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Sunday April 30th 2023

Sunday, April 30th, 2023

Results of the 2023 Scottish Pre-65 - both Dan Thorpe and Gary MacDonald cleaned both days, with Dan getting the nod on the tie break. - I watched some of the video on You-tube and to go clean on both days really is a fantastic achievement - I noticed that Wulf riding gear was very popular at this event - especially the grey-black. ( Did I mention we have this in stock !!) Hats off to Donna Fox - who finished 20th out of 178 finishers !!!!!
May be an image of ticket stub and text that says 'Scottish EDINBURGH & DISTRICT MOTOR CLUB 2023 PRE '65 SCOTTISH TRIAL PROVISIONAL RESULTS Name Total Palmer Total Greenbank McCanna Rhodes Stanistreet MLenan ayLil SimonWel Blackbyme nta Murphy'

Here is a good shot of winner Dan Thorpe - (thanks Trial Mag UK)
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Today we are going up the Shuswap to deliver Ross his new Beta - this will be the 16th Beta he has bought from us - BUT this will be my second trip of the weekend, because I was also there on Friday delivering a new 2023 Beta Evo 250 for Ross’ Daughter Tori !!!!!!!!  ( Will try to get some pics)

Answer to the Saturday quiz - Steve Saunders is the rider at the really wet 1992 Scottish - amazingly I managed to get a lot of good photographs   using my 35mm Pentax and Kodak color film.  - I had no sooner clicked the post button on the blog - when Brett Clark sent the correct answer - he must have been waiting for it !!  - Pete Varey and Harlow also got it correct.


Having been in the Motorcycle business since 1973 - I have heard and experienced all the worst  issues regarding parts supply and yes this started with first year at Yamaha ( glad to say this improved big time)  - But today we have to give a big shout out to the Beta Factory in Italy, who got some much needed parts to us in less than a week via DHL - door to door. - Gratsi!!!

Of course we get next day service from Mountain MC our TRS Importer, and 4 day service from Wulf Sport UK - but I feel sorry for other people not only in the Motorcycle business, but everything including Airplanes !!! Who are struggling to get spare  parts.


Bit late posting but this just up for a Trial on the Island today - We knew Joe Brown quite well - he was a great guy.


Saturday April 28th 2023

Saturday, April 29th, 2023

Quiz for today - Who is this Aprilia rider on a very wet day in Scotland?
No photo description available.


Here is a pic of some of the very nice Vintage bikes lined up ready to tackle a section at the 2023 Pre-65 Scottish - After day #1 there were I think 5 riders all “Clean” - including Gary MacDonald and Dan Thorpe who is riding his Father’s Triumph Cub - a previous multi time winner at this event.
Pre’65 Scottish Two-Day Trial 2023 - Day 1


With the wet weather last week -  I took time to watch some of the You Tube videos - and the one  of Danny Butlers review of the 2023 Sherco 300. - Now as most people know, a lot has been said about fuel injected Trials bikes some good, some bad, but what showed in this video, was a pretty young lady, trying to start the bike, without success. - Even Danny had to give it a couple of big boots to get it going. -

Now we have posted before, that hard to start bikes, are hard to sell bikes - and yes we know all about this. - While we think the ultimate for the fairer sex is the estart, (TRS) - We have just delivered a new Beta Evo 250, which is REALLY  very easy to kick over and usually starts first kick  and yes this is for a new lady rider. - For many years we found the Evo 200 the best bike for either newbies or gals - as this was and is also easy to kick over.

Now I still remember when I first joined Yamaha Canada in 1973 - they had an enduro model  called the DT125 - with estart, and I was thinking what a great idea, as most gals  that I had seen stalled on the side of a hillside,  could not start the standard bikes. I figured we would not only sell a lot of these, but also introduce a whole new aspect to “Family ” enjoyment.

Well you can imagine my disappointment, when the Factory dropped this model the following year, something I told the Japanese was a mistake.

- Roll on to modern times and Jordi Tarres has addressed this issue with his new electric start bikes, and while the macho guys might laugh at this addition, - we know for a fact that after three years of selling these plus riding one - the magic button is a  the answer for both saving energy for us old guys, and for bringing smiles to wives and girlfriends - ( and sometimes the reason they decide to try the sport)

- So Danny Butler - This might be something you might want to consider when promoting Trials bikes for the ladies. -

Remember what I said - Hard to start bikes, are hard to sell bikes. At least Beta have helped this with their lower compression models.
Finally, I wonder how many lady riders we have lost, because some super salesman tried to sell them a hard to start 300?

Friday April 28th 2023

Friday, April 28th, 2023

Gary MacDonald is rated as the best Scottish Trials rider ever - here is his story printed in the SSDT Program for next week.

Yesterday I posted that one of the riders in my quiz pic - was Geoff Duke - He was first hired by Norton as a Trials rider, before becoming a legend in Road Racing - Here he is at an early Scottish Six Day Trial.
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The Pre 65 Scottish is already happening in the Highlands as we post early today - - keep watching FB for updates.

Here is one of the sections they will tackle today on their old bikes - the famous Pipline!!


Thursday April 27th 2023

Thursday, April 27th, 2023

The Scottish Pre 65  two day goes tomorrow and Saturday, with riders on Vintage bikes, starting from Kinlochleven. - This event was Pioneered by Sammy Miller - with the idea in his words - 1965 was the year I went to Bultaco - and the whole Trials scene changed.
May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle, dirt bike and text that says 'Pre Pre'65 ? Scottish Pre'6 65 TWO-DAY TRIAL SCOTTISH 2023 Friday 28th and Saturday 29th April The Edinburgh & District Motor Club'

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Molly Briggs from Derby, Pathfinders & Derby MC, riding a 197cc DMW on day one of the 1954 SSDT. This is one of a group of 5 sections at Weem, near Aberfeldy, just over 80 miles from the start which was at Edinburgh in those days. Another 16 sections and 100 miles to go before the competitors tackled Town Hall Brae in Fort William and handed their bikes in for the night. This is another great shot taken by Birmingham photographer, Ray Biddle.


The weather forecast for the Highlands next week, is not looking good - but many would say that’s normal  - I know on the few times that we have attended the event to spectate, it was always quite cold and wet. However, if you are lucky enough to be out there watching on a sunny day - there is no better place on earth.


With the warmer weather not far away - looking good for this weekend - we have been shipping a lot of new Wulf riding gear and boots to riders eager for the new season - the gloves listed below are quite thin giving good grip and we have used these now for quite a few years, they wear really well and at only $25.00 they really are a very great buy, and we have a good selection in stock.

May be an image of text that says 'WULFSPORT COMP GLOVES ZE: 4 way stretch lycra finger panel inserts Clarino palm and thumb guard for enhanced abrasion resistance No fade sublimation graphics Silicon print on palm and fingers for enhanced grip RED BLUE BLACK'


Answer to the last quiz - The two riders with Rob Edwards are Sammy Miller (GOV 132) and World Champion road racer Geoff Duke (Norton)  - Geoff rode a lot of trials when his road race schedule permitted - and I think I mentioned previously that he won a Time Trial that I was in back in 1957 -  It was one of the muddiest events I was ever in - I remember Geoff passing me riding a Prototype Ariel 250 4T.  - a very smooth rider and a wonderful guy to meet.

Nobody got this right - although quite a few guessed Sammy

Wednesday April 26th 2023

Wednesday, April 26th, 2023

Only a few days to go before the start of the 2023 Scottish Six Day Trial - A friend ( Steve Postlewaite) posted to say that t least one of the bikes this year, will be wearing an Outlaw Trialsport sticker !! ( Most likely on one of Nigel Birkett’s bikes)  We hope to see a pic of this at some point during the week.

May be an image of 1 person, mountain and text that says 'SSDT 2023 WATCH LIVE'

This was a bit of a surprise yesterday !!

2.7 quake 6.3 km south of Fort William, Highland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Apr 22, 2023 2:25 am (GMT +1)

I remember watching the Scottish  one year up on the moors, all quiet when all of a sudden a couple of RAF fighter jets went past at a very low level !!  That woke us all up!!
You would be forgiven in thinking this pic was taken at the Scottish - but no this is Adam Raga in Portugal last weekend - Adam has ridden the Scottish a few years ago with Jordi, when they were both on Gas Gas, so he will remember the water sections.
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Quiz: - It’s 60 years since this pic was taken at the Scottish start area - #168 is Rob Edwards - but who are the other two riders?? 175-169
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Answer to the Tuesday quiz - Gary MacDonald -on Pipeline.   - Harlow and Brett got it!!

Here is the Quebec Calendar for 2023.

May be an image of 2 people, motorcycle, dirt bike, outdoors and text that says 'TRIAL saison 2023 Compétitions: 03-04 juin Rivière-du-Loup 01-02 juillet St-Ambroise 19-20 août Westbury 02-03 sept. Deschambault 30 sept-01 oct. Rivière-du-Loup ATAQ'


Tuesday April 25th 2023

Tuesday, April 25th, 2023

It was nice to click onto the video of the World Trial in Portugal, and see what we would term more “Normal” sections - in fact to me they looked really good and getting back to what the sport is supposed to be about.  There is no question that the more traditional style event, suited the Brits, with a good showing in all but the Premier Class. - Young Alfie Lampkin had a great weekend, and will go into next week’s Scottish full of confidence. - Alfie’s cousin George Hemingway (Beta) won both days in his class.

The Happy crew - Dougie -  Alfie- George & Brad Bullock
May be an image of 4 people and dirt bike


Quiz - Who is this rider? pictured on a famous Scottish Section.?
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Jordi has just released pics of the new 2023 TRS “Gold” model - only 150 of these are built for World distribution and are special order - In other words - if you want one - you had better let us know quickly. ( If you have to ask the price - you can’t afford one!!)


Meanwhile on a wet muddy day in the South England  Steve Saunders was out demonstrating the new Electric Mecatechno that he  is now Distributing as well as the TRS. ( Sticking his tongue out at Photo guy Heath Brindley)


Monday April 24th 2023

Monday, April 24th, 2023

As mentioned yesterday was Taff’s 49th birthday  - this is good shot we took of him on “The Devil’s Staircase” at Summerland -

No photo description available.


Yesterday was also the Team Squid /Outlaw  trial at Ioco - unfortunately we couldn’t be there and we will just have to wait for the results. - But We did see this great pic of Sean Bird (Scorpa) who took the Expert win -  organizer Steve Dave acts as minder.

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With the weather being what it was, we did not move far from the couch yesterday - taking in some golf and movies on the box.


A few photographs  were posted on this Welsh masterpiece - it’s situated only about 5 miles from my old hometown, and we drove by it many times - one of the engineering wonders, built in the 18th century by Thomas Telford. - It’s funny that while we lived  in the UK - we were so close to such wonderful scenery etc - but never really thought too much of it. The canal boats travel across this on a regular basis, and you can also walk across - The River Dee flows in the valley below. - Football (Soccer) fans will no doubt have heard about Wrexham, the team now owned by the Canadian actor - Well this is situated not far from that City.


A video was just posted on Caroline Stevensen - showing her preparing for the big BMW Rally a couple of years ago - Caroline now lives in Fintry ( across the lake from us) and we sold her a Beta Evo many years ago for her to learn Trials Technique - she is a very good rider, and now also owns a nice TRS Xtrack estart 300 as well.
GS Interview | Caroline Stevenson, Alberta, Canada


Sunday April 23rd 2023

Sunday, April 23rd, 2023

One of the new young promising Trials riders from the UK - Jamie Galloway (TRS)  who finished 2nd in Portugal to another brilliant young Brit George Hemingway (Beta)  It was good to see they had a lot more natural sections in the creek - at least if riders didn’t make the steep rocky climbs - all they made was a “Splash”

As everybody knows, the Round one of the 2023 World Trials Championship, held in Spain was a bit of a fiasco, with Toby Martyn suffering a serious back injury, due mainly because of a new  No minder rule  by the FIM.

Now moving along - yesterday,  I clicked  onto a recent British round, and although the event was all natural terrain, I think it would be fair to quote Mart Lampkin from the 1975 FIM Trial that I set up - “What does Dave think we are -bloody supermen??” -  The riders of today are absolutely brilliant, as are the bikes - but my observation after seeing all the top guys struggling through these sections was this. The sections were too long, with too many obstacles !!!   -

In my book - ( The one I never wrote)  I said a section should consist of three main obstacles, some of which could be  tight turns, cambers, rock steps etc. Also they should not be so long that a checker could not see the complete section.

The object of our sport, is for average club riders to enjoy a day out on their bikes with buddies and family, without getting either hurt or frustrated.  Yes Championship events need to be made a bit more difficult, but after watching numerous of these latest videos, I’m afraid many organizers get a fail grade from me.

The bottom line is that the FIM have tried to make World Trials very Professional  ( and very high cost for everyone)  but the officials or checkers, are all mostly amateurs, with some being swayed in their scoring, by a national bond to their own riders.

( Remember when  the French guy won in France many years  ago and even he didn’t believe his low score)

So there you have it - it would appear that the only International Trial that is still run as it should be -  is the Scottish Six Days which goes very soon - thank goodness there remains some  old fashioned common sense in our Trials world.


Some bad news from Sammy King - His place was broken into and lots of stuff stolen - Here is a list of some items - please spread the word - so these scumbags can be caught.


*** STOLEN ***
Sometime in the last roughly 10 days, thieves broke into my residence in Donald, just outside of Golden, British Columbia. Everything of significant value has been stolen. I am missing many of my personal items but it’s hard to tell what of my smaller items are gone because everything has been turned inside out.
Here are the large items / items of significant value that I can see are missing :

Saturday April 22nd 2023

Saturday, April 22nd, 2023


The daily routes for this years Scottish have been posted - this is Monday!!
May be an image of map


Don’t worry Trials fans - This is NOT me !!

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WTC Round #2 goes this weekend in Portugal AND the FIM are allowing minders in all sections - wonder what Toby Martyn thinks of that as he lies in his Hospital bed??


Answer to the Friday quiz - Philippe Berlatier - “The Bear”  only Harlow and Brett got this correct


We had a nice visit with Emily yesterday - it’s been a while since we last saw her, such a lovely young lady - and so enthusiastic - we have arranged to hold this nice Evo 200 for her, and have put a sold  sign on it !! - Emily is quite familiar with the Beta  as we had her out previously on both a 125 and  a 300 Super smooth, which she rode in the Revvy Trial.

We think the 200 will be the perfect bike for her. - she is very excited.
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Friday April 21st 2023

Friday, April 21st, 2023

Interested in Trials - but would like a seat??  The TRS Xtrack is perfect for the occasional  Trials competitor who also likes to explore the Mountains - It’s really two bikes in one, and plus it has an electric start !!! We love this bike and so do all our customers, available in 250-280-300cc engine sizes.
Give us a call to learn more - or just to chat about Trials (250) 545-6139
May be an image of dirt bike and motorcycle


Round #2 of the 2023 World Trials Championship goes this weekend in Portugal, and it appears the FIM might have dropped their no minder rule after the big accident to Toby Martyn last weekend - Obviously rider safety must be the #1 priority and we saw this posted from the British ACU

ACU raises concerns regarding decision not to allow minders in all sections at FIM trial events

In late 2022, a rule change was made by the CTR (International Trials Commission) and FIM, prohibiting ‘minders’ in certain sections at world trials. This rule change was implemented despite some concerns being raised by some National federations and riders themselves. At the first round of the World Championship in Spain last weekend, British rider Toby Martyn unfortunately had an accident in a section, resulting in two broken vertebrae.

The ACU wrote to the FIM and CTR yesterday stating that minders should be allowed in all sections on the grounds of riders safety and are delighted to see that the CTR and FIM have acted quickly to revisit the rules going forward.

The whole ACU family want to express our very best wishes to Toby Martyn, his supporters and family for a full recovery.


The other dumb rule ( in our opinion) is the No-Stop rule which in a Balance sport makes no sense. - the only thing we would like to see enforced in this aspect is one foot down for longer than 5 seconds = 5. points.  - The exception could maybe the Scottish where No stop seems to work - likely because all the sections are rocky creeks, where stopping is not helpful.
Note:  Early English Trials had the rule  - if the front wheel ceases forward motion - then it’s a 5 mark penalty

Quiz - Who is this TRS rider?- hint - he was a a World Class rider at one point.


We saw this nice Fantic pic with no caption !!   - Maybe “Fancy Pants”?

May be an image of 1 person and dirt bike


And finally a few people emailed after my post on wild life - saying where they had seen Deer, Moose and Elk - even Michael from Nova Scotia posted a video of a bunch of Deer at their local riding area last weekend.