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Wednesday December 1st 2021

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

Stan took this pic of me on my final ride up Joss Mountain on my 75th birthday - we had battled rain and slippery conditions all the way up to this point, and being worn out - I did consider calling it quits when we broke out into the Alpine as there looked to be snow clouds up ahead. Glad that I pushed on, and as you  can see the sun did come out at this spot ( not for long) - It was for sure a memorable trip for me to get my name in the visitor’s book at the top one more time.   - I think I might be the oldest Trials rider to do this ride ( total of eight times) - thanks to Stan for the encouragement as this area is now closed to Motor vehicles.
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Answer to the quiz from Tuesday -    Ralf Venables - Steve McQueen -Mert Lawill - Malcolm Smith.

A number of people got this - some only got the three from “On Any Sunday”  - but we had correct answers from the UK - Ontario and BC - - obviously we are still getting a lot of people clicking on each morning.!!

It was Ralf Venables who invented the 1-2-3-5 scoring system for Trials - he had a Newspaper column  every week - called “Ralf Remembers”
Note :  You will see that Steve & Malcolm have special peaks on their helmets, which featured small mirrors  - It was a Malcolm Smith invention for checking  who was at the back -in desert races -  We had one as we thought it would be good for Cross Country - but sad to say it didn’t help at all at speed - Sorry Malcolm - back to the drawing board.

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I’m sure many of us can relate to this poem.
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Today the weather is mild - so I’m taking the opportunity and heading out for a ride - !!!  look for some pics tomorrow.