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Monday October 31st - BLOG is still not working - may be problem with Web provider.

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Saturday Oct 29- Sam King wins Day #1 at Canadian National.

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We apologize for the break in our daily blog - it’s something beyond our control - we hope to rectify soon.

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Thursday, October 20th, 2022

Answer to the quiz from yesterday - The lever on the handlebar of the Triumph Team bikes was an advance-retard for the ignition - this was used when starting ( along with the valve-lifter on the big British Singles) - Trials riders would use this lever to retard  the ignition for Trials sections -( I remember riding my buddies 500 Ariel with this control. It was too big and heavy for me to ride in a section - but neat to ride in town on full “retard” Thump - Thump -Thump. )
First in with the correct answer was Roger Boothroyd, then John Kitchener ( in the UK) and Walter from Alberta.


Yesterday I was browsing the You-Tube video selection, and tuned into the Memorial service for the Famous Geoff Duke who died in 2015. - Geoff was one of my hero’s ever since I listened to the radio broadcasts of the TT races in the Isle of Man —– ( 1949 era)  - Duke was actually hired by Norton to ride Trials, which he did very well - one of the tributes at the service was by Sammy Miller, who also raced in the Isle of Man at the same time as Geoff.
Another tribute was by Derick Minter who told of how Geoff returned to Trials when  the FIM banned him for 6 months, for supporting the Private road racers, who wanted more “Starting money” - He mentioned how he went with Geoff to the Picton Time Trial near Chester, and told of how 12,000 spectators showed up !! - just to see him -  This was news to me because I was in that event, and was in fact passed by Geoff Duke at one part of the unbelievably muddy course -

He was on a factory Ariel Colt - Which Sammy said Geoff really liked - but he (Sammy) hated.  - Geoff won that day.    I was also lucky enough to shake the great man’s hand when he attended our local club end of the year Dinner and Presentation of awards - I recall that  one of our Club Committee guys - introduced me to Geoff as “An up and coming rider”  ( Ha Ha)  -

Geoff was of course a  total gentleman and held in high esteem by Motorcycle People then and now. - He moved to the Isle of Man and got involved in a lot of different projects - at his funeral the long procession made a complete lap of the TT Mountain Circuit. - I recommend this video to everybody interested in the History of Motorcycle Sport.


This pic just showed up on FB - Taken at our visit with  Al Perret  a couple of years ago at Sun Peaks.  It shows left to right -Walter Cukavac, - Outlaw Dave , - Guy Laycraft and Al. -Sadly Al was gone about a year later.
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I took this pic of Al in his workshop  that day - sitting by his BSA project bike

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Photographer Neil Sturgeon, calls this his “Pic of the week” - it shows Jon Richardsen (TRS) wheelying up the field to finish as the fastest rider at the Scott Trial last week

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Wednesday October 19th 2022

Wednesday, October 19th, 2022

A nice surprise in the mail yesterday - The 2022 Program from the Scottish together with a really great T shirt sent by our friends Harry & Wendy McKay who live near Ft William. Lots of interesting stuff in the program plus of course the Entry list showing our two Famous Cannucks - Stan Bakgaard and Jon English.

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Also in the mail was the latest issue of Trial Mag: UK - with more brilliant articles and photographs.

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And here is a pic of Harry riding the Leven Valley Twin shock Trial, on a borrowed Fantic - his first event in 25 years!!

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Seeing these pics of Harry -( I have several)  reminded me of the time when he first arrived in Kelowna - We had arranged to go to a Trial near Rocky Mountain House - and had a total of five riders who agreed to come in our big Box van - but at the last minute ( and I do mean last minute - you know who you were) four of these guys backed out, leaving just Harry and myself to split the cost of the gas for the trip - I figured this would be around $300. - So all of a sudden this trip looked to be in jeopardy.

I recall sitting in our front room with Harry and telling him that I thought we would have to cancel!! - BUT our canny young Scotsman did a real sales job on me and we left early next morning -

Now I had a drum of Optimol oil in the van - which I planned on swapping with Walt for a used TY250 for Harry - and glad to say everything went well for our weekend  except for one small blip -

The ATRA had a section going across the creek and around a few obstacles on the other bank ( not easy) - So I rode it first on my TY 350 - after which I parked the bike. -  another couple of riders scrambled through the section - then it was Harry’s turn - away he went and was having a great ride, when I suddenly realized  that he had jumped on my bike by mistake.

- Laughing about this with some of the ATRA club riders  who were watching, - I was astounded when one guy ( who shall be nameless) said Oh that means he’s disqualified !!

I should mention that this was no big sanctioned event - so I really had a go at him - telling this guy that we had just spent all this money  driving from BC and it was an honest mistake considering both bikes looked identical. - Glad to say,  in the end cool heads prevailed and we enjoyed the rest of our trip - I wonder if Harry remembers that?
Quiz - This is the Triumph Factory Team from back in the day - but what is the lever on top of the handlebar on the left side?

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Saw this post on the net > - When I was with Yamaha - we used to say that if you haven’t  heard a good rumor by 10am on any given day  “START ONE”  - The Gasser thing could very well be true as KTM  seem to have taken a leaf out of Honda’s book and are spending big bucks to  lure the top guys for advertising  value.

Not that there is anything illegal about this - when I worked for Yamaha Canada, I managed to get all the top riders on the new IT model - but that was  a  thing that Walt and myself concocted, as it was almost impossible to get any help from Yamaha head office. - so just like some of the things we did to help our Team Yamaha riders at the 1983 ISDE - We did everything “Under-cover”
The 2022 World Cup season is over, and although there are still two tests to complete the Spanish Championship, it is the moment when rumors begin to arrive about possible signings or conversations between riders and brands for 2023. And this is how it reached us a few days ago a rumor that sounds stronger every time , that Jaime Busto would already be confirmed with GASGAS and Matteo Grattarola with Vertigo , yes, no, what do you think?