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Wednesday June 30th 2021

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

As you can see by the pic - it’s the old DOT Motorcycle Factory in the UK - A very popular brand in the 1950’s - But can anyone remember what the   letters DOT stand for??  I’m sure John Kitchener will know.
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How about this for a neat section used in the UK - Northern Classic Trial ??  That would be tough on a modern bike.
No photo description available.


It was so  warm on Tuesday that I needed a  glove on to unlock my shop - the padlock and bolt were burning hot.


How about this wonderful pic of the supercharged 1925 AJS V 4 - way ahead of it’s time and a design that is reputed to have been copied by Honda in later years.
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So how is everybody holding up in this crazy weather?  I had a bike arrive yesterday afternoon when the temperature was +44 - not good for unloading. - I will be in the shop around 5am today to PDI before it gets unbearable.


Tuesday June 29th 2021

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

One of my best memories of working for Yamaha, was being able to walk around the race shop in Richmond BC,  to get up close to Steve Baker’s bikes - They are still the best looking Road Racers as far as I’m concerned, especially dressed in the Canadian Colors. ( All prepared by Bob (Bo) Work.


The ATAQ club held a Trial last weekend, and TRS Dealer, Steve Fotheringham  was out on a nice new bike, taking 1st place in his class.

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Carlos Casas took the Vet Class at the Spanish Championship round last weekend - the popular Spaniard has been a big supporter of the Scottish Six Days for many years, and always brings a large group to the event each year.

The big story as we head into the last week of June, is the blistering heat wave that is blanketing most of Western Canada. - Certainly too hot for this old guy - and a reminder that everywhere is tinder dry, with already some Forest fires in the Valley. - If you do venture out into the woods, be very careful  where you park bikes or vehicles near dry grass. - Spark arrestors are required for riding on all Crown Land, and we do have a few left in stock for the TRS & Beta but  are waiting for another shipment.

May be an image of text that says 'OLD ALL-TIME CANADIAN TEMPERATURE RECORD JULY5. 1937 46.6° BRITISH COLUMBIA LYTTON, THE ALL IME THAT WAS HEWEATHERA TWDRR TEMPERATURE RECORD Sunny 10: 13:37 AM Forecast for Vemon JUN 28 AFT EVE. 30°C 43° 38 Join us on TUE. f 45° theweathernetwork'


For Hockey Fans, the first game of the Stanley Cup final, did not go well for the Canadians, losing 5-1 -We watched some of the game, but I don’t have a lot of interest these days.


We are still unable to send emails, so if you have had difficulty contacting us, please call (250) 545-6139 - We are still able to receive e mails and also use messenger.  ( All this Hi tech stuff is annoying for us old guys)

video from last weekend in the UK

Instagram Couple of little highlights from saturday’s British Championship in Devon 🥇 😜 📸 @swtrials • @trsbikesuk @s3parts @formaboots @hebo.factory @nilsyourbike @the_skybar @the_taphouse @michelinmotorcycle #no2thesamesigns @powell_tim @swtrials @michelinmotorcycle @moto_mac_uk @johnleemotorcyclesworkshop @hillbillynationuk #teammichelin #bike #motorcycle #motorbike #sendit #podium #win #devon #like4likes


Colten Morrison has been practicing back flips lately with a varied amount of success - scary to watch !!

0:04 / 0:14


Monday June 28th 2021

Monday, June 28th, 2021

The picture of the sign that we posted yesterday, promoting Trials Bikes only, by the Puget Sound Club in the USA, has been shared  a number of times on Social media including Trial Mag: UK -  All good of course, but thought I would add that the FIM and other organizing  bodies, should also be promoting the fact that Trials is NOT an Xtreme sport.  - It’s no wonder that so many people get the wrong idea of what the sport is all about.

The pic below is of a happy group of kids at an event in Wales - all about having fun.

Even this shot of Adam Raga, shows an event in the outdoors in natural terrain - the way it should be. (IMHO)

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Toby Martyn (TRS) made it a double header when he  won again on Sunday in Devon.

Welsh lad Iwan Roberts (TRS) looking good on the rocks -.

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And a great shot of Emma Bristow, who just lost out on the tie break for 3rd on Day #2 in Devon - What a brilliant looking section and a fantastic performance by the current Ladies World Champ.

Another great shot from the British Championship - Ben Hemmingway (Beta 4T) on a tricky but natural section.

And a shot of our own Super Lady - Julie Lucas pictured with her Outlaw Beta a few years ago - just popped up on FB - memory.
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Thia is a fantastic shot of Les Graham on the AJS   water cooled V4 Porcupine. - a brilliant rider who was killed when he crashed at the bottom of Bray Hill in the Isle of Man in 1953  - Les was on the new MV Augusta fitted with “Earles forks”  a design which was discontinued after this. ( no idea who took this brilliant photo)
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Another Scorcher of a Sunday was spent out early in the shop, before settling in front of the box to watch the Golf -nice to have the air conditioner on full blast - but sad that Babsy can’t put up with this or fans due to a health issue. ( makes life difficult)

I must say the golf proved interesting, going to a play off which went for 8 holes before Harris English  took the win. I like the fact that Golf is similar to Trials, in as much as it’s a “Head Game”

Glad to say I got to know both of these great “Lads” - Mick of course from my Yamaha days, and Helmut when I did a Cross Canada trip promoting Optimol ( now called Opti) - Helmut was kind enough to take both myself and the Interlube Rep> - across the line to the KTM Importer in Cleveland Ohio - It was neat to visit & meet some of the very good Cross Country riders who worked for the Company - We talked about supplying them with Optimol products for the KTM Team  ( Helmut is a dyed in the wool Optimol believer) -  It never did pan out as the KTM Factory took over things in North America, and actually cancelled their long time promoter Classen Motors, which I thought was a crap deal.  - Helmut continues to ride and is a great guy - ( I think he might be a year older than me) He has won numerous medals in the ISDE and is a real Guru on Euro bikes like Zundapps and Hercules. - He also Imported Ossa at one time. - Oh! yes - He ALWAYS promotes Opti 2 at 100-1 mix.


Sunday June 27th 2021

Sunday, June 27th, 2021

A very good sign which should be posted when dealing with any Government bodies  regarding land use.
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Brad Bullock ( Beta) topped the Trial 2 class at the British Championship  on day one in Devon.

Here is the Podium from the main class at the British Round on Saturday - TRS on the top of the box. No Official results posted yet. But Heath was there, so we can look forward to lots of pics in the coming days.
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Nice T shirt posted on FB - not sure where you can get one.
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Below is a shot of me on a 200 Beta at Summerland some 10 years ago - this section could still take  points from a lot of riders, because they don’t practice cambers!!
No photo description available.

And in Italy Saturday it was once again Team Beta on top at the World Enduro Championship Brad Freeman 1st - Steve Holcombe 2nd.
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I saw somebody had posted  these specs on FB and while they pertain to the TRS brand - they are a good guide for other manufacturers.

Swinging arm-Chassis 40-50
Upper shock absorber fastener 40-50
Lower shock absorber fastener 40-50
Front wheel axle 40-50
Connecting rods 40-50
Handlebar 25-30
Front mudguard bridge 7-10
Muffler 10-15
Rear wheel axle 40-50
Front brake calliper fasteners 25-30
Exhaust pipe fasteners 10-15
Engine fasteners 30-35
Rear brake master cylinder fasteners 7-10
Spark plug 11
Ignition fasteners 7-8
Clutch fasteners 20-25
Cylinder stud fasteners 25
Reed valve fasteners 7-8
Clutch spring fasteners 3-4
Sump fasteners 7-8
Water pump cover fastener 7-8
Clutch cover fasteners 7-8
Flywheel fasteners 40
Ignition cover 7-8
Sump drain plug 12
Starter pedal bolt 12-13
Tornillo del pedal de cambio 7-8
Gear change pedal bolt 12-13
Saw this and could not resist posting - a “Gaggle” of “Spits”
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The pic is from 1928 and shows Jeff Munro after completing a “Round Australia” motorcycle trip - now that must have been really something back then on the old British bike.  - In more modern times Walt Healy did a similar trip ( not quite as long) with his Yamaha Sidecar outfit.  We shipped a special load of Opti oil over for him.
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And Finally the last word today is “SIZZLING” -

Saturday June 26th 2021

Saturday, June 26th, 2021

As it’s been a bit of a TRS week - thought I would post this pic of Jordi & his team ready for the Spanish  Championship event this weekend.
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And did you know that former World Trials Champ Eddie Lejuene now rides a TRS painted up in special trim to match the small bike that he is training his son on.

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Weather continues to be a real “Cooker”  making it tough for people working outside - and of course this old guy was struggling a bit yesterday with an Opti shipment and other stuff to do.


Sorry to  say that we are having no luck with our ‘SEND”   emails - we get the received stuff, so if you want a quick reply - post us your phone number or message us ( that’s working)


I see there is a round of the British Trials Championship this weekend in Devon, - also saw that Alexz Wigg will not be there as he has covid. - shame as he won the T2 class at round #1.


video selection >> VIDEO | Trial Indoor Madrid 2003, primer mundial de Adam Raga VIDEO | Trial Indoor Madrid 2003, primer mundial de Adam Raga, junto a Marc Colomer, Dougie Lampkin o Graham Jarvis


Friday June 25th 2021

Friday, June 25th, 2021

Would you say that Florian looks happy with his new TRS Xtrack? - expression would I think be “Over the Moon” - You can look for much more Trials activity at Revelstoke in the future as Flo and Chris Hrabb build the sport also with Emily helping out and FULL of enthusiasm. The TRS Xtrack model is “Two bikes in one” and can be converted to stripped down Trials trim for competition.
They already have some great new plans, with a new Trials logo and a loop that will be Trials  orientated. At a time when our sport is very much in the doldrums, it’s nice to see these spikes of enthusiasm. AND this is a great area.  Many of our readers will recall that we held  two great WTC National Trials at Revvy.
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And about two hours later Amy came to pick up her Xtrack - Matt and Amy run the Bear Creek trail system, they are Australian and super excited about the Xtrack as a perfect bike for the ladies who want to ride. Yes we will be trying to get down there at some point -I mentioned that I rode all that area a lot back in the 1980’s and in fact hosted the very first Kelowna Club Trial starting just off the  Bear Lake Main. -    It should also be noted that both the TRS bikes that went out on Thursday went with a care package of Opti Oil plus a free  Spark arrestor, all part of what we do to help promote the sport, and keep the woods safe.
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And this is Amy 5 mins after she got back to Bear Creek - she did a 20km loop and messaged us to say that she absolutely, loves the bike.

Open Photo

A Golden Oldie !!  - Stan in Scotland watching Mart checking his bike in.
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The very hot weather is hard on everybody and because of this, I was out working on the TRS shipment at 5 am yesterday - it was a long hard day, but I did manage to  grab a power nap in the afternoon.


Today we have to pick up an Opti shipment  and likely ship off more parts, I’m also fitting in work on the 2003 Sherco that we bought from Barry last week  ( gonna be sweet)


Forgot to mention that my Messenger is working - but  just can’t send any outgoing emails. Shaw were no help when I called yesterday - one of those dumb phone messages passing you from place to place until you get so mad you hang up. Will give Paul a shout today maybe he can solve the problem. - At least my blog is still up and running.

As an old guy I find a lot of this latest hi-tech stuff a real pain.
Finally - Birthday greetings go out to Shane Bridden - we wish him all the best and hope he gets to enjoy a “Cool one” later.

Thursday June 24th 2021

Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Note:   We are having trouble with our email account - and can’t send anything out - We still have incoming posts, but if you need something important - best phone us at (250) 545-6139

Well  !! -  we finally got a couple of TRS bikes in yesterday  - still waiting for more - but at least a couple of people will get to ride this weekend ( if they like the heat)

No description available.


I saw this pic on Face book with the caption Jim lees-Baker - still riding at 84 years old  in the  UK - However it goes on to say that he has now sadly passed away. -( I notice he is also wearing Wulf pants & boots) - So there you go, lots of us old guys still out there enjoying our bikes.
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There were three people who guessed the quiz yesterday,  the picture was of course  of Sammy Miller on a Bultaco  road racer -Harlow -Stan and John Kitchener. - But did you know that Barry Sheene also started his racing career on a Bultaco, sponsored by Bill Webster.


It was nice to get some rain late last night after another scorching day  - something very nice about the smell of the rain coming in through the screen door. - Hopefully, there was no lightning to start forest fires with everything being like tinder.


It’s coming up 7am and I’m waiting for Florian to arrive to pick up this beauty - things are never going to be the same in Revvy!!

Open Photo


video >>> Stix and Stones Qualifier Saturday’s qualifier racer for Stix and Stones. Was super fast and sketch with the shale, loose rocks everywhere. Battled some crazy arm pump since I was fee…

Wednesday June 23rd 2021

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

An old photo that just popped up - taken at a place called “The Sandpit” near Oswestry - the local club used it for Scrambles, and that is a happy group including myself on the far left.
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Quiz for today - who is this Trials rider ?  - Only John Kitchener and Harlow Rankin, correctly guessed the quiz yesterday . ( Agostini - Hailwood - Read - Ivy.)
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A lovely old AJS Trials bike -but too big and heavy for me back in the day.
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So today is supposed to be THE day , when we get some TRS bikes - but the way things have gone this year, I’m not holding my breath. - We are still getting calls from would be buyers, looking for both new and used Trials bikes, including other dealers.


Another “Cooker” in the Valley today - so keeping out of the sun is a “Must” -

We have noticed that our email system is acting up again, so if you have sent us something and not had a reply - try messaging us or phone (250) 545-6139. - We are still waiting for some Beta parts which take longer that our TRS stuff, which we always get  next day, - ironic that we get Wulf gear in 4 days from the UK everytime.


Looking ahead to Revvy!!!! and memories of some sections that we have had there.

No photo description available.

Tuesday June 22nd 2021

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

We will start today with a quiz - can anybody name these famous road racers from the past??? The one on the far right might be difficult for many.
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More Trials in Europe and more podium pics -> Strange that we have seen nothing on the NATC Trial from last weekend except from  Team GG who didn’t do so well. - No idea who won.
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Below >>>
Sammy King back  when he first came over for a holiday and I loaned him a Beta 300 - We went to Summerland and he practiced some very difficult sections , never used in any event.  The only other rider who has ridden this section is Brandon Wince. ( Notice that Sammy has already shortened the rear fender on this new bike!!)  Matt Reading acted as minder for the day- I’m afraid this pic does not do the section justice.
No photo description available.

video Official - Manx 2 Day Trial 2018 - Full Video Final Fabulous video filmed at the 2018 Manx National 2 Day Trial on the Isle of Man. The only National event that covers both the Solo and Sidecar fields on an eq…

and one more >>[0]=AT3jYnbAH-jkz0XEsRjCyg_TGabM66PndWGgFELzZxKi_lQPybzxIORrX9VsZ8soZtDwjdWcusK5SUiIvCMOtulZTWhEQ8W–OLp9u_E-JvszV1mBagjRy6Hlyp2Tz_baLQQipHCJ3Oc-72rYl2aCGvPxYtzVXQbODEcWg7ttnQA_hQn3dSmOqKPKeyO5MuDvwT3438a-mEgTg


Yesterday was HOT and that is how it looks to be for the rest of the week - Momma Bear and myself went into Town to get our 2nd Covid shot - then back home to wait for Ace Courier who never did show up with my tires!!

The forecast is for temperatures in the +30’s  all week, with a blistering +38 for Saturday & Sunday. !!! Sounds like beer drinking weather, not Trials riding.

Monday June 21st 2021

Monday, June 21st, 2021

We hope everybody had an enjoyable “Father’s Day”   - It was a gorgeous day in the Valley, after all the rain, but for a change, I elected to just stay home and relax rather than go riding.

I like watching the Pro Golf and today was another great show at the US open, with Spanish guy John Rahm taking the win, in a very tight final day’s play.  - Perhaps this was perfect justice, as he had to pull out of the match a few weeks ago, when leading by 6 strokes, due to testing positive for covid 19.

So heading into this week, we start off our afternoon getting our 2nd covid shots - and the rest of the week looks like it’s going to be hectic . - more on this as we hear more.


Matteo Gratarolla won the Italian Round at the weekend with other Beta riders also on the podium.  Weather was  very wet.

For our F1 fans.  >>>>

French GP race result

1) Max Verstappen, Red Bull
2) Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
3) Sergio Perez, Red Bull
4) Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes
5) Lando Norris, McLaren
6) Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren
7) Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri
8) Fernando Alonso, Alpine
9) Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin
10) Lance Stroll, Aston Martin


video for today >>

Trials Riding When Stopping Meant A Five! Vintage Trials - Riding with an expert. First attempt at filming a riding lesson with ex USA National Vintage Champion Chris Arnold. Some filming lessons to be learnt but I hope you find it useful.


Here is an early morning pic fro Snowdonia in Wales.

May be an image of mountain, sky and nature

And finally, we have been supplying a bunch of parts to an Alberta customer, who just purchased a used Beta Evo from BC - He wondered why the front brake wasn’t working !!

Open Photo

This bike ( Not sold by us) now requires a new front disc. - Now I think we have seen it all.


Trystan Hart wins tough Silver Creek Enduro - Mario Roman 2nd - Cody Webb 3rd