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Monday July 31st 2023

Monday, July 31st, 2023

Winner of the Reeth 3 day Trial in the UK - one of the most popular and old style events with long loops each day - Young Harry Hemingway ( Beta) receiving the winning Trophy.
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Also nice to see they still hold some good old fashioned Trials  in Andorra - big loop up the mountain.

Results from Quebec
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They have recently opened a Trials Museum in Italy - dedicated to the great Diego Bosis, who died of a heart attack at age 41.


Quiz - Who is this Beta rider ??

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As most people know we are experiencing a very difficult riding season, with Forest Fires and tinder dry conditions, keeping us as couch potatoes. - The latest scary one is very close to our friends in the South Okanagan - stay safe everyone.


Sunday July 30th 2023

Sunday, July 30th, 2023

Trystan Hart from Invermere BC finishes 2nd at the Red Bull Romaniacs.  We sold him a Beta Evo a few years go so he could get some Trials training - obviously it helped as he is now a Super Star in Hard Enduro.

I Ride Hard Enduro | Manuel Lettenbichler Extends FIM HEWC Lead With Red Bull Romaniacs Victory

Mani Lettenbichler in a league of his own all the way to the finish.


There is something to be said for perfectly focused  photographs in the old Black & White  format  - Here is a really good one of Mick - they called him Magical for a reason. ( Photographer unknown)

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A reminder that we now have the full length plastic fork guards back in stock. ( Pic shows short ones)
Carbon look Fork guards


Saturday July 29th 2023

Saturday, July 29th, 2023

Here we have a pic of the front cover of the Motorcycle - A weekly magazine which all young lads could not wait to see. - As it featured a Norton on the cover, I thought I would add my own bit.
May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle and text that says 'OCTOBER 1956 NINEPENCE THE MOTOR CCCLE THE FOUNDED 1903 LARGEST NET SALE IN THE WORLD admires veryoneadmiresthe the Smooth-Look Norton DOMINATOR 99 600 TWIN DOM 99 THE Smooth-Look STAND 44 EARLSCOUTN.oth-17th EARLS COUR NOV. l0th-17th MOTORS LIMITED BRACEBRIDGE STREET BIRMINGHAM'

And one of my Norton Dominator 99’s - This pic was taken someplace in France when Babsy and myself were on route to the Italian Adriatic Coast - we went over the Simplon Pass and came back over the St Garthard Pass ( Now they have a tunnel. ) Not many people did trips like that back then - how Babsy put up with that Norton seat for all those miles is another story ( if you want to know ask her)
The bike prepared by Don Morris of Roy Evans Motorcycles in Oswestry Shropshire ,  ran flawless   - I had another identical bike with a Dolphin fairing. ( I used to play Road racer on the Welsh Country roads.)
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Like everybody else in the Valley, I have been getting “Cabin Fever”  - not from the cold winter, but the extreme heat and dry conditions - so when we had this nice Beta Evo 4t in for Service - I took the chance to ride a few loops around the back yard - first thing in the morning, before it got too hot -  and you know even when you are in the geriatric class - it still brings a smile to your face when you shift up through the gears - do figure eights - check the front brake with a “Stoppie”  - Of course this bike is set up for trail riding with the (God awful) long ride kit - but it works !!!!! - It’s been a while since I’ve been on a 4 banger, but the Beta fires up so easily and is a glutton for torque. Nice.
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This old pic just cropped up from a few years ago, when I took my lad out for  a ride in Summerland - as I have related earlier - Steve was a very good young cross country racer, who got blinded in one eye by a rock,  in a Kelowna race - he was only 15 so obviously it was a very difficult period for our family - me working for Yamaha Canada, and Babsy never ever wanting to see another motorcycle.

This was a great day - Steve managed the back forty “Horse shit” trail no problem  - the pic was taken in front of the section we called Laggan Rocks. It was a very good day.
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Friday July 28th 2023

Friday, July 28th, 2023

Twin sisters Betty and Nancy Debenham were keen motorcyclists often seen in promotional material for BSA, accompanied by their dog, Poncho. They competed in trials events and Nancy won a Gold Medal at Brooklands in 1926. Their book, Motorcycling for Women (1928) contained a wealth of information for aspiring lady riders, as did their magazine and newspaper articles on the subject.
The book included useful tips such as scraping the fingernails over a bar of soap before working on the motorcycle in order to make them easier to clean afterwards.
As we head into the August long weekend - the weather for the Valley is for continued high temperatures , fires everywhere - this means we will likely stay close to home, except for maybe a day up to Shuswap.
We hope everybody has a good ,safe weekend - please take care if you go out into woods as everything is still tinder-dry.
This is a shot of Stan up high on the Mountain with his Beta Xtrainers  that we supplied,
Steve Day was the other rider and took the pic
No photo description available.
Here is a shot of 90 year old Sammy Miller trying out one of his bikes outside the museum - Sam is obviously still very much “With it”
And finally a super photo of a 1929 AJS 4 cylinder TT racer - a lot of bike to stop with that small front brake.( Copywright unknown)
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Thursday July 27th 2023

Thursday, July 27th, 2023

Here is a pic as a reminder  that you don’t need a big fancy showroom to sell motorcycles - especially Trials bikes. - The first ever Harley Shop.


The Italians like their Trials the old fashioned way - up in the steep Mountains - but that does not deter the spectators - a lesson for many Promoters. - Likely one of the most popular events this season.


This pic just popped up on FB - The very first TRS 300 we got in back in 2016 - It went up North to Richard Lawrence in New Hazelton  BC - and apart from sending him a larger pilot jet - he has not bought anything for the bike since!!! - He saw this pic and posted a recent one of the bike from a couple of weeks ago - we have no idea how many hours he has on it now. ( But my stickers are still looking good!!)
No photo description available.

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I know these are not Trials bikes  but without a doubt - there is no better bike for the high challenging terrain   than a Trials bike - In the 70’s most of our Alberta Trials had loops up & over 6,000 ft - and while it did cause some jetting issues for the bikes of the time - once you knew how to jet - no problem. - Did you know that Yamaha supplied a special carb for the TY’s sold in South America ( The Andie’s Mountains) - My friendly Jap at Yamaha Canada, said he would send me one but I’m still waiting.
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Remember this?
May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle, dirt bike and text that says 'TRIAL DE ESPANA Southern California layout, which were perfect. the built-in cast) Started as a tribute cape Country Ranch Trabuco Spanish yon, canyon from manufacturers, this event has definitely established itself America's number one trial. by Sam Moses Trials is sport that still infancy took matu- the Third Tria Espana Southern California's iha d Permanver New Guglienelli. because Escape entries, the location, climate and Moun- could youngest) pressure. have thought Scotland rather California. MOSES CHRIS OSTLIND'

Wednesday July 26th 2023

Wednesday, July 26th, 2023

A couple of old pics to start today - the top one an incredible shot from 1929 of a rider losing it at Glen Helen on the Isle of Man TT course. - This would have been taken with an old camera using wet film on glass plates - anybody who knows anything about Photography will appreciate this.
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Below we see a trio of brave ladies on their speedway bikes not sure of the year, but likely the 1930’s
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And here we have a pic of Stan high up on his property in Yale - showing the Outlaw stickers on his helmet.
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The quiz pics yesterday  - first one was Diego Bosis the great Italian rider who so nearly became World Trials Champion and who died at the young age of 41 from a heart attack.

Brett, Harlow & Bob got this  -

the second pic - showed Stan Bakgaard up high on the Mountainside above his house - nobody guessed that one ( a surprise)


Below another famous poem - and words to live by.
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Tuesday July 25th 2023

Tuesday, July 25th, 2023

Quiz - Who is this rider?
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We posted a pic of this lad a few weeks ago, saying that he was not only good, but had a great attitude when missing podiums on a tie break - Well Jamie Galloway from Scotland finally got what he deserved, by  winning the 125cc class in Italy last Sunday.

The event was held at high altitude in the Mountains so the 125cc bikes had to work hard - but obviously both the TRS and Beta  did OK.
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And another TRS winner in Italy - this time a young lady.

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Nice pic of somebody up high - riding a rocky slab!! Anybody know who this is???

And a quote by Welsh Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins - seems appropriate   at this time.

“I know that I have less to live than I have lived.
I feel like a child who was given a box of chocolates. He enjoys eating it, and when he sees that there is not much left, he starts to eat them with a special taste.
I have no time for endless lectures on public laws - nothing will change. And there is no desire to argue with fools who do not act according to their age. And there’s no time to battle the gray. I don’t attend meetings where egos are inflated and I can’t stand manipulators.
I am disturbed by envious people who try to vilify the most capable to grab their positions, talents and achievements.
I have too little time to discuss headlines - my soul is in a hurry.
Too few candies left in the box.
I’m interested in human people. People who laugh at their mistakes are those who are successful, who understand their calling and don’t hide from responsibility. Who defends human dignity and wants to be on the side of truth, justice, righteousness. This is what living is for.
I want to surround myself with people who know how to touch the hearts of others. Who, through the blows of fate, was able to rise and maintain the softness of the soul.
Yes, I hustle, I hustle to live with the intensity that only maturity can give. I’ll eat all the candy I have left - they’ll taste better than the ones I already ate.
My goal is to reach the end in harmony with myself, my loved ones and my conscience.
I thought I had two lives, but it turned out to be only one, and it needs to be lived with dignity.
Finally a huge thanks to all those who posted condolences on Social media - it was over 100 last time I looked  - although only a few ever met my brother Don, it just shows how the Motorcycle people come together at a time like this. - wonderful and heartwarming.  Thankyou all.
Another memory when Don joined our Support crew at a check in the 1983 ISDE in Wales.

Monday July 24th 2023

Monday, July 24th, 2023

A couple more pics of brother Don -

As well as taking trip through the sound barrier on his 75th birthday in an RAF Tornado, flown by a former ATC Cadet ( Don was CO of the ATC for many years)  Don also flew the Tug-plane for the local gliding club  racking up more than 200 tows - here he is in the old crop duster they used.

As mentioned  Don rode Trials with me back in the 1950’s  and I took him out riding on a borrowed god awful TL 125 for a ride up on the hill when he came over for a holiday many years ago. not sure if he ever forgave me for that!!

Don also  helped out with our Canadian Team at the 1983 ISDE in Wales

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Here is a shot of young George Hemingway on the 125cc Factory Beta - he won again in Italy which I’m sure made the factory happy. - It’s amazing what these lads are going up on the small bikes. - ( We brought in both a 125 TRS and a 125 Beta a few years ago - both were absolutely brilliant and I even went up some steep stuff over on the Westside) - Note: The only reason these bikes are not a hot seller in Canada, is because #1 there is no class for them in Competition - and with the 200 not costing a lot more - people buy that. - As far as I’m concerned, they are incredible and so much fun to ride.

I remember being at Don Clark’s shop in 1995 - he had this Gas Gas 125 sitting on the floor - I said Don - this ‘ain’t gonna sell sitting here - I will buy it and I’ll promote it!

This I did and surprised a lot of 250cc riders by getting up hills they failed - and then I sold it to Mike Seto. - next step with the Gasser, was the 200 and we sold a few of them - easy to start for  the ladies ( Heather Wall) and no big issues like the larger displacement models

In the Cross Country World, I rode a YZ 125 Yamaha in two events -The first was down on the Alberta /Washington  border at a Team race - this was 1974 and it was still the twin shock and a loaner from Walt (Healy) - I teamed up with a guy on a Zundapp (Ron Powers) and although he failed to finish, my overall time was good for third.

The next and final time I raced a 125 was in Kelowna at the Danny Amor Memorial  - it was on a YZ 125 that i took in trade at Kelowna Yamaha on the Friday and apart from doing my usual prep - rode it on the Sunday. - Yes I love the the 125cc’s - and on that day - it was all for Danny - nobody was going to catch me.


This was posted by Helmut - and is one of the News Bulletins  that I used to write up for Interlube International back in the day - we became the Distributor for the Opti products back in 1987. -Nobody has more experience with Optimol ( now called Opti)  than Helmut and he always promoted the 100-1 mixture when he sold KTM.

Although we don’t travel anymore, at one time we had the Opti in all  major dealerships  across Western Canada  - it is still what goes in all our bikes. ( Yes we still stock it)
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Sunday July 23rd 2023

Sunday, July 23rd, 2023

We just got word from the UK that my elder brother Don died last night. - he was 92 and lived a long healthy life, although we had not seen him for twenty years.

Don rode Trials with me in his younger days, but his real love was flying - he served in the RAF and later became the CO of the ATC at Cosford in Shropshire. - He held a pilot  license  for both gliding and private airplanes, but perhaps one of his most amazing achievements was taking a trip in a RAF Tornado jet fighter on his 75th birthday, flown by one of his former ATC pupils.

Here is a pic of Don flying a Tiger Moth - one of his favorite airplanes - Fly high brother.

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Saturday July 22nd 2023

Saturday, July 22nd, 2023

Ron Walsh posted this -

Just a reminder that the CPTA riding area at Ioco is closed to riding until the fire hazard drops below extreme. Unfortunately there is not much relief in the forecast.
Thanks for your cooperation. This would be a good time to volunteer for one of our current projects at the club. Contact any of our directors for information.
We had a huge windstorm in Vernon last night - trees & branches blowing every where - a couple of claps of thunder  and then it was over. - no rain !!! Humbug!.
We had a lot of correct answers to out last quiz, which of course showed Sammy Miller on the Trials Honda he helped develop. - He was riding in a Time Trial - hence the high front fender, something I had on one of my early Bultacos for riding Muskeg.
First in was Pete Varey - and then as usual, Brett, Harlow, John Kitchener, Roger Boothroyd, and Walter Cukavac - Pete LeGrove also emailed from the UK where he is on Holiday.  - We have the book by Sammy with the story of his time working for Honda.
First loop scores from Italy