mick Andrews, produced a 250 for the man of the house, a 175, for Mom and a TY 80 for junior. - A wonderful concept back then, and still a great idea for “Normal” Trials -

eg: - Beta  have a Evo 80 small wheel, + big wheel and the  125 - 200 - 250 & 300 - a bike size for the whole family. - they also have 2 electric kids bikes. - TRS also have a good selection, as does Vertigo. - Trials riding is likely the  most friendly Motorcycle group that any family would enjoy - - No pressure to buy kids special gear - low cost to enter events - a big camp fire for the kids to roast marsh mellows  - Does that sound like fun ??? Well this is Trials riding in the Okanagan Valley.
The pic below is of a TY 175 I picked up about 18 months ago - it is in very good original condition, and the idea was mainly to keep it as a bike to teach my Grand daughter (22) to ride, as her Mum and Uncle both had these bikes back when they first came out, and I was working for Yamaha. ( Below you see our kids with us and the TY out back of our place in Vernon.)
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Image may contain: text that says 'CANADA 1978 Trials hassle Howarth wins No. controversy, Ontarian Trevor How- been Canada's winner trials. from Aurora, Ont., beat Quebecer Michel four errone- results previous cMA announcement stating friends, CA CMA Charles notices Ottawa dis- have something.

This just got posted on FB - I hadn’t heard about this screw up as at that time I was heavily involved in the Cross Country scene. Although we had a few very good riders travel West to attend our Trials  in the 70’s - Gref Jr, Tom Farr and others - plus quite a few regulars from South of the border -   mostly on highly modified Hodaka’s

- Sorry to say, I never got to meet Trevor and a lot of other great Canadian Trials riders, but I did find it interesting that Trevor was a UK Immigrant just like myself and many others - ( John Jones - Terry Porter - Kelvin Marshal, to name a few)
Also interesting to see an advert for the ISDE Two Day Qualifier in Kamloops back in 1978 - I rode that one, but managed to get lost along with some other riders, which cost us a lot of time, so a bronze medal was the best we could do.

So as we head into this last year of 2020 - I was trying to think of the Trials Highlights, which I usually post at this time of the year. !! - Because of the Pandemic, we had to cancel all Official WTC events.

- The Fun Trial that Ross put on at his place in October,was a true inspiration for all that attended -  also the School that Sammy did at the same location was well attended.   - Glad to report that everybody stayed isolated   at these events, and we have not heard of any repercussions.

I suppose 2020 will go down in Motorcycle History, as the Year that never really happened.

Unfortunately  2021 does not look promising either  >>>>>>

2021 SSDT and the Pre’65 Scottish trials cancelled
It is with a heavy heart that the Edinburgh and District MC has taken the decision, as a result of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, to cancel the 2021 SSDT and the Pre’65 Scottish trials.
We realise that this will be a massive disappointment to many people. However, we are making an early, logical decision to provide fans and everyone else involved in the event as much notice as possible.
Competitors who have entered the events will be contacted shortly after the two organising committees have met to decide on the way forward.
Pete Bremner, Chairman E&DMC

Sunday December 27th 2020

Sunday, December 27th, 2020

Boxing day was spent (a) Shoveling snow  (B)  watching the Junior Hockey - Yes a typical Canadian holiday. - Canada thrashed Germany 16-2 ( think that was the final score - but to be fair Team Germany had lost a lot of their players due to Covid) - Canada also have lost their Captain & star player, for the series. - Earlier in the day we watched Sweden trounce Czecho.

Saw this nice pic - Don’t know who the young lady is ( Maybe Yrjo Vesterinen’s daughter ? )  -but the TY 125 was a favorite for the gals back in the day. ( although we did not get the 125 in Canada)

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Another Christmas pic - a couple of Jordi bikes out in the snow in Europe
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A great shot of Les Archer on the Norton Scrambler - the big heavy bikes of the old days took a strong rider and a lot of skill to succeed back then - Yes the courses were more natural with no huge jumps - but everything considered - in my opinion those were very much equal on what we see today.   Back then it was basically you run what you brung - although the British Factories were doing their best to promote after World War Two.

Now we have huge dollars, huge jumps, and maybe huge egos -   but certainly 2020 did not see huge crowds .Image may contain: motorcycle, sky and outdoor


Boxing Day 2020

Saturday, December 26th, 2020

We hope that everybody had a nice Christmas day, we did get to see our family, and enjoyed good food, a lots of laughs with the kids and grand kids - It snowed later, but we didn’t have to drive . - Looks like today will be spent just watching TV.  Back in the day we usually had a Trial on Boxing Day, especially when we still lived in the UK, but from what we have seen in the Press, none of these events will be happening this year, due to the Covid 19, lock down.

This is from 1992 at the Scottish and I’m standing by the Yamaha Factory TYZ Prototype that was ridden by a Japanese test rider.  - Mick Andrews was acting as adviser to the crew, and for a laugh decided to fit one of our Outlaw cross-bar pads on the bike.  As reported in earlier blogs - Yamaha did not make the changes suggested by Mick for the production model - and while it sold in reasonable numbers in the UK, only 5 made it to Canada in 1993, and we were disappointed .
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Anybody interested in a cable remote for the latest TRS Choke ?? See below.


Wayne Woloschuk from Ontario  Canadian Trials Champ more than once ,  nice to see these old pics being posted by Steve Troupe.
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For those who either didn’t click on yesterday or who didn’t like the foreign sub titles
📺 On Any Sunday • 1971 • Movie Film Vintage Motorcycle Flat Dirt Track Road Racing Motocross Hill Horsepower House Horsepower House • 491K views 7 months ago


An interesting report of a 1994 Classic Scramble - Note the Name Mick Andrews famous Trials rider - but also brilliant on an MX bike. - In fact Mick was originally hired by Ossa to compete in Scrambles - but they noticed that he knew a bit about Trials riding as well!!!
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Christmas Day 2020

Friday, December 25th, 2020

Merry Christmas to everybody and especially our customers - at Outlaw Trialsport we have operated a small Trials friendly business since 1987 - but  for about twenty of those years, I was traveling around Western Canada selling Opti Oil and other Accessories to the dealer network. - It was never easy and most of the time I slept in my Van ( the first one was a $800 special Dodge Box van)

Looking back at my time on the road, of course I have a zillion stories - but while I was out trying to make a dollar - Momma Bear, was back home looking after things, taking calls on everything from what mix for Opti 2 to the correct tire for a Trials bike -  would you believe how patient she has been all these years? - But also, we have found that most Trials people are both understanding and very civil.
Obviously we are now both on the downside of a slippery slope - but Babsy still remembers a customers name and what they ordered  - ( I sometimes forget) - We worked out a system years ago for writing everything down - name - ph # etc - and I really think between the two of us, we have been able to keep most customers happy - The New Hi Tech age, has created new problems for us, but most of our customers understand we “Do business the old Fashioned Way” - We thank them for that - and a Very Merry Christmas to one and all.
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With the Christmas festivities toned down for everybody this year - more people will be staying home, so if you do get a bit bored - why not click onto this> On any Sunday (1971) - Sub Indonesia The Kuppuroi Presents : A Bruce Brown Movie - On Any Sunday (1971) with Indonesian Subs.why did i do this? for the glory of motorbikes of course, also it’s h…


Thursday December 24th 2020 Christmas Eve,

Thursday, December 24th, 2020

Merry Christmas everybody - Have a great, and safe Holiday .
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For Old British Bike Enthusiasts>

’twas the night before Christmas at the motorcycle store.
The sales clerks were gone; they’d locked up the door.
Back in service, the tools were hung with great care,
The floors had been swept, the workbenches bare.
Sales had been brisk, filling staff with elation
As they headed down south for their winter vacation.
The new shiny sportbikes had all been sold out,
And all that was left was an Indian Scout,
A Norton Commando, a Rudge Multi too,
And a black BMW R32,
A Vincent, a Matchless, and Velocette,
And a drippy old Brough that wouldn’t start on a bet.
“This stinks,” said the Norton. “We’re just as fine
As those Japanese bikes the kids buy all the time.”
“You’re right,” said the Vincent as he grew agitated.
“All I need is to get my back tire inflated,
Then I could compete with the best of `em yet.”
“Me, too! I’m still fast,” cried the old Velocette.
“If someone was handy, somebody smart,
They’d know how to fix us and get us to start.”
And so while they grumbled and whined and complained,
They didn’t notice a visitor came.
He was dressed all in leather, black head to toe,
And his helmet had reflective stickers that brightly glowed.
His beard was snow-white. It reached to his chest.
How he got in the door was anyone’s guess.
He looked them all over. “Merry Christmas!” he said.
“Are you fellows available to pull my big sled?”
“Who, us?” laughed the Matchless. “We’re rusty and old.
Nobody wants us, that’s why we’re not sold.
Kids want electric, not our old kickstarts.
These young punks think we’re just bikes for old farts.”
“My Lucas headlight hasn’t worked well in years,”
Said the Rudge. “And my gearbox is missing some gears.
I’d be much obliged if you’d look at my choke.
And the earthing brush in my magneto is broke.”
“My mix is too rich, I think,” said the Beemer.
“Does anyone know how to set the carb leaner?”
Then Santa said, “Hey, stop the whining, you guys.
You’re legends and history in many men’s eyes.
So what if you’re rusty and don’t look brand new?
Hypermotards and `Busas wouldn’t be here without you.”
Then the vintage bikes lights started glowing with pride.
And the Norton Commando said, “Let’s take a ride!”
“I’m ready, let’s go, come on!” said the Brough.
“Let’s get it in gear and show `em our stuff.”
They took to the road, their pipes roared like thunder.
And Santa sat back in his sled, filled with wonder.
And he said as he watched them race into the night,
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a safe ride.”
Here is a pic of Walt  taken at our house in Vernon a few years ago -He  used to play Santa every year in the Calgary Christmas Parade - He didn’t need to wear a beard - he already had one.
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All the best to  our customers and friends out in the cyber world - We hope you all enjoy Christmas 2020 - one that will go down in the books as a very different time for the World.
As Trev Deeley used to say - “I don’t care what you ride - as long as you ride”

Wednesday December 23rd 2020

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020

With all the hoop-la regarding Formula One these days, and  one certain black gentleman - thought I would post this pic from 1938 - when the drivers just wore a leather helmet and open cockpits. - This is Nuvolari in the rear engine Auto Union. (Of course a lot of drivers got killed back then.) but they were  really exciting times.
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A video for you >>> RAW Practice Footage - Toby Martyn - Iwan Roberts - Chris Stay - Oliver Smith Some raw clips of some of the TRS UK team from the TRS Trial held a month ago!Website - Channel -…


Jordi sent out a Merry Christmas card.
Image may contain: text that says '2021 MERRY CHRISTMAS CHRIS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TRRS TR MOTORCYCLES'


Here is a link to the factory facebook page. -  You can see the same thing for Beta, by clicking on Betamoto.      ( We love both brands)
(20+) TRS Motorcycles Factory | Facebook

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A great shot of Brian Sharp - he was perhaps a bit overshadowed by his brother Triss - but you could always be sure that they would be somewhere near the front on their  “Rorty” Triumph twins. ( Check out the studs in his boots ??  certainly would not have been my choice back then - when footpegs were just a bit of steel piping - always slippery . Note also the Standard riding gear back then - old army kit, although Brian does appear to have some decent leather pants.
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Here’s a pic posted by our friend  Muskeg Mike ( I know him by a different name)   It shows a couple of buddies out having fun on the ice ( I remember when I did that but just for fun )


So here we are, just a couple days left before Christmas  day - I think it’s best remembered for a great gathering of family and friends rather than the Religious aspect  ( Sorry I’m not in that category although I was brought up going to Chapel in Wales),  - I always tell people that I will discuss anything except Religion and Politics - because you can never win - with either topic.

I was out early yesterday and had to wait a few minutes for the store to open so I could mail off accessories - Of course this is the best time to do any last minute shopping, but the roads and parking lots were very slippery after the heavy snow the day before.

Love this pic of our Helen back when she was a teenager - zipping down the back ally on her TY 175 - Helen and Steven both had TY 175’s - great bikes for the family ( and we still have one in the shed)
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Remember Eddy Lejeune?  He won the World Trials Championship on a Honda back in the day - brilliant rider, - well it seems that he is now riding a TRS with his kids - check it out>>

Eddy Lejeune


Tuesday December 22nd 2020

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020

Happy birthday to Bob Clark who turns 63 today - Have a great day Bob. And here is a video for Bob and others to watch - Yes it’s great.  - I met Takumi and his Dad in 2004 at the Donner World Round. very nice polite people.

Not too many motorcycle people will NOT recognize this  guy ( Walt always seemed old?)  I first met Walt in 1969 at his shop on 10th Street in Calgary - He had an ex-Murray Nutt Montesa Cota  laying under a pile of other used bikes  !!!! I still wonder why that was, but in later years and after I joined Yamaha, Walt and myself became very good friends.  I got to understand him, and to appreciate his incredible knowledge of motorcycling from the past, but also his vision for the future.

- Every Saturday, after a week out on the road, I would stop by at Walt’s it had become a meeting place for all his old buddies at that time. - We would go across the road to the coffee shop - which always seemed to have the corner seat by the window available for Walt - from there he could spot what was going on across the street!! - I was lucky to spend a lot of time with Walt on trips to Japan and other places - I remember when we went to Daytona  and he got soo sunburned.

One Saturday, I had Ben Watanabe - The Yamaha Canada President with me - It was just after a big Yamaha Dealer Meeting to promote the next years bikes.  As usual   we chatted then went over to the coffee shop  -I asked Walt what he thought about the new bikes, and had my list of models written on a piece of paper. ( Not an order form)  Walt and myself started to go through the list of what he should order based on my knowledge of his market. then I started to write down these models and numbers   on a knapkin from the table.

Later we drove up to Edmonton to visit other dealers and Ben asked  me “Do you always take big booking orders on Knapkins? - I laughed and said - no only with Walt, because I know he will pay. ( That order was for over $100,000. - a lot of money back then - and still is of course)
In 1992 I stopped in to see Walt  ( I was no longer working for Yamaha) and he said - David, are you still going to the Scottish Six Days? - I said yes Walt we leave in three weeks. - “You know, I think I’ll come with you” he said -

Now Walt had never been to the UK  so it was quite a surprise to me when he arrived at the Calgary Airport dressed “Casual as usual “  carrying a backpack !! That was it.  - But he also had his visa card !! - Yup Walt was quite the World Traveler.  - But he did pack one important part of clothing  his Motorcycle rain gear. ( For what turned out to be one of the wettest weeks in Scotland) -

I have reported at another time, about how at the end of our week in Fort William, I drove Walt to Glasgow, to put him on a train to London ( I had no idea who he was meeting)  As I watched him walk down the station road, with his backpack over his shoulder,  I remember thinking - ” I will never see him again”  - but a couple of weeks later - yes Walt showed up at Heathrow in London, for our return trip - and yes - he had some stories to tell.

I learned a lot from Walt - but not just about the Motorcycle business - about how to treat people the right way, and to always try to do your best. - It was a sad day for me when Walt died and a big loss for Canadian Motorcycling.

Did you know that I got Walt to sponsor the very first Canadian World Championship Trial in 1975 - Walt would always trust me.
.Image may contain: one or more people, motorcycle, tree, sky, outdoor and nature

Although I  knew my days with Yamaha Canada were numbered and I had already decided to hand in my notice - maybe one of the last good things I did was arrange for Stan to get a bike through Walt - Simply put - I worked Yamaha Canada’s Promotional Dollar System for dealers so that Walt could get a bike for Stan at a really good price. ( Ah yes the wicked webs we weaved to get top riders on Yamaha)
Below you see a pic of Stan on the JCM 240 that we brought in - I met the French JCM Importers at the 1989 Scottish.

They had a quite large team there and seemed to  have some big plans ,so I agreed to Import them to Canada - Nigel Birkett was riding one of the new Europa models at that event and I asked him what he thought- naturally he said “Great” - And to be sure the new bike  looked good.  -

When we got that first bike - it was quite exciting, and after picking it up, I got Stan to ride it. - - The first event was at Ioco and Stan won, but sadly the bike nor the company, lived up to expectations, and although Stan struggled  at the Ioco World Round, the bike obviously needed more development  and like so many European dreams - this one fell short..
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I got this from a post on Inside Motorcycles  - it was sent to me by our friends in Quebec. - Of course this related to my post on Canadian Riders at World Rounds - And while I take nothing away from Michel at this event - My original post I think was to try and get across just how lopsided the World Trials thing is. -

I’m sure the young guys will criticize - BUT - Trials is now just a Circus at the World level- Of course things are viewed differently these days - the Olympics will now include “Brake-Dancing??” - Yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check this article from Inside Motorcycles - written by somebody that really doesn’t have much of a clue as to what Trials is  all about.


Trials is a very small branch of motorcycle sport, ridden on highly specialized machines made in small factories in Spain and Italy. Over the years companies like Bultaco and Ossa dominated the sport but have since disappeared, to be replaced by others like Fantic and SWM, who are also now no longer making trials bikes.  This year alone has seen the demise of Gas Gas and the appearance of Vertigo. What the future holds is anyone’s guess.

The lone Canadian entrant was Quebec’s Michel Fortin Bélanger, riding a Beta in the International class. He had two strong finishes, placing===========================================>

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