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Friday March 31st 2023

Friday, March 31st, 2023

After what seemed like a very long winter lay-off - we finally managed to get out for a ride yesterday, over at our Private Westside retreat - I took out the new 2023 Beta Evo 200, and as always it worked brilliantly. -( This model is now available in Factory mode as well which would be a hoot)

You know when you are getting a bit past it, when you struggle to get your boots on to start the day !! but glad to say once on the bike I felt good, and was soon enjoying some of the neat trails, with many now snow free. - It’s been about a year since I was on a 200, but it soon had me smiling, as it pulled effortlessly  through the gears and up the hills - I had to keep reminding myself not to get too brave, as it was so much fun - Roy was on his Evo 250,  which suits him perfectly and we had a really great  couple of hours. - I always make a point of heading back, even when I’m feeling good and tempted to try just one more thing - ( something I preach to the newbies - never try that tough section one last time when you are tired it usually ends in tears)

It was a “Perfect” way to kick off the new riding season.  I took time to stop at some of the beauty spots - taking in the wonderful scenery, while being closely observed by the many deer, who peeped out from amongst the trees. It was sooo quiet.

This pond will soon be alive with geese and ducks.


As usual we wore our Wulf Trials gear, including the all new helmet with the flip down visor ( although we had no reason to use that on the day) The blue jacket is one of the Anson UK products that we Imported back in the day - still going strong after about 25 years - it has zip out sleeves with a back pocket for storage. - Unfortunately Anson went out of business many years ago, unable to compete with cheap stuff from Europe. - We do also like the Wulf jackets which are made in Scotland.

New Wulf Helmets


Thursday March 30th 2023

Thursday, March 30th, 2023

Answer to the Wednesday quiz - Giacomo Agostini -  the famous many time Italian World Champion Road Racer - a lot got this  and maybe the Ago name on his leathers was a clue!!!


A lot has been posted lately on the Electric Trials bikes - but did you know that they cost in the region of $15,000 ??? then we heard some of the batteries are another couple of grand each !!!! Whoa !! think I’ll stick to the old tried & true.


Happening this weekend for all you Vintage lovers!!
May be an image of 1 person, bicycle, outdoors and text that says 'SPRING CLASSIC TRIAL Junior & Intermediate (Modern Bikes W.cme) 10 Sections, 3Loops GATE OPEN 9AM $20 Members $30Non-Members'


We still have this book, along with a lot of others  plus VHS tapes on events and training made by some of the “Greats”


Food for thought??

Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough. ~Ernest Hemingway
(Book: For Whom the Bell Tolls
I sold this TRS yesterday - I really liked this model but somebody wanted it more than me -We only had it out a couple of times late last year, before winter set in. -   I forgot to take a pic of the new customer from Kelowna, but the interesting thing, is that he used to live just down the street from Pete Varey in Brampton Ontario - and  knows Jamie McGregor who also bought a TRS from us - Like they say it’s a small Trials World.
No description available.
Here’s a pic of one of the Belanger  family riding at a NATC Trial in Florida last weekend. Reports say it was HOT.
Caption this!!!!
May be an image of 3 people, people standing, outdoors and text that says 'Solo Trial'

Wednesday March 29th 2023

Wednesday, March 29th, 2023

Quiz - Who is this on the Bultaco Sherpa T ?

May be an image of 1 person and motorcycle

Answer to the yesterday quiz - US rider Lane Leavitt in Scotland 1980 - riding a Montesa  which was unusual for him as he was normally on a Bultaco. - Brett got in early with the correct response followed by Harlow, and Pete Varey.

When I wrote the article on Trials from the  1950’s in England - I forgot to mention that the events were always one long loop with riders only tackling  the sections once.  Sometimes with the large entry - this would mean that some sections would get harder while some easier as the day went on. Weather was always a big factor - - Riders would need to send in their entry via mail for the big events which were often called Nationals, and as these often used the same route each year, many top riders knowing the terrain, would try to get a better starting position by either getting their entry in early, or holding off until later. - There are many stories of the “Games” played by these experts - with them sometimes  “hanging about” at a section until a rock lodged in a bad spot, was dislodged by one of the regular club riders.  Of course this could sometimes backfire on them, causing them to lose points on time. ( Yes all the big events had a time limit)

The first Trial that I rode in Wales as a lad was 70 miles long and I remember I lost 72 points - unfortunately I do not have a copy of the results.
We held a long loop 40 section Outlaw Trial at Summerland one year, which went over very well - but of course it took a lot of work. - I recall Mark ONeill and others   saying how much they enjoyed it.  ( Unlike the UK- the loop was only 25km)

This is a great shot by Heath Brindley showing a typical section used at the Welsh Round of the British Championship  last weekend, - not sure who the TRS rider is maybe Chris Stay, or Jaimie Galloway.

Lots of comments on this event with  everybody liking the traditional sections ( ie: not man-made obstacles)
May be an image of 1 person and outdoors


Katie stopped by yesterday to pick up some parts and we chatted about both her plans to ride in the Trial des Nations in September, but also about the Tuesday night Trials sessions planned for the local club. -  We will be helping out when possible.

The Teams will be glad of any support to help out with the huge cost of participating. ( It’s in France)
2023 Trial des Nations Team Canada fund raiser, organized by Michael Traves


And here’s one for the ladies - no name or caption but it’s an Evo 125.


The month of April usually brings showers - and also other months in places - so having some Wulf.Rain gear makes a lot of sense  ( we wear it ourselves - it stows away small in a bakpak)  very affordable at $70.00 a set.  - Note Limited sizes & colors in stock. give us a call.
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Tuesday March 28th 2023

Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

Quiz - Who and where?


So here we are heading into April , with Easter not too far away - a few years ago we always had a “Get-together” at Summerland over the long weekend - some riders came out fro the Coast for a camp out and fun time, riding the old Outlaw loop - obviously the weather was always a factor, but we  often had quite a group, and sometimes were able to show off new bikes.  In 2016 Bob brought out the very first TRS  to hit our shores, and like they say “the rest is history”

Here is a pic I took of Ross Rathbone at one of these Easter Parades - We just got word that his new 2023 Factory Beta has arrived in Canada - it will be his 16th Beta - I guess you could say he likes them.

No photo description available.


The new mag is out with more good reading about Emily’s adventures
May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle, outdoors and text that says 'LUCIFER' HAMMER XR1000R COMPETITION Motorcycle APRIL2023 Moje TESTED 2023 BMW M100OR 2023 KAWASAKI KLX230S Stocklowered to fit a wide range of riders 3 ADVENTURES YUKON TO ALASKA, MOROCCO THE HIGH SEAS RALLY MOTORCYCLEMOJO.COM 97.95 Yalur 221 628217019'


Monday March 27th 2023

Monday, March 27th, 2023

Quote I heard “I’m so old - I can remember when World Trials was interesting.
.Yes I know some new to Trials, might be confused if they click onto the videos showing what the Euros call Xtrials - they even refer to the events  being a “Race” - No wonder they often fast forward to another sport. - with words like “I can’t do that”
.As many old timers will remember -  Trials events  were invented at the turn of the Century in Jolly old England, with long distance courses. - riders usually started at  one minute intervals and followed a pre -marked  loop over rough back roads which had numerous big hill climbs, - riders lost points on these natural obstacles, and at the end of the day the rider with the lowest score was the winner. ( remember these were all rigid frames back then) -

While we won’t go into too much detail from the prewar events - after the second world war - Trials once again was the most popular sport, as riders used their every day transport to compete at the weekends. ( most events had close to 100 riders)
Most Trials in the UK started from a Pub yard - and again riders were dispatched at one minute intervals, - the loops at that time were all around 70- 100 miles, with approx 30-40 observed sections. - The course consisted of ordinary Country roads, with detours through farm land and moorland crossings, which all featured a variety of Observed sections, with muddy gullies being a favorite. All the riders rode the same loop and the same sections. ( This is still how it is at the Scottish Six Days)
A time limit was imposed, plus usually a couple of special tests to act as tie breakers. - the long course helped to thin out the riders, and avoid too many  delays. - The events were very much an individual sport, and often you would not see many riders along the way - no big backlogs at sections etc.

After clocking off back at the finish, many would stop in the pub for a pint and a chat, before heading home, with no idea who had won - you saw the results in the newspaper the following week, but also received a copy in the mail, along with any award which you had won.

It is our opinion that Trials run in this fashion were the very best then - and could be the very best now with a bit more effort. ( Note : Some UK events still follow this format)  -
A nice Heath Brindley pic of Chris Stay (TRS) at the Welsh Trial - he finished   2nd in his class.


We mentioned in a previous blog, about Trials riders jumping ship over to Enduro events - After thinking about this, I remember that after setting up the FIM World Trial in 1975 - I finished up the year on the TY 175 competing in Trials, but then switched over to Cross Country Racing in 1976. - Of course Yamaha brought out the new IT 400 that year, but I think I had also got a bit bored with Trials and just wanted to try something different, plus another factor, was traveling   every week allowed no time for practice, which is essential for Trials Competition, if you want to do well.
I continued doing the knobby tire thing  up until 1985, when a move to the Okanagan in 1981 was followed by meeting up with local Trials enthusiast Barry Van As - With no Trials events being held in the area at that time, we started putting some on, with the new TY mono arriving on the scene adding a lot of interest. - I have told the story before of how we were able to boost the interest in the sport, and although a lot has changed since then - the memories are still quite vivid.  ( We would host as many as 6-8 events per year just in the OK Valley including numerous National Trials)

Answer to the Sunday quiz -Marland Whaley (Mont) at the Scottish - Pete Varey was the only one to get it. - (Brett got it after googling it up)

Sunday March 26th 2023

Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Quiz - Who is this rider??

Answer yesterday Steve Saunders - Pete Varey & Brett got in early with the correct response followed by Harlow, and Steve ORorke - some thought it was Eddie Lejuene who rode the other Rothman’s Honda.


Here is a nice example of the Ariel 500 Trials bike, made famous by the great Sammy Miller - my brother in law had one in Wales back in the 50’s, which I sometime had a ride on - but only around town - too heavy for me in sections - it was neat.

May be an image of motorcycle


Results from the latest Hop & bop.No photo description available.


The warmer weather has certainly stirred up the interest in riding - We had a very busy Saturday with shoppers looking for Bikes and gear, plus parts.

Later I relaxed and clicked onto that great movie “Battle of Britain”  on Roku. - Amazing to think that we grew up in the UK during those times, when the Nazi regime came so close to invading England. - My Dad moved us to Wales from the Wirral area ( later heavily bombed) before he went in the army - and Bab’s Dad moved her family to Wales from London, before he enlisted. - Both our parents survived the war.

Looks like Jack Peace won the St David’s Trial in Wales today with young Harry Hemingway 2nd & Billy Green 3rd - will post full results tomorrow.


Saturday March 25th 2023

Saturday, March 25th, 2023

This is the latest from the FIM
New Season , New perspectives
Following highly productive consultations between FIM, Builders and stakeholders involved in the organization of the FIM Trial World Championship events, a number of modifications will be implemented to the series.
Designed to ensure the sport is more competitive and accessible to both amateurs and professionals, these changes will also make the format more dynamic while continuing to highlight the foundations of the Trial.
To make runners more self-sufficient, one of the main changes will be the elimination of assistant aid in 50% of the Sections in 2023.
A Closed Park will be implemented that will highlight the performance of the Trial machines and reduce mechanical interventions in order to emphasize ‘random factors’ to create a more attractive format for the public and social media enthusiasts.
Aware of the scoring difficulties that currently depend on individual judgement, the FIM – in agreement with the Constructors – is working on developing a system to help Section Observers and better control the allocation of penalties. The goal is to create a system that works in any Trial competition around the world.
FIM will be providing live streaming content through its new FIM-MOTO platform. TV for each round in 2023.
Thierry Michaud, director of the FIM Trial Commission, said: “These are fruitful consultations that we’ve had with the manufacturers that we’ll be maintaining. The FIM and the Constructors want to work together to make changes that will allow the Trial to gradually orientate towards more accessible horizons in line with the trends of 2020 and future years.”
“We agree that competition practice has definitely become too elite, too excessive and too challenging and that we therefore need to work to make it more ‘reasonable’ again. These important changes will require progressive adaptations of organizations and mindsets.”
“The FIM and its Trial Commission still believe in the present and future of this discipline and will work tirelessly on it with its partners Builders, teams and runners without forgetting its affiliated Federations, organizers and association clubs that the Volunteer Section Observers deserve.” recognition and support . “
Donato Miglio, Trial Producers Representative, declared: “This is a real progress in our relations with the FIM. We are aware of the current direction taken by Trial and understand that it is important to work together, between the Constructors and also with the FIM. Trial-GP is the true showcase of this sport and we know the impact it has on the market of Trial motorcycle sales.”
“We absolutely want to evolve our tendencies and those of teams and drivers, both professional and amateur – and possibly of the development of machines – towards approaches more in line with the current social, environmental and economic conditions. The reduction of care and the more individual practices correspond more to the reality of the various practices”.
“We want to work to create a dynamic motorcycle environment, able to respond in a flexible way to the needs of today’s sporting world. In this way we aim to be able to attract and include new generations interested in healthy competitiveness in sport”.
Above all we think that these changes will result in a more attractive sport for the new young riders that we are waiting for. We try to bring high-level sport closer to basic practices that are more in line with reality. It won’t be easy, but we’re working on it and we’re happy that FIM is helping us in this process”.
As most people know - Trials bike sales have been down drastically in the past few years - what with the Pandemic and the  hoop-la with hop & bop - crazy sections at National and World Trials - not a great reason for anybody to want to drop big dollars on a new bike. -  I think there is a need to promote more of the Grass roots type Trials, something that will encourage new riders.  ( but of course I’ve been  shouting this from the roof tops now for quite a few years.)
Here are some stats from France.
May be an image of text that says '2022 196 IMMATRICULATION TRIAL PAR MARQUE MARQUE 2021 Evolution % GAS GAS 265 -35,20 BETA 256 -30,61 EM 16,58 TRS -24,26 SHERCO VERTIGO MONTESA SCORPA TOTAL 161 196 193 169 143 110 210 205 79 78 92 18 1117 -43,36 28,18 15,22 -16,67 -14,15 21 1275'
Quiz - Who is this rider?
May be an image of 6 people, motorcycle, dirt bike and outdoors

Friday March 24th 2023

Friday, March 24th, 2023

This was posted on FB and it occurred to me that this has sometimes been the case with a few Motorcycle clubs !!
May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'A wise man once said.

The FIM have just come out with yet more rules for World Trials - still trying to fix a broken system. ( Poor Theirry Michaud)

A hiccup from the quiz was pointed out to me by Turk Perepalkin and John Kitchener- the Greeves was not a church model       ( Anglican)  but was called the Anglian - named I think after East Anglia in the UK. - !! Good to see our regular readers, keeping me honest!!

Don’t forget we still have lots of Wulf Trials stuff in stock Helmets, boots, pants & shirts, jackets & rain gear (limited)  gloves ALL at very   low prices and the quality is superb - We use and test everything we sell and if it doesn’t cut the mustard !! we don’t sell it.

Wulf Trials GearWulf Trials Gloves


An interesting pic - not sure where, but it appears a spectator is helping out by grabbing the front wheel of the Ossa.
May be a black-and-white image of 3 people, people standing, motorcycle, dirt bike and outdoors


Another Ossa pic  Mick winning the 1972 Scottish ( yes I was there that year)


While there is a lot of talk these days, about Trials riders moving to Enduro - this is not anything new - in fact back in the years after World War Two - riders would often compete in all aspects of Motorcycle Sport - ( sometimes using the same bike)

In the USA famous Flat Track racers, would be required to also compete in Road Racing  in order to gain AMA points,  - while in Canada - it was quite normal for Trials riders, to compete in Cross Country racing. ( Often using Trials bikes)


I see there are 7 Canadian Trials riders from Quebec taking in the NATC Trial this weekend in the States - We wish them luck.


And a comment from TRS - we agree totally as this bike has been a top seller for us for the past three years.

?The new TRRS XTRACK RR 2023 is the perfect bike for trial excursion enthusiasts. A very versatile bike concept that adapts to a wide range of users.
?It stands out for its reliability, power and lightness, to tackle excursions and even high-level sections. It is the best choice for those demanding adventurers looking for high performance, high autonomy, and greater comfort.
May be an image of dirt bike and motorcycle

And finally - A comment from the KTM boss. >>

? The KTM boss speaks ?
He didn’t mince his words ? Real bikers don’t buy electric bikes! ? ?
A GasGas Trial Electric doesn’t seem to be on the agenda…..

Thursday March 23rd 2023

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

Although you may not be able to read this article - I urge you to click on MCN for more info - Simply put - it says that Gas powered vehicles and Motorcycles will still be on the market after 2035..



The “New” BSA Bantam’s now seen at most Classic events certainly look nice, but likely cost ten times what the original model did. ( Back in the 50’s we called them “The gutless wonders”


Check this out
May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle, outdoors and text


A reminder of when we all wore Barbour suits with a belted jacket which everybody used for the rear number. -making it easier for the Observer -  In the Scottish Six Days Trial - machines always used to have rear side number plates, but I don’t think they require that anymore.


Answer to the last quiz - Mary Driver on a Greeves Anglican - she was a regular at Trials in the UK and also rode in the Scottish Six Days and the  ISDT. ( When it was called Trial)
Brett, Harlow, Pete Varey and Peter from OZ all got it correct.


Wednesday March 22nd 2023

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

This weekend is Round two of the British Championship  - Hopefully they will have better weather.
May be an image of 14 people, motorcycle, outdoors and text that says 'ACU TRIALGB Zalon W Round 2 ACU Trial GB 2023 St David's Trial Sunday 26th March Lletty Rafel Farm, Aberdulais, SA10 8HR GASGAS point S TIRE & AUTO SERVI'

Not Trials - but can you imagine driving or riding this?
May be an image of 2 people, motorcycle and road


Weather  in the Valley is looking up with temperatures in the teens - we know a few of the riders from the South have been out for a few weeks now , with Gord Rinke reporting he is loving his new 2023 TRS. - As an old codger, I can only envy, and look back on my younger days when we would be out riding in all the early weather, snow, rain or mud.

Here is a shot from last Sunday when a couple of local lads were out enjoying the sunshine. The factory Beta belongs to Vernon  rider Mike Phillips.
May be an image of motorcycle, dirt bike and outdoors

================= =============================================>

Answer to the last quiz - Bernie Schreiber - an easy one for Brett- Harlow, Steve ORorke and Pete Varey

And one for today - Who- what and where??  Hint - one of the great English Lady riders.
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Here’s a couple of beauties !!

May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle, outdoors and text that says 'check out Yrjo Veskrinen's? Works Prototype 199 SHERPA T BULTACO'


Terry Bainbridge posted these old results from a Kamloops event from 1978 - some really good riders on that list - and although we have lost Al Perrett, we still keep in touch with Walter Cukavac - you may also see the name Ted Blow - better known for being involved with Trials and the CPTA plus Ron Walsh, and Ross Rathbone’s brother Tony who won Junior.

Terry Bainbridge bought a Beta Trials bike from us a few years ago, and also joined us on one of our Joss Mountain Expeditions. -

We later signed Bernie Graffunder for our 1983  Yamaha Canada ISDE Team and he was part of the squad who finished 2nd overall in the Silver Vase. ( Now called the junior Trophy)  ( Yes Bernie was the guy who joked at breakfast after day #2, saying “Now I know why Dave told us to practice riding Muskeg”)
No photo description available.