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Monday May 16th 2022

Monday, May 16th, 2022

Another reminder that the Outlaw Two day Trial is happening this coming weekend - If you need me to put anything on the van for you or your bike - you should  email or phone me!!!!!

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Heath Brindley has made a nice job of refurbishing this Beta TR 34 - but still takes along some spare tools in his Outlaw Toolbelt, just in case!!

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At least some people are getting their Factory Evo’s !! Not sure what these are,  But check out those header pipes!!!
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Rated by many as the most beautiful  and  brilliant Road Racer of the last decade, the John Britten Daytona - the video and book  of this project, plus the rather sad ending, are well worth watching./reading.
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Sunday was a pretty dull day & still quite cool, with rain showers, so we elected to stay home - watched a new Scottish video just up on YouTube of Trotters Burn - looked to be very tricky at the base before the last big climb up the rock wall, and took a lot of fives ( including Stan)- I don’t remember it being that difficult when I watched from that point a few years ago, but obviously the water has eroded some of the narrow approach.

Dougie of course cleaned it, but I think the smoothest clean ride, was by Ben Hemmingway. - I think Emma got away with a dab.

Dave Butler was out on his very nice old Greeves at the Ontario Vintage Trial on Sunday.

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Sunday May 15th 2022

Sunday, May 15th, 2022

I see that the Ontario club have a Trial today - they are using a preregister system and have 32 riders entered at last post.  - Nice to see more Trials being held after the long Covid shut down. - The Trials 99 group also have a Trial on today at Squamish.

Interesting to chat on the phone to Stan yesterday, and hear that they were pretty lax with things at the Scottish - no restrictions at the Trophy presentation, with a large group crammed into the hall. - He was a tad worried as the next day he had cold symptoms  - and was concerned he might get put in isolation in Glasgow - but everything turned out OK.

I’m sure he will have a lot of people wanting to hear about his Scottish adventures next weekend at the Outlaw Trial in the Shuswap. So far we appear to have a good crowd coming.

In Canada we talk about Pipelines and the oil industry - in the Trials  World Pipeline means only one thing the great section at Kinlochleven.
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And still on the Scottish theme - a nice pic of Harry & Wendy McKay’s youngsters  on their Beta Trials bikes - Both are very good Ski competitors - ( They live at Aviemore just North of Fort William and one of the better Ski Hills in the UK)

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A wonderful shot of the 4 cylinder AJS from 1938 - The Brits really did have it all, sad they threw it away.
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The Podium at a Euro Trial - Beta and TRS - Haga on top.

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And here is one for Andrew C - to see if he still clicks on !!!

A Lancaster bomber practicing low level approaches on a Welsh Dam - in preparation for the famous Dam-Busters raid.  - ( low level at 60 feet above the water)

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Saturday May 14th 2022

Saturday, May 14th, 2022

Jason was out for a ride on his new TRS - but didn’t expect this kind of weather - very rare for the month of May especially in the Penticton area.
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The weather in the Valley and everywhere else seems to be much cooler this Spring - which is OK as far as we are concerned, after the Forest Fires last year. - We are hoping for nice sunny skies for the long weekend and the Outlaw Trial - we have heard back from a lot of people with some “Regulars” confirmed.


I picked up the medals yesterday - first order for my Trophy gal for two years, so we had a good chat about the difficult time she has had because of the Covid, as most of her business is based on sports activities.


A reminder that although the awards next weekend, will only be given for the two day combined scores - some people may decide to just ride one day on a no award basis. - which is OK

Also remember - This year we have a Ladies class - - anybody that has seen video of Emma Bristow riding knows that the gals can also be very good.

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Also please remember that Insurance for these events on Private property is not cheap by any means.


Hats off to these two Fantic riders, who completed the Scottish, and raised a huge amount for Charity.
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As mentioned before, the first ever Scramble that I attended was in 1955 on my brand new James street bike ( with a cute young lady on the back) - As I looked up the fearsome hill at Hawkstone Park, I really never thought anybody would make it up that hill. - So as this seemed to be a good place to watch we climbed to the top and waited !! - After the roar of the start down below, there was a bit of a lull, then all of a sudden the guy you see below(Geoff Ward)  shot up over the big rocky slabs at the top of the hill on this immaculate AJS - it looked like it had just come out of the showroom !!  We were totally amazed. Wow!! - I was hooked on the sport right then - but unfortunately, my excitement was short lived that day, as when we returned to the very large parking lot - we found somebody had nicked my brand new bike!! - Not a great start to my motorcycle career, but it only took a few months to replace both the bike and the girlfriend!!
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With all the recent videos shown on the Social media from the Scottish Six Day Trial, this rule regarding what constitutes a “5″ may be useful for the newer breed of rider. >>

John Moffat

Just for the record, this is taken from the 2022 SSDT Supplementary Regulations: 5.2 A stop, or failure, is considered to have occurred if
(a) The machine ceases to move in a forward direction relative to the course. Balance, rolling
backwards or moving sideways, whether the competitor’s feet are still on the footrests or not,
will be considered a stop.
(b) The competitor dismounts from the machine.
(c)The machine passes the wrong side of, runs over or displaces a section marker, with either wheel,
before the front spindle passes the ‘Section Ends’ cards.
(d) The machine or competitor receives outside assistance.
(e anyone who has been deemed to be altering any part of the section for their or anyone else’s benefit.

Friday May 13th 2022

Friday, May 13th, 2022

Trial this Sunday at the Coast - check out this >>

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! The 99 Trials Association is hosting the first Trials competition in over 2 years! We have two great loops planned for riders of all capabilities from Junior to Expert. The Competition will be at Crumpet woods, with registration starting at 9 and competition beginning at 10.
The forecast is looking wet, but hey there’s no better way of spending a day in the rain than in the woods with your friends riding silly bikes with no seats over obstacle courses!
If this is your first competition, don’t worry, these competition test more of your technical skills than your willingness to “send it”. The courses will be safe and you won’t be forced to ride anything you are not comfortable with. Comps are also a great way improve your skills and learn from other riders. If you aren’t sure, send me a message and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. Or come and spectate, the loops will be flagged and easy to access.
Surprised to see fresh snow on the ridges across the Westside this morning, although they did forecast some up on the Coq.
This pic taken out of our Kitchen window.
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This a shot of an Expert section that I  laid out at Summerland - much more intimidating when you are close up - but basically it starts on the bottom left - up over the big rock ( a splat) then up the steep trail before making a right turn to climb up the huge slab at the top.
I had Sammy try this when he first came over on holiday, and had Matt spot for him, but he never did make it. - Later I showed it to Brandon Wince who was out with me on his new Outlaw Beta - I asked him if he wanted me to “spot” for him up on the really steep exit, but he said he thought he would be OK       ( You have to see this to appreciate just how difficult it is) - Brandon cleaned it first time, without even walking the section. - Absolutely brilliant.
No description available.
Here is a pic we took of Brandon at an Outlaw Trial at Scotch Creek a few years ago. I don’t he rides much these days and has now moved back the Island.
No description available.
Here is a rare pic - an English guy by the name of Alan Kimber riding a Lambretta scooter in the ISDT in Wales many years ago. - Did you know that a team of Scooter riders competed in the Scottish Six Days one year ??
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Thursday May 12th 2022

Thursday, May 12th, 2022

The long weekend is happening pretty quick - and this is the place to be !! Stan will be there to tell all the stories from his recent trip to the Scottish Six Days.
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Yesterday, we were in Summerland for the first time this year, a wonderful time to see all the wild flowers over on Rowdy Flats.  The weather was gorgeous and we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

It was a chance to show Dave York what is in his own backyard !! - we rode about half of the Outlaw loop, but did not go all the way around the horse trail, past Adrian’s wall. - We rarely go down this way these days, mainly because the traffic through Kelowna is such a pain.
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Here is a shot of Dave on one of the steep rocky sections at the far end of Rowdy Flats

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I was out on the fantastic TRS Xtrack 250 - stripped into Trials mode at the moment - might have been a better plan to have the seat on yesterday, as I got pretty tired  standing on the pegs.

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Nobody guessed the answer to the Wednesday quiz - the pic is of Moto GP Champ Fabio Quartararo


Wednesday May 11th 2022

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

On the weather map - today looks like the best for the week - so I’m heading to Summerland to meet up with Dave York, and show him around the old Outlaw loop. ( First time this year)
Quiz for today - Who is this top Moto GP rider at the top of a very high mountain on his TRS??

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With the May long weekend only a couple of weeks away - please don’t leave it until last minute to check your bike over for parts that might need replacing - At Outlaw, we try to keep as much stock on the shelf as possible, but we are living in strange times, with deliveries and freight costs at an all time high - we are still waiting for the Factory Beta to arrive and most other models are sold out ( but not all)


Today I will be taking my TRS with the estart - and saw this advt - the Jordi bike is still the only one with the electric start, which for me being old and having bad knees, is a life saver. - However a much younger rider from down the Valley is already praising  this feature on his new bike - so it’s not just the gals and old men who are sold on this.


Tuesday May 10th 2022

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

Now the excitement of the Scottish Six Day Trial is over, we can fast forward  to the May long weekend and the Outlaw Trial. - But here are a couple of pics to wrap up the week - first is of Harry Lampkin - younger brother of Dougie, then below Nigel Birkett still riding well at age 68.

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After a couple of years of dealing with  Covid 19 scares - Ross and his Shuswap group. will be hosting the popular  Outlaw event on May 21/22 at his property near Scotch Creek. - Naturally we look forward to this, an event,  we started back in 1986 -  and appreciate the great job our younger and more energetic riders put in to keep this tradition alive.

All classes will be catered to and as usual Ross is planning a Saturday evening “Cook up”

Costs are up a bit, not surprisingly, as we no longer have the free insurance through WEC. - But the sport of Trials is still likely the cheapest on two wheels.

I am putting together a poster, but if you have any questions just shoot us an email -


Monday May 8th 2022

Monday, May 9th, 2022

We hope that everybody had an enjoyable Mother’s day whatever you did - for us it was a drive up to the Shuswap for a visit with our Daughter and Son in Law at their Vacation property. - Glad to say the weather was pretty good for the most part.


Lots of stuff on Social media after the Scottish - here are a few more pics >>

The top three  - all family men now >>

No description available.

Take a look at this young lady stuck in a Moorland bog - still smiling and able to carry on to finish her first ever Scottish. - the pic below shows her  in another  spot of bother.

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The Scottish Six Days Trial, has often been referred to as “A sporting Holiday in the Highlands”   and for the majority of riders, it is just that - a chance to enjoy a unique event, with 300 riders, in wonderful terrain. - Only a select few are able to compete for the top awards, it is that difficult, but for those who both ride or spectate, the memories will last a life time.  We look forward to hearing Stan’s stories from the 2022 event.


Nobody came up with the correct answer to our latest quiz. - The section called WD’s  - It is named after the great Willy Dalton (RIP) a Scottish Six Day rider and supporter for many years, who was still competing on a big Ariel into his 80’s. -  We saw some great video of this section last week, Jack Peace      ( Sherco) in particular was brilliant when the water level was high, cascading down over the rocks. - I’m sure Willy would have been proud.


Finally - It is the people who make this event possible - the observers, who are out in all sorts of weather, with no rewards - the club riders, who spend months setting up the routes and doing the flagging, so many who dedicate their time to make the Six Days a success. - John Moffat is a great spokes person for Nevis Radio and other aspects of Scottish Trials  -( yes there are others) .

Roll on 2023 - when we  will see another Lampkin make his first attempt at the Six Days, plus maybe  the young Hemmingway brothers. - Yes the future looks bright for this unique Trial.


Sunday May 8th 2022

Sunday, May 8th, 2022

The 2022 Scottish Six Days is now in the history books - It will show that after a two year absence, the “Burn’s” were in a wicked and slippery mode, and while the weatherman was not too unkind - there were a few days when  most struggled.

Dougie Lampkin ( as stated yesterday) pulled off another incredible win, with Michael Brown the runner up, ahead of James Dabill. -

May be an image of 1 person and outdoors

It should be mentioned that all of these riders do not compete  on a regular basis anymore, although Dougie is perhaps the most active, minding for his youngster Alfie.

We have enjoyed watching the daily coverage,  and for the updates & pics supplied by John Kitchener. - As I have said before, any true motorcycle sports enthusiast should have two events on his or her “Bucket list” - The Scottish Six Days and the Isle of Man TT. ( We have been lucky enough in our lifetime to see both more than once)

For the record ! - Jon English (GG) earned a 1st class award by finishing in 129th place, losing 287 points

-            . Stan Bakgaard (Scorpa) earned a 2nd class award by finishing in 165th place losing 350 points.

Stan was likely one of the oldest riders at the event - hard to believe!! - He was also interviewed on Nevis radio by John Moffatt - but rather than take the opportunity to talk about his brilliant ride in 1984  - Stan being the class act  he is - talked about Outlaw and why he had the stickers on his rented Scorpa.
Here are the top ten. ->

.1st Dougie Lampkin - Vertigo - 8 points

2nd Michael Brown - Sherco - 14

3rd James Dabill - Beta - 15

4th Jack Peace -Sherco - 17

5th Richard  Sadler - Vertigo 23

6th Billy Green - Scorpa - 27

7th Dan Peace -Sherco - 29

8th Sam Haslam - ? - 30
9th  Ross Danby - TRS - 30

10th Tom Minta -? - 33.

Emma Bristow the best lady rider finished 39th with 108 points .

The last Official finisher - R Pollard lost 857 points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats to Dougie and all the riders who competed -

No photo description available.


Meanwhile back on our home patch - I was out riding twice this past week - once on the Beta  and once on my TRS ( stripped for Trials mode)  - I suppose it’s hard for some people to understand why an old guy like me - or Billy D - etc keep doing this, when many of our friends are either in nursing homes or gone!!

But then it’s all about the passion ! - that is why I enjoy not just getting out on either my Beta or TRS, but also helping other newbies get into the sport.  - Some might find it interesting that while I have difficulty walking sometimes - ( too many knee surgeries)  when I get on my Trials bike - I feel GREAT.

No description available.


We had a nice visit on Saturday with Emily Roberts of Motorcycle Mojo magazine - what a charming young lady she is and who has a LOT of ability on all types of bikes. - We chatted for - not long enough - but hope she manages to get to the Scotch  Creek Trial !!!


Also heard from Jason Munns,  - who has just bought a TRS - welcome to the club Jason - we look forward to seeing them at the Scotch Creek Outlaw - ( Young Leo is a dynamo)


Today is Mothers Day - so we are taking a drive up to the Shuswap, where our daughter has a trailer.


Saturday May 7th 2022

Saturday, May 7th, 2022

Well it’s all come down to one last day in Scotland - Can Lampkin hold onto his narrow 2 point lead over Dabill - or will they both lose out to a very much on form Jack Peace? - We will post the final results later today, but in the meantime take a look at some of the water in these Friday sections  ( Thanks to John K for these)

Here is the official report from the SSDT site.

Jitsie rider Dougie Lampkin has regained the yellow leader board at the crucial moment, as he heads into the sixth and final day of the 2022 Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT). Dougie’s two-mark loss yesterday sees him take a slender two-mark advantage over his long-time rival and friend James Dabill with everything to play for over Saturday’s closing and deciding thirty sections. Will it be a lucky thirteen SSDT wins for the already King of the Scottish?

Jack Peace rode amazingly well in the deep water, after the heavy overnight and persistent rain, on his early day to keep his title hopes alive. The youngster goes into the last day just one mark back from Dabill. Veteran campaigner Michael Brown has moved up to fourth position after matching Lampkin’s day five score, leaving Jitsie rider Richard Sadler in fifth spot following his worse performance of the week yesterday, though with so much still up for grabs.

Showdown Saturday will see the remaining riders make one last trip down Mamore Road as they embark on an anti-clockwise loop that will take them out to Kinlochleven via sections at Sleiubaich, Stob Coire and Upper Mamore before arriving at the iconic Pipeline hazards.

From here the now tired competitors will face their final tough moor crossing that will include sections at Loch Chiairan, The Lairig and Bradilieg ahead of the final run for home. The last series of groups at Achintee, Ben Nevis and Glen Nevis before the event closing Town Hall Brae section back in Fort William all have the potential of causing a last-minute upset and deciding the 2022 SSDT winner.

There have been some brilliant videos posted of unbelievable rides at WD’s and Pipers Burn by a number of riders, so the fight at the top certainly isn’t over yet.

So on this final day we will post a quiz ” What does the section WD’s stand for??

Our thanks go to John Kitchener, for keeping us updated  on a daily basis - John is no stranger   to Scotland, having ridden  the Six days a number of times. Plus the ISDE. ( He now lives in Nelson BC)

We have  heard some interesting stuff regarding the EM Electric bikes that have competed this week - # 1 of course is that they have two very good riders - but did you know that these bikes need to be recharged every 15 miles !! so that would make  6 per day - the cost approx $3,000. per battery. ( How the hell did they make it across the Moors?)


Of course I think one of the big things that will come out of this year’s event, is how  do you score these new age “Hoppers” - -


As for our Canadian heros - like a lot of others they hd to ask for “5′ s ” in some sections as there ws just too much water coming down by the time they got there.  - Scores for Friday - Jon 136th place with 243 points, Stan in 167th place and 285 points. ( The last riders have lost over 1,000 points)

UPDATE :  Dougie Lampkin wins for 13th time in Scotland.