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Saturday October 16th 2021

Saturday, October 16th, 2021

STOP PRESS - Jack Price wins the Scott Trial.

Don’t forget the Scott Trial is on live video today - filmed by the Jitsie crew on U Tube.  - I’m up bright and early (3am) and have just clicked on what is the first time for a live broadcast of this famous event from Yorkshire - 11 am UK time -  Woody Hole a well known rider from the past,  has just introduced a few of the riders including two previous winners, James Dabill and Dougie Lampkin - plus Woody introduced his son who is riding in his very first Scott Trial - Woody’s quick comment to him was good luck, and remember, you have to do better than 4th place - which was Woody’s best performance   back when he was riding. -

The first ones are away down the field from the start on what looks to be a great day weather-wise . Hope you all click on to share this unique experience. - It will be a very long 7 or 8 hour day for most. - and if they finish !! They get a Silver tea spoon for their efforts. ( Watch for more updates during the day)

UPDATE at 8 50 am our time -  A few of  the riders have finished in good time - James Dabill ( Beta)  Jack Price ( Vertigo) Jon Richardson ( Mont) Billy Green (Scorpa) - he was first man to finish - Dougie Lampkin had not come in when the video concluded and the story was many had run out of gas. - Ross Danby (TRS) - Richard Sadler ( Scorpa)  also in. - Watch for more updates later.
This is the only pic I managed to grab of  Taff at Scotch Creek - I have a funny story to tell about how he ended up with that Evo 250 -  Back a few years, we were at the Super Stars at Ioco and after competing in the morning - Taff was drafted into checking duties for the afternoon riders.   - He had parked his older Evo 250 near my Outlaw van  which we had set up with a bunch of gear on sale, plus a couple of  brand new Beta.’s

While I was sitting there relaxing, a local lad came by and started to look over the bikes - he asked if Taff’s used one was for sale - sure I said and after a few minutes the deal was done and I had the money. - Taff returns from his checking duties, and I tell him - “By the way, I’ve sold your bike - you are on the new bike tomorrow!!!” -  I should have taken a pic of his face - it was priceless.  - He still has that bike, still running flawless. - AND he is still winning on it.
No description available.


Answer to yesterday’s quiz # 13 is Gille Burgat - both Cam Whiffing and Brett Clark got it. - plus Harlow added to the list, he also mentioned that Burgat still rides the Scottish Six Days Trial every year.


video for today Rocktober Arden 2021 Trials Event Lots of rain during the event, these guys are all Pro and had a hard time getting a clean section.Music By Carbon Citizen


Friday October 15th 2021

Friday, October 15th, 2021

Good Golly Miss Molly !! - The month is half over and we are only just getting the chance to ride our bikes!!  - My neighbor  was out fitting the chains to his tractor yesterday a sure sign that snow clearing is on the horizon.

Although we try to keep this blog Trials for the most part - I do admit to having a love for other aspects of the sport ( plus Spitfires!!)  - Check out this shot of road racing in Ireland  ( Joey Dunlop Country)  - as a Photo Journalist, I know the Photographer  used a long lens to capture this image, which makes the riders look closer than they really are, but only a tiny bit - the Irish Road racers are the best in the World.  ( Did I mention that I was going road racing when I was 18 ? I had a Ducati 125 on order - but a family tragedy put a stop to my dream)May be an image of motorcycle and road


Nice to see old friends getting back into Trials with the boom in Classic events in Europe - Yes they spend a fortune on “Tricking up” the old twin shocks, but if they can afford to do it and are having fun - why not?

quiz - Who can name the rider with #13 on his vest?
May be an image of 3 people, including Gilles Burgat, people standing, motorcycle and outdoors


This one just popped up on FB - I took this shot of Sammy riding our Beta  at the WTC National at Revelstoke - he is being watched by Brandon Wince on another Outlaw Beta and Todd Nordstrom - Sammy is wearing our Wulf Gear and Gara boots which we sold before they shut down. - That might be Tino’s arm on the left, with the hand showing a clean ride so far.

No description available.

video for today   >> Scott Trial 2013 StevesBikes presents - Another fantastic and well organised Scott Trial by the Richmond Motor Club (Yorkshire).A grey misty start to the day, which was to li…

Remember - Jitsie are doing a live video from the Scott tomorrow on Utube - check it out - and others they have done, including great ones with Dougie riding with his lad Alfie at the  Santigosa 3 day. -  plus at the 2019 Scottish - obviously a bit of a commercial for Vertigo, but still well worth watching.  You will notice how the top riders seem to float through the Rocky sections - very, very, smooth.

Yesterday I was over on the Westside again to visit Roy - a chance to get out on the TRS Xtrack now in it’s Trials trim. - We went exploring again - taking the Fire Break  the other way from last time - this has certainly opened things up for the ATV crowd - but it was still interesting to see how they cut it really close to the houses  up above where Roy lives. - Fortunately no sign of burned up trees.

It was a thrill to get out on my TRS Xtrack all slimmed down in Trials Trim. ( Yes I love this bike in either mode)

You can see the hint of winter snow up high.

Roy enjoying his afternoon ride on his Evo 250.

Next time we need to explore where this new fire break ends up

Beautiful Fall colors and luckily no burnt up stuff. - I have lots of Go Pro footage.

And these last ones a quick shot through the van window as I was driving back on the Westside road  - there are blackened forests and homes everywhere.  All very sad.

No description available.


Thursday October 14th 2021

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

With colder temperatures and snow up on the pass, it’s hard to believe that only weeks ago, we were faced with evacuation, because of Wild fires !! with super hot weather, and no rain for months.
In the coming weeks we will try to show just what has happened on the Westside of Lake Okanagan   - I will  try to bring you pictures  of the devastation and loss for many.  -  - We can only feel for the people who lost their homes, but also wonder about just how and what the Government will do to help?


Looking ahead - we have the famous  Scott Trial  - this Saturday.

Jitsie will be streaming live coverage of the most demanding one-day trial on Earth, the epic Scott Trial on Saturday 16 October.
Over 70 miles and 70 sections of the toughest terrain face the 190 riders. After a two-year absence due to the pandemic, an incredible line-up of former winners including six-times winner Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) and his great friend and rival, four-time victor, James Dabill (Beta) will be pushing hard for the win. Former British trials champion Jack Price (Vertigo) makes a welcome return to the sport, and will be hoping his recent enduro experience will help him to win his first Scott.
Former British trials star, Steve ‘Woody’ Hole will be our guest presenter for the day — making good use of his experience to deliver the best insight into this spectacular event on the internet, we will bring you updates throughout the day as the Jitsie team follows the riders on this most testing of trials.
Devised in 1914 by Alfred Angus Scott, it is a time and observation trial, conventional trials rules apply in the sections but the fastest rider to finish sets the ‘standard’ time and will only incur penalty marks on observation. Riders finishing after the standard time receive one mark for every two minutes over up to a cut-off point of usually two and a half hours over the standard time, after which they will be disqualified.
With over 70 miles and 70+ sections to complete, the Scott is widely considered the toughest one-day trial in the world. Deep rocky streams punish both rider and machine. Mechanical failures are not uncommon, though less common than retirements through exhaustion.
The Scott Trial is as popular as it ever was, with the 200-rider limit often filled within days of the entry opening. For many trials riders, simply finishing the Scott is a rite of passage, a real badge of honour


The US were likely the last country to pick up on English Trials - Jerry Young ( Father of Ryan) was one of the guys who spearheaded this - and Jerry is still competing,  -
Jerry Young: America's First Observed Trials Champion


We posted a whole bunch of pics on FB of the Scotch Creek Brown Memorial Trial  - but they never seem to stay up long, so I will add a few more to blog as the weeks go by.

#1 is Colten Morrison on the Beta 4T ( which says he likes)

Next we have Russ from Scotch Creek - he is a big guy who always seems to enjoy himself - Ross looks on.

Below we see the two Pospisil lads from Edmonton - both are on older Outlaw Betas.


Results from the Quebec  club. - Beta did well as did TRS riders.
No photo description available.


Check this out >>> In conversation: Brad Freeman The final round of the 2021 Borilli FIM EnduroGP World Championship is going to be a big weekend for Britain’s Brad Freeman (Beta). Leader of the EnduroGP and Enduro3 World Championship, Brad knows that he is one step away from putting the finishing touches to a superb season. We caught up with Br…


As you know we are trying to encourage more ladies to give Trials a “Go” - but the fair sex has long been riding bikes - check this out >> not sure about the footwear ??
May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle and outdoors


Today is Jeff Smith’s birthday -  I think he is  87 - we saw him “Scrambling” back in the UK when he was a BSA Factory rider,  he went on to become a World Champion, but was also a very good Trials rider. - In later years he moved to Canada and the USA to help design the Can Am, which he raced at the 1976 Moose Mountain Cross Country in Alberta. - I followed him up the first huge Hill climb off the start, which only a few attempted - when we got to the top in a cloud of dust, I lost sight of him until the Trophy presentations the next day !!!  I recall it being quite warm and  the winner - Danny Amor, - plus most people were dressed in shorts. - Jeff showed up in a collar & Tie - the perfect English gentleman - he finished 2nd.

This is his book - one I don’t have in my collection.
May be an image of dirt bike, motorcycle, outdoors and text that says 'JEFF SMITH OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY TRIALS MASTER, MOTOCROSS MAESTRO IAN BERRY 30'

Wednesday October 13th 2021

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

Here you see a brand new TRS Xtrack 300 complete with estart  -  All set up ready for  some customer - we were really lucky to snag this one . ( Of course it’s hiding our immaculate TY 175 which ONE DAY - I might finish rebuilding)
No description available.

And here you see our TRS Xtrack 300 demo converted to Trials Trim - I just wanted to see how long it would take - and although I didn’t time it, as the clock in my shop quit a long time ago - I figure it only took about 1/2 hour, obviously being very careful - with my only hiccup not emptying the gas tank before I started. so that took a little time. - but overall, I was super impressed at how quickly this went together - everything you need to make the switch is supplied. - So there you have it - “Two bikes in one”
No description available.

Kevin Smith sent me this link - which is interesting, but definitely  a Yankee slant on it - Of course Stevie raced for Yamaha Canada and the World Championship he won was a victory for Canada, although Steve lived just across the line in Bellingham Washington - the story I got when I worked for Yamaha, was that Yamaha USA didn’t want Stevie - they were promoting Kenny Roberts - another very nice  guy by the way, whom Bob Work introduced me to at a Show in LA. - Bob had a great knack for spotting young talented racers,  and he was a genius when it came to tuning Road Race bikes. - Bob was as I recall also dating Stevie’s sister at the time, so it became a “Family affair” - ironically this was also the slogan used by Yamaha Canada back in 1975.

Everything they say about Stevie being a very genuine and nice guy I can vouch for as I got to know him - but it’s amazing when you think how Stevie pitched in to work on the bikes, and I remember another great guy, Peter Kratzer  (RIP)  the sales manager at Yamaha Canada - who told me that  he was in the Richmond Office late one night and wandering through into the race shop, to find Steve busy working on one of his bikes trying to get the ultimate performance out of the Yamaha 250, by building up the swirl pattern in the crankcases.

Those were the days when Bo and Stevie would head out in the old  Yamaha Dodge  van at midnight - headed for Daytona etc -  You look back at these times and think - the Japanese never paid these guys enough. - But knowing Bo and Stevie - they would likely have done it for free!!!!

For myself, being a small part of those wonderful times at Yamaha, will always bring a smile - and meeting Stevie  and Bob once again  at the 2019 Hall of Fame was perhaps the icing on the cake.( and again sadly the last time I saw Bo)

click on this link


Below you see a pic of Aussie Road Racer, Tom Phillis - I saw him race at the TT in the Isle of Man in 1961 - We  -( Babsy and myself)  were watching at Hillberry - a corner that riders take at around 100mph - missing the earth banks by inches - I remember that Tom got into real tank slapper as he exited the corner but held onto it - that was the year he also had a great result  in the Senior ( if I’m correct) - riding a very special Norton Dominator twin with the push rod valves. - Sadly that was also the year that Ralf Renson from Liverpool got killed - He used to ride in our Winter Trials. - Tom Phillis died racing at a later date but I can’t remember the details.


Yesterday we had a visit from long time buddy Pete Bustin and his two lads - on route back to Ymir after a weekend with Pete’s Dad up in Valemount. -  - I had picked up one of his bikes from Stan - so everything  kind of worked out - always good to see Pete as we go back a long way, and his lads are a real credit to him and Zoie.

Although we spent quite some time in the shop ( There is quite a lot to look at)  we also chatted a bit about fishing which used to be a passion of mine, but once the bikes took over it became a thing of the past.

( Damn - I should have got a picture!!!!)

Tuesday October 12th 2021

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

Well we hope that everybody had a good “Thanksgiving” weekend. - As most of you who tune into the blog will have seen - the Two days of Trials fun at Scotch Creek went very well with I believe 30 riders both days -

We posted a bunch of pics on FB, but they don’t seem to stay up long - if you are wondering if we have one of you, shoot us an email. - Check out this one of Steve Day (TRS) - how he held onto that I don’t know - hit that big log like a rocket.

Steve is looking good here -in the big tent!!

Below is a pic of young Christian Zanders ,from Scotch Creek, who jumped into the very competitive Advanced class for the first time and did very well. - The bike he is on is the very first Evo 290’s we sold back in 2009 to a Kamloops customer, who never did ride it much.
No description available.

It was great to chat to old friends that we have not seen for at least a year, because of Covid and the Forest Fires - I think it’s longer than that since we last saw Steve Richardsen from Gambier Island, he brought one of his local lads with him, who seems quite talented. -  We saw some very good riding from all classes, with challenging obstacles in and around the camp. - Congrats to all who made the trip to the Shuswap.
Once again the sign up and scoring was handled by Julie and Judy with help from Cecile so a big thanks to them, they do such a great job.

And what can you say about Ross, who continues to surprise us, with the development  of his Trials Playground - the huge Tent with a variety of logs & rocks, was something different for many - but I’m sure some of the locals will be using this for Indoor practice when the snow flies.

We saw a number of new riders, giving the sport a go for the first time, so we hope they enjoyed the challenge and will be out again next year, when we hope to have more events.

Open Photo

And the winners are >>>>>>>

Super Junior - Harold Pospisil  (Beta) - Edmonton AB  -  Advanced - Ross Rathbone (Beta)- Magna Bay  BC - Expert - Stan Bakgaard ( Scorpa) Yale  BC -  Junior - Jeremy Bonnefoy  ( Beta) -Vernon  BC   -    Intermediate -  Taff Parfitt ( Beta) -Sherwood Park  AB.
No description available.


I guess the Scott Trial in the UK is not until this coming Saturday - sorry for posting wrong date.


Trystan Hart  on a roll >>  Cory Graffunder  also still well up there . 2021 Reno EnduroCross Results Trystan Hart came out on top of the 2021 Reno EnduroCross Results with 1-1-1 moto scores. Colton Haaker and Cooper Abbott finished second and third.


We heard that Andrew James has been quite ill lately - we don’t have much news except that he has been confined to bed - we wish him a speedy recovery.


The Belanger Family have cleaned up in the Quebec Trials Championship - they all ride Beta.

May be an image of 5 people and people standing


Monday October 11th 2021

Monday, October 11th, 2021

The Brown Memorial Trial, held at the Ross & Judy Rathbone property near Scotch Creek last weekend, turned out to once again, be a well attended and very successful event. - Riders came from Alberta and the BC Coast came to enjoy a variety of sections, including some new ones in a giant tent erected just two weeks previously. - The weather stayed dry which was a bonus, although overnight rain did make for some slippery sections.

Below you see the happy riders showing off their special awards with the photos of both Adrian and Peter Brown.

No description available.

Expert winner both days - Stan Bakgaard (Scorpa)
May be an image of one or more people, people standing, outdoors and text that says 'NEAT, MALCOLM.'

No description available.No description available.No description available.

Note the score of young Jeremy Bonnefoy !! a young lad on an 80cc Beta.  Well done Jeremy.

No description available.

Sunday October 10th 2021

Sunday, October 10th, 2021

Isn’t it amazing how quickly things change ?  one minute we were sweltering in +40 degree Temperatures  and facing the possibility of evacuation due to all the Forest Fires burning in the Valley - then next the furnace is kicking in - snow up on the pass and putting in Opti Snowmobile orders !!!

Hopefully the rain and cooler temperatures didn’t spoil the Trial at Ross’ place yesterday - I guess I will find out when I head up that way today.

Here is a pic of the van loaded up ready for the early 6 am start!!  - some will no doubt say “What the???”   as we only have Pete’s old Sherco loaded. No Beta- No TRS - and yes we would normally have at least three bikes crammed in the back - BUT -  I  have to do Stan a favor and pick up a bike from the Trial AND I try to take as many spare parts and accessories as possible, and to be brutally honest  loading all this stuff is for me  now getting to be a real pain as I get old and doddery, especially at this time of the year.

Answer to the quiz yesterday  Section is “Edramucky” - no longer used in the Scottish Six Days -  but John Kitchener remembered it !!


Check out this video - The guy is pretty funny and does do a fair job. Trial Tube - The Brutally HONEST BETA EVO 2022 300 Review + Whats in my bag? Welcome back to another Trials bike review here at the channel!We have been looking forward to getting out hands on the 2022 Beta Evo after the 2021 bike was…

Note:  You might recall that I picked the 2021 Evo SS 300 model as one of my all time favorite demo  bikes - Smooooooth.  So much so that I’m in no hurry to replace it with a 2022.
Obviously he picked up on one of the main complaints ( which we have echoed for at least 8 years) the rear fender. - But while I think this guy does a good job - and is obviously a good rider - I did notice a couple of hiccups ( at least for me)  using wire for the grips might be great - but having the ends tear your gloves is not good. Also in his Vertigo oil change segment WTF - has he not heard of a funnel!!!

As with all tests either on tape or in the press - the people doing them need to be  careful when being critical - advertising dollars and other things need to be considered, so it’s rare to have any “Tester” tell the whole truth - you need to “read between the lines”


Beta take #1 in the US of A
May be an image of 5 people, motorcycle and outdoors


Results from Day #1 at Scotch Creek . - Thanks to Taff for these. ( Note ! Beta riders took 4 out of five classes)

Special awards at the Ross Thanksgiving Trial

No description available.


Saturday October 9th 2021

Saturday, October 9th, 2021

TheBIG ” event happening today, is of course the famous Scott Time and Observation Trial in Yorkshire England, - we will be watching for news on that. -

But over in Scotch Creek  BC - The Ross Rathbone Thanksgiving Trial is the place to be, for local riders. ( Plus  some from Alberta)  Then tomorrow we have the Brown Memorial Trial.  - Need Directions?  Call Ross (250) 371-1380  Sign up 9am. - Please wear a mask.

The pic below shows the latest Hard Enduro Super star - Billy Bolt ( Beta) in the 2019 Scott. - Just one of the Trials riders who have made the switch to Hard Enduro, where they can make some money. ( pic courtesy Neil Sturgeon)
May be an image of 1 person, dirt bike, motorcycle, outdoors and text that says '164 A'

Following on with my Sammy Miller/Honda story - Here is a pic of the book that I mentioned yesterday. - We are not sure if this is still in print as it was first out in 1989. - Willow Publishing in the UK, would be the people to contact for any info: - We certainly recommend it.
No description available.


Another one of my pics - this one I took of Sean Bird ( Beta) on the big wall at the WTC National held at Malakwa and put on by Sam King.
No photo description available.


The first shipment of 2022 Beta Evos will arrive at the end of this month -  All are likely pre-sold, but if you are looking - check with us. ( Note! We are only getting one Evo 200 from this shipment  which so far has nobody’s name on it)
No photo description available.


This is Katy from Vernon, who just picked up this nice used Evo 250, from Outlaw  to learn about Trials . We hope to see her at upcoming events in the future, along with Emily, Britta and Dominique - plus maybe Amy who bought an Xtrack from us earlier this year. - Lets hear it for the Ladies!!
May be an image of 1 person, dirt bike, motorcycle and outdoors


Quiz - This is Thore Evertson - but what is the Scottish Section >> John Kitchener should get this one !!
May be an image of one or more people, people standing, outdoors and text that says 'SSDT 72. Fint billede af Thore Evertson pả Ossa. Ver traducción MOTOR CYCLE NEWS, May 0. 1972'


Friday October 8th 2021

Friday, October 8th, 2021

This Sunday we remember  two  friends who passed away from Cancer - Adrian and Pete -  below is a pic I took of Pete while we were out at Summerland in 2010 - checking for new sections to include in the Outlaw Trial. - Scroll back to read more on these great guys, who we lost too soon.
No photo description available.

Birthday greeting go out today to Steve Day - I took this shot of Steve making a perfect  pivot turn off the wall at the Super Stars a few years ago.
No photo description available.

This nice photo is of a place where I spent a lot of time in my younger years, mainly through Motorcycle Trials, but it’s also World Famous for the Musical Festival held each year..  - the name is Llangollen  - pronounced in Welsh - Thlan -gothlin !! Try and get your tongue around that one!! - The river is the River Dee.
May be an image of tree and nature


The answer to the quiz from yesterday - the three Road racers are John Cooper ( called Moon eyes) Mike Hailwood and Derick Minter  - only Hailwood competed in the Scottish Six Day Trial one year.

The pic of the Trials rider is of our old buddy Murray Nutt on his Ossa  - a few people correctly guessed that - but only Harlow got the Road Race one ( after two guesses!)


We mentioned some time ago, the difficulties everybody is having getting  stuff from Europe - We got our first taste of how this has effected costs, when we received our latest Wulf order this week - shipping cost up big -time!! Therefore we will need to increase  prices on some of our accessories - we can only hope that bike prices will not  be affected for next year.


A pic of Sammy Miller with the Honda Trials bike he helped design - In his book - Sammy tells the story of  his first visit to the factory to test the new Prototype - after a quick ride on the new model, Sammy told the Japanese that the steering angle need changing. - OK they said - come back in 3 months !! - This was not good enough for Sammy, who proceeded to strip the bike - cut the top frame and re-weld to his specs!!! - Of course Sammy had a ton of experience having worked for the Ariel factory, and producing the classic Trials model on which he had so much success. - - As it turned out - Sammy and his British Team had great results, with the new Honda long stroke models - but he did not see - “eye to eye” with the Japanese, and they eventually fired him. - If you ever get a chance - read his book on this subject - we have it in our file.

We owned a couple of the 250’s at one time, for use in our Vintage series, ( I won the Outlaw Classic B on one back in 2002) but like so many of our bikes they got sold to make room for other models.  - Sammy now age 87, still amazes people, working every day in his wonderful museum, restoring old bikes from junk to classics.  and yes he still rides most days in the back yard.

Back in 1958, I rode in the National Lomax Cup Trial in Wales, which Sammy won on his Ariel - I finished, along with my brother, but was well down in the results.
May be an image of motorcycle


Thursday October 7th 2021

Thursday, October 7th, 2021

Quiz for today - name these three riders ?? and which one rode in the Scottish Six Days Trial?


Another road race pic - this one sent us by Roger Boothroyd showing Ben Hircock Snr on his Manx Norton at Westwood BC  - Roger says he thinks Ben Junior still has this bike.

No description available.


Here we see a young guy out on his Beta Jr model in the Noble Canyon area,  pic sent us by the local VOMC club. ( Thanks Blake)
No description available.


And a blast from the past - Who can name this  great Alberta rider>

No description available.


Nothing to do with Motorcycles - or maybe?  remember the  Queen   rode motorcycles during the war, while serving in the ATS - no matter what some say, in my opinion she is still wonderful.
May be an image of one or more people and people standing


As we are fast approaching our 2nd and last Trial event in the area for 2021, a special thanks go out to the people who made these events happen in very dark times - Florian and Chris in Revvy - did a super job in trying to put on the ultimate long distance Trial - Marty and Emily helped out as well  -

To put on a Trial of any merit - requires not only a lot of thought, but a lot of effort - knowing the area, knowing what you expect for an entry, are two of the most important aspects. - PLUS you need to know what each class is capable of. -

For example an expert organizer might think a simple for him rock climb may be easy for a junior - but sometimes this ONE section - can turn off a newbie for life>>>  This is True.

As we look forward to the weekend at Scotch Creek, I have to say that Ross Rathbone ( helped by Martin Lucas)  - picked up very well on what I consider to be the bench marks for events they followed my lead on how I consider things should be done -  - To continue to do this year after year needs not only enthusiasm, but the support of the wives and girl friends. -

They continue to get my appreciation. - I think it’s  a Family affair.
We see lots of videos on  how to learn Trials techniques, but I have yet to see one explaining how to set up a Trial AND continue to do it year after year !!  - In my opinion, it takes years of experience. - You don’t set up a successful Trial  by going to your local parking lot on a Saturday afternoon with one roll of Blue and one roll of red tape.  - NOBODY HAS EVER SET UP A PERFECT TRIAL - NOBODY !!!! -

For the record - it took me one year to set up the first ever 1975 FIM Canadian World Trial - and I could only guess at how good these riders were !! - I was just a reasonable Club rider coming from the  UK.

Yesterday we had Katy over to look at bikes and chat about Trials, so we might get another local gal involved  - we already have Britta and Dominique - but we need more to follow the footsteps of Canadian and World Trials Super star Christy Williams - Emily will soon be competing on the Outlaw Sherco - so we can only only hope that this will  inspire more gals to “Have a go” - Here is Emily trying out the Outlaw Beta.

Update for anybody planning on attending the Trial at Scotch Creek -  Saturday is  the Thanksgiving Trial   followed by the Ross Traditional feast  ( Note Some health priorities may be in force)

Sunday is the Brown Memorial Trial and while I will make a short intro - here is a bit of the History -

Adrian Brown came to Canada in the 1980’s - I met him at the very first Outlaw Trial we hosted in 1986 - we later became good friends - rode a lot of stuff - shared a a lot of stories - Adrian was on a visit back to the  UK when they found he had cancer. - I can still remember the phone call. - But typical Adrian, big strong lad - he fought it all the way, riding trials in spite of his handicap. - We lost Adrian when he was just 51 years old but his local club still hold an event to honor his name as we do in Canada - He might be the only Trials rider to have a memorial event in two different parts of the world. - We will have the English Trophy on display
Thinking ahead - Pete Brown was of course another of my great friends - Pete helped me set up lots of Outlaw events and shared a ton of memories from the past.

Pete would struggle to ride some of the stuff that I wanted to check out in Summerland - especially when he was on the Sherco 4T which I tried my best to  not sell him. - jeez I spent more time trying to start that pig after Pete had upended it - It’s no wonder setting up a Trial took so long.  -  - Fortunately  I  managed to get Pete into a Beta which while always an issue for him to start - was at least a step in the right direction. - Looking back I have to say that Pete never ever  questioned my logic  on trying different routes through the Mountains - yes we struggled at times, but in the end always had a laugh.

- We would often stop on the side of a hillside - overlooking a Valley and chat about our life experiences. - some funny  - some sad . Yes I miss all my friends - lost this past year - Bernie Blomer ( my brother in law)  Peter Kratzer - Al Perret - Bob Work. - Art Gavel, and others - It’s very sad when you not only lose your friends, but because of the Covid restrictions   you can’t show and share your sorrow. but I will always remember them.