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Tuesday May 31st 2022

Tuesday, May 31st, 2022

We have mentioned just how difficult and pricey - it has become to obtain Michelin Trials tires, and the fact that Beta switched to Dunlop two -three years ago because of this - Well here are the latest prices posted in the UK - and they are hard to come by even at this cost - Prices are in English pounds  so you need to multiply to get the Canadian costs - Better sit down before you do this!!!
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Quiz - Who is this rider on  the Ossa?
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Trial this weekend down in Goldbar hosted by the Puget Sound Club  - neat area, I attended the World Round there in 1976

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This is a really great shot of 3 time World Champ Eddie Lejuene on the Rothman’s Honda - I remember seeing both him and Steve Saunders on these fantastic bikes at the 1986 World Round at Ioco.
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Monday May 30th 2022

Monday, May 30th, 2022

Sunday was a “kick back” day - did a few chores around the place -( Had another look for my missing bag of parts to no avail) -
Then watched the Formula One race from Monaco - first one of these I’ve clicked onto  for a long time - seems like Red Bull and Ferrari have finally got Mercedes for performance, good to have some new names up there, first ever win in Monte Carlo for a Mexican driver.

Then it over to Utube, saw a few old Trials videos that I hadn’t seen before - Graeme Jarvis winning a World round and a European Championship in Poland that had Taddeo Blazueck   ( not sure of spelling) - taking the victory on some what looked like very dangerous sections. -

I think this was the beginning of Trials becoming a “Team” sport - one rider and two-four minders to catch the bike.


At the British Championship round - it was the Peace brothers who finished 1-2 with World Champ Toby Martin the 3rd man on the podium. the Series is sponsored by Wulfsport.
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Here is a pic of new young rising star from Wales - Iwan Davies has been winning on a regular basis in South Wales. -

Another really good Welsh lad is Iwan Roberts  - ( Yes Iwan is a popular Welsh name)- seen here at the British Championship Round - he won his class. Iwan also competes in car Rallies. check out those rocks in Northern England and the stone walls dating back to the last Century.

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Sunday May 29th 2022

Sunday, May 29th, 2022

While unloading all the stuff from my van after the Outlaw, I failed to find a small plastic bag with some TRS water pump parts inside - plus an invoice - Now after searching high and low - I’m thinking it may have fallen out the back when I was sorting through other stuff - helmets etc - If you have seen these parts - please email me - Thanks


Young Leo Munns had a great ride at the Outlaw - and as a reward received a medal and a Wulf riding shirt - Looking good Leo.


Mike Seniuk from Nelson was riding his first Trial - and found the full face helmet pretty hot - so he now has a Wulf Trials helmet. - Many years ago, Mike had a business in Pentiction and Imported both Camel Backs and Power Bars. - He contacted us to add these to our line of Accessories - which we did for a long time, selling hundreds.
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We have a ton of pics from the Outlaw Trial - shoot us an email if you would like to find out if we have any of you.

Meanwhile over in England - TRS Importer and former 11 time British Trials Champion, Steve Saunders, was out with daughter Izzy, winning a Trial on three wheels - neat looking section.

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Bernie Schreiber was also out riding on a TRS at a big event in Spain, and took time to pose with Toni Bou. ( No he wasn’t riding the same class!!)

It seems they had an Outlaw/Ross style cook up at this Spanish event - served up by these volunteers.


Beautiful Sunday morning outside with bright sunshine -( I even slept in late today.)  - No plans yet, but it won’t be a bike day - maybe take Momma Bear out for a drive.


Saturday May 28th 2022

Saturday, May 28th, 2022

Here are a few more pics from the Outlaw - We have posted a lot more to buddy Roy Chobotuk on his Face book Messenger board - You can see them there - or email me with requests.

The top pic is of Allan Gillespie -(TRS)  his first ever motorcycle Trial and he took  top  Junior award

Next is 12 year old Leo Munns on his 80cc Beta - Leo did fantastic riding against the older guys - He is a future star for sure, if he keeps at it.
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Below is Leo’s Dad - Jason just got this TRS and admits to not practicing logs ( this will change!!)
No description available.

Next we have Dean Seaman  ( Beta) making a nice try at a pivot turn   on this tricky section.
No description available.

Logs you say? - I’m guessing that a lot of riders will be practicing this technique before the next Outlaw!!

All the inter riders struggled on this one - here we have Richard Oullet trying to make it out with a “3″
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Update : Answer to Friday quiz - Sammy Miller on a 200cc Bultaco - Harlow got it!!


Late breaking news. - We just heard that Ed McDonald died - “Fast” Eddie was the founder of Cycle works in Edmonton, and well known racer. RIP.


Friday May 27th 2022

Friday, May 27th, 2022

More Outlaw 2022 Memories - Emily getting a bit throttle happy on the Outlaw Beta - then with an arm around the old guy  ( I think she said everything was under control!!)
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Below is one of the medals we gave out - Gold Silver & Bronze - the pic shows a very young Outlaw  Dave in 1955 riding in my very first Trial in Wales. - Yes the Outlaw is all about saving the Tradition.

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You will notice that Emily is wearing the Wulf Trials Gear which is very popular -  They also sponsor the British Trials Championship as can be see in the latest Trial Mag UK Magazine.
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Meanwhile South of the border The US Trials riders, woke up to a foot of snow - which cancelled their event. - I thought we only got that freaky weather in Alberta.

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TRS Gold models arrive in the  UK.


Young 12 year old Ryon Land  from Stateside has been causing quite a stir lately, and will be going to Europe to train with the Vertigo Team

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QUIZ. - Who is  this rider and on what bike?

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Hints & Tips

Is your bike getting hard to start ? Check the pilot jet - these often get plugged especially Keihin

( I wonder how we know this?)


Thursday May 26th 2022

Thursday, May 26th, 2022

Looking back on our weekend Outlaw Trial - I have to say that the Trials community   should be very grateful for the Shuswap Group, who took over running events in the area, when I just plain ran out of ability to hike around the Summerland hills plotting sections.

We started  the Outlaw Trial back in 1986 - an event at East Kelowna - the  idea was to have a Two day Trial with the first day (Saturday) a free day to check out the loop on a vintage bike, before riding the main event on Sunday. -

As it turned out we had  a really good entry - with lots of Ossa and Bultaco bikes plus the twin shock Yamaha’s.  - This was a quite long loop with a stop at the “Outlaw Pub” on top of one of the ridges - something we erected and which proved popular.

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- In later years down at Summerland, I would take a bunch of beer up to the last section of the day for the Vintage guys - yes that was popular. -  Adrian was usually first up the Shale climb!!
To put on one Trial is always commendable -But to do it year after year takes a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion for the sport. -We thank everybody that has helped out over the years.
What is perhaps the strangest thing about our Trials fraternity, when compared to other sports, is that everybody does it on a voluntary basis. - no pay - no reward!!

( That is excluding the CMA)

Here is a pic of our Shuswap Stars!! Julie, Ross and Judy. -

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Weather early Wednesday  didn’t look too promising with a sprinkle of rain as I headed out the door - first stop was at the Armstrong Post Office to ship off parts & Accessories - then I cut cross Country via the back roads through the farmland & came out near the OKeefe Ranch - nice to take these short cuts sometimes. - By the time I got to Roy’s place it was clearing up, and in fact later in the day it turned out really nice.

I was out on the Beta 300 SS that Emily rode in the Trial which is a really neat bike - we didn’t go too far, just our usual loop around the top ridge - stopping off at the various look-outs to “Chew the fat”

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One of the things that I love about riding in the OK Valley, is seeing and smelling all the wild flowers.


Wednesday May 25th 2022

Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

We hope that everybody  had an enjoyable long weekend, and are now likely back at work - but at least it’s a short week for most people.

My day started off by unloading the van, as I was too tired on Monday - I left the Beta in the van and will get out for a ride today. - A lot of the small stuff I leave in the drawers , for sorting at a later date. - As usual we were able to help a lot of riders, with spare parts and accessories at the Trial.


Below are three more shots from Ross’ Rock Garden!!

Top is Kolten Morrison (Beta) - middle is Leigh McKay (TRS) and bottom is Dean Seaman (Beta)
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Then we had the two Lady riders - Emily Roberts (Beta) and Katie McG (Beta)

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On a final note regarding the Trial, although the Outlaw Trial has been held on the same May Long weekend for 99% of the time since 1986. - It appears  a few people missed  it due to the fact that they did not see the posters up on Face book (3 times) or on our Outlaw blog.

We also messaged as many people we could to “Spread the word”  via Facebook Messenger - We are sorry if you were one of those who missed the event.
I see that the ATAQ club had a Trial last weekend - and also the Nova Scotia club - nice to see our sport slowly getting back to normal.

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Tuesday May 24th 2022

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

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Results from the Outlaw  Two Day Trial - Total points for the two days.


1 Sean Bird  - Vancouver  BC- Scorpa  8 points

2 Kolten Morrison - Scotch Creek  BC - Beta  60 points

3 Stan Bakgaard - Yale   BC - Scorpa  - 63 points

4 Steve Day - Mission BC - Scorpa -  79 points

5 Brian McNeal - Vancouver BC - Gas Gas -121 points



1 Ross Rathbone - Magna Bay  BC - Beta - 31 points

2 Christian Zanders - Scotch Creek BC - Beta -60 points

3 Bernardo Rodriguez - Mexico -TRS - 69 points

4 Jay Colley - Ymir BC - Mont 4T - 125 points

5 Jason Munns - Penticton  BC - TRS - 151 points

6 Russ Nelson -Scotch Creek -BC- Beta - 153 points

7 Ty Morrison - Scotch Creek -BC - Beta - 180 points



1 Dean Seaman - Sorrento BC - Beta - 34 points

2 Richard Oullet - Calgary AB - Scorpa - 57 points

3 Mike Senuik - Nelson  BC - Beta - 89 points

4 Marcus Garvey - Nelson  BC - Mont 4T - 92 points

5 Max Lang - Lumby  BC - TRS - 107 points

6 Kevin Lutz  - Scotch Creek  BC - Beta - 129 points

7 Ben Lutz - Scotch Creek  BC - Beta - 135 points

8 Lee Usher - Nelson  BC - Beta - 136 points

9 Leigh MacKay - Princeton BC - TRS - 143 points

10 Dave Sowiak - Nelson BC - Mont 4T - 166 points

Walter Cukavac Spruce Grove AB - Beta DNF

Phil Plasterer - Victoria BC - Mont  DNF


1 Allan Gillespie - Kamloops  BC - TRS - 14 points

2 Chuck Connors - Salmon Arm BC - Beta - 38 points

3 Roger Tessier - Scotch Creek  BC - Beta - 43 points

4 Leo Munns - Penticton  BC - Beta 80cc - 56 points


Super Junior
1 Oscar Usher - Nelson  BC - Beta - 59 points


Ladies  ( Special one day awards)
1 Emily Roberts - Revelstoke  BC -   Outlaw Beta   96 ( inter line)

2 Katie McGeachy - Vernon  BC - Beta - 50 points ( Junior line)

Special award going to young Leo Munns, who rode the Junior line along with the older guys,  on his Beta Evo 80.

For those interested in Statistics - These were the totals for the various bike brands

Beta 17


Scorpa 4

Mont 4

GG 1


Special Note :  A donation of One Thousand  dollars was given to Sean Bird to help with expenses going to represent Canada at the Trial Des Nations later this year. - Thank you Ross Rathbone and all the Shuswap Trials riders.


We have posted a bunch of pics we took from the Trial on Face-book - if you don’t see one of you - maybe shoot me an email. - Although our rider turn out was only about 60%  compared  to  our glory  years ago  in Summerland - I think we are really lucky to have Ross to carry on the Outlaw tradition.  - Unfortunately, the Vintage Class idea ( which I would really like to see kept going ) did not happen. -

It was interesting to see Phil Plasterer from Victoria at the Trial - he has been a top rider on Vancouver Island for a long time - seems he now has a place in the Shuswap and decided to take it in - because of an injury, Phil rode the lower class on Saturday and I noticed he did some coaching to our new  riders. - Thanks for coming Phil - we hope to see more of you.

Of course the strange World we are living in at the moment, had a huge effect on our rider turn-out - Gas prices and Covid concerns might have been reasons for a smaller than normal entry. - BUT the quality of Canadian Trials were at the Outlaw - The current Canadian Champion Sean Bird showed just why he holds that #1 plate - I was really impressed with how he has elevated his game.  - Having Stan at our Trial, is always a real treat - yes  we go back a long way, the same thing goes for Steve Day - Holy Moly - I can’t believe these guys are now in their  Senior years, and still riding Expert !!!!!!!!!!!

And what about young Leo Munns !!! the youngest rider at the event, but definitely  a star of the future - be sure to check out some of the video clips of him riding some “Big” stuff on the Beta 80cc.
It was nice to see Emily’s folks show up and maybe we will see some coverage of the event in a future edition of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine. -

So looking ahead - naturally, everybody is concerned these days about land restrictions and other issues we have - getting new bikes  is difficult and costly with freight charges on everything going “through the roof” -
At the end of the day - all I can say is “If you missed the 2022 Edition of the Outlaw Trial - you REALLY missed it. - The weather was perfect - the location #1 - - Thanks to everybody that showed up.

Candid Corner >>>

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Below -Leo Munns - Star of the Future

These kids sure grow up fast - Christian Zanders with the old guy.
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Monday May 23rd 2022

Monday, May 23rd, 2022

The weather for the Outlaw Trial, which was held over the Long weekend at the Rathbone Trials Center in the Shuswap - was absolutely fantastic - We had a really good turn out of riders for the Two day competition, which featured a lot of big logs, tight turns and rocks. - Canadian Champ Sean Bird from Vancouver, was in a class of his own, as you can see by the results.

The pics below show top Sean Bird (Scorpa) - Stan Bakgaard ( Scorpa) - and Steve Day (Scorpa)  - these were taken on the Arena style section which completed the loop. - We will be posting a lot more pics through the week.

It should be mentioned that we had two lady riders,  Katie Mcgee, ( Beta)  and Emily Roberts,(Beta)  who each rode one day only, and were presented with  special medals.

A big thankyou, to Ross and his team for once again hosting a wonderful weekend, with the usual big Saturday night fire and “Cook out” and to the ladies who always do a great job with scoring.

We enjoyed chatting to Emily’s Mum & Dad, the Editors of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine who were visiting from Ontario, and also to the many new riders who showed up including Walter from Spruce Grove Alberta, and Bernando all the way from Mexico.
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Saturday May 21st 2022

Friday, May 20th, 2022

I’m posting this early to give people a chance to read perhaps before they set out on the road

Well! I’ve loaded as much stuff as I can think of into the van before heading up to the Shuswap early today - Of course somebody will likely break something that I don’t have - but I’ve done my best

Below you see Jordi’s comments about his new Gold Masterpiece - and yes we can get a couple of these to special order - but if you have to  ask the price, you can’t afford one!!
No description available.

Jordi Tarres is at TRS Motorcycles Factory.

NEW GOLD 2022🤩😍
The TRRS Gold Limited Edition is the most exclusive and differential motorcycle of the brand. A limited series equipped with the
highest quality components available on the market.
A model that from its origins shows the most Racing DNA of the brand, with an infinite number of unique details for the most
demanding users who are looking for an exclusive motorcycle with the highest performance.
I watched another video clip from the Scottish - this one from Pipeline - it certainly looked rougher than I remember it - and Stan also said it was tough this year. - As always, the good riders seem to “Float” up over the rocks.
A reminder to ALL riders, that the Entry form and Waiver forms, need to be filled in both clearly and concisely  - We need ALL the information including  name, address. POSTAL CODE - Phone numbers -
Yes I realize you think the sign in crew know who you are, and you can just scribble your name, but we are living in strange times and it is really important  that the organizers  are fully protected.
Therefore  there will be NO exceptions - if the forms are not completed correctly- they will need to be done over.  It might interest some to know that for over 25 years, I was very lax in this department and let riders get away with a lot of stuff. ( basically leaving myself wide open to being sued) -
We are extremely lucky to have Ross, Judy - Martin & Julie  and others willing to step up to the plate, to host events just for the love of the sport. - Remember we are no longer members of any National Motorcycle body, as the WEC ( which we were a trials division of) Folded when the Covid thing hit. - We had a very good 10-11 years with free Insurance for the Organizers or Clubs and held a National Trials Series. ( Something not likely to happen again perhaps, because of the high costs involved)
Naturally I will be out and about with my cameras - showing you at your best and maybe worst!! Remember the Motorcycle Press has no favorites!!
Please note there will be no blog for tomorrow ( Sunday) - Full report on Monday.
Finally - My cell is (250) 308-7307 - Ross is (250) 371-1380
And remembering the Dam Busters - 53 of these were killed on that raid
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