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Sunday January 31st 2021

Sunday, January 31st, 2021

A rare pic of John Lampkin on an SWM - he was a brilliant Trials rider, until a bad road accident ended his career - he then became  the UK Beta Importer and has done a really good lob in that roll, helping out a lot of the British lads, including his nephew Dougie - Steve Saunders, James Dabill, etc etc - John is one of the best in the Industry.  ( Also a good friends with Stan)
Note: John has one finger on the clutch, riding the “New way”


Roger Boothroyd emailed to say that they still have some of the Books written about the History of the Victoria Motorcycle Club available - check the VMC website for more info:


Al Dyke posted this pic of his wife sitting on the new estart Xtrack he just picked up from Outlaw - he has also shown another pic of the same bike stripped in Trials trim. I guess you could call this the Family TRS.

Note - both feet on floor - perfect for the shorter rider.

Here it is in Trials trim


I posted this shot of the long winding hill coming from Osoyoos - because it brought back memories of the many times I traveled this way - heading over to Rock Creek and  Grand Forks., - The view point “Pull offs” give the tourist great chances to see both Canada and the USA border. - I always used to look at the surrounding hills , picking out great sections while driving along this hiway -usually with not much traffic.
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So here we are on the last day of January, but I’ve a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Old Man Winter just yet. -We stick pretty close to home these days, with both the Pandemic and weather to consider - yesterday, we watched some Golf from the USA West Coast around San Diego - beautiful sunny day, with hang gliders soaring over the Golf course situated on the cliffs above the Pacific ocean. - Saturday night we always watch “Heartbeat” on the box followed by old reruns of Prime Suspect.


As we head into Spring - I think that we will see a lot more “Free riding”  - small groups getting out in the woods to get exercise and fresh air. - With a Trials bike, you can do this type of riding very easily, with the regular models by carrying some extra gas ( we have the bags available) or pick up one of the great New TRS Xtracks, with the seat and larger fuel tank.

The trials bikes usually, but not always depending on the model - get good fuel mileage - I know that we can do the 30km loop at Summerland on the Beta 200 without filling up.
We also sell quite a few of the Beta  Long ride kits for our Beta lovers.-  -

With this in mind, I think we will try and post info on our blog, of who is going where  in the upcoming Spring news, plus details of snow conditions etc.


Video selection.> Superstar-Trial 1977 Motorrad-Trial in England 1977 Superstar-Trial 1978 Motorrad-Trial in England 1978 1 Trial indoor ciudad San Sebastián 1989. Primera ronda del trial indoor .,


Saturday January 30th 2021

Saturday, January 30th, 2021

Below you see a pic I took of Taff trying to warm up his hands, high up on Joss Mountain in 2004 - as you can see we ran into quite a lot of snow, - that was my second trip up the Mountain  and I was coming up 67 years old - As reported earlier, I did the climb a total of eight times, the last being on my 75th birthday. ( The oldest Trials guy in the book at the lookout)
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Nice pic of Bernie Schreiber with Jordan Szoke & his family.

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Check out this site for some neat video action - you will need to scroll down.>

TRS Fans Italia


Well the weather on Friday, was a lot better than Thursday, when my Truck arrived - in fact the driveway was all clear for when Al Dyke stopped by to pick up his new 2021 TRS Xtrack estart 280 - Yes he is a happy guy and plans on using it between himself and his wife, as this one also has the Trials tank with it to convert it to Trials trim ( Not a big job so I’m told)  Brilliant - two bikes in one.

One sad aspect of the Covid 19, is the cancellation of all the bike shows -this pic shows Mick Andrews and Jill visiting with Yrjo Vesterinen at a Classic event. ( With one of Vesty’s nice Bultaco Sherpa T’s in front)
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I saw this on FB and had to post it - the great Mike Hailwood on the Honda 4 - another top rider that I saw ride in his first race at Aintree (near Liverpool) and on the Honda in the 1961 TT. - What a tragedy that he got killed along with his young daughter by a drunk driver.

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This pic just popped up on FB - from 2014 - the caption was “Who wants to go riding tomorrow with the old guy?” ( I guess I was just a young 76!!)

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Friday January 29th 2021

Friday, January 29th, 2021

Beautiful Beta - with a great poster of Jordi in the background..
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1934 Scott TT bike. Alfred Scott was one of the two-stroke pioneers and at the turn of the last century designed a water-cooled two-stroke twin housed in a triangulated frame. Besides starting the famous (and quite difficult) Scott Trial (1914, I think), using both time and observation points, to let his employees test his bikes, a Scott was the first two-stroke to finish the Isle of Man TT. Oh, another minor thing, everytime you kickstart your bike, you can thank Mr. Scott, who is credited with it’s invention….

Sorry pic disappeared - but I have posted before - Seems my Dad had one before the war, but no old pics I’m afraid.

UPDATE : Found the pic:

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Nice to see Former 3  time  World Trials Champion Eddie Lejuene  teaching the kids how to ride -even if some of it is the Indoor Shite that I’m not fond of
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And to think that I met this guy many, many years ago at a Scramble in the UK where I was selling Photographs that I had taken at previous events - then later to be on the same starting line at the 1976 Moose Mountain Cross Country - was a bit unreal.

And another one - Stonebridge was a brilliant engineer and rider - I remember seeing him at Hawkstone Park  in the UK passing the big heavy British Fourstrokes on a BSA Bantam special - fitted with  a road race type expansion chamber - - it was the start of the change. - Of course he went on to develop the Greeves and take a young Dave Bickers under his wing. -Sadly He was killed in a car crash.

Image may contain: text that says 'CASTROL SERIES OF FAMOUS RIDERS Brian Stonebridge. Rode in his first event in 1948-and finished up in a Cambridge hospital! He quickly returned to scrambles and Moto- Cross, and soon became a works B.S.A. rider. This 28-year-old engineer won the Lancs. Grand National in 1950 and 1951. the British Moto-Cross G.P. in 1952 and 1953, and the Shrublands Park Grand National in 1955. He has been a member of the British team at the Moto-Cross des Nations on seven occasions. 1956 With the compliments of astzoi'


For most young lads - Trials or indeed riding Motorbikes - is just a way of letting off steam as teenagers but for true  - died in the wool enthusiasts, it becomes a life long dream - a way of life.

Modern Trials riding at the World level, is obviously a very physical sport and to stay at the top for any time - it requires a lot of dedication. - Adam Raga is one who has survived the many rule changes and circus like sections to still be a contender at age 38.
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I saw this on FB that somebody had posted, which of course brought back memories of Walt and the “Good times” - but did you know that his Yamaha Venture Royale was always run on Opti Oil????? Even in Australia - we shipped it over. and Walt told me that despite the extreme temperatures that he and Shirley traveled through- the Yamaha never missed a beat and Walt told me that it was “Because of the Opti 4 Stroke Oil”
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Chris Hrabb from Revvy - stopped by for a chat yesterday - he was in town for a medical which is required on a regular basis for his job flying Helicopters.  - We have not seen Chris - or so many others for the past year, due to the Pandemic, so it was nice to catch up on the latest news.


It snowed pretty much all day in the Valley yesterday  - not good, as we were expecting a delivery !! - However, everything went smoothly after the driveway got plowed and our special order TRS Xtrack arrived on time, so even though the new owner will be delighted to pick it up today, I’m afraid he will just have to sit and gloat over it for a while, before being able to ride it. - The new Xtrack comes with estart and a behind the headlight battery, plus an extra fuel tank to convert it to Trials trim - two bikes in one. - brilliant.


video selection >> Riding to heaven (ep.13) 1 Trial indoor ciudad San Sebastián 1989. Primera ronda del trial indoor ., 1 Trial indoor ciudad San Sebastián 1989. Primera ronda del trial indoor .,


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  • Scoop! FIM Trial Vintage World Cup!

    01/29/2021 1 hour ago

    Here is a lot of news, the FIM has just decided to create a Vintage Trial World Cup! The project is not yet completely tied up but we know the basics. At least for this year, the event will be run the day before the Nations trial which takes place this year in Gouveia in Portugal on September 18 and 19, 2021. The FIM is working on the regulations (eligible machines, categories etc, but it is is on track) and of course we will keep you posted as soon as we are over. In any case, it is a great recognition of the development of the Vintage Trial, particularly in Great Britain, France, Italy and Spain, and sportingly a great challenge. Stay Connected!


    Thursday January 28th 2021

    Thursday, January 28th, 2021

    This is an old pic of myself “Scrambling” back in 1957  - As mentioned previously, we used our bike for everything back then - personal transport - Scrambles & Trials.  - We usually rode our bike to the events - of particular interest with regard to this old photo - is the fact that I had a big crash the week before and bent the frame on my James 197 - the only solution to make it ride-able  was to strip it down - place on blocks then hit the frame with a big sledge hammer. - Although this worked to some extent - the bike was still “Out of line” and handled terrible. - I traded it off soon after for a new James.
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    This is the same bike in Trials trim in 1955.

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    Here is a notice from the CPTA ( Ioco) website,

    2021 Membership Updates:

    1) There is a paragraph about electronic signatures.
    2) CPTA expects its members to carry liability insurance and registration and equip their combustion engine motorcycles with a spark arrestor.
    This would be a nice book to have - I saw Graham ride his very first Scottish Six Days in 1992 - My clothing supplier at that time (Anson) pointed him out to me saying “That lad’s going to be good”  - The rest is History as he went on to win the SSDT in 1999 on the new Bultaco (later called Sherco) and had lots of other success in World Trials, before deciding to take up hard Enduro. ( One of the first to make the jump from the “Feet up” sport.)
    Image may contain: motorcycle and outdoor, text that says 'GRAHAM JARVIS CONQUERING THE IRON GIANT THE LIFE AND EXTREME TIMES OF AN OFF-ROAD MOTORCYCLIST Aлs4vama ama'
    Video ( we have this one in VHS format.)
    Snowing today - & looks quite miserable outside.  And I have a busy day planned.

    Wednesday January 27th 2021

    Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

    We have been asked a number of times, what would be the ruling with regard to the new Electric Start TRS, when stalling the engine in a section. -

    This would be the same as we have had in WTC rules for the past decade - (a) If you can kickstart your engine without touching a foot to the ground or leaning against a tree etc - not a “5″

    (b) If you can restart with the electric start button as above in (a) same applies.
    Image may contain: text that says 'SOL JNBUE TRRS TRACK TRRS Canl get a break now? Sure, Sure,take'5', take I will clean, for you.'

    Check out this video of a bunch of hardy lads on a high mountain ride in the Kootenay area. - I did not start exploring areas like this to any great extent until late in life, and only then because of the light and very agile Trials bikes.  Kudus to Pat ( with the Outlaw toolbelt) and his mates,  and thanks for making the video.
    XMA Header Image Upper Reco Mountain KTM 790R, T7 and Husky 701



    Today Monday, January 25th, the Trials Commission of the Madrid Federation of Motorcycling FMM has met.
    Decisions taken by several attending clubs have been several and along with calendars will be released by the Federation shortly.
    The meeting has been marked on the one hand by the fact that only two clubs will organize trials this season 2021 in Madrid, Emedoce and Sotobike; and, on the other hand, by restrictions imposed on us by the city councils, restrictions motivated by the continuation and aggravation of the Covid-19 pandemic unknown to its end.
    On the part of the Moto club Sotobike to comment that we are experiencing increasing environmental limitations in terms of the terrain and areas available to organize the Venturada and Robregordo trials, coupled with Covid-19 restrictions. who may be expected to remain in effect, have led us to be conservative and try to ensure the conduct of Robregordo 2021 and therefore make the decision to continue in a format similar to that offered in 2020 for this trial.
    The Madrilean Trials will feature in 2021 with three different Championships / Trophies, complete calendars and new arrivals to be published shortly by the FMM.
    On the one hand, the Madrile ñoo Trial Championship for Modern and Classic Motorcycles, which will feature 7 scoring tests for modern and classic. At the Sotobike Motoclub we will help in the making of this new format by organizing the second test scheduled for Sunday, April 25 at Venturada.
    On the other hand, the Emedoce Triangular Trophy / Madrilean Federation to three trials.
    To finish the new Triangular Trophy only for Classic Manuel Soler, Sotobike / Madrid Federation, three trials.
    With this trophy we want to pay tribute to our friend, the Spanish trial champion Manuel Soler who left us on January 19, while also making a small trophy in Madrid in 2021 only for classic motorcycles.
    2th 03-Oct SOTOBIKE STEAL
    3th 28-Nov SOTOBIKE THE HOT
    Because of the strange times we are living in - we have been considering offering “Trials Tours” for new riders who want to see what the sport is about and have some basic instruction.  - I have a few ideas on this and will post more later. ( this may include more that one Trial-Captain)
    I see the Daytona 200 Road Race is scheduled to run this year in March !!
    If you would like a link to this Mag - shoot me an email .

    Giacomo Agostini’s Yamaha TZ 700 Daytona 1974
    The famous Italian driver Giacomo Agostini is undoubtedly the most successful motorcycle speed rider in the world: 15 world champion titles, more than 300 victories.
    At 75 years old, Giacomo Agostini is still passionate about speed bikes and regularly takes part in European classic events.
    For that, he was invited to join the Yamaha Historic Racing Team (YHRT) which is the official Yamaha Europe team on European classical events.
    The team, managed by former driver Hubert Rigal, has therefore asked the famous French trainer Jacky Germain
    (former trainer of the motorcycles of Christian Sarron and Patrick Pons, former World Champions) to built a strictly identical 1974 Yamaha TZ 700 to the one that Giacomo Agostini used to win the 1974 200 miles of Daytona.
    Giacomo Agostini used this bike on European events. For security reasons, it has been equipped with modern brakes, shock absorbers and tires. (ph: Classic Motorbikes)
    Image may contain: motorcycle, text that says 'YAMAHA'
    Just lately, we have reported the deaths of some well known Motorcycle people , however it came as a shock to learn via the Obituary in our local Vernon Newspaper, that a good neighbor from a few years ago had died suddenly at age 71 -  Don lived across the street from us when we lived in town - and sadly his next door neighbor and another good friend Art Gavel passed away late last year as well.
    More News when it happens  >>

    Tuesday January 26th 2021

    Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

    More sad news, this time from the USA where they have reported the death of former Yamaha MX Team rider Mike (Too tall) Bell - It seems Mike (63) died from a heart attack while Mountain Biking.
    Image may contain: one or more people, motorcycle and outdoor


    ENDURO NEWS - Jonny Walker out for his debut on the Beta. Not too shabby !!

    Spanish Hard Enduro Rnd1 in a nutshell:

    Many of our regular readers.  will be wondering about WTC Trials events for 2021 - but I’m afraid we do not have any news on this subject just yet - I can assure you that we have been working “Behind the scenes” with plans for the future - but I’m not at liberty to divulge anything yet.  - The one event that I will certainly be working hand and foot to keep going is the Outlaw Trial on the May long weekend. - More on this later.
    • ======================================>
    • This pic of the Mountain Motorcycle booth at the Vancouver show in 2012, shows our buddy Pete Brown chatting to Ron Walsh - We lost Pete about three maybe four years ago to cancer. - very hard to take as he was a great friend and helped me set up a lot of Trials - never complained at anything I asked him to do. ( And I’m a hard taskmaster) - I was looking through some old files and discovered that Pete actually rode the 1975 World Round I put on near Bragg Creek. - He might have mentioned it, but I don’t remember some of the things from the old days.
    • -We used to take a break, sitting on the side of a hill at Summerland - chatting about all sorts of things - everything would be dead quiet- except for the birds. - At times like that, we were both at peace with the World - but of course not knowing what would happen down the road .
    • All I can say is that if you ever think you are being hard done by - go for a walk around the cancer ward at your local hospital - not possible now of course with the Covid 19.  - Having lost a lot of friends and family to Cancer - this latest Pandemic almost seems like a final  “Kick in the teeth”
    • Image may contain: 1 person, motorcycle
    • =======================================>
    • On a brighter note - check out this old BSA - When Britain Ruled.Image may contain: motorcycle

    Monday January 25th 2021

    Monday, January 25th, 2021

    This is a pic from 1989 and shows Jordi ready for the Scottish Six Days with the Beta Zero Prototype - I was there that week, but unfortunately the new liquid cooled bike only managed one day - the weather was absolutely terrible with the moors and creeks almost impassable - the rads on the new Liquid cooled bikes - (Aprilia also had their new model out) . - became clogged with mud, and overheated - Jordi tried to cool his steaming Beta by throwing water on the cylinder, but that just caused it to seize, and he was done.

    It was the beginning of a new era for Trials bike design - and Jordi went on to take the World Championship with what many people still say was the best looking bike of the day.


    Last Friday we had a visit from another local lad, who had just bought a used Beta Evo 300 - turns out this was the one I sold Trystan Hart last year, and now KTM have bought Gas Gas   - Trystan will be getting a free one of those to practice on.


    This is a great Heath Brindley shot from the UK Super Trial a couple of years ago  - while the obstacle is “Big” - I think it’s very good as it includes some water as well as the rock, all good for testing the top riders, and not dangerous.
    Image may contain: 4 people, including Alexz Wigg, motorcycle and outdoor


    At this time of the year we always seem to be posting snow pics - and I’ve always said that riding in the snow is great for practicing throttle control. - When we were younger, we were always out during the winter months having fun - ( not so much now I’m old and feel the cold temperatures) This is a lad enjoying himself in Italy, on a 2021 TRS. - complete with electric start. (UPDATE : Just found out he is a Spanish Moto GP rider)
    Image may contain: 1 person, bicycle, motorcycle, sky, outdoor and nature


    A good video to watch - especially for Newbies. How to stand correctly on a Trials Bike - Trial Tube Ep2 In this video we help you have the correct hand and foot position on the bike. As this is the best way to start off. Set up is key!As well as also featuring …


    We often get calls for Fork Seals for all brands of bikes, and often followed by questions on how to fit them etc - We are lucky in that we have a mechanic who is a real “Whiz” on doing this sometimes difficult job.  But thought I would post this to help anybody tackling Beta forks for the first time, >>

    With your forks…
    · Drop the forks out of the yokes
    · Take the caps off each leg and remove the springs so that you can drain the oil
    · Flip the dust seal out
    · Circlip out
    · Then you will be able pull the oil seal out by tapping a thin flat screwdriver in to the rubber of the seal and using it to flick the seal out.
    · Leave the leg upside down so that any leftover oil can drain out
    · Slide the new oil seal back over the leg and tap it in
    · Circlip
    · Dust seal
    · Then put the legs back in the yokes
    · With the spring out, compress the forks and keep them compressed.
    · The left leg sat on the bike oil needs an air gap of 130mm from the top of the fork leg and the right leg is 65mm
    · Put the spring back in and tighten the caps back on.
    You don’t take the bottom bolt out at all, all done from above.
    Anybody remember this advt?
    No photo description available.
    For the past couple of months, we have been telling people that the 2021 Trials bikes will be in short supply, due to the Pandemic that has slowed all the factories with production schedules.  - Now we are heading into what is always the busy “Buying” season - I can confirm that if you have not placed an order with us for either a TRS or Beta, you could be waiting a while and in fact might be out of luck   -  — email or phone if you have questions.       ( 250) 545-6139 -email
    Check out this video of a BP Film from back in the day - Walter  emailed it to me - and mentioned how Commentator Graham Walker says that to learn to go fast, you should first learn control at slow speed like Trials. -The film features a lot of riders that I saw Road Racing back in the day, and John Hartle used to ride some of our Trials in the winter months to keep fit - The clip of Bob Mac at Oulton Park brought back memories, as I attended a lot of races there - I acted as a Flag Marshal at the corner called Knicker Brook when they held the Clubman’s TT at that circuit instead of in the Isle of Man - ( They did this because of the danger of racing on the TT Course in the Island,) but sadly I had to help carry off a fatally  injured rider at Knickerbrook that day.     ( Hartle was killed racing at Scarborough - Bob Mac was killed at Oulton Park - Gary Hocking was killed racing cars. The mortality rate was pretty high in those early years.
    XMA Header Image
    A nice TY 250 reno - by David Main of Ontario -  David rode the the 92 Scottish Six Days on a Fantic  and is a real nice guy - Great to see the Vintage Trials scene evolving in Ontario.
    Nice to see David wearing WULF riding gear - WE think it’s the best and yes we ship all over Canada,

    Sunday January 24th 2021

    Sunday, January 24th, 2021

    Another very good Trials rider has died - Peter Fletcher was a Works rider for Royal Enfield he was 83 ( same age as me)  RIP.
    Peter Fletcher 1937-2021


    Check out Sammy Miller’s latest video on his website - I think Sam is 87 now and still going strong.>

    Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum


    Flat caps were all the rage back in the old days, before Helmets became compulsory - This is Ralph Venerables chatting to Mick Andrews.  Ralph had a good weekly column in the Motorcycle Press for many years, and was very well respected.
    The pic below, shows me riding a steep uphill section in Alberta wearing a cap I brought with me to Canada ( and still have it)
    Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, hat, tree and outdoor

    No description available.


    No this is not Vernon - it’s my old hometown on the Welsh Border - first they had floods, now a lot of snow, very rare and strange weather conditions.

    This is a pic of Harry McKay and his family enjoying another great day Skiing near Aviemore in Scotland - just 20 miles from Fort William and home of the Scottish Six Days Trial. Harry and his Kids are very much involved in the local Trials scene.


    Birthday greetings today to Guy Laycraft - old friend and desert racer -  Guy lives in Vancouver, he turns 64 today and still loves the Baja. He has spent a lot of time down there with another of our old buddies, Al Perret.

    I see that Eddie Lejeune has been posting some videos of himself practicing with his young son, ( or Grandson?)  who is 5 years old - Eddie ( Former 3 time World Trials Champ) - is riding a TRS Raga - and the young lad one of the new TRS Electric bikes.  Cool stuff - nice to see the family legacy being passed down.


    Here is your video for today >> VM Trial Värnamo 1982. World Trials Championship 1982 - Varnamo SWEDEN Publicerad med benäget tillstÃ¥nd av Roland SkÃ¥rner, Emmaboda. Published with kind permission from Roland SkÃ¥rner, Emmaboda, Sweden. “1982 blev en milstolpe i…


    Saturday January 23rd 2021

    Saturday, January 23rd, 2021

    Glen Kemp from Canmore Alberta, posted this pic of the Outlaw set up at a Ymir Trial a couple of years ago.  …    ( That’s his #59 TRS) - I think both the Beta and TRS are the 125’s that we brought in and had a real blast on- both sold now.
    Image may contain: bicycle, motorcycle and outdoor

    Shot of the floods near my old home town in Wales.
    Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud, plant, outdoor, nature and water

    This shot shows Terry Porter( Left ) and myself way back when, at an Alberta Trial - likely around 1971-2. ( My hair was still brown!!)- Terry moved to Toronto and we lost touch.
    Image may contain: 3 people, people playing musical instruments, people standing and outdoor


    Yesterday I listened to Dougie Lampkin being interviewed by David Grice on the Australian   radio Trials network - This is the 2nd one that I’ve listened to - the first being the one done with Sammy King. - Although Dougie’s Yorkshire accent is a bit hard to understand at times ( even for me) - He really does come across as the real deal -      ( Having met him I already knew this)  - Very humble with regard to his achievements in the Trials World, and I urge our readers to click on the Webcast - I noticed a couple of things when he talked about the Vertigo Project - while he mentioned Honda/Montesa - Gas Gas - Beta - he left out TRS - that other Spanish Upstart Company that are selling a lot of bikes these days.!! -He did say that Vertigo will be adding an electric start to their bikes ( Like TRS) and maybe bringing out an Enduro model. –   - I found Dougie’s answer regarding attracting new people to Trials  interesting  ( because we share the same philosophy) - Talk to a local Trials shop & get out to a local club event - forget about all the u tube videos & hop & bop - if you ride with few friends you will soon be “Hooked”.  -(There are also links to a lot of others of interest, including one with Stan coming soon. check it out.)

    David has asked me to do an interview for his program, but unfortunately because of old age , being quite deaf and also a bit of a problem with my voice, I’m going to have to decline his kind offer.
    Here’s a copy of a letter we got from Mart Lampkin a few years  ago. ( Signed with Dougie’s name as well)


    Canadian riders at the ISDT a few years ago - Helmut Clasen posted that they were all on Zundapp bikes - using 100-1 Opti 2 and they all won Gold Medals (- It was 2006 at a USA event.)
    Image may contain: one or more people, sky, motorcycle, outdoor and nature


    Here is a pic of Jordan Zsoke with his family - they just picked up a Beta 80 for junior.
    Image may contain: 3 people, tree, motorcycle and outdoor

    I wonder how many readers can relate to this shot ?  The bike is an Ariel Arrow 250 two stroke twin and a real “Blast”  I had a ride on one back in the day, and an Irish guy by the name of Peter Inchley  tuned one up for the TT races in the Isle of Man. - They were quite the Rocket ship.
    Image may contain: one or more people, motorcycle and outdoor, text that says 'YBU 910 910'


    Looks like we are in for a bit of a Wintery weekend, with snow forecast.


    Friday January 22nd 2021

    Friday, January 22nd, 2021

    This is a pic I took of Sammy when he first came over from OZ - We showed him around the Summerland loop with him on my Beta Evo 300 - That’s Matt Reading,  doing the minding.

    When I first posted this, I reminded people that  the new Beta models were arriving soon and to get their orders in - the same applies this year even more so,  -  the bikes are in short supply and being bought up quickly. - If you want a 2021 Beta - call us (250)545-6139. - You snooze-you lose.
    Image may contain: 1 person, bicycle, motorcycle, outdoor and nature

    five years ago - our shop was full of Beta Trials bikes waiting to be picked up - this year it’s empty - due mainly because of the strange times we are living in.

    Image may contain: motorcycle


    More Beta Info > Again limited supply so if you want one better call  quick.

    🔥𝗘𝗩𝗢 𝗙𝗔𝗖𝗧𝗢𝗥𝗬 𝗠𝗬 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟭🔥
    Racing DNA
    Beta reveals the new version of the best-seller Evo Factory My 2021.
    The experience developed during the most important world competitions enabled the further refinement of the Factory’s performance, creating a vehicle with a purely racing soul. The R&D department, working with the Beta Factory Team and the riders Matteo Grattarola, new Trial2 world champion, and Benoit Bincaz, has once again been able to raise the bar of the Evo Factory by updating the chassis set-up, giving greater control and a pitch-perfect reactivity on every type of obstacle.
    The Evo Factory My 2021 range consists of four different engines: three 2-stroke versions (125, 250 and 300 cc.) and one 4-stroke (300 cc.).
    Each of the four versions is characterized by its own distinctive personality, making the Factory range suitable for the riding characteristics of each type of rider.
    Factory version engines differ from standard version power units as follows:
    • Black magnesium casings: a more appealing look and greater weight savings to help create an even more agile ride.
    • Titanium manifold (with conical cylinder connector - 125 cc only): boosts performance and reduces weight.
    • Profiled clutch discs: ensure clutch precision under all riding conditions.
    • Cylinder with optimized timing charts: brings out the full racing character of the engine without affecting user-friendliness.
    • Cylinder head with specially designed volume and squish (300 cc only): for a further performance boost; what’s more, the red paintwork enhances the ‘factory’ character of this bike.
    • Optimized control unit mappings: ensure excellent low-rev handling without compromising mid-high rev performance.
    • Black anodized engine oil plugs.
    The 300 cc 4-stroke engine on the new EVO Factory MY 2021 features a lighter, even higher-performing titanium silencer and a new electronic control unit. This increases sparking stability (thanks to higher electrical power) and consequently improves combustion throughout the rev range.
    From a design and chassis viewpoint, the new EVO Factory MY 2021 differs from the standard version as follows:
    • Fork with re-calibrated fork hydraulics and compression adjustment: ensures an optimal setting whatever the conditions.
    • Gold anodized machined-from-solid triple clamp: besides reducing weight and increasing stiffness, lets the rider shift the handlebar risers forwards or backwards to adjust bike set-up to perfection.
    • Rear suspension with longer wheelbase and adjustment of both compression and rebound: more progressive hydraulics allows for a more refined set-up that provides benefits in terms of pre-obstacle compression and push-off.
    • Rear suspension with new red spring and revised hydraulic calibration: allows greater control at low speeds, all to the advantage of balance and stability while driving.
    • Rear suspension with new ’spring guide’ geometry: increases high-impact absorption through greater flexibility of the shock absorber plug, which now features a bigger containment space.
    • Linkage progression: even more sensitive and progressive, ensuring better responsiveness and traction.
    • Lanyard-type kill switch: ensures even greater riding safety.
    • Black anodized bar end plugs: protect the grips and throttle.
    • Black anodized chain adjusters: make chain tension adjustments extremely precise.
    • Machined-from-solid foot pegs in non-slip steel: besides clearly improving boot grip, these ensure significant weight reduction.
    • Galfer racing brake discs: deliver more powerful braking, weight savings and a ‘racier’ look.
    • BrakTec brake and clutch pumps: for improved braking modulation.
    • Rear brake caliper with brake pad anti-vibration system.
    • Gold Excel rims.
    • Michelin X-light tires: maximize grip whatever the riding conditions.
    • New look and new decal graphics: the racing spirit of this bike is enhanced by new graphics in the Beta Factory colors of red, white and blue, with gold trims

    I have no real idea who these Yamaha guys are out riding in the Vancouver area - but one could be Ted McDowell and maybe his lad Kirk - - Ted used to be a great Cross Country rider (Alberta) and of course later  proved himself at Trials when he moved to Vancouver - since that time his son has become one of the best at Downhill Mountain biking and has also taken up Trials- - Back in the early 70’s when I used to call on Walt Healy every Saturday morning to discuss Yamaha stuff - Ted’s Dad Ken and a bunch of old cronies would always be there to go for a coffee across the street and have a general BS session with Walt.  -The stories were priceless. I’m glad I was able to listen in to some of them.
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    We don’t often give  our Trials dealers much exposure on our blog - but without doubt Dave Fair living in Victoria on Vancouver Island  - has done a tremendous  job over the years to promote the sport. - It would be “fair” to say that if you live on the Island and need info: on Trials - Call Dave.
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    Yesterday we had a visit from Trystan Hart - he was here to pick up some parts for his Beta Evo. - Trystan as most people  will know is the top Cross Country Racer in Canada at the moment - He is also classed  in the top 3 in the States along with such great Trials riders as Cody Webb.. He told me he is heading South pretty quick to race in another Hard Enduro ( Think he said it was called King of the Motos)