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Sunday June 20th 2021

Sunday, June 20th, 2021

Saturday we were up in the Shuswap and this time nothing to do with Trials riding - However I had to take a pic of this giant log in the campground where my daughter has her travel trailer parked - maybe Ross will want to zip over and steal this, as his place is not too far along the shoreline.


And here is a nice shot taken by Babsy on our way back, near the junction with the main hiway - boy did we get into some rain when driving back to Vernon.


So today being “Father’s Day” - we would usually be out riding, but not this time - might just kick back & watch the golf ( US Open)


We did receive a nice email when we clicked on the CP late last night - the news from Mountain MC is that our TRS shipment has arrived in Vancouver and so hopefully we will get them sometime this week ( fingers crossed) - this means that I will be busy, as we are also due to get an Opti shipment in as well.!!!


I see that the NATC have a Trial happening this weekend - and also a big Hard Enduro, which Trystan Hart was leading after the first round.. - Also in Enduro news - Laia  Sanz swopped bikes and won the ladies class at the Portuguese Enduro on Saturday. - Beta rider Brad Freeman took the Men’s class.


video for today    >>> Vintage Trials - Riding with an expert. First attempt at filming a riding lesson with ex USA National Vintage Champion Chris Arnold. Some filming lessons to be learnt but I hope you

find it useful.

Saturday June 19th 2021

Saturday, June 19th, 2021

Today is our son Steven’s 54th birthday - hard to believe - and certainly a very long time since I bought him the Steve Baker replica pit bike from Yamaha Canada.( built by Bob Work)  - I wonder if we have any old photographs of those days ?  - His next bike was a new YZ 80 - followed by a TY 175 - then an XT 200 4T which I tricked up for him to get into Cross Country racing -(age 14) - his final bike was an IT 175, on which he was really flying, but a devastating accident in a Kelowna Cross Country left him blinded in one eye, so that was the end of his motorcycle career at age 15.     ( A very tough time for our family, with me in the Motorcycle Industry).

The pic below was taken a few years ago when I took Steve out for a ride at Summerland - amazingly, he still rides quite well with only vision in his one eye, and also had not been on a bike at this point for many, many years. - We are standing in front of the section we called Laggan Rocks at one of our WTC Trials, which is located on the back 40 horse trail - very narrow and quite tricky ( even with perfect vision) but Steve had no problems on my Evo 200. -  We may try to get out tomorrow as a treat for both him and myself.

No description available.
No description available.


We get a lot of calls from parents looking for used Beta 80 Trials bikes - not surprising as these are likely the best in the “Tiddler” class - check out these UK results.
Chris Norman Novice & Beginner Shield Rnd 2 Report | Surrey Youth Trials Club

Novice Class: Jack Holdsworth (Beta), Harry Hawyes (Beta), Daisy-Mai Mitchell (Beta), Blake Miles (Beta) Connor Johnson (Beta), Ella Barron (Beta) all clean, Leon Barron (Beta) 1 mark lost, Riley Maryon (Gas Gas) 2, Bradley Sims (Oset) 2, Josh Carter (Gas Gas) 3, Theo Percy (Beta) 4, Ryan Wiffen (Beta) 4, Ella Chappell-Smith (Beta) 5, Codie Yates (Oset) 9, Barnaby Fraser (Oset) 18, Euan Chappell-Smith (Gas Gas) 112.


We  have seen a number of posts advertising schools on Trials and Enduro - I would just like to pass on the best advice ever to me from Mick Andrews - “Breathe” - most people hold their breath in a section !!!!

Seen on FB no idea who to credit for photo - but it shows Derick Minter, Mike Hailwood and John Hartle - all gone now - All were Road racing legends - I never saw Minter race, but they used to call him “The King of Brands Hatch”  - Hailwood I saw in his first race at Aintree, and later in the Island - John Hartle we used to see at some of our Trials, and I also saw him race the Gilera at Oulton Park. - all Motorcycle Hero’s.

May be a black-and-white image of 4 people


Today I’m off to visit with our daughter who  has a trailer parked up near Scotch Creek - we will celebrate Steve’s birthday before returning tonight - I will take some pics. - weather looks a bit cloudy.


Friday June 18th 2021

Friday, June 18th, 2021

As all our readers know, we have ridden a lot of Trials bikes over the years, both old style and modern - and the changes of models through the 1980’s & 90’s.  - It was an exciting time as things evolved - mono-shock suspension,  electronic ignitions, disc brakes and then water cooling. - We saw how each new aspect was either raved about by the masses, with sales through the roof, or discarded like yesterday’s news.

After the monopoly by Yamaha in the 1980’s with the TY Mono shock -I think the next real eye opener, was the water cooled Beta zero, which Jordi Tarres debuted at the 1989 Scottish ( we were there) - Although this first appearance did not end well when the bike seized due to the rad being plugged by Scottish mud - and certainly the “Nay Sayers ” -all piped up saying that will never catch on !!  We all know how that turned out.

We started selling Beta  in 1993, and have both ridden and promoted them ever since - and like all models, we have pointed out our likes and dislikes, with each year as the Italian Factory models were introduced, - after the Zero, came the  Techno followed by the Rev 3 and then in 2009 the Evo series which is still the current model.

Beta have always kept their updates to a minimum, rather than a complete new model - usually we only see this every 8 years, so yes we are a bit overdue right now, but really there is little to be criticized  on the latest offering - Yes it could do with some updates,  and we can only hope the Factory have been listening .

BUT you may be surprised by my next comment, because I think the latest Evo SS 300 - is just about the perfect bike for the average club rider. - it’s REALLY easy to start, and has a very controllable  range, no sudden zippy power surge, plus the 6 speed tranny means you always have a choice of gears. -

We have always liked to keep things simple for the bikes we sell - we prefer regular mix gas rather than fuel injection, and easy to work on machines for the average customer. - Both the Beta and TRS  fill the bill in this regard. And parts are readily available.
To say that I have been impressed by this Evo SS 300, is perhaps an understatement - but it’s perfectly understandable why this type of model is so popular in the UK.

Of course we have already got a list of people looking to buy our demo in the Fall - but I’m certainly not in a hurry to sell this one - it’s PERFECT.

No description available.


Still on the Beta theme - here is a shot of Chris Hrabb riding one of my Evo 200’s  at a Falun Trial a few years ago. - We love the Evo 200’s and have sold a ton of them since they first came on the market. - Next year we will have a factory version of this bike - but if you want one - better let me know, they will be sold out fast.
No photo description available.


We have picked up another bike to add to the stable -  we sold this new to buddy Pete Brown back in 2003, but he then sold it to Banjo Bobby, because Pete wanted a Sherco 4T ( which I tried desperately to talk him out of) - anyway, Bobby didn’t keep it long and Barry Van As, became the owner and kept it until last week, when we bought it back, as a bit of nostalgia  from when we sold Sherco. - I’m sure Pete would be pleased that his old bike has returned home.
We have done some work on it,  it still needs tires and a few other things , but as you can see, it’s in mint shape, with almost no scratches at all.
No description available.

Although you can’t see it in this pic - on the shelf behind the bike, there is a framed photo of me riding a creek section at Greenstone Mountain, on the very first  1999 Bultaco- in Canada.  -  Later renamed Sherco. - Did you know that the name Sherco is derived from SHERpa and bultaCO - Tessier did this to avoid paying royalties to the Bulto family.   Capitalizing on the famous Bultaco Sherpa T model that ruled the Trials World when introduced by Sammy Miller - was a great Marketing move.

And here is a picturesque spot which we ride by lots of the time in the Okanagan - but this is the first time that I have ever stopped  to take a photo.


Only Walter Cukavac from Spruce Grove AB correctly guessed the quiz of the  Champion pictured on a Trials bike - It was Roger De Coster - Belgium Trials Champ before taking the world by storm in Moto Cross.


Check out this letter sent by CPTA Prez Pierce McNeal.…/an-open-letter-to-mike-redpath


Thursday June 17th 2021

Thursday, June 17th, 2021

This pic popped up on FB - it shows one of the sections we had at the WTC National in Revelstoke - very steep and slippery.  - We hope to be using this area again in the future plus a lot more.
No photo description available.

Another one from the media - an Ossa Cantilever, that looks very much like a copy of the Yamaha that Mick developed, before going back to Ossa for a while - but not even this could save the company.
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I wonder how many people watched the live broadcast from the City of Vancouver chambers yesterday?  Pierce McNeil did a very good job of presenting the case of the CPTA as regards to Ioco - it remains to be seen if this will do any good.


Another nice day in the Valley, as we head into a busy weekend - our Steven’s birthday on Saturday plus Father’s day on Sunday. - Weather forecast is for warm and sunny conditions.

Later today I go for another eye test - always something especially as we get older.


Finally a pic of Heath riding a section in South Wales  - Now this what I call a “Real” trials section.

May be an image of bicycle and nature

=========================================> Trial World Championship TrialGP - Italy Day 1 FULL RACE by MC Carnico Live race transmission Italian GP Day1 by Motoclub Carnico & Federazione Motociclistica Italiana FMI



Wednesday June 16th 2021

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

Click on the pic of CPTA Prez Pierce McNeal to learn more about and join in on the Virtual meeting at 9am today with the Vancouver Parks board, who have just cancelled the club’s lease on the Ioco property.

Pierce Presents
Help save our park access…


Meanwhile the Classic events continue to thrive, and here is a nice shot of all the Fantic’s at the Alvie Estate 2 day event last weekend hosted by John Moffat. ( pic courtesy Jaxx Lawson)
May be an image of dirt bike, motorcycle and outdoors


Here is a pic from one of our Outlaw Vintage events in Alberta, which shows long time enthusiast Steve Richardson on his TY 175. ( pic by Outlaw Dave)
No photo description available.


And just in case you’re wondering what a nice vintage AJS is going for these days in the UK - Here is one for 8,999 pounds Stirling  or approx $15,750.

For Sale AJS 350 Trials £8999.00 | Appleyard Motorcycles

Here is nice pic of  Pete Bustin and his family - they are celebrating graduation day for their eldest son.


I saw this Obit on F/B - and thought I would post as this guy used to ride a few of the same events as myself back in the day, plus he came from Brecon, where we stayed for the 1983 ISDE - who knows he might have even been at the big party that the  Motel put on for the Canadian Team. - There were quite a lot of locals in attendance.. Gwyn Chambers 1934-2021 Words and photos – Mike Davies Trials and Scrambles rider, Gwyn Chambers from Brecon in South Wales passed away on June 1st 2021. Gwyn had ridden a variety of different makes of trials machin…


Quiz for today - can anybody identify this rider ?? ( Hint he was Belgium Trials Champion)
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News from South of the border is that Ryon Young is  no longer with Sherco - having sold his shares in the company. - The post on FB says he plans on carrying on doing his very popular Trials schools .

We supplied Ryon with a Sherco for a couple of the Schools he did in Western Canada, that were organized by Jacek Jablonski. - - Ryon is a very nice guy and does a really good job with the schools , we wish him well.


This is Geoff Duke on the wonderful Gilera 4. - Duke was a many times World Champion in Road racing at a time when riders were getting killed at dangerous tracks in Europe and the Isle of Man. - Geoff was also an accomplished Trials rider, and I was lucky enough to ride in a Time Trial called the Picton  - which he won  riding a factory Ariel colt special. - I also recall that I got to shake his hand at a ODMC Dinner and Awards Presentation when I was just a teenager.  -He later owned a Hotel in the Island, and when he died, the funeral procession did a complete lap of the TT Mountain circuit. ( Not sure who to credit with this superb photograph)
May be an image of outdoors


Your Crash video for today >>>>

and even Toni does it >>>


Tuesday June 15th 2021

Tuesday, June 15th, 2021

Here’s a great pic of Steve Saunders (Fantic) at the Alvie Two Day Classic Trial, where he was the guest of honor.

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The CBC aired a short story on Ioco and the impending loss of this superb Trials area in the lower mainland near Coquitlam. - David Cameron the current CPTA President gave a good presentation  explaining what the ground had been used for during the past 50 years, without any complaints from area residents, and some of the local riders were filmed riding some of the terrain around the parking lot. - Whether this will do any good remains to be seen. but you can click onto this link to see what transpired. ( Note: we have heard that some important points raised were excluded from this tape) CBC NEWS CPTA June 13 2021 CBC at the trials club.



A flashback pic of Ross Pederson from High River Alberta, perhaps the most successful Canadian Moto Cross star ever, with 42 national   wins. - It was in the 1970’s that Bob Work, the race director at Yamaha Motor Canada, asked me to talk to Ross about riding a Yamaha,  and as they say the rest is history.
May be an image of motorcycle and outdoors


Wet weather for the past few days, has been welcome in the Valley, where everything is very dry  - still waiting for our 2021 TRS bikes to arrive - the boat is due into Vancouver on Saturday - I wonder what else can go wrong this year? - Unfortunately, we are not alone with these shipping issues, as the Covid 19 Pandemic has disrupted business all over the World.

The wait is nearly over for our customers waiting for the beautiful TRS Xtrack models - ( We are now taking orders for next year)

News from  Beta Canada is that everything is sold out for this year, so we are looking to 2022 for any more Evo Trials models.

One bright spot on the horizon, is the possible Trial at Revelstoke in the Fall - if it happens, this will be called the Outlaw 2021.

As always, we  urge everyone to keep a check on our daily blog, for all updates.

Monday June 14th 2021

Monday, June 14th, 2021

Well!  the shock win by Fujinami yesterday at the Italian World round, has no doubt been a welcome “Shot in the arm” for our sport.  We have only seen a couple of the video clips so far, but it would appear that many of the sections were more natural, and more like they were when Fuji was in his Prime, so maybe that was a factor.      ( But also a big lesson for other people setting up events)

Mundial Trial día2, podios sin victorias

Not that they didn’t have some big steps, but the video clips I saw, showed only natural terrain - not hand built - it was surprising  to see Toni fail one of these, when he chose a slightly different line on a double uphill step. - But when you consider that he was in hospital a couple of weeks ago with a broken bone in his leg, the fact that he is riding at all is amazing.
The other highlight of this event, was to see the young Brits dominating the junior class, a good sign for the future, and also nice to see Emma bounce back on day #2 in the Women’s class.

However, it is also very noticeable that the top British riders have trouble getting a top ten finish in the Elite Class. - A far cry from when Dougie Lampkin was top dog for so many years.
The rider who seems to be very “Hot or Cold” is Jamie Busto - he struggled again in Italy.

As mentioned, Barry stopped by yesterday for a visit, and he got to see the latest TRS Gold and Beta Evo - but perhaps the biggest surprise for him, was when he was checking over the Gold TRS, and I showed him how it started at the touch of the magic button !! - Like me Barry has a bad knee and can’t start bikes anymore, but it’s unlikely that the new technology will renew his interest in the sport.


A blast from the past - not sure which event this was at, but it shows myself and Aaron Brassard - the bike is a Sherco which we sold from 1999-2011. Taff’s Toy Hauler is at the back.
No photo description available.

Another good shot I got of Sean Bird at the Super Stars a couple of  years ago on the Beta - that was a tricky section.

No photo description available.


Gary Mac had two zero points days at the Alvie Vintage Trial at the weekend riding the beautiful   Triumph cub     ( Borrowed and likely worth about 20 grand) The event is held just 4 miles down the road from where Harry & Wendy McKay live in Aviemore.


Beta are now into MX and had riders in their first event at the weekend held in Russia - check out the crowds. - I don’t see any masks.!
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Another Beta memory and another brilliant Evo 200,

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Sunday June 13th 2021

Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Here is a pic of Barry & myself yesterday when he stopped in for a visit - We have not seen him for about 10 years.

May be an image of 1 person and outdoors

IOCO News. Motorcycle club ousted out of popular Metro Vancouver park | CBC News The Canada Pacific Trials Association has been using and maintaining trails in the Belcarra and Ioco area since 1971. Metro Vancouver Parks has refused to renew their lease.


Adam Raga (TRS)  lost out for the win by just one point at the first 2021 World Round in Italy on Saturday - And a great ride by Matteo Gratarolla  ( Beta) to finish 3rd, beating out top riders like Busto and Fajardo.

May be an image of 2 people and people standing


Here is a nice shot of a Fantic rider at the Scottish Classic Trial - Steve Saunders had a Stator failure on his Fantic  but hopes to get it running for the Sunday Trial.

May be an image of 2 people, people standing, motorcycle and outdoors


News from the World Trial in Italy -  Emma Bristow wins on Day #2 and below the 125 class is dominated by British riders .

May be an image of text that says '10:20 Sun Jun × LIVE Italy Main 2021 HERTZ TRIAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP www.trialgp- Charade Andorra Trial125 France � 63% 311 Spain TURNER Harry (GBR) Scorpa Portugal 304 S7 DANCE Gas Standings (GBR) S10 S12 373 Sc TIME SCORE HEMINGWAY Harry (GBR) Beta TIME EXTRA TOTAL S10 S11 303 SC TIME S7 (GBR) DIGNAN Vertigo V. TIME EXTRA S10 S11 SC TIME SCORE TIME EXTRA TOTAL TIME SCORE TIME EXTRA'


And this is a surprise in the top class - Well done Fuji.

May be an image of motorcycle

No photo description available.


May be an image of text that says 'TRIALGP ITALY RND 12/13 JUNE RESULTS TRIAL2 1 2 3 TOBY MARTYN JACK PEACE 20 pt 20pt pt 20 ANIOL GELABERT 32 pt SONDRE HAGA 36 pt PABLO SUAREZ GIANLUCA TOURNOUR 36 pt Results are povisional and awating FIM approval 38 pt 5 6 7 8 9 10 LORENZO GANDOLA TRIALGP. TRIAL 42 pt Hertz HUGO DUFRESE 46 pt ARNAU FARRE 47 ALEXANDRE FERRER 49 pt'

Saturday June 12th 2021

Saturday, June 12th, 2021

The weekend is here, and a couple of big Trials events happening in Europe - The Highland Classic in Scotland and the World Trial in Italy. - the Scottish event will feature lots of old neat bikes and also the Natural sections that are popular with many riders. - The World Round in Italy will likely have the usual crazy sections that seem to be the norm these days - hopefully nobody gets hurt. ( Although at least a couple of very good riders will not compete as they are on the injured list)

It will be interesting to see how Laia Sanz does in her return to Trials, the former ladies World Champion is big and strong, but she will need to be good to beat the current Champ Emma Bristow, who looks to be very smooth in the practice videos.

At least it would appear they have some natural riverbed rock sections

May be an image of 1 person, standing, outdoors and tree

Day #1 scores.

May be an image of text that says '16:30 Jun LIVE Italy Charade Andorra TrialGP France Spain Trial2 Portugal G Trial125 TRIAL125 Standings TRIAL 125 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POS TrialGP Women RIDER/MOTORCYCLE CLASS Trial2 Women Hertz TRIALGP ITALIAN TRIALGP- RND DAY 12-13/06/21 TRIAL 125 RESULTS- 315/2 PROVISIONAL FINAL CLASSIFICATION 12/06/2021 NAT/FMN Time Schedule David Entry List TRIAL125 TURNER Harry TRIAL125 TRIAL125 BEREITERRodney TRIAL125 CANALS TRIAL125 TRIAL125 TRIAL125 BRUNISSO Giacomo TRIAL125 TALENI Audry TRIAL125 ROSSI Enzo 4:01:19'May be an image of text that says '16:29 Jun LIVE Italy Charade Andorra France Spain Round Portugal 28% TrialGP ITALIAN TRIALGP (TOLMEZZO)- DAY Trial2 Standings TRIALG Trial125 TRIAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POS Women ITALIAN TRIALGP- Trial2 Women PROVISIONAL FINAL CLASSIFICATION Hertz TRIALGP 12-13/06/21 TRIALGP RESULTS 302/3 12/06/2021- REPSOL TEAM TRIALGP Adam Time Schedule TRIALGP PAGE1 TOTAL 4:21:48 Es List TRIALGP TRIALGP FUJINAMI TRIALGP OURA DNF CASALES TRIALGP 2:37:45'


Now here is a real Classic - Bill Barough always rode a DOT but this is a really old one - he was always easy to pick out by his helmet with circles on it.
May be an image of motorcycle


A nice old Greeves ridden last weekend in the Ontario Vintage Trial .
No photo description available.


Friday was another interesting day with a visit from Andrew James to pick up some parts for his TRS - we haven’t seen  Andrew for at least a year, and he told me he has had a couple of nasty falls, which have caused him problems with his neck. -

Later we had Sven from Sparwood stop by to pick up parts for his Beta Evo that he just bought from a guy I sold it to in 2015 - the bike was immaculate with virtually no hours on it, a real gem, so all he needed was a shifter and a spare filter. - plus he picked up a pair of boots.


Sunshine today and we are expecting a visit from our old buddy Barry Van As - who we have not seen for about 8-10 years - I will post more on this for tomorrow.


Friday June 11th 2021

Friday, June 11th, 2021

We have posted this pic of Sammy before - it took a lot of courage to drop off big walls like that on the old bikes, when brakes were poor. - I used to practice at a local spot on the outskirts of Calgary back in the early 70’s, which had such a wall. - It took a very long time before I finally had the nerve to ride it -                           I had a  de-compressor on my Sherpa T which helped  but it was definitely a scary moment - I was also by myself ( not a good idea) - Of course these days there would be people all round taking video on their phones!!
May be an image of motorcycle and outdoors


I was chatting  with somebody the other day, about the History of Trials and how both the sport and the bikes have changed. - ( Not for the better in many ways)   - One aspect of this conversation was in regard to the mistaken belief that modern Trials bikes are easy to ride and great for people to learn on!!  -

Well! I can tell you that putting a newbie on a modern 300 is a bit like putting them on a bucking bronco, at the Calgary Stampede.
The fact is that the latest, light, very powerful bikes, accelerate  so quickly, that any new rider can soon find themselves sitting on the ground, while the bike goes flying off into the distance. - It is maybe a North American thing, that people think they need a big bore, when in fact the small capacity bikes, are by far easier to ride.
Perhaps the best thing fitted to most of the new bikes these days, is the Tether switch, a safety device that can cut out the motor and save big dollars caused by run-a-way machines.

Naturally, the best place to buy and learn about the sport, is with a Trials dealer,  as these are usually riders themselves and understand just how quick these bikes are, plus they know what is the best size machine for the first time Trials rider.
I guess one of the big problems, is the perception  by many people, that Trials bikes are just “Phoo-phoo” bikes  and unfortunately without the proper instruction, many new customers end up scaring themselves to death and sell the bike very quickly.

Because of this, we always recommend taking a Learn -to -ride course, with somebody like Sammy King, or at least go out with somebody experienced who can teach the “baby steps” required to enjoy both the new Trials bike and the great outdoors.

The fact is, Trials bikes used to sell in far greater numbers when they had a seat, simply because a large percentage were just used as trail bikes, and yes back then, the bikes were way more docile than they are now.

The general public have never really understood what Trials bikes are all about - and the ones looking for that easy to ride trail-bike  have been wooed, by the new Enduro bikes with electric start and after-market clutches.

It was only when many of the World Trials stars switched to Enduro and won just about everything, that Trials bikes and Trials techniques got renewed attention, the racer crowd began to buy used Trials bikes to learn how to ride, difficult obstacles and terrain, something that Trials riders have been doing since the turn of the Century.

This had many people commenting ” Trials is booming isn’t it?” - Sadly this is not the case at all, and as long as the sport is viewed on U tube and other media outlets as a stunt show - bike sales will remain small. (IMHO)
This past season, we have noticed a large interest in the new TRS Xtrack model, especially as it now comes with an electric start - we are not at all surprised by this, as these bikes fill the gap between the Competition only, stripped down models, and the Enduro bikes which are much taller and heavier.

It remains to be seen how Canadian Trials will move ahead when this Pandemic is over - but one thing is for sure, we are in a very small specialized market - The Japanese found that out to their cost in the 1970’s.

The good thing, is that Trials riders are probably more passionate about their sport than most - they don’t really care if few people understand it.

Still on the new bike theme - as most people have noticed - the prices on the new Trials bikes have sky-rocketed over the past few years - check out the  UK advert below for a reality check.

May be an image of motorcycle and text


And a pic to whet the appetite of all my Xtrack customers. This one taken in Italy.
May be an image of motorcycle and mountain