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Friday April 30th 2021

Friday, April 30th, 2021

We had a message from somebody asking what Outlaw TRAILsport was - a  clearing trails type of business??  - Have to say that this person should have known better at his age - or maybe he was just “Spoofing” me - but it has long been a misspelled  word for the general public. - Even my Bank seem to think that we have got the “i” before the “a'’ by mistake Grrrrrrr.

Here is a shot I took of Steve Saunders at the 1992 Scottish - likely one of the worst years for rain, with the creeks all in full flood.- Steve was on an Aprilia that year, and I recall thinking that he didn’t look that comfortable on it compared to the other bikes he rode in his long career. ( He is now doing a fabulous job as the UK TRS Importer)
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This is another Scottish pic showing winner Roy Peplow on the Triumph 200cc cub being watched by an Official as he stops between two white lines marked on the road. - Does anybody know what this was all about? maybe a good quiz for “old timers”

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May be an image of 2 people, motorcycle and text that says 'Dougie Lampkin World Trials Champion Castr Born 17/03/76 Silsden, England.'==========================================>

This message was posted on FB >>
The PNWMA just announced the cancellation of all races prior to September - I’m certainly looking forward to returning to the track once its safe to do so.


Check out this interview with Jonny Walker as he heads into the first race of the season with his new private Beta team.…/jonny-walker-going-it…/


Another call today from somebody looking for Sherco parts - this time a shifter shaft for an Enduro -  we are getting a lot of calls these days for both Gas Gas and Sherco, Enduro bikes - so makes us believe parts are hard to get.     ( We carried Sherco from 1999 - 2011 - Gasser from 1993-2005)


Thursday April 29th 2021

Thursday, April 29th, 2021

This is a nice pic of the Welsh Countryside, which brought back memories  of why I really got hooked on riding Trials-  We would often be on a long loop over the moors, before dropping down into a small village - and it was always a welcome sight to see the houses after struggling across miles of boggy Countryside.
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This is a 1929 Excelsior  hill climber - I remember when I first arrived in Canada back in 1965,  I was told by work mates that Motorcycle Sport was all about doing this with chains on the rear wheel for traction. !!  - So not being very impressed by this aspect ( coming from Europe where Motorcycle sport was completely different) - I decided to take up fishing instead. - However this all changed in 1969 when I joined the Calgary Motorcycle Club and became totally involved with promoting Trials - UK style.

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and one for the ladies >>>

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Great article on John Lampkin in the latest Trial Mag UK:


A neat shot showing Steve Saunders on the Bultaco, notice how close the other riders are, including World Champion Yrjo Vesterinen. - Trials Competition is the only Sport I think  where your main competitors can stand and watch your performance - adding to the stress - it’s a real “Head game”

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Another great pic of the late Dick Mann riding an Ariel in a Vintage Trial   .(pic by Jean Caillou)
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Another sad loss - this time from Alberta, where we just heard that Dean McFadden of Lethbridge has died at age 76.

I got to know Dean quite well in the 1970’s while racing Cross Country in Alberta, and recall one epic scrap we had at the 1976 Moose Mountain Two Day. - Dean was on a 250 Husky while I was on an IT 400  and after the race he told me that he could not believe how quickly I managed to get the big Blue Yam through the trees. - Dean eventually passed me, to finish 5th overall while I was 6th & 3rd open bike. - That was one of the best times I had racing as Dean had such a great sense of humor - at one point on the first day, I was “Bull dogging” the big Yam down a very steep hill leading to the river, when I heard Dean yelling at me for being so cautious ( I won’t say what he said) Anyway - he came sliding past completely out of control - down the slope into the river in a big heap BUT we were both laughing so hard it’s a wonder no other riders managed to get past us.

In later years, while I was still traveling,  we sold a lot of Opti Oil to his Shop in Lethbridge, and we always had a chat remembering old times, I once bought a mint 1974 TY 250 while visiting, Dean said he knew that I would want it and kept it in a corner.

Our condolences go to his family and friends in the Lethbridge Club. RIP buddy.

==========================================> Motorcycle trials in the late 60s


Wednesday April 28th 2021

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

Shelby Turner won again down South just recently - the brilliant Alberta lady should be getting more Publicity than she is (IMHO)
Podcast | Shelby Turner Wins Kenda AMA National Enduro in Louisiana | KTM Canada | Direct Motocross Canada

This is Bernie Shreiber trying out a buddies KTM  in Switzerland - the first time he had been on an enduro bike for about 40 years. - (Still not wearing gloves)

Nice pic of TRS bikes ready to ship out - hope some are on route to Canada
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Video of the Italian Trials Championship Round/


Great shot of Jeff Smith.
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This weekend would normally have been the Pre 65 Scottish 2 Day, but of course like most events this is cancelled for the 2nd year in a row.  The Trial Mag: UK pic shows a BSA Bantam rider struggling on one of the rocky uphill sections. ( I see he’s wearing Wulf boots)
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Birthday greetings today to Kyle Petryshen from Alberta best known in our region perhaps for his  “Snazzy” riding pants at the 2002 Outlaw Trial.  - Kyle spends most of his time these days flying his super trick Airplane.


Tuesday April 27th 2021

Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

This is a pic of me out on one of the first TRS Xtrack models last year - complete with electric start - We forecast  that this model would be a winner, and that is how it’s turned out - the only problem is getting enough of them.

And this was the TRS Team at the Italian Trials Championship - I wonder where the money is coming from?

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here is the much smaller Beta Team.

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And a link to a Beta Enduro video


I’ve mentioned before that used Trials bikes are few and far between, and anything that’s good and priced right goes quickly - Well the Beta Factory 300 that we posted last week lasted just three days before being picked up by a Calgary customer. - His buddy who is an old friend of mine called me asking if I knew of anything on the market, and that’s all it took. - So welcome Cory from Calgary, we hope to see you out on your bike at some point in the future.


More sad news from the World of Motorcycling - Dick Mann has died just one month short of his 87th birthday - Perhaps one of the most famous USA racers, he competed in Flat Track and Road racing, plus the occasional Trial, but really “Bugsy” did it all. Here is a pic of him riding a Trial a few years ago.

(Pic by John Stoodley)
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Monday April 26th 2021

Monday, April 26th, 2021

This pic popped up on FB - it shows the Fantic 240 that I bought back from a customer a couple of years ago. -  We had two of them a few years ago when we were riding the Classic stuff - in fact this is the bike that I rode my very last Trial on at age 70. - It’s leaning against my old Outlaw van that I bought new in 1993 and drove all over Western Canada calling on Dealers. - I retired it when it had over a million KM on the clock and now just use it to store stuff in.

As for the Fantic,  Walter Cukavac from Alberta now has this in his collection.

No photo description available.

Podium at the Italian National Trial showing Beta rider Matteo Grattarolla on the top step.           Jeroni Fajardo took the International Class.
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Meanwhile, British Beta rider Brad Freeman took both days at the Italian Enduro event.

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Taff bought himself a very nice Yam for his birthday, so we may see him doing some back-roading  in BC at some point - Mark ONeill has also bought a big bike to do the same thing - No doubt the Pandemic had a lot to do with this.
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Fantastic shot by Eric Kitchen of Bernie Schreiber winning the Scottish 40 years ago. - Look at the crowds.
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Sunday April 25th 2021

Sunday, April 25th, 2021

With the Pandemic causing a complete shut down of  Motor Cycle  Trials in Canada - perhaps now is the time for folks to practice some techniques in the back yard - Yes even static balancing can be an asset. - While many youngsters look at Toni Bou videos  and all the rock hopping - Remember even he started by practicing the basics. - Interesting that I looked at some of the video clips from the Italian National Round from today and while it was nice to see lots of big steep dirt climbs rather than the usual man made stuff - none of the riders seem to be able to make tight turns without hopping.
Sammy had a whole bunch of training sessions booked but unfortunately the restrictions on travel have shut him down for the time being.  However this can’t last for ever, so if you want to learn from one of the best, watch out for updates on when and where he will be when things ease up.

Note: the pic below shows  Dec Bullock of the UK advertising the schools that he promotes.
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Nice to see these old Newspaper clippings in an age when everything is all electronic.

I took this pic at an Ioco Trial a  couple of years ago - great section - I think the rider is Sparky Bill - at least that is what Steve Day posted.
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Below we see Martin Lampkin on a typical traditional style Trials section from a few years ago, before the sport turned into a Hop & Bop Circus.
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Helmut Klassen has been flooding FB with old ISDE pics - this is one of John Penton in Europe someplace. - Very muddy so likely Austria.
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Video for today Trial Tube - How to get started in Trials! / We Start the Clubman Dream Build Beta EVO 200! This weeks video is a seriously high value video as we have so much crammed into this episode it will make your head spin.From the basics of “what to expect …


Yesterday, I took time to re-grease the wheel bearings on the new Beta SS 300 - it’s something that all new owners should do as none of the factories put enough really good waterproof grease in the bikes. - Same applies to the linkage bearings and the steering head. ( Note the bottom steering head  bearings are about $40 - so well worth the time it takes to do this.  )  - I just wish that the factories would fit grease nipples at these spots. ( Yamaha did this on the TY)

The grease we use is Opti grease which we can’t buy anymore, but any waterproof grease as used in the outboard motor business will do the job.


Cloudy today with rain in the forecast - maybe a good day to watch the golf on the box.


Saturday April 24th 2021

Saturday, April 24th, 2021

This is one bike show that I wish I could attend - Brian was a good friend back in my Trials days riding in the Oswestry area. - His brother Don helped me a lot when I first got into competition and later did a rebuild on one of my Norton’s before Babs & myself went on our long trip to Italy via France and Switzerland, in 1963. - Sadly both are no longer with us. ( Brian died from Covid 19)
May be an image of motorcycle and text that says '2021 MOTORSPORT BIKE SHOW At The Original Ball In memory of Bryan Morris of Llansilin 1939 2020) Sunday 30th May from 10am Including modern, classic and vintage competition motorcycles also vintage and classic road bikes Sports Bikes Motocross Trials Enduro General enquiries Andrew: 07719 925493 Entry reservations and enquiries Pete: 07585 478542 Entries will also be taken on the day'


Nice old Triumph

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and a Norton

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=====================================> Ep 67: Bernie Schreiber - A goal without a plan is just a dream - Part 1 This episode we are chatting with Bernie Schreiber. This is part 1 of a 2 part conversation with the 1979 world champion, 4 time NATC champion, 1982 SSDT winner and an AMA…

=======================================> Motocross (1971)

=======================================> Corduroy Enduro - Day 1 Expert Recap In this scene Pat and Blair recap the battle of the Experts on Day 1 of the Corduroy Enduro. Americans Zach Cleland, Cam Harris and Graham Medas lead the to…


So with the Travel restrictions in BC now in place - it remains to be seen how effective they will be  - I had a call from a Calgary guy on Friday interested in the Beta Evo that is for sale in the Shuwap - but like he said - even if he managed to do a deal on it - he can’t travel to pick it up.

Then there is the May long weekend which always sees a traffic jam heading into the Okanagan from Alberta - How will they control that? - maybe armed guards at the Banff gates/
The OK Valley also attracts a lot of people from the Vancouver area on the long weekend - so there is no doubt that things are going to be both difficult and frustrating, for travelers.

As mentioned previously, the Outlaw Trial has been cancelled for the second year in a row after a continuous run of 33 years.

For everybody wanting to get out and enjoy the great outdoors - please be sensible and social distancing.

Beta demo day happening - but only in Europe - However if YOU are interested in a Beta Trials bike    ( Sorry we don’t sell the Enduro models)   give us a call - we may be able to arrange a “One on One” demo.
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Friday April 23rd 2021

Friday, April 23rd, 2021

This very nice 2015 Beta Evo Factory 300 is for sale due to rider injury -( Shuswap are - no not Ross) it is in really good condition and even comes with the Outlaw rim tapes plus a brand new Michelin rear tire. $6500 will take it - This will likely get grabbed up fast -  call me and I will forward the details (250) 545-6139


This pic just popped up on FB - I know I took it at the WTC National at Summerland, and it’s the top of our famous section ” Devil’s Staircase” - but I don’t recall who the Beta rider is.
No photo description available.


Taff’s birthday today - so have a great day buddy !!  I’m sure it will turn out very “Liquid”

Also Greetings to Felix Belanger in Quebec on his birthday.

I watched my Go Pro footage from Wednesday over on the Westside - turned out really well and shows all the neat trails plus places where I “deeked” off to explore - lots of mud & water.  The end clip shows me riding the creek and shouting at Roy because I was going up the bank where he was standing at the end !! He jumped out of the way ( there was a big hole just before the exit so I needed some speed to get up)


Busy day again yesterday - washed the Beta, plus the van - then Babsy’s car - then it was into household chores again!!  ( How the hell did she manage to do all this for so many years  - I get worn out) - Later Helen our daughter brought over a cooked chicken for supper - she has been really helpful while Babsy is convalescing.


We have heard from Mountain MC that our TRS bikes are finally on a boat - this will go via Panama and arrive in Vancouver around the end of May. - It’s been a very tough year for everybody trying to Import from Europe.


This is a nice shot of a TY 175 - all kitted out with WES Exhaust system - I often think about updating the one we have in the shop, which is in pretty much original condition - but never seem to get to it.

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Thursday April 22nd 2021

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

As promised I took a few pics yesterday, while out for a ride - but it was Roy who took this one of me riding down our gully section for the first time - lots of water rushing down over slippery rocks, but glad to say that I managed a clean on the Super Smooth Beta Evo 300 - It was fantastic to be out in the fresh air after a couple of weeks house-bound, and the weather was gorgeous ( As you can see I’ve taken my jacket off to ride this section)

I had the Go Pro on the bike as usual - so I’m looking forward to seeing some of these clips.

The pic below shows  part of what could be a challenging Expert section that I found while walking around our look-out spot on the Westside. - A very steep side hill  with a large rock step 2/3 up. - Of course there are sections everywhere you look, but most of our time is just spent trail riding and exploring. ( All private land)
No description available.

The flowers are out and everything turning green.

The Lake looking like a Mill pond - absolutely wonderful day to be out.

No description available.

Here is Roy at our lunch stop. Great sandwiches from Butcher Boys in Vernon.

Somebody posted this great old photo of the Calgary Hill Climbers - Walt is there on his famous Indian. - Did you know that Walt once built a glider and tried it out by jumping off the hill at Cochrane !!  unfortunately it came apart and he landed in a heap, but was luckily uninjured.May be an image of 4 people, motorcycle and text that says '1946 Calgary Hillclimb 000 Norm Lewis Walt Healey George Bass Calgary Motorcycle Club (AMA)'


Wednesday April 21st 2021

Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

This is my 2021 Beta Evo 300 SS Demo - which I’ve added a few mods from stock - S3 Titanium header pipe - tether switch - S3  pegs - Outlaw rim tapes. (ongoing)
.As most people know, we usually keep an Evo 200 for a demo - fantastic bikes for most abilities, but with everything being in short supply this year, we elected to bring in this SS model - ( Super-Smooth) - We have sold a few of these in the past,  however never spent much time riding one, but with the low compression head making this a real pussy-cat to kick over, we have to tell you that this bike is a winner. - These mods are very popular in the UK where mud and traction are common problems.  The bad news is that his model is sold out for this year so we are now taking orders for 2022.
Today we get to go out and play for a couple of hours so I’ll take a few pics. - ( Glad to say Babsy is feeling better each day but still needs lots of tender loving care)


If there is one thing that we have noticed during this Pandemic, it’s the number of strange requests we have had over the phone  - people asking for the strangest things. - but of course with bikes in short supply, we have had calls from all  across the Country with people looking to pick up Beta Enduro bikes - From Quebec to Vancouver Island ( We don’t advertise these or sell them) but at least it shows just how many click onto my website.
===========================================> BRITISH SCRAMBLERS BEAT WORLD (27 Aug 1964) Motocross des Nations - and eight nations represented in this year’s event to find the champion scrambling team of the world. Held in a differe…



The B.C. government is extending a ban on social gatherings, events, indoor dining and group fitness activities for adults through the May long weekend.

The current restrictions will now be in place until May 24 at midnight – 12 a.m. May 25.

Flash back to 2017 when Britta picked up her TRS - Because of the Covid 19, we have not seen Max or Britta for over a year. - Britta did well in her early events, before a bad Skiiing accident set her back a bit. - hopefully she is now fully recovered and enjoying life ( not sure if they still live in Lumby)
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Note : There are still people trying to contact me via my cell phone which I only use for emergencies so if you have been trying to call us - please use either email - - or phone (250) 545-6139

Looks like they have a few Trials happening South of the border - but they just posted that so far they have only had 4 riders sign up !!!
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