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Saturday September 25th 2021

Saturday, September 25th, 2021

This is Steve Troupe who is enjoying a return to Classic Trials in Ontario - Here he is on his 125 Honda TL - first introduced in 1973 - I was invited to test ride back then, but found them very much under powered.

The Importer in Vancouver at that time was Clarke Symkins   if my memory serves me correct - they sponsored Peter Smith  who had good success on a bored out 150cc version.
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Also in the Classic mode - Dave Butler rode his old Greeves at the Corduroy and won an award for the oldest bike - Dave is the longtime Beta and TRS dealer for that area.

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The CPTA had a Trial last weekend which was won by Sean Bird (Scorpa) - Don Doerksen sent us the results, but I can’t seem to re-post them  ( I’m not too CP savvy) - I can however forward via email to anybody interested.

The Club also have their annual Classic Trial this Sunday at Ioco - details on their website.


The DOT was a very popular bike back in the 1950’s, being used in both Trials and Scrambles - this is an early version with a European engine, but these were soon replaced by the Villiers units.


Team Beta are already for the last World Enduro this weekend in Italy - This is Steve Holcombe’s bike - beauty.

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Check out this fall by Adam Raga - those rocks were slick. Watch this reel by adamraga on Instagram


For our aircraft fans - this shows a De Haviland  Rapide in the foreground ( I think)  , but what caught my eye was the Fox Moth in the top of the pic - this was a cabin version of the famous Tiger Moth, used as a trainer for the RAF - It was also in one of these that I had my first flight, a guy was giving joy rides at a seaside resort in the UK, taking off from the beach. It was quite the thrill for a young lad.
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Friday September 24th 2021

Friday, September 24th, 2021

We are posting this as we have mentioned in earlier blogs - Bob and myself have worked together to promote Trials in Canada for many years. - His expertise in hosting both Trials Canada and the WTC site - have been perhaps overlooked by many.  - Obviously - we wish him well in his retirement.

An Announcement from the Editor

I first started as an effort to put all the news and information about our sport into one place, hoping that it would have a beneficial effect on this sport of moto-trials. I’ve competed in trials at various stages of my life, for a total of close to thirty years. I got a lot of pleasure from the sport, and this website was my effort to put something back into it.

As editor of this online trials magazine since February, 2003, I’ve been noticing that many of the ideas we’ve been advocating seem to be coming to fruition. I’m thinking of the CMA’s willingness to accept the MCC as a partner in the organization of our sport, and for the MCC to go ahead and take their part in this effort. Now that the MCC has taken on a considerable part of the funding for this year’s Trials Des Nations team, it seems that these goals have been largely achieved.

My next birthday will mark the nineteenth anniversary of, and I’ll be celebrating my eightieth - all in all a good time pull the plug. It’s my understanding that the MCC has plans to create and administer a new Canadian trials website, so the need for will cease to exist.

It has been an enjoyable nineteen years; I’ve really enjoyed being in touch with so many trials folks across the country.

With the onset of the COVID pandemic last year, and the resulting reduction in trials acvtivities, I stopped billing for the advertising on It’s been about two-and-a-half years since I did any invoicing - another indication that it might be time for me to retire from the website business!

I do believe that this website has a unique record of Canadian trials events over the past nineteen years - the results of just about every trial in Canada over that period of time are included on the site. So I plan to leave it online for a while, just in case anyone wants to refer to the information there. But I won’t be adding any more news.

It’s been fun - all the very best to everyone who has followed our little trials website over the years.

Bob Johns


A few more events are now being organized - this one at Bear Creek - I remember riding with Alf Klassen a few times when we still lived in Kelowna, a nice guy, and I was not aware that he had passed on.
May be an image of ‎motorcycle, dirt bike and ‎text that says '‎FAMILY RIDE 2021 ocT2&3 MEMORY OF ALF KLASSEN KLASSEN PRIZES!! LUNCH LUNCH & RIDERS OF ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME! BBQ 10:00 CHECK IN AT ASPEN COVID PROTOCOLS IN PLACE MUST PRE REGISTER for MARKED A, B, c ROUTES SaturdayO Sunday TRAIL PASS, 96 MAX Db SPARK ARRESTOR REQUIRED Vallogifaspt To register email Heather Okanagan RIDERS TRAIL Association KELOWNA زاد‎'‎‎


Nice to see Toby Martyn getting some good press in the UK.

I have copied these links from the Trials Canada site before it shuts down, readers can store them for reference.

Thursday September 23rd 2021

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

While browsing  through some of the latest releases on new models etc, it reminded me of how important a “Name” is. - For example when  at a Yamaha meeting many years ago - we were being shown a new scooter up on a screen for the upcoming season, with the Japanese staff, doing the commentary - it was announced as the all new Signus!! - After the presentation, we were asked what we thought of this exciting new model. - When it came time for me to respond, I said well it looks good, but the name needs to change - because in the advertisement it sounded like it was being called “The Sickness”

Over the years, I think a lot of models might have benefited   from a rethink on the names. - For example the “Vertigo” seems to be a strange name for a Balance sport motorcycle when it means a ” Fear of heights” - as is the latest model they just introduced being called “The Nitro” - does it blow up?  - Obviously there are many other strange choices with other brands and maybe it’s just me that thinks this way, however, in the case of the Yamaha Scooter - the name was changed and it sold very well. !!!

I’m sure this post might spark a response from others, who either like or dislike model names - I always thought the “Sherpa T” designation for the Bultaco Trials bike was very appropriate , as it relates to climbing in the Mountains.

Of course there is always the opposite, and this might be a good example of that - the BSA ‘Bantam”  one of the best selling bikes of the 1950’s. -

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Here is a nice shot of Amy’s TRS Xtrack out yesterday at Bear Creek - Amy loves  this bike as it lets her go anywhere to explore the many trails in the area. - We still have one of these left if you would like to join Amy.


We have had a couple of calls asking about the upcoming Trial  on the Thanksgiving long weekend - and yes, this is still on although we are observing all Covid 19 rules, and not advertising this on Social media. - If you wish to know further details please read the blog or email me for directions. ( The Thankgiving Trial is on Saturday Oct 9th - the Brown Memorial on Sunday October 10th.- location Ross Rathbone Property - Magna Bay)
Any changes will be  posted here. UPDATE :  - Camping available (free) - Entry Fee $40 per day or $50 for 2 days)  Note this covers Insurance and free Saturday night Supper.

Wednesday September 22nd 2021

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Here’s one for all you Enduro enthusiasts - another long time running event in Ontario, Blair Sharpless and his team do a great job on this. -

Also this weekend is a Hare Scramble at Castlegar  BC  - some of our Vernon lads will be going to that.  - I remember the days when we had a Trial in Fruitvale and also Grand Forks - a bunch of us from the Kelowna area would go down.  We also did some riding at Midway when Gord lived there  - plus we put on a Trials demo one weekend for him - when the temperature reached over +40 -  Jimmy Corkle and a few of us had our lawn chairs in the Kettle River along with a cooler of beer to cool off after the event - and yes I even rode that one on a Beta Rev 3. -

I see they also have a Devil’s Staircase in the Corduroy - the original section by this name was of course in the Scottish Six Days Trial, although no longer used except on a daily route. - Pete Brown and myself also built a section at Summerland, which we called this - one of the best we found and where we have small plaques to remember both Adrian and Peter Brown.

May be an image of outdoors, tree and text that says 'The DEVIL'S STAIRCASE (MK III)'May be an image of dirt bike, motorcycle, outdoors and text


Today I have put a face to the person who did 90% of the work for WTC - Bob Johns - Bob rode trials in the UK and also later in Canada, - Together with his brother John, they lived in the South of England and from what I have learned they liked to ride the big British 4 Strokes.

I first met Bob at an ATRA  Trial  many years ago when he was competing - then much later we combined with the organization of the WTC, after I got the call from WEC in Ontario - At that point Bob had moved to the Island and rode a TL 250 Honda, but in addition, Bob always played music with a local group. - An accomplished writer, Bob also published a children’s  book, which my Grand daughter still has in her collection.
Behind the scenes, we have shared many ideas on what way Canadian Trials could or should progress, and some did work out. - Bob has managed the Trials Canada website for many years, but I think this might soon come to an end. - Bob also did the WTC website - both English and French. - did I mention that all of this was done for FREE. - These Days Bob is having some success with his music. - We wish him well and thank him for his contributions to Trials in Canada.
A Rock and Roll Prayer


video for today  >>>> British World Round 1982 VIDEO | Bou, Marquez, Lampkin, Raga, Tarrés y más pilotos despiden a Takahisa Fujinami tras su retirada profesional Emotivo vídeo de despedida a Takahisa Fujinami tras su retirada como piloto profesional de trial en el campeonato del mundo


Tuesday September 21st 2021

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

If you want one - we have one - give us a call- 2 bikes in one - Trial & Trail with electric start.
Outlaw main page images


So last night I watched a Political show on TV - No not the Canadian fiasco - but the “House of Cards” on Netflicks - It is an older popular series about US Politics and I found each segment really captivating. - I guess reality returns today when we continue with our Turdo BS.


Weather is very much like Fall   with cool mornings, but sunny afternoons a great time for riding - Andrew Christiansen stopped by yesterday to pick up some Opti for his Yamaha and said he was out on Sunday with a group who put on around 70km in the Vernon area.

I know a few Trials guys were also out at Summerland on the old Outlaw loop. Must have been fabulous.


We had a call from Beta Canada to say we will be getting a 2022 Evo 200   next month - that’s if the shipping details all go according to plan - This is not Pre-sold - so if you want it - better shout up.


Finally a great pic of Bernie Schreiber winning his final British World Championship  round on the SWM

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Emily was out having fun at Bear Creek with her friends on her birthday - but not on a Trials bike.

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Monday September 20th 2021

Monday, September 20th, 2021

Never in Doubt - Spain win the TDN again both Men and Women.

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And Goodbye from Fugigas - he retires from World competition - so who will take his place on the Factory Honda Team?

Team Canada all on Beta - They finished in 12th spot.
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TRS Take Constructors Championship for 2nd year in a row.
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Sunday we spent a lot of time watching the TDN from Portugal filmed by the Jitsie crew. - some tough sections especially for the main men’s class - We saw only Toby Martyn make it up one vertical wall out of a Creek. - We also noticed one of the Italian Beta Team had a different muffler on the bike!!! ( not Stock)

Beta Also had some great results, with the Ladies Champion in Trial 2.

Regarding the TrialGP Championship, the most relevant news of the weekend was certainly the victory of the race and the Championship for Andrea Sofia Rabino in the Trial2 Women Class, congratulations to the World Champion Andrea Sofia from all Betamotor staff!


Sunday September 19th 2021

Sunday, September 19th, 2021


Tony Bou- Toby Martyn and Laia Sanz -  - other classes  will be posted when we find the results.
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May be an image of text that says 'TRIALGP PORTUGALI 1 RND 16/19 SEPTEMBER 2 3 STANDINGS TRIAL2 TOBY MARTYN JACK PEACE 149 pt 135 pt ANIOL GELABERT 127 pt LORENZO GANDOLA 116pt SONDRE HAGA 96 pt Standings are provisional and awating FIM approval ALEXANDRE FERRER 87 pt 5 6 7 8 9 10 TRIALGP. 82 pt Hertz PABLO SUAREZ ARNAU FARRE GIANLUCA COURNOU 70 pt 55 BILLY GREEN 54 pt'

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Today is the Trial Des Nations which will of course be won again by Spain unless there is a big upset.


Caption this great shot of Sammy.
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Happy birthday greetings go out today to Emily - Always smiling !!

Open Photo


Saturday September 18th 2021

Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Well! it appears  the Fall weather is here in the Valley - Thursday I was in shorts - Friday - ready to dig out my long johns.!!

Today is the  final round on the 2021 World Trials Schedule - Although Toni Bou will wrap up another title - the Ladies  class is still up for grabs between current Champ Emma Bristow (Sherco) from the UK and  Laia Sanz (GG) from Spain - who made a return to the sport this year after competing in other events like the Dakar Rally. - The Trial 2 class, is also still close, with Toby Martyn (TRS) leading and this should be a good battle.

UPDATE - Video from this event now showing on U tube at 5am Pacific Time..
The following day it’s the start of the TDN or Trial des Nations, with a Canadian Team entered this year.  - As people who follow my blog on a regular basis know - I have felt that riders from any Country who enter International Competitions, should have the full backing of the Country they represent, and not struggle to pay the huge costs out of their own pocket. -

Did you know that in 1983 when the Canadian  Silver Vase Team finished 2nd in the World and won the Watling Trophy - we had no money to buy gas for the bikes on Thursday !! - so Pat Horan, myself a Jack Hunt from Torvan Accessories, threw 100 pounds each into the pot.!!! that has been the case for decades at this level and unfortunately it has also been a case of those with the money, rather than the best ability have represented the Country.

So Kudus this year to both the CMA and the MCC who joined together, and have come up with a total of $10,000.00 -  plus Beta Canada and other sponsors have chipped in. - The main man behind this project is Michael Traves,  from Nova Scotia, who has been working behind the scenes to try and form a Canada wide Trials Committee to improve the overall promotion of our sport.  We hope this all works out long term.
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Yesterday we mentioned Stevie Baker - Here are a couple of large posters, on my shop  wall.

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I mentioned in my report ( I think) that the Revvy Trial was really dusty after the dry spell - this is what the Beta Air Filter looked like after Emily’s ride. - However the Opti Filter oil and grease kept any dirt from getting through. The inside of the airbox was super clean.
The moral for posting this - is ALWAYS check your airfilter - on every bike - We always suggest owners wash the dirty filter in warm dish soap water - then either blow dry or leave out in the sun etc -

However it is also really important to not over oil the clean filter, and also leave the oiled filter out on the bench overnight as filter oil has a type of tackifier in it which needs to “Set up” - if you put the filter back in straight away - the oil will drain to the bottom of the filter.  - We usually have a clean spare filter ready to fit.
The small lid on the Beta Evo cover, makes this operation very easy to do. - For really wet conditions, it’s also a good idea to check out the preparations that Beta UK’s John Lampkin suggests for the Scottish Six Days.Open Photo


Thursday September 2nd 2021

Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

UPDATE - Anybody planning on riding at Revvy - if possible - please  confirm by email  to me - at - indicating status - RE COVID VACCINATION - - THIS IS IMPORTANT AS NUMBERS ARE LIMITED.. - ( A simple Yes or No is all that’s required)
Please read —->

If you want to ride - you have to follow the rules - we can’t afford to jeopardize our future at this great location. - Contact me by email or landline (250) 545-6139 - Note we DO NOT USE OUR CELL. -

Open Photo

Can anybody identify this  TRS Trials rider - Hint he is a current Top Moto GP rider.


Another shot of Kevin Swantz having fun with the TRS Crew - Yes he can ride a Trials bike !!! -

Note : Back  in the 1950’s - British riders ruled supreme at most aspects of Motorcycle sport - because they rode everything, but perhaps the best learning curve, was riding Trials. - This taught throttle control and the ability to find grip on slippery surfaces either mud, or wet grass and paved road circuits.

In later years each sport became very specialized with riders only competing in their chosen field - However,  the Trials rider adapted and excelled in all of these, including of course the ISDT ( Called a Trial back then) -

You only have to check some of the early racing in the USA to see that riders like the great late Dick Mann - rode Trials. Flat track   and road racing. - And in recent times ALL the hard Enduros are being won by Ex Trials riders.

So what is it that makes going slow, translate to winning at high speed ?  - Not an easy question to answer, but perhaps it’s the ability to have the “Feel” of the Tires, and to be able to pick a line. -

Trials might not be for everyone - but there is no better way to learn Motorcycle Control.
I’ve often coached newbies by saying “Think” before you let the clutch out ” know exactly where you are going”
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Ah yes - only in England - Love the old signs.
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Both of these riders are English, although one calls Canada home - which is it?

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Wednesday Sepember 1st 2021

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

OK the news we have all been waiting for - The Outlaw Trial is a go at Revelstoke on Saturday September 11th!!

That is assuming we do not have any more disasters before then -  Please note numbers are limited - further news will be forthcoming in the next few days.

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The pic below is one I took of Tino at the WTC National which we held at the Revvy location a few years ago -and yes this quarry will be in use again. - The plan is to have one long loop with a separate one for juniors. - Florian and Chris have been hard at work trying to make this happen, so we are looking forward to it. - The riders meeting is slated for 8.30-9am on the Saturday with the event starting from the Club grounds approx  3 km past the turning for the Glacier Lodge.  - Any questions can be forwarded to me at - -  as I’m more likely to be available.

No description available.

A rare pic of former Moto GP rider Kevin Shwantz having a day out with Jordi


More good news - we had quite a lot of rain yesterday - with more showers in the forecast.


Video with a report from the ISDE 2021 ISDE: Day 2 highlights – Italy keeps its winning streak alive in World and Junior Trophy classes while USA remains untouchable in Women’s World Trophy division Day two video highlights from the 95th edition of the International Six Days Enduro in Italy where we saw another dominant performance from the Italians in World Trophy and Junior World Trophy as USA extends its lead to over five minutes in the Women’s World Trophy class.

UPDATE:   Sad news from the ISDE a Dutch rider has died.