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Friday June 30th 2023

Friday, June 30th, 2023

Only the Clark brothers correctly guessed the Thursday quiz - It was a guy by the name of Terry Gauran riding up the steps of the CN Tower in Toronto - Certainly used a strange fork set up on the TY - he was trying for a Guinness record - ( We have never heard of him)

Quiz for today - most will guess the rider, but where was the pic taken?

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And another update to the quiz pic of Amos Bilbao - Stan emailed  to say that the guy standing watching at Ioco was  Kit Williams in the Helmet and Stan  himself alongside in the Anson gear - so that must have been taken in 1991 when Stan rode my JCM. - Not sure who took the pic ( bit blurred) might even have been me.!!

Below a nice shot of TRS rider Sara Trentini
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Results from Ontario - Good turn out
May be an image of blueprint and text that says 'Aylmer, June 2023 x AM 14 29 14 12 AM AM 13 10 27 28 19 AV 13 37 0 BM 6 165 5 BM 19 6 2 1 2 14 12 BS BS 14 8 23 33 29 BS BS 29 23 22 5 14 16 BV BV 4 23 10 11 0 Goldgefter DNS cS CS 15 11 6 13 15 CS cS cs Nesterov cS you SOCT'


A good visit today with Siggi Pechout and Bernadette who stopped by the Outlaw homestead - we enjoyed chatting about old times ( Because that’s what old friends do!!)

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Thursday June 30th 2023

Thursday, June 29th, 2023

Quiz - Who is the rider and where was the pic taken?

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Answer to the Wednesday quiz - Amos Bilbao  - (Famous Amos) - Correct responses from Brett Clark - Harlow and Bob Clark


I see some idiot set fire to a vehicle out on the Noble Canyon road - luckily a dirt bike rider spotted it and called it in and the Fire brigade put it out - that’s all we need when it’s so hot and dry.

With the long weekend ahead, please be careful if you are out in the woods. - Also we are seeing a lot more Motorcycles on the road - a lot from out of Province  so be aware.

Wednesday June 28th 2023

Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

Here is a pic of a rare bike - obviously some of the Engineers at Royal Enfield were quite futuristic   with their styling
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This is an old one, but it always makes me smile when it crops up on FB

May be an image of 1 person, scooter, motorcycle and text that says 'THE IDEA IS TO DIE YOUNG AS LATE AS POSSIBLE 77 BARCROFT Biker 2?10 ×××'

Quiz - Who is this rider?

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and a nice colorful shot of Sara Trentini on her TRS

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Tuesday June 27th 2023

Tuesday, June 27th, 2023

May be an image of 9 people and text that says 'TRIALS SCHOOL JULY 8TH & 9TH TRIAL DES NATIONS FUNDRAISER VMC SANCTIONED Melissa Andrist Victoria, B.C. The members the 2023 Canadian Trial des Nations Team are putting on Trials School to raise money for their trip Auron, France September. Dickson Nanaimo, B.C. VMC property, 4192 Happy Valley Road When:- July 2023 McGeachy Day Expert Champion 2022 $125 per rider per day Lunch Provided Beginner, Junior, Intermediate and Advanced Levels 16+ 10am 4pm Sign 9:30am Pre-registration required Melissa -778 232 6059 or Jennifer 250 740 5675 Fortin Notre Christy Champion Sean Bird Mission, Champion 2022 Coquitlam, Champion 2021'

Answer to the Monday quiz -  Mick Andrews riding his Ossa in the Scottish, watched by Dave Thorpe in the scooter style crash helmet he wore until it was not legal. Brett got it very quickly as did a few others.


Yesterday I clicked onto the Erzberg Rodeo video on You Tube, and it occurred to me that maybe the Moose Mountain  Cross Country races of the 1970’s, may well have been the prelude of all this crazy stuff.


Looks like we are in for more hot weather - not good for the Fire Fighters or for me as I struggle in the high temperatures.


Katie stopped by yesterday, and said the Trials School-Fund raiser at Ioco went over very well - hats of to the CPTA for doing this.


Jordi Tarres has released pics of the first new 2024  TRS models  - minimal changes - but as Beta say - why change a good thing?


Monday June 26th 2023

Monday, June 26th, 2023

Answer to the Sunday quiz -  Charles Coutard - also know as Charlie Custard - climbing the Eiffel Tower on his JCM

Brett and Harlow got this quickly as did Steve ORorke and Pete Varey

Quiz for today - Who is the rider and who is the other guy standing behind watching his line??

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Check this out - shows the TRS in both set ups - Trials or Enduro style - same bike - phone us for more details
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Sunday I watched some of the Japanese Trials stuff on You Tube - including Kuroyama on the Yamaha E bike - they should have called the one section “Banzai” as most riders were throwing their bike away in the big rocks . Maybe Bike breaker would have also been a good name -!!


Seems like Gratarolla is at home back on Beta - he won another Trial over the weekend


Looks like the Vernon club’s big event last Saturday went well with lots of people.


Sunday June 25th 2023

Sunday, June 25th, 2023

Answer to the Saturday quiz - Rob Edwards on the Montesa at the Red Rose Trial in the UK  - Brett was first in - said it was easy because Rob’s name was on the tank !!

But who is this rider and where was the pic taken??

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We never did see any results from the Beta Trial at Ioco !!


As mentioned before, a lot of World class Road racers, ride Trials bikes in the “Off season”   Here is Maverick Vinales picking up a nice new TRS

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These results from the 1979 World Trial in Alberta, might bring back memories for some Canadian riders.  - Yes a time when both Canadian and USA riders could compete at this level .
May be an image of ticket stub and text that says 'RESULTS COURTESY POSN RIDER# NAME Rathmell Malcolm 30 Lampkin Martin 28 Schreiber 27 Vesterinen COUNTRY 1979 CALGARY FIM TRIAL DETAILED RESULT RW AND DATAPOINT COMPUTER AND ULTRASONIC COMPUTER MARKS LOST MACHINE TOTAL OBS TIME CLNS POINTS POSN 350 Montessa 73.1 69 4.1 325 Bultaco 6 1.6 350 Bultaco 2.0 24 Yrjo Marland Rob hepherd 80.0 51 Montessa Coutard Edmond 105.6 Sandmeyer Vince Andre Honda 350 Bultaco U.S.A. U.S.A. 02 115 35 123 124 31 36 128.8 Evan Alain B.C. 350 Bultaco 300 Yamaha 348 305 325 22 Don 306 161.5 207.7'


Saturday June 25th 2023

Saturday, June 24th, 2023

Late up today - most unusual for me, but maybe it’s due to the cooler weather !!

Anyway not a lot to report -I’m expecting some people from Out of Town to stop by later - so I won’t be going to the Vernon Clubs Half Throttle event  ( see poster from yesterday)

There is a Trials school at Ioco tomorrow - a fund raiser for the TDN teams - hopefully they will get a good response.


Answer to the Friday quiz - Ulf Karlson  who was World Trials Champ one year - think it was 1982 - Brett-Harlow- plus Bob were in quick with the correct answer. - I remember Ulf  fell on a very steep downhill at the 1975 World Trial I set up and sprained his Thumb - I never heard the last of that - It was a very steep - wet grassy downhill , but the only way I could get the riders down from a high mountain ridge above the Elbow River.  He passed away a couple of years ago.

Quiz for today another Montesa rider - but who is it?

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That’s all folks - more news tomorrow …>>>>>>

Friday June 23rd 2023

Friday, June 23rd, 2023

Quiz - Name the rider in this “Proper” section

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Answer to yesterday - John Shirt Senior - on a Majesty - correctly guessed by Brett and Harlow -  After being cancelled by Yamaha, John hooked up with Mick Andrews to build these improved TY models - the name  MA ( Mick Andrews) JES ( John E Shirt) TY - Trials Yamaha !!  - Now you know the rest of the story - Stan Bakgaard has one of the few Imported into Canada.


Here is a Classic pic ( Thanks Trial Mag UK) Sammy Miller with his famous Ariel and Eddie Lejuene with the Honda long stroke that Sammy designed for the factory.


Yesterday  I clicked onto a video on You Tube called “The Art of MotoCross” - an interesting record of how the sport evolved from early “Scrambles” in the UK - with the name changed to Moto Cross after the Europeans made the trip to America. - What I found interesting as the images were flashed on the screen, was one showing the old Scrambles Track called “The Sand pit” at a place near Oswestry. ( my old hometown) - The pic shows a bunch of the local Oswestry Club members, gathered around a rider sitting on a BSA Gold Star Scrambler - That rider later became my brother-in-law, and  was a big influence in me getting into Off Road sport - both Trials and Scrambles. RIP Bernie Blomer.

This is the second TRS bike we sold and it’s now up for sale - we know that it has been totally looked after by the owner and would be a good starter bike -  Call Shane in Kelowna.
May be an image of motorcycle, dirt bike and text that says 'TRS TRS'


Thursday June 22nd 2023

Thursday, June 22nd, 2023

Check this out - it’s all happening this weekend
May be an image of 1 person, bicycle and text that says 'Spaces Limited Pre-Registration Required TDN FUNDRAISER SCHOOL HOSTED BY: SEAN BIRD, ALEX WALTON & CHRISTY WILLIAMS RICHARDS When: June 24/25, 2023 (10am-4pm) (10am- Where: IOCO Cost: $125 PER DAY Who: All levels (16 yrs+) Details: Come one or both days, lunch provided, spark arrestor mandatory EMAIL: email4christy@gmail.comto register'

And in Vernon >>>
May be an image of motorcycle


For those who are thinking about getting a TRS with estart - read this. It was part of a post on FB.
James Iball

I’m an average clubman rider (probably below if the truth be known), I’ve entered / attempted / finished some eye opening trials in the UK inc White Rose, S3s, Lakes 2D, Scott, SSDT, Cleveland etc. My E start has been faultless, weight / distribution differences (if any) make no change to ability / results over my old bike without. Better fitness, strength, technique however would, I lack all 3, thus the eStart is a godsend.
Well the weather has certainly been cool for the past few days - which is really good for both the Fire fighting and for getting out riding. - Hopefully this will help control some of the fires up North, but the ground is still very dry, so if you do go out into the Forest - make sure your bike is equipped with a Spark Arrestor.   - We stock these for both Beta and TRS Trials bikes.
Quiz - Who is this Yamaha rider??
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yesterday the two people were of course Jordi and Kevin Schwantz - Kevin has always ridden a Trials bike to keep fit for his Road Racing - He is a good friend of Jordi and rides the new TRS.

Wednesday June 21st 2023

Wednesday, June 21st, 2023

I was going to use this pic as a quiz question - !!  Who are these guys ( Lol)

We had no correct response to the Tuesday quiz - and the main reason is we don’t know who the rider is !!! At first glance we thought it was Graeme Jarvis - but as Brett pointed out it’s not likely he found time to ride a vintage Trial in France !!

We came across this old pic from the 2005 Outlaw Trial at Summerland - It was the 25th Edition and Glen Kemp of Canmore AB  - made up this beautiful trophy for the occasion. - It has sat in my office for all those years since - and I always forget to take it out to the event to show it off - The pic shows ATRA Prez Harold Pospisil shaking my hand - can’t believe that was 18 years ago. ( Those were the days when we usually had over 60 riders at this event)
May be an image of 2 people and text


This is a great shot of Katie riding Stateside - looking good on her Outlaw Beta.

And one of the 2023 Ladies Team going to the TDN in France in September.


Today is the Official first day of Summer -and the longest day of the year !!  Hard to believe - weather is still cool ( which is good)