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Tuesday February 28th 2023

Tuesday, February 28th, 2023

Today is the 91st birthday of my elder brother Don, - he lives in the UK and used to ride Trials with me in the 1950’s.  However Don’s real passion was always Airplanes - he served with the  RAF for 4 years back in the day, before later becoming the Commanding Officer of the ATC in Shropshire. -

It was during that time that Don gained his Private Pilots license  and took up gliding - a hobby which netted him a certificate for high Altitude. - Don was very active with the local club and acted as tow pilot flying a converted crop duster for over 200  “Tows” before age stopped him.

However perhaps the most amazing thing that my brother did - was have a trip in an RAF Tornado flown by a former Cadet - This took place on his 75th birthday. - when they flew through the sound barrier. ( he had to go through a lot of medical tests for this)

Don visited us in Vernon  many years ago. and we took him riding up the Vernon Mountain on a borrowed ( very bad) Honda TL 125. - Although he enjoyed the experience  - he like riding the Sherco that I had  out that day. We later celebrated my 60th birthday. ( I can’t find the pic I took of Don up near the  tower)

Below you see a few pics of Don - The portrait taken by Babs when she visited the UK last September  - Don sitting in a Tiger Moth - then seen towing a glider, and the last one after he had  flown through the sound barrier in a RAF Tornado Jet on his 75th birthday.( The jet was flown by a former Cadet under Don’s command)

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Below is a pic from 2014 when I was going out riding with Chris Hrabb - he had just bought a new Beta from us - However you might also notice a pail of Opti Injector oil up front - We sell a lot of this for the sled market - give us a call if you need to know more - it also comes in jugs.  -( Obviously this was a low snow year.)
No photo description available.

An unusual pic of a rider ice racing his Fantic Trials bike - However not totally unheard of, as back in the day some clubs in the UK ran indoor ice races, with riders using  studded up TY 175’s.
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Quiz - Who is this in a pic taken by Barry Robinson ( who sadly died last weekend)

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Monday February 27th 2023

Monday, February 27th, 2023

Above young Ryon Land takes his first win in Europe - I have a feeling this wont be the last - and below is a a story of the only other American rider to cause a stir in European Trials.
Bernard Schreiber is in Zürich, Switzerland.

25m  ·

In February 2023 three separate individuals on Facebook asked nearly the same question, so here it is for reflection and my answer.
What was the best year of your motorcycle Trials career?
Most everyone, including myself, sometimes answer with the 1979 World Trials Championship victory.
The season started in January with Italian Indoor Trials, then SoloMoto Indoor of Barcelona and ended in December with El Trial de Espana and the Schreiber Cup in California.
The other 10 months were busy on the road with (12) FIM World Championships starting in February with SPA, BEL, GBR, ITA, FRA, GER, AUT, CAN, USA, FIN, SWE and finishing with POL end of September. The year resulted in 10 podium finished with wins at the Canadian and British world rounds to finish 2nd overall in the world.
In Between world rounds was the toughest Scottish Six days Trial in history with my winning score of 105 points.
August back to England for the traditional BBC KickStart TV Trial and my 2nd victory of the event.
The calendar didn’t end! then the (? round U.S. National Championship I had to start in round 2 of the series due to the world schedule. It began in CA, then two rounds in MT and continued to RI and MA for a 5th straight win to clinch the Championship.
October and November is off season as usual and spent at trade shows with partners and back home to finish my book Observed Trials with Len Weed that went into print in 1983 after nearly 3 years work.
With that said, 1982 was probably my best year ever of accomplishments thanks to a great Team and Team Manager.
It was a 12 month season with 25+ competitions, across 12 countries that included my frequent flyer (6) round trips across the Atlantic which had become a normal season for me for the 6th straight year.
Yes! we had no internet, no GPS, no mobile phones, no minders, no go fund me programs and no social media to tell or share our stories. Let the good times roll
WE said we would have more snow pics - here is a rare one of TRS Importer Bob Clark shoveling his driveway  in Coquitlam.
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And a Happy birthday today to Janis - who watched Bob get this “Work out”

Sunday February 26th 2023

Sunday, February 26th, 2023

Well it’s certainly a very snowy weekend in most parts of Canada  - some getting more than others - We are glad that we do not need to go out anywhere.  ( Look for more snow pics coming up)

Another shot of a TRS team showing young riders - which is always good to see.
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After 10 years of non-stop rules to align with FIM regulation, FIM Europe has decided to return to the regulation that allows stopping in zones this year. A decision that will fuel discussions in the FIM and all the high-level competitors.
Source Andrea Buschi
A blast from the past - a shot of Rick Styles at the 2009 WTC National at Summerland - As I recall we had over 90 riders at that event.
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Birthday greetings today to Steve Troupe from Ontario - a great promoter of Vintage Trials.

Saturday February 25th 2023

Saturday, February 25th, 2023

As it looks like February is going out with a big blast of Snow - we thought we would post this pic of young Matt Reading trying out my 2015 Beta Evo 200  up on Bear Ridge near Kelowna - Matt was new into Trials, and had bought an Evo 300 - which was a mistake I thought, so I showed him just how good the smaller model was, pulling 3rd & 4th gears even in snow like this. - result was he bought a  new 200 from us, which is now owned by Olivier in Vernon. The one he is seen testing was sold to a customer in Winnipeg.
No photo description available.


Another snow pic - this from our 2nd ride up Joss Mountain when we ran into quite a lot of snow - pic was taken on our way back down from the Lookout - we had to hike up the last part - but my Beta Rev made it the farthest up!! Can;t remember the lad on the left  but next in line is a friend of Mark Thompson from the States ( We found out later that he committed suicide) - next to Mark is Paul Throssell and Taff  ( I took the pic)
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And a Joss ride another year - a rare pic of the old guy on one of the tricky rock sections of the narrow track up through the switch backs. I’m on a Beta Rev 3 so likely around 2005-6  - weather was not great and you needed to be very careful at this spot as it was a long way down on the  left , as you picked your way through the slippery rocks.

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Another memory found in my files - This one showing ATRA Prez - Harold Pospisil  in a section at an Indian Graves event. He is being watched carefully by a crowd, while Chris Tronnes on the left between  the trees seems to be checking the tape?.

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A great pic of Bernie Schreiber  checking in his Bultaco at his very first Scottish Six Days  - he finished 11th overall - and later won the event, the only American to ever win this Prestigious Trial.

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(Pic by Mortons Archive)


Did you know that most Motorcycle factories advertise the Oil Lubricants they use Because they likely get it for FREE!!!!! - This can add up to a lot of money .

Note ! We also give all new  bike Outlaw Customers a free box of Opti Oil  - but we have to pay for ours !!


Friday February 24th 2023

Friday, February 24th, 2023

With very cold temperatures in the Valley - we spent some time sorting through the zillion old tapes and video’s  that we have - many are VHS  tapes by Duke etc - a lot of these will go to our new local riders who may like to have them, other DVD’s contain both pics and video’s taken by myself over decades of  my involvement with Trials.  I have checked out a lot of these, and sent a few pics to the various people who may not have seen them before.

Below is one of Taff and myself at Stony Plain on two of my vintage bikes - we sure had some good times at that location. ( The Ossa went to Jimmy Corkle and the TY 175 to Mark in Medicine Hat.).
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Here is another one of me doing the first test of the all new 2009 Beta Evo at Bear Creek -  although we had a few little “Niggles” as is normal with any new model - the Evo has withstood the test of time with only small updates, and still ranks as one of the most popular Trials bikes especially for UK riders who do the Scottish each year. ( Yes we have the new Beta Evo 2023 models arriving next week)

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Below is a pic of a section at the 1981 World Trial at Ioco, which we sponsored - Can anyone name this great section?? ( You can see my Advertising board near the top)

The quiz from yesterday showing the Beta Evo stuck in the mud at the Scottish was really posted “tongue in Cheek” as I really don’t know who the rider was - I have been trying to locate some of my old programs - but the only one I found was from 2022 which lists the rider as Thomas Hick -  However I think this might be from an earlier year.  Brett took a guess and was the only one we got.

No photo description available.

We have just heard the sad news that Bob Johns the former owner./operator of the Trials Canada website,  lost his wife to cancer over the weekend. - Our condolences from us and all Trials riders to Bob at this very difficult time.


Thursday February 23rd 2023

Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

Hmm Sounds familiar !!


Coming up at IOCO
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The only guy I recognize in this lineup is Jeff Smith
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Answer  to the Wednesday quiz  >  Nigel Birkett - Scottish Six Days - 1989 on a JCM Europa. ( I can’t remember the section but it was not Laggan Locks)

AND nobody got it correct

How about this for a quiz question - Who was # 233  at the Scottish and what year?
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Sammy getting a ride in the chair of this 1922 sidecar rig.
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Wednesday February 22nd 2023

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023

Quiz.   Who ?  where?  When ? and on what?   ( Pic by Outlaw Dave)
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Looking forward to trying out our new Wulf Trials helmet - with flip down visor - this can’t be seen when retracted into the helmet shell, a tinted visor also available and in stock.
New Wulf Helmets


This is 80 year old Jon Bliss a former very good rider in his younger years - picking up the perfect birthday present a Beta Evo 200 - A fantastic bike for a lot of riders. ( We will have a new 2023 model arriving in a couple of weeks)
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This is a You Tube video of Jonny Walker out on the Beta Enduro 200 - another great bike for many, but if you click onto this, you will see that just like any other knobby tired Enduro bikes - this doesn’t work that well in slippery rocky stream beds -  an Evo 200 would sail through this stuff.


Another great Beta pic - this one shows Brad Bullock in action.

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Weather in the Valley  ( and just about everywhere else)  looks to be really crappy for the last week of February - Glad we are not expecting any bike deliveries. - Of course we are always open for parts and accessories - including the great Opti products for your bike or Sled. - If you have trouble finding this at your local dealer, give us a call. ( This goes out in ALL our bikes)
Opti 2-4


Tuesday February 21st 2023

Tuesday, February 21st, 2023

We hope you all had a nice “Family Day”  - The weather in the Valley was not great, but I know a couple of our local lads got out for a ride.

Here is a great pic of Steve Baker with a model of his World Championship winning Yamaha - back in the 70’s while I was working for Yamaha Canada - Bob Work built a mini flat track bike for Steve to use around the pits. He later gave this to me for my lad also named Steve, but it got passed on like so many other bikes that we should have kept.No photo description available.

A good shot of Katy Adshead riding the Vic Brittain Trial on her TRS
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Here is a shot of Mick at the recent Telford Classic show - Good to see he still gets out to these events.
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Good to see that Yamaha still put on the Kids riding schools at the various shows - this was last weekend in Toronto

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Finally a Waterfall pic - this one in Wales is situated  at Llanraedar - just a few miles from our old hometown  and is said to be higher than Niagra.

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Monday February 20th 2023 “FAMILY DAY”

Monday, February 20th, 2023

As most of our readers know, I feel very blessed to still be riding at age 85, but how about this guy” John Penton still going strong at 98 - Now THAT is impressive.
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Answer to the Sunday quiz - John Ranger from Ontario the number one plate holder for quite a few years correct guess at 4.28am came from Pete Varey who mentioned that he actually beat Ranger at one event.  Brett Clark was in next at just after 6am.  - ( These boys sure are keen)  Harlow and Roger Boothroyd were also correct.
We never did see Ranger ride, as he did not come out West for the FIM World Round we put on in 1975 or any other events as far as I know.

Here is a shot of Heath Brindley winning a local Trial in the UK on his much modified Beta TR34 -finishing ahead of all the modern bikes !! ( No doubt the Outlaw sticker on the back fender helped !!)

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So with winter weather still with us in the Valley  we have not heard of anybody getting out for a ride.

Except of course on the Island where they seem to have a good bunch out every week.  because of the better weather.


A pic from the Lewisport British/America Cup Trial last weekend  South of the border - they had 121 riders Saturday and 114 on Sunday !!  Good entry for these days. Obviously doing something right.
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Sunday February 19th 2023

Sunday, February 19th, 2023

Quiz - An old pic showing a TY 250 rider with long hair - but who is it?

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The Annual “Vic Brittain Trial” was held in Shropshire England last weekend and this pic show the young Scottish sensation Jamie Galloway on his TRS - This is a very popular event, with old style natural sections similar to what was normal when I first started riding Trials in the UK, back in the 1950’s.
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A great pic showing the family aspect of the sport - Dad helping his daughter.
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Well ! This is a strange one - a Montesa with Earle’s style forks  - Obviously for the new Vintage era - looks to be very well made.
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This might be of interest to some of our OK Valley riders.


Another pic I took of Sammy riding our Beta Evo 300 at the WTC Revelstoke National - We made this event very  “Spectator Friendly” with a forestry road near all three quarries that we used.  Sammy is once again wearing the nice Wulf riding gear. ( We have all this in stock  with a good selection of colors and sizes ) Note!  Spanish rider  Tino Marin took the win that day .
No photo description available.