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Wednesday May 31st 2023

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Some interesting results here !! check out the scores, but also the number of riders - all doing the same line
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The answer to the Tuesday quiz was that  Malcolm Rathmell was only European Champion in 1974, as the official  FIM World Championship , did not start until 1975 !! ( Yes I put that first  one on in Canada) - Correct answers came in from Pete Varey and Harlow Rankin -and Brett -  another mistake in those results was the spelling of Bernie Schreiber’s last name!!


We watched a bunch of TT videos on You Tube yesterday - fantastic but the speeds are frightening - one rider clocking 200mph  on Sulby straight in qualifying - I watched from that spot one day in 1957. - that was the year of the 8 cylinder  Moto Guzzi and the first ever 100mph lap in the Senior TT by Bob McIntire on the Gilera. - I rode around the complete TT loop 37 plus miles that year on my James 197. - no I didn’t break any records!!!
Quiz today  Who is this famous TT rider and many time World Champion?

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Last day of the month but we still have good deals on new Beta and TRS Trials bikes -  plus Wulf riding gear.

Tuesday May 30th 2023

Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

Here is a nice pic of Freddie !! we have not seen or heard from him for many years now, but he helped me set up the Outlaw this particular year at Summerland. - Looks like my demo in the foreground with trick foot pegs etc. & Fred all decked out it Wulf gear!!
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TDN T shirts now available - find out more from Katie Mgee.


This is a great link - if you can get it[0]=AZWnAOpVktKaY0ps3c4zErPyPr3w8Ebz-eajotT2i893WZdz2ri9EB5JKaNnLvUW8J1oBdf-JFLQLuifIZFyntYuXKb1wLZU_5KZeb4JWbH8YJ3Ij_IuPRklEtJ9dnTgS5dDp6uNPk1OCm3xBwlT4ItVBpXHW7Yk1I4JpHzPLMFVsIg-1TJj5ejNuTn-l4n_WLyPcYPFecpoEdbwiFPOjheY&__tn__=-UC%2CP-y-R

What it is - a video showing a Yamaha get-together  in Europe - with Stevie Baker and others showing off the old race bikes of the 70’s - That of course was when I was working for Yamaha Canada and got to know Stevie. - I soon learned that this “Kid” a Bob Work protege was something special - a thing we have in common - aside from Yamaha - is that we we were both born on the same day September 5th - although quite a few years apart.

- To me it is no wonder that Stevie has always been a fan favorite as he is so laid back and friendly - when I met him at the Edmonton Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Edmonton 2016 - both he and Tuner Bob Work were being honored, so I just had to attend. - I had not seen Stevie for quite  a few years.
Here is a pic taken by Taff at the Edmonton Hall of Fame event.
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So with so much controversy raging in the Trial world these days !!  I have a great idea - How about we hold a “No Hopping” Trial ?? -   If you hop you lose a point !! - Could be  interesting!!

Here is an interesting post - but there is also a mistake in these results - Can anybody tell us what it is?

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Monday May 29th 2023

Monday, May 29th, 2023

Flashback to the Outlaw and a pic of Dennis Brumwell who drove down from Yellowknife NWT - for the event  - as you can see the property is a bit limited to the type of sections available, but everybody had fun.
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We managed to get out for a ride Sunday, on a really nice day - as usual we  spent quite a bit of time just stopped to rest and enjoy the scenery.!  That is Sugar Loaf Mountain in the distance.
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Brad Bullock (Beta) had a good day at the British Championship round  winning the Trial 2 Class ahead of Dan Thorpe  - not sure who the guy in shorts is!! In the Expert class it was another win for Jack Peace ( Sherco) with young Harry Hemingway — ( Beta)  2nd and Billy Green 3rd in a high scoring event.
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Sunday May 28th 2023

Sunday, May 28th, 2023

The first week of June is “TT” week - a time when fans of motorcycle road racing flock to the Isle of Man - having attended these races quite a few times before we came to Canada, I can tell you that this is one event that every enthusiast should put on their “Bucket list” - Yes it will be something you will never, ever, forget, as there simply is nothing like “The Isle of Man” - The pic below shows a statue of Joey Dunlop who won  26 TT races, before his untimely death at a small club event in Latvia. - We have the video of Joey and his buddies when they first started racing in Ireland - all on a shoe-string and absolutely fascinating - we also have Joey’s book. -

By the way, the other one to put on your “Bucket List” is the Scottish Six Day Trial.

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Yesterday, I took time to look through the SSDT Program that Harry sent me - and counted up the numbers versus Manufacturer. - Here are the totals  -  Beta - 78 - Vertigo -51 - Montesa - 49 - Gas Gas - 34 - TRS - 32 - Scorpa -18 -Sherco - 14 - Fantic -3 - Yam - 3. -  It would appear that Beta are still very popular.

The Program is always interesting to look through, but I did spot one error in their listing of previous winners - they have Steve Colley winning in 1992 on a GG - but he was riding Beta that year ( we were there)

With the new window in my van - I sure lucked out with Stan having a spare. -  I will be able to load up today and go over to see Roy - hopefully it won’t be too hot — Yes I will be taking the one with the magic button!!


Flashback to when we sold Beta Enduro bikes for Mountain MC - both Taff on the left and Martin on the right ended up buying them from us. -  This was at the WTC National we had at Scotch Creek. - We no longer sell Enduro bikes.

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Saturday May 27th 2023

Saturday, May 27th, 2023

Saturday pictorial - top one shows Britta traversing a spring snow-slide   on her TRS - as a new Mom she won’t be riding her bike for a bit.
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Jordi has released pics of the new 2024 TRS One range - these now have some of the Raga updates.

We got  a surprise this week, when not  one, but two “T” shirts arrived in the mail - the top one from Harry McKay in Scotland - he sends me these every year, along with the SSDT program - a real treat.

The one below came as a real surprise, as I don’t remember this - but we did have some strange stuff happening at Yamaha back in the day - I think it all started when somebody printed up shirts that said “Who the hell is Trev Deeley”

Don Galloway worked for Yamaha Canada and traveled with me  around Alberta to learn the ropes - a great guy, Don left to start Cycle Works, with his good buddy Eddie McDonald, (rip) - He has been a top Flat track racer in North America for several years, and is also a board member with the MIC.
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Looks like a great weekend to be out in the woods - don’t forget those spark arrestors.


Friday May 26th 2023

Friday, May 26th, 2023

This is happening tomorrow and usually a great day out for everybody - we will not be there, but do support the club. ( Our old Beta tent should be up there!!)
May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'A,B&CLOOPS Loops Small LOOP Wheel Kids Family Fun! OFFROAD Lots of Great Draw & Raffle Prizes! The 1/2 Throttle 2023 Off-road Motorcycle Family fun ride SATURDAY JUNE 24th Sign Up: 9:00am to 10:30am Event Entry $20/Rider 20/Rider(Kidsunder12Free) under $20/Single donation! From Vernon, take Hwy 6, 15km towards Lumby Turn left on Noble Canyon Road after AFD Gas Station At 3km stay Left Becker Lake FSR, Staging area located 1km under the power lines. Follow the orange Arrows! BCORMA BRITISH.COLUMBA YCLEASSOCIATION Travis Dunbar 250 309-7616 MORE INFO WWW.VORMC.COM Blake Plysiuk 250 938-8879'


While at the Outlaw Trial - I was looking at the big plaque, and remarked that we  needed to update the year /class winners, but it wasn’t until I started to check this out back home, that I realized that because of covid - we did not hold the event in either 2020 or 2021 !! therefore the 2023 event was actually year 35 for this long running Trial - not 37th as we   posted !! - Anyway, I have found the missing results and will be adding these names to the big plaque for all to see next year.


I have no idea who this young lady is - a shot somewhere in Spain - but we can tell you that the TRS estart is very popular with the gals - and older riders with bad knees!!  We still  have a couple available if you are looking!!!
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Today I get the window in my van replaced - thanks to Stan for finding one of these rare items for me -


Thursday May 25th 2023

Thursday, May 25th, 2023

OK so I started the blog early as usual - thought of some stuff to write & pics to post - then when I transferred the last pic- everything went into cyber-space !!! Grrrrrrr!!

Anyway - the answer to the quiz was Tony Down, the Ex Brit RAF pilot who settled in Colorado and put on a bunch of vintage Trials a few years back -  he also came to the Summerland Outlaw one year in his 40ft Motor home towing a trailer filled with some very nice old British bikes a Triumph cub, a Royal Enfield plus a nice YAM. - Sadly we heard Tony died of cancer last year,

But correct responses came from Brett and Kevin Couves.


A reminder that the last TRS and Beta Trials bikes are in the warehouse,  no more until 2024 - give us a call if you want more info:  ( Note this pic is from the TRS Importer in OZ)


The Victoria club put on a good display in the annual Victoria Day parade over the weekend - some pics up on FB


This weekend the Vernon Club will be holding their annual kids run up in the Noble Canyon area.


Nice to have the cooler weather - get out and enjoy it - but don’t forget spark arrestors are mandatory   on Crown Land - we have them for Beta and TRS Trials bikes.


Wednesday May 24th 2023

Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

Kolten watches Stan on this tricky section, while some old guy also seems to be taking pics!!

Looking back at the weekend - we have to say the Trial went very well, a mixed bag of weather, but I’m sure everybody was glad to see the rain on Sunday morning with cooler temperatures. - As always I study the entry list, and notice who did not show up for whatever reasons. - Obviously there is always a lot going on at the May Long weekend - and sometimes family plans take over, however we did miss the kids - young Leo and Jeremy are always a treat to watch as they grow. - then again it doesn’t seem that long ago that lads like Kolten were just starting on one of our Evo 200’s - and look at how Christian has shot up in both size and ability.

We did chat to Ross about the number of people at the Trial, and as he said - this year was just about right for the amount of camping space he has and the terrain to run a successful  event. - Of course this is a far cry from our Summerland days, when it was quite normal to have 60-70 riders at the weekend Outlaw,  but with a long loop this was never a problem.

I wonder who remembers this guy who drove up from Colorado with his 40ft Motor-home and a trailer full of vintage bikes??  - yes a quiz question for you.

No photo description available.


Meanwhile down at Ymir - Pete Bustin was out testing his new Outlaw TRRS 280 estart, with buddies Stan, Jay and Kaden - I bet that was a fun day. Thanks to Dev for the pics.


Tuesday May 23rd 2023

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023


Day #1 Saturday May 20th


1 Kolten Morrison   Beta - Scotch Creek  BC - 21 points

2  Stan Bakgaard  Scorpa - Yale  BC-            35

3 Steve Day - Scorpa  - Vancouver BC          37

4 Christian Zanders - Beta - Scotch Creek  BC 62



1 Ben Pospisil - Beta - Edmonton AB - 19 points

2 Wyatt Pospisil - Beta -Edmonton AB -45

3 Tim Thompson -TRS -Maple Ridge BC -50

4 Melissa Andrist -GG - Victoria  BC -56


Senior Advanced

1 Phil Plasterer - Mont - Victoria  BC - 26

2 Ross Rathbone  Beta - Magna Bay  BC 27

3 Russ Nelson - Beta - Scotch Creek  BC 70


Senior 45

1  Richard Ouellet - Scorpa - Penticton  BC - 18
2  Craig Parfitt - Beta - Sherwood Park  AB - 21

3 Dean Seaman - Beta - Sorrento  BC  -       30

4 Kevin Lutz - Beta - Scotch Creek  BC  - 37


1 Alan Gillespie - TRS - Kamloops  BC - 29

2 Ben Lutz - Beta - Scotch Creek BC - 34

3 Katie McGeachy - Beta - Vernon  BC - 56

4 Dennis Brumwell - Mont - Yellowknife NWT - 105

Junior A

1 Harold Pospisil - Beta - Edmonton AB   0 points

2 Dale Coull -  Yam - Victoria  BC - 7

3 Chuck Connor - Beta - Salmon Arm  BC - 10


Junior B

1 Tori Rathbone  Beta - 35 points

2 Tania Robitaille - Beta - 55
Denise Nelson Beta DNF


Day #2 Sunday May 21st


1 Kolten Morrison - Beta - Scotch Creek  BC - 30 points

2 Cristian Zanders - Beta - Scotch Creek -BC - 41

3 Stan Bakgaard - Scorpa - Yale -BC - 49

4 Steve Day -  Scorpa - Vancouver  BC -51



1 Ben Pospisil - Beta - Edmonton  AB - 19 points

2 Tim Thompson - TRS - Maple Ridge  BC -39

3 Wyatt Pospisil -Beta - Edmonton - AB - 48

4 Melissa Andrist - GG - Victoria  BC - 50


Senior Advanced

1 Phil Plasterer - Mont - Victoria  BC -  18
2 Ross Rathbone - Beta - Magna Bay  BC -24
3 Russ Nelson - Beta - Scotch Creek  BC -75

Senior  45

1 Craig Parfitt    Beta - Sherwood Park  AB -  12

2 Dean Seaman - Beta - Sorrento  BC -   27

3 Richard Ouelett -Scorpa - Penticton  BC -  31


Junior A

1 Chuck Connor - Beta - Salmon Arm  BC -  1 point

2 Mike Phillips  - Beta -    Vernon  BC -         4
3 Glen Leeson - Beta -     Vernon  BC    -     6

4 Dennis Brumwell - Mont - Yellowknife  NWT -8

5 Harold Pospisil - Beta - Edmonton  AB - 10

6 Dale Coull - Yam - Victoria  BC -  18


Junior B

1 Tori Rathbone   Beta -  Magna  Bay  BC -   35


Below is evergreen Steve Day (Scorpa) a regular at the Outlaw Trial - still riding the Expert Class.  ( pic by Outlaw)

Taff Parfitt (Beta) from Sherwood Park AB - had a good weekend with a 2-1 finish in his class  ( Pic by Dev)

Dean Seaman (Beta) is another regular at the Outlaw here seen getting his front wheel high. ( pic by Dev)

And this is Tori who got this new Outlaw Beta just two weeks ago before riding in her very first event - notice how she has a finger on each lever & showing very good style ( pic by Dev)
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A lot of people asked about the new TRS we had at the Outlaw Trial - with a “Sold” sign on it -  well we can now disclose who got this !!  Happy birthday to our old friend Pete Bustin, getting a hug here from Stan, who made the delivery. ( Pic by Dev)
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Monday May 22nd 2023

Monday, May 22nd, 2023

A holiday Monday in Canada, and time to catch up on events from the weekend. the most important being the 37th running of the Outlaw Trial, held at the Rathbone Property in Magna Bay.

As most folk know, the weather in BC has been scorching for the last couple of weeks, and that is how it was on Saturday, for the first day of the Trial - fortunately, most of the sections were under the trees, which helped, but still very tiring for the riders, who came  from all over Western Canada and even one from Yellowknife NWT.

Trial organizer Ross Rathbone, had set up some great sections with lots of logs and tight turns to challenge  the various classes, but nothing too extreme, which is why so many people have been coming to the Outlaw Trial, year after year.

We will be posting lots more pictures from both days, but this one is a bit special, as it shows young Christian Zanders (Beta) receiving an award for being the most improved Beta Rider - Christian finished 2nd Expert on Sunday, his first time riding this class.

May be an image of 2 people and text

Saturday evening brought some thunder storms to the Valley. which cooled things down a lot but also made some slippery conditions for the Sunday event. - This all changed later in the day, with more sunshine and scores  were quite low in all classes - in fact I would say that Ross got this Trial just about right for degree of difficulty.

As always it was a time for old friends to meet up and share stories, the camp out has always been very popular at the Outlaw, and Ross always does a big “Cook-Up” on the Saturday night .

It was nice to see more ladies attend this year, and it appeared they all enjoyed the challenge, both Melissa and Katie got in some practice before they head to France in September to compete  as part of Team Canada in the TDN. - some like Tori, were competing for the very first time, and we think the future looks good for our ladies class.

I will post the full results tomorrow, when I sort everything out after unloading the van.!!

A big thanks to everyone that attended the 37th Outlaw - we look forward to seeing you again for the 38th !!!