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Friday September 30th 2022

Friday, September 30th, 2022

We have some good news regarding our Home phone as Grant our son in law is quite the technical guru and after spending about two hours at our house yesterday, managed to get it working again !!!!  PLUS he fixed my cell !! What a great lad!!! - I have been trying to get a Telus Service guy back here for months - without any success.


This pic of me just showed up on FB with some other Greeves Pathfinder stuff - not sure who posted it - but it shows me at the very first Trial I rode in Canada on this new 175 Greeves -which I was doing a test on for the Canadian Motorcycle Press of the time, as you can see there was still snow on the ground at Blackfoot Park and of course I was a complete “Newbie at  riding in Canada. -  - Surprisingly I won what they called “The Best Opposite” - something I had not heard of coming from the UK  - and no longer an award at Trials. - Sorry I don’t know who took the pic - but could have been either Harlow or John Whitby.

There was another pic on the same post showing Roy Peplow on one riding in the Scott Trial - I tried to find this again - but even though I scrolled back a long way I didn’t have any luck - I should have shared it!!

UPDATE :  This is the other pic I mentioned - looks like Roy Peplow riding the Greeves in the Scott Trial ( could be wrong - anybody else have comments?)

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So here we are at the last day of September - seems that this month went by very quickly, but at least we did get out on the bike a few times!!

Katie sent me a few pics from a day out - The Rev 3 rider is from Spruce Grove AB - and got hooked on the Trials game after taking a ride while visiting  his buddy Mike Philips in Vernon - we were able to hook him up with Walter who lives close by and they plan on getting some riding in together - As they say it’s a small Trials world. ( We need to get him into some Wulf Trials gear!!) - looks like they found some neat sections up on our local hill.

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Quiz - Name the riders.!!
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Thursday September 29th 2022

Thursday, September 29th, 2022

Well !  yesterday was a busy day - first I drove to Kelowna to pick up the printing for the Trial - then after lunch - I did the trip to deliver this to Martin & Julie at Magna Bay - It was a glorious day,  and I enjoyed the drive up to the Shuswap - cutting across on backroads from Armstrong to the Yankee Flats area - then over the top to Salmon Arm. - This was the first time at the Lucas place for about three years, due to covid etc - so it was nice to visit and chat.

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There are two very important “Turns” which you need to be aware of on route to the Trial - the first one is after you pass through Scotch Creek and then Celista - you will follow the main road alongside the Lake BUT you need to turn left up the hill as shown in pic #1 - this may or may not be signposted for the Trial !!!!!! and I did not see any name on this turn.
No description available.

After you get to the top of the hill - you will see this sign for Bischoff rd  Which is gravel and quite rough GO SLOW  -Fast traffic will annoy the residents!!!!!!!!!! follow this until it dead ends at the Lucas Property.
No description available.
Here are the Directions - from Julie with her phone #

No description available.

You can also call us on our LANDLINE 250-545 6139 - Our cell ph went Kaput yesterday!!


More news as it happens >>>>>>>>

Wednesday September 28th 2022

Wednesday, September 28th, 2022

Nice to see this pic of our old friend Mark Grey with his new TRS - Mark has a shop in Powell River on the West Coast
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And this from when Motorcycle riders made the Comics.
No description available.

Interesting story on this old YZ - now in the Terry Good MX Museum - As you can see it has the Yamaha Motor Canada  decals on it, so was likely raced by Bill McLean. - About 40 years ago this bike came into the hands of Mike Seto - who stored it  with other stuff, until selling it to the US Museum. - While I don’t remember the details of this bike ( Just joined Yamaha in 1973) The story is that it’s a Factory Prototype and therefore very rare, but as both Bob Work and Bill Mclean are no longer with us, any other info is not known. - ( Maybe Larry McKenzie   remembers)
No description available.


This is one of the presents Babsy brought me from the UK - the Brits use anything and everything to promote for Tourists.
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Some people have contacted me for Directions to the Thanksgiving Trial -so I will try to get a map of some sort from Julie - But the address is 2925 Bischoff Rd - Magna Bay  BC   - You drive through Scotch Creek and Celista - and turn left up the hill from the main road - but I can’t remember the name of the road  - will try to get more info when I deliver printing this week.

Julie’s ph number is 250- 263 5620

This is Jonny Walker flying his Beta in the States at a Enduro  Cross ??? Looks more like Super-Cross

No description available.


Triumph have just announced they will be building MX bikes again - this is a vintage Triumph at the Scottish Classic last weekend.

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Tuesday September 27th 2022

Tuesday, September 27th, 2022

We have heard from Julie Lucas regarding the Trial to be held at their property on the Thanksgiving weekend Saturday October 8 and Sunday October 9th.

This will be called the “DUFF’n DABS Trial.

Camping is available on the property  and a Supper will be available on Saturday night.

All classes are catered for ( including ladies) and riders can  ride either one day or the two days - Trophies will be given for each day

The course will take in some great terrain at the base of Crowfoot Mountain.

Because of the high cost of Insurance - we don’t know what the entry fee will be as yet but it will be kept as reasonable as possible.

As usual we will be there with the Outlaw Van with parts and accessories if required - let us know ahead of time if you need something.

For more info - you can call Julie at (250) 253-5620 - Please spread the word

Christie Williams put on a free Ladies Trials school at Ioco on Sunday, which was very well attended - including our own Vernon gal Katie Mcg ( 3rd from the left in the front row) - Reports are that everybody had a “Hoot” and the gals learned lots - Well done Christie and great to see so many gals taking up the sport!! - WE hope to see some of them at the Thanksgiving Trial at The Lucas Ranch in the Shuswap ( Martin & Julies place)
No description available.

This pic just popped up n facebook - it is one I took of Andrew Christiansen  up at Silver Star a few years ago, while checking out the area for a WTC National Trial - Although we found some good stuff ( we rode up the Downhill Mountain Bike trails) because it was planned to co-inside with the Enduro-cross and the Cross Country race on the same weekend- after careful thought I pulled the plug on it, because it would have been just too busy. - But it was a great idea.

No description available.


A pic from The Corduroy - Courtesy the photographer listed - Caption could read - “New water-cooled race bike”

No description available.


Monday August 8th 2022

Monday, September 26th, 2022

The woods are still very dry in the Valley - but you can see lots of green coming back after the big Forest Fire of 2021  - This was the first time for us up this end of the Fire-break - where somebody has dropped trees across to maybe stop access to ATV’s etc - while it’s no problem getting over these on a Trials bike - plus they leave neither tracks or sound to bother anybody - it was a bit of a work out for the two old boys - as it seems fear of falling has taken over using correct technique!!

No this pic is not from today !!!!! - It is actually from a Trial in Wales - Glad we never had that  when I was riding back in the day .

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You can see by the pic below - how dry the grass is
No description available.

This is a zoomed shot across the lake from a higher vantage point - the brown grass you see is up above Predator Ridge Golf Course.
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We have seen a few of the videos from the TDN - that appear to show parking lot type man made sections - which the Spanish and some other Euro teams - seem to like - It will be interesting to hear what our lads have to say when they return from their trip.  ( All very clever — but not my idea of what the sport is all about - I say bring back the old fashioned British style events -) -  Make things challenging but not dangerous.

How about a bit of mud !!! This was in between sections at last weekend’s Trial  in Scotland - now that is a challenge!!

No description available.

This shot reminded me of Mel Skaar - (RIP) who loved to play practical jokes - he would drag a log across a muskeg swamp   on a Cross Country race course, to make it appear a bike had gone through !!! Of course the first guys in the lead sank out of sight - while Mel would be hiding in the bushes killing himself laughing ! - Another of his tricks - would be to stand on the other side of a creek or river crossing - and yell to the unsuspecting newbies - “Over here” - which usually had them riding into a big deep part and drowning out - Mel would think this was  really funny. - Obviously  - the local Calgary riders - knew about Mel, and did not fall for his devious tricks. - ( The only thing I think that saved Mel from getting lynched, was the fact that he was very big man and likely weighed close to 300 lbs)

No description available.

Just saw the results from the Corduroy - Congrats to Emily Roberts, who won the Women’s Intermediate Class on her Beta!!!

Lexi Pechout won the Woman’s Expert - and USA rider Russel Bobbit took the overall -


A great pic of the Canadian TDN Team grabbing a much deserved beer after the event.

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Sunday September 25th 2022

Sunday, September 25th, 2022

Philippe Berlatier is the first ever FIM World Trials Vintage Champion - “The Bear” who is the TRS Importer for France rode his original Bultaco Sherpa T 350 to the win in Italy on Saturday. ( Many will remember Philippe for the fight he had with the German Checker back in the day because he didn’t like getting a “Five” - He lost and was disqualified !!!)
No description available.


Congrats to our old friend Harry McKay - who celebrated his 17th wedding anniversary by riding Pipeline!!! - Who would have thought that the Harry that spent quite some time with us in Canada, would return to Scotland and become a very successful businessman and family man. - ( He found a good lady with Wendy from Ireland)


Yesterday I watched the YOUTUBE video of Guy Martin’s Spitfire !! - What a great video - This was really well put together and while most people think Guy is a bit different ! - His 2010 TT Crash is another video which I recommend - if nothing else the man has dedication to whatever he does, and calls a spade a spade.


Big Moto GP race happening today in Japan - Points leader Quatario has been having his problems lately being taken out  - but the surprise is that Marc Marquez is on pole  - a surprise because many thought his injuries might end his career, - here is a pic of the current points leader who practices on a TRS -
No description available.


They have certainly had a great entry at the Corduroy Enduro - Day one is over and the bikes are ready for Day #2

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The TDN results will be up soon - but it’s extremely unlikely that these guys will not win.

May be an image of text that says 'TRIAL NATIONS POS NATION/RIDERS Hertz TRIAL DES NATIONS -25/09/22 FIM TRIAL DES NATIONS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS -301/01 PROVISIONAL CLASSIFICATION 15:47 PAGE SECTION SCORES (2 best riders) SPAIN ri-Montesa 2BUSTO RFME 2 ITALY FMI SCORE TIME RUNTIME TOTAL BOORE GASGAS GANDOLA Lorerizo-bera GREAT BRITAIN PEACE ack-Sherco LAPTIME ACU 4:50:51 LAPTIME 2:45:45 4BINCAZE FFM 4:45:43 31 NORWAY 52 LAPTIME 2:47:52 2:00:02 NMF MATS-TRRS 4:47:54 52 2:47:52 2:00:46 4:48:38 70 10 116 2:46:42 1:59:33 4:46:151'

results for the International class.

May be an image of text that says 'TRIALESNATIONS POS NATION/RIDERS Hertz TRIAL DES NATIONS 25/09/22 FIM TRIAL DES DENATIO INTERNATIONAL TROPHY INTERNATIONAL TROPHY RESULTS- -310/01 PROVISIONAL FINAL CLASSIFICATION 25/09/2022- -14:59- PAGE SCORES SCORE GERMANY Xaver-TRRS DMSB TOTAL LAPTIME AUSTRIA 215V SWEDEN 4:03:47 10 4:05:24 63703170 4:23:19 18 BELGIUM FMB POLAND 4:26:50 24 IRELAND MCUI 4:32:27 24 ANDORRA FMA 4:36:34 34 300 39 MU 4:26:56 43 SWITZERLAND 58613220 4:23:55 44 CANADA 561044160 66 4:21:06 70 SMF 277812360 149 LUXEMBOURG 4:16:38 25 18 GREECE 167 4:14:08 4:12:36 255 6323760'

More news as it happens >>>

Saturday September 24th 2022

Saturday, September 24th, 2022

I see that Sherco/Scorpa -  have introduced Fuel Injection on their new 2023 Trials bikes - plus they mention having a future estart model !! - Well I wish them luck as I’m not a fan of fuel injection and this could be just another problem for the first couple of years as other Manufacturers  have found out. - For me the old fashioned carburettor, takes some beating. -

If there is one thing that I’ve learned over the many years both in the Industry and the sport - If bikes are hard to start - they are also hard to sell. ( Something I told the Japanese at Yamaha) - And with the news that KTM seem to be wanting to take over the whole Motorcycle Industry - it reminded me of a quote from another Japanese Yamaha Factory guy - who said - “Putting all eggs in one basket  not good idea”

We had a nice visit with old friend Randy McBee  on Friday, who we have not seen for a long time - He dropped off a couple of old ball caps from the past >>> neat, as I never kept one of my original give-a-way Outlaw Caps. -This brought back a lot of memories !!

We started Outlaw Accessories  in 1987 -  We were selling a lot of different Accessories out of our van, as we traveled all over Western Canada - The original fold out steel ATV Ramps- bike ramps - handlebars all the brainchild of Jim Small from Kamloops - who worked for Blackpine a company building Woodstoves. - Jimmy and myself had some background when he joined Yamaha Canada and in fact it was his idea to call the new company Outlaw Accessories. - Jimmy thought the name OUTLAW would look neat down the leg of MX pants !!
Over the next few years we added other products, such as our famous Handmade Toolbelts plus we sold hundreds of Snowmobile bags. -

A call from a supplier in Penticton had us adding both Camelback and Power bars, while Dougie Tanaka from Vancouver wanted us to sell some of his junk - However the big breakthrough for us was when we became the  Western Canadian Distributor for Optimol Oil - based at that time in Burnaby.

- We were able to establish a dealer network all over Western Canada, with warehouses in -  Victoria, Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna -  Calgary and Edmonton - this was done mainly with the help of friends I had made in the Motorcycle Industry while working for Yamaha Canada. -

We added other products, such as ONeal clothing for a while, but they decided to cancel us and give it to Steen Hanson. - Camelback USA also cancelled their Penticton Distributor and went with direct dealer sales.
Dealers  got used to having free delivery and being able to buy product out of the back of our truck.  -A novel idea back then.
During this time, I was also selling TY Yamaha Trials bikes for our buddy Walt Healy - which continued until the Factory brought out the dreaded TYZ model - and I got the call from Don  at Mountain MC - after that it was Gas Gas & Beta - then later Sherco - followed by TRS - Obviously things have changed, and I no longer travel approx 1500km each week -in fact I rarely go anywhere these days.
Yes we still supply some of those early products - our toolbelts which are now sold direct to customers, - and Optimol ( now called just Opti)  - The Trials bikes we sell are Beta and TRS, but we still try to help customers with other brands.

While chatting to Randy yesterday, I told him about buying a Dodge Box van in Kamloops for $800 - then loading it with steel ATV ramps and driving it to Prince George the next day - sleeping on top of the ramps overnight.!!

In the early days, we once drove as far as Winnipeg in our Ford van- towing a big  trailer with 100 ATV ramps - When I got back to Blackpine in Kamloops, the owner asked how many had I sold - I said All of them.!!  - Oh yes - I also sold Snowmobile trailers for them - we would stack them three high behind my trusty Dodge van!!

- We later had our own line of Trials clothing made in the UK which was top quality and also worn by Dougie Lampkin at that time - unfortunately Anson could not compete with European cheaper products and ceased production ( We still have some of their clothing all in perfect condition)
I guess you could call these “Stories from the Crypt” - but it was a way of life for me for about ten years. or so. - my weekends were still all about Trials, and I updated the Dodge to a larger GMC Box van - - we would take a bunch of Trials bikes and riders to far away events. with the van doubling as  sleeping quarters . - This was followed in 1993, by a new GM Long wheelbase van - which we have  parked at our place with 1.2 Million Km on the clock.

And now you know “The rest of the Story”


The Vintage Trial goes today at Monza in Italy - not sure if they are calling this a World Championship or what - but they certainly have a lot of entrees, including some former World Champs and some pretty exotic bikes. here is a pic of some former champs, including American Bernie Schreiber. on the right - but who are the others???????

No description available.


While talking vintage - Now this is what I call VINTAGE  a very old 1928 Norton.

No description available.


Tomorrow is the big day for Team Canada, who will compete in the International class of the TDN -  The guys look good in their outfits - we wish them luck.

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Friday September 23rd 2022

Friday, September 23rd, 2022

I think this is the first full day of Fall 2022 - and the weather looks “Stunning” for the weekend ( To quote a popular English expression)

Must say it’s nice to have Babsy back after her three week UK Vacation - she hasn’t stopped talking about her trip.


While this weekend is a “Biggy” for the TDN Trials riders, already a bit of controversy with the French Ladies Team who  have been told by Officials to go home after  too much partying. ( bit over the top sounds like) - It will be interesting to see how it all pans out, particularly the new “Vintage” class.
Here’s a hot of Alex Walton practicing

No description available.


The Cordoroy Enduro goes this weekend, with also a vintage class  - I see Dave Butler will campaign his old Greeves and use his Outlaw Toolbelt for fixing stuff.

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Thursday September 22nd 2022

Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

The 2022 Trial Des Nations goes this weekend - read all about it >>>>>

The TDN is an annual team event that pits country against country with the winners able to lay claim to being the best trial-riding nation in the world. The FIM Trial Vintage Trophy is a celebration of trial’s roots with riders putting historic machines through their paces.

Spain starts as a clear favourite to win the TDN in the men’s category. Unbeaten in the competition since 2004, this year’s team comprises the top-three ranked riders in the world in 2022 with Toni Bou (Montesa) joining forces with Jaime Busto (Vertigo) and Adam Raga (TRRS).

As a trio the current Spanish team has won twice before – in 2017 and again last year – and between them Bou and Raga have stood on the top step of a TDN podium an amazing 33 times!

So, which nations are likely to step up to challenge the mighty Spanish? In all truth it is a very tough call to make…

France finished second last year but the team has undergone a reshuffle for 2022 with Benoit Bincaz (GASGAS) the only rider retaining his place. The 25-year-old, who finished 10th in TrialGP this season, is joined by Hugo Dufrese (Vertigo) and Gael Chatagno (Electric Motion) who finished eighth and 10th in Trial2.

Whatever the result, the French will make history this weekend with Chatagno becoming the first rider to compete in the TDN on an electric motorcycle.

Then there’s the Italian trio of Matteo Grattarola (Beta), Luca Petrella (GASGAS) and Lorenzo Gandola (Beta).

Grattarola has had a great season in TrialGP, claiming a career-first win at the highest level at last weekend’s TrialGP of Italy and four additional podiums on his way to fourth in the world.

Petrella is the only change to the team that finished third last year and he’s ranked 12th in the world while Gandola – the 2017 Trial3 champ – finished his 2022 Trial2 campaign in a fighting fifth with a victory and two further podium finishes.

Great Britain hasn’t won the TDN since 2003 and it would be a huge shock if Jack Peace (Sherco), Bill Green (Scorpa) and Toby Martyn (TRRS) returned to the top this year.

However, a podium finish is definitely a real possibility with Martyn – who finished his debut season in TrialGP in 11th – looking to end the year on a high.

Green and Peace have competed in Trial2 this season with Green scoring three podium finishes including a win in Andorra on his way to fourth and Peace, who was seventh, also claiming a podium.

The line-up is completed by Norway with this year’s Trial2 champion Sondre Haga (Beta) leading Mats Nilsen (TRRS) and Jarand Vold Gunvaldsen (TRRS) into battle.

The women’s competition is likely to be a two-horse race between reigning champions Spain and Great Britain.

Spain fields Berta Abellan (Scorpa), Sandra Gomez (TRRS) and Alba Villegas (Beta). Of the trio, Abellan – the number two ranked female in the world – is the rider on form after taking two victories in this season’s TrialGP Women competition and never dropping lower than second.

We haven’t seen Gomez or Villegas in Hertz FIM Trial World Championship action in 2022 but we know Gomez is a proven performer and in a top-flight career stretching back to 2008 the 29-year-old has finished second in the world twice and third on five occasions.

Great Britain is led by Bristow – the only remaining member of the victorious 2018 team – who wrapped up her eighth world title this season and she can be confident of rock-solid support from Robinson who was 10th in TrialGP Women this season – despite contesting just two rounds – and Adshead who was third in Trial2 with a victory at the final round.

The best of the rest are headed by Norway, Italy, Germany and France and all four nations have a great chance of a podium finish.

The men’s International Trophy class will be contested by 20 teams from four continents and with last year’s winners Norway moving up to the main TDN competition there will be a new nation on top of the podium this time around.

In addition to the main action there will also be a Challenge competition contested by seven two-rider teams, each featuring a male and a female competitor.

Before the big guns are rolled out on Sunday the inaugural FIM Vintage Trophy will get the action under way on Saturday with two main prizes up for grabs – for best performance on a vintage motorcycle and best performance on an authentic vintage motorcycle – and there will also be a support class competing over easier sections.

The day’s events will be compèred by 1979 TrialGP world champion and all-round American legend Bernie Schreiber and, adding to the historic flavour, there will be a weekend-long display of ground-breaking vintage trial machinery.

The competition kicks off at 9am on the Saturday with the FIM Trial Vintage Trophy before official TDN practice gets under way at 10am. Sunday will see the current generation of trial heroes showcasing their talent from 8.30am.

For the full timetable and more information click here…

Here is an update from Sammy King who is in Italy for the TDN

Sam King

22m  ·

TdN update : I was stoked to finally meet up with the Canadian team last night here in Milan, Italy. It was a long and delayed process with minimal sleep trying to get here after missing a connecting flight due to airline delays.
Got a good 8 hours of sleep last night once I got back to the hotel. This morning after breakfast, we went to the location of TdN at the Monza race track, to try and find the Beta factory team and pick up my bike. Unfortunately, the paddock doesn’t open until Friday, so weren’t able to pick it up just yet. We are still working on some ways to maybe get the bike sooner.
Big thanks to J-Fx Fortin for allowing me to use your bike today to get used to the terrain here. (Sorry about the fresh scratches, I will repay you I promise!) Dry and dusty here at the moment which makes the rock very slick!
I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the whole time I was riding at the Lazzate moto club. Being back in the world trials scene and seeing so many friends that I haven’t seen in years was so fun!! The sport has developed to whole new level since I was last in Europe which is incredible to see first hand.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to ride with the Canadian team too much due sickness for Alex Walton and bike issues for Kevin Cordy
Shout out to the Aussie team for letting me train with them for a bit, despite the fact I’m a “turn coat” 😂 thanks legends!!
I am so flippin happy to be here and I’m very excited for the competition on Sunday and also just to ride as much as possible between now and the start of the Trial. Let’s do this!!
🎥 Jono Chellas
Sammy may be on one of the 2023 Evo’s - which look great  in their all red paint - ( not too fond of the blue/red combo) - the first shipment of these is due to arrive in Canada  in November - but in very limited quantities SO if you are in the market - Best give us a call pretty quick.
Open photo
Our supply of Wulf helmets is at an all time low, as we wait for the new 2023 order to arrive - We will also be ordering more of the nice Fall Trials jackets - so if you are needing any of this quality gear - give us a shout - don’t be disappointed ( Christmas is coming)
Here is a British rider in all Wulf riding gear. -
No description available.

Wednesday September 21st 2022

Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

The other day I asked if anyone knew who was the last rider to win a World Round on a Beta - Bob Clark called and said he thought it was Jeroni Fajardo - But the last Italian to win a World round was likely the late great Diego Bosis. ( Jordi was first I think in 1987?)

Had to post this shot from the Queen’s Funeral, showing the fantastic precision - What a sight.

No description available.


Over in Italy the Canadian Team are getting ready for the TDN this weekend - here is Steve Day with Fujigas

No description available.


Nice pic of British gal Kaytlin Adshead who did so well in the FIM Womens Trial 2 Class and who is on the British Ladies Team at the TDN this weekend - ( With Emma Bristow !!)
No description available.


We saw a couple of pics from Lake Louise area on facebook that shows some early snow!!  How quickly things change in the mountains.

Trials - and the way it used to be >>>>>>>>
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